The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 13, 1964 · Page 15
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 15

Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 15
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! ! I I I ' I 'i ' I THURSDAY. AUGUST 13, 1964. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 15 rYWBTWICK The Ottawa Jour Some Circumstahces Inspire Both Clubs j. - i RtiXLI ,:. ' ,r-.-.- ilt LENGTHY attention to Um J of isometric contraction will J wlB be reedy for Hamilton Tiger-Cats' fine Invasion of tbt Capital tomorrow Bight The only trouble with this to far M Rider arc concerned it that Um circumstance! Inspiring them to an increea in effort must Tiger-Cats to the same stepped Both are without a point i Hamilton took a urpriingly too highly retarded Alouettes. f( t Yet even the most sanguine assessment of the Alouette J by their large foUolring'mtist still be tempered by the fact j Hamilton oouldnl be quit as inept at they appeared In the j opener. The Cats are defending champions, and not a shrewd bettors would be spt to stick with the champions On til ) '. e '.... f OFTEN HAUNTS COACHES ; Coaches, however, who win the same people Who harbor some fears about performance In subsequent season. Players may not be conscious of it. ' but there's a way of complacency setting in when making th opening gridiron steps, the next year. It tent always th case, but the dangers of this are usually ever present 1 winning coach's approach to the following season. - j uMost exciting prospect among Individual duels is promised by the annual hook-up of two of the best quarterbacks and J football Dingers In the business. Rust Jackson rid himself of what was regarded a not on of hi sharpest efforts in Toronto last Friday. Yet nobody is better equipped for combined effort on the ground end1 in the air than th Rider Miartarfcack. Eves a loama day ! definite Impression he could be a finer pivot than last yeer. And that on in 1MB with his record achievement of outstand-jBI'playef recognition, wffl be herd to beet IwK'm,. ' , NOT THE ONLY ONES ? .The Tigers have encountered some early season Injuries, but this doesnt 'put them in any exclusive category. Losing 1 Willi Bethee, who was their top rusher last year, was a tough blow after also losing Pace, '-ftut Riders have their (own trouble with this occupational hazard. V : - J" Barring the If and ends that can be a point of discussion ! at any time of the season, this gam loom as more Interesting j because of the general aspects at this time of year. Frank Clair would never want to go through one of those stuttering starts such ss the time they toot flv In a row end then Jen, uWe-very formidabl squad. The idea is to get moving now and not make It one of tbos seasons when th lament later en cant relate back to eriy season losses. But It's no different problem than that confronting in Tiger-Cat who have equal reason to get back on the winning rail no later than tomorrow night ,-; , C't ;-: SAME OLD k .1 a. - .v - swooy evagan m among im wot w j.. faro of permitting the "spltbsir to be used legally to the Jtn Wjor league basebsH and one la bound to reach the conclusion they exclude It for this very reason. '.! " Ther was a tfane when enybody cherglng a rival pitcher with using the "spltter might fed he'd land in Ubel action even if league head didnt begin by taking stern action . ... i --- RaO nlavara think nothinc of tWW " h WIJ Mill.. a V charging, long Ust of opposing pitchers with use of the delivery." Bragaa claims ther are a few pitcher us the spltter on every and Frank Ury chimes In with th remark that Irs very popular too in th American League ? 3 It' an odd turn of evenU to bear Bragsn bringing up th argument of Illegal as of th spitbell when only few years ago practically aU opposition ta the National League maintained Milwaukee boasted an expert In R us to Lew BurOttt... " C ; - The spitbaO was outlawed in 1920, and few bail player will , argue that If dangsrons pitch and n any different category than the knuckle belt. Pitcher accused of "slug It Just kid about th charges. , They find that their repuUtioa for usmg k m bs IwlpruL :--ar-.h -V- W recall one day in aVooklyn that the Yankee war charging Sal Msglie with It us In a World' Series gam. Later m the Brooklyn room, Maglie askd what th Yank wer saying in their crubhous after be had beaten them. We told him they wer charging ban with liberal us of the pitttr. . Magll smiled end said: "Nothing can help m mor than fhat thy continue to think that way." I f 1 Mn.twiM Cood to see kmg-tim sports writer and old friend Rax . O'Mears back to his old stamping grounds and looking very-fit afar last Winter's Dines . . . "Baa." who left Ottawa for the Montreal Star some 39 year ago. It back in th Capital-for short stay ', He was down to Scarboro Down to present a trophy for Jimmy PtoariUo, plans to catch the program tonight at Rldeaa Carleton and se Rider play Hamilton en Friday , . . A fortunate break for some when Veather forced eencellatkM of a few vents at the Long Lak Regatta near BucUngham ... It gave epportunity to Ron Howe to walk away with th "potato race honors th next day The Tiger-Cat present a very floe downneld tackier in Steve Hraiel who, by ths way, was once th property of Rough Rider but never turned up m Ottawa . . , HmW wa traded to Ottawa for Gary Schrieder but refused to leave Hamilton la I960 . . Th Cat wont check to here' tonight until fairly late , 4 . Meanwhile the Blu Bombers bewled over Edmonton with more than a little to spare, and wm l next im the list for Riders sfW ths Hamilton game MissM.Cumbbrs Wins Smith Shield Mis M. Cumber of the Tscumseh Golf Club shot a Ct net yesterday - th Royal Ottawa Coif Club to win a playoff with Mrs. R. Cnstaau of Chandlerey for th Lorn ; Smith Shield. . -.1 . Mies CamcWt and Mrs. Cus teaa tied for low set honors business tt band, plus sessions do the job. then Rough Rider necessarily be prompting the - up performance. after one effort and, while sound baa tint from the not follow an old sports maxim and somebody proves them wrong. championships one year are In t to Toronto basnt erased th CHARGE , i , - t. i.Ma Mm tT S dub in the National League. kiint m in th aty and District cham pionship but week t th RoyaL .;' .; "- Miss Cumbers shot 97.29--S yesterday and Mrs. Custeaa 103-13-4O. . Jooraal Want Ad bring quick iwMlts. . r .- SoMlfers Tfounc in WINNIPEG CP) Winnipeg Blue Bomber sprinted sway from an eater but Inexperienced band of . Edmonton Eskimos with 27 second-half points for a 37-7 victory in a Western Football Conference gam filled with weird and exciting action Wednesday night ' Sazio Has Backfield Problems Tiger Cat LineUp Uncertain It might be understandable if th Rough Riders sre experiencing some ,. difficulty preparing for th coming of th Hamilton Tiger -Cats on Friday night Because the Riders dont even know who they'll be facing. With Willi Beth on the 30-day injured list with t dislocated elbow, coach Ralph Sazio bat bad to go to new, talent " , f DESTROYERS RETVRNINQ . . .. Fullback Art Baker, left, and guard Hardiman Cureton." were prominent to K Hamilton' last visit to Ottawa when th Ti-Cau whipped th Rough Rider 43 to 0, TheyH be leading the charge when the Hamilton club provid th opposition In Ottsws's bom opener t Lsnsdown Park tomorrow night ' ' ' " 'A Als and Habs Partners In MONTREAL P) Foot ball's Montreal Alouett and hockeys Montreal Canadiena announced Wednesday that they have become partner in en experimental cabls- television deaL : ' v . ' A' I I . . . . L t-L ' t: a jomi nunun, vm gave no financial A. WFC Leaders GPTDCFGSPts FleminsL W.. I I 6 4 4 22 Campbell, S. 2 3 0 0 Coleman. C 3 3 I 3 2 Robinson. C. Thomas, E... Fleming, BC. Reed. S ..... Cooper. W . 3 Fanston. W.. 3 Jameses... 2 - IWI. m TIUATKES LOS ANGELES (UPIJPtans to present National Football Ltagu bonw gam en closed circuit,' large-screen TV In theatre In key cltia war an- nounosd .Wednesday, by National General Com. INGO and Paramount Pictures Corp. r.!ID-SEASO:i SPECIALS : ' TRAVELLER MATS - JOHNSON OUTB0ARDS . WISCOT lltjUURS ' " ' - , USED FIBKRGLAS BOATS 14 CADORETTB RUNABOUT ' . ' Kflftfi (78 RP. Ratmg) OUU ' 14 TRAVELLER CXP. 134 r - Cftflfl (M ILP. Rating) UUll 14 PRINCECRAFT - Cenfl (4o up. Rating) 14 CADORETTB CANOE $J25 - ' ana many Mher exciting Bargain : a 4M BANK ST. at ARGYLE LIMITED '- , Orr Mwytbani S-t pm. riMajr, as past" tfrtan, It wa Bombers' first victory of the season they, bad a tie and a loas in earlier games boosting them into e share of second place with British Columbia Lions, on point behind Saskatchewan Roughriders. For Eskimos. It was loss number two in sue ' cession and left them In last And as late as yesterday, . Sazio didn't know who would bt running in Betheal ' place, although he gave th , edge to Dave Boris. recent acquisition from the Philadelphia Eagles. Boris bad a fin career at Purdue and-.' he' regarded at a hard run-ner and a good receiver. This isn't th first Juggle Sazio ha faced this ssaaon. Earlier in the season, half- - "Th Montreal Alooettes Football Club and the Club . d Hockey Canadian announced th completion of negotiations to present a' hockey-football package on closed-circuit television into borne served by cable tele vision companies in of Montreal. , Statistics WIWWIPSO 4CPt ewtwHa T Um nemsetea WlI! wrc It IS! Tare ISS - , t Fau'mnst . NAMED TO TEAM BUFFALO (UPI) Buffalo Bison hurler Sherman (Roadblock. Jonee waa named In the International League All -Star teem , yesterday to replace Richmond's Met Stottlemyr. recently recalled by 'the New Torx Yanxees. , ' -1 lefebvre Wp - ss 1ST : 111 ISM . . . la t - . ities 4s , , t .23M731. ft Mk piece, two points behind Calgary Stampeders and still . seeking their flrst win. SCORE TITS Winnipeg touchdowns were scored by halfback Leo Lewis, fullback Roger Hag-.berg, quarterback Ken ey Ploen, end Fsrretl Funs ton and rookie flanker Billy back Jim Pace tort out his knot and went home for the BACKFIELD PROBLEMS . So Sazio has-his backfield problems although he Mill ha big Art Baker, who tor chunk out of th Rider bide to his last appearance to Ottawa last 1 season. And they still hs ve Gamey Han-toy, a- fast and elusive ball carrier and receiver. ' V-i Cable TV "Detail of the agreasDeflt were Jointly teleaaed by tb club presidents. M. E. (Ted) Workman and J. David Mol- Th venture, tenned an experiment by both the Alouette i and Canadian, provide 10 selected Cana-dien road game and th last three quarters of seven Alouette bom games for distribution oa Rediffuslon In-corporaUd. Cable TV Limited, and Dupont Television Corporation." ' Th Easter Football Conference dub end the National Hockey League group said other cab! companies In Montreal and within a 50-mil radius 'will bs offered th 10 Canadlen. away game but not th local Alooette gams. : T.', I Cooper. Halfback Gsorgs Fleming contributed a field goal and four converts. , Butch- Press ley, import from Texas A L on of 14 Eskimo rookies in. action, , scored the Edmonton touchdown. Fullback Jim Thomas ws credited with a single. They have a couple of new hand who might get took st some action, both compare tlvely small becks with exceptional speed. On I Scott Tyler, picked up from th -Giant. Tb other Johnny Counts, a 170-pound back with Mazmg outside speed who ha been on th Giant payroll for th past three years without seeing -much tlon. -..vv..,,'.-' jv And ther wlil b sD. th old warrior to. deal with. Hardiman Cureton hs been beck to haunt bis old mats time and again, and b admits be likes playing in th Ottawa park ... fat Hamilton colors. ' ; ; John Barrow likes any park and the Tl-Cata now have Bobby Jack Oliver in the front im. Oliver was acquired from the Atouetto to trad for BobMinfhan. . t : A TOP RECEIVER - On of th new band Ottawa may get a took at i Stan Crieeon, a 303-pound and from Duke University. Criseoo wss second la pass receptions to United State college rank in 1963 with 43 ca tehee for a total of 539 yards and seven TDs. And there I possmatty of one chang to th Ottawa lineup. Big Jay Roberta has been gathering In th pes la workouts and coach Frank Clair I considering ban for Friday night's bom opener. If Roberts ie nreassd. George Belu will not play. ' .- . . . Bflly Harria will run at right half again, but the coaches ar hoping to gat Chuck KUtott reedy a soon a possible. KOlett sppeers to have more speed than Harria. Ha s about a 200-pounder and be ba quick atove. In workout b has shown good hands. . Th coach want to suit him up and find Out a tittle) mor about him . . V bow hard h runs through heevy traffic, and bow weU a bioeka. . ,. ff b continues to kn press, be could be th man for that Job at right half. Kay Vaughan will not b reedy for this . game, and probably not for th Winnipeg visit next week. But V hi leg continue at th same pace in healing, be should be ready for th swing to Edmonton nd Vancouver la th first week of September. 1 recognize n4 smotot tbt clean, lijbtUnj I I 'ffneScotch., I 1 JnJ peopled , perception (ftdetly, ' i ' hulfimly.httlsto ' mwbfskj of character, y VAT' THE ErTTOMB OP GOOD TASTS rf I.OTTBO. IN OOTlHO.lT J fV- Mi'ii !''. i'V'jfV .i .4- V Bombers led 3-1 after th flrst quarter, 10-7- after th second and 23-7 after th third. Excitement for th game, wstched by 13.79 fans, came from . Cooper, Lewis and , Eskimo end Tommy-Joe Coffey. Cooper turned in toms fancy catching and running to score his touchdown and t' up another. His scoring sprint was a 49-yard pass- , and-run nlav with Hal Lad. yard., The 19-year-old grad- uate of Winnipeg Junior ranks also was at the tag end of 42-yard Dass-snd- run that put th Bombers in position for their but Much-down. , T, :, 88-TARD RETURN Lewis exploded for an 83-yard Uckoff return that -opened Bombers' econd-balf burst, enother 51-yard kick-off - return nullified by a . penalty call and a 43-yard dash along the sideline that -turned into on of th oddball pity of tb match. : Coffey, one of the Eskimo veterans, csught sight passes for 120 yards. H picked up ' a flrst down on each catch 73 per cent of th Eskimo total Thomss broke free to gallop 78 yards. He wss' hit at th Bomber two-yard tin ' and, th defender charging to, he attempted to shift th ball from hi toft to his right band, wa hit and fumbled. : BILLS SELL' TACKLE BUFFALO. NY nipn TK. Buffalo Bills Wednesdav sold veteran defensive end-tack Sid Youngelmsn tb th New York Jets for' an undisclosed pric. WITH Deat Watck Tb I don't Except en a few oc-istons, and neither do other quarterbacks. One a quarter- beck be put the bell to pley. b be mor mtrsting things to watch: Things that win ball gam. ' : . If you're strictly a bafl watch er, you're going to miss a tot of tb fun ta watching football I a tot of tbt avdersttndtog of tb gem. 1 - ,( Be like e quarterbeck. Once be gets rid of the bell in pley, for Mm that play Is ovr. He's far snore tateresMd from that atement on ta what th defensive team is doing. Who's being faked and who' not? Who' In position? who's out of position? ' SS afl . ' The ball rolled into th Bomber end zone and was recovered by Winnipeg defensive half Barrie Hansen. Eskimo got only a single. Moments later Bomber swept 83 yards to'their flrst touchdown. Th nine . play drive reached paydirt en a ' Ave-yard torn from Ploea to Ltwi. HOLD WQE EDGE , v Bombers held wid edge statistically with 23 flrst down to Eskimos 12, 187 yards rushing to 131. 275 yards nsaaine ta IM Ploen and Ledyard com pleted 13 of 24 passe. On was intercepted. Eskimo quarterbacks Lynn Amedee end Gary Hertzfsldt complet-, d'12 of 19 and had on intercepted. , ' , -1-; Eskimo; wer hurt by ' penalties, receiving 12 for 104 jrards while Bomber were hit witb.flv for '48 yards. Winnipeg f umblsd twic and lost both, Edmonton once, also losing it rms ooaarsa Wlaatpag, ritM Coal . tfiaaunsi - , (a a. auun . ; it ...... ... lies s sco no DAma --wlwilaa. TengtiSma tt 4 W: -wmaat; tPteauair) 1111 Trams ejOABTsa S Whwtaag. Toacbdowa ' Wtanipag. Claaisn"" ' I rtmlni . . WUHdaa. Tysaa (PkMal rotraTsi VAarca ' S Wtnnlpai. TeuoMaa ramiaa .j...-, 4.14 1 WlaalaM. Aaavert nmtefl . II Wlaai(. TeeibSsae Caoaarr . . (.1 It Wloalpa. Ota Hi triaaaa) . . Tbt quarter .1 building book a th other teem ,what play ar going to go and what plays ar not? ' So If yoa want to get more out of football don't watch th ball, all the time. Start of! cock quarter by watching one man on the defensive squad. SUck with him for half dozen plays and see what ha does er doesnt do. Than switch to one men oa the ether seam's defensive (quad. Tbea pick a maa en each of the offensive teems. Surprisingly you'll miss tittle l th game, but you'll pick up a lot of Inside football. If you have a point you'd like Berni to discuss In future columns, drop a line to "Let's Huddle," cere of The Journal. .! - DEPENDABLY ESTABLISHED 59 YEARS t- fit. v'.V; ENDS THIS SATURDAY! . V : ' .... . Featuring: ' s , .. ,:i ,- '.).:' . "-1 -. t-y'- '" ij .-.'XI . v- .'.'.' Gcnuint Prict Rtductlonri Famous Label Mtn's, Young Mtn't, SfudYnts' and Boys' Summtr Clotnts. at All 3 E. fc. Fishtr Storts. V s K- ESTABLISHED IN 1B08 i EEFISHERLTD.I v 11S-1H SPARKS STREET ' .' ' OTTAWA . CANADA ? 1 . rffiiTpT ' - S- CAnummooo ' . subm oosmi . v '. i. i if -A 1 -

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