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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, February 8, 1918
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IT mitt Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,654 VOL. 16, NO. 76. CONNELLSVILLJE, PA., FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY S, 1918. TEN PAGES. MEN FROM CONNELLSVILLE REGION NAMED AS ABOARD SUNKEN TROOP TRANSPORT Latest Dispatches Indicate Scotidale Boy May H»re Been Among Then. ON WAY TO JOIN REGIMENT Others Had Sone Earlier But He »nd Some Other? of Twentieth Engineers irere DeUytd; 5i Sews'to In. dicate Tniliiua Ball Was on Ship. The confusion -which existed yes- .erd»y over the identity of the regi- nent of engineers on to.ird the Tus- ·.ania has been more completely clear- si by later information. The Asociat- d Press announcement in yesterday's Courier gave the statement of-Secre- ary of War Baker correcting the report that the 20th. Engineers were imong the troops on the ill-fated .teazner. The rumor current earlier in the day hat regiment formed part of the ·easel's paseager list seems to have .risen from the fact that a. number of aen belonging to the 20ta Engitteers TRI-STATE MAKING EVERY EFFORT TO RESTORE SERVICE NEW YORKER TO BE SPEAKER AT LABOR SMTHFIELD BOASTS THE tAEGKST COAL OFEKATOB Bf CO Cirri. SMITKFTELB, Feb. 8.-- StnithBeld can boast of having the largest coal operator in Fayette county. The gentleman claiming that distinction is J. P. Bardln of the Hardin Coal company, -who operates a wagon minfl here. Mr. Haidin's avoirdupois is 300 pounds. His greatness is not all avoirdupois. He has a heart withta him as big as an 01 that beats in sympathy for his fellow raen. No one in trouble or need ever appealed to "Big J.." a he is familiarly called, in vain. Report of Contemplated Sale 1o West Penn Interests Is Denied By Manager. LARGE FORCE AT WORK Acceptances Have Also Been Reeeiyed From Local Jlen V}io Will Appear on Fragrant. Jaoies M. Dahm, of the New York state Departmeut of Labor, will speak in behalf of labor at the labor loyalty rally in the high school hail on the evening of Lincoln s birthday, accorn- i ng to announcement today by the committee in charge. The services of Mr. Dahm were secured through Herman Robinson, chairman, of the speakers' committee ot the American Alliance for l^abor and Democracy. A telegram from Mr. Robinson an. nounced the acceptance of the New ftf Wire, Enroute From ROM, AJTIT«S. Yorker. Acceptances ha\e also been re- Denial was made today by A. M.. ceived from Judge J. Q. Van Swear- Crichton of Uniontown, general man- ingen of Uniontowr and Rev. George ager of tbe Tn-State-Telephone com- "*V. Butkner. pastor of the First pany, of a report that negotiations; Christian churn: of ConneJlsville. were on for the sate of. the system to the West Penn Power company. At the same time Mr. Crichton fcaid thf company, with a largely REVISED FIGURES PLACE CASUALTY LIST NEARER 20GJ TUSCANIA DISASTER WILL STIMULATE U. S. TO GREATER EFFORT IS LONDON BELIEF May Be Impossible For Several Days to Get Complete Total of Dead. ROSTER OF MEN IS LOST in ConnelUrilta Atone; Johnstown Company to Give Aid When Carload Goes IKnvn Uitb. Tuswmia anO Panics of All Who Arc Saved ilubt 'ov, Be Gabled to Uuitrd States, and Compared tfl Establish Lxact 'uwiH i r. Indications were today that there turnout of i for the parade that is to precede the | By Ai,soci,Ued Pre^J- j LONDON, Feb. 8.--Revised figures · indicate that Lhe loss o-C life on tlie Tuecaiua. probably -was considerably in excess of yesterday's (jstiiuale oC ( 101. It js now believed* con: pit te re- · to join his command, taking passage on the Tuscania. fur that purpose. Lewellyn, who is a member of Company D, 20th Engineers, was home on furlough at Christmas. Shortly after his return to camp at "Washington, he was taken, ill with pneumonia and iad been Jaft behind in the United | S ent to the hospital. The last letter, ".tales, mostly at hospitals in v7ash- rigton, when the regiment salted tor "Vance some time ago. These men, o fir as it has been possible to secure ennite information, appear to have een ordered to join their regiment · nd in compliance with these orders ad taken passage on. the Tuscania. No positive information has yet gen received from any source con- ;raing miHam Lewis Ball, a Con- allsriUe young man and member of ompany D of the 20th Engineers. In list of soldiers reported in · the ittsimrg G«reete Times by its Wash- igtoe correspondent this morning as is£«ng«n on the Tuscaaia, tbe name ' Bill doe* not appear. Private Ball was home on a fur- ogh dtiting the early part of Decem- »r. After his return to duty at "·ashington Mrs. Harriet V. Franks Jefferson street, with whom Ball ade his home, received several let- rs. tbe last stating that he expected leave for abroad during the week which was received from him about three weeks ago, stated tbat his com- | pany had sailed lor France but he and other members who were m the hospital had been left behind. Having recovered from his illness he was ordered to join his command, presumably taking passage on tbe Tuscania for that purpose. force of men, is doing all in human I mass meeting at the school hall, j power to restore service to conditions! Leaders of ^evetat have indicated to ,. . existing before the storm, of last, the committee their intention o f ! _ , . _ _ . \ . . . week which played havoc with wire marching. Details of Oie parade will service In tbe Connellsville region. | f» announced at a later date. affecting not only" the Tn-State but j -other lines as well. Forty-two extra men, more than 50 in all, have been at work for several days in clearing up the trouble in ConneTtsville. Here 1,283 llntes were out of commission out of a tota! of CARRIES OFF J'AJtT OF JLK.IT JLAVS COSTLY .[JALL OF CORD. A goodlv part of a ball of cord took a trip up Pitfsburg street and Fair view a\cnue ia,st even i n g when a customer coining out of H L. Salcox's meat shop stained for bib home wnh his bundle =UI1 attached to the ball. Tlie man walked on not noticing the amusement he was causing, and wj th each step more was unwrapped from the ball in the meat shop. A clerk ran out and called to I h p man to stop hut he was beyond Then a clerk stepped on the cord and it broke st Church place The remainder stretched along in the melting snow and was not recovered. being due to electric wires falling onto cables burning thorn off. "Within a vreek all the breaks will be rep-aired. NO. 5 DRAFT BOARD PASSES 34 DRAFTEES OUT OF 37 EXAMINED it ^os learned. Between Unionto-wn and ttie Con- nc!lsville region, including Dawson, j Scottdale, Dunbar and other places 12 of the 14 circuits were^put out of commission. Fortunately tbe company ALLIES MISSIONS ARE DRIVEN FROM RUSSIA IS STOCKHOLM REPORTi at the American embassy yesterday indicated the loss British admiralty's estimate was 210. This discrepancy DOW appears to h a \ c been due to the fact that the figures sup- nf ivc , ATrrn rnvntnin plied to the embassy evidently did not U U l O UVtK fu£K£ include the missing of which, there are still many. Sinking of Transport Cannot Be the Last, Is View Taken. LOSS FIGURES UNCHANGED Departments at, Washington Are Anxiously AiTaiting jfiore Detailed Reports, Hoping t'ot the Best But Depressor! in View of Known Casualties OF TRE TBOOPS GOES I0"W" WITH SHIP. AN IRISH PORT. Feb. S --As the The taJe .Department Has "ot Heard ' list of Americans on board the Tuscania was lost when the vessel went down it will be impossible to ascertain the names of those lost until the names From Ambiwhador Francis Since February 2. By ABbaeiatid Press. WASHINGTON', Feb. S.-A* Bncou-lof the .unrlvor. h A ve been cabicxi to Crou did not lose heavily in poles, being broken. But tbe wire service w*3 bard hit. The company DOW has a car of wire on its way from WUkes-Barrc with a |sincQ Fobr 2 Three Men Are ffeU 0cr For Sec- ' TM** in Personal charge. The car was at AJtoona today, temporarily held ap. Had it not been for the embargo it firmed report that all the allied inls- the United States, sions ax Petrograd had been, d r i v e n ' oat by the Bolsheviki government and are on their way to the Swedish border was received today at the State through American Mmifr- J i ter Morris at Stockholm, The department, has not heard from TORPEDOING OF TGSr.VKU CAUSES IICSH TO K51.1ST. i PFETLADELPHTA. P'eb -The tor- By Associated Press LONDON, Feb. 8.--That the sinking of the liner Tuscama will stimulate [ t h e Un:ied States to greater resolve , and sterner-efforts in behalf of the ' fight for democracy is the opinion generally expressed m editorial comment in the morning newspapers. Satisfaction is expressed and congratulations are extended that this, | the first disaster to many American transports, Rhows the emptiness of tbe Gennan boast tbat the submarines would render the transportation of the American army impossible and would intimidate -the Americans. Nevertheless, it is declared, it is too much to hope that the Tuscania will be the last victim,' though the conviction is expressed that " the American nation realized fully the difficulties ahead and in prepared to meet them. Some of the editorials say that the submarine menace has not yet been mastered and remains a grave problem to which the Allies, especially Great Britain, and tha preparing for tbe Christmas dinner'United States, must de-vote all their snergy m view of the imperative need SEE EACH OTHER, . BUTNOT SO OFTEN So Writes Member of Fifteenth Knrf- neers to Friend at South Con- " nellsTille. Charles Carson of South Connefc- b received a letipr from r V ho Ftf eenth B n n e e " in France, wriu e n "the light belo Christmas." Grouse says everyone is j Ambassador Francis at pedo that sunk the Tuscania with a loss of many American troops also sent hundreds of men to the local re- Petrograd j cruiting stations. "Wo are not going to let them EC and he is iure they are going to have a big fruil cake. Croupe says be got a Courier ot September 26 in which one of his let- of keeping the Atlantic lines open. ters was published. The snow was on 1 4 the ground »-hen his letter was writ- ' FIGCRKS EE3LMS tJSCHjUfSED. Washington, Feb. S.--Advices to the onrf Examination at Uttiostown Sncdajr. Out of 37 draftees examined br tbe | local board for District -N'o. 5 this morning 34 were passed as being physically perfect and three others were held over for the examination in Uniontown on Sunday afternoon. There would have been here long ago. the car are 20,861 pounds of wire, ap- j proximately 174 miles, Tor use between Connellffville and the this arrives the Jol e- plated |n , t county ! , w howcvpr _ l ist n he contem . consirtered expu , B , 011 might FUNERAL TOMORROW and the January 28. Sto« that time no] were no objections or appeals made . Jrth» been reeetred which is taken | today. i*"." the T "-? tIlte . " .,, . mernn that he was among the other F wr men who had been ordered to I Dinging of the circuits will be ac- smbers of his regiment reported to appear earlier in the week came in to- j ° TM p l ' ° TM '. n . ° : ,,, . K n at 1x*n on Doard the Tuscania. al- day and were given the examinations. 1 The slllla "° n 9 ° ne ° v « ^^ hu - ougb. this tacks confirmation. Three passed and one was held over., ^ 1 ^ nnI J, OW * r In one of his. letters to Mrs. Franks The men wbo were given tile exam- 'TM lrtTV ' T1 ' 1 rfl spoke ot James Bowman, another j (nations this morning are: ttn«U»rllle boy. having left with PASSED. ' _, h e 4*h Forestry Engineers. Tbe lat- j Walter ifcCune. Vanderbllt; Philip ' servlce - There are a Telephone company has arranged to dip|mnats , 0 eommumcate with their i Clt J" 1V1 " T"? I*** w TM- '« R f' . . i , ., , ,, spccted Citizen. Rev. J. L. Prondfn will oBiciato at send a large force of men to worlc governments. be m there late tonight as he have to help get the Chnsttoas dinner." "J saw Earl Russell the other week for the firsi time in three months and Sam Harry the other day for the first tllnc ia (0 ' r months ' Crouse tie only ' patienco. being fissured that all that J can be done is being done to restore r's, s«fe arriral in France was re- | J. Meagan, Leisennng; William O. ·rted some"weeks ago. Bailey, Vanderbilt; Arthur Gordon, Gamer E. Greenwood, son of Mrs. j Vanderbilt; Chartes D. Raymond, .rne Greenwood, of 'WWtergbnrg, is | Chalk Hill; William A. Reed. Vander- other Fayette county boy who is a bill; Lewis Marotti, Vand«rt)Ut; Wil- stockholders ot the company In Con- aelsville. State «f WASHINGTON, Feb. S. total abandonment of the ! the funeral of Colonel James Madison « n S'°» 6 « have not been paid for two months but they are getting used to going without any francs in their poc- ktns and are sull bap;y. ''All we want to do is to get old "Bill", he writes UnilTl IVC r 11 r rr» Anr t0e funeral of Colonel James Madison ,. r ~ HOLIDAYS CALLED OFF i Reid io^ held tomorrow afternoon at , TM**^. · 2:30 o'clock at the F'rst Presbyter- 1 "' at Territory Afl'eclf d Is Suuth of j ion church. The pallbearers are: (Honorary Dr. J. B Swing and R- F. Hopwood, of Uniontown: Charles "With a"' Davidson, J, C. Moore, J. A. Arm- heatless jmber of the IDth Engineers and is prosed to have been among the liam S. Dickey, Pltcairn, Pa.; Swing D. Minerd, Dunbar; Ray Cavanaugh, smfcers of that command who were ycormalville; Jacob Geary- Champion; their way to-join their comrades David X. Show, f'armington; Vincent lit. Yoswick, Trotter; Frank L. Bartley, Adelaide; Howard V. Bower, Versailles; Elmer Smifj, Vanderbilt; Franc*. V'oung Greeawood, who wus jyed in the Keister mine at Wal- ·sbui-g. is one of a number of boys George H. FJydell, Dttniar R. D. 1.; the Greenwood family. He madejjiso jj. Myers. Markle-sburg; G. G. . home with his mother, Mrs. Car-j Fisher. Youngstown, 0.: William Mc- Greenwood, a widow. He -was Kinley Bu-ndaf, Acme; Leroy Grimm, beisearing No. 1; Frank J. Adams, 1/eisenring; Harmon Hagner, Con- nellsvtlle R. D. 1; Gaetano Dorilta, Vanderfcilt; Earl R. Detling. Mill Run; Thomas A. Sumnia, Somerfield; Joseph M. Holiday, Ohiopyle; Elmer It. ShumaXer, OUiopyle; M!jch*«l J. McGivern. Dunbar; Robert H. Addis, me on a furlough about a month ·. After his return to Washington wrote that his regiment was mak- ; ready to leave shortly, the "exact e not being known. Since then further word has been received m him. 'orporal Thomas B. Young, also re- ·ted as having been among the 1 Vanderbilt; Otto Sfaerbo, Connells- mbers of the Strth Engineers on! ville;'Frank B. Spaw. Chalk . Hill; John Rizza. Vinderbilt; John Stine, Dunbar. HELD OVER. Randall Vf. Leaplme, Greenwood, Robert Lee Dice, Blliotteville; George iagnosky, Leisenrtng. ird the Tuscania. is a son of, David ang, formerly mine inspector in Connelleville region and a resi- it of Brownsville for a number of rs. Inspector Tonng now resides Freeport, Armstrong county, from ich place his son enlisted in the vice. ·rivate Thomas Lewellyn. who is 'erstood to have been on board the icania, is the .son uf Mrs. Bertha rellyn of Scottdale and a nephew Fred M. Lewellyn, proprietor of Pittsbnrg street art store of that :e. Tien the 20th Engineers left for ncc some time ago. Private Lewel- who was a member of Company f that organization, was an inmate a hospital at Washington along i other .members of the same reg- nt. Having recovered from his ·ss Private Lewellyn was ordered STUDENTS BUY STAMPS Orer Hnnired TMI»rs Taken First A campaign for the sale of thrift | tt tne township high __ __ __ _ __,,._ INDIAN CREEK RISING i « M «i wann er -Monday throughout all the states south of Virginia today fuel adminis- tratioa ofBciais were hopeful that con,,* strong, E. T. Norton, E. K. Dick, Joseph T. Johnston and P. Bufano: ac- ' live. Wiley L. Byers, ot Uniontown: i Robert S. Skemp of Fair-chance; Dr. today and officials anxiously awaited details expected to clear up the conflict on foreign figures. Cable press dispatches from an Irish port last night saying the 44 bodies o£ American soldiers, battered beyond recognition, had been washed ashore 18 miles from tbe scene of the torpedoing dampened hope that the troop losses would prove very small. _ This had jed officials to believe that ; andVe sure"will"set Wm'as'soon'as Wltu heavy !oss first indicated among we get tie chance." | ^ e CIew most o£ tie American sol- Crouse left here during the summer diers Lad ben saved. and has beon m tor SCTeraI . . J. J. Sincer, ot Greensburg; R. D. I«i'"onary Forces. is a member oJ Company Engineers, American Ei- ment in railroad traffic would permit I Henry of Dawson; A. B. Hood, J. L. Strewn Come* L'p Two Feet Orcr' relaxation of the order all over Lhe Schick, H. G. May and Fred Frisbee. Sight: Flood Imminent - 1 United States after nert Monday. Kenneth A. Reid, a bon. or Colonel The thaw which has set in is causing the water in the Indian Creek val- Ic-r to rise and the volume is increasing hourly. The creek rose over two feet last night and the water is now beginning to run ovrr the top oC the go and still holding. Tie tha.w is melting the snow in the mountains rapidly now with warmer weather and predicted for tomorrow a Hood stage may be reached. The effect of tire mountain thaw is being felt in the rise of the Yougb, As Saturday will be generally observed as a half holiday and as next 'Keid, will arrive home tonight from Port "Worth, Trsas, Y-'hcre is with the ADDRESS DRAFT BOARDS ORict'r From r«mp T-ec 1VIII Explain "ew Law l*roisiitts. At tfce regular meeting" of the F'ay- Tuesday ii Lincoln's birthday anni- Eying cadets. A!os Johnston of. Hutte _ _ _ versary. there will be a ZV- day shut- j Montana, a brother-iE-law of tbe de- c uo Coraty°M«Scal "soc°ety ireid last down. Officials believe this will go ' ceased will here tomorrow morning. evening m'uniontown. :t was anaounc- ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,*. «,!,=,,,,,,.. ,h. ,.^.«TM , ' l e d t h a t an lmportant CODference of medical examiners of Fayeue county draft boards would be held to- £ar towards relievmg the sitxiation Tho ?u afEected are No Florida. Alabama, Mississippi and j lx)u:siana. TVASTS FRIENDS TO WHITE. Boy Indicates That is AH He ?feeds ia France. VALLci IKAlrl Mrs. E. B. Brown have just received siowly but surely. The river Has risen j CONFLUENCE, Feb. 8.--Mr. and from 1.30 feet to 2 feet in the last"' ~ ~ two d*ys. No ice is yet being carried Iowa which indicates the upper parts near Ohiopyle and Confluence it is still holding. DES ON HONEYMOON Uniontonn Miui, Jnst Out of KBTJ, j Expires ii\ "Virginia. j George NeCC Morgan, 21 years old, teller in the Second National bank, ( Uniontown, who was married January 1 to Miss Ruth McSbane of South Union, township, died ihis morning at j a hospital at Fredencfcsburg, Va., where he was taken while on his Early today DO additional list of tbe Tuscania survivors had become available at the war or navy department The only partial list received was thai containing 30 names announced yesterday. E10TIXS BBEASS OCT IN RCSSUN CAPITAL, LONDON, Feb. S.--Fresh, outbreak? of rioting in Petrograd are chronicled in special dispatches from the Russian capital. 'Wine cellars, jewelry shops, clothing, food and drns stores are being plundered. Silence/concerning the negotiations morrov,' afternoon at the court house. at 33rest-Litovsk continue except for The meaung will be addressed by a ^confirmed mmors in tbe Gorman medical oflhcer of Camp Lee, peters- | Bewspa p ers . it 5s reported -mthout , ., , i wnere ne was uiB.en wnue on uis three letters from their son, Clyde, hcmeyraoon . He and h l s b r i d e ^ ere who is in France, One letter was S written December 31, one .January 8, | on their way to Florida he was taken, ill. Mr. Morgan was recently honorably and one Jannary 12. He states he is! well and happy and says they have dlscharged from the Nav . He was ?.ero weatjiGT tliere. · Clyde is driving an from burg, Va,, who will explain to the county doctors the new provisions for examining Uie new sclectives for military service The meeting last evening was devoted to discussing general topics of interest to the physicians. Dr. S. C. | explanation that a. deputation of Russian troops from the Buhowina front is on its way to Brest-I/itovsk. Dowds of Dunbar read a paper. ArSTRIAS CABINET TETEKS EESIGSATIOK. AMSTERDAM, Feb. S.--Dr. OIL AGAIN ADVANCES brother of Attorney Lyons Morgan of 1 Uniontown; Qadct Daniel Morgan, of After l«T-oS Tor Bepairs. j j n g address, Clyde R. Brown, Third i j For the first time since Saturday, Aviation, Just Center. Camp Hospital j night passenger service on the Indian j No. 14. A. F.. K., France, via new York.' Creek Valley railroad was resumed ;CIyrle has many friends here vrno will! L O e n of Uniontow u m u n w w n . Pcniuyivanin Cmde is Dp 2a ^nts to $4 Barrel. B Associated Pre«'!. P1TTSBURG, Feb. 8.-- An ad\-ance lonal tadget. of 25 cents a barrel in the price of I Seydler, tie Austrian p-remier, todar 'tendered the resignation of the cabinet to Bnrperor Charles, according to a dispatch from Vienna. The resigna- ' lion of the cabinet, it is understood, is I due to the opposition of Polish dopu- j ties against debates and the provis- yesterday. An engine had been brok-jbe giad to leara he is getting along! en down on its trip up the mountains ! so well. Saturday night and was not complete-1 ly repaired until yesterday. The train I On Visit Here. did not reach Jones Mill until about Arthur Murphy of ths 319th ir.tan- 3.30 Sunday morning, only being able to xun on one cylinder. ti-y, stationed at Camp Loo, Petersburg. Va, n-ill visit his nnclo and school at Lei»enriog was inaugurated Wednesday at the noon hoor with the result that the gtndents subscribed for a total ot $100.77. Each Wednesday at noon the opportunity to purchase stamps will be offered the students. The campaign is | DO steam to beat the cars. A new; to returning to camp. Mr. Murphy, coach has been added {o the equip- whose home is in BrownsviUu, was mcnt ot the Indian Creek valley road, j granted a furlough to attend the Cun- A combination baggage and smoker eral ot his brotlior-m-law. II. J. pick- Passengers m the coaches were aunt, .Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Murphy of greatly inconvenienced as ther? was! the West Sido this evening, previous MAY CURTAIL POWER I In Order to Keep Mines and Poke Plants Banning to Capacity. As the rojlt ot an investigation into electric po-wer conditions in the Conne'llsviile region by agents ot the Council of National Defense, there is a possibility that a cmtailmcnt in the use of power by industries IPS.S csscn- Pennsylvania crude oil to a new quotation of ?4 was announced today by the South Penn Oil company. Traction Strike Ends. ST. LOUIS. Feb. S.--A five day strike of o.OOO motorman and conduc- Otlier grades were increased five j tors of the United Railways company, 'cents, with the quotations as follows: j which demoralized traction transpor- Corninc. J2.85. Cabell. ?2.77; Soraer-j tation in this city, was called off in charge of Roy 'W. Honsiergcr, acting principal. EAVY SNOW CRUST ON SNOW IN THE MOUNTAINS IS FORMING DEATH-TRAPS FOR SMALL GAME anters. nature lovers and others ! icy crust, -will trap any game that may have an. interest in outdoor life · b««n very much concerned about effect of tbe unusually severe __ er weitSier on pheasants, nuail | out from under tbe snoir unless" it small game. In. many sections it should chance to return to the hole break throogli in an effort to find feed. H si hole should be m«de or one found, the game will be unable to get been fouad that the heavy snow a has covered the ground without fc since before Christmas has cut by which it entered. The ligbt, Bnffy sccrv under the crnst wonld not support game while it was drying to 11 sources of food supply and that break through the crust to the out- esale destruction, ot bird Itfc has wed. M. Jame« of Confluence, and a er resident of ConneHsvUle, is versed in the natural history ot section and has kmg been, a close rver of bird *nd Animal life, ing The Courier a« saj»: fear that this deep snow will Its swfe, hence,the chances are that once underneath the crnst it -would perish. This condition will no doubt make game very scarce in this section for sometime to come. 'The snow is 14 inches on the bottom land* and 24 inches on the lands all through the mountains." now makes the daily trip tip the mountains. It has been about three years since the train earned a baggage car. · ONE SLICE LESS Tbat Is Result Per .Heal of Breed Ration Order. Tbe food administration 3 order limiting the bread ration at hotels and restaurants to two ounces per meal has resulted in a slice less being served in local restaurants. in the most of the eating nouses it has been customary to serve three slices, ncrw thsro are but two. Waiters are not permitted to serve a customer a second time. ersgill. F»or Gifen Tl curings. Four prisoners were given hearings set, $ 2 6 0 ; and Ragland, ?1~5. Mulac Tietnrits. Hugh Mulac. a member of the 110th Rpginiental Band, returned to Camp Hancock Augusta. Ga.. this morning 1 early today after representatives of 1 the company and the men had been t in conference more than five honrs. Posseneer Official Here. 0 T. Sutherland, general passenger lial than thp mining of coal and m a k - after spend-ns a furlough with his .agent of the Morgantown Kmgwood iroothei Mrs Josephine Mulac, of tbe railroad, was in town this morning on t Side. I his return from a business trip East. ing coke wjll be made. At any rate the data secured by the investigators will he used as a check against the consumption as shown by the reports and records of the vist Ponn Power company, which supplies the region. PASSENGER TRAINS OFF before Mayor John Duggan this morning. Two men were sentenced I to two days each on the streets and one got 48 hours. Anoiner, Arthur promts Snpprsedc fnem on ConJ tick- Wright, a negro, arrested on the in- Branch of Pennsylvania, formation of his w'fe, was fined $3.50. Scouts to Parade. The Boy S-couts of the city hav» acepted an invitation to take 'part in the labor parade to be given on Lincoln's birthday. The s-couts vrill march in a solid body. Rain in the sooth with snow in the north portion, warmer; Saturday, rain and warmer, is the noon weather tore- cast for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Record. 1318 1917 Maximum , 48 46 Minimum 34 36 Mean 41 41 The Yough river rose (hiring the night from 1.75 feet to 2 !eet even. PRESIDENT WILLARD GOES HOME FROM SOMERSET TRIP ~ , WITH HIS EARS FROSTBITTEN , While on the Somerset , Cambria while out on one of these occasions, Pennsylvania. (division of the Baltimore £ Ohio Rail- with his Jobes unprotected, that tier For the first time in the history of I road this week assisting in directing i were irosi-biuen. Fayette county, so far as is known. I the removal of SEOTV which had com- j The railroad eiecutive's visit 10 the freight service has superseded pas- pletely tied up traffic by blocking cuts,) Somerset county coal fields was Mon- seager service on the Coal Lick j Daniel Willard, president o£ the Bal- day, tne one of the coldest days of branch of the Pennsylvania railroad (timore Ohio system, had the mis- the winter. In ConaeUsvilie the tern- fortune to freeze his ears. It happen- j perature hovered well below zero a. ed while the democratic official was I goodly pan of the day. In ibe higher between Redstone Junction and Ache Junction, a distance of i2 miles. IHvo daily passenger trains tia-ve watching the operation of a been cancelled in order that coal and plow aear Friodens. snow altitude of Somerset county the mer- 1 cury was lower in Die tube. Mr. Wil- coke may be moved and cars placed j Although traveling in bis private ; lard is said to have confided to a tbe halt dozen coke works along j car, which was atached to a freight | friend that tie day was one o£ the tie line. train, llr. Willard did not spend all most strenuous in his railroading er- his time there. On the contrary he , perience. was out on the job whenever the Sontli Side Janitor 111. Christ Colvin, janitor in the South Side schoip ic o^ on account of an ill-ness. freight came to a. scop at a drift and occasionaly resorted to physical ex- tteasles Cases Reported. Three cases of measles were report- ertion to help clear the line. It was' cd to the Board of Health today.

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