Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 19, 1974 · Page 2
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 2

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 19, 1974
Page 2
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Nixon Given Even Odds that he is in trouble in Congress? A. I think that you can only get an evaluation from them". Each may have a different reason for asking for resignation I think that Congressman Charles Mosher, R-Ohio. had one of the best statements on that. . . He opposes the use of the 25th Amendment, which I strongly oppose. He opposes the President voluntarily resigning, which I do. He says he opposes the President's r e s i g n a t i o n to make things easier for Republican candidates. I don't know what impact his resignation would h a v e on the p a r t y , so I w o u l d n ' t pass j u d g m e n t on that. He agrees, as I do. that there ought to be the judicial process carried through to the conclusion. . . The point I'm trying to make is everybody has their own reason for suggesting resignation, so I don't think you can generalize. Q. What role are you playing now? Your background is in t h e H o u s e , y o u k n o w t h e House members, are you playing a mediator's role"? -A'. My role is to speak my piece at numerous press conferences, which I do. And. if the opportunity presents itself. . .to point out why I think resignation is the wrong approach, why I think the constitutional process ought to continue, and I strongly urge that members at this stage not say w h e t h e r t h e y ' r e f o r o r against. After all. they're in effect jurors and until they've had all the evidence, it's premature now for members either to suggest resignation or indicate how they're going to vote. Q. Are you trying to influence votes in direct contact with members of Congress? A. Well, I don't hesitate to express my own view. Whether that has an impact or not. you'd have to ask them. They know my views and if they ask me. I speak out very strongly, which is simply that. . . the evidence I've seen, and I don't think there'll be much more, the weight of the evidence overwhelmingly indicates to me the President neither knew of the Watergate break-in. I don't think anyone alleges he knew that. and. . .he had no knowledge of the coverup until then White House counsel John Dean told him March 21. GERALD FORD Odds Are Even Now. you can take certain excerpts, you can take certain sentences and I guess a skillful lawyer could build a case. But if you take all of the evidence, in my judgment, the overwhelming weight of the ev- i d e n c e is in f a v o r of the President. Q. Have you also done any lobbying with the President and within the White House for release of additional information? A. I have persistently urged release of the tapes earlier and as completely as possible. And I strongly believe in Operation Candor. There's a disagreement on whether that helped or not. I think the broader the cooperation, the better it is for the President. . . Q. Sen. Barry Goldwater. R- Ariz.. said recently that he believed if the President were impeached, he would resign rather than undergo a Senate impeachment trial. A. I know of no evidence. . .that the President would resign under any circumstances. Q. If the President survives the impeachment crisis, do you think he can recover public suoDort and govern effpn- tively? A. I think it depends upon a number of domestic and foreign policy issues. I think if the President and Henry Kissinger are successful in the Middle East, which I certainly hope, and I think the prospects are fairly encouraging, I think t h a t w o u l d be most helpful. . .The public. . . their views move back and forth w»rv nuioklv and there still is no better issue for any president than peace, particularly if they have the impression that he is the principal architect of it. So. if any major development in this area takes place, I think that would substantially help the President vis a vis public opinion. I n a n y t h i n g i n v o l v i n g domestic problems. I concede those are going to be less dramatic because you don't turn a spigot and end inflation That's prooaoiy a ummmj we're going to have with us for some time. If the economy stays strong, if unemployment doesn't go up, if people are feeling happier about their economic prospects, I think that would help, but not as dramatically as something involving peace. . . Q. Do you think in a post impeachment atmosphere it would be possible for the Republican leadership to rally the votes to sustain a veto? A. I think it depends on the issue.. .My experience is that people vote to sustain a veto or not based upon how their constituents feel or how their own political philosophy relates. I really don't feel there'd be much of a problem in this Congress, as long as it was ideologically or dollar- wise, a sound veto. I still think you'd get a great deal of support in the House on both sides of the aisle if it was a justifiable veto. I don't think Watergate would have too much impact. Q. But we're coming into an election where realistically the Repubican party has problems. A. That's why I carefully said, this Congress. The next Congress, of course, we don't know what it's going to be. But assume if will be a veto- proof Congress. I don't think Watergate will have much impact on that. It will be the election and the election if it goes the way the pundits or the political seers are talking or some of the Democratic leaders, then I think, you're in effect . . . in the circumstances where you have a legislative dictatorship provided they marshal their forces and keep them in line. That, of couse, means any president, Nixon or anybody else, would be virtually handcuffed by the Congress. Now, that may have some pitfalls for the Democratic leadership and the Democratic party. Now, their wiser people do see that as a problem. Q. You have been described as reacting in much the same way as Sen. Hugh Scott, R- Pa., to the White House transcripts. He called them "a shabby, disgusting, immoral performance." Was your reaction the same? A. I said in a speech that the transcripts do not confer sainthood on anybody. Now Scot: used mucn more colorful language. But I think my own words tell pretty much 2A -- May 19, 1974 how I feel about it. '- Sunday Gazette-Mail CharteiWO. W«it VirciDM HEY MOM! DON'T FORGET MY GRADUATION GIFT FROM HENRIETTAS SHARP PANTS SUITS 4 piece suits: Jackets, Halter Tops Pants Short Shorts in plaid and polka dots also available in solids GREAT FOR THAT GRADUATION PARTY Jacket Dresses or Halter Dresses in . Plaids, Solids or Pastels. 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