The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 13, 1964 · Page 13
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 13

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

. t ' ' ' " ' ' I r THURSDAY. AUGUST 13, 1964. ' THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 13 I- I f I I I I I Barry's Unity Manifesto SeenStride Toward Solidarity ; By WALTER R. MEARS HERSHEY,' Pa. AP)-Many Republican leaders saw today hi 'Senator Barry' Goldwater's anlty manifesto a stride toward party 1 0 1 1 da r 1 1 y, but soma cracks itill showed on the foun dation the Republican presiden- ti p oomioee. is out to build. . , JF ormer prudent Eisenhower sdiwided ilie unity keyaote with a tam -endorsement. Qf Gotd-wstter. aad lc presidential nominee WIHiam E: Miller, and a. promise to do, all be can to h!p, else, them Nov. 3. , Ft Any uncertainties I may hay felt as to (he fitness, ade quacy and quality of the politi cal program they will offer to thr Unkad State to the UM campaign have been resolved,? the former president said. :'. Goldwater, acknowledged Eis- - hi- - "'-f Arriving t'- , r.. 1 FRESH -LAKE mm : tltaiimaritrt for '. Frtth Fitk Mi Sttioti jY WARD MARKET I. , enhower was among the archl tects or the detailed position pa per he delivered Wednesday to four-hour closed-door meeting of three dozen Republican gov ernors and other party chief' tains from M states. In a key passage of the unity declaration, Goldwater told . the Republican leaders: Tseek the support of no extremist of the left,'!:,r-.-vyij Eisenhower,' New . York Gov ernor Nelson : Rockefeller and ether party leaders kilned . in praising' that statement. He has repudiated charac ter assassins, vigilantes. Com , , ., i . ANSWERS '' QUESTION: the Bible says Christian should be "as wise as a serpent and as harmless, as a dove." Please explain' Un toiMne. W.F, f ', ;-j "f. . V ANSWER; These words were ' spoken by our Lord when He-seat , His 'disciples v sut to preach; -They ' carry much meaning to us today. We, as Christians, live In an 'alien and hostile atmosphere. ' The Bible teaches that the world is basically- at enmity with God. But Cod place us here to be' as light in spiritual darkness; a salt in a rotting society. That our witness be effective it must at all time be directed by love, tact and good Judgment. God experts lift to be very wis in sizing up our surroundings and their opportunities for. Him. He expect us to be tactful m dealing with others... He expect to to use good Judgment in deciding when and- how;w shall 'carry out our witness.' There. n such a thing as misdirected seal which barge in at times and places where ' we should keep silent On the other band there is a spiritual awareness which enable us' to grasp opportunities when they coma. The- Christian who exhibits these dualities in hi daily contact will be used for God' glory, not only by the-things h says and doe but also by the things which he refrains from saying or doing. ; It is the Holy Spirit' living in our heart, who gives us tba spiritual ouaiititie . of. love. - lac patience and good.Judg- r.riTAL FonniTurtE: chesterfield soHea; bedroom II THE DAT IT TX WE! it m mm ITlKtTUl , W deliver We pick ap ' " ' Ws supply complete service to the merchandise while rentaL .' - ' mntal Ua sut s evsrts ts sanksss slaa. rr Um rraul af mw taraltan, Ulspkm unit ear Baak airsat stars at 1st Baa, mi lwwl. (I1-ls. TsttlM mtal Wm-I hniwi, wtrshma er s t aer Marra trat store at til Marrajr, ami Oalhaaski, llt-SIII ;' dining room aaltest folding chair; table; lei evts tons; refrigerators! cribts offlca furniture; complete household furnish i joimsoirs FunniTunE ltd 1 -""" reTJIII Mii WW , , :'J ' ' . . i t -, ' CIVIL ENGINEERING OPPORTUNITIES ; WITH FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS' " i ij. 'r, 'if ,t -J" "i Th following position sre ivaiktble Immediately for Civil Engineer with . on . to six year'., experience' beyond graduation. - .- ";- UC WORKS (Edmonton) Highway and "utilities truction in Albert' and' the- Northwest - Territories 5s5280-$8640). - - - . , , . f , OXANSPORT (Vsncouvef, Winnipeg, Montreal) . Coif Btructioa of Runway and Air Navigation Facilities ($6180- -(Ottawa Design of hydraulic structure and Marin Navigation facilities on Department of Transport canals and waterways (up to WM0). r . ' ;-. " 1 . . '., '.'! '. s XISHERtES (St, John's, Nfld., HalifakV-Design and Con truction of hydraulic ' structure , for th conservation isherle resources (SS280-$73201 . ' " t- NORTHERN AFFAIRS AND NATIONAL RESOURCES Halifax Design and construction supervision of National park facilities throughout the Maritime Provinces (up to GRICULTURE Swtft Current. Ssk.)--To auist bur learch in. coil and water conservation. Advanced training n hydrology and soils desirable ($8180-$7320). ' l , mZENSHlP AND IMMIGRATION Ottws To assist i design of wster supply and sewag disposal facilities for idlan Reserve throughout Canada ($7560-48640). Applications ar available at University Placement Office. kPot Offices, ' National Employment Service Offices waui nearest Cfvil Service Commission Office. APPLY TO CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION, OTTAWA, 4, 7 . . QUOiTNO COMPETITION M-I2SI. ' . munlsts and any group such as the Ku Klux'KIan that would attempt to control localities through terror, threat or other lawless means,"' the former president said. Rockefeller said that repudia- lion, along with other Goldwa- tor pledge, should help the ticket- But the New York Gov ernor said ha woultThave added the John Birch Society to the disavowal list. ,1 '..!..:.:, Goldwater told a. press conference b has .vigorously op- posed "damaging, - ridiculous and very stupidfstatements" by Robert Welch, the society's founder. But he said the society itself is on no subversive list. Michigan. Governor George Romney, who has been coot to ward the ticket, said he was accepting the party's decisions on platform and nominees, lie Hew home to Lansing from the Hershey 'meet n g Wednesday night and Jssued a brief statement that offered no personal endorsement of the Arizona con servative's presidential , candid acy.." .,:,yJ. J 5 Pennsylvania Governor ': Wil- .THURSDAY, FRIDAY end SATURDAY . OPEN 9.30 AJA. TILL 10.00 pJW. ' .' MONDAY THRU SATURDAY ,i SIGN AGREEMENT U TOKYO (AP) Communist I China and Cuba signed a proto- .. w . l coi on economic co operation. liam Scranton was host for the1, two senator and feweongress- New- .chln' Dew egency said Hershey meeting, ivit he wasn't men . on the retuclant list." he a talkative one " when it was said. over. "Both the approach made Ameng them: Senators Ke and the feeling engendered was!netn n. Keating and Jacob K. very good. , OnetoveVnoi he said. who had with- held Bis support John H. Reed of Maine was quoted as saying he's now behind the ticket. ; Goldwater told a press conference- bis unity drive is three weeks ahead ? of schedule. He said the- party ts as solid now ss he had hoped ft would be by Sept. -iWi. U-"!?' VWe now have, I believe,' only Javiu of New York. They were not i in nersney session, and I OPTIONAL neither indicated tils stand has changed. , DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, piloting hit own plane, arrived here Wednesday - on a private visit to study wild-life problems "in Southern Tanganyika. r ' , Wednesday.,. The report from Peking said: the protocol was drafted between the two -countries in line with an agreement signed Nov.. M, 1S60. . " ' Deechwood Crematorium , ' BRONZE NICHE . $95.00 (UclnSlitf ttfM mmt BucriptlMl, t. .. . , , , BURIAL PLOT- . . . ; . . $25.00 tUclnSUs piur ! crwstH nssaiasl . Writ or Phone For Free Brochure , BOX 1016, OTTAWA ; . 746-0201 j jj T 0F;FURMITUB vt t 1 ' f ' ' f 1 f 1 mjJ ' SPC SEC:T,0NAl.b, "SKLAR." The v' v?"" . ?tT " .( "'P ! ')'" ''w:. . ' 'lw -If ':W profile in ean "modern lines invites - wj, " " ril'' - - VC. --retaxation, and Oi rich Uk bro(covering ,j . -v)ji; Vj- - 7 i5f; t s-- -t in eye soft hues will add a breathing warmth & I ' "" -J'r- "se!iry;.7j i"111 jJ"1 to "your-living room. Moulded foam teats . '4 ' yi 'S!iSi?i! i y "" , and back for comfort, plus two contour i '"vll I 'JXH S'" ' TS-'ftt " ciuuiion. One ection has curved end with . f x "St: S"vii jsw " :'- ':- .. S ""attached end table for perfect corner blend. ' S I Acrcsof Free Parking - Lowest ! 'ItS&ZX:, I Prices Anywhere Air Conditioned ? '. ' compare 'at ssr.os I V ' . for Your.'.Comfort ' . : : ' - - 'V; "" ' ; " '""" ' i iii-h:.j u--"" i -sssaasaaasaaasssmsasssaws I -fL;L:-t.r.vm...l.-f A .. f '"".'''-i " . i Y 1 1 s BEDROOM sLiTE. Designed with" f s . , -' ' "stCsXa, ' 'vX ( '"-' i ' ' ' " tlieer. simplicity, this Walnut finished set l ' "i O.V.v.w-i ; : V. - v5jVrr-' ' 'mt$!$ffi&& i will lend the ura.'ot ophistication to your ' 4 I .'. J r- - t .' J.A'SSC'S5 " - &e&$8&l'jt. '"' bedroom. The. tripie Preiser"1! JI hfgh. lST- ' ..' aU&fcSS-1'.--, 'Jg. kt K'llli i r Grfc1, Wj : tW end 64 steamins inches lonfehas " .i .XJTK - U lllvli "" irr S ' drawer Pd breathtaking vista mirror.. 1- , Wllvfciyi ijl .f- J"6 chest hs four deep drawer and is 2V , .- 4 ' iMll If -!'' . Q f i'x 16"x 40" high. The panel bed is available' i I GnSC fB2 : V this 2-PC. COLONIAL MAPLE SET. Whole- r f( ihATM'1 omenes carved from rich maple and the, VcSjyat ftJtl 1 ' ' hcery InviUtlon of bright colonial ticking : .JLjgas. "VtCjri.1!111'-' .ryT'i ' ; M . -h' s " - reflet e built in welcome to yourjiome. The': - ''zP&fcCS modern touch i added in th ,70" sofa and ' . jp. 1 ?k J-Wlh' ii-Crfe-- .--5 " ' 30" chair with moulded foam back, and , ;.v. UC(1. 1J5 r-i-v:',t - i q. . '- vgJL" - ..:-'-.- ? ".' vumrAKB, ni taa.aa " v' f ' - ;o ' f " v , DOWII PAYLIEIIT $ I ' r I v . v r Up to 36 Months to Pay i . :-:L I Y'- . ','v ; and I ' ...A..-.-- a. " f . ' I I - - - I - i ,- - - ......... V. '

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