The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1918
Page 6
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f ^lllPifl'^^SP'iP? f?fF?l THURSDAY, FEBK0ABY 7, 131S DOiNG GREAT WORK F»ny tosrsi slfr-fcommi ttee on Skfsty to detnc tfcelin* ( l«tti»itrUi«:' people STILL FURTHER i _,,· , ... JFALLING OFF !· the Production of ^r-T Dnrlig T««k of JIB. 1» 0«ti«t , u _ r -.-..'Wa«int(»JJ«r.-CeBt. ..:·.;..' "»erln»." Cb»ii .- Sctib tint every · i«l«* TrilUng to: ·owv-iawlh''wrTe "[·Wi» ' " ' " i of the QnTlOfeu --.. ~~ r _. --;-,-·-. Csmfcra.'' 'lift*!*:: school. / - Jjj ' --»--·»'·'·: '«»*??J^ ; «*Lss»iiW» i '··'··· will SJ |5^^^^^p^lTBUb.cfccli«lT- tytlWrtiojr . . . .. **«rg ,aattJ35!.«^iois», fcrisfct girt 17 -W-iiiariwt fortttV' BrssiasBt^-^WltaoB'i ! |s .'^jS«rt»««' 1 ^~ i *- ·-" fci"**."^ ~" '"'-.SiiF«s« I .=$·$. ^-^r^^~_ : :L..:.-: : ;, Smithfield. lus ace*t«d a. position- with H. ,., ,..,,,_._JaiWtt.»t-Idi^cok*.plant' at Omt- J. ;^s*;T?«aci»-*"«* iiOTett-lairlsinlly-here'lntp a f- r 'fc'-:. ; sie«s» on .liberty "street. - . · · · . · · ' · · ·' : JI»»_jLjUkm»-.Xbomp«oa of J ^ErHUraUroad 'company has', discohtinor* "ed '-trains: 33 'and S4 on the main line froBv'Pittsbiirg, -_ via : Buffalo;^-, until ' two -trains- ar'e.inown'. State'timiled. '.. siekednle;- was put jintp etf e * H-.-provided ·for-ni^ ,ni7th'e ,; Ypogbiogheny- itiylsri ' ' and : Rtts4 ' ' ' " ~ , aecldent v receired^ K'Bpyd of TJniontown. The letter says that for a. time he feared he wpuld lose his leg,- but that -he-wae -finally- sared from -FWknmry K,'im to* social room of th d them in bur ad. colomnj. Patronize · those who advertise. cfiC. by-product coke .dropped fromV3?i;451 net tons to 319,524 "net -tons .ik"'the*- : i»eek ended January 19, ,5iy S the report; ot the United States GeolOEica.1 -Survey... ine (jit of .{the 6$) 6y-pfodoet per; centrrof j; their rcapacity under faU operat^h-rTnevsame companies in 1917 pro^uced'97:per eentjof he-entire "ontptrt ' ' . - . ' : " ·-··": .The continued depression affecting tie entire cos.1 industry Tas tins reflected in ,the coarse of by-product coke. Failure ot the railroads to derl| iver coaj was ascribed .by the operators air the cause"of--jo«»es.:of po-. ( ential capacity anioaminjr'16 23".7 -per. cent.;. Losses doe "tO;n«e8sary repairs 1 amfranted to. 3.6_ger "cent; ; thosej'at- ributed to "all-5tier : OHi»M,"* : to"f6J ^er;;cent. Inadequate transportation renta3n»_the principal factor limiting .production of 'by-product coke; ifallare of car supply at .'the- mine Month is reflected in failnrc of,!the eirili!r toJaeliver coia_; at. the'.'bj?- pioduct plant Y " · ' , " · - · ; ' -In all states except Marytend, ^Bitoiiigtoii,"W«it Tirgiiua, :.|Os»oari sind -Wisconsin the -ratio of tonnage «d to maximum capacity de-daring the -week of January 19; ta : .SAlabama it fell from 89.4 to 7T.4 1 P«r..cent; in DHnois, from 61.8 to 44.1 p*r'cent;.'.rir-IndJanar.rrom .onertalf to' narelr j one = tl!iinl' of.;tli« majdinnm ca'. :,Op«raang'condltlons-in Ohio and'Pennsylraiiia were more laror- able than in the .Middle West; yet in Xbeie' states alao production declined as compared with^the'precediiig.ireek: 'The most fa.vprabie'"iperatlnir cqn- tiOBB were- from; Minnesota, where the- reserves "ofCcoal mccmnulated fbe- '. close ""ot "niirigJition, on- the" Iiakec hare -been stiBcicat to permit nnimpeded_operation. - . ; vTnejTecoyery atI byjpiroi*ict-imB Bght on;-benH!l,-and toinoV.was probably riore serionsry redncod .than the prbdpcUpn^of coke^itaelf because of the lower grade of coal -which many of the plants.have been compelled to accept,/:: ";;,". -.v'y-. ·.. ' : · CULJftDISAPPMRlNC Piles of Antkradte Rc.fuite t'orminff Addition to Fuel Supply. .' The great demand: lor tuel. irhlch .continues from maiy-ipolixti -'outside ipf the antliraclte; region, ii .hayinjjjsi. general effect' of -remoVliLEiTnairj of ;tlui. nnsightly culm- bank* .witli. whiclC'tiiti southern coal field*, Trhfcli lie -principally in ScluVlsill county,, have been lotted*lpr : -niore .ttian^'llif^.'centyry;' Itjs estimated tliat;mbre',ttani-5M;6.pO tons of cpal ; bave been snipp^li'fo -n^ar.; ket from -these banks' daring-, the -last ' ' ' ' " ' ' :.At a point bet-ween Pdrt ; C»rt«n and! Mill; Creek-'there was! an ,,-dld . bank knoVn. as "Salem Hill." ,A company ^several; .months' ago''leased.. thlB- cuini '..deposit and "stairtecl shipping., it .to New- York! for use ,wit)i .bituminous coal fbr;ihe;manulacture.of a new. fuel ·which/ is' n»ed : ;:e:c ten s llr ely -for eUam purpoBcs. 7;:ihe.ywprk:.has'progreflsed tb.."^^', anleirt«it''tb».t thb bank is rir-; :tu»iiy' removed:',.,'It. is estimated, that Sprout ot,|40,000 was realized. In Pottsyille' a company, which for '.sev.erii'^months..IMS';.-been; ..'shipping cuim .to.'the-N.ew : York markets," is now finding a profltablojv^nture..iii mining .some abandoned cbAi'measures. . This company : is,coinpdsed- of : Scrantou :c»ii;lt«UBtii//' : f-'-; " ' i ' . ':,:'-·' ·'-."'.'",.' the P. ft I. B. Temporarily i Xnpire. Stote Ltaited.: . v.-ati^oifler;.to.-w).nssrf.c resonreos.'-ind fpermit' 'the ; maiiiium -jnorement"-. ot BRADTT- PBESEJNTS' JUNE - IN 'WORLD PaOPUCfioN^Df 5 AC5PS. NEWS: TAKEN' ^ , ' " OjOLDWTN-PKEaBNTSJMAB MAB3H IN "SIIN^HINF AT I FY" · . ; . »*^Jj ^^.^ij §f i w i j . p\-i *· .r.. · . ' . BY MARY RIDER. A:PiAT OiP TJHE.kmAKT- IN I ACTS . ! ' AiSO A SELKCT33i COMEDY rWRMA TALMADGB IN THEATRE TODAY .,- · · ; · ' · : '··"·-··' ;; ;'- .; .'WHY STENOGRAPHERS LEAVE HOME . Shown, in. the Mutual Drama; Featuring EDNA OOODJUCH in * -H*B SEC05B HB8BAKD" ALSO A GOOD COMEDY . --TOBAI A1TD SATDHDAT-- -i *·' OOUGLAS FAIRBANKS 'IN' ' "MTSACHDfe' FOB THB JTOOX", 'MARVELOUS' I 0* Alimrt For- : Hi»sissippi. : · SADE POT-f · RICH? . ' ·- · was.:sood for njedi;uial form eral was where aiad- wlnle chemists ; pills and ton- irtfiaL was apt T.r oeopie's. .-Btpm- ' , , to.;«rt tor- himself-' and farm . down' in . . . J"^ ··windows toj ; his-honse' ' , their ^ , oTdiib i«pit; blood diseased -and sli»ij ?-;;rr^;io«--;witti,i«Teat.soTeS npon hi*' limb*: rf'ij^juii boifr which it was said could nev- = »«, -eiu~, : - -started di£«iag'a ditch d . cute. : . upon this ro.ei?inal [^f^Jroa deposit bnried br'neath-ir raarWe- ~ * " " clay covering which ' " ' sheltered it fromr:;r.atn«)spliBre----aiid water down thrbugh ; *~Uie ' ·.u'ntoo.w.n centuries. since Ih'e'.a'Itw.^sel Cfeaior pu't .it there. . : "."·'''·. * ";',W- ""-,'".' . :~How -the -old darfaey was ; cured' -by cpniact -with this, mineral Xand how ; that poor family near^Hiclioryj Massis- sippl, suddenly became rich, through ·leasiog. this deposit .for .-ninety-nine | years to the FerroSWe 'Chemic»i''Cpr- · por'ation; forms another chapter, of ; this j-womjerSul. story. - .;·-.-···' .;··' '·; · . ; Today;; this.. Chemical' Corporation, i wits latest, metlods (ialcs. the- mineral and ny .a..proccse 'of 'filteriug,; "cbnce'ni trating; t*sHng. and-"bottli«g makes/It possible tor'., anyone" tp'viwt'ythe" nearest drugstore', and' procori? it for tie homeTtreaJjinent of b'iood^ rbeumatic, stonuuffiii'-aiiJ^digestibn troubles, "and Jpctgrai;-hp9pi£als£and 'sargepns" . "ap- cla'im; .it-^spietBdid fVej«ra.tipn : - aiid .SQ-pheap; -'so ppwerful, so gootf 'and :fce« frdm..injurio'u».-.oi)iates,.-.iiarpotics ,in'd;.alcoh61,5pld.'.and jtQnng may take .tt~TMTust a-hilf'EoCoiie.teaspoonfal in fa.; siaSBi'ot.. -' TwatwSv-makes a . better, ^st'rorigerr-'froifmo'idf'yon. --The following store has it, or 'a .large "-:12 I onnce. bottle will -be seni anywhere on [receipt; of. , price _. by .the .-Ferrpdlne " SOISSON THEATRE -TOJ)AT At 2.30. TOS1GHT AT S.15. A Surprlne Plar A Sory Every Man, Woman and ChM in This Country Shcdd Read Many Inside War Facts Disclosed] fl lb*i» s*acy you. get Uw uirplcasant trath about yourself, . Tf Toa wonliJrrtrbdicwrJt. if anybody else but Uncle: Sam. said it Some of 'tJiiAin^ fee-school histories, overlooked, ,.; . i?;!-':'.?:- ';;'' ;.¥fl«!Ui Enjoj}' Efery Minnte. . . . 20c Monilay-- "Prettr tegpy f 'Wa'-hoEtyour jiride, butdo yon good. 5 Nothing Iteit has been written during the -wtole course of the ·war holds half, the personal and direct interest to you that this story does. There 5s nota tiresome Hne:in ft--aothiiig bat sharp, snappy facts! that will mate you gasp wiih .astonishment and wonder why you were- never told them before. 1[ TJ«4e Sara teDs yoa tie- story o£ hDW he has met humiliating faUnte and. deSeatr.m war tbrongfc the fatuous TjeErf of the people that mrtoBtany prepacatjon. whatewer-we. axe irotincUjle. f I£fej»thB!tnidvyaaiwami.r«ad-t!6iastory-by TjEncle.Sam himself. Starts Monday Evening, Febrxiary Uth DONTMISSIT To Make Sore Yoa Get AQ ImtabneHte, Order Ycrar Newspaper Nov. ELEGRAFBI . . . Published E»«ry Ewemng Eaacept Sunday , TWO CENTS A COPY ^ FLINTS MOVING AND BTORAGK. Motor Truck Service To All Paris of- Region. COAL FOR SALE · , ·_-'· iBOTH PHONES. VIGII4ANCE Yoil exercise vigilance in the settlement of accounts when yon pay by chieck. Utilize this safe, convenient and eeohomi- IWESTSIDE) ~ count ·with, the TJriion-National Bank. UNION NATIONAL BANK COOOOOOOOCCX99COOGOOOOUOOOO Horner's Gotiag ocxK-oooexaooooaoooooooooooo :.GotMi Coal. .Prompt Service. C«[[ licit 1'hone 252 or -102, Tri-S*ntc «7tt. Clean,. Progi-essive Amusenieut for,the BOB KING'S SOUTHERN SINGERS ' .· .'' ;. ' "·· ,'· ; · 'In th ; e',':Pretty.MuBieal;.epmedy:··;'.'·';'' - ' : '..-.. !' Identity ' FEATURING- illBBS,·'".;· Blackface Knight - . \ '.--Ant the^- · ' . AijiBAJfA Qt'AEl'ETTE. MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTHPHONtS OPPMAH'5 TRANSFER OPPOSITE P'OST OFFICE CONNEULSVILLE. J.-N. Trump HITE LIN Want. Ads. ic-a-Word. h*NT«srJ |, INSEPARABLE · PARTNERS Thrift and saving ; are inseparable part-, ners and form a close ' companionship. Why not form such!, a partnership now? : Start an account with the Title Truist,, Company of Western Pennsylvaiiia, . .-,, 4% Interest Taid ,on- Sarings Accounts. . BEAD THE COUEIEE. J. B. KURTZ, NOTARY .PUBLIC AND REAL ESTATE. *. i South Mudpw Conn.lUvllHi Pa.

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