The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1918
Page 5
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THE DAILY COUKIER, CONNELLSYILLE, PA. PAGE VIVti. THE FJLRAXOGXT. A NERVE TONIC AND FLESH BUILDER Ttat Wnrki Wo»derJ! on Weary, W»rm, THE STRONG "WAT."--A flre part 1 feature in which June ably supported by John Bowers, is seen in the leading role is being prwenUd loiter. "The Strom Way" "deal* with life in certain circles of New York city. This circle la not of the Diver society set, but still have plenty of money to spend and plenty of acquaintances who axe W;c people in th» world oi big things. We see ^ various phases ot aigh IKe in tins picture an* one particularly notable · scene shows "The Golden Glades," a famous New Turk cabaret running at fol blast. We see the cabaret performers performing on ice skates on a large expanse of natural ice in the middle of the floor. Thi» cafcaret scene ia hot one at a great Bomber of unusual and Tery interesting scenes which are shown, in this staking production. A notable cast of strong Him players haa been assembled for the picture. Miss ElTidge assumes the role of Eunice Torrence, a young girl who marries an older noon who ^urna out to be a hardhearted wretch. He heaps indignities upon hi* w*e and when Don Chadwick, her childhood lover, tries to herp her out of her trouble, it is with remarkable consequences. Beautiful Miss Blridge does the best work of her career. A selected comedy is Included. Tomorrow and Saturday Mae Marsh will appear ta "Sunshine Alley," a Goldwyn feature of unusual interest. Monday Francis X Bushman and Bererly Bayne will be starred in "Red, White and Blue." Normi Tal- madce will be seen soon in "The Moth," a wonderful production. THE JLBOUXE. freoh proofs of thje remarkable re-! «oratire powers of the Pamgm Tab- i lets and Gentian treatment for thin and poorly developed men and women Thousands who have suffered for rears from excessive thinness and weakness are now rejoicing from the effects ot a few weekV steady treatment. H yon are thin, weak, emaciated or i ja»t beginning to lose weight, or if FOU are simply trying to regain I strength after an illness, this message , should prcwe to you that Pamsra Tab- , lets with Gentian which toave given , new healtE and strength to so many , will do the same to you. | Go to your druggist today and ask I for a small box of Pamgm Tablets | with Gentian. They are guaranteed to herp you or money back. Your druggist or the Connellsviila Drug Compa- ean soppry you.--Adv. Bob Kiss's Southern Singars de- liited three capacity houses at the Arcade-yesterday when they presented a pretty UtUe musical comedy, "Mistaken Identity." The show is replete with '-blue" songs, and this is tne first company that haa made this new'-kind of song popular in Con- aeUariUe. Happy Gibfes offers a new type ot black lace comedy and kepi the audience, in a constant laugh. The Alabama. Quartet took four encores and their singing and comedy is real good. It will be repeated this afternoon and evening. The biggest event in theatrical circles locally was the starting of "Vengeance and the Womam" at the Arcade yesterday, be- inc prevented to three packed houses, mostly women. Not a day Bodies. without bringing BUSHMAN SUED FOB Star's Wife Ctarfes He Used Stre»m«»s atethofe 0» Her. BALTIMOIIE, Feb. 7.--Mrs. Josephine F. -Bushman filed a suit for par- , aal divorce in the Circuit at Towsoo | yesterday afternoon from her husband Francis X. Bushman, aim star, who, by hSs own admission, began his artis- fic posing as a model at $1 a day, and ·now, by his wife's statement, is earning something over $60,000 a year. No co-respondent was named, but I Mrs. Bushman declares that her has-1 band treated her with extreme brutal-! ity. She also alleges that he has beer, too friendly with a certain woman who is a member of his company. MTS. Bushman asfes custouy ot their five children. "I notice that the word Tjrutal' is used by my wife in her petition," said Bushman in commenting on tho suit. 'In answer to that I want to say right here that I was never brutal to a woman in my whole life, never struck ray wife or ill-treated her, and this also applies to all the women I have ever known." MIMAM Mermen's 15c Violet Talcum American $1.50 Alarm Clocks 97c lOc Castile Soap Cake of 3 Bars -- 5ic $1.50 Household Scales 97c 0. y. T. Crochet Cottfm, 3 Spools Beginning Friday, Feb. 8, Our Annual February The White Sale that Connellsviile women have learned to look forward to. Every year "The Big Store's" White Sale is the biggest Under- muslin event in the city. This year, because of greater preparations, because of tremendous buying power, which other stores do not possess, you will find assembled here an almost unlimited variety to choose from, surpassing in values, diversity of assortments and originality of styles even our own previous efforts. Don't let anything keep you away. COME EARLY. Extra Special! 14c Fine quality, regular 25c value. CORSET COVJSKS Extra Special! CHILDKEa'S DRAWERS 15c Sizes 2 to 12, usual 25c quality. Extra Special! 38c COBSET COVERS Lace and ribbon trimmed, regular 50c kind. Extra Special! GOWKS Slip-over model, lace and embroidery trimmed, 69c value. OKI'JLKIJJI TKEATKl;. pose a SECOND HUSBAND."-- Sop- socially impossible person promised to* furnish funds that would -tU* you over a great crisis, provided that, your wife would sponsor his feminine associates in certain exclu- atre circles which the latter desired to Miter -- what would you do? Some little social problem, isn't it? Well, this Is the problem involved in "Her Second Busband," featuring Edna Goodrich. Friday and Saturday,. Douglas Fairbanks in.~~Reaeliing For the Moon." THE 3OISSO5. -EBB IJTT1E GIRL.THAT GOD HCWGOT."--There's a rattliag good comedy drama, The Little Girl That God Forgot," at the Sofcjeon theatre totter. It is full of genuine s-urpriaes from beginning to end and will appeal strongly to all ctaees at playgoers. VanderbilL Feb. 6.--Str. and Mrs. detis Strome of ConrjeUsrU'.e are visiting at the home of the tatter's parents, Mr. and 3£rs. Harry Liut of "Lookout Farm. 11 ; Mrs, Frank Newell, Sir. and Mrs. .Ray Knight, Mrs. Irene Rohn, Mis» Grace Jacobs, Miss Grace Moore, "Scott Dunn and Earle Bowden were Connellsville callers on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Byers ot Hastings, Nebraska, who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Henderson and other relatives In this vicinity leO last evening for 'Washington, D. C. Patronize those vho atfvertije. WILL CLASH AGAIN ZTks xmt Xaecabee JLodge Teams Will . Play at Xaccabee Hall. The second clash between the Elk and Maccabee basketball teams is again arousing much interest in the city. The two teams will line up in the Maccabee hall tomorrow night and the Maccabees are out to trounce the antlered team properly for the defeat,! handed out several weeks ago. The Maccabees will play the strongest team possible and the Elks will have Bain with them. The Elks are holding first place in the city league while the Maccabees have dropped into the third column. The Scottdale girls and the Lady Maccabees will play the preliminary game. Both teams Trill have large crowds of supporters on hand. TO FLAT AT SCOTTDAIE. B. Jt 0. Cterks TTHl Go to Scottdale T*Higkt at 7 O'clock. The Baltimore Ohio Clerks basketball team of the city league will play ' the Scottdale Y. Si. C. A. seniors at the Scottdale Y. M. C. A tonight. The railroaders will leave here on the 7 o'clock'street car. The game is called lor 8.15. The Baltimore t Ohio team held a practise early in the week" and expect to make a good showing against the "Y" seniors. Dunbar. DUNBAK, Feb. 6.--Anthony Gilmore was a business caller in Uniontown Monday. \ | J. TV. Troy of Pittsfourg, was a business caller here yesterday. K. Morris is spending a few days lj»re looking alter business interests. T M. Madden of Pittsbnrg, was a business caller here Monday. Andrew Wishart was calling on friends in Connellsvnie Sunday. Head The Daily Courier. 25 Dozen Undermuslins Dainty Night Gowns, Envelope Chemise, Corset Covers, Drawers, Combinations and Skirts of soft nainsook and cambric. A wide selection of styles, embroidery lace and ribbon trimmed, usually sold at $1 00 and $1.25 Gowns, Combinations, Envelope Chemise, and Skirts of finest Nainsook, Silk and Satin Camisoles, values to $2.50. Elaborated with laces, medallions and ribbons or embroidery, styles and values that invite comparison. Extra Size Undermuslins The Famous "Mildred" Stouts Something new in Connellsviile--built especially for stouta--coimbining comlort, durability and style generally found only in regular size models. Attractive Styles in Nainsook, Crepe De Chine, Wash Satin and Silk. XX Sizes up to 56. XX Size Corset Covers - - - 98c to $5.00 XX Size Combinations - - - $1.50 to $5.00 XX Size Gowns - - - - $1.50 to $5.90 XX Size Drawers 89c to $3.50 XX Size Skirts $1.50 to $5.90 Wliite Goods, Linens, Towels 25 Dozen Undermuslins Dainty Night Gowns, Envelope Chemise, and Skirts, elaborated with, laces, medallions and ribbons, or embroidery trimmed, wonderful values for early comers, usually sold at $1.50 to $1.75 In the February White Sale. Buy-Now Prices for Months to Come. -Regular S5c_ Turkish Bath Towels 29c Xurge She, Cotton Twill Crash Sc Talue. 19c Union Crash White Pique Skirting 36 in., 50c vjdue Novelty Lace Cloth n~t _ Waisting, 25e value ^SJ-C White Gabairdine Skirtings, 38 inches 36 in. Basket Weave Skirtings, s.pecial_. White Voiles, 40 inches wide 25c Percale light colors Table Cloths, Round, Scalloped $1.50 value . 29c 25c .18c 56 inch Sheets 72x90, Special at Sheets, 72x90 Special at Bed Spreads, full size, Sp'eeial $2 Extra Heavy Bed Spreads Pillow Cases, 42x36, 29c value -- 20c Muslin, full bleached 66 in. Mercerized Linen, 75c value . $1.50 value, . $1.19 _ 69c $1.19 $1.69 _ 23c Table __ 59c Pink Silk Combinations, Silk and Satin Camisoles and Nainsook Gowns and Skirts of finest quality, up to $2.79 values A handsome lot elaborately trimmed with dainty laces, insertions and ribbons. White Sale Specials '75c Silk Gloves fiQ/» . ___ O»/V/ Gloves, ^vhite or black 69c Chamoisette Vhite, 2 clasp, all sizes ________ Women's White Lisle Hose, Iron Bound Brand, all sisJes -------Women's Fibre Silk ·Hose in white or black, 69c value ______ Women's Fibre Silk Hose, plain shades, or white with black clocks or black with white clocks 29c Burson 59c 59c $5.90 to $6.90 Waists $2.i0 and $1.39 Large assortment of smut Voile WaistsJ trimmed with lace and hemstitching. Aj!l sizes. Georgettes, Wash Silks and Satins, well made in the latest styles, all sizes. One Lot Fine Waists, - ftalf Off $1.25 Waists Crepe de Chines and Geor- gettes, in- white and flesh, also plaid Taffetas. ·n-iryi ·, C* 1 White Sale 4500 Yards Embroidery Up to 27 inches wide--your unrestricted choice, per yard Cotton Tordmra Edgings, Sc yard. ?farrow Convent -Edgings, fcc yard. 15e Clnny Lace, lOe yard. Palette lace, lOe yard. Clearance of Women's and Misses' Team-Play in Time-Saving Never before has the requirement been so insistent for accuracy in telephone service. In days like these, when thing! are done in a.huge tush, there is a tendency on the part of telephone users to attempt to hurry their calk by the rattling off of, numbers and by verbal short-cuts that are almost invariably confusing. The present great traffic volumes are a tax on even the copious facilities of the Bell System.' And in order that the public's time may be conserved in fullest measure, it is urged that the needless waste of undue haste be avoided, and that consideration be shown the operating force in its endeavor to maintain service accuracy before all else. The Centra] District Telephone Company £. F. IStt.r.on, Lou] Mu«t*r Uauntoira, Pa. Former Values up to $23.50, Now $9.99 Well made garments of Serge, Gabardine and other fashionable materials, in models that can be worn for months to come. ly all sizes. Every one this season's, styles, and moBt- i Clearancefbf Women's Misses' and Juniors' Former Values up to $18.50, Now $9.99 Smart Cloth Coats, some trimmed in fur or kerami, also Plush Coats. Come early for the best selections. Clearance of Women's and Misses' JD.R-E-S-S-E-S Former Values up to $22.50, Now $9.99 Serge Dresses. Taffeta Dresses aad Dresses of Crepe de Chine, in the most wanted styles and colors. A rcord value at only $9.99. HMMMMWMM

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