The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1918
Page 4
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THE DAILY COURIER CONNELLSVTLLE PA. ' THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1313, ®fr fcuig Olonnrr. BEJTRT P. SMTJER, Krtltor. 1ST9-11M. E. X. SNTOBS, JA. J. DRISCOIi. « and Tr JOHN L. CAMS, --, CltrBtttor 11188 LTNOTt B. KINCELi, Soolctr K4ltor ' - MXMBBR OF- Associated PreM A«41t Hun** of Circulation eiat*d Dallies _ i »«r flowi JSfc-T*er month, $* »·* TMT fry mall .if p«M In adTance. u iKcond etnas matter at tbe xmncuur EY£"G, FEB. 7, ins. is ei ~««titleil-to th« us. to* tlon' ot all ntt-^0 -discredited to It or not · t e r w l M credited la this papfir ltnd"ai»d- · local news publt»heri - - £ r -- WXKE "HEATtES-S" XOSBATS. The suspicion tha^ the heatless Monday order "was originated more as '» measure to help untangle tho railroad" situation than it -was to affect a eonserraUon ot fuel becomes more apparent'since the decision has been reached to- continue instead of to an- Bui the order From -whatever -standpoint the- question ot coal shortage may be consid ered, no concluswp can be Teiohed wbech ignores the tact thai at no ~ tune since -winter began ha\ c tie rail-- roads "been able to supply transpor- "~, tation. af an equal to the capacity ot. ^ the mines to produce With the nral- ^ hplying handicaps oi an unprecedent- ·* t winter each succeeding day haa i witnesed'an increase instead of a les- 5 Beaing ot the tnfBc congestion _ Mines are less able to operate anr- 4 thing IHte full capacity than they t fere a month ago and the railroads ^ lave n t yet cleared the sidings of - loaded cars which left tho mines i 'weeks and, in some instances, months, f. igo The inevitable result .has been T that coal shortage in sections of the, "l eountry farthest removed irom Uie j mning fields has become acute The effect ot the idle Mondays has - been Tery much* less in the actual £ laviBj of'coal than it has been to re- 3 face the Tc4nme"'of freight" trafDc ~ other than coal and coke What help ,- lias been given in Ibis direction has ^ been more than oflsrt by the weather ; Tie coM maps, heavy snows and a winter norms nave come with such. - frequency that the railroads have not rec^Tered tram one until another was - upon them. Instead o! making a sub" L ·Untial gala an actual loss has resulted from all the prodigious efforts ··; made to clear the railroads- for the - Quicker -passage of rreight Knowledge of these conditions ^ »eems to have prompted the 'ttashing- ^ ton authorities to maintain the closed *^ JCondxy in force and, possibly to add - to 5i» effecUreoess'by a more extend' \ ed ghutdown imtil relief comes to the ^ ratlroads \V1iicb. goes to show that, , t teing lderally interpreted, the order to sare cnal meant also to save the railroad situation. pbm»e hai not reached flat l«ppy state where akllled men can be farther diverted; neither baa ttw aitji bniidbig ptaso. And while men occtqiied by their tradee in these national enterprises would be freed from miUtary service, their places m tbe army would hure to be filled by men drawn from gome other work only less essential to success in the wax The people, especially business men,'are thinking* about these Hangs and would lOce'to_.kuow as soon as possible how further drafts are to be mane. It is evident that calling out a few men at a time to replace thoe sent abroad would affect necessary imjus- trj and commerce less adversely than another large block draft and the !eople have a right to hope the department wilt-be gnuted accordingly Our utruatty ^Joomy but at present temporarily cheerful contemporary chortles jrleefuily over the fact that it made publication of the sad news of the death of Colonel Reid In advance oC The Courier In newspaper parlance this coaatitute* a scoop --good or bad according to the newspaper which is the scooper or the scoopee In this instnnce we candidly admit our identity j as the-scoopee expecting that our ron- tomporary 1 "will be equally frank in its admission -when at^ th« next, and for the- steenth time, o-nr positions -vr11] be reversed. The public -will not iccept as timely tho announcement by Secretary Daniels of the Na\ Department on the day our first troop ship is made a victim that the Allies ar* -wlnnins the fight against the U-boats Make a bridge of ships to France Is General PGrshings 1 appeal to tho Americans. If we do not respond we may have to make a bridge of signs from France to America. In congratulating the Kainer on his birthdaj Carr-ui2a complimented hi brother in blood-lettlne on having ji.ijt cause for rejoicing Too bad General PershjnF -Raw not permitted to finish his job south of the Rio Grande so that tho Mexican people mipht ha e just cause for rcjoicmp ' In subscribing to War Savings Stamps the school children hare e\l- der-tu taken their cue from the buvers of Liberty Bonds. ,m Tfe© BSEfG WHEAT SCBSTiTCTKS. Housewives irho comprehend the mecessitj- for and t3ie purposes ot the "wheat conaervatioit. mles and are conscientiously seeking to apply them* Trill take a livelj interest in the borne economics extension Mork be- 1n« done under lie auspices of tbe women's committee of the Fayette County Farm Bureau Ihe lecture and demonstration giTen itt the high school on Tuesday ittorfled an, excelknt opportonity in the direction of learning horv to intelligently and etti-ctiTely make use of ^trheat substitutes in the scheme of Sour saving Tins was one of two demonstrations to oe g^ren" in Connellsville and a part of a program designed to cover the coumy Through this means every section will have equal advantages in gaining expert knowledge. Food conservation as a whole constitutes a subject of so much inrport- »nce that houseniTas ought to be glad o^ «ny opporiunrty to ha\e anj phase of It" presented by persons -wco have made it a special ^tudy THE SBCOND DK UT. Xow that the increment of the ·ret draft has been called to the colors it 19 to be hoprd the War Department will soon make public the poi^ C A^° °* followed in summoning the remainder of the velecttves authonz- . ed by Congress. It is not to be denied that the 'second draft," as nearly everybody calls it is verv much in people's mmds and their desire to ESowTttrw i£~is going to affect them should_be satisfied as soon as.*expedi- ent~W» tbe^Piltabarg "Gazette Times, j If, as many behove, no great block |. ^ of the young manliood_will be called t » t n? I «SS; IH1 ^ n i a !5r'»s«.oif the first ; dn«, but Instead .1 ten thousands; at tr » tbne,.to make up deficiencies In the * caaloamects^cttused By withdraw«I,of: £ maCtoi Europe, UwTProvost Marshal » GeneraT" onght to 'make tho fact · known People generally seem to es- - pect a second draft in proportions 2 similar to the first, although it the * stopped to consider that it is itnpos- _- lible to empty the 16 cantonmeats all »t once they would be forced to a different conclusioa An official defi- Despite our meatless and wheat)ess das and Ughtless nights America is still ia the primer class in tbe school of economy Most of ^ua- haven t yet began to Icam our A B* C s in the lea- son of saving We arc just looking at the pictures and wondering what they are all about. And every time we can we are playing hookey declares the liberty Loan Committee Most of us can remember Tvhen we citing to the knees of our grand daddies, rugged professors emeritus of the school of bard knocks and listened to their tales of the paces they had been pttt through, bj hardship and privation Thev told us to cat our white bread "vhile we could for strenuous days were coming for us later Somehow they didn't come Things went along merrily for us At 20 we were earning is much, as ever our grandfathers had And prosperity seemingly had como to stay, "We fell into the habit of indulging ourselves in every *ay "We had no worries over tbe future Anywa America was the greatest country on the Lord's foot- stoo? Then suddenly out of a clear sky (Came chaos. JEvervHung 1 went topsy ' tuny over mght. Hall the world was plunged into war Death rode to harvest by night and daj Suffering ran amuck and starvation stalked abioad naked and gaunt Scores of battlefielcs were carpeted with, slain Conquest held the Old World in its thrall And finally the maelstrom of world madness reached out and drew us, v in And even yet America has not awakened Nearly tffo million of our bojs have been summoned to the front. Our food supplies are being conserved /or our Allies The reopening ot the school of # thrift has been announced. But its teacher, Necessity, is, tardy And America is still frivolous upon the eve of. the most tremendous lesson of its- existence This first year war will cost us $20,000,000,000 It is'coatlng u$35,000,000 a day for army and navy'needs The burden of its aggregate cost will hang over us for generations Of the prob-j. able toll in life tf is perhaps best not! vet to speak And we are still in the primer class of thrift But learn our lesson we must, how- ercr tardily and reluctantly we begin. And after all W wil] not be by aaj means the least of our victories in this war **· 3L. THE BROKEN COLUMN -$i£®d®$S$®®S^^ ·j j !geg©sess£®se.2«^ £ WANTED -- TOUK business. RENDl^E S. Charter Notlre. WANTED--FACTOR1 TRI-STATE CADY CO WANTED -- J/AON BALTIMORE HOUSC NOTICI" IS HEREBY CrIVl..I\ TKAT an app icalion \\ 11 be made to the Governor 01 Ft.nn?yHajila on Monday tho t h da of Mirch 131S. by E B /51m- i r c n u n \ J Wild and J V "Werthcn- hPt-U unde- the Act of Assembl en titled An Act to pro\ ido for the incorporation and of certain __ __ ___ ___ ___ _ W A N T E D -- DISGWASH.ER AT j corpora ions, %ppro\ed April 29, 1874 BALTIMORE HObSE. Sjan-tTd WANTED--"WOVAN COOK AT ONCE CTjPP R1JSTAURAVT SCebStd WANTED--GIRL FOR C. housework Apply 131 W Peach SL ·« ANTED--2 GIPXjS APPL\ ^T THJ COV^ELLSVILLtfe- STL \.M L.VTJN- DR\ WANTED--COOK VD CHAMBCR- maid. ARMSTHONG S RESTALItA-NT lOdec-tfd j and the tnippleincnls *heroto, for th charter ot an intondccl corporation to be called ZnnjnormT.n-"W! d. Gompiny the character und object of which Is bu ins selling- and leasing at whole salo a-ncl retail yood^ wires and raer- ch infilst, of all kinds for household, 1 office ind building furnishing and *,qu pmcnt i*id for those purpoieg to hai.^ po'se-j'j nn 1 erjo ill t i e ricrhti benefits anrl priviltKC^ of %aid Vet of Ys-it,niblj ail supplements thereto 7/cbJt-thurs WANTED--DISITWASHEH SLW1SH ir polish. TRANS ALLEGHENY 3OTEL. 2.Jan-tCd WANTED--3 BOYS OVER 16 old, to worlt about store Good F W WOOLWORTH, ?Et WANTED--GIRL FOR GTM-JtAL housework higHcst waf-ea paid CiP 515 Ix?uckj avenue, Scottdalc Pa 2fi.h-tCd WANTED -- AT OVCL 73L VCK- emitb Will rent or pay pood «ilary Good shop Good tools Lifetime job for Rrood man "BLACKSMITH cars Courier 26jan t f d WANTED--ANT KZN7 OF P.RJVT- Ing- whether t li a calling card SAIL bill or tho finest engrit fll l u e tiding Imitation or announcement Yc prinf anything--every thins 1 --"Jo H promrtfy and do it rlsht Call the man at THE COURIER office Bo h phores 27-tf Ch irtcr JS IHRrBY G1VEV THAT an application w i i l be mado by W E P CB LORT in Hush tnd Thomas Love to the Governor \ £ Pennsylvania on Saturday M i r c h 2 1918 at 10 o clock A. ftL u n d r r the pro\isions" of an ^ct ot As- scirbU (.ntttlcd An Act to provide for the incorjior ition ^Ild regulation of inrentutf you are therefore require(3 to appear in the Court of Common IMca of Fayette Counts, P*u on the t h i r Monday ot February of said Court, 1918 to answer tbc libel and complaint file therein and ehow cause 1C any o u have trh a divorce from the bonds of matrimony ahoald not be g-anted the llbsllant above named THOS L HOWARD, Sheriff. Sheriffs Omce, Jan 15 1313 EL G May Attorney UARY C CHUBB VS FREDERICK W Chubb In the Court of Common Plea" of Faett« Counl Pa. No I7g Decem ber Term ll? To FredoncK W Chabb robpondent. you are hereby notified thai tho subpoena and alias subpoena in this ca-:e ha-ve been returned Non est ln\ entui? you are therefore required to ippear In tho Court of Common Pleas of Fayette Counts, Pa, on the third Mondaj of February of Raid Court 1918 to answer the libel and complaint flled therein and show cause if any you have why a divorce from the bonds of matrimony should not be granted the llbeltant HOWARD Sheriff 15 191S named THOS Sheriff s Office, Jail certain corpoi at ions, approved the 1 ber Term IT K MacQuarrte Attorney ROS *. TURI "VS. IQNAT2 TURI In the Court of Common Pitas of Fayette County Pa. Vo 103 Decem- To Igrnat- Purl, re 29th d i of \pril \ D 1874 and the j ipondent, you arc hereby notified that suppK ii-ntj thereto for a chirver f or j the subpoena and aJUia subpoena in this case have been rt,tnrned "Von est you are therefore required to appear In the Court of Common Picas of Fajette Count Pa. on the third Monday of February of aaid Court 19JS to answer the libel and complaint flltd therein and sho-w cause if any you , why a divorce from the bondn of matrmony should not be granted the libellant above n-uned THOS I* HOWARD, Sheriff Sheriff's Office Jan lo 1918 an Intended corpi "ation to be called ..HM-US A VLLBY O \S CO VL MIWTVC COMPANY the character and object of which is the rrmine of coil and the mfinufa tur- o" the same Into coke, and the Tile of COGI and coke nnd for these purposes to have possess ard enjo all th« r i p h t H benefits? and prh ffegcs bv said Act of Asiemblv and *he supple- m e n t s thereto confe-red STERLING KIGBDD MATTHirVVS Solicitors reb7-14-2l Di\oroe r«r Rent FOR RENT--FURNISUETJ ROOlt 216 Market St. 2feb~tfd FOR RENT--FRONT OFFICES ON econd floor of Dunn E\ana bulld- nc Inquire of HARRY DUN. 8jan-tfd OR EEJfT--ONE EIGHT ROOM housi- All modem improvements Patterson and Chefftnut street. Inquire S M Goodman Toueh House 26jan-tfq\ FOR SALC--THREfc. INCUBATORS brooders and "brood coop Complete outfit, CON^ ELL.S- 23jan-eod-tf TH£ TROUBLE God made the world all right, the sfcy Is beautiful to see An' every star that twinkles by I? perfect a can be An ei er\ rose o June is fine « \ccordin* to His plan^ The bitter things tnat make us whine Are mostly caused by man Some days I've stood alone out there Bare-headed In the ann \ ·\.n tried to- count the splendors rare That God himself has done, I \ e marveled at the g-entle breexe "Which brought ire perfumes sweet. The beauty ot the stately trees, The clo%er at my feet. I Ye- watched the blackbirds on the fence \n hetvrd the thrushes sing 1 I*\e seen the quail in thickets dense An" aH thft joys 1 ot spring; An Btandin theri* curroiandpd bv altion of the next *tep should accom- *anv the completion, of the first National Army Tfce Increasing tkSouiij of Keeping Tr«tJBnteli4 aaothiT Teasoa lor rellevi- lC tlte public ot a 1 ucertalaty about tbft-jLuu lor rtan^-cnpuon. The my- riftjft phases of th^ srobtem are too ^ can't find fault with ist ai to j cessitfftfe their re- __ _ 4i _ _ n i - i _^ _^ w»l tfcjT «e abtplt 10 be [ Upon myself I ^.-.«. imcrvaacii h^ a g^efct national affort rGotfimwae the world all rh-ht ie tried to pua^lt out just vrh\ So KWJ;I hours are sad. Bom . t . m . f to sBPt!.v the with Hi' work- T 0 " 1 In, ConnellsvilJe Counter Address LOTS care 2fobSt-icod" FOR SALE--C ROOM HOUS*. SilCSs. location paved street and sidewalk Pantry, bath and two po-cboa. Hot air b*at. Address "D J " caro Courier 6may tfd J O U SAX,E--GUI to order suits surpass tbe hind me- downs a great distance They retain thoLr shape, indefinite!} Anv st le reproduced Place your order for Spring e-u-i*- SALV LA cnrvrv 209 3?itts- burg street 7feb-tCd H K. MacQunrrie Attorney MARTHA W GENT VS JAMES H G(,nt In tbe Court of Common PJeas of F n j e t t e Couut Pa. No 27J December Ttrrn 131" ao Jumes H Ceit. respondent ou are hereby notified thit tho subpoena and aliau subpoena in Lhih case have been returned l^on eat 3 R. Ooldamith, Attorney ROSIJS KROUSEB. VS AI^BERT t Krouaer In the Court of Common Plena J of Savette Countj Pa. Vo 14» December Term 1917 To Albert Krouaer re- , spondent, you are hereby notified! that ,he subpoena in.3 alnta subpoena in ibis case have been returned Non eat .nventutf ** you are therefore required :o appear in the Court of Common Pleas of P tyette County, Pa. on the third Monday of February of said Court. 1918 ;o answer the libel and complaint filed .herein and aherw cause It any you mve why a divorce from the bunds of matrimony should not be granted the tbelhint abOTe named THOS it HOWARD, Sheriff Sheriff a Offlee, Jan 1C. 1918 janl7-24-Jlfeb7 BOYS AND GIKLS OVER 16 TEARS OP AGE PAID "WHILE LEARNING STL.K WEST SIDE TTiB PAKTT WHO TOOK TH.U packagre from the "West Penn cur leaving Connellsvilic at 2 o c ock Monday is known, and unless is. returned to The Courier offlcn irn j mediately other measures "Will "be akon to procure It. Same was taken between Connellsville and Pechin 6feb2td I.OST -- MONDAY TWO keyt with No 49 to a bank drawer Finder pjeaae return to Courier office 7febltd LOST--A SCOTCH COLLIF P DP brown and -white in color, -^ery -well marked, lirse for his age onsw erg to tha name of Rex." Reward £f returned to ~P, J Suter 413 S Pittsbarfr street or call UNION AUTO CO 7Ceb3ttl ESTATE OF* ^.USTfN K CA.BLJ" 1 j «.ue o f tht Citv of ConnettsviUe countj ' if and Stoic of f*etuisyJvani^ IfCeasatL Letters of Administration on fcbove named estat« having be«n granted f "o th« tiudersiffned notice la hereby f riven to all persons Indebted to said' rst^te to make immediate payment, anil, o those ha-\uigr olnimfi against the «.m« to present thtm properly antJ-en Icaied for sc-tttemftnt JOHA V \TAT ArtminristratDr CtMm**!lsvUle P* H- G I X VT AttorrwiT 3Janet-tlmrs BUY A HOME Houses are cheaper tlus spring than they will be later on i GUI- advice is Buy Now. Below are a few of our bargains Glad to show them to you at anytime. Pick out the one you want $2 000--North Side, l rooms, s'eam heat large lot. $2 500--Ogdom Street 6 rooms ?2 500--Gi een Avenue, 6 room^frame house, fine location 52 700--Tranus Avenue 9 room s trame, bath, lot 40x125 32,800--Arch Street, 10 rooms, double frame, bath lot 50x100 ?2,900--Stephens Street, 6 rooms, reception hall bath lot 40x120 $3,000--McCormlck Ave, 7 rooms and bath, lot 66x265 $3,100--Stephens Street 7 rooms, bath, reception hall $3,600--Murphy Avenue 8 rooms, bath, pantry, hot air $3,900--Isabella Street, 11 rooms, bath, etc., lot 137x127 ?4,200--Johnston ave, 6 rooms, bath, steam heat, large 10 K 900--Bast Patterson. Are , 8 room bnct btmgalovr almost new $fj 000--Crawford Avenue, 14 rooms, double frame, bath §5 000--East Patterson Avenue, 10 raoias, bath, 3nod« a ljo»se ?d300--Chestnut Street 9 looms lot COillO See Dorsey Realty Company 806-7 Second \ational Bank Blrtg, COlVSELLSVIIiE/PA. i A proclamation has been issued by the President of the United States requiring every consumer of wheat flour to buy an equal amount of some officially recognized wheat flour substitute All bakers are also required lor each loaf of wheat flour bread to bake an equal sized loaf made from one of these officially leoogmzed wheat flour substitutes These substitutes are. CORN MEAL CORN STARCH CORN FLOUR HOMINY CORN GRITS BARLEY FLOUR RICE FLOUR OATMEAL ROLLED OATS BUCKWHEAT FLOUR POTATO FLOUR SWEET POTATO FLOUR SOYA BEAN FLOUR FETERITA FLOURS MEALS RYE UNTIL MARCH 3D This means that for everv pound of wheat flour or wheat flour bread that you buy you must buy an equal amount of wheat flour substitutes, or an equal S'zed loaf baked from, these substitutes This proclamation of the President's is a. necessary war measure to conserve the supply of wheat Help the Government by strictly observing these rules ·3 I/arse Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. I Have Three Ford Runabouts and three Tounng Cars remaining m stock, for immediate deliver}. Possibly you are one of the maii tbat-tned to get a PORD last Summer and were unable to do so THIS is your opportunity Spring is only six veek awaj Get jour car NOW and avoid the delay that alwajs occurs T*hen car-buyers start their rush in March In Summer the orders are filled absolutely m the order in which they are received, and I had as high as 62 unfilled orders at one time Some customers "were disappointed and did not get their car Get the "jump" on the other fellow Get your FORD car now Delivery anywhere m Dunbar, Franklin, Connells- ·rille, Lower Tyrone, Saltlick and Springfield Townships, Dawson, Dunbar and Vanderbilt Boroughs The Touring Car is $360 00, the Runabout $345.00, f o b Detroit Hyatt Motor Company WEST CRAWFORD AVESTJE. Overshoes m every size and style to suit any shoe. Arctics, Gum Shoes, Gum Boots, Pelt Boots and everything in Rubber Footwear First Quality only. PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. -B-alS.^' x *

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