The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 13, 1964 · Page 9
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 9

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

J THURSDAY, AUGUST 13, 1964.'. : 4 - THE OTTAWA JOURNAL KPJ - i m n m i ii Pension Argument Fails to Convince Th TumnU for the Canada pension plaa which an made the whit paper, while persuasive, art not convincing. The case lor the plan is made, for lha moat part, out of context. The plan Is presented aa if thcra were no other forma of public assistance, aa . if there prior claim upon the WAIIBAN aPMSXTMOT i ..... .- . I ''I i v - ' Mr. W. Edwards. President' of Waltham Creative Art and Advertising la pleased to announce the appoint' ment of Mr. George Atkinson a Account Executive. , .... I. :- " Mr. Atkinson Joins Waltham after some twenty-five years In the Graphic Arts field. He has held positions in various Studios and agencies including the position of art director. - . (-'-:...-. . . .-- - v In his new capacity Mr. Atkinson wUI .further the efforts of Waltham Creative Art and Advertising to bring to Ottawa and area the most complete design, and advertising service possible. ii II ii if 1 : BUY YOUR-. IACK-TO-SCHOOL -SUfPLIES and '"CHARCE-IT" K1 3 CREDIT PLANS! national income, for this purpose.' V') V'i-i'Vi " The principal " V argument against the pension pita has been that no accompanying effort has been made to Justify its appropriateness in the perspective of present and future claims upon the economy. That argument still stands. . "V I One has only to look at the manner in which the white paper, deals with the general criticism ': that the plan , will raise ' business costs, reduce business savings and impair the competitive position of Indus- try- . V ;;. v-.-W . "In 'Tact," tha white paper says. the tout contributions required under the plan by employers and ' employees would repreient in JtM an addition of only about two per cent to total labor costs." This, the white paper goes on to Imply, Is well within the capacity of industry to absorb., ASED ON PRODUCTIVITY 'During the past decade," the white paper, says, i "average wages and salaries In Canada have risen by three. to four per cent a year. These - additional 'costs have been largely absorbed by rising productivity while Canadian prices have remained .-among the most stable, and the country's competitive position has. strengthened." ...... ... If, in other words, the. -three to four per cent annual Increase in wages can be absorbed by rising productivity, a further in crease of two per cent in labor costs can similarly be absorbed. There is, of course, a considerable difference between having to absorb the three to four per cent annual increase in wagea and the five to sis per cent Increase that rising wagea and pension plan costs together would represent, - Apart from that, however, is the demonstrable fact that the annual increase ia productivity for the whole of the economy la considerably less than It is represented to be in the white paper.' -' --; The authors of the white paper had only to refer to the Royal Commission on Banking and Finance to ascertain that for themselves. - ' One of. the working papers prepared for the commission established : the , annual compounded Increase ea output per FDEE SALE SL'OSE AKD WATER DAMAGE 'Continues With Outstanding p Values at Both Locations v : ' f Sunbeam i Lawn i Sprinklers' - 1 .95 Unpointed Drawer Chest 12.95. ABnOBIT. " , . , , Coffee or Step Tables 7.95 ! 3 Bullet Pole lamps ....... 9.95 O'VJWarrress I LflL S4.95-f54 SolI'Moess HH95, 2-Pce! Davenport 1 .Li ;;$04.95 Odd Chrome Chairs... aach 3.50 - . . . ; MANY OTHER ITEMS AT EQUALLY LOW PRICES TAKE ADVANTAGE OF 61ft lOSS l tin etxrr a a i FURNITURE AND TV CENTRES - , j 329 BANKST, ;Vi NITE SHOPPING lARNormf lower ;t Aylmer , and DeKhtnet Road ; v Open Evenings 7 to 10 pjn. i man-hour over the last M years la, private, non agriculture activity at M per cent. In cent years, since IIS, tha rate has slowed to 1.1 per cant. Specific Industries manufacturing for example have a higher rate of increase and miiht very well absorb that cost. The pension . plan, he ever, applies to all Industry and it is aiainst the experience of all industry that its cost must be measured, . ' la the tenaral assertion that such cost can be absorbed, the white paper makes ae mention of such factors entering into the mairtenanca-'Of a competitive position aa devaluation or tax Incentives, y. f .,. r- :, ' These, in their way and dur ing the periods in which they were effective, have made quite as much and sometimes mors of a contribution to the ability to compete than have tech' nological advances. Suck counter - arguments, a e waver. ran be presented indefinitely. Actually, they are wot needed; the white paper makes them for the critic: HOW WHITE PAPER SEES IT "In practice, 'the Impact of pension contributions will ndt fall exclusively oa costs. It wfU be distributed in various ways. Ta some cases, it will probably be offset by reduced comriu-tion rates to those corporate pension plana which already provide high benefits. There will be some reduction in tax receipts because the contributions are deductible. Some contributions may be paid out of personal income which would otherwise be spent or saved. Some business profits may be reduced. Some part of the coat may be paid ia the end by con sumers,- because business may raise prices to offset the pension' contributions.,. . No one of these various effects will weigh heavily.; the while paper continues. 'And. of course. they won't eo the average, What . the '- government still hasn't acknowledged is the way, these additional charges, be ever limited, add to the weight of existing charges. . : - It's the accumulative effect that haa to be borne;. the gov. emment presents Its case as if the prior ' accumulation '. of charges were insignificant. The pension plan, ia such a presen tation. Is given aa . existence apart from the economy; m practice It has to be fitted bite the economy and no clear Indi cation baa yet been given now this is to be dona or what the overall consequences win be. , - - Favors CS -".-.- .- . . Collective Agreement Privy Couecll President George Mcllraith told 111 dele gates to the National Defence Employees Association conv tkxi here Wednesday night that within a year he hoped the government could present the public service of Canada some thing ia the way of a collective wage agreement -." .' . . He qualified . his sutement with the worry that the govern ment does not have the control necessary ever the p r a s e a t Parliament ta ensure that the legislation would be brought forward m that time, He blamed possible delay on obstruction by the official Opposition. Mr.' Mcllrahh's remarks brought quick rejoinder fron NDEA president James K.WyV lie ' that the Association , was ready at any time to meet with the government on the question of collective bargaining a a d that his association would have a strong enough membership to be m a position to taut business, , Forecasting things ta come within the public service; Mr. Wyllie said to Mr. Mcllraith. "We'll be catting ea you neat Spring." .... 't -.. ",j' .5' 1 r - f : ; : . I t i I . ?' . e.tho greatest namo in vodka! r -l if'.i-. r.i FIT. LT., PAUL 1. FAULKNER, of 61 Armstrong Street Ottawa, who has been elected chairman of the Ottawa Chapter of the Certified General Accounts Association of Ontario. Fit Lt Faulkner was born in Ot-' tawa and educated at St Patrick's College. He is head of the Cost Research and Analysis Branch in the RCAF Directorate of Costs and Financial , Arrangements at Canadian Forces Headquarter. - . PLAN APPROVED , . Shareholders ofCanadian Petrofina Ltd. at a special gen eral meeting' Wednesday in Montreal approved reorganiza tion of the company's capital tincture so that a single class of new $10-par-value common shares will replace all outstand ing and authorized ordinary and participating- preferred shares. Just arrived on , tie 'BaBaaBssaaaVaWassasasafJaBaaaaBsm "Yashushima Maru" :V choice quauty:. PREFINISHED " 4 x T. Qa2X ' square .QUANTITY ; Plant WovihgfqU fly The CP) - Finance Min ister Cordon said Wednesday he understands Fisher Gauge Works Limited of Peterborough is establishing a' branch plant in Watertown, N.Y, to escape paying a high America tariff equipment exported to the United States. - ; . Replying In the Commons to Rod Webb (PC-Hastings Fron- Jobless (By The CP) Canadian un employment Was estimated at MJ.OOa in mid-July, down 17.000 from the middle of June and 28,091 lower than a, year earlier. - ,.: '...',''.... Tha bureau of statistics said today the jobless total represented 3.7 per cent of the labor force, as agatrlst- four per cent in June' and 4.2. per cent in July, 143. ajfj: w. Seasonally adjusted,' the unemployment rate was five per cent 'or July, dowti from .1.1 per cent a year earlier. The bureau said lion farm employment Increased by 27,-OOt or shout 4.1 per cent between. June and Jury, a larger than usual gain. ; Service and manufacturing Industries showed the biggest employment galni. j- .77 4 x : u sht IN CRATE LOTS Smaller quantities add 2e sheet ' to aover handling costs ' "A-l" Quality 210 lb. . xmN, cetal ee raaHe ' ASPHALT sih::gles tenac), be said Die company hlch manufactures, precision die-casting assembly equipment must pay a UJS. tariff of M per cent on a large proportion of equipment sold in the Americas market , I The company hopes by this step to compete successfully in the U.S. "end I commend them for their Initiative." he said. Mr. Webb said a Toronto rsj moving to foreign Wuntries. port staled the company was f tablishing a brancA to 'escape' paying the' Canadian government's eight-per-cent "sales tax cn production machinery, a tax thai wilt increase to II per cent next Jtn. I. He asked what steps are being taken m pre- I vent other Canadian companies Mr. Gordon eatf increased taxes was one reason . for the company's decision. However; the main reason was the level of American tariffs on Its aquip- The minister said' :ae pany plans to maintain a ataeM Canada and intends to ex-, pand ita present operations. " EARN MORE MONEY THIS YEAR WITH A 0000 USED TRUCK JS43 B 733 US.T. TANDEM TRACTOR, Hi MACK MIT DIESEL TRACTOR. . ; , 250 H.P. Diesel Motor, 20 Speed Trens- - , i70 H.P. Motor. END 673 In good condi- $ m'ioo. 1100 20 Tire, in good condi. . ",T 10 J? --.i . -, double reduction rear axle, 1000 s 20 LARGE SELECTION OF OTHER MODELS . Trade-hie Accepted e Low Dowa Payment : Easy Terms' r MACK TRUCK MFG. CO. OF CANADA , , uatu ittu(.& ucxAji i mtjs I -. BALPM A. FABB. Bnmck iuif . 2SS ST. ANNE ST, EASTVIEW, OTTAWA j : 743-IS13 i- T "h tai .ni"rr",,,"5""T". .: , ... I v . ... KauswAL isaiOwiLn ' ' I' Castom-Made ' . , Self-Storing Aluminum I . Screen and Storm WINDOWS '$$.35 (to) up L0CATEE) ON THE PRESCOn HIGHWAY (No. 16) A MILE SOUTH OF THE OTTAWA CITY LIMITS AT CLEARVIEW ;K Phone: ' M-l808 WriU Box No. 3338 PoeU! Stn. "V r" x "? v-, . - . " "; -. . , . Other yards at Maltoa, A)ax, Brookila, London, . North Bay, Ruthvea and Niagara Falto ( Our Lowest PricoE vtf ' i DIG 100' ROLLS - Cnmil LIIiK FEKCE : 36", ptr roll j A, 42" ptr roll L. .7 l $ $j.85 U'5 6 T Bsr Posts CCs ea. fr II If" II : .i 2'6" x k'k" ALu:.:i:;ur.i co:.ibiiiatio:i : - coons . lanpbl ilk 2 Slam, ScrtM RaTtwirt anl Oosar ;? Each Fully Preframed flO" '-- each -V Self-Storing Door VISIT OUR YARDS Youll tee why ptopl irvn up to ISO mile and mora to shop at "CASHWAY". OPEN DAILY 8 to 6 " Saturdays till 5 p.m. FIRST QUALITY ONLY BUILDERS' SPECIAL sjasaiiiMaMaaavannnnnanWBBxavxsjB 2x6-16' Dry No. 1 Spruce SAVE ON LUMBER porM In Lirt Lets fee House, Cottage ar' Barn jobs ' fINE WATERPROOF X SANDED PLYWOOD .90 ca. 1 Ia lota of IS ahoeU or snore Smaller tote add lie sheet ; "A CRAPE ' I REVERSE TRAP (Not the obsolete "Washdown" style) .TOILETS SAVE - SAVE - SAVE - I f 'Vteyinex" Strictly No. I Quality ViriYL ASCESTCS each i SHALLOW WELL V PACKAGED WATER SYSTEM with i-fsL-; $59-80 W PLASTIC PIPE .97 . per IOT XoB -Thls b. WOT aua wma White With Grey Marble N TILE "h cartoa loU oi 112 pieces-v . s oTia aooo coLoaa PREFINISHED WHITE CEILluG TILE j ta Lou ot I . . Cartoas ar More ; 1 - ' " . - - . . n astajxaa lots mm J lOVicV DELUXE REOIVUI - SASHUSS ' WINDOWS rnr siuH re a - s-e-" s-e- it- fld.Jf cjtjix. apraovao 2" Red Ctdar PICNIC TABLES ' aaU !each BJinn r.c:n::s :, AS ... LOW I ! KEEP COOL I ! ' 0 THIS SUMMER - WARM NEXT WINTER ! IWSULATION BATTS 2" 3" MSa. rt ; Per Cartoa or Cartoa. ! r m IN LARGE QUANTITY i la Lets ef SO Cartoas ar Mere k, . Smallor lots S3 XI por carton ':. ; Ea.

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