The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1918
Page 3
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THE: DAILY COURIER,- CONNEIJ^SVILLE, PA. -,: -' - - PAGE THKE3S. '.. :,;·· · . - . - . -- : - · **: Weekly.. Court«r.' 7, · s - ; Usi' whole" KC : slowed . ptrtaps ; : ;i»Vthe Carnegie Sleiei' ' a c i | 'in 'its j - , ; . .-. .only- "-31: 'SitidU; Wowi»r 'V»t of- ft ,total 5 of . 59. i ln"one_ well- posted quar- : i Jui t: their lull pis- ' capacity: on ;fey- je'' p'rodaciBg: 75 tl n - ; r e r g e frt--»bout 50 !"'ttTM»*^5'- J'tria .w«t:»«?m. whole.- -The; di 1?1^w4M*thV/'tiroVciau«4 'of, ' . ;feot4i»«i« ; ;ir» '-iweefiU.' iiiSuences · that ' ' i_,' th/.bjj-produci \or. less under fcUbn.ot pig-iron' by r ;jB»« v biuili» con : " " " ' connuM coke without - L »e4«r»ttlT th« coke consump- ^«.. . . . ; - . " - inenumg- tic: '.coke i:-tj tint ceKo openrton ·Hitter 'wbere^doe, 1 la It -»a» ,wo«ld: In mo»t "en-; f mmHi«u, wbUe rur- - t«*ioe"wa»'loTn« otrt bj» erents In , u beginning last -.ftto JPMMrrreBi* railroad j on tbt main line coke * Uf GfttfUtuart oa. Ib* Sontn- , blocked ». terse , of coke from the. upper por- _ tie eJKtang* of | T Uch-foz Jtuoatovn coke-hud only re- , crat'bnl of tula coke coming fram OrecnibarK. -while w*t enaiir to FitUbnrc Wer, ttu Mtampfceta tfmion for '·hrfouit cut Thu coke exchange .w averted to work: moch IraproTe- " = · - - - ; t h e f l r s t tbmg that ttat e»ea the Soath- cok* ma related- foe 'A similar cate ot con., ·* Brownsville, ftOBMCe of loaded eotra being jiecumnlatedi on the aftwongahela a, -with no outlet. reports In general are that a coke rccnpU were ao- tae poorest' IB Jhe whole this cmuwtta' Sunday mil* weather and apod.'placement ot cars on gwtioa, oeeun r»«lit bot the temperature sud *ed, and. all the cars could o«aewb]Ie tie appearance ot and worse Tuesday ;-i»orBJ»*-«t«t-oB,car jiuppliet almost et]y, as wen~u moTeiuent of loaded titheebcunwUnc/s- then is no tie r filling con- conaiderabl* Mac* rt7eok.1i ***t sold, and of tomsi**i the «^ prices, but la prac- tt»rtyf»llT tkU is coke Uiat has nr'ti '-rrtrf- fnr- another of .tlie. autborftie* at The «et pncw remain . ,, V C««J jmorenwjrt in the Pit.aburg . . »_^ _ .. j^ bette . jj^jj while there is COKE TRADE SUMJIA*X- ' ·' -.i'hi'vet»raa»"ln- the.', basin 6 ? 8 : · »re azree.d. that Ust'.weeK ,.w»j,; about, the .worst .in- thAnla.lory ot. ; : j matter of.'tne'lenEthanil-severUy' of . · the interruntions : due.; «1 natural..- causes:;, .In .previous w«shouU! haVV.itipped, operation' 'and shipments for-.short:periods... rarely more .'than; a-day.-or., two.-. ;., bit ilajjt.-weelc. It almost;.became-a^ ^·'continuous-: :· performance." .. Fol-." rlowing-;,the sleet - storm, of -Moil- . ( .aay · anoth»r,iperl6d oC, .tow, .tern- : iperature "sc*t-. in; -and. the-. region-. became loe-Vound: Cars had to: ';b6'"duic ; -lbo«* :trora-. tne.^ice, and; -'""snoTr. ·:before' ! - 1 -.-'iliey': . could .,-be', -."'nioye'd;: either a» loads-'or^emp-r" iieir, -hence ^the-.plaplnKy' of;, them; ·"· became unuaually ./.frregular.'. '.A nnmber.'of .-plants.'wore.Idle, four. f dajra;., others'tnree:and-;36nte two, :"-. Jor-Iaclrof ;carsi'While, ',, to: rnn ; ix ,dar» 'we.-.e-, oonsplcn-. ' · : ous" : exceptions. · ^ - ' -^ .'/·'..,:-, : - ; '-.. "·' 'ThV th»w.-ot-Sunoa.jr helped; the car'.swpplT on 'Monday-'-b«'t :'the.. · ~i hope : that- · the'.; ."ttreak-iip" . of. '·· Winter had Ic'orae was short!Ir»d. , f^anfether .drop.-,to^a«ro-:occiaTriQK.-. ^ On- Tuesday : the Monoa^aheja ', railway reachecT-itf low. ,.w«.ter ,^to:- ; pljict·· a 'alngle 1 em'pty-'at the : ."·('plants'bh'-'it's lines.--, : . .·- . · : . ; ;"'.; .;CondHion»i:are' .more": favorable' "'-today Cora change.for"the "better? f - .Tf.^ther- ; continue .It-is confldently: -'T-believecL'that a.very decided ini-."i "-/proyement -will-bo observed -with-'; 7,Jh/.a :fe,w_:'day».which .wiUl'mean-- .*'. that; .if: more-cars hecome'.ftvftil-,: ·:-»ble : arid . their , movement-' -ifl"" ·./taciUtated.. .the /productlonv-ot... .-:*6ke:WiH'begfin, to inovo up^' ·:.; . ; oi That Catarrh? totrtt, ; 't6wever,'';tJ»»"il tie .coke-'siij-. ' sufficient for.' lull operation ' of tie.i'blast,furnace's :the'.:»teel'mills. :'would ; '.-find-.'.their.' coil'' snppUes -.Car. at[nr;re*hiirejnents i«Tclyed'ia,tn« full supply of piglroi; ;;' ·"' '· ":!'. s: ; , [';; ; A few boatloadi of coal got through to Pittaburg upon the opeaing of the tlii ifd; and', ton rth, pbolsV. bu t ;jfo nday*a cold weather forced the'boats b.strip and ice'began-ta'form .again..'.Doubts mre'enrtertainedTrhetheT-it wi 'inbl« to rwtoie Mnrtg»tiOB in ytbe-uear fntafe;.in":.tte : four; lower pools/- . ; As to_ tbe/yorge' at BrowiusvlUei'.in thie Dfth\pobl,.-natnre-;w.lll proo*biy hare .tt remove' 'that" Jftter^ .witii a copious' *npply_;' ; of 'water.'. '.· '.":;.-.;· ·.' -^ -':',:.- .·",'TllM pig /iron market remains-stag- ned to con- Jriict- ^requirements. -The : market.'- i« quotable at, the: »et prices as 'former-' ' ·' · · · · " · · Basic : ..... ..;..i ' . Gray. fo ........J33.M ,:".; i.,::'.-:,.''. l-.t.-.' :.. »33.6B ri-.'. - : : .-.:.·.'··-.. _ _ . ^,. .'.J32.00 Theae'tprieeif are f. o . b , furnace, freight to Pituborg jo the case of the ""-"-Tf ;beini"96 cents, " · · · . ' . , - ,-:-".. P.:Sn7*(r-* , ei;'thelr:.aTer»gira. for ,Janaary. "as : bV : ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' em Tlwusanda Have Discovered Dr. Edward^ Olive Tablets are »Harrrjks3 Substitute. fie. Edward^ OOveTabkb-the «oh«t- tnt« far ealotnd -- are » mild but «n! not te treat brought out these The»ei*ca«ant little tal*=teotbegood Oiatcakxneldoa, trat have no bid after eflecte. ; 'rbeT don't hrjnre the teeth like d the trtrabto and quietly correct it Why cure the lifer at the ecpcnao of the teeth? Cabnd ·amettmrt plays baroe with the ftims. Sodoatroaffbqiiiib, It is beat not to taker eakneL but to let Bfc Edwards' OBv.Tablet* take tepbce. _ and that xtion and · duDTdeitd hver. Take Dr" Edwards' OfireTablcta when you fed "loggT- and "hesfy." Note how they "cteai^clouded brain and how they "perk up" the.apinU. McasdZSc.aboac ABdrt ' Ohiopyle. OHIOPYLB. Feb 7--D J Potter spent:Wednesday in Connellsvllle and :Urii6ntown.'-on.' business: Fred :Hafferty ,was a Pittsburg- caller :yesterday; Several-sled.loads from Ohiopjrle attended the Bed Cross chicken and tion are lacking to the "same extent a supper at the Inrin farm, Bell far TMve, last evenim; and all report '«W ^Joyable evenMiss: Ruth Sailor s; the gucsl of friends in Connellsvtlle Hugh Eafferty was calling on Con nellsville friends Tuesday. iJackson .spent - .Wednesday' calling:; oji ifriends irf Pittsbnrg, Hampton Potter has returned from Mrs "Walter Shipley ot Slpes, was shopping In town yesterday Henry ^Bpothe .arrived : . here- yesterf^ * day from Pittsbnrg where ie wjl' spend a few days with" friends. Lucius Wable was a Connellsnllc it is jiot being caller yesterday y feft. There Is BO I Patronize those who advertise GENTLE REMED^ , CLEANSES YOUR KIDNEYS \ Jf« * 'tor- Oold Me^ standard household. " and : con- , and all 1 urinar are the moat im of t1x» bodi They ar« s 61 yfrur 1 lood £S jtJa»-.j»|»»Ba wliJch. enter your ! sy» ikth* blood iyid. stomach are thrown out by th* kidney K are doome.d. a-Vnew discovciT.''.? for ^OOiyeai? they liaye.'been a standard household remedy. They arc the .-pure, original/: Imported ;Haarlein:. Oil .your-;ETear^jfrandmother .iisiert; ;arid are : perfectly harnilesa."'The heaJing,. soothinir oil. aoifea -.into .--the cells "and lining: .or the "kidney.* ,aind throajrh ..the bladder.- dciylng-. -out the pois-onous goTma. New ; life. fresK strength, urid health. w'HV come' mm.Ton continae the- treatment;'-. .When cohv pletely reatored;to your usual vigor, continue taking.a capsule or tVo each day:;thej'.nrUl keep you in condition: and prevent a return'of the Disease. Do not d*iay. a minute. T*]ays are _ - In. , kidney, arid bladder trouble.'. 'All' -. druggists : 91 \ Medal 'Haarlem Oil. Capsoes, ; They .wit rrefund^ the money .4C not, a* - represented. :In three sizes, : ri»ttm«tl*i».:"»cJB.tlc* ·: and y«u. ; to floolr -..tfter and bladder Sold Cold -Adv. · ·Weil, here' is. your opportunity. I am going, to''giro away, .during' the ;iiurt 10" daya, two thousand ;pacfc- *Kea of Gaoss Combined Treatment tovthbae whp.iicecliit, and il you want relief, sign the; coupon at the foot of .Uita noticc'i' an^d the Ire* package wiir be forwarded to-you at once by 'parcels post.;'.;.': ." .,."-..-, .; - . ' . " · ,- ". : "" ·JE;.want t to prore .to .you .that GaUM Combined;,Treatment .will relieve yoor catarrh; ': Thfr method 'is efEcctlve, tie- cause It strikes'at-'the ·;'. root .of the 'trouble^ajid "givea .permanent .re)ie£ by removing th^-cautte. .-This is. the only correct iray-'t'o- treaCcatarrh and tt.'you .want quick and"lastijiirr*milt8, send at one*-for. the 'tree*packape^ Fill out the coupon -below and-package'will'be. sent to you" by .return ;inal]..:/.-.. - · . - . . \. .·:..,.;.ram-;;··"/·· · · _, ' ' . This coupon Is.Bood^fbr a package of''GAUSS-- COMBINED CATAJVRK TREATMENT,:.vsent, .free by maii. Simply fill-in-your-n^roe sia address -.oh dotted'lines belbw,'and mail to a' JS.. (JAUSi^ -3844 Main St, . Marshall, .ifich.', .-· ; . . , · · - · · · STEElifSLOWED DOWN STILL MORE Wiiter Veatter Ag»b Acts M on Em- bargp'.on Pnviuctlon, CmttJBg it, . to Between 50 and ,6%'Ter' Cent. . - ; ' Special to The .Weekly Courier, NEW TOHK; :Eeb. 6.-- The ; American /Metal 'Market and Daily Iroii '. Steel Report will .Vexiew the steel. and iron trade tomorrow. ai ^.folloirs: '-'· Another ^.spell, ot. ; eitroniely. unfav- .orable. weather tWs week promises to -' ." and^/cpiisirmihs- op~«rtic»as. still further. ;Toe- Monday hoUd^tys are forgotten as i- factor 'in production.: inAMtry couliT stand *wo oi-three. a week and still 'produce ita present tonoage U it operated .full the remainder of : the week. Steel' produe- tion, on an ; average,. 1» at between 56 and 60% ot capacity,'; and decreeing ratSei- than nun-Easing;; It is'a^ques- tSon. wbother shortnge of coke at Wast :furnaces or inability .to ship finished steel is; the., greater .restrictive .influence, - common- opinion leading someirhat to the -latter. The" complcncity :of 'the situation ia Illustrated bj- the case ot the tin plate inllls, : They : are exempted from the .Monday closing .order,' while on the otter band their warehouses are almost filled, some being crowded, yet shortage ot sheet toars is. .restricting the; ; tin' mills, an" .operatiorij'of not ,orer-:Q% of capacity. - This is in -face of .tbe-fact that sheet tar mills are. recogaizediis beine exempt from Monday .closing; with tin mills, and nearly all tb£ tonnage : of: sheet 'bars toat;can. be' produced and shipped any time in the -week is being direrted:to tin mills, the supplies to sheet mills being very small -indeed. The :steel tradte, : eagerly hopes that through, -one means ; or another red tape at "Washington will be eliminated and', that .more eipedjtlo»s methods ·will be 'adopted in placing orders .and. "securing:, taeir . execution. ': The steel trade's experienc.e.tlins far is that Mr. Stettmtus, appointed surveyor general of army purchases has uot been given the; authority and; power 'necessary to make his- recognized' ability effective. A lirge' amount of bosiness continues .to-be gfven. th.e.MeeI trade;by the gov- :ernment;'-but co-ordination formerly. .The iron .and .steel;trade takes the practical view that Awhile, the efforts of·'.the. railroad' .administration are soundly j)anned:and. w.ell directed, the principal';measure -of ;.relief from tlie incubus .the lack." of .transportation lays .upon, Industry will r. come from the" advcntVof "mild weather, due witn- in-a very few 1 weeks Established 26 Years --Continues All Month ---You save from10% to 33% pin^ every purchase: -- Sale Tags and original Tags attached to each article. " " --Six Big Floors of reliable Hou«efurni»bing» to choose from. --Liberal, convenient Credit--if detired--during thi» Sale period. ---Selections made now will be held for future delivery--without extra charge. ' · · . ·'" · - · · . · ' ' ' · . '·.- ·· ' - - : --The high-quality Aaron Furniture, Rugs, Stoves and Housefurriish- iing»--at these Sale prices--are the largest values that were ever ; offered to you. . GOOD REPORTS PLEASE CONNEUSYILIE · There bu never been, anything, with the quick results of pure Iiavoptik eye wash. One man's eyes :«-ere so badly strained be, could not read without pain. Two applications of Laroptik relieved him. A lo-dy had tried tta-e different . glases . foi:~ weak, inflamed eyes; One Lavoptilt was.h siirprised her. "We guarantee a. small bottle -to benefit every case, .weak, strained or Clarke. inflamed eyes.- A. A. Confluence. COKFLUBNCE, Feb. 6.-- The body of Mrs.. Isabel Shipleyv wlio.cHed at tic home of her daughter,. Mrs, Joseph O*Hara in Salem,- Ohio, ..Saturday morning and' was removed to tho home ot her son, U P. SMpler at .lilrason Chapel, -where the funeral iciU le held. Interment in Johnson Chapel cemetery. J; K. Sloon of Unamis, was; here yesterday on his return from a business visit to Meyersdale. Rev; N. B. CntchSeld.orBarriisburg, who was called here to officiate ftt the funeral of Mrs.. Maria Watsop, :is visiting^ at the homes. of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kurtz and Mr, and Mrs;-D. L. Miller. : . : ; S. T. I0vnis has retnrned trom a business visit to- Mcyersda'lc. Frank: Sterner and "W. H. ZiitaH oE HarnedsvUle, vere^ visitors in town yesterday. » Miss Mattie Scbwarni haa.retiirneU to -her ·home ia Bittsburg. after a- visit with her sister, Alrs..L. P.. Show, and family. . . Mr., and Mrs. Clifford, Miller have returned, to their home in, Ellwood City, after a visit witb 'Mrs; MJl.ier-s parents, ^tT. and Mrs, Hingler ot-this place.- · ".- ' · · . . . . . . . 'idiss Maria Koss of AddiBon/,:was here yesterday cm her way. to .Washington, D. G. t to visit friends.. .'.·'.. Miss Gladys Show -wno Is attending school 1 at, Pittsburg, visited her .parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Show several dais last week. " · · " = .H«nry Ringer, who 'was. ^Biting; his parents; Mr. and Mrs. John Ringer, has returned to'his home in Bast Piitts- Appendicitis Is primArVly- due to -the polBoo* formed by d«c*yirit food in tUe *bowels. . It 'la .* 'd.M»ae eauaed by. 1m,- proper nod igBafBotvnt. bow«l elimination, Majiy . ye op I* only, a, ',»m*H pasature in tha 'center, of the bowels while the sf ae* *re ctOKgtd with- old, t*i*, ferBMotin« . iraiUfcr. 1 .., They '.may bowel day but It iaiot a coraplftt* movomwnt aid the «fld stale matter wtays : In.- the system to ferment and caus« troobV*. -Btsidea ·appendicitis tfucji. unclean _ , bowel a cause headaches, stomach '-trouble 'and 90 p«r " cent ol all other -aiciciies's. Th* old foul matter sticking to th«' sld«s ot the bowels often' stay* In 'for monthm. polsonlnff- . the -body- an (J caUFlngr that listless, tired feeling : kno'^rn »a "auto IntorlcatloD." ; HOW TO AVOID TWOVBLB. The way to avoid sickness and to Keop feeling- full., of ambition . is", to watch your bowels.. Juxt'.as you keep tho outside' of "yotir" body cl'ean., you shoald · also KEI2P THE' 'INSIDE CUBAN. 2t Is . ! even more? Important to Iceep the bowels clean than U is-to/Jceep your body "washed.. 'Because the.. roll- lions of pores in ' tfie thirty feet ; of bowels quSckly abaorb pbisonaTeiieratcd by decaying, food.' lefc carelessly in,- the' bowels. Don't allow th(t ^old bowe5a move sllg-htly each day. that ifi'water. 1 ', not enough; There must be an occa-1 REPORTS FB.OM sional 'rHOBOUOH.!ete cleans-., Ing-, to rtd your, ityatcm of. aJl accuniu- JaVed, decaying r i j a t - t e r l . : . ' . * ' HOW TOt CljBA.'! Dr. James Weaver, ·Loa, Utah.: "I have found'nothing- in my - BO years' practice to excel Adler^l-'ka." ·"..'- Dr. "W. A. Line, W«»t Baden. . " " "I use Adler-i-ka in my practice and have found nothing* to excel It." ' Dr. P.-1L Prettyman, ilallsrd, Minn.t '.'I use Adler-i-lca in all bowel cases and. have- been very eucceasful with it.. Some casen require only bine dose."** D. Hawks. Goshcn,_ Ind.; ·· Th«-MOST COMPLETE bowel-cleanser -known, la^.a .mixture, of buckthorn bark, glycerine and ten .other Ingredi^ ·entsf,. put b'p Sn-'ready-' prepared form under Uie trade *n'atoe of Adler-i-ka. This mixture"- i»~. W powerful a bowel cleanser tbat'-il-Al/WA^fS does its "worh ,, --. ~*, a -- -- · properly, and. "thoroughly. 3t removes · "One'bf ourjeadingr doctors has used : fourand poisonous'.matter which other Adler-I-ka,'in 'cases of "stomach, tro.ubje ·onilerlul . cathartic or Ia3tati-7e- miatures- nre unable to dislodjro: .It. does a COHfPL.ETE job and worko QUiCKLT and w i t h out the VeaJrt'' disconifort or trouble. It . success. not lost a. patient and' saved many 'operations. ..... · " - ' ' J. E. -Puckett, Gillham. Ark:-: -- I-had .,, BO 'srentie ' that. One fore-ets "he-has ( bad atoma-ch trouble. Atter^takJng/Ad- taken it u n t i l t h e THOROUGH evacu- ! Jer-i-ka. feel better than.for 20 years.. atlon starts. It is astonishing: the ffreat | Haven't language to;Se*prcssj the awful amonct of- foul, poisonous matter a prnpurities which "were eliminated from 7 1 my system." , ' . ...Cora E. 'Xob'lett, SaVeeyah, Okla.: "Thanh.s to Adler-i-ka I can sleep' all now. Horuethins I could not do .- SPOONFOL - o f - Adler-i-ta draws from the .aJImentary.-.'canal-- mattter you ·wovil.d: never .hay.e. thouffht In your systc-m. Try. It rigrht after A · natural" bow«T triovement and notice | for.years.". how -minch -MORK -foul matter will be; brought aut--which ·vTaa--poisoniuir your system.- , In .slight disorders .such 'as occasional coastiEpation, sour stpniach, 'iras" on ' thV : stomacli" or sick heal- .Mrs.. JU. A. Austin, Ausland.,iljnn.: "E could not eat a: thing-,.my stomach,.wa3 KO weak.' Adler-i-kn. made hie -fed better and am now able to work and'arain- ache;' .one"'' spoonful" , fiHhy-stuff, to stay.'in your bowela! almost" : INSTANTLT. f o r . weeks, but' GET'.IT'OOT tend keep it out; Jiemcmber fiHhy : bowels are tho cause-' of :nost s'icknesg--no.-stom- ach, Uver - or any other orgun ' ca-n' do It/? ' ··' ' -' ' ' '" ··- out bringrs " ' raltof £ Adler-i-ka r ork with it foul'cesspool-sending and poisons. .Even !f your YINOLiUiES f 16 And Invigorate* Old People Any doctor Trill tell you that the mgrcdienti of Vinol aa printed below contain* the 'elements needed .1o iih* prove .the .health, ol i delicate? children, and restore strength to old people. . J. H.'Scoffield of "Philadelphia,; a raenrber of the firm of J. H. Scoflleld Lumh«r company, : is a business caller here. : ; ' J. K, Sloan who Is engiiged in Targe. operations at'Unamis was a pleasant buBinese visitor here, ,A]vin Burnworth, borough constable, w'as a 'business visitor to Somerset 1 yesterday. _.' - · j John-- Hyntt; the '-coal dealer of Brahetpwn/.wa.s bere yesterday .on :his way! to Somerset on. business. · '.·Quite a uiimber from here attended the. funeral . of Mrs. Maria "Watson at TVatsop, yesterday, "William Eckles,. a -well known lumberman of Add is on, was .-here on business yesterday. Those who have puny, ailing 01 rrni-dtr^n children or aged parents may prove this at our expense. Besides the good it does children end the aged there is nothing like Vtnol to restore strength and vitality ;to- wealc,. nervous; -women, and/ overworked, run down men. Try rt. If you are not entirely satisfied, T without . . ._ ______ ___ fairness and your protection. Millions of people have been convinced ibis Tray. Laughrer .Drug Co F H. Harmen- Conn'cllaville; ; David C. Eason, will retnrn your money question; that proves our Bunbar, thee5t dnv? store a *very toira. and city ia the country WAGE RATE HEARINGS Sow lii.Progress-Befere tie C*nanJs- - ito* )n Washington City. Hearings are now in progress he- lore the Railroad Wage. Commission- itt 'Washington. On Tuesday W. tee,, spoke, for the trainmen and A^ 3. 'Garretson .for .th« conductors. B. H. Norton ot the Order of Railway Sta- tion'Agents and Daniel, W.. Holt of ttie Brotherhood of Railway Signalmen a|- peared" In. behalf of thejr lespective organizations.' .President Garrison said-that tie employes are ready to show that -the present wages are insufficient for :tbe men to meet tie demands created by the high .cost of living; He will, ask that the Increase : he based accordingly; Classified A4vertk»«xenta When ustd in The- Dally^.Coorier, *)r wan briac raBUlU. Tor the. MOST THpROX'CH bcm-el cleanR- eve'r offered in- ready prepared form, surprise tp the.p£0pl( bowel "the" It is a constant Adler-l.-ka la sold only hy "the leading rugjrlsLs in each city. : Sold in ConnellsvilJe on]y by A. A. Clark.e, -Drug:s\st, . X. Pixtsburir .street only -ordinary ' medlcirieK" 'and . and .Xorth alley. - ;and ; stomach j avnia by the ]e arious oile ,and-|«ity.---'Adv. . . Throughout Penn^yl- -. drugg-ists in each Booecfoor 27th. 1917» ;: V».,SoJi«t .G*lesbnrg, .Mo. BW sir: ·;."'" ' " ' " . , . ·· . ·· · -. · ..... ; · · " -' ..... Yon. ofo right when you say Ir.' yo«r3'"of 1'ocem-;"' ker £4th'-'that Sehr'eco'Is a reoarkcbly good tooth paste and- that -It has »· strong. otory to -toll,. tat 1.ho--ddffi-'-- aulty.lies in putting- that story 'in such Innguago. os. will conrinoe-. the. public. . * , . . The Sonreco Btory of e nedlci'nEr-pnat« -that not only- cleanses the teeth .bat. alsd.Jceejw. month- and. giias hee.lthj , -nhen rut on paper noes not sound rery different Iron tho atorjr of just any ordinary aentifrio«« For. that reason no .make, every effort '.t(T'gi»V th«.j)eojple;.to try Senreoo. "jir,tor.:-that tel!0" i,t» o»n atory - and -folly 9OJ6 of thez are Senrooo~u»z» - »nd boostere. from then- on. There Is a Senroco nser In Jittaonrgh who has Introduced our_jrrodnct into the' families ro.T^thlr of'.hls .friends.. i aithu6iasm?^; not entirely, a case of .Senreco. making, good, it is just ac . stated _ a-bove. :J-f they- will try T» :i£. they 6nci"'be"odm«" acquainted with a rea'l aentifrice---.wl;t,h-,whef a-denti- frlce can end'shoold b9 - thoy ar« . Sehi'eco~*oostorB- frOB-that tine on; Your druggist or. toiletr.oounteriCcen-aapplgr you with Senreco ---- It-eoaes^in large, two ounce tubes and retails at 25^. - -1 --- ~ »by : not get:"-a tube t^o-day? behind every . package of -Senreco with 3^ it. we stan4 rconex-baok gaar- Very truly, your* , SSXREOO, CIHCIJWAII. CHICHESTERSPTLIS X-«r^ *»* »***·«» **A*Bf A' Patronize Tbosa Who HOT CHOCOLATES Served in the CoUins Way, Surely do iit the ngtot spot After the movies or some other · entertaiiinienty drop, in'and 'enjoy one, served ·withS delicious whipped cream and assorted cakes. There's nothing-better on. a cold, night Collins' Drug .Store, South ytttsbnrg Street, WE SERVE EBICK'S TCE'CBEAli "

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