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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 7

Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 7
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THURSDAY. AU0U3T 13. 1984. Greece Cracks Hellenic Unity' By RICHARD PURSER Journal LwhIm Bureau LONDON - For all the inevitability of the worsening ituatioa in Cyprus. last week-end'i tventt there appear in-nine to mint outsiders. " . But amid the chaos ol Saturday's war scare, one voice . ol unity piped up Irom an unexpected . source Prima M I B I t e r Papandreou of (jreece. Mr. Papandreou If wed a strong warning to Pre- ; Went Mskarms to stop Greek Cypriot military activity and workjnstead for a-peaceful 1 Solution in", Cyprus. . The archbishop replied that Greek-Cypriots would light to' the death for the "freedom and integrity of the country." The Creek prime minister has not switched sldes; he also said that Greece would defend Cyprus If Turkey invaded , but ha made the first suggestion from official 'quarers in Athens that Greek and Greek- Cypriot interests may not always be identical. ' EFFECT OF A BOMB This heretical thought drnp-- pad on Nicosia's Greeks with the effect of a Turkish bomb.- ' "Hellenic uny" has been too easily taken for granted ' by Greek '. Cypriots. This abstract concept, basic to the Greek Cypriote' near-universal -'belief in."enos)s" as tha end af all their troubles, has been .... blindly exploited by t h a Islanders. -' Now they have receited 'sharp reminder that the mtth- ,er country does have interests . " of Its own. Il is interested , in not having war with Turkey. . d , ; Appeals -Ruling OnMinister CHATHAM (CP)-C. E. Perkins, defence counsel for Rev. Russell D. Horsburgh, charged tn eight counts of contributing. REASON FOR IMPATIENCE to Juvenile delinquency, said ; But , B(nplt rM110B l0 Wednesday be has commence p, imp,,iem with hit Cyprus an application for an order ol compatriots. Greek . Cypriot prohibition and leave to appeal indtn ,, n(atti ta d.( Juvenile Court Judge W. H...vafKt , cowider any solu-' Fox t ruling last week. tion riached by Greece and . Judge Fog on Aug..) riisr Turkey.' thus makiag a missed a motWw brought by mockery of the Geneva talks.' Mr. Perkins to drop the charges They have appealed for help to against the 45-year-fid Chathjm the Soviet Union, an enemy of L'nited Church minister, ' whn was arrested June JS and has appeared in court eight times since. Judge Fox had set Wednesday for plea In tha rase, and Crovn Attorney . Blake Ward anticipated that the trial would stun Tuesday.; Aug. It. Instead., the ; motion will be heard by Ontario Supreme Court Justice E. L. Ha'nes at Osenode Hall In Tir- t ento on that date,: ,"" ' . , ' V, . - Rev. Horsburgh was rv funded unt'S next . Wednesdiy, Ac. IS. His $1,000 persnnal ball Mill mnllfiii, . ,' ON THE ALERT A heavily-armed East German Po-lica Officer stands atop the Berlin Wall, on the watch for any East Berliner attempting to "vote Willi his feef , arid defect to the West At least 53 would-be escapees have been shot In the three- r year life of the wall. . ;' ' - jAP-Jou-iul Wlrrphotol He Might Have By RICHARD JACKSON . ' ot The Journal ; THEY'RE GOING TO'CAIX that, new $7,000,000 Agri- culture Department adminis-' trstive headquarters at the Experimental Farm the "James Garfield Gardiner Building'' , .. . : : In honor, of course, of the man who perhaps loved the farm moat, J. G. "Jimmy " Gardiner, for 22 dedicated years Agriculture Minister. But would be. ' in fact, have felt honored? ' 4 Or would he be so blazing . mad that (hey were covering ' some more of those precious green acres of his beloved : farm with more parking lot asphalt and still another building, that he'd feci like . burning the place down? - For yeast ha - furiously fought off Cabinet colleagues and subdivides alike, all . with an eye to cutting up ' more of the farm for Fed-' era) office building sites or residential lots. i , He retreated, fighting evry grudging step of the aray, only when Mayor 'Whit- ton "haunted and hounded", him. as he said at the time. Into giving up a thin strip -of the, farm 'for the widening of Carting Avenue. He lived all hit Ottawa life, in an apartment high in a building on the brow . of the Carlimt Avenue hill simply and solely for the the commissions. - v . Canadian Troops Serve In 10 World 'Hot Spots' 1 ICANADUN TROOPSL (PSS ; C&l ABROAD V K ; :l V.:1.1?"".., i.-i-.-c,'i ,! By DAVE MclNTOSH tation, covers ,1 ve oi,ntries: and airmen are on duty with (By The CP) The United Egypt. Israel, Jori an, Syria UN force lit Egypt which was Nations has closed drwn lit and Lebanon. It oversees the established in the fall of 195 to military operation in The Congo truce between Israel and Its halt the Anglo-French-Israeli in-and the last of the' Lanad an Arab neighbors and was eitab- vsson of Egypt.' . troops there have come home. Ilshed In July, IWI. . the UN mission in Yemen But Canadian servicemen are ' Two Canadlat.s have been ,bli,hcd Ust vear in . still oa duty with the UN in W serving on the UN co.nmand in "'w,h UM; othweountries., V. Korea tinea July. ISM. when an tha s u p po t e d with- The oldest UN pesctkeeping armistice was arranger to end drawal of Egyptian and Saudi jventure, the military observer the Korean war to which Can- Arabian forces from that desert ' group In India and Pak.stan to ada contributed warships, a country. Twenty . three Cana iiupervise the ceasefire in Kash- brigade of troops and an air dians are serving with this mis-mlr, was established In Janu- transport squadron. tion. . (; ' try, IMS. Eight Csnad si. Army The biggest UN operation as Betides these UN operations, ' officers serve there, and tinea far as Canada is concerned is there are the non-UN truce su-" June1 there have been eight in Cyprus. Canada bat contiib- pervisory commissions In Viet . ,KCAF personnel, providing air uted 1,121 men to Ihe UN force Nam, Lao "and. Cambodia to .trsnsport for the' UN tram. i there, including a battalion of which Canada has been supply-J Almost as oid the UN trucel the Koyal I2nd Regiment and ing tome SO military personnel Supervisory arganlzation of Pa- the reconnaissance squadron of since July, I9M. India and Po. lestma on which II Cai.dian of- the Royal Canadian Dragoons. : land are tha other vnembers of ikari are tsrving. TM organs- in maintaining NATO, in kerning peace in the eastern Mediterranean, in avoiding Soviet penetration of the area, and in; using its resources, for economic development. jv FIRE-EATING PRESS ' These tucinrs have weighed 'less and less with Greek-Cypriots since trie crisis started in December.' For months , he fire a;ing Greek-Cypriot press has declared'' its contempt for the opinion of the outside world, i x -.' ' ( -This reached a pitch with lest wevk's outburst )n Elef-' theria that "if there must be a world war over Cyprus; let h be soon.'", . i ! Elef theria Is . reputably among the most responsible ' and. Independent minded of Greek-Cyprlot newspapers. Us editor, Mr. Nicolsnu, w i t h whom this writer spoke when-in Cyprus, Is a hard-working, mild-mannered, graying man who would not think of him-' self as an extremist. But to Greak-Cypribts there. Is nothing so extreme that it .cannot , be equated with patriotism. ' Mr. Nicolaou's challenge In Eleftheria ' has been tossed at foreigners in Cyprus bars for months. ECHOED SENTIMENTS . . -Ht war echoed at a "higher level Sunday night, ey-CyT" prus High 'Commissioner in London Antis Soteriades who said at a press conference that Cyprus is -not prepared Co make any concessions re garding Its territorial Integrl- ' ty "even If If means third World war ... Let those who ,, want to avoid It, do so." . This It ludicrous coming . -from' spokesmen for an Islam) of little mure than half a mil-; . lirn population, but any world diplomat who can make. Greek-Cypriots care now ludicrous It ir will deserve congratulations. : J - One world diplomat, in position at- least to try is Mr... Papandreou. How hard he -can try If difficult to say; like all other majijrleaders in-r ' voived in .the crisis be is sub-' Ject to domestic political pres., sure. .. .... ........ . .1 Greece. By attacking Turkish-Cypriot villages they have sub-, Jected the weak Turkish gov-i ernment to almost Irresistible pressure from its restive army and the public. i , " The Creek' . Cypriots may have a. good cause, taken-on Its own merits. But the merits of any cause cannot be de-hated in the atmosphere of Cyprus today. In their blind, striving . for uncompromising victory regardless of come-: rmences Creek -Cvprtnts seem a'most to display a death wick . ; . . wish. Some HO Canadian aoldiera . iii O iAvA JOURNAL , , " By JOSEPH AacSWFXN , ' BERLIN ICPH-The first stark impression o. the Berl n Wall is tha- it has ;o he seen to, be believed. "-' From the Western side, Ihe s.ranstr figures it is as ugly as a wall can geu But he's wrong. I'.'s worse Irora the East. . Th e reverse wonder of lh world, built of s'ckly grey, porous,, eonrre brick, sploshed and sta'ned, s lopped by rusty barbed wire; V; . ''.1'"! The macabre amosphere Is deepened by the e'ght of sol- diers lurk fig in East Berl a windows, watching with field g'asses. machncguns ready to kill anypne who tries to scale ihe bewail,.' "This mpni'.roiity Is probably be best propaganda we cou'd lave!" sad a Wct BrrMn offi-; :ial. but w'thau: satlsfact'on. hav cia!. litre anit thers. are tr angular "woscen jhrjie-l ke memorials, bearing - wreaths and flowers. These mark the places, where would-be escapees . were slain a'nee fie wall went up in August. INI. Dnjrs and windows' V East Berlin buildings flush wllh the border, are b'ocked in and a: one point a high cemetery wall serves as a 'sec on of the bar. r'er. Corpses arc admitted from West Bert n to the Commun st Mixed Feelings view it gave him farm. - . , my"' " He went for daily morning walks, there. Summer and Winter, ".. He took hit . daughters; when they were youngsters, skiing and tobogganing there. And he held the reception there, on the lawns under big marques, when one of the girls married. "(; Had a letter, just the other day. from "Jimmy's" daughter, Mrs. W. R. Stevenson, of 1003 London Road. Sarnia, . . . wno was writing to expreta, From thlg id tht w1, her pleasure at something tumt, , junenjion m ugll- her father and the farm. -:. , "My Dad was so very dedicated to the farm and, of course, to the Canadian farmer," she wrote. ' "Even after 22 years in the job, he was ttill as mad. keen, atiH the wild enthusiast, that he was the" first day Mackenzie King' appointed him. ' "It would break hit heart to see -what they have been doin 10 ,,rm , THE QUEENS'WAV "S BRINGING a rather basic change to the Civd Service way of life. At least in the big sprawling complex of . Mines and Technical Surveys Depart- . ment buildings at Booth and Carting, and to a not much lesser ' extent. ' in ' Public Works, Post Office and other establishments at Confederation Heights. .' . ' More and more people are scooting home for lunch. ' i At Mines, they used to eat, crowding and queueing ' in any one of Ihe three cafe- - teriat, - . Out atConfederatloa Heights, they were cafeteria lunchert top. , y-Not to now. ' Those living In tha deep West End, as far out even as Bell's Comers, have time to streak up the ramp of the ' Queensway, tip out , home for a spot of lunch' and perhaps a bit of gardening, and get back on the job, quite 'comfortably In the allotted lime. , .;" . ' .. You can make it, and with- out racing, either, from the Rochester Street ramp to . the Bayshore terminal of the Queensway in seven minutes. Grudge Bond Forfeited SALISBURY,' England ; fUPI) Farmer John Tom, 52, was ordered to forfait a tsoo (S1.400) bond after he made-18 telephone calls "in Impolite terms' to the home , of the Earl of Radnor. , The bond was placed last year after Tozer tried to work off a grudge against the Earl by banging oa the peer's door at night with a irpherd't drook and by Ivmg the Earl'a butler a lac garter with a pink rosebud i o It, ; V fir'. . f -' 'XT: '9 r fJJ.Avv-.. ' i7 lfcUJ t " f k u ' I ) f ' f k' SAFE PLAYGROUND West German children use a street blocked by the wall that slices the city of Berlin in two at a playground aafe from the bustle of traffic; on busy streets, t . . ., . . . ; . lAfSleunsal WlreaiMtol ' i de at a checkpoint on certain ness. since to the othet-atains streets are lined with bombed-days, v - - " whitewash has been added to out. relics of the war where ZONE OF DEATH ' show up movement. The wall U human habitation wouldn't be. Hitler's suicide bunker It In backed up by secondary bar- suspected but for curtains at the Todeszone. the East Berlin riert. tank traps and other ob- the windows, "xone of dea'Ji"' where guards ttaclea in the Todesnme. . ' Siore displays were generally have orders to liquidate anyone The tone baa long beta evacu- depressing. Wornen stood in approaching the wall from then- ated and buildings destroyed to queues in the hot June tun, tide. There are cosy signs like allow a clear field of fire for waiting for such goodies as (hit: "The Bona wish for Leben- sraum (living space) will cost yights and loudspeakers. show-window displayed nothing only your bead."' "At first the guards would but beer, one brand. ; . j . The wall area and the dreary (BOOt to miss, but they don't .' When we . tipped a state-Vftas beyond are in woeful get away with that any more." restauran: waiter with cigar-coairast With ' booming West w, weri gold. . ettet the hay-tasting East Ger- Berlin. whef stores burst with Industrial production" bat "lny brands are expensive he merchandise and new bousing gre,ny improved i aEast Ger- followed us to the door with is the pride of the Federal Re- mMy. ta ynn tBd he thanks. We bad paid our bill public.. . . . ao-called "Khrusbcbev archi- German marks, an ZONE CLEARED: j , tecture" of the new apartment operation form-Hllmg ' We crossed to East Berlin at buildings on the main residen- by a flustered manageress. . famed Checkpoint Charlie on a 'al streets are a vast improve- Street-strollers were mostly quiet Saturday morning, a Leb- ment over the email-windowed, older folk and children. The anese student acting at guide smell y "Stalin architecture" young men and women have, as since West Berlinert may not dwellings erected after the war. the saying goes, "voted with enter. . if f s. J p I ) ? s I ON THIS A big pass $299. Firnch Provincial walnut.. - 28-tube functions. I jfctime thi'arantrc . 'automatic turntable. AM-FM Multiplex Input and output and playback. . 4 Nova sonic speaker performance). r . BUDGET SS Sparha St. (Oa the Mall) ' Msi .. OkfUnswooojl Sltafsptac CcmCw ('.""! , 1 .'. . V I f styling in ; solid . i. '. ' .': '; .'. -: ..l ' on Philips 4-spced f radio. : j ' for tape . recordinr v , duo cone speakers (S . V ; , , ;, TF.R.MS ON B.r.T.'s Ul-IMI aa4 . , 7SS-333S Free Parkins; at Reverse Wonder n l -i l l h I i' 'J . f ; f ! j'" ' the soldiers, assisted by flood- OUEUE FOR FRUIT Behioj ,hese Impressive build- ings. however, many tack mi oranges and bananas. One large iire:r lew. -.y. - About of them, as It turned out, voted for death at the wa". fTnTsTr,7' PljvujwuEi5 SAVE 1964 PHILIPS $100-00 STEREO COMBINATION with MULTIPLEX , " . .-m'mmm AwA'.' axYa.. y : . -. Nyxx t r. i m i. i i -.. . ... i . j t I i . , THE "CSUAH" quantify purchase got us a sptcial pric - wt the savings along. , Yours to on joy for onl But shop early ! W predict a quick sellout ! Original Price $399 at R.P.T. only , 1 M il t n 1 Jit M - mm " the Carpark and City Parking Lot, corner Queen Wo 7 OWN LOW COST CREDIT t If B I RKS BlffKS ETCRNfl'MHTlC !4kL yellow gold cap. ttainiess steel back: water, shock and dust resistant, 2 1 -jewel Etema-matic movtsneoj Designed exclusively for Birks in the famous Elerna craflshops -, . of Switzerland. . rrtwu-mTte Is Ust varM's ar MK-vwStaf . .US avalpiMd lSw.0 '" a i BUDOZT TCRMS AVAtLABLg 101 Sparks Slreit ""O 'Billings Bridge) Plata 5 9 5 s PLAN Open Fridays Until gon. , . Sparks St. Stare Closed Mondays Daring Aagwst and Metcalfe Sts. r K7

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