The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, February 7, 1918
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SSi. · 2 HIT! ConnellsviHe's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, ,6,654 'OL. 16, NO. 75. CONNELLSVTLLE, PA., THURSDAY EVENING, F. EIGHT PAGES. OTAL LOSS OF UFE ON TORPEDO ATEST FIGURES MATERIALLY REDUCE EARLIER REPORTS OF LOSS OF LIFE ON THE TUSCANIA FIFTY HEN FOR ARMY SECURED IN DISTRICT 5 ige Steamer Remained Afloat for Two Hours and-There Was Ample Time forj the Removal of All on Board; Many oP Those Missing May Have Lost Lives I y Jumping Into the Icy Waters; Some Die of Exposure After Being Rescued. N ON STEAMER PRINCIPALLY FROM THE WEST By Associated Presa. LONDON, Feb. 7.--The loss of life on the torpedoed trans- ; Tuscania is now estimated at only 101. This total is given i dispatch from a correspondent of the Associated Press in and and subsequently "was confirmed by the American em- 5J-- A Writ Kit Ilffi IXiVARD liLVKK IIOilEVrARi) ROI:K1I IS HIT BY A TOUPKDO. By Associated l»ra*».- TOKK, Feb. 7,-Thc Canard luicr Annul i it, 13,400 tons, w»s torpedoed by a (rer- ntnn submarine within the last ·18 hours while bound t'or the I'iiited. States, It was learned from officials oi the Ciinnrd line today. , Although bntlly damaged by the explosion the ship wan nut sunk and is believed to be -muting her Tray back to port with the assistance of government vessels, H was said. The ship carried but little cargo. ' Tlmt Was the Score to Noon To-i day Out jf B7 Appearing Vor Examination. SIX HUNDRED PLEASURE CARS, HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE TRUCKS AT DISPOSAL OF SAFETY BODY Approximately 600 curs \ tee ol Public Safnt-y for the Conpmon- anrt 125 trucks have been pJacert at of Pennsylvania, for any erjer- | tbe disposal of the Committee of Pub- so-icy use in my district .and will re- MY FEW ARE REJECTED Less Than Ten Fail to Come L'p to the Hiuuimnm K«|uired by the War Be- lic Safely J'or FayeHe county, accord- j spoud promptly to order for mobili- ing to au no unrein cut just made by H. v.aUon." D, Hutchinaou of Uniontown.. cbair- It is undersiood that cars are to be man of Lbv committee on motors and | callwi into service- only Tor necessary motor trucks. QflVcials ot the corn- j punwses, aatl only wiUiin the county, mittee of Public Safety are delighted f It is probable that when the roads j over the response maxte to Mr. Hutch- improve tliat tbosii who liave enrolled in sou's call Car voUmieors. . will be tailed upon from, lime to time After reported efforts had been made to got autoists together and transport speakers and- perform other volunteer service. As soon a possible a list of tlie discuss tbe raavtcr, Ch-aArman Hutch- piirtroent for the Military Serrico; I insoa decid-ed tho most effective'way'volunteers from the Conr.ellvHle dis- Others Are Held Orei* Temporarily. I to get results would be to mail cards ] trict will be compiled and filed with for auto o«Tiors to 511 out. This he j George S. Connoll, executive secretary , ifttL with the result above mentioned. ] of the Committee of Public Safety and ·xamined ay| Each card ^^ tb ia pi ec i gD ; j first asBistam to the chairman of the hereby volunteer my cars and] corunittee ou mo-tors aad motor truclcs for the use of the Department | trucks. o£ Motors aad Motor Trucks, Commit- ( a i j The transport was sunk Tuesday night. The condition of ,, 16 of the survivors was pitiable. Many had cast aside all x clothes and had been swimming for two hours before be- rescued. Three men from the Tuscania died from exposure in one L There was sufficient time for removal of all those on board Tuscania as It remained afloat for about two hours after tosh challenge to the civilized world ,,, tfwnprlnoa ' * by an adversary who has refined but O Ivl J*CUUt;\l. . ··· . , .. . t i w l * » i rP *V,n mi_ ' m · f e j. t ' · · made more deadly tne steaitu ot ioc The Tuscama was one of a convoy of troops and provision )s which after a Jong passage across the Atlantic was enter- what until recently were considered comparatively safe ers. The ships were within sight of land which was just inguishable in the dusk of the evening, when the torpedo the Tuscania amidships. The steamer took a heavy list which made proper lowering ;he boats impracticable. Some men jumped into the sea. ers were thrown into ths water when the boats were lowered. ) survivors are receiving every comfort. Thomas'Smith, of Glasgow, a boatswain's mate on the Tus- vors at Larne. As soon as they are properly outfited they will be brought to "Winchester. - Secretary 'Baker Issued the following statement: "The sinking of the Tuscania brings us face to face with the losses of war in its most relentless form. It is a ; Out of 43 registrants i local board No. 5 this morning, i fully und' not one made an appeal on j his examination. Seven men were i held over for examination at Uttlon- ·town at the hospital there Sunday af- '· ternoon and five were rejected. i Of tbe 100 men called for yesterday and today by the No. 5 board 87 have been examined. Only li) were passed as being physically perfect yesterday. Peter F. Hoey and Kay Urcugood who were yesterday classed among those who were passod and satisfied with their examination later put In an ap- ! peal to the medical advisory board. Following is a list of the draftees, classified according to their examina- SEIZED FOR USE OF tfons. Robert J. PASSED. Dolan, Leisenring; Is First Ever Kncnvn to Haye Been Commandeered For Jjf'cal Supply. ABNORMAL WINTER MAY BE AT HAND COUNTRY NEEDS MEN, DESERTER TELLSJOLICE Xentncky Man Gires Himself Up Hopeful He Willie Be- instated in Marines. LEFT IN TIME OF PEACE ?fow That America is at War, He Becomes Wsgnsted fllth Himself and is .Ready to Bo His Bit; Had Sot Changed Same, He Inionns Officer. Ice and Snow Are Rapidly Bis- appearing Under Spring- like Breezes, liam R. RankJn, Danbar; James H. i . , savage in warfare. We must win this V!m Slcklf!t ciovertop, Pa.; Ernest war and we will win this war. Losses i jj rowB| Acme H. D.; George Kasesko, like this unite the country in sympa- ; Dunbar, R. D. 32; Noah Miner, Uledi; thy with the families of those who; J a m c B R Bricker, Dunbar; Charles! THE FAMINE IS AVERTED TME MOST DIFFICULT 1--- have suffered -loss. They also unite Buniworth, Ohlopyle; Klchard ' , us to make more determined our pur- elements, Dunbar; Charles Bernard pose to press on." . "As rapidly as details come in theyj J a m D B H _ Ohiopyle; Jesse Hall, Ohiopyle; ^.j^ Ohiopyle; Charles _ will be given to the public in order to! R wilson, Somerfield; Louis Krom- relleve anxiety where possible, and ; naa)t y p Connellsville, box US; Ben notice will be sent as promptly as pos- [Klink, Dunbar; John Srailcy Bricker, Shipment For the Pampinfr Station is i .Lust in Transit from Dickersttn itun j and Water Company Appeals to Fuel ] Administration Agent for lieliof. i Conditions l."nderioot Worst «f Scjison uud Falls Are Xiunerous; Antoists Find Travel imT(nvn aad Country Quito Perilous PJeiisure. Springlike breezes today seemed to Giving as his reason, for snrrender- ing that "the country needs mem." William V. Curry of Maysvtile, Ky., last evening gave himself np to Police Lieutenant Thomas McDonald, explaining thai he vas a. deserter from the United States marine service. Curry was locked up in the police station and placed in charge of Constable B. RotUer. Constable Rattler will telegraph the authorities at Wesh- jington to learn what he will do with the man. Curry this morning said that ho had given himself up because "the country needed men." Ha was serving a second enlistment in the marines when he deserted. Curry ran away from Newport News, H. L, in August, 1916. 'I got dfsguated and thought I .er myself," he said. "I've .·en changed my name and ! have been at work ever since I left." the i He said his parents did not know he had deserted as he said nothing to them when he re-enlisted. Cnrry had been in Pittsburg and from there came here on Tuesday night. · After thinking over his case, he de- sible to those whose sons and brothers ia, said the steamer was proceeding to an English port under ] have been added to the nation's he- "At 5:45 o'clock on Tuesday evening," he continued, "I was Vo. -1 room talking with, a fellow boatswain when I heard a ·ific explosion and felt the vessel heeling over. I said to my :e 'they've got her now.' " "\Ve commenced lowering boats on tbe starboard side. The Hers were lined up on deck waiting for the boats. Unfor- ately many jumped overboard. "I found the boat at No. 9 station, to which I proceeded, had. n blown to pieces. I then selped to get boat 9A, 9B and 9G ly with full complement and the second officer got boats 1 U ifely away. " "After seeing these launched I proceeded to the upper deck ;re I launched a raft. I picked up 14 soldiers and two of the ?'s company who were swimming about. We had no oars and to paddle'along with our hands. We were picked up at 9 ock in the evening and landed Wednesday morning. "One of the men who swam for about two hours before he i rescued jokingly said he had enough swimming to satisfy t for the rest of his life!" At-one point-there are 550 survivors, eight of whom are in ospital. At another point there are 1,350 survivors, 80 of m in hospitals. WASHINGTON, Feb. 7.--Torpedoed arid sunk by a German marine the Cunard liner Tuscania bearing 2,179 officers and i of the 32nd National Guard division, lies at the bottom of North Atlantic ocean today and at least 168 troopers, proba- more,.are missing: · There is every hope that lower number will prove to be . i roic dead. "The War Department's announcement last night that the detachment of the 20th Engineers was on the Tus- 'cania was erroneous.' Water company, to relieve a famine were Dunbar; John Lowery, Dunbar; T. E.! evening . in the Baltimore O h i o i Strickler, Vandcrbilt; Russell C. ; yards for use of the Burnworth, Conlluence; Jacob Lowery, Dunbar; Daniel W. Bailey, Vanderbilt; Omega G. French, Dickerson . . . ) Run; Steve Henry Mesco, Dunbar; eUn - c1 to a non-essential industry in howed 1;0 sigDS ol becoming danser- . worse than they have been i P eace thcn '" no continued, referring Walking was ev-Mwiinir- to ^ e tbn « o£ his desertion, "but now evening and | ly difficult during las imminent .at the company's pumping ti) j a m o r n j n g f but the ice was rapidly station. Tbe car was o'ue of three de- d u ' r i . ) Vj to j^,. ^ e river - they need men." : chan^m^e.upc^ure rectl British convoys near to the torpedoed ship closed in ;kly and did heroic work as the comparatively small number losses show. The position of the Tuscania off the North coast of Ireland, iently headed for England, also was such tiat numbers of tish patrol boats and other vessels hurried to her side and hat way the losses were minimized. · British admiralty dispatches account for 2,007 American :ers and'men as survivors. First news.of the sinking came in a report to the War.De- tment late last- night announcing that 700 survivors had n landed a Buncrana and Larne, two widely separated Irish ts. It was made public, about 10 o'clock, and until the arrival i State Department dispatch it was feared that more than IxATK AUMIHAJLTY FIGURKS )0, including the Cunarder^s crew, had perished. C.OXi'IiUl EA.BLIEII KSTMATKS. No mention of the Ifate of the C rew was contained in State i IX5NDON - Feb. 7.--A statement - ·" · -- -- · " - - ifrom the Admiralty made public although only one battalion was on HELD OVER. Phillip Thomas Fike, Markleysnurg; the Tuscania. The aggregate strength i p a tsy Cincinnati, Dunbar; John Ma- of the regiment is 17,000 officers and Vanderbilt; John D. Lelghty, i*-»""-«* '" ~-,~~- . j i a i t j , »«U1UCI U11L, JUJJO i/. JjclgDLJ , Some of the units arc still in I Dunbar, R. D. 32; Arnold F. Johnson, training. Colonel W. A. Mitchell o f ' M i l l Run; Joaah F. Dennis. Clovertop, the regular army commands tbe regi-jp a .; James T. Welch, Markleysburg. ment. and Henry P. Graves, chief lor- -.REJECTED, ester ot tho United Stales Department Louis Meuaro. Dunbar; William of Agriculture^is Lieutenant Colonel. Neither, however, was with the battalion on the Tuscania. Wiork of the 20th regiment which Clyde Martin, Dunbar; A r t h u r Fenian Dunfcar; John J. Karpor, Duiibar; Jamea Quinn, Adelaide. FAJLJ3D TO AP.PHAR. was raised with the active cooperation i Francesis Richilite, Daniel \Vlullen. of the American forestry association, [ Aea; David Thomas, John Sune] is to cut timber in the French forests i Bachekostas Kastus, Jack Morrison, for military uses at the fighting front,! Ro re y R ay Haines. Mike for hospitals, Y. M. C. A. buildings ! J o h n Groeomo BuzzeMi, S. S. ..... ,, ,, and other purposes. | OrndorlT. Frank B. Spaw, Gixirge According to the records of the An- LagQ 0s ky. chor Line the Tuscania carried a crew Fourteen draftees who were ciam- of 230. under command of Captain Peter McLean. The majority of the crew were subjects of Great Brtian. The loss of the Tnscania. which was under charter to the Cunard Line, | completes the destruction by subma- j ined yesterday afternoon by the Mo. 5 board Vfere classified as follows: PASSKD. Rankla William*. APPEALED. Jauies Albert Kankln. James Har- rines of a fleet of five passenger ships ; dent W;1 . h ei- Hegner, Prederick C. aggregating 57,818 gross tonnage own- , jj ason _ ed by the Anchor Line at the begin- " ning of the war. The others were Kaledonia, sunk in 1916; Cameronia. sunk In April, 1917; Transylvania. May, 1917; California, sunk in Febru- lartment advices. A War Department message saying that X) survivors had been put ashore 'indicated that the convoy sels got alongside of the transport quickly and relief ships ie the scene .of the disaster -within a few hours. Additional dispatches, reached the War Department today ling that some 600 surrrrors are at Larne, Ireland, and that are at Islay, Scotland. These dispatches said the city au- rities were doing everything -to make the survivors as corn- sable as possible and -were sending supplies to the places jre .they landad. ' No mention of the tiine of the sinking'was made in either he official announcements, but news was received in London : P . M . yesterday. ' 1 . ' . ' ; · . A coded list of survivors was received, at the War Depart- it early today: ·oops abroad th« Tuscanla were j air Northern Michigan, and Wls- tin national guardsmen now at- i ed to the 32nd division, who train--i U Camp McArtaur, Texas. Sev-aero squadrons and several com- bes of the 107th engineers and a stry regiment were aboard. ish crew and a, British, armed naval guard, and was convoyed by British" warships. The use of British Chip's to carry American troope had been hinted, at recently in connection with decisions of the supreme war council to make every effort to increase General Pershing's army. though, the American convoy An- I The War Department issued the fol- 3 was .torpedoed and sunk In. the ' lowing statement: zooe while . returning- from ; "The department has wired tastruc- ce.and H soldiers and 156 others i tions to their commands in Scotland lost, the Tuscania is. the first .and Ireland to afford survivors of carrying American troops to; Tnscania every possible ' assistance p« to be sun* hr a submarine.- j and to furnish them with supplies. Qf- · Tuscania uutil last' fall had fleers have been sent from" Liverpool in the. transatlantic, trade, but. ind London to points in Ireland where sinking indicates, that she recent- [survivors now are and: they.will wire .as b*«ii engaged in transporting i names Immediately. The 'American ·rican troeps. She carried a Brit: consul at Belfast reports 600 survi- shortly after 1 o'clock confirmed the earlier figures giving the-total number of persons on tie Tuscania as 2,397 and the total number saved as 2,187. NOT ABOARD TRANSPORT HELD FOR UNIONTOWK Colbert Soott Thomas Podraaky. Anapo Teolfoli. John Francis Boylen. John Pinkney. John William Marker. James Clop'ton. Hunter Robinson. REJECTED. Isaac Marshall. ffater company. Mr. Council a u d j o u ^ O f range. Along Crawford avenue Mr. Halstead rtsitcd tlie office of thCi all( ] other streets where there are superintendent of the Baltimore j street car tracks, drivers found it Ohio railroad company and the car j particularly dangerous to navigate. Kas soon on its way to the pumping {Once tec 1 wheels found their way into station. " i one- or both tracks it became a difficult . Tbe action W.IH takeu for the rea-! task to estricate them. One taxi, on sou that a car had been lost in trans-Kast Crawford avenue this morning, it from Dickerson Run to Connells-jlost f u l l y five miuutps in an effort to ville and because of delay in arrival of I pet out cf the street car tracks so .as a car from the plant o£ the Phyllislto nass atruck which was standing by Mining company near Cheat Haven ! the curb, from which the water company draws j its regular supply. Witli tbp car on' hand the company will be able to go atong for several days without trouble Bnrj in the meantime the cars in transit will probably be delivered. Chains offered little aid. Although Continued, on Page TTTO. STATE FUNDS WORSETHAN 1856 ts TOs TVtnter, Says Atrwl Obserrer of 1 SmithAe!d Community. I Spei;f;il to Tho Courier. j SMJTIOTELD. Feb. 7.--Woatber Observer John Bare, 83 years of age, wrapped strings around his overshoes in JLocal an3 Neighborhood Banks by Treasurer Kephart. Tlie report of State Treasurer H. 1M. Kephart at tbe close of business January 31, sbo~ws deposHs of state firods in Uie banKs in this section as fol- j lows: · Youtfh Trust compauy, $50,000; Cit- j izens Title . Trust company, Unioc- town. $25,000; Payette Title Trnt and came d,,wn to town Wedne^ay j !r P t^"" ~Ll!" from his home out the Geneva road. | pies National bank. Mount Pleasant, ' ""· """"· ""·: '·;"·,,. "'V","- $15000- Krst National bank, Somer- says this reminds aim of the * J * « n n n - hanv w»~ttfi r.i,v. se In a 1T eek. before Christmas and did *-"-"""· .:" uu ,"*"" V-,7" K rin . Brovrnsville, $50,000; Citizens iation- not break up until the middle of , , .,' \ , ,,«,,,,,,,, o j r . al bank, llcycrsdale, $30,000; Second utarcn. Jatlonal bank, Meyersdale, $10,000; It commenced with ram, turning to '~"" u sleot, wiaKing conditions as bad as Uiey are now, as far as ice is concerned, said Mr. Bare. He crossed the About 150 draftees were examined Monongahela near Gray's Landing in by the iocal board for District No. 21 at the armory yesterday afternoon, i The classification of their physical examinations could not be secured today, ' however. Tea ice was IS ncbeu thick, ho-said. At «,« John. Diaaes of the West. Side, -was l'w«Btieth Engineers "ot InyolTed in iaamrtted to the Cottage State hospital ' Tuscanii Sinking. Reports current in the city morning that. Willianj Ball, this local youth, and a member of Company D, 2Qtii Engineers, was on board the Tus- canta, which was sunk Tuesday by a German .submarine, proved erroneous. An aunt, Mrs. Harriet V. Franks, of Jefferson street, was -worried until the later press dispatches 'corrected the error. The Associated Press, of which The Courier is a member, carried a statement given out by Secretary Baker which read: · "Tbe 'War Department's announce- mont last night that the detachment of tbe 20th Engineers. "was on. the Tuscania was erroneous." . Two Prisoners Sentenced. One man got 48 hours and another paid a $2.50 fine when given hearings before Mayor John Duggan this morning. today for medical treatment. Mary Griglak of Trotter was discharged from the hospital today. Tetcrsns Till Moot. The monthly meeting of the "William F. Kurtz Post No! 104 Grand Army of the Republic, will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock in Odd Fellows' temple. Cloudy and somewhat colder to- SLED AND TRUCK MEET Somerset Trust company, and First National bank, Somerset, $25.000 each. CRAGO WANTS TO KNOW IVhy So SLftiiy Pennsylvania Gnard Officers Are J$eing Dropped. MUST CLEAR EXITS JTayor Orders HeuiOTal of Snow and Ice Accumulations. At the instance of the department of Labor and Industry, Mayor John Duggan has started a crusade to bring about the removal of accumulations of snow and ice from fire escapes, emergency exits from theatres, hotels and other places where it constitutes a menace to public safety. It js essential, the mayor said, that for the protection of human life all emergency exits be cleared and tiat proprietors of such places see that they are not allowed to freeze. Snow and ice, it is pointed out present a serious problem this year, and one over which the city authorities should keep close watch. Inspectors of the department, wherever located, have been instructed to lend their aid to the municipal authorities. GETS $210,000 ALIMONY Bride of Former Drsjna Man's Sou Freed. With $210,000 alimony, a decree o£ divorce was granted at Putnam, to Mrs. Eleanor Davison Ream from Louis Marshall Ream, son.. o£ Norman B. Ream, a prominent steel manufacturer and railroad capitalist, fbnnerlr of Ursina, Somerset comity.. -With the decree the plaintiff, formerly known to the stage as Eleanor Pendleton, was granted the right to resume her maiden name, Eleanor H. Davison. The action, which was not contested, was brought on. the grounds of desertion. Mrs. Ream alleged that Norman B. Ream induced his eon to leave her Qve days after their marriage, September 1, 1911. Yonng Mr. Ream was 24 years old at that time and his bride of five days was a. year younger. THAWING OUT MAIN Committee on Military Affairs today Congressman,Crago, member of the jcommiuee, will ask Km somo pointed WULo coasting down Pittsliarg.i tiuestions as to Uic weeding out of so many Pennsylvania National Guard ,,, ,, . , ,, . '-'officers now in progress. Mrs. Tiomas Guard, was ;»infuliy rn- , congressmen generally ha-ve receiv- jured in a collision with a truck of I e( , many Ictter5 alleging discriminate Stahl Plumbing company, which ! , ion by ' Army officers against the Kawas coming up the street It is said j ( Guarrt ' omce rs. tho truck was without lights. There · SontH Conncllsvillo 7)oy is Jhirt AH Hcsnlt. street. South Connellsville, Tuesday i evening Harry Guard, son of Mr. and :' were several -on the sled, with the Guard boy guiding. Several of his ribs were iujured and bis jaw painfully hurt. Harry is confined to his bed, it was stated this iifiernoon. Siicccsufn! Trcncli Riiid. LON)X).N", Feb. 7. -- "Liverpool .troops carried ou a successful raid last night cast of Armentieres. capturing several prisoners and machine says today's war office report. S»nfcmyer Home. Cornell Santmyfir who is with the llOtli Kosiment at Camp Hancock, night; Friday fair, is the aoon weatti- | Ga., is home on a ten-day furlough, er forecast for Western Penasyl-; , Stricken Family. The West Penn pipe thawing squad was engaged today on opening the two-inch main leading from the city- limits in the direction of East Con- nollsville. The line is frozen for several hundred Teet. The effort this afternoon was directed toward getting a supply to the home of C. M. Gear, near Windymere. There is a case of typhoid in the Gear borne. "Our casualties were light" Open Grate Claimed Seven. Of the 48 violent deaths in the. comity during January, requiring the attention, ot Coroner" S. H., seven Temperature Kecord. MIS 1917 Maximum. 50 43 Minimum ' 40 15 Mean .. . 45 29. The Yougli river rose during : the night from. 1.30 feet to 1.60 feet '·' Rifle Cinl) 3fe«ting. The Connellsville Rifle Club hold its regular meeting in tie State Armory tonight. Soldiers (Jo Through. A train load of soldiers ! through her this morning on an east ! bound train. There were about 12 will! coaches in the train. were caused by open grates. There wer four murders, one suicide, one asphyxiation, eleven mine and two went i railroad fatalities. Measles Case lieported. One case of measles was reported to the Board of Health this morning. Take Vcst Point Examinations. L. P. Patterson and J. H. Robinson of Grecnaburg have been designated I in his private car. Yohi- 3Iakes Inspection. J. B. Yohe of Pittsburg, genera' manager of tie Pittsburg Lake Erro railroad, arrived at Dickerson "Run yesterday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock He visited the to tie entrance examinations for West j shops, the yard offices and the Y. 1C. Point C. A.

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