The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 13, 1964 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 5

Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 5
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THURSDAY, AUOUST PUC Charges , Wires Were Cut PERTH (Special) -The Perth Public UtiHttet Commotion Wednesday issued statement (hat vandalism by some unknown person has been- the causa of torn tactions of town to be without street lights. The commission has photographed wire cut on Alma Street above a light reflector where it could not be seen from the ground. This cut wire resulted in a short circuit in a section of the lighting system. When limbs were removed from wires after the storm Tuesday night some circuit were still Two Hang For UK Murder MANCHESTER. England (Reuters) Two young dairy workers convicted last' month ot murdering a SI - year old truck driver . were hanged at separate British prisons early today. V' Peler Anthony Allen, II. was hanged at Walton' prison near Liverpool 'and Gwynae Owen Evans 24. was executed at Manchester prison. They were found guilty of killing, laundry truck driver John Alan West during a luhhen. Anti-capital punishment dem centra tors kept an all - night villi, outside. Wakon prison in protest against the first execu tions in Britain in eight montns. Former Superior "Of General ; Hospital Dies: i'A ' fnMu. niliM nananl Hospital Superior and nursing director. Rev. Mother St. Jota-phat died Wednesday t the Mouiernouee or we urey naam al Oie Croee. She was 84. ; 4 Mother SL Josaphat, born Anne Seneca!, in PlanUgenet, was In her 66th year of re- lleious life. She had spent 30 - of those yean serving In hos- nltale. ; ' From 111 to .916 she was nutting fli rector at me uenerai Hospital's School' of Nursing Before moving to a similar post Si Sudbury for five year. She1 served a Superior at Sault Ste. Marie 'General Hospital until 1923 when aha returned to the Ottawa General aa Superior her. .-. v;. '-" ; She remained aa 'Superior Mil 1933. In 1933 she was sleeted Bursar General of the Congregation of the Grey Nuns. She it survived by two listen. Mrs. Paul Brunei; of Ottawa.' and Mrs. Robert Johnston of Toronto. - ueuinrers runerai norne is In charge of funeral arrenge- pMVWifeWi;.; Aid in Opening Campobello Park (By Tie CT Maryon Peer-son, wife of the Prime Minister, and Lady Bird - Johnson, wife of the U.S. President, win participate Aug. 20 ta the es tablishment of Rootevelt Campobello International Park, Mr. Pearson announced Thurs day. .. . ' . - -. The park it the former Summer home m New Brunswick of the late President Franklin ' D. Roosevelt which was given to the governmentt of Can ada and the United Statea by Ita purchasers. Dr. Artnand Hammer .and Harry and Victor , Hammer. It it to be operated by an International commission com posed of three Canadians and three Americans. f '. Ottawa Food Prices Up 15 Per Cent (By The CP) - Higher food costs Inflated the Consumer Price Index to nine of Canada's II nzkmal- cities between June and July, the Dominion Bursas Of Statistics reported today. " The rise in food prices ranged from II per cent to UM in Ottawa to M per cent to 13L4 m Whnrhteg. , - The Indexes an based en 1MI prices equalling 10a. . . Horton o Vote On Cocktail Lounges 'RENFREW (Special) Hoc- ton Township voters will go to the polls en September 14 to ' vote on cocktail kmncet and the serving w uquer whb . ! On June 21. 1M1 beer ai wine with meals and beer un der a BubliC hOUM IIC4 '. wen approved by more than a ta per cent vote. 13, 1964. blacked out. On checking the sub Station on' Helton Street the gate and door on the station was open and the relays Indi cated that- the breakers had been opened manually. Power was1 restored to all sections of town again about 12.10 a.m. Of the it positions left open when the employees walked off the Job on July 1. II have now beea filled. The interim injunction obtained by the commission "which prohibits picketing was continued to Aug IS with the consent of the solici tors for the union members. Ship Runs Aground At Cornwall - i CORNWALL (Special) A Canadian freighter, the New Bruntwicker, one of the largest vessels able to navigate the Seaway, ran aground 11 miles east of .here Wednesday night. Mocking the eas .bound channel' of the St Lawrence River. Donald MacKenzie, general superintendent of operations for the St. Lawrence' Seaway Authority, said traffic hi one way around the stranded ship: Eastbound vessels must' wait for westbound shipping to pass but Mr. MacKenzie anticipated no tieup. The New Bruntwicker ran aground about 10.43 p-nt, near the -western tip of St, Francis Island. The ship was eastbound. It fat not known what cargo the erat carrying. , . ' 4-, 219 Jobless In Perth Area PERTH (Special) At the end of July there were lit persona registered at the Perth and district unemployment of fice compered with JTf at the tame period last year. Of the 111 seeking employment, R. W. R. Hughes, manager, stated the number included several abort lay offs. He said construction work this year has beea steady but not spectacular. There wen few Jobs available for high school and university students in this district, during the Sum- and openiaga teem to de crease each year. From Page One Barry ANSWERS' CHARGES The Aritena senator was asked at his press conference about charges he - it trigger happy with tactical nuclear Said GoWwater: ' 1 think the president somewhat removed tt (the charge) . . . by impulsive ac tion no one has condemned, by telling subordinate commanders to use any weapons necessary, which pretty much removes any criticism of what he could make of whet 1 supposedly have stood for." ... ',.. A-week ago Wednesday, the day after the president ordered naval air strikes against North Vietnamese FT boats and their beset, McNemara was asked at a press conference what orders U.S. ships wen operating .un der In the Gulf ot Tonkin. Hel replied: '' ' '', -. CONTINUE PATROLS .: Dut orders to the command ers are to continue their patrols. to protect themselves against aggressioa on the high with whatever force is neces- The statement issued by the state department under the names of Rusk and McNamara said: ;-. -. "The president gaveno auth orization for the use of any nu clear weapons In the course of the episode In the Gulf of Ton kin, and be made ao statement which could reasonably be In terpreted to suggest that any such authorization had been given."., y. Ottawa, Area Deaths BAPTISTE CAR TIER, of Otter Lake. Que. GERARD O: LANDRY, 56, of 2267 Courtlce Avenue. BENJAMIN STEVENSON, 78. of Wakefield. MRS. RAOUL ' TESSIER, U. iMutewife, of 23 De Lanaudiere Street, Hull. ' MRS. ALBINA DINELLE, 71. widow of Rodolphe Din-elle. of , 329 SL Patrick Street " '- - HARRY FAIRCLOUGH retired chemist Wnd dyer, of 17S1 McMaster Avenue.' . Alice's Alice's eyes'' are a key to her personality. Placid one moment. tbey burn with religious seal the next. In an oratorical mood, she can sway huge crowds. . This personal magnetism hat sent her followers against the Northern Rhodetian troops. Armed with spears, the Lum ps attacked well-armed government forces. They were told that by crying "Jericho' they could turn bullets-into water. But In case the bullets didn't dissolve, the aamors carried scraps of paper given them by Alice and ber church deacons. These were their, ."passports to heaven. HAD 7S,tN FOLLOWERS At one time, Alice's Lumpa movement had soma 75.000 ad herents. It' was strongly organ ized m an Isolated region Me miles northeast of Lusaka. Today, there are still about 10.000 people who believe in the self- styled prophetess. It was part of her mission to destroy the power of witchcraft among her people. This she did by refusing to receive them into her church until they had surrendered all charms and magic tokens. Only then would she bap tize them. ' i - In her - Lumpe church ices, Alice practised confession si well as baptism, but she combined the rituals with trad! tlonal African beliefs. She forbade polygamy and she discouraged smoking and drink ing. A fine hymn singer with a strong sweet voice, the never was happier then -when leading Lumpa chorus. Alice is said to have at toast five children. Her husband. Pe ter Mulenga, hat been her chief assistant in the work of the church. ' . ' . . From Page One; Freedom At Winsoa Green prison m Birmingham when Wilton had served less than lour months of hit term, - an- I a q u I r y launched at part of a high-level investigation into the escape or dered by Home Secretary Henry nrooKO. ; . y. .,. Many British newt papers sug gested Wilson had skipped to the Irish Republic Then wet ao official confirmation for the Loo- don Daily Herald's report that he narrowly escaped arrest la a lata night swoop by Scotland Yard detectives on a West Lon don apartment. - Fleet Street's crime mdentt wen convinced that Wilson bad been spirited to free dom by aa underworld group of Jail breaking artists, the Free dom Fixers. Part of the mail train booty was said to have been used to bin their special talents. The price was esti mated at between 3.000 and 100.000. , The Jallbreak is thought to have taken no more than II minutes. : ' DUPLICATE KEYS The gang moved la at 3 a.m. Wednesday, scaling the nri wall with a ladder. They moved through the Jail grounds to Cell Block B when Wilson was con fined. Using duplicate keys. they moved almost unchal lenged to Wilsons cell. A Mj year old prison officer. Bill Nicbolls, who surprised them. was knocked out, .. , n v Wilson swiftly changed his prison a I f o t m for outdoor clothes and went back over the wall with the gang. At 1: II a.m they wen away, j , : . i Wilson's blonde wife and chil drenone a baby of II months left some tlx weeks ago. Their whereabouts an unknown. B j Entire Stccli SummtTrWear I o iMiefflD ms (to A r Ik m nonanannanmnannnMaoannannnMnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnvnnnnnM Ladies' Wear . . Children's Wear . . . Hen's Wear . . . Savings For Sale Continues J 11 This Week U ' '. ' r ..., -: ' .... I " . -'.' - : f mmriowntown if$ THE OTTAWA JOURNAL WEATHER Dominion Public Weather Office Forecast: Cloudy with unny periods today ' and Friday. Chance of a light shower this afternoon; Very coot Winds northwesterly 13 except gutting to 23 this Starving Bear Kills Cattle PEMBROKE (Staff) A starv ing bear has been blamed for the slaughter of two heifers on the farm of Robert Crawford, near Haley. The ' marauding bear was caught In a trap near the car cases of the cattle Tuesday. A poor fruit crop and gen era! lack of fodder due to drought conditions was given at the reason for the beer kill' tag the cattle. . Bob Catton. of the Ontario Lands and Forest Department. said bean win kill cattle when berries and fruits,: which an their normal diet, become scarce. At least 20 other district cowt have died from poison at the result of the drought after eating wilted . cbokecherry teavet which release cyanide in extremely dry weather. , jFroci Page One Police Paterten Mavof Frank Graves, at the scene, said be would decide today whether to impose a curlew for the com ing weekend. Bottles narrowly missed him on several occa sions. - in Elizabeth, the brief riot climaxed a tense night In which aa estimated Ml Negroes and wMtat congregated at one point near the Pioneer Hornet, a low-Income project. Gasoline bombs flew from atop and behind the project, and exploded la the street Store windows we're smashed. SUGGESTS TALKS ' Acting Police Chief Michael D. Roy told the crowd to seek spokesmen who could meet with city officials to discuss griev ancea. . i At 1 a.n, Itt hours after his first appearance before the crowd. Chief Roy returned end about M . Negroes and whites drew around aim. Tbey de manded that Mayor Steven Ber- Cik visit the neighborhood. Roy said the mayor would not be called until all order bad been restored. . Suddenly,, a power failure knocked out street lights First Street for' several abates. Negro and white youths began running belter-skelter the street as bottles pool and screams and police sirens pierced the air. v Twenty standby police can screeched into the ana. Of fleers alighted, firing pistol shots In the air and wielding nlthUticks. It took thrm only minutes to clear away knots of Negroes.- ,-' , Journal Want Ads bring quick reeulta. CopWs . . . Rideau I.. afternoon. High today 63. Low tonight and high Friday at Ottawa 43 and 68. . TEMPERATURES: Low last night and high. Wednesday at Dawson, 48, 79: Vancouver. 66, 67; Victoria. S3, 62; Edmonton, S3, 80; Regina. 43, 67; Winnipeg, 40. 63: Churchill; 46. 54; North Bay, 40, 63; Sudbury, 42. 52r Windsor. SO, 63; London, 49, 63; Toronto, 51, 69; Ottawa, 48, 78; Montreal, 54. 78; Quebec 37, 69; Frederic-ton. 63, 73; Halifax, 39, 68; Chicago, 84, 66; Boston, 62, 73: New York. 64. 86; Jack sonville, 77, 91; Miami, 77, 89; Denver, 63, 86; Tucson, 70, 83; Lot Angeles, 67, 76. From Page One Fear Shortly before Clerides spoke about 1M demonstrators marched past the British information office to the U.E. Em bassy where the. gates wi closed and shutters drawn. Wav ing placards with such slogans as "Yankee go home" and com paring Britons and Americans to Natl, the demonstrators left petition to Ambassador Taylor Belcher. ....... . , - REFUSE BLOOD An offshoot of the antl-Amer- ican campaign waa the refusal of Greek . Cypriote to accept from the United Statea 2,000 pints of blood plasma flown at the request of Cyprus President Archbishop Makarios. Some Nicosia newspapers charged that the plasma wat to old its use could be fatal. Aa embassy spokesman said the plasma, of the same type aaed ay the U.S. armed forces. hat a standard warning on the label that if it becomes cloudy after shaking it should not be used. .. - -.- i Diplomsts m Nicosia, Athens. Istanbul, Geneva, London, Ottawa, Washington and the United Nations were working to take advantage of the present cease-fire to reach tome kind of agreement. . LOW POINT - The Makarios government it attempting to make light of reported cabinet dissension and at the tame time restore relations with Athens, which plunged to a low point when Greek planes failed to challenge the Turkish Jet raiders. The Greek government has been annoyed because Makarios' forces attacked the Turklsb-Cyprtot villages without consulting Greece. - - . Cypriot Foreign Minister Spy-roe Kyprianou returned m Ni cosia this morning after emergency talks with the Greek cab inet. He reported: "it was elded that any Turkish attack should be faced Jointly. In such aa eventuality Greece with ajl her forces will stand by the side of fighting Cyprus. ' The reported cabinet dissen sion has been denied by Mak arios. But rumort persist that some of his closest -associates are not , happy with the Mas arios appeals to Russia for mil itary help. . f St. . . .Air Conditioned Authorised M second elate mall. Foot Offlee Depeflasaat, u4 for payment of aoataea In enafc. - The United States has pledged I 11,000.000 to help build a poly-technical college in Malawi. Mums Kan's Dress and Sport SHIRTS , - Regular (O 3.95 CWtanee of summer sport aa areas ahtrta. iktrl iMvoa. Broken asMrtment ot ecMurt ant Man la a. .. mam noon ' Boys' Swim TRUNKS Amurted eouufs. Brakei slue t to 14. BECOND FLOOR ' rrr -' No Telephone " iO,--99c v e.7i,TL...'.j .... DOWNSTAras SToax . . . ... .V -Cn. downtown It's Caplan'i , . ; Rideau St. . .' . Daily 9 to 6 ; . Friday 9 to 9! krVArV Shop Tomorrow at 9 a.m. ; and AO This Woekl See Our Windows;; ; N6 Down H faymant - en Your . apian PJJL ' ' Extra Valuel Extra Frrtartl . . Extra Savingsl ! Msnataetnrar'e niirmn taMvoa will be In our Nona Clothmt Donart-al Vrtdar and Sotwr de as aaalot real "I downtown It's Captan's . FAMOUS KEY' " The key .io . - the Bastille. Paris's notorious prison,; waslta QiMkEiaffiBi or Mall Orders on Ladies' Summer CASUALS Value to 4.95" 2.99 let aJr at ladles summer aamsts, Brakaa tiaa at lamoua Kadettas aaS Cswuls m a variety at aofcsurs. Slan I ta m Me araap. .. SECOND rxoo Boys' JEANS and SLACKS Range ot Jeaae and epoit lacks made In Canada, aon-forlsod and fully wadwble. Brka rangi of eoloura snd hoi: ace 7 te 14. One ta a Values ta 4.00 1.69 ' DOWN8TAIRS STORl 50 Only! CaudUivWar Purw iVliutUnam n I at tan ft ft. 8 oAULt rAlN : . SlEEPWEAR VALUS1 e Lent Oowne e Capri Prismas O fJnmaa e ShorUe Cowaa e Babv Dons Value 3.98 Qf to 4.96 Frettr ' floral ' prints,. Irises, dot and ahoeka. Blate S. M. L. - aTBSrr ixooa f.lade v . ' - suit 1 r . . Every - Selection quality - to -Measure SUIT Regularly $75 Vou youU"Tee this Is a opportunity one afford Come - , ' ' ' 1 ' . : . . Rideav St . . . . Shop following; this '- ' ' . presented to George . Washing,. Ira after the French Revolution 17tt. - in pjn. Specials! Men's Long Sleeve Dress Shirts - ; SMfsr!ae UrM count cotton m whlia and blue only. Broken rane at atw U to l',t. Values I f O e , .JT7 One er euetomor. DOWNSTAIRS STOaC Terrydoth Beack Coats Values la las Hires - e a a r v r lensia m reo. oiue, reea and (old tripes. Sims S ta is. ' SBOOMO ITOOB gal Imported Pareak, ; ' Fitted Sheets 'Double Bed yOO " M" JS- 77 t Twin smOTT se-aM" rmithed ataaa. BlnUe coram for miwoUi flttlnc. leoi tint eotton. over let threada par aeunre kah. . THIRD MOOR Girls' S iomwear - GRAB TABLE! VshMS tn tat 0 Bermuda ' Snarta O BHort Btts 1" e artm auiu - - -t ., Slam t Ss 14. - second noon . 1 -7". I downtown H' Extra Trousers Msy Be Ordered f. so I our nawvia Sava $20 on a Suit Made to YOUR Sfificstiom ! man who likes'' that tpedal .ilored-tonivtasuw'Vlpoa: wDl want Mma hi arul lodk at this wide of top Imported lengths you cant to miss! In days tor ( great valuel " Choose! 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