The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 6, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1918
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUAKY fa, 191S THE DAIL1 COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE PA PAGE SEVEN. LonoLive "Who knows? Bnt when he dies, the city will learn at once The great Dell of the nthedrsi, which never rings save at Micli times, TVlll toll They say It is a sound never to be forgotten. I, of course, have neer heard It When It tolls, all in the city ftJU fall on their knees and pray. It Is the custom." Bobby, reared to c*xict Presbyterian- Ism and accustomed to kneeling but once a day, and that' at night beside his bed, in the strict privacy of his awn apartment, looked rather startled. "What will they pray for?" he said Pepy dropped her knitting, and otnred with open mouth "What know yon of. such things?" she demanded "Well, terrorists killed the crown prince's father, and--" Quite suddenly Pepy leaped from her chair, and cohered Bobby's mouth with her band % "Hcsn!" she said, and stared abont her with frightened eyes. Then, in a whisper. "They are everywhere Xo one knows who they are, nor where they meet I mjself," she went on impressively "crossing the place one night late after spending the evening with a friend, saw a line And old Adelbert, with a new bitter-i of cats moving In the shadows' One nt»s replied thai the sons of kings | of them stopped and looked at me." needed much prajer Sometimes they " were hard and did cruel things "And then the t.rown prince will be king," Bobby reflected "If I were a Pepy crowed herself. "It had a face like the Franleln in there." Bobby stared with Interest through the doorway. The governess did look like a cat. "Maybe she'll one of them," he reflected aland "Oh, for Clod's sake, hush'" crleS Pepy, and fell to knitting rapidly. Nor conld Bobby elicit anything farther _ _ from her. Bat that night. In his Bleep, j JjoVr'lnto" be saw a crown prince, dressed In velvet and ermine, being surrounded and attacked by an army ot cats, nnd went, shivering, to crawl Into his mother's bed. Were a King I'd Make People Stand Around." king, Lti moke pople stand around. But has the crown prince onlj a grandfather and no fatter'" "He died--the boy s father He was murdered, and the princess his mother CHAPTER X. The Committee of Ten. On the evening of the annual day of mourning the vviirtv returned from the fortress The archduchess slept The crown prince talked, mostly to Hed- wlg, and even she said little After I a time the silence affected the bov's high spirits He leaned back in Ms chair on the deck of tie launch, and watched the flying landscape. It was almost dark when the launch- arrived at the quay The red carpet was still there and another croud Had Prince Ferdinand William Otto been less taken up with finding one of his kid gloves which he had lost, hp would have noticed that there was a scuffle going on at the very edge of the red carpet, and that the beggar of the morning was being led awav, between two policemen, while a third, running up the rlier bank, gingerlj deposited a small round object in the water, and stood back It was merely one of the small incidents of a royal outing, and was never published in the papers But Father Gregory »hoe eld eyes were fir sigbted hnd seen it all Ills hand--the hand of the The committee ot ten 1 This thing had happened to her Then It was true that the hnlf mythical committee if ten existed thnt this terroi of Ll- vonla was a real terror which had her by the throat For there was no es- iape- None Sow indeed she knew that rumor spoke the truth, and that the terrorists were everywhere In dm light thev had entered her room They hnd known of the safe, known of the code Known how much else? Wild ideas of flight crossed her mind, to be as Instantly abandoned for their futility Where coold she go that »they W9Uld not "follow her? When she had reacted from her first shock she fellj to pondering the matter, pro and con "What could they want of her? If she was an enemy to the cfmntry, so -were they But even that |led nowhere, for after all the terrorists were not enemies to Livonia They claimed indeed to be its fnends, to hold In their Imnds its future and its betterment Enemies of the rojal house they were of course She was nearly distracted by that time She was u brave woman physically and mentally of hard fiber, but the very name signed to the paper set her nerves to twitching It was the committee of ten which had murdered Prince Hubert and his young w ' f e , thp committee of ten which had exploded n bomb in the very palace Itself nnd killed old Breidau of the king's council , the committee of ten which had burned the government house, nnd had lod the mob In tho student riots a year or so before Iu this dread presence then, she would find herself that night' For she would go There HIS no way out The countess rang for her asnid She was cool enough now and white, cruel line about hcr mouth that knew well She went to the trridor, and locked it. Then she turned on the ma'd. "I am rendy for yon now' ' Madame will retire?" "Tou little fool' Ton know what I am reaJv for The maid stood still. Her wide, bovine eyes, fillet! with alarm, watched the countess as she moved swlftlv across the room tn her wardrobe When shr» turned about again she held in her hand a thin blark riding crop 3Tmna s ruddj color faded She knew the Loscheks, knew their furies "Madame'" she cried, and fell on her knees "What ha\e I done? Oh, what have I done?' "That Is what you will tel! me " said tho countess and brought down tbe crop A livid stripe across the girl's f i c e f urnod «lo\vl- to red "I have done nothing, I swear it Mother of pity help me' I have done nothing" The crop descended again this time on one of the great sleeves of her peasant costume So thin it was, HO brutal the blow, that it cat Into the muslin. Groaning, the girl fell for- wnrd on her face The counters LOD- church-*-was on the shoulder ot the Bobby's eyes opened Trtde. "Wlio crown prince as they landed did it?" The boy looked around for the little "Terrorists." said old'Adalbert And 8"' of t^ 8 bouquet. He took an Ira- ·wonM not be persuaded to say more- mense Interest In little girls partly , That nlijht at dinner Bobbj Thorpe because he seldom saw any. But ebc i delivered, himself of quite a speech Iva3 £° ne He sat at the table and now and then. When the motor which had taken when the sour factd governess looked U" 6 TM t*°TM U 16 fluay reached the pal- at her plate, he slipped a bit of food ace - Hedwig roused the archduchess, to his dog which waited beside him ' whose head had dropped forward on "There's a very nice old man up- her chest. "Here we are, mother, she stairs," he said "lie has a fine sword, sald "You have had a nice sleep and ring doves, and a wooden leg ring doves, and a wooden And he used to rent opera glasses to the crown prince, only he turned them around. I'm going to try that with jours, mother. We had sausage together, and he has lost his position, and he's never bi'cn on the scenic railway, father I'd like some tickets for him. He wou.d ilke riding, I m But Annunclata muttered something about being glad the wretched day was over, and every one save Prince Ferdinand William Otto seemed glad to get back. The boy was depressed. He felt, somehow, thnt they should have enjoyed It, and that, having merely endured It, they had failed him again. The countess, having left her royal sore, because walking must be pretty mistress in the hands of her molds, hard. And what I want to know Is went to her own apartment. She was this Why can t you give him a job, | oo t surprised, on looking Into her mir- father?" ror, to find herself haggard and worn, "What Bort of a job, son? A man It * ad been a terrible day Only a with one leg'" second hnd separated thnt gaping lens need legs to chop ''" her bag from the eyes of she officers "He doesn't tickets with" The governess listened She did not Uke Americans. Barbarians they were, nd these were of the middle class, being in trade ITor a scenic railway la trade, natrrmlly. Except that they paid a fat salary, with an extra month it Christmas, she would not be tlierc- "He means the old soldier upstairs.' about. Never, In an adventurous life, had she felt so near to death. Even now its cold breath chilled her However that was over, well over. She had done well, too A doren pic- her frajed'and ragged nerves "I Have Done Nothing, I Swear It." tinned to strike pitiless Wows into which she pnt all her fury, her terror, tnreft of the fortress, of Its guns, of ! even Ita mine chart as it hung on a i wall, were in the bag Its secrets, so _ t _ secorrely held were hers, and would laid Bobby's mother softly She was ' be Karl's. I gentle person Her eye* were wide It was a cunningly devised scheme. nd childlike, and it was assort of re- Two bags, exactly itllke as to appcar- llglon of the family to keep them fall j ance, had been m»de One, which she of happiness. This also the governess conld not understand. « "So the old soldier in out of work," mused the bead of the family. Heed, thought the governess' When they i --.....-, --.»» .,,.*... u._u, vu, r »ui_a. uuLi .nuL tsiie was oiiiriieu w j carried dally, was what It appeared to the girl s face. It was s be The other contained a camera t j, e f 00 i Tij e we i t wou ](] tiny but accurate, with a fine lens When a knob of the fastening was pressed, the watch slid aside and the shutter snapped. The pictures when enlarged had proved themselreB per- wocnd him about their fingers! She lilted men of sterner stuff In her 1 leet. mountain country tbe men did as they I Pleading fatigue, aha dunnlssed her wtohed, and sometimes beat their | maid and locked the doors Then she wives bj way of ahowlns their author- opened the sliding panel, and unfas- Ity. Under no circumstance" she felt, I tcned the safe Tbe roll of Him was TTcratd thl« young man ever beat his I In her hand, ready to be fleponltcd un- wife. He was a weakling , der the false bottom of her Jewel case. The weakling walled acrots the I within the security of her room, table at the wife »Ith the soft eys. the conntegs felt at cane. She even "How about It, mother?" he a»ked., sang a ]itti a , , bit of a ballad from her "Shan the firm of "Nobby and I' offer , native mountain*. W m a j o b r Still singing, she carried the jewel - -I would like it very much," said the ,,,,,, to ncr MbU(i and Mt down be . weakllng-1 wife, dropping her eyes to j fore u TheD she pBt ,, hand to her hide the pride in them i ' "Suppose," said the weakling, "that j yon ran up after dinner, Bob, and bring him down JJ.,vv s,t still, young , cod(( book wflg , There", no such hurry bo ,^ ^ jewe]a remm|Be j nntoncBed * ' ber pearl collar, the diamond knickknacks the archduchess had given her on successive Chnstiaases, even a handful vf gold coins, all were sate enough Bnt the code book was gone. Then Indeed did the countess look The lock had b«en forced A glance about showed her that her And In tots fashion did old Adelbert become ticket chopper of the American Sceatc Baflwcy And !· this fashion, too, commenced that odd friendship between him and tkt American lad that was to have , d M vital «n effect en the very life it-' ·rif ot the Crown fMoca Ferdinand WiJUim Otto ot Livonia Late that evening, old l the face--and found it ter- j rible Jfor a moment she conld not so 1 much as stand without support. It wtti *"*" th " stu! OTW * ***** 1AieA the ndin S The girl on the floor, from whimpering, fell to crying hurd, with great noiseless eobs of pain and bewilderment When at last the blows ceased, she lay still The countess prodded her with her foot. "Get up," Blip commanded But she was startled when she saw she ·who was The welt would toll its own story, and the other servants would taife It was already a deep purple and swollen Both women were trembling The countess still holding the crop, sat dowri "Now'" she said "You win tell me to whom you gave a certain small book of which you Jcno* " ' [, madame?" "You " "But nhat book? I have given nothing, madame I swear It" Then you admitted some one to this room?" No one madame, except--" She hMltated. "Well?" "Tlie»» earae this afternoon the men ·who dean madame's windows No one elae, madame " Sha put her nand to her cheek, and looked fartivefv to see if luj fingers were stained with blood The countess, muttering, fell to furious pacing of the room So that was it, of course The girl was telling the truth She was too stupid to lie Then the cw- mittee of ten indeed knew everything--had known that she would be away, had known of the window clean crs, had known of the safo and her possession of the code She dismissed the girl and put away an appeal to economise These arfe savings to be affected now that we do not behe\e will evei again be possible \\ e fee! that it is our dut} to help "kieep the home fires burning' by reducing prices to the -very lowest possible margin of m-ofit and making teims so easy that all who feel the need of new furniture may be able to satisf all thfr needs without the cost being at, all burdensome Co*ne in now, select everything \ou need to add tbann and comfon to jour home at our reduced Februaiy prices and pay latei on terms arranged to suit youi convenience " i o u l l find everj price tag in this store plainly proves-"YOU'LL DO BETTER AT THE RAPPORT-FEATHERMAN CO." 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S a t e * W i t h * u t f a a - t o ~ ~ u ^ i T n a t ** TM gone an 1 sha _ t * (^ud) ra« c«aitte. of Teu. I f tlona for th« night From a corner of hor wnrdrobe she drew a longr peas- nnt's cupc Buch a cape as Mlnati might weiir Over her h«id Instead of a hnt she tluow a tray veil A core- loss difjffnlae. but ail that was necessary The eeutrleti through and about the palnce were not unaccustomed to such shrcraded figures slipping oat from Its glooih to Usfat, and perhaps to love Before «he left aha looked fiffout the room What assurance had she that tills very excursion was not a trap, and that iu her absence the vault would not be looted again? It con tamed now something inflnitely val liable ind mc*tmlimtln£~-tne roll of Him She glanced ab?ut, and seeing a silver vue of resea, feurriedly empued the wnter out, wrapped the film In oiled paper and dropped it dowa among the stems f CThe Street of the Wise Virgins was not near the palace Bven Iny walking briskly she was In danger of being late The wind kepi her back too Then, at lastj the Sbeet of the "Wibe Virgins and the fiacre standing nt tho curb, with a driver ipsapped iu rags ngaiDst the cold of the Fe-bruarr night and his hat pulled dovra over his eyes The countess stopped beside htm "Ton are expecting a pafasenger* 1 ' "Yes, madame " With her bond on the door the CQimloss reftllzed that the liucre \\^H nlread5 T occupied As she peered Into Its darkened Interior the shadow re solved itself Into n doa *od and mocked figure She shrunk back "Unter, madame," said a voice The figure appalled hcr It WHS not sufficient to know that behind tho horrlfylnj mask which covered the en tlr« iace mnd bead, there was a hu rann figure, human pulses that belt human ejes that appraised her She hPBittited "Quickly said the voice She got in, shrinking into n corner of the carriage Her lips were dry, the roaring of terror was in her cars The door closed Then commenced a drive of wii eh after* ard ^he countess dared not thsnk Thp figure neithpr moved nor I ' Your nnnd, roodame " She was led out of the carriage and across soft earth a devious course ngain as though *hey avoidea small obstacles Once her foot touched I something low and hard, like marble i Again, In the darkness, thej stumbled It 'vrlting mutertnJs, a cheap clocks and a pile of documents There wer* two candles onlx and ihpbp were stock In skulls--old hnmn skulls so Infinite Iv i Amoved from all semblance to thff human that tlitn were tint e^on horrible U w^! as if the-* had been used. over a mound Slu knew where ahu no t to Inspire tirroi but because they, «n then--In n graveyard But were at lined rnd convenient for th« which? There were mnnv about tie nun we In the iiidnu ranged in a There were manv about tUc 1 city, in open K j m c a , the oponlng of a gate or door iliat «quenked aoftly, n j Hfght of steps tbd*" led ilownunrd and i a breath of musty cold uir dump and j cellarHke j At last still n unbrokrn silence, sl'e knew that the had entered a lur^n space Their footstep 1 * no !OIIM " echoed uml reechoed UPI guklc walked more slo^lv, and ac last pajs-j ed relenting her hand Sho ftU agjiE/ t'ic touch of his cluimnj I'tisers as he pun rHo In the i*n(lo\\ HomiLi-cI 0 , uer^ nine figures, all mo- ilonlf-sa all misled and cloaked In bl-uk Tbcs sol, i t u l h e r Jncongrulty, on plain wooilci cliu'-s But Iu spite of tliM tljpy were fi^u*-c» of dread. The or f -v ho had L*mi-ht her made tlio tenth " TCJ rr ens t IMT^TJ When Itching Stops spoke Inside the carria a reigned the unUf . d , ]|e , iUO(h Qf ,,,, ban(]H ,, e most complete silence Then the car too)£ lt off tlage stopped and at laht the shrouded ' At flrst gna ooul( , see , )tUe w)e( figure moved and spoke her accustomed, she miuk ·I regret countess that my orders, |)(]t t , )e fic(me slra , are to blindfold you " She submitted ungracefully, while hp bound a black cloth over her e\e "He drew it very close aod knotted It bUund In the aet his fingers touched her face and sho fplt them cold and clammy The contact sickened ner A great btooe vault Its i broken into cripts winch hnd lamed caskets of the de id Bu* hull been reirovtd, Hud piled In a cornor, and in the u u l « w i r e nfles. 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