The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 13, 1964 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 4

Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 4
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4" it became a permanent force fa and a d fl p 1 1 tfc , pnef ia T7 BOTBI.T-.- ,-1----., 1 .ft He-a m-rne 'firtt small' group omtrepid flyer In, the newborn', force te - win his wings.Tbeae were the "egg-enate : and piano wire" dayt when flying, was ii con ! ' . " V. AIR MARSHAL SLEMON AND SOPWITH CAMEL AIR MARSHAL SLEMON RETIRES S ATURDAY ,! atant battle of wKi' between man and machine. Too often,' man lost the battle. . old days' - Remiabcmg' a beat the Mged aid tUya,,' Air Marshal Slemea recaUed that he wsw his wings , hi a First WerM War fighter called the Sae-with Camel. .-.-- "It had a top speed of about H miles per hour and. with patience, you could climb it up to about 1S.00O feet. It had a - remarkable . engine, rotary.!:';:... ."'ijj."- "The propeller and the entire engine rotated about: the crank "shaft which" remained stationary. This was. the only means by which the rotating' engine was atcacBea la me ... ; ,Th FacuUy. of Arts and Scitnci ,of , y ' WATERLOO LUTHERAN UNIVERSITY '? ff. f'iir, ,". x iS'-'-a ' r-WJ'?-..- v 't t, '.. - ;. f - V. .:,....:; ! Craduates of Crade XHt . r . - JvV'-. :'.'Cr. To apply r dmjajalon Uj General and Honors . tkK. rrograms 4 ia Business Admlnitration,y Economics, English, French, Geography Ger-' man, Greel History, Latin," Philosophy;. tIan y nhtf, Politick, Psychology, Sociology,. Spanish and the General B-Sc, Programs.1 1 v ' admittten Kequlremenli for the B.A. Programs! ,, -l ' K minimum average of 55 perVetrt.ln nine -Grade 13 papers. . . "iV ' Admlttlon Reukemetrli jot the I.Sc. rVoqramtt ' : A minimum average of 55 per cent in nine ' Grade IS papers with 60 'per . cent Irt ' Mathematics and Science. . - tA -: ; f ' Scholmhipt: . ;;;,,;!f-f.iv- An unlimfted number of scholarships ranr;.-Ing In value from $500 to $1,500 per year will be awarded to ALL appllcanU with 75 . : per cent of better. '. ' 4 Orieniatioil and Registration of New Students: - . Septomber 14 to 16, 1964 X .-'.. .'-i Vv.,'...:.,, I-.'. ' .. or Infonnation, Calendar! end Application Form, .' swie or letepaoiiei -,,;..' --tV ; f Vj; - -Mr. John M. Kopas, Registrar V'' ;1 Waterloo University College "ft Waterloo Lutheran. University ii WATERLOO, Ontario. Quote file 4-l2Sl 3 v v .- aircraft. The gyroscopic effect of this mass of whirling engine on the . flying qualities of the aircraft' was,; to say the least, remarkable. "For example, is a 1 steep 'right turn, instead of right rudder you had to use a coo-sidersble amount of left rudder.' In 'an automobile this .would be like turning the steering' wheel to (he left m order to turn the car to Tight;'.,;' .tf;,';.: AIR MAPPING- ; ' ' "A machins gua the tea wing wasl'geared the tedea persait the ballets ta pass be 'twees the revehrtat prepeOer f kiades. Whea the gear west eat ' of syswaraaiiauea, we abet eff ear ewa prepellert " -"in the early, yean of the RCAF. a Jarre oart of our iVitying was devwled'tw-' various won-military operationr such' . as sir mapping and sxpiora-tion . of Canada's vast, unmapped areas, ; forest fire, ' patrols- and air police petrols' in eoniunction with RoyakCa-aadiap Mounted PoHc oper. - ations :-aga!nst rum , runners during liquor prohibitioa days.! Radio had not yet. been in produced into aircraft for rior- 'nal use and. therefore believe It or not," we. carried .homing carrier pigeons. They were our sole means of com- munication when we got Into trouble, such as when farced to ' land -because ' of, engine failure, which ocrorred more often 4haa .1 like to., think about.'. ; ,.; , ISOLATED AREAS f doubt whether some of as would have survived some lot our forced landings in the Isolated areas in which we . flew had H not teas for Unset wonderful- - little carrier pigeons, la 'most rase they found their way hack to our base over hundreds of miles' of rugged,, uninhabitei terrl- tory beset with the hatard of , their enemy, the hawk.- "II the plgeea made It, the . reacae aircraft knew' where sad why we bad eeea farced to land. If It didal asake H. tbe search was widespread sad assay were the days aad sights we speat ea the shares at sosne . small lake la the bosh taaatry hapmg the ree I eve slreraft weaM jpet the- smake at ear', distress fire which we kept 'burning near ear disabled frying beat or sea plane.;-" ,',,.-.,' ,' "In those t early . days, a number of - our aircrew loat their lives because- we flew , . r BKJRIOUI0 .; V1 Mtcntmcat rjtcamr. A For genera design, project supervision, Inspection and technical Investigations in the Building Services field. Work programmes include hospitals, ' office buildings, laboratories, schools 'and penitentiaries, y " Up to $9600 and Montreal. Ottawa Quote rUeas ; , .. A 4.1111 (Machaalcal) - wt-USS (Etoctrktf) TOE OTTAWA JOURNAL , W J . .: - -!-?- ;K7 :r?$ -'tSM -U: f I : ': j" '"" J ' " '"" 1 mi ii - ii -1- tTTt nr rnitin linniirm ir i iiuniiinnnu urniimiin'ii trt r IT 1,'ihim i il Recalls RCAF's'Godd Old Day ' COLORADO j St'RlNtiS-r-Air Marshal C. oy " Slmon. deputy commander-in-chief of North American Air. Defence Command, retire from , the Royal Canadian . Air Force tomorrow, . ckwint a career pannlnf more than 41 yeara. ; He la the last of ihcRCAF i charter members, having Join-ad the Caiudtftn Air Fnmi m " February ItU. a year before for severe!-years before para chutes were introduced. FLYING BOAT ' . " "One of my closest brother officers, piloting a flying boat on at) air photography flight, 'conld not avoid flying into a thunder cloud.. Tbe severe'tur- lbulence in the cloud caused 1 the aircraft to break In two. The four aircrew members were seen to fall from the cloud together with the flying .boat. Parachutes would have enabled them to save 'their lives. , '', '. - . "The outset of the Second World War found- as with s smell force of only about 4.-00 personnel. Mercifully, the slow buildup of the war gave as a long breathing space. By prodigious effort. Ingenuity, .gallantry and .great sacrifice, our- hastily expanded air force was able, to make .its iut contribution. - along with our stster' fighting services., to, eventual victory.,.? , i "Never agaia can we emmt aa each a heavsa-eeat breath- ; lag spacel - t "We are now on the thresh-. -hold of s fascinating new era : the space ere -r and I am- confident that, In partnership with our allied forces, notably those of the United States, our sir force will continue to apply itself with dis-Unction." . ' n -;,."".!. Ottawa HS SeritsWin High Honoris '.Two IT year i bid Ottawa High , School . students rst . Ira-macutata High ; School h a v S qualified for WW cash scholar-ships from the Ontario Education Department and will receive certificates naming them Ontario Scholars. T - Donna ' Vittarlol - IT, . of ' 42 Third Avenae, had an average SI per cent and eight firsts, and Susan Turner, of II Arundel Avenue. II per cent arid six firsts-. Both are Grade 13 students. , ' ' - ' ' To qualify for the Scholarships students must have M per cent on eight papers Including English composition and literature. Of Ml students writing the exams, 2M passed an average of st per cent BILINGUAL ENGINEERS AND ARCHITECTS' OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY W ITII THE FEDERAL DEPT. OP PUBLIC WORKS V "Is" swsiswassMMswaiaswaaM- y:v':-.K,:, H 1RCHITKTS ProfesxlonaJly qualified. ARCHITECT TOWN PLANNER to provide a ' specialist service in the ' development of Master . Plans for Oovernmefit ' building complexes and "Northern Development Communities. Up to $10,700 Ottawa. ,;., . , DESIGN ARCHITECTS .To assist in the design of buildings including .office , buildings, post offices and laboratories,-, $7560-$9,-,600 Ottawa and Montreal ' - v -; "Quote me M-lees ciYi aGPirna; v ., Construction r. inspection of Trans-Canada highway projects. ' Up to $5640 Montreal and Quebec . - Surveys. . design t and construction of ' harbour and river structures. Up to ,$8M0 Ottawa Quebec Rimosi-ski. -, T :. $o , develop planning' guides for . emergency, repair and reconstruction of all types of accommodation, .port s and harbours; roads and bridges and municipal 'and provincial utility services. , j Experience in planning and an aptitude to conduct training required.: $10.900 -$12,300 V 1 otuwa, 4- ;,(.- Quote file H-I2U ABIUTT TO 6PEAK READ AND WRITE BOTH IN FRENCH AND ENGLISH IS REQUIRED Send a mnime of profenhmnal qualifications and esperience IMMEDIATELY t,-UMMiSSlON OF CANADA, OTTAWA f quoUng lUe indicated above. the CIVIL SERVICE NO DOWN 'payment Vie (wr O.I.A. ' -H- -Offl pi; 2M mmwmm iiHiiiij a-Pce. 4-SEATER AND CHAIR bt sryloa gold ' frieze. Foasn rubber cushions. Reg. WIS ...... J $188 J-SEATER FRENCH PROVINCIAL SOFA AND CHAIR. Foam moulded back fas browa brocade. special f ; v. ..... U . . 5193 J-Pce. EARLY- AMERICAN SOFA AD CHAIR print, chrome finish. , . JC- . vv Reg. SI4t ...;...:.VJ.... ................. V t Only ce. DAVENPORT AND CHAIR In light browa frieze. Reg. flpt ........ ..r. la gold' $118 la gold' J148 I Only FLOOR SAMPLE S-Pce. DAVENPORT AND CHAIR. Brown aad beige combination frieze. : Reg. 3IJ5 ............................. SPACE SAVER DAVENPORT la assarted prim aad shades, Reg. SS.S5 538 .39-ss Complete Line of 1 ' " v'-- , ' : npxton Maple Furniture ; : Bedroom, Living Room and iCo ' Dining Room! 1 lw0 OFF ' ; u'ottiW " Ha'stotb. kMkir lavte . (kib ' l: . 'toctief : 20 Off 20 OH ylftk .r 'crtr' f.r;-r;.Vii -x 1 t. ' .... . vv- 3- : D ROAD LOOM ;- : Every room size rug la this group has beea drastically reduced specially for thla sale. fllOT lle Was! rrlMt . J fiirr ;icjWMi,txi .... trrr kiDivtiifiM5oi ir i irr: iriHTww.U,)A Ommm WnI IS I rr CkvtmiWMJrrk irtWF A lilgtWNlrrisn ' rtir; 'TwswiMWtrTisii::. irilC klftWswXal ritrr iwnc ... TtUr leiot WnI Ums WDtoa fill 'lfa ass lia 1- at.-$122 . $167 ,m -.$155 $5 :.i $1!3 - $177 - $H, tin $201 $259 t't irr ttiM .Kk $( .. "..-. ju2 i' I jrr TartMlu mi tin Mrklt 25.11 lV'lS.J- Isiss TJ il....'.-. Ull ri io i ' itiM Markit ui , m irr 6f Sim r .i ; 17JI I' i irr - 6tmi () biHalwa .1642 -f I fit" 6rn wilt Its mi lUck 10.90 rir irswi tum ...;::.. 160 f 1 20T Ii Im Mcrbk) ........ 40.M r i rr iti ...a.; is.91 Stl. $85 $C9 S89 $C9 $89 $114 $115 $119 $119 $129 $149 . $320 s $159 r i irr 6rM !im-htm wi . $233 $1G9 Vt Off Llnoltum Remnants ' ; VtayL Congoleiun, Eaamel Unoirsua ' -'. SUM It.irrlptlM V f I rr 6rty M iqum . rji.irr itiMiuej ,1, 'rtlfir Itlai Tam-ta-TtN f.irr rtt tosnsr'i: at. 11151 Sal 12.39 :i 14.13 10.70 -ti50 11.00 H-1S 12.10 ,.i l1M. 734 $47- 4.41 24.55 16.79 4.42 0.05 11.72 10.95 7.27 4.40 27.20 12.61 THURSDAY, AUGUST 13, 1964. rr "s , x Twr2 -v-H -j-iLmv : Mma . FREE SHUTTll , SERVICE rna Mala Stars la raratlar Blare see KMara Sib" It will pay you great dividends to see the tremendous values in Capiau's1 Ex- t hibition Sale Outstanding savings with many items sacrificed regardless' ft ' cost ' You'll find extraordinary values never to be repeated. All Hems Subject to Prior Sale! - . ,: f. ' . ' u , ' i Thursday, Friday, Saturday... 3 Sale Days! -I i:U.U,l,l,',Ul;U.l.i.1 - h B-Pce. BUNK BED. Complete with aping-lilled aialtresa' and slat Springs a red snapie finish. ' - -"C4 Mt , Reg. SS.SS ........ -.i . . ' .".'': 3f" " CONTINENTAL BEDS. , J2 eofl eomSrwetlon. Smooth top mattress. ; -.- . . . AR 44 Reg. ua ;v . .... w'r" 4 Only ODD BOX SPRINGS 48" wide Only.' A M n Reg. Values to WIS . , , . v. fJP"..' Pce. BEDROOM SET: S-drawer master triple dresser, borizontal mirror, matching cheat and full 4fA and bed. Reg. $43 ... '.. I. ;a. I ! 1 4-Pca. BEDROOM SET. S-drawer triple dresser wltni sliding door, chest and. open panel bed and enatchinf ' alle table m genuine walnut.-... . . Reg. SMS . --. r68 FiTTON-PARKER, J-Pce. FRENCH PROVINCIAL SUITE 'm Frunwood. . . . r 07O Reg. 4J -JII S-Pce. BEDROOM SUITE, 7T master - chest and open panel bed la genuine -walnut. Reg. gsip ...... .t. . . . triple matching $338 IS Only ODD CONTINENTAL BED HEAD- . BOARDS as is, floor sample. Some slightly damaged.' :' '- : -' 'IJ M Re. Values to 19.95 - f ' w.r-. ,..- Save on natlre$$esfv; Cribs. Etc..:. MATTRESSES. All sizes, 232 .coBsi smooth lop. prt-built border. SPECIAI,.;., .. ..t DOUBLE BED SIZE MATTRESS M" by. Serta, only, sullied button free lop la Im parted: raye damask, Reg, (S.SS 37.C3 Only M" MATTRESSES. SprlngHlled construe- rJoa, rolled edges, by Singer. " " - - 4 A ps Reg. 21 J5 . , ;. . ftsfcsl, I Only CRIB. Para white, floor sample. I) ft fw Reg. 4.a . ,.; Otw . 1 Only CRIB. Floor sample, natural ' ' 4fi t" finish. Reg. 14 5S . ;.,..v, 0 W 4 Only CRIB AND MATTRESS ' -complete, m pare white. Reg. SS IS . 28X3 , Clearance of . '. ODD SIZES IN CRIB MATTRESSES, floor samples. . ' , , ... A M Reg. IMS w... .......O'T" i"iT I tavlU m 7 H t 1 11 i Or' -WALL OR CORNER CABINET ta walnut. 11 4 ,-: SPECIAL fl 11; . DEILCRAFT. 7-Pce. DINETTE TABLE AND v CHAIRS; buffet and butch. ' ' ' afl Aft ' - Reg, $52R ,.,.'....'.,..,., vsygyjl ' ' , KAUFFMAN 7-Pce. ' DINETTE TABLE '' AND 4i: ' CHAIRS, foam upholstered seat nt gold tweed. ' Urge buffet, butch with sliding doors. - seAM ''-. Reg. S42 .rv...... v.. .... 0aJ : frrroN parker ' dining room suite, 't-pcs, ?', rreacn Provmctal Frultwood buffet with Chin i top, oval table, 1 side chairs, I ana .chair. Reg. .f.i 553 1 Only S-Pce. DINETTE SET 14 M. -walsnit ' md" bolr" 0P chairs sa rknyi brown Reg. tsa U... ........ M I M SELF-EDGE. Beige, sad browa floral motif. Reg. fits ...... iJJ i ' s-Pce. DINETTE, Oval table It a ta. PUstle edges. ' 4 Scandinavian chairs, upholstered seat and curv- '.wJ wooden backs. 70 , eg. w ........v......;...;.,.;,.,,., o,. M Onlyf . -, , -' ,- Odd Chrome Chairs 2.S3

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