The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 6, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, February 6, 1918
Page 6
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THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLJE, PA. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1918. sip TOSRS CLOSEGAME § -. . lBterestlng,.onl«st ^Results, in THJE S01SSON.: ELITES ARE . Sewwt the:Lea?ne Will .Hate '-· -a Hard Tight for First Place. Elks and Maccabets Clash Again on Friday. Scottdaie Girls in Preliminary. --·*hfr-KI*B~defean?rt--ttifr-Elite- -club basketball team on the Maccaibee floor last night by two points, the final score being 20-18. The Elite lost the -gam* -on-foul shooting,' Port not being up to his usual form. Had he . shot the free ones like he generally does, the Elks would hai;e been blank- ;:..The"game'"ran somewhat" slow'in.the first half out an exhibition of. a-real basketball game took place in th« sec- ond'half"with only pne-.or-two points " 7 TPfierc"is"an air of refinement about, the Manhattan Players and their-productions that has won the confidence ·ot Connellsyllle's -best--_ people; : At .every-performance .:bundreds -of .'ladies find clean, wholesome entertain- 1 ment without a single trace ot the j commonplace. In order to give play| goers .the best.that the popular price theater can present Mr. Hillis and Mrs. Robbing are spending large sums of'money "but the .tremendous'patron- age 'at th'c Soisson" is proofs-positive that the public is desirous to see performances that appeal to the -higher instincts. The current Manhattan offering witch opened Jlonday-was received with marked approbation by capacity houses' . In .spite of zero weather. This play "A^Thief in the Night" will be seen for. the final times today and tonight. Tomorrow the Manhattan' Players take, pleasure in presenting an. exceptional comedy drama. 'The Little Girl That God For- goi" Next week brings an-array of piys,that_wlil; find favor" with, men, women-and children. Every afternoon, and evening every.,week;one;may feel' certain of seeing a play.jworth while u- ·. ".w ; '^» V · , . -^ -at t ··»§{ li . m t dividing the teams. ' At the end of the . flrat-period'the Elitq led/il-^. but 1 the Elks suickly closed ..this gap-at- the beginning of the second half. ' The Elite club,-' which began the season (late, has been improving with eaWgame.'' The Elte have lost but one game this season, that being to the Garage by one point. The Elks are awe in first-place. -A pretty -race for -the-pennant is promising as the*teams ; .are nearly einally-livided, and neither is sure of a game until the final whistle blows.' A game which drew much interest two-weeks ago was that, between the Elks and the Maccabees. ,.TJie_Elks won that game. Friday night the same teams will buckle into each other .Again...The.Maocarbe*srareT6ut' ; .for a victory to even up." scores'.witb,V'the Elks and the hardest 'played .game "of- the seasbn'will be played "on theTJai- cabee floor Friday evenig.' · : Th» -preliminary game, will be played between the Lady Maccabees team and the Scottdaie girls team. The Scottdaie girls are becoming. popular here, their clever playing drawing much .asulause. The Lady Maccjtbees, however, are a hard opponent. ;_ The lineup: ElttevlS ··' Elks, 20 Sellers forward Goodman F. Smith forward, Leasig. L. "Smith " center. Port guard lL_TBara Alderter ,--..guard -- __ Turff . Field goals:--L. Smith 3: AWerfer. at the commodious, comfortable Soisson; ORPREUM: THEATRE. "THE KEtG-BOM OF LOVE," a five reel Willrii'.BQX^pho'tffplay featuring the new star Jewel",:^.Carmen. The '^Mutual Weekly" will also be shown today. Thursday the umrisdom oC mixing business and social affairs was never more thoroughly illustrated than in a new Mutual* drama, "Her ! Second Husband" in which JUlsa Edna! Goodrlcti is' starred. It is a. startling pictoriaLpreft.entmeAt.of.what .happens when, young wives are used by ambitious husbands to further high financial schemes. In-this instance r the moral tone" o£ "the home was" lowered by the husband's insistence that his "vrtfe accept-in- her social dealings the low standard o£ ethics that* prevailed in his business concerns. So the young wrie divorced Jobu and- made him court her over again. Friday and Saturday Douglas Fairbanks ap-. pears 1 , .in"the Artcraft production Reaching.for the Moon." ''2: Goodman,'2; Rhodes. 2; Balni 2; -SeHers, F. -Smith.' Port,- Lessig. ·-. -Foul goals:--Goodman,- 5 out of -13; Rhodes, 1 out of. .2; Bain, missed 3; Port. 1 out of 13; Alderfer, l.out of 5. 'Referee, Wall.". . SATURDAY Arc F!ftr'Mf».bf-Inft Witrict Jfo. ·; "_-" "--"tilled for Thnt D»y. - RKottes'. L--BeTow is\Jound a list of men of Dls- 'trict No. 5 called for examination on Saturday: Kazmer Eiaver, Trotter;. Earl Hardy, DunVar; Joshua I^awvence Miller, Mill Run; Mark 'Lamblc, Ohiopyle; Robert knight Huffman, Da-w- son; Charles BJdward l^ahman. Dunbar.; Harotd . Clayton Marietta. Mill Run: Grover C. Burnworth, Ohiopjle: Bmerj" Lewis Pratt, Dickerson Run: F, B. Smiley. Dunbar; Benjamin F. ojrd 'half_of the ,ijlrst_perlgd- ending score" at' 0-0. Lady · Maoutbees protested the .- claiming that only three quar- were played. This protest was . later.' · Th'e Maccaljee team ^»iU play the ScottdaU- girls here Fri' K(faipiD«nt Being Vast Bcle- gatcd ti» tho. {Scrap Heap. One factor is coiuributiag to the ; - seriousness of the transportation sitiir '· ation. with- which -th^ public -is not generally familiar. This is the deterioration of rolling stock and mo- "tircTiower. constant In respect of all and especially rapid at present in the ca£e of freig'at CTT.V ;tnd locomotives pjfe.viously relegated to scrap yards, SALE ? NOW ON 7IMMERMA L FURNITURE ,» » RUGS "The Big Store Piear The Bridge." STOVES Remember the Address W. Crawford Ave. Leonard Furniture Everything For Every Room I A The Leonard Furniture Company in disposign of their finely appointed store and stock to us, did so at a priqe that permits us to offer to the people of Connell'sville and vicinity the greatest furniture values in years. The closing out Sale now on is our means of giving you these savings--it will be a star eventl'or hundreds of homes. We must make room tor our immense purchases of Spring merchandise therefore this Closing Out Sale will continue until all the Leonard Stock is sold. Every piece of Leonard F u r n i t u r e bears a iarge tag showing the original Leonard price and our reduced price. Come in and look around, you will save a fourth, a third or a half. All Leonard Fine Period Dining and Bed Room Suites Radically Reduced for Quick Disposal In the finer period furniture the Leonard name has always been a synonyrne of quality--there are a number of these suites here for both dining and bed rooms--they are now priced for immediate sale, the reductious in many cases bringing theus to a price less tlian they can be purchased from the manufacturers today. CEMENT OUTPUT ?;-«! In the preliminary game the ·iccabees-lost to the South Councils-! Hall, Dutfbar; LeroyxHardy, Dunbar; iel girls-team by-a score'of 2-0. The Charles Stull, Oiiopyle; William :1d gbal'VaiTscared for South Con- Thomas Catcn, Gibbons Glade; Arthur *· -- ty^G. Mborman in ffie sec; Tallentire, Markleysirarg; Peter Joseph Mufien. Connellsviile: John Dar- 'by. "Workman, EHiottsville; John E. Whipkey, NonnaJville: Jamefi. Chriss Cavaloaute. VamleiMli; .I'at-l rick Nelis, Dunbar; Thomas Franc-is I ·*rr**r nw-ifmnr* r»r Murtha, Leisenring: Frank Mi' lor j A NEW RECORD IN SHowman. Indian Head; Heiskell Calvert Hoover. Indian Creek; John I* Wallers."'-Vanderbilt: Richard.' Herbert, Vanderbili; Sovino Artonxia, Dualjar; William .Hyatt, Dut*ar; . James Alhert Rankin, Dunbar; ! George Figel, Leisenring; James V. | Conuell.--Dun-bar; Charles Edward Stefl. Jlount Pleasant; Walter Williams, Mill Bun; John Henry Raum, Dunbar; Saoastino Pe'rsichette, Dun- oar; Albert Lindall, Dunb'ar R. D. 32; James Albert Chambers, Ellicott City, ;Md..; Jesse Davis, Somerfield; Wil| IlaTii G. -Kemp,- Normalville; Ira I Pipir, Dunbar: Otto J. obsolete or too greatly in I AWO, IJ; D. bp.v 33; Jota, 01er,.MomU Leonard Davenports and Duofold Suites at Sensational Price Cuts - The values of the Closing Out Sale of Leonard Stock are so numerous as to prohibit specific mention in today's advertisement--there are literally thousands of them. Among the most important we believe are the Davenports, Duofolds and Suites. All finish and styles represented. Leonard Brass and Iron Beds and Cribs at Big Savings "While They Last Notwithstanding the skyward leap of manufacturers costs dozens and dozens of Brass and Iron :-:!s go into this Sale. See these beds, note the prices and you will find them irresistable. The Brass Beds are in the popular Satin finish and the Iron Beds in all finishes. ! MANH1KETHIS- INCONNELLSVILLE EYUXSTK IX , \ A V V TO TEACH S,U1,IH!,S TO COOK Similar Cnscs Befnir Fuljiished lu III i-Sn i now and in transportation affairs · of the country. Moreover, they are un- | able to replace it. In the first place, all car and locomotive building con- es Thomas e; Alex Alexander, lUstforth . Shearer. Glassport ' ' · In( J' an An Increase of Jlore Than 2,1)00,000 Barrels Over tin: Erudncllon In the I'rccodlug Year. Thu your 1917 holds the record for production of Portland cement, a total of approximately a3,55-!,000 barrels having been manufactured, an excess i over the former high production of i 1913 of nearly I.500.CKW barrels, and | over the production of 1516 of more 1 than 2,000,000 barrels, or 2.2 per cent. jTiie shipments iu 1917 of approximate- , Gearhart.Jly uo.630.000 barrels fell below those j n e y a - Tho kidne y secretions became [ of tfce record year, 11)16, by ·. nearly 11 | 4,000,00 barerls, or about -1 per cent. " i Stocks at mills increased more Uian ,' 2.SOO.OOO barrels', or 33.7 per cent, as '_'·. compared with 1910. ; Higher prices for cement prevailed i throughout the United States except 1 at a few plants in the Pacific Coast district. Higher prices were, how- j cured l [ e v e r , accompanied by higher costs of (boxes.' i manufacture. Dcmacd for cement The following ciise Ig but one of roauy occurring daily iurComtellsvillc. Ji Is an easy matter to verify it. You cannot ask tor lieiter proof of moriu G. B. Percy. 40U Johnson .Ave., ConneUsville, days: "About twelve years ago I was doing some heavy UEUng at the foundry and I began to have weakness across the small of my back and dull pains over my kid- too frefjuoat ;u passage asd I laad to get up .several times at night. The secretions also caused a burning sensation. I took treatment from a doctor and although he gave me some relief, the trouble always came back. A friend recommended Doan's Kidney Pills and t tried them. They after I had taken a few Price 60c. at all deaJers. Don't . Mrs! Kate Hall says: "I have kept' was generally very good during the j simply ask for a kidney remedy--get house 15 years, am the metier of four first live to eight months of 1917, but ceres are--working 1 to capacity on or- children, and'T would not keep'house' showed a decided falling off during ders fof-TiheTjovBrnrneal and the Al- j without Hollister's Hocky Mountain: the remainder of the year. Labor and lies and-cmiid ·not meet the'require-! lea.". Wise Woman, why? Drives traffic .'conditions were, for the most nsatisfactory. estimated production in the Le- ments o£fh~e-lione roads-if'ihey-wouid'j-away's'Lckness,"brings health and hap-; part, ui and-:rn-tireT«Mt?-t!ie feil'road's'ffaTeiSl rpiriess'.tdcth'e-"'wliore famiry. Conrcells-; jjj,. e the money to,pay for the new equip-' ville Dntg Co.--Adv. menr if it were available. j H", Every merchant,, every bank an r Gas Mask Pei-fected. American government, ciiemists and -.-... ...... -ad*o«ateA__bujing_..itj,eipe.rimenter.s..have, perfected a gas h"Sme". '"TKeSTetTi^'gJ/e'you'prices o^lTnask for the use of troops that is yonr job wort: tfils"cooling year. Tne |,decia"red ~to be superior .to all otiier Courier Job Dept.. , i \ gas maris-.of the Allied countries. high district, which includes Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jer- 24,548,000 barrels, as com- sey, Doan's Didney Pills--the same that cured Mr. Percy. Foster-Milbun: Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.--Adv. Don't wait until your blood is impoverished and you are sick and ail- INSEPARABLE PARTNERS Thrift and saving are Inseparable partners and form a close companionship. Why jiot form such a partnership now? Start an account with the Title Trust, Company of Western Pennsylvania. 4% Interest Paid on Savings Accounts. ; Between Paying by ! Check and Payiag ! With Currency j tiu're is all tiie difference be| tween good business methods and j bad, I A check is a brief but most complete record of a financial trans- ; acuon. When iaid it is the best j receipt you could have. 1 Paying by check is not oiiiy tuft safest way but the simplest aud most convenient. We iu\*itu you ;o try it. Deposit this month's salary w i t h us and check it out as needed. Sruali accounts are welcome. MLss Helen C. Hoerle. u-ho enlisted · pared with 24..10S.381 barrels in 1916. In the. Ohio and Western Pennsylvania district the estimated production was 5,512,000 barrels, as compared with 5,643,677 barrels in 1S16. . lag; late Hollister's Jlocky Mountain I in t!le Navnl Rc , scrve as a cook, is tbe Tea now; it wilt drive out the germs | first woman enrolled in that branch of of Wmter, purify die stomaab. regu-jthe service. Miss Hoarlo will start a ! late the bowels--nature's spring tonic-cleanser. ConneJlsvilJc Drug Co. --Adv. campaign for recrnits tor cooks f o r , the navy and expects to land !300. She ; will -inslaicL the recruits, in the art of cooking at the United States Naval rvc school. Crawford Arc, Conufllsvlllc. wlao advertise Ins iMs paper will give yon feesf values for yoisr f | -The Bnn!i fiat Does Tilings for Yon' y 1 1 "-Patronize Those Who Advertiae. AK--Y'es;'..W!iat.Hp :eeds Is More Exercise Bj C. A. V01GHT ARE "VC3O AtVWAss UKE 7 - IF AWSV/ER - N«HO. ARE Vpo -?; AM «vEt«. PAID AN IMCONE . How MUCH OO "YOU HIM(c. NOU SHC30LD HAVE MADE. THE PAST

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