The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 13, 1964 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 3

Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 3
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-1 features of Central, Canada Exhibition which starts next week. The girls, altDairy Queens from Eastern Ontario, an Barbara Van tier Vaart? Oxford Mills; The1 Inserted in Gordon Statement 0 (By The CP) The Con- ) servative charged - Wednesday ! -dt tbe official Hansard record ii'of- Commons proceedings was ;-tnpered with in relation to a lemark made by Finance Min- WZM the insistence of Opposf- vr.", Leader Dlefenbaker, V. S p a a k er Alan Macnaughton I agreed tar examine the matter. iAwhich centred on the single Word "the" and was described - 4flf New Democratic MP Doug-i y as risner as m. wipfwi m v teatiot." -.. .-.-The Conservative charge. In itiated by Michael Starr, Mr- Hansard office within an hour. ('Before the lay's record Is put "In final printed form, members generally are permitted uv cor rect Inaccurate statements tit fact and to make minor editorial charge as long as the context Is not altered.1 , SAYS WORD ADDED ' ' , Mr. Starr said that fat the printed Hansard, published; -WORK PILES UP Wednesday . morning, the com ment was altered to: "What is the one hundred million?" The word "the" had been inserted. Mr. Gordon said that twisting tbe words of anyone is a form of intellec t u a I dishonesty be added he was about to say intellectual blackmail and this was despicable. . ' ' The finance minister said the copy of the "blues" he received was not clear and he had asked a parliamentary secretary to check with Hansard. He said be did not see the final version until be read the printed Hansard nations contributing to the United Nations peacekeeping force In Cyprus will meet today in New York to plan extension of the force's powers. ' ' Paul Tremblay. Canada's permanent delegate to the UN, was called back , to Ottawa Wednesday to be. briefed In preparation for the meeting. . The meeting follows a session i The Ottawa Journal THURSDAY, AUGUST 13, 1964 Will Reshape Face of City MeMyforCou OK "?T 1 Eastview Master Plan pSs ; $ few J ssn U IMS i 1. 5.. rno .WsJ -OnBaUMssawaVMRaMsV EXHIBITION FRIZES ALL LINED UP .These young ladies and the "can are among the Wednesday morning, 'which he considered eminently correct. W. W. Buskard. editor of Hansard, told reporters be, made tbe alteration on his responsibility. It was made after a par liamentary secretary, .whom be declined to Identify, . had said the .phrase as amended was what Mr. Gordon said. , As printed In tbe official Han sard, Mr. Gordon's remark fol lowed a statement by Mr. Diet-enbaker' that the premier of Quebec had been '. promised tlM.0Oe.MM or nsO.OW.OW Just before tbe election. -onurio jjiPEACEKEE PERS MEET IN NEW YOR K hassle. X. ".:' Mr. 'Starr-.! said ., that during Tuesday's debate od federal- provincial , tax-sharing measure Mr. Gordon was reported in the Hansard t, tyues" as saying: "What is -eoe . hundred mil- lion?H '...v.::-'-- : The "blues" . are a graphed transcript of Commons I, t l K . . Cyprus Tk r AmK..... debates made available by theL , Cant(U flv, .5 of the ' UN Security Council which decided-the force should be used to help enforce the cease fire shakily arranged among the Greek. Turkish and Cypriot governments. The result of the meeting may also Indicate what steps can be taken to widen and strengthen the authority of the peacekeep ing force of nearly T.0O0 men, of whom 1,100 are Canadians. External Affairs Minister CS Defence Staff in Race Against ConVeri on Clock :. Time is running out for dele , gates to the triennial conven- tton of NaHionsI Defence Em- :. ployees Association, who had I hopes of winding up. tftelr meet- lag today. .. 'f By Wednesday night three . day after' their convention convened at the Chateau . gates had managed to process lest than half of some 230-odd ; resolutions sent M from 161 j . branches representing 19.000 ; Chilian employees In the De-pertment of National Defence. y ELECTIONS TO COME l i'v' SUU to ome is the election of officers which, this year, sees races for all four posts open on the executives management committee; report of a special finance committee truck, Tuesday to set s per capita membership charge; and ; processing of resolutions trom m three sub-committees. . , J s.Th convention was origin-' any slated to run from Monday "a-Thursday, tut provision had been left for Friday sessions '"should they be needed. ' 'At the end of long day pent shuttling between the ' convention floor and special committee meetings. NDEA President Jim Wyllle .could only smile wryly and reply "What weekr . when asked If the convention would still be In Ottawa Friday, i. -: RESOLUTIONS ; ; Here art some of the resolutions approved by the convention Wednesday for forwarding to the government: - "-."' ' That employees be paid overtime at the rate of time-and-a-half rather' than at the present straight time or by allowing overtime to be liquidated by adding to holiday time. That employees at the top and final level of pay In their group for five years be given an additional payment of (10 a month. v v. That public service employees be granted four weeks holidays after IS years service. That the government come to the rescue of retired employees living on fixed pensions and amend the Superannuation Act to permit a continuing upward revision of superannuation pay-menu tied to growth of the country's economy. . " That the number of rones set up to allow the government to pay trades personnel on thd basis of prevailing rates la tb4t area be reduced In order to aid workers In low rate tones. t - HELD OVER ; ' . ' . :'' Held In abeyance by delegates was a resolution calling for prevailing rates workers to be brought In under the Civil Service Act 'and-, regulations governing non-trade or classified employees for all but matters concerning wages and recruiting. I'"', A committee will be struck by NDEA executive and will study the proposal and report back In six month. Defeated was resolution calling for the lowering of the retirement age to 60. A second resolution urging mandatory retirement. of public service employees at ti was refer red back ' to committee for amendment. , " Also "turned"" down " was "a resolution ' catling for-! employees at retirement to re- receive financial compensation , for not taking full advantages of sick leave provisions. Delegates were told by secretary- treasurer Ken Green that sick leave was privilege not a right, "We've been warned that there will be tightening on sick leave regulations if, the system ttbused ' '- 'I '' ' - Sharon Armstrong, Leonard; Barbara Burton,' Vara; Hilda Skuce, Vernon; Joan Levick, KemptviUe. and ' Mary Campbell, Vernon.- One; car will be offered daily as an attendance prize at the Exhibition. i . . tJauraal PtwHa bgr Pnmlntsn W Mr. Fisher said be heard the minister say "What's a hundred million?' 1 However, be sug gested it was alt a bit of a tempest in teapot and that It should be forgotten. .Mr. .' Dlefenbaker, suggested that Mr. Fisher restrict his to terpretation of intonation to the' column the Port. Arthur MP writes for a number of -daily newspapers. . Tbe opposition leader said the alteration was obviously made to get around a dangerous ref- rive-iNation ranev rians Force Power Boost Martin told the Commons Wednesday that Antonio " Barretts, Canadian ambassador to Greece, after being to Ottawa for' consultations. Is returning to his post in Athens and "will be see lag the government of Greece with regard to so matters we have been discuss ing with- him here In Ottawa An Informant said Tuesday Mr. Martin had given Mr. Bar rette an important mission to perform in Athens,' Its' nature could not be ascertained. Opposition Leader Dlefen- baker and Mr. Martin bi praised Mr. Barrette, former Union ' Nationals premier of Quebec who was appointed to the diplomatic corps .by the Diefenbaker government Mr; Martin told Wallace B. Nesbitt (PC Oxford) that he and the' government have been in touch, through diplomatic missions here and abroad, with other countries "who we feet share our view" In trying to persuade Archbishop Makarios of .Cyprus i Mr. Nesbitt put It "to be more agreeable" so Jet UN patrols roam the Jtland widely. Canada bad suggested that to day's meeting be at the level of foreign ministers, but all of them were not able to attend. The Other - contributors to the are Britain, Denmark. Finland, Ireland and Sweden. . Not only will the Canadian representative (Mr. Tremblay) do everything be can to see that the powers are extended but he has done this now for many weeks." Mr. Martin said. By ERIC BENDER, ' - of The Joaraal Eastview council will be ask ed next week to approve S com prehensive planning study e study that aims to change the face of the city and re-organize development. The city planning board this week approved a progress re port on the bee innings of an overall $19,500 etudjf. being done by town planning consult ant. Dr. George Potvin. of Tor onto, and town engineer Mark Heitshu. Scope o the study, begun this Spring, ranges from urban renewal through political inten tion to compilation of a political history. Eastview announced at a press conference in June of 1962. at the time its eight-man Planning Board headed by Fred Butler was formed, that a 20-! year matter land use plan, would be drawn up. Mr. Heitshu. Planning Board secretary, said that the bulk of the study will be finished by the end of August and an phases should be complete by the end of the year. He explained that the pres ent report, to be placed before council at Wednesday night's council meeting will be "recommendations from the Planning Board to council for their approval of objectives to be incorporated in the announced offi cial plan." EIGHT OBJECTIVES Tbe eight general Intentions: and objectives outlined in the report arts 1. "The Chy. of Eastview shall remain a separate and independent municipal entity ; This mdrpendent municipal s!a-! tus should be both, an ejxpres;, sloe and guarantee oi we preservation of Us cultural and social identity." ..i ; 2. That the planning of urban development take into consideration that Eastview to an integral part of the metro region of Ottawa mindful that this offers opportunities and limitations. - ' ' ' 3. To re-organize present-development. 4. To expand all facilities and services at a balanced rate in line with finances available (no crash programs In any one duv ection). S. To maintain Eastview as a predominantly residential eorn- munity. . i 6. To plan for hither m residential density through atorej efficient land Bso. ' 7. To orovide realistic crea tion and expansion of park and open space facilities. n g. To allow no expansion of existing properties "without an adequate provision of essential services and facilities being made." Mr. Heitshu explained that Eastview is basically a iesden-tial community and will likely continue to be residentkL TYPES OF COMMERCE In this case, he said. Industry la undesirable but Eastview should encourage three kinds' of commercial establishments which cater to a "neighborhood community." - - The first type would be Bar bershops, beauty parlors, con-, fectionery stores, dry cleaning establishments, tobacco, atones the kind of services needed close to residential area. The second type,, he said. are the bigger stores such as; clothing stores, furniture and appliance store located In one, two or three block development. He said it was desirable to get away from stria-type of developments involving these kind of store. : - l The third type of commerce suitable, for Eastview would be businesses that would be of re to the whole 'Ottawa Valley warehousing, transport companies and Insurance, egen-l des, for example. . OTHER OBJECTIVES .' Other specific objective out lined in the report are flexi bility of residential ajcMmaao-i datkm In individual residential zones, : a continuous program ' for off-itreet narking under; ;lew Fall Suits "astW e Knits 1 tM s.jc: i w ... lottsy $29.95 im nstt m Chars Aw ts aj W7WUZMT BILLINGS BRIDGE PLAZA 733-7S4S some version of a parking au- "in the long run, sound ion thority and an examination' of existing utilities and services. Mr. Heitshu said be thought zoning regulations were too strict in residential areas for realistic and economic use of homes. - For. example, - he said, in areas zoned for single dwelling units owners are not allowed to have a boarder, nor can they divide the house to accommo date the parents in one part and the son or son-in-law in the other part. On the other hand, he pointed out. no new land use of existing commercial properties! in financing the study. snouid be allowed unless there is compliance with all ing bylaws, building codes and housing standards strictly enforced is better than indiscriminate growth," Mr. Heitshu said. j ne said mat in netau tne planners wiu seep in mino tne type and class of person living in the city and plan for suitable accommodation." '. He said this involved the kind of work and income held by Eastview residents. ' FINANCING. Under a section of the National Housing act, the Federal and provincial governments are liable for 75 per cent of .the estimated SI 6.000 cost of the urban -renewal section of the study or 112.000. WANT JOINT MEETING ' The planning Board has asked .the deputy minister of Municipal Affairs to request that Mayor Whitton nave Ottawa's sdministrative staff meet with Eastview, CMHC, the National The Planning Board has also i Capital Commission and the mad application to the Federal Ontario Municipal Affairs De- I.,.,1 nii.nm.H.m. iiuHiMi.M.. iii,u.ii.u, .ni.iiiiiiiinj.i.ii. EJiHlBITipf government through Central I panmem at a joint meeting to Mortgage and Housing to aid discus technical and financial I aia concerning, tsstview s mas- Eastview has already set;ter P'n- aside 17,500 for the study, now! The board is awaiting an 90 per cent complete. ' answer to the request. 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