The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 6, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1918
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRTJART 6, 19.ta. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLEiVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. REGISTRATION OF COL REID HELD A ! BRIDGING A SHELL CRATER IN HOLY LAND (GERMAN ALIENS IS PROMINENT PLACE NOW IN PROGRESS! IN LIFE'S AFFAIRS Definition of Term Siren Broad Application By Authorities. FEMALES NOT INCLUDED T*kuf oil Fint Papers Docs Sot Be- ·OTe CltiMM From Alien £n«fliT V)M; Starts »f Cklltoen Born 1» F,iM«T,Co»»trj; Some Other Rales. The registration of German alien enemies besan .Monday under the President's proclamauon of November 16. The regulations of the Department of Justice, prescribing the details of the registration, stipulate that tbe following Miall be required to register: "The term 'alien enemy' as at present denned by statute Includes all natives, citizens, denizens, or subjects of a foreign nation or government with, which war has been declared, being males of the age of 14 years and upward, who shall be within the United States and not actually naturalized as American citizens." The following applications of this definition have been made by the Department of Justice: "1. Females are not alien enemies within the present statutory definition. "2. A ma!e, irrespective of the citizenship of his parents, bora or naturalized in the United States, and subject to toe jurisdiction thereof, is not an alien enemy unless-" (a) Such a male born in the United States has become naturalized in or taken an oath of allegiance to any foreign country against which war has been declared. " (b) subsequent to hi United States, become Continued from P.irc One Colonel Reid was born at West Ni-w ton April 10, 1849, a son of the laU James Dunlap Reid and JLiry Henr: Reid, the former a native «£ Bettasi Ireland, the latter of Westmorelam. county. James Dttnlap Reid came to the United States la 1840 and settlec in ^yestern Pennsylvania, where h w»a" engaged in mercantile pursuit throughout his lite. Col. Reid's pvi. genitors have given several prommei. characters to American history. Se\ eral o£ the Reids attained disuneuoi in battles of war and victories o fteace. One of them was the celebrat ed Captain Samuel C. Reid, a distill guished naval officer, who. in com maud of the privateer General Arir. strong in 1814, engaged a British and fought the most brilliant nava. battle of which we have any record. On the maternal side Colonel Reid comes of the notable Henry family ol which Patrick Henry, the great orator and the late Prof. Henry of the Smithsonian Institution, are members. The Reids and Henrys trace their ancestry back to the old world. Janus Madison Reid completed his education in the Allegheny Institute. His first employment was a clerk in a general store at Buena Vista, Allegheny county. In 1365 he entered the sen-ice of his brother, E. H. Reid, at Broad Ford, where he continued as a clerk tor a period at four years. Thu, in brief, was the foundation o f ] a business education which in its s\ib- seqoent development embraced the successful conduct of a variety of important interests all of which were contributary in a material way to the business By the The enemy have torn some good-sized shell holes in this section of the I^oly Land. Anzac soldiers arc shown filling up one of the craters made by one of the giant shells A bridge is be'ng built to enable supplies to be brought forward. The severe fighting here has completely, demolished tbe j j little village. substantial and healthy growth of Fayette county, time he had attained his majority Colonel Reid was in a partnership at A male so natural.zed has ! Dunbar, conducting a thriving general it to his naturalization in the 'store. A tew years later He becam-* ates become naturalized in L part owner in the operation of the or sworn allegiance to a country Uniondale coke plant at the , same against which w»r has been declared, place. To these were rapidly added ^ A male native, citizen, denizen, other like interest* and Colonel Reid or subject of a foreign nation or gov- was speedily recognized as a very hich war has been] potent factor along the line ot_Fa}- ernment' declared with which is an alien enemy, even ette county's most marked advance- tbongh te has declared his intention ( ment. to oecome a citizen of the United for a number of J.ears » de- completely naturaniieu iu. **uj ^^^^ , --- - - - ....-nnl.mion-- try other than the United States. I ing interests, have been supplement -4 sltorallatioii °£ a"TM enemies led by well directed efforts to advance can'not b* completed during 'the' other interests. He was o n e . o f the period of the war un.ess possibly earlv stockholders of tbe Second Na-- · · -· ! '·---' BanK. and member oE its Doara »heie (courts here differing) applica- , lion: tlon for second or final papers of ' of directors. He was tlie first presi- lion tor secona ui uu*i v*^** « i -·*· --" . - _ _ ,, ,, rt f Pnn- »On»Uz,«« was made or accepted den^of The B.ectTM Com^n^^ ing Plant, of Fayette county and one prior to tne. declaration of war. "5. A male child born in a country aga°nsrw'hTch TOr"ha"s"be'e'n"decTared of°the nuclei o£ the present West of a father who at the time ot such Penn Power company. Hls^poliucal afnliauon was itepuun can. lit served as chairman _of the county coromitiee in 1884, ISSo, lS8b| tral p owers , vrhiie ol vital importanuc and 1887. During the second year 01 to Holland itself, is of small account, child's birth a native, citizen, denizen, or subject ot such hostile nation or government is not an alien enemy his father was naturalized as an American citizen while snch child was DUTCH NEWSPAPERS AT ODDS AS TO WHO IS PROLONGING WAR Exports of Foofl From Holland Held to Be One of Main Onuses. one-halt days. But the figures, he claims, are uot correct. Professor Van Hamel pro- ] duces a detailed bchcdule, also based on official statistics, showing that Uie aggregate exports oC the articli-a named amounted, not to 018.355 tons, but to 530,066 tons, oj '-oughly 30 p* r j J cent lebs than was' alleged. His conclusion therefore is, that a ! "··"·"uuwuJiwwiwwtivwu whole year's exports from Holland t o ' ~ -= Germany are just sufficient to keep | FIMK'K Of Gi;OKt!KTT; FIGURES ARE QUESTIONED wwwwwr alive the joint population of German*' int Austria-Hungary for three and one-half days less 30 per cent, or twi lays, 10 hour") and 48 minutes. MITfi HUbSIAX BLOUSi;. I And Kien If They Are Correct Aswrt Opponents. All The Netherlands Conld I'wnide Would Keep Teutonic Umpire Supplied for Three I'ajs AMSTERDXM. Feb. C-- The question whether, and to what extent, Holland is responsible for the continuation o. UPSEI? the war by her food supplies to Gcr many has caused a controversy in tht Dutch newspapers. C. J. K. Van Aalst head of the .Netherlands Oiersea Trust in his recent open letter lo Presides! Wilson, pleaded for the removal o j the American government's embarg Get at the Real Cause-- Take Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets That's what thousands of stomacli sufferers are 'doing now. Instead oh taking tonics, or trying to patch up a poor digestion, they are attacking rh«i, real cause of the ailment--clogged liver ind disordered bowels. Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets arouse the ver in a soothing, healing way. When IB liver and bowels are performing theii itural functions, away goes indigestion id stomach, troubles. · If you have a bad taste in 7our on food shipments to Holland; one o mouth, tongue coated, appetite poor, his aiguments being that the contmu:* lazy, don't-care feeling, no ambition or " trade with the Cer i 'nergy, troubled with undigested foods, · · - - " -' Olive Tablets, the sufa- rnlnnel Reid's incumbency of the Ljerll^mx l;ltl£CU T T U I I C uvu 1.111*1* ,,«**, v*wlut"it *»*., ,hlican minor; provided that such minor county chairmanship, the Ropuoi can child began permanently to reside! part}- for the first time m its history within the United States beforr reach- , in the county, secured a sweeping vic- ine his maio-itv tory. In 1888 he *as tne wnatnmous "6 A mai'e ch.ld bom ,n a country. choice of the Payettc county delegates against which war has been declared. ! to the congressional convention. Fa- of a father who was at the time o f , ette. Greene. Washington and part ot such child's birth an American citizen ' Allegheny county compnsing the ms- trict, and on the Jwo hundrea and ' siith ballot withdrew from the candidacy by, moving' the nomination of Greene county candidate, and there temporarily res'ding an alien enemy. is not "7. The marriage of an alien widow elected, member of the to an American citizen during the,Ray. mmority of her children naturalizes as whereupon the latter recived norama- American citizens such of her minor jtion and was subsequently children as are dwelling in the United , Colonel Reid wa; States at the time of saFd marriage. Republican State Central Committee -S If the second or subsequent i for several years, his services as such husband of an. alien widow becomes i receiving repeated naturalized as an American citizen, the recognition. He was minor children of such widow residing Der ot Governor H: 7crmaneEtl- in lite "United States of Lieutenant and emphatic appointed a mem- LStinGrs' staff with Colonel in the flallCUU* ill me. WIIILCU OL.»lt;a nb , . time of the naturali/ation of such -National Guard of Pennsylvania, and. successively rea/ppomted to the the husband are thereby naturalised as | \mericaii citizens. .same "9. The naturalization of an Amer-1 Beaver and btuau iran citizen of the widow of aa alien ' ^ ^ Colonel Reid orgamyed the ,-aturalues as American citizens . her i Connellavillo and Ursula Coal Coke ipinor chldren residing permanently in by Governors Stone, and the Ursina Korth __ , , ., ,_, IJA. iiUYvm u» v^n vc i tiuitus are a far as aid and comfort to the L.n-, ,urely ^vegetable compound mixed w i t h j enemies is concerned An article in the Amsterdam Tele- ~raaf from Enterte side--of American *rii? n, it is hinted--replies to Mr. Van \alst's argiimrnts by showing that, iccording to official Dutch statistics "or 1916, theie were exported from Holland, to Germany oC potatoes, nntato Hour, butter, e?ss, rice, cheese, "largarme, sugai 1 , flsh, meat, fruits, neas and beans JnS.35o tons, sufilclent 'n feed J.200.000 soldiers* for a eai olive oil. You will fcnov/ them by their j olive color. They do the work without i griping, cramps or pain. I Take one or two at bedtime for quick relief, so yon can eat what you like. At lOc and 25c per box. All druggists. Cavite Flashes Time Over Pacific. Since October 1 the radio station at Cavite, co-operating with the Philippine bureau of post 1 * and trr- Muntlsi observatory, has be*m Kcndm? out Thc same aup'oiUy that tim e signals of the 120th" meridian l l ' i U U i V i t l l U - l G U . I C O I U U - i f , J7VJ liittllCLlLIJ j i | · the United States at the time of heri F o r k Railroad company foi the de- ·turaliaiUon. velopment ol a large tract of coal "10. Males born ,n or residing as !north and east ot Ursma with a capi- | tal of $400,000. At the time of the '.erman suDjects .in Aisace-ixirraine ' -- -T , ..- --- - - _ -ubseauent to May 10. 1871. and now , organization he was elected president ''.welling within the United States are of the company and continued to act .Hen enemies unless naturalised as l a s such umil the ProP er "^ were American citizens. I taken over ^ othcr ""w 65 ^- · "H. Males born m or residing asi Although he has been retired from -,erman subjects in Schleswig-Hol- tein subsequent to August 23. 1866, .;nd now dwelling within the United States are alien enemies unless naturalized as American citizens." i egulatioHS. No fees or gratitudes are to bo paid '!· given to any registration officer for administering the oath or for any t'ther service performed'in connection with the registration. very active .participation in business interests for a number of years, Colonel Reid retained an interest in the firm of Boyts, Porter Company, which is being managed by R. B Reid, The department has refused to grant I ' ' , -xemption from registration to any . C °,lTM e '* eld T^ ^am ° 6 TM* m ' em - ,erson who is a German alien raemv ' bter 2 ' 1S9 ° to Jllss ' Nannie B'ackstonc within tte meaning of the l,w. ^ Johnson daughter of Joseph and President's proclamation, or its own | Dorcas llagmre Johnstoa ot Connellsville. Three children were horn. They and the widow survive The children are James Donald Reid, at home; Kenneth Alexander Reid, in the aviation service at Fort Worth Texas; 'and Miss Gertrude Elizabeth Reid at i home. Two brothers and a sister also ] survive. They are E. H. Reid, Scott- n 1916 Holland imported from over- ~eas JJ3S 251 tons of cereals, flour, "^coa, ri,ce and dri*d fruits and comes *o »he cnnc1us.nn*that Holland cxport- "»1 more t^an twice the nuantity she "'eedrd for tlie sustenance of Iipr o w n nnpulation--hence the resrricl'ons ntac'ed unou thes? imports by t h e , I T nited States povernmrnt. N'ow come*? Professor J. A, Van ] Humrl, a Dutch vriter oE note Tvho' m support of Mr. Van Aalst's conten-! ''ons, puts the casi* this xray: i Assuming thai the Entente author-[ ·ty's figures as regards the exported food values are correct, how far Trould i a year's Dutch exports go to feed the 120,000,000 inhabitants and Austria-Hungary' of Germany That, he says,! east of Greenwich at 11 a. in. and 10 p. m. every day, suys Science, For the purpose of sending time signals, the transmitting clock ot the Manila observatory Is connected with tbe Cnvite wireless station through the bureau of posts. Manila observatory time signals begin at 10-55 a. m. and fl:55 p m., stamlnrd time of the 120th meridian cffst of Greenwich, and continno for fire minutes. "During this interval every tick of the clock is 54th, 55th, 'S8th, GTth. 5£th and 53th' of each minute. The situation of Manila ia the Pacific makes thia service of the greatest importance to the mercantile and naval fleets that ply upon that ocean. Grandpa Is Today best" of health Hale and hearty, with good, red appotlto and good digestion. 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C. housewife »nd grocers, was responsible | '^^ colonel was a brother of the late tor some of the highest prices of the ' w - T - Reid ' a TM'eran or the Civil War, last year, "Don't be scared into buy- ·"*"""· -·'·«»·· ·= "-= i-TMi.-- =--· Ing," de Interstate Grocer urges npo* irs retail grocery readers. Tbat Is Just what food ^peculators deatrc. mal buying of all groceries with a view to ]nick and regular turnover will kt*p goods moving In n normal wajj at reasonable prices. "Don't let nny- whose widow is Mrs. Josephine Reid of this city. Colonel Reid was a member of the Presbyterian church. He was active In socta] circles of the city. For many years he^ maintained a sunJraer residence at Reidmore, to tne southeast o£ the city. Reidmore was a popular resort the colonel and Mrs. Reid be- PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TODAY BLUEIJIRD PHOTOPLAYS PRESENT CARMKL MYERS IX "MY UNMARRIED WIFE" AN AinSRICAN PLAY WITH FRENCH DRESSING A SOPnSB BLUEB1HD IN 5 ACTS. ALSO A GOOD COMEDY IN J ACTS. 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It penetrates through e\ery an passage o-I the head, | soothing and healing the swollen or i intlamecl m icons mpntbriine, giving' I you instant relief. Head colds and catarrh yield like magic. Dnn't stay stuffed-up anil miserable. HclicC is sine --adv. TWei in The Night" Last Times of This SOISSON Today, Matinee and Evening Followed Thursday by Another Classj- OSering. "THE LITTLE GIRL THAT GOD FORGOT" "ext Mondaj -- '"Pretty Pegg-jr O'JToore." Monday, l»jruaj-y IS -- "The Cliristiivn," liy Hall Caine. Evenings 20c and 30c Matinees lOc and 20c ! ; A Speclou* Pica. "Walter, I had fully determined to swnt «s ranch money n» t*«7 conld ; K're yo" « fifty-cent tip when I came ] - ' in here." I Thank you, sir." "But on second Ibuuglit, perhaps I bad better donate It to a war fund." Tvc been drafted, sir. I'm doe to Ware next week, and I'm sure j-oun (·ousclencv won't hurt you for giving i tiwt much t a poor devil who will 1 Cos; only lc i viord. · soun lw '" "" trenches." *]iare In c»noinj End preserving tbelr .vrn frolti «inl T*geUblc3- H t\xcw- tutor* »iH'ceeded la cr«rtijn: » panicky Inlying condition, nnlomdlng opoo tk« r tail grocers it abnormal prices, the l»tu-r vi-ouIU bf I»ft holJine the lur." BALD HEADS Grow Hair on yuor Bald Head while you wait. This is an honest advertisement. Forsts' Drug Store Bell Phone H-.I. SCOTTDAI/E, PA. Vanderbilt. VARDIORBILT, Feb. 4.--Miv». David c^vrick and daugnier, Anna "Lou, o' ] Connellsville, spent Sundaj K i t h the 'former's parents, Mi. and Mis. William Thompson .Miss Carnanna. Bailey of Connclls- viHo, Mi and Mrs E. J. Stouer anil daughter, Catherine, of Scot dale spent Sunday (utb Mr. and Mr.- William Bailey. Mr. and Mrs.. Cecil Roadma^i and children of Thompson are visiting the latter s parents. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lint of Lookout Farm. Miss Henrietta OnJley ot Dickerson Run Hill visitc-d Miss Haicl IJdw.uris " "\!r. and .Mrs. J. B. Hendci.-nnii nut'litor, Mary, spent Sunda\ \ u i l i .Mr ;ud Mrs s G-eorgfl Aimstrons «l" Mi- and Mrs. Snrder Kelly and daughter of D\nvbai- spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Kellv. Mrs. llarry B. Reed spent the week- j end ·» ith. irienda in. Pltlshars. i THEATRE TODAY JEWEL CARIlt.V IN -I'm; Kixa'noif oj' J.OTK" \nd "The Weekl" See - T 0s K K O TV Be Can l u l Hou You Intioducc Casual Kncnd.s 10 Your Wife. EDNA GOODRICH IN "Hi:it SKCO.M) HUSBAM)" A drama built on a hurried dnorce, proud love and the triumph of family ties over business expediency. oUE CLASSIFIED ONLY lc A WOED. U/r i n Homer's , WtAK QotMag I oooooooooooocxxioooexxxsoooa J. B. KURTZ, AND REAL ESTATt. Mo. f Sauth Mejulovt txxxtoococoocoooooooccooooo

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