The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 13, 1964 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 2

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1964
Page 2
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V BLAKNIY FAILING ATASHDAD? Residents Yer RENFREW (Special) - Rttt-j dentt ol Asbdad. nuH com-muniry 1J mil touth ol Renfrew, bava bM wltheut phone service line last Octobar and they rt tatting tbtlr Irish up. With population consisting ol Culbenee, Wlndlea. Keuntllyt. Mulvihillt and tha like, they are tha vary ohm who can do it Thejuare as tha Calabogie TtlsphooeSj'itsm. a privately owned company- Last Scptara-br tht franchise was taken aver by J. E. Sutclifla ol Ran-frew. A bad atom la October Maw dawn tht linee and they kav not been repaired. Ed Windle. a member of the' Bsgot and Blythfield councU, says they are getting the run-Around. Residents, wall at council, have t tottta nowhere with Mr. Satellffe. ; KX SUBSCRIBERS 1 Thi number of Athdad tub- aeribara bad dwindled to tlx whan tha service wat cut off . bat residents say II art ready at sign up lor service If the tall Telephone Company would com Into the area. Ball bat written the resi dents, m reply to such a ra-sjwsat, that they cannot encroach oa another cempeny't franchise. ... Tat Ball tytttm runt within . a, ouarttr of a mil of Athdad and practically tadrcltt tha community. ,:. 7. . A latter to tha Ontario Tele-phent Service Commit t tea biought a reply stating that the ".Athdad tint would bava be . rebuilt at aa Sparoximat cost : at St.toe and Mr. Sutcliffe wtt willing to pay tha ata)or por Call Tenders Bridge Jobs ' PtRTH (Special) Tenders i trill M called immediately by tht tawa of Perth for tht can-atroctloa at etwtrt and tht re-. aonstructiesv- of Rogers- Road ' tad the constractlea of a bridge . aver the Tty River. The cost ts OttrmatM t tlN.VN. : la conjunction with tha project tht Perth Public Utilities ; win tasul a ll-inch watermaia ofrem Leslie Street to t Harvey Lack It at Street ta supply the' elevau , water Unk aa Harvey Street. f Tht stent from the demotlsh-a4 Foster Street Public School a will be ased at fill It) widening , ' tnm spsnstsis so . imm I '-brtdta aa Reeara Road. . ' i. The Perth Rotary Club est I Doug Scorrar af Perth who will earn pate m (he Canaduta age . daaa track meat at Winnipeg , Aug. n and J. Ptrth council hat financed transports tioa lor w trainer Don Graham. ' - Tha town's .consaltlng engi - neert notified council that tha Siretek Constructioa Co. It pared ta begin cons traction of the new community contra '; Aug. M. : .. SWEDLOVE ruxNmjtE co. ltd. S7 rMhoaaie ML zu turn .' Shop With Confidence Whort Yo So This Sesl of SattsFaction i Cat Yoor FUnWOCD J- F n 6 u ttf HgpimC 5"(aW',atgbw Sgrfcgl V tHMN'MII ijTlthl St, HnlT t lit Sparkt St. at OXoaaar W Lava. HuB ' Tn-SM Get Their I rish Up of Phone Service tion tf ell II residents subscribed to the service and . paid a nominal portion of tha cost. Mr. Windle wonders, haw much la nominal. BAD SHAPE : Mr. Sutcliffe aaid this weak that ht mi making arrange ments to meet with Athdad sub scribers m about two weeks and expected be would be able to tall them at that time when service would be restored. Mr. Sutcliffe aaid tht lines la bad shape when ha Enrolment Problem At Cornwall CORNWALL (SpedaD-Com- wall'a high school population fat continuing to grow and boU Cornwall Collegiata and Voca tional School tod St. Lawrence High School are literally burst ing at tha seams. ' Principals at both Institutions aid student enrolment will to by 1M at both schools. Anticipated enrolment at CCVS l.Stt. Soma MM students art expected to .enrol at SLH5, To accommodate tha increas ing number of students, botl schools bava undertone dung aa during tha Summer. Space ts a premium and a number of rooms at both schools bava m altered to fill the of tht coming year, " Both CCVS and SLHS have carried out extensive expansion programs ta the last three Ptart. . t Name Head -Of Cornwall! M Youth Committee CORNWAU (SpecwD-AMer. man Harold Shields hat beta named chairmta af the dry's new committee oa youth. The appointment wtt made at the committee's Initial meeting this weak at which H youth leaders outlined their viewt .oa young A tat ha two weeks time whan briefs win be analysed and ar- rangtd fcr prestnutloh to lhe commlttaa headed by former hockey star Syl Appt. The committee waa formed to eooulrt Into tM needs af youth WHY PAY fgwttt) wPw)CtSejtOAggy aBJfaakaaawal affaasajTy' 1 m aaaatssdh 4gaa B Tafafaaaa fJBB VVVBJ Ty Bta vTBIal ': ' ' tot ha kssastaVjl at fnad) sb wPlswBfg) If gsB tjnj gtsaiasBlsaati taasaBani . VtaWBjg4BtT fjaWfajtl wBrfJl VriM. THaV tHtntff ftaaaaABgkB ataaaaWab ssmMadbaat awtaaaasssssji sssssssaj sj) tfssssssjas tt your table. Try afe at BsswatmsbaadsVasBar Brnfatenassswa1 wwBJBJBaaTlgsn fJBBBfT tPfwrtWaiBal ebrttftat took over tha company and of work wat needed. W. J. Culhane Jr. says ht doesn't want one of those farm' art phones. Ha wants to be connected with tha Renfrew ex- changt of the Bell system. Bagot and Blythfltld reevt William H. Fratar aaid council hat written tht telephone com mission Insisting that: tf Mr. Sutcliffe cannot provide service should turn It over to some one who can. There are about IN subscrib ers to the Calabogie system. Man Dies After Car Crash LANCASTER (SUftV-A 93 yer-old tractor driver died in Cornwall . General Hospital early today after being' severely burned la a two-car crash on Highwiy 401. two and a half milaa aaat of Summaratown, Wednesday. - - Albert Uita, of Grand Ung. Qua, wat rushed to .hospital early. Wednesday ' after tha tractor-trailer he wat driving. carrying a load of aynthetic resin, rsa into the back of truck driven by . George R. Dinielle of Montreal and bunt Into flaaea. n- - Tha truck driver escaped m jury la the crash and with tha assistance of another driver on tha scene. Arthur Hcwtoa, of 96 Havelocfc Street. Brockville, Succeeded in pulling tha injured man from tht Htming vewcia. Tht tractor-trailer' was com' pletely oattrnyad. Lancaatar OPP Constable Wilfred Loach invettigtted. , "i Tht dead man -waa married and had one child. ' FIND REMAINS ' HANOVER, Watt . Germany (Ar) Remains of. aavi hundred mora vlctimt of Natl gat oh am bars have beta found oa tht alia of Bergaa Bel coaceatratioa camp. It wat announced Wednesday. Tha find brought to at least U,tN the number of prisoners believed there. Tht exact number of per sons eiujrdered .al the . north German prisoa n aaknown, but l.ett.Mt tied there. ' and bow young play a fulltr role kt communi- ty life. FOR THIS OCEAM VOYAGE? . I ' GO YOUnSELF. 73T stjeAawataV dats gVaaataaW uatansffi BaadV dktaas aMakAw atsMssaamlahsB wlwkaVahas m " (tnjgangaaB' bjsbj WfWg WBTJIW BfBjavf Irwrtfl ftWJjagaf gnfrwUt I IwVJBJBJ lgfflBJ dsakm dbal aasasaaafi abm tjasasasatsa Bmaasaa4akadJ daadsaalj asaaao afftahaaatassao Lsa tsaaaa, VBR TgtwBtJJ MSB W4"JfgBBJ gnwBaajtBrJBj twwaassj dJrTfT tysTJIJI'wy Bfl tTwBJ yt)t4 Mv4 fjej iVtlfjhi wM Mle pttf fejr irtecnf irlfX liifjhtml adssmsUaati asstsad aaastlasisaam ami maltHMO) data tw -t-- ajtaaucfaavA PHr aafVaV sj taaasssssssjassai ssaj VtrptJIJl aaa gJffaB ITfgagBg WffflBjBJ. that tar yotirsttf.YoultavaahMaf iwnay,lwahtaf afaatftatBal'sl aMeataa ataaamAskaaaaA atOTftBoBBJ jWtwnV 9FaWTBetBlgt tgwJVCsjdgoY ww'sjsatsjloejg tfwg) 4)flAaPte(9vv)wW dhteaaaaeaMai and? aaaaaatfaa atlaasaLaaaati Aaa JB"gsVaTlBt tWf BJrvgarTy BJBianBjwBJBjni Jwl fir .'-) ' ( Afg-a aabawata tataW ak 4aW OaVA datsUea taawawBt taawlai tmwsawt -BRBTfl WTtfnBf TJfwVBJ ffajf BTw fBJBJBBJb, BmnfJI la's'Flb twaBngj etahJ fko a&taTadW a eeafldjk aaaaapj adawamvnttdam esaWatm afatawaawada. BBBBBBI BBnngprfJI faWWfffJt $ wlwll IwfJITJ JJ teMPPBJga BJQgjajBy BJBBt'SJBJgi wwF A CltY wWlMlA iM flBAam aagassads aafeJal nsar wtTswwaTjl IIVJsTaswJi, a , FNONt IKieHTS rOR FRII NOMI THE 6TTAWA JdUftNAL Move to Buy St Lawrence Park Area CORNWALL (Special) - City solicitor S. E. Fannell will draw up a purchase otter M De pre- i ta Cornwall street rail way for purchase of St. Lawrence Park. Tha move wat taken by I Mcial committee .headed by Alderman Norman Barll which it studying tha park matter. Tha . commlttaa recommendation mutt ttllt be approved by city councU. Cornwall street railway hat of' fared to sell tht park (or V. to city, oa tht condition that It be retained at a park area. The area, located la East Cornwall, hat been a public park. for the past N years. New Building At Perth Fair For 100 Horses PERTH (Special)'- Con structioa It now under way of a new lia.eoe heavy horse build ing at th Perth Fair grounds. This ts the fifth largest build ing to be constructed on the Fair grounds during the last U years. Tha building B feet by ut feet will have Malls for tag Ea tries la the heavy classes bava increased over the put three years tnd-aow that Perth baa moved up to a class B fair a sharp increase la ex pected kt thit yeare entry list Work aa the new structure will be completed before fair Sept. J, 4 and I. Erect ion of new fencet and other renova tions art now being carried out oa the grounds. Navan Fair - ' This-Weekend NAVAN (Special) - The Ittb annual Navan Fair, sponsored by tha Cumberland -Township Agricultural Society, will be held Friday and. Saturday af thia week. ; . - Grains, vegetables, fruits, flowers, homecraft and domet- Ue acianct classes will be Judged ail day FrMay. Tha Agricultural Society la again sponsoring the. Russell County Black and White Show at well aa tha Ottawa Valley Jersey Parish Show. All live- atock will be Judged a Sana-' A light bona abow will bi bald fat the arena Saturday evo- alag at l.ts. v . t BEaam aaaaao gWan aaB Iff fJITV BjnBjamsr, gsssj kaataaahai oshafaabA aasf eVfiTJpBJBBBJB; TpwVtlBJ BJI - rMgeti4rP PILIVIRYI Carleton Place Hydro Substation Approved ; -v CARLETON PLACE (Special) Tha town of Carletoa Place baa bttn given permission by tha Hydro Electric Power Com mission to build a much needed hydro sub-station, - U wat announced at thit week't councU meeting. " ' Tha S40.0M substation will be erected on the southwest corner oi napweoa ana Artnur streets. A request of the MississiDoi Lakes Association for a grant to help defray the costs of the weed cutter operation In Mis sissippi Lake wat denied thert was no provision for this Item in the budget. . Tht, public works committee was authorised to purchase used hail-too truck at a price of XUt. i : Oa being informed that the exit ting speed limit of I miles per hour within the boundaries af the Municipal Park was not legal according to the regulations of the Department of High ways, council approved a bylaw increasing the speed limit to IS miles per Hour. . - ine Duiiaing Inspector's re port for the month of July showed permits Issued for Jt9,25l.7S ut new construction and repairs. 1 POWER VISITORS More than Mt.OM . visitors loured four generating stations and the nearly completed Douc lea Point nuclear power station in Ontario last year. . rriais "ADVERTISED" THB McAKTHUR BO AD Park Project Pro At NdVah i NAVAN Special) - A brief hss been presented to tha Cumberland Township Council1 re garding $ Ctntennitl project tor tht township by tha Cumber land Township Agricultural So ciety ana tht Ntvtn Lions Club. Tht plan It id dtvtlop a lb- acre block of land M tnablt tht two orginitattont to properly catty out tbtlr prog rims. Tht land would be at tha disposal of the Agricultural Society , lor thf period of Ihe annual fair and would be used at I floodlit ball park, playground and park area for. tht rtmaindtr of iht year.- ., Tht tilt It gdjactnt to tht present fair groundt and Com. manlty Centre 1a Navaa " Total animated cost of tht project i fl.TM. - i Scholarships . rVThrM t rirtll PERTH (Sptcitl) Tkrtt Grade 11 studenu al tht Perth and District Collegiata have obtained aver N per cent In thtir examinationt and have - won themselves - Ontario Kholtr-shps. Hugh Crawford obtained 82.1 per cent and trill attend McGIII Opivertlty. Brian Gil-huty had 114 par cant and will alto go to McGIH. Mtry Lynn O'Gormtn took II per cent and wijl continue had education It Queen's University, Kingston. on bale frida? antj IN EASTVIEW. (ItoU . Tjiis and ecordingt ; Listening hugs selection sjle booths three at a at your "are venienctJ departrnWits. I UUatt $ri4f aa Davit Agency Storat Art boat) Dntfl fM. vtry prdtj( Save Greatly ejn Flun.!;!ni Heating and HouzzUimkhlnzt 1 Only . . . 41" KRchea Cakv ktat Unit, iacludaa upper and lower cabinet with arborita top and tingle bowl sulnless iteet tint Reg. gajg. f f ri Ctanraacaarloa .i: f ftW 1 Only ". : ; Gas Furnace . . . 90,000 BTU. Reg. ItBJS. :. 159-C3 1 Only . . .. Airtoatatlf plaar Ftwaaea . . . 50,000 BTU." An . excellent buy for a small home! or cottage. lReg. f gf a. Oearaaco price itj J'V 3 Only . . . Leatherette Swfvelj Clearance of Linoleum Remnanta ' Aasortcdl Sixes and Colour Va OFF RcKUlar Pricet) IATUSDAT ' AT BAtOffS tf thomi ok Map RttogVl CLEARANCE OF SUMMER FURNITURE Chair with matching Qttotnao Rag, Nil. Clear. ) aace price, each ' sleet deck, C!rt::i 19" Power Stratum 4 ATTEND CONFERENCE , 8RANTF0RD (CP) - Forty- two supervisors and other stall from bum Indian residential schools la Ontario and Quebec are attending a fceck-mng train ing conference here at the Mohawk Institute. Tha supervisory staff training course, sponsored by the federal department of In 8hop Early for Best Selection ; ', . la the group are Chaise Lounges, Folding Chairs, Suncots, etc. ' . ; - ' . .- ALL CrATLY REDUCCD TO CLEAR OFEfl 2 ONLV 1 3 s :V?. finish. Regular S7M. Oearaaco price, each "Cardea .-:; .4jm rubber tire. FRIDAY HISHT SPREADERS. boldt ap to ,V. z 1 ' W .,1 w .. . . V Regular 499.00 .. Clearance price, each .. EM . . SAVE 50.00 on Deluxe CAT.1P 70AILGRS f The on you'vu been waiting for "Th IBcotUsli (3oimer", "ponald, WiJere'l Youf TrooserB?' naotber fvpvirtti Kewly rp4ease by Capitol Record . Providea a sleeping area for ft adults with a 1" foam Mattresses each , . about 48" x 72". Tubular steel trailer frame. Water-repellent cotton . Tent drill with "Durante" finish, has yeUow top, green aides. Trailer-has stop, turn and tal) lights. a.?SO ' X) -1 V I "''AL?Tt'V i, A VS.N S cf Ura tzi C:ri:a Eqs!;::l Mow en featuret 2V( hp. cycle angina. Rewind starting. Briggs and 14 gauge durable 2 -coat baked on enamel 43-C3 Orave" ST - Steal construction, 65 lbs. 10" wheels with Rag. 1SJO. 13X3 OIITIL 9 PI.1. THURADAY. AUGUST 13. MM. dian affairs. Is the first held m Ontario. The trainees represent about l.tot Indian youngsters it ttvta residential schools ta Ontario and two In Quebec. Tha children are from the Six Natloni. OJibway. Cree and Saultaui tribea. . Journal Want quick results. Ada bring' RECORD lilELEA8E fir. Lt of other.' - v nearest Davis Agency" available, for yoyrcor Davis Agencyrecoff t'v 01 Spirtt ftrett On Tht MlH flsst - CtrtMwbtd PbMi fame ateett pM tta-ifsl i . : outdoor iuop . " Jittt Uy . -CRgrja-lt- with s EATON ' -. Gmvenitnt Budgtt or Chsrgt Account. ! Sbop with -; ' ataurancd ' " " EATON'S win not knowing! ' bo Undersold . '. T.CATONCt . teaiMii tree It .V: 1 !'; ' ' k t il.K'. ty r f ... " , v

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