Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 23, 1976 · Page 134
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 134

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 23, 1976
Page 134
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Page 134 article text (OCR)

Financial-disclosure act may finally be passed this year CONTINUED ^ The least wealthy are Sen.-James Abourezk (D., S. Oak,), who last May disclosed that his net worth and that of his wife was $28,941.97; Dick Clark (D., Iowa), who gave his net worth as $47,405; John Durkin (D., N.H.), who revealed his nef worth as $26,650; Gary Hart (D., Colo.), who said he was worth less than $50,000, and Bob Packwood (R., Oreg.), who on July 1,1975, listed as his only possessions $10,000 worth of stock and a house in Maryland with a $66,325 mortgage on it. Since Senators are largely men of means, does this inhibit their ability to represent their constituents? Most Senators are not the scions of inherited wealth and can empathize with the poor. It is their wealthy constituents, however, who generally carry more in- fluence with the Senators. What is necessary in this post-Watergate era, however, is a law requiring complete financial 'disclosure by members of Congress. To date, no such law has been passed. Thus, our legislators abide by the rules of their own committees, few of which help shed true light on their financial worth! Before he resigned from the Senate, Sam Ervin (D., N.C.), head of the Watergate Committee, worked on legislation S495, the Watergate Reorganization and Reform Act of 1976. Title 3 of that act calls for federal officials to make categorical financial disclosures. There is a good chance that S495 will be passed this year. It has been a long time a-coming, and it surely will be .welcome --if not wholeheartedly by those in the upper echelons of .the federal government, then surely by those in the lower rungs of the public. ESTIMATES OF SENATORS' NET WORTH UNDER $50^00 Abourezk (D., S. Dak.) Clark (D., Iowa) Durkin(D.,N.H.) Hart (D., Colo.) Packwood fR., Oreg.) $5MMTO$2SMM Allen (D., Ala.) Bayh(D,,Ind.) Bellmon (R., Okla.) Biden(D.,Del.) . Brooke (R., Mass.) Byrd(D.,W.Va.) Case{R.,N.J.) Church (D., Idaho) Culver (D., Iowa) Dole (R., Kan.) Gain (R., Utah) Griffin (R., Mich.) Hathaway (D., Maine) Jackson (D., Wash.) . Javits(R.,N.Y.) Johnston (D., La.) LaxaIt(R.,Nev.) Leahy (D.,Vt.) McGee(D.,Wyo.) McGovern (D., S. Dak.) Metcaif(D.,Mont.)- Mondale (D., Minn.) Morgan {D..N.C.) Moss (D., Utah) Muskie (D., Maine) Nelson (D.,Wis.) Roth (R., Del.) Stevens [R., Alaska) Tunney (D., Cal.) Williams (D..N.J.) Beall(R.,Md.) Bumpers (D., Ark.) Burdick(D.,N.Dak.) Chiles (D.,Fla.J Domenici (R., N. Mex.) Gravel [D., Alaska] Hdnsen (R., Wyo.) Haskell(D.,Colo.) Huddleston (D., Ky.) Inouye (D., Hawaii) Magnuson (D., Wash.) Mathias(R.,Md.J ;McIntyrefD.,N.H.) Nunn (D., Ga.) Proxmire(D.,Wis.) Stafford fR.,Vt.) Weicker (R., Conn.) Young (R..N. Dak.) $8M,OMTO$l,MO,Mb Buckley {R.-Cons., N.Y.) Cranston (D., Cal.) Glenn (D., Ohio) Stevenson [D., 111.) OVERtt.OM^M Baker (R., Tenn.) Bartlett (R., Okla.) Bentsen (D., Tex.) Brock (R., Tenn.) Byrd(Ind.,Va.) Eastland (D., Miss.) Fannin (R., Ariz.) FongfH., Hawaii) Goldwater (R., Ariz.) ·Hart (D., Mich.). Kennedy (D., Mass.) Long (D., La.) McClellan(D.,Ark.) Montoya(D.,N.Mex.) Percy (R. ( III.) Sparkman (D., Ala.) Stone (D., Fla.) Symington [D., Mo.) Taft(R.,Ohio) Talmadge (D., Ga.) COULD NOT ESTIMATE Cannon [D., Nev.) Curtis (R., Nebr.) Eagleton (D., Mo.) , Ford(D.,Ky:) Hartke(D.,Ind.) Hatfleld (R., Oreg.) . Helms (H..N.C.) Hollings (D., S.C j Hruska[R.,Nebr.) Humphrey (D., Minn.) Mansfield (D., Mont.) McClure (R., Idaho) Pastore (D., R.I.) Pearson (R., Kan.) Randolph [D., W. Va.) Ribicof/ (D., Conn.) Schweiker(R.,JPa.) Scott (R., Pa.) Scott (R., Va.) Stennis (D., Miss.) Thurmond (R., S.C.j Tower (R., Tex.) Researched by Citizens Action Group ©bser vat ions Savor Aimriea. And Germany, Japan and Greece, among others. What more enjoyable way to celebrate the Bicentennial than to explore our ethnic heritages through the- best ethnic food. The 1976 Mobil Travel Guide, which lists and rates some 4.000 restaurants across the country, says one of America's best German restaurants is Milwaukee's Karl Ratzsch's, which rates a near-perfect four stars. If your bent is Chinese, try San Francisco's four-star Mandarin. San Francisco is also best for Japanese (Yamato--four stars) and Middle Eastern (Marrakech--four stars). Other worthy ethnics to try on your Bicentennial trip: Greek--Mykonos. New York City; Italian--Tony's, St. Louis; Creole--Corinne Dunbar's. New Orleans; Mexican--The Fink Adobe, Santa Fe (N.M.)..For a traditional American dinner with class, go to the Regency Room of the Williamsburg (Va.) Inn. For the finest American steak: Bern's Steak House, Tampa (Fla.); the fanciest American hamburger, the exclusive '2V Club in New York City. Enjoy. o Good now* from the National Safety Council: mile for mile driven, 1975 was the safest year since the Council began compiling traffic fatality statistics more than a half century ago. There were 3.5 fatalities per 100 million mites traveled, a drop from 3.6 in 1974. The bad news: even this low ratio translated into 45,600 dead human beings. Which leaves a lot of room for further improvement. We want you to live. "I KtiCW CAR POOS ARE GREAT, BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS." Oops. In an item headlined "The lion's share" we said that federal, state and local governments reap the most cash when gasoline pump prices rise. As several Observations readers were quick to point out, gasoline taxes represent a fixed charge per gallon, not affected by price rises. But whether prices go up or down, it's still a fact that oil company profits absorb much less of your gasoline dollar than taxes. Federal and state taxes average 12s per gallon..Last year, Mobil's after-tax profit averaged less than a penny and a half per gallon of petroleum sold. O Bottom of ttM barrel. Mainly because foreign oil-producing countries have quintupled the cost of crude oil since 1973, the price of gasoline in the U.S. averaged 57.2? last.year--a 113% increase over 1950's 26.80. But in 1950, the cost of running federal, state and local government was $63.3 billion, compared to $579.5 billion last year, an increase of 815% in a quarter century. Aren't you glad government hasn't been in the gasoline business? Mobil Observations. Box A. Mobil Oil Corporation. 150 East 42 Street. New York. N.Y. 10017 OI976 MOW * CoTJWaKX!

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