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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 1

Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, August 13, 1964
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V " . ; - - - Hlgh-cteppbic. AniwbtUt BoudMr pau her best t . .. un Kdugn itiaar Majoranar penormanca at tomorrow Lanwlawn Park. MM-a ma rt-t Rough Rioera and HamUton fl-Z thf aeaaoo. -- '' ' IrVr IMPULSIVB ACTIOfr r J" 'wii 1 ELIZABETH, NJ. (AP) Youths armed with gasoline bombs, bottles, rock and bricks rioted In a multi-racial neigh borhood of Elisabeth and mashed car and Mora windows in a Negro district of Peterson Wednesday night and early today. ' ; Helmeted , policemen with nightsticks restored order. In both cities early today. It was the second consecutive night In which' violence broke out in the two northern New Jersey cities about M miles apart. Elizabeth police tore Into a crowd of young Negroes shortly before 2 ja.m., subduing some of the youth with sticks, firing into the air, and making ar rest. The brief battle followed bombarding of at least three police cars with bottles, near misses on several motorcycle police, a flaring gas bomb that lit up an Intersection and the explosion of firecrackers. Elisabeth hospitals reported treating eight persons for mh tnjurles. About a nail-dozen Negroes; and whites were injured In Pa tenon, Sixteen adults and two Juven iles, mostly Negroes, were arretted as disorderly persons In Elizabeth. Twenty . three Negroes, including six Juvenile, were arrested in Peterson. WINDOW TOLL HIGH ' Paterson Police . Chief John O'Brien estimated that between 200 and too store windows were Red China Drilling . r Troops f TOKYO W ' Communist China announced today it la conducting "large-scale military manoeuvres" to provinces facing North - Viet- Nam -and Nationalist China, t Peking Radio, in a Japaneoe- Unguag broadcast monitored in Tokyo, left no doubt the exercises were connected with the Tonkin Bay crisis and the U.S. air atrik at North Viet Nam Aug. bV m ? The broadcast noted that the announcement was being issued almost "Immediately after (Communist Chinese) Foreign Minister Chen Yf announced that (Communist) China would stand beside North Viet Nam in repulsing any aggressor." Chen Yi'i pledge was made in letter sent to Communist Vietnamese Foreign Minieter Xuan Thuy and broadcast by Peking's New China News Agency Wednesday. Peking Radio aaid "thou sands of men In high spirits underwent such military drills as . shooting. . throwing - gre nades, handling of explosives end crossing river" m Kwang-tung and Fukien provinces end Luicbow Peninsula. - .-. . A section of Kwangtung borders the northeastern corner of Communist Viet Nam. Ta Kien province ts directly - opposite Formosa, and Luichow Peninsula . faces Communiat held Hainan Island. . ACTRESS PLANS DIVORCE HOLLYWOOD (AP) June Allyson, 10 months to the day after she married Dick Powell's barber, announced Wednesday she is divorcing him. Miss Ally-son, 40, and Glenn Maxwell. 11, last Oct 12. Maxwell owner of two barber shops In Newport Beach, Calif., met Mlasl Allyson when he used to cut the! hair of Powell, her lata bus- band. ;; :; . . ,'.; v ROBBERY Fixed Escape? eerly 30t and said the wu out-aide the prison with two men In s parked car about half an hour before the escape. Police believe Wilson may have flown out of the country Immediately after hit escape. , Police clamped close watch on British porta and air terminals, visited scores of addressee and combed through Wilson's known low-fife ..haunts. broken in the 'fourth ward. A flaming gasoline bomb struck a bus, but caused little damage. Two newspaper men photographer Mel Finkelstein and reporter Mike Pearl of the New York Journal American suf fered cut and bruises when a brick flew through their car window in Paterson. ' Some ISO policemen scoured halls and alley in the Negro district for hit-and-run bands of youths who hurled empty wine bottle. . Turn ts Pag I POLICE Warden Argiie Dies Bert"- Argue,- 51-year-old warden "of Carleton ' County, died suddenly at his StittsvUl farm borne early today. He had been recovering from an ap parent heart attack at the time. A native of Stlttsviile and member of a well-known Carle ton family, George Albert Argue waa elected' deputy, reave 'Of Goulhurn" township for 185a. He served three years, was out of council a year and returned as reeve for 1963, He became warden of the county in January. Mr. Argue was an active sportsman and kept an out standing herd of Hereford cattle on hie farm Just outside Stlttsviile. . .. v.- v He t survived by his wife. the former Kay Cathcart: two sons, Frank and AI; two daugh ters, Mrs. Scott Caldwell and Mary; four sisters. Mrs. S. C Bradley, Mrs. Levi Black, Mrs. Mildred Cathcart and Mrs. John Brownie and four brothers. Ernest, Gerald, Howard and Jack and three grandchildren. Funeral arrangements are being bandied by Kennedy Funeral Home at Carp. CLAIMS DEATH, , WARDEN ARGUE County ?9TH JEAR-207 ; . OTTAWA, THURSDAY, AUGUST 13, 1964 ' THIRTY-EIGHT . PAGES Sunset S.lg p-ae. EOT "J"pk-"i - . t-cr-.i "ww -- New NJ Flareup Jeers Threaten Cease-Fire , ,-. , Sunrise MISA'EDT : i. Si . Barry Claims LB J Shot Trigger-Happy Accusation 1 Francis: ;: X . , fr Agrees ltd Peltate K-LWyd rrancto (L-Carleton) ijjaa accepted the challenge of ; Paul Marhneaa . (C Pentlac- 'Temiecamlngue) to.publia de-bi on toe role' of tjoebec I within 5 Confederation aod -.methodt of anehdlng the con ;titutka ' Syi Mr. MatflneaiK1 "We 'night have the great Canadian (debate.- 1 - The challenge wae burled In, , - Die : Commone by the former tnlnUter when ha waa declaim 'lug agaimt the prwent Govem--'aierit'e attitude m dealing with j.federal-provinciU-f laea t ar jirangemenU. -j. !!T will xhillenge any em- ! her ortfila Hotue to attend a J.foruni anywhere Id Canada and ;: debate that oueatlon." he de-;.elared rf tend thia challenge1 particularly to the member fori '.Carleton, rho aeeme ,to eome : to wrong conctuiionf about re-I'marka that may .be- made In ,:hU Houae." .' j In a letter .today Mr. Francli (told Mr. Martlneau "It would .'be ;. pleaiure rfo' meet with ou oo a platform anywhere ; yoo care to name." ! . Mr. Martlneau tatd: "Almott i' anytime, anywhere la accept- i able to me. We'll get togetheri ( tnd work pat pUoa." j n - VKH RETURNING NICE WV-Osvid Olrtrakh'i .ion aays the famed Russian i violinist, .who suffered heart attack In Leningrad fast April, ' plane to return to 0e concert stage next month or In October. The son, Igor Otetrakh, also a violinist, was fai Nice, France, 'Wednetday for conceit ep-. pearance... . . 5 1 v co-airactor or the Majorattta. Tisar-Cata, w UJ ba Ottawa'! ' - . . OekW w ashiNCTOfc (AP) w sena tor Barry Coldwater caya Preai-dent onnaoa baa abut down one flection cam palm kmc ' the charge Coldwater J trigger happy. ; ,: i-t -,' The Republican presidential nominee in the Nov. 1 election aaid the ordera to the UJ. 7th Fleet fct hut week'a North Vlet- nameae criaU could have leen interpreted to mean ihe treai- dent waa autborUiog tie ua of nuclear ut ;. The admlniatratloa fired back with . a -atatemem from : Suta Secretary Dean: Rusk and JJe-fence Secretary Robert McNanv are that '"Senator Goldwatar'a tnterpratation la both ' tnjueO-j nea ana irresponnie.t,i. LESS TROUBLE .r The flap . began Wednesday wnen coldwater told a pn conference at Hershey, Pa.; be waa far from satisfied with the presldent'a actions m Southeast Asia and added: "If the aresi.i dent will continue to -listen to me, take my advice, we'll have leas; trouble.- . ' , i In e New York speech to the, American Bar Association Wed nasday, Johnson ' said the VS. m'Soutbeasf Asia will UNENDING SAGA foot Freedom i rii&rs 1 t By JOHN GALE : LONDON (AP) An under world syndicate known aa the Freedom Fixers' today was credited with whiskmg Charles Frederick. Wilson out of a maximum security prison Wednesday and adding yet another astonishing footnote lo the attending saga of the great-train robbery. 'i , Wilson, 12, ex bookmaker, forward fat1 advance of niahfa football aama at1 Tba game, patwaea Um am home lcaiua aana of TI HiMlir 'VCMMl iaKM Down not be diverted by olilcih at-! ucka at borne. He said R has the policy '-of an American president "to system atically place In hacard the life of thl nation by threatening war.".;-". Tr to Pago sRARRV U NI Klin ; IS-, r NEW YORKAltomey General Robert r; TcnnMy Has decided to enter the race 'f the United .State .'senate i.v' Tort -. Kennedy baa cottfided Js de cision to relative and,Jt few close friende. He . expert to make a formjir.declaratia of his candidacy xiext .week' and. ur all .probablty, 'to announce at the eame time his jwigna- tion as attorney general,. The Kennedy camp' antici pates an endorsement Urom Mayor Robert F Wagner of New York m bhe hast' few day. an ' euthoritatlvd source -J disclosed Wagner the i etate's moat influentlat Democrat,!! to talk with the Kttorney general lata this ki ','.f-; i- OFfr.' 't.TfiXIN T married and the father 4 three daughters, Is the .most wanted man In Britain sought across the nation and in many parts of the world through the huge Interpol network. ,h'Udt 'V. ' Polio today were checking on an, unidentified blonde woman seen outside the prison Wednesday, ' ' " ' .''!. An - eyewitness said the woman-teoked to he br her Police Fight Off Negro ---Bombers Alice's 'Wonderland' Started Bloody Wave of Mu rder' LUSAKA: (Reuters) Followers of Alice Len-hliui today were reported ' to be awaiting; the next full moon before renew lug- their attacks. The next full moon will be Aug-, ti. ' By JOHN GALE LONDON (AP) - Alice ton- shin, the Neero seereea whs 'has bean latuing "passporU to Wilson was sentenced to 30 years In Jail last April when ha stood trial with 11 other men for staling the biggest' cats grab in history the raid on the Glatgow-LondoQ mall train en year and five days ago. The robbers got way with t7,00,N. Only 300,000 ($9.00.00) has recovered. Tarn to Pag t-FREEDOM Fear Insult May Sha tter Vyprus f ruce By GEORGE McARTUUB NICOSIA (AP) Chances tor peace on Cyprus are so precariously balanced that United Nations officials fear an insult shouted across no man's land could shatter the truce. And in Nicosia, emboldened Turkish-Cypriots hare been Protective Role U.S. Sends Troops xfci ,;, T6 Congo By ARNOLD AMBER LEOPOLDVILLE (Reuters)-Four giant U.S. Air Force trans port-plane arlth M American para trooper a board were beaded for The Congo today oa temporary assignment. -The tour US. C-U0a of tba (2nd Airborne Division flew to Leopoldville on a direct trana- Uaotic flight front North Carolina. The decision to send the planes came, as leftist Congo rebel asked the American con-salate staff to leave Stanleyville. The Congo's third largest city captured by the insurrection- lata more than a week ato. The planes end troops will ba at the disposal of U.S. Ambas sador G. McMurtie Godley and us- military ad risers. But It What's Inside -i f V Billy Graham . .. . ( II Bridge 17 Classified Ads .., Comics ......... S47 Crossword Editoriala a s Financial s, t Horoscope KOgallen . IS ..IS 14-17 Sports TeO Me Why ........ IS IS. IS TV. Radio Women's SS.2 SS-S7 RESURRECTION .Sf. ' Heaven," says she died In 11$). Alice also claims she was re surrected iramed lately, that Christ appeared to her to a vision and that under His divine command, aha, formed the Lumpa church. ' ' Alice now is a prisoner of the Northern -, Rhodesia - govern ment. She gave herself -up at the climax of a bloody wave of murder and arson by the Lum pa that baa sent the death toll climbing, toward M0. v r The so-called holy war that Alice launched upon Northern Rhodesia came about , because her primitive tribal followers be lieved her story, II I conceiv able she even, believed t herself. : v1 - j ;M The killings started appar ently when Prime Minister Ken neth Kaunda a govern meat ag ents, tried to force her people to vote, Alice' adherents' didn't want to vote..' In the confusion which followed several people were killed. From then oa the troubles snowballed.; . :i 1 HER FAME SPREADS . The fame of Alice realty spread through Northern Rhodesia after a violent rslnstorm. h seems that Alice ordered her screaming insults across the sandbagged "green line" that divides them from the Qreek-Cypriot sector. -,''".-'.. '' - Turkey called off its reconnai&x sance flights over the island Wednesday in response to a UN appeal, but warned it would not hesitate -to strike if the cease-fire collapses. waa stressed in-Washington that the role of the paratroopers was to protect the planes and equipment and not to take part in military operations. Arraagementa were made through a thtrd party for;, a plane to land at Stanleyville to evacuate the five-men Ameri can consulate staff there beaded by Consul- Michael Hoyt DEMAND! DEPARTURE Stanleyville rebel leader Oen. Nicolas Olenga sent a message to the U.S. embassy la Leopoldville asking for the consulate staff to leave. He claimed "U.S. troops acted against the popular Army" and expressed displeasure at American and Belgian pledge of .aid to government . - - - ! Meanwhile, reports circulated here that at least two planeloads of firmer Katanga policemen landed In Leopoldville in the last few days. There also were reports that an airlift of arm bad- been made from the Portuguese territory of Angola where they been stored by Premier Moise Tshombe during his ae- movement in . Ka tanga province.' The U.S. and Baleium aareed Tuesday on new measures to help Tshombe s government re store stability m Tba Congo. ' Officials .said they expected both countries to increase military and economic aid. However, they did not envisage Belgian or U.S. military personnel being Involved. followers to strip naked in the heavy rains and told them the would cleans themr of sin. But, aha said, all those be yond . redemption - would be struck dead by a bolt of tlght-l rung. : -y . . . According to the legend that spread wildly, aa soon a she bad spoken a bolt of lightning struck a nearby tree and two persons were killed. Alice, Lenshina formerly we Ahc Lubisckk As a simple vil lege maiden of the Bemba tribe, so grew up In the same cluster of tribal huts as Prime Minister Kaunda. They want to tne same Scottish mission school and Alice became a member of the Church of Scotland. Her early year ware ortho dox and God fearing. Then came her "death" and revelation. Alice ie still God fearing, but her trust is ta the power of the sword or perhaps the spear. NOT OUTSTANDING ; She baa handsome features. and a flashing smile) but aba Is a dumpy little woman ta bar late 10a who would never stand out m a crowd. ' Tarn la Page I ALICBT In the northwest corner of the Island, Turkish Cypriote manned the tiny pocket of Kok-kina, into which : they were driven by Greek-Cypriote before Ihe ' weekend - cease-fire. t Despite tba aerial threat, the Nicosia .government . is main taining a .ring of steel around Kokkina and UN observers fear renewed dashes; ( I - f CALLS FOR ACTION " y ' Parliament President Gmfcos Cleridea drew' shouts of appro val when be cried that the time for talk was past. Only-outright self " , determination; under United Nations shelter, would satisfy tba island's 400.000 Greek-Cypriou, he -said. They : form four-fifth of the population. ' ; ;,.. . . J ! Blasting the Turkish air at- Cieridee said' "nobody can believe -the respoasiluuty rests solely with Turkey.- , .."Nobody can believe that Tur- key would dare launch aucb at-tacks, with NATO plan, without the consent of these' two countries the United States and Great Britain. " Greek Foreign Minister Stav-roa Coetopouloe warned the Tur. kith ambassador m Athens that if the Turkish flight continued Greece - would "react accordingly.". . ' Tarn as Page I FEAR Turks Say Pilots "V Tortured NICOSIA "AP)-Tbe Turkish embassy claimed ' Wednesday that the Turkish Air Force pilot who was captured by Greek- ; Cypriot fighters after his et plana crashed during - "aa strike on Cyprus was shot three time and . tortured before ,be died. .''". isr-sV--rl--";jL An embassy spokesman said the pilot, Capt- Cengir Toper. 30, also suffered a broken shout- and had other injuries which Turkish-Cyprlot doctors said showed ba had' bean tor tured, ..,, . .v,.-h ; Toper: balled eut1ust before his swept-wing Jet crashed. He was' captured by Greek -Cypriot national guard. He died next day la hospital of injuries ruf-: fared in his fall, the Cyprus government said. ' A. Cyprus government spokes- mn said a representative of the International Red Cross had opportunity of seein the pilot's body and "e e a f Ir m s there was nothing t abnormal about It' ' ' - J L Accuses i ' t; Grek-Cypriotr Of Crt-elty ' ANKARA (Reuters) Tur. klsh Pr'me Minister Ismet In-onu today accused Greek-Cyp-rtot leaders of causing cruelty to Tarkey-Cypriots "beyond da- script ion and unbelievable In the JOth century." , , He was replying to a im sage from Rusiisn Premier Khrushchev In which the Soviet leader called on Turkey to stop "military operations against the Repu bllcof Cyprus." In hi reply, published here today, Inonu aaid Turkey bad. always wanted to solve the Cy prus problem through ' negotia. . tions, but Ihe Greek - Cypriot leaders Insisted on attacking unarmed Turk. 1 - ' The Greek-Cypriote bad left Turks without water and food, he said, -..v . : ,

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