The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 6, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNE1LLSVILLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1915. OUff flatiy HEJTRT P. 3NTDER. 1'ouniler *nd KilUor. 1879-1J1*. THE COCHIKK CO3UA-W, K. ; President. JAS. J DRISCOLU Bcc'y and Treaaurer, Busmcaa Mauagi JOHX L. OAKS, Xanaglng Kdltor. WAI/TfiR S STIMJEM., City Editor. JOSS LrNXE £.. KlNCpIi, Society J.ditor. MEMBEK OF. Associated Press, Audit Bureau of Circulation, Pennsylvania Associated Dallies. country and eater the service in small numbers from a given coxnmunity at one time, Iteir going sway is unnoticed by all except their immediate friends. They take their departure as cinlians hence attract no attention in their goingl The National Guard unita are a part of the community life. Their member- j ship consists of young men amous whom certain ties have "been formed | before they entered the service. They j are the only type of Midler witii which people at home are familiar hence wheji they leave the home station for duty, their departure becomes a community event because they leave as j an organisation, not as individuals, I lite the recruits for the Regular Army i Tvro c0at4 n«r copy, SOc per month; pass out from home on-e by one. The j H per jr«ar by mail If paid In advance. Sc!ectlve Service men depart llnder- . Entered a* second rlass matter at the ConnellsviUe, Pa. ETE*G, FEB. e, 1913. Itnker f t T*« Awwiated Pm. Th« Associated Press ts exclusively entitled to the use for republlcation ot all new* dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited In this paper and also te local news published herein. COLOXEL J. 3L REID. "Before hia reiirementfrombusiness, ud the impairment of his health, the Imto Colonel J. M. K?id was one of the somewhat similar circumstances and arouse even more interest largely due to the novelty of the manner by w hich they are to become wearers of the ', khaki. To thesa'circumstances .'s attributable the fact, which. Sergeant Smith i notes, that the home ties of the select- , ed. men and the guardsmen are stronger than, those of the regulars and that I tb« formei "get all the 'goodies' -and ' attention from the folks at home." True to the traditions of the aerv- ico Sergeant Smith does not complain of, these things, but he floes bring them to tho attention of all of us in a [ ' straight-forward and soldierly man- \ ner. What he says may have escaped the notice of those Tvho have been j deeply interested in making provisions ! most active, energetic, enterprising ' of all kinds for the welfare and com- ' ·Bd public-spirited citizens ol Con- j fort ot the wearers of Uncle Sam's | e.. He was uniform. To these persons the term I identified with many enterprises that have been in- soldier has too often been restricted ' Srumcntal in advancing the material , ln its meaning to those in whom there i interests of the community and was 13 a personal pride and interest. This fiways ready to willingly and goner- | has been less the result of a selfish regard for only class of soldiers euslj- aid every public undertaking. In these these^ things his Ufe and services have contributed much of permanent value to his home city, which is the true measure of. the worth of a man who would aspire to be a useful citizen, and as such he will be long re-i membred. His social graces and qualities gained for him an abiding affection in the feearts of those who came in closest contact -with him. That is th* sincere Irfbute friends will per to, his mem- have overlooked the fact to which i ory as a man whom it was their privl- Scrgcant Smith has airect(;d attention.' Jese to know intimately and esteem Now lhat H has beOR presentcd to IrlgMT. _ _ I us so clearly, we ought in the future i | be glad of tho opportunity to extend ] our solicture to embrace the soldier who has "no family ties except those of the great human family," but who is "just as human as the selected man j and the guardsman" and who "can appreciate it when he knows that he is being- remembered. than it bas been ot oversight, for the ( heart of the people back home goes oat to all titose youn-g" moo. who have ' answered their country's call. Un- i fortunately for the regular he has not i been included in the scope of the plans \ which groups of the friends of the selected men and the guardsmen have formed. "We have been so engrossed in making provision for tbe soldiers I _ who -we may know personally that w e CREEPING SHADOWS WE CAS AM MUST 1)0. We hear much, about what is heing kme to exploit the pro-German pro- 3UM© Tsolfes By Samuel G. Dlxon, 51. D., L. L. D , Commissioner of Health. Owe Cent a Word. No advertisements for L«sa Than IS Onto. Classified columns cloee Lt noon. Advertisements of want*, mlaa. etc., received after that hour win not acnear until the dav fullowtij« jrously combatting it. The newspapers, FouT-OUinitte Men and other public speakers Save day after day sounded notes of alarm and have urged all -patriotic citizens to arouse YVMXeo. to the duty of meeting the menacing j lones to that situation which is developing from the The tenacity with which the man ho!dc . on cf , lvin . e , ! us thst , le !je . creases 11A-K BUKAD. , Facing the great economies tbat WANTKD -- YOI'P. must be practiced in the time of war] business UKNDlMC'S . o a [ h e r 'and in the future as the population in-- AHBERIXO tr more wm be your rapid growth of this insidious evil in many forms. But with all that has been said and dons to impress upon urgency individual citizens done? In answer'sorae say that they have neglected no opportunity to show their loyalty, nor have they failed to respond to any call lhat has been made to promote ev ery worthy patriotic movement. But has this been enough? Have we »ut our professions ot loyalty to a practical test by doing I domestic conauirer". some concrete thing, or better, a num- j her of them, in the direction of suppressing evidences of disloyalty, or preventing the sprtad of the nefarious : German activities in this country? Have we realized that these activi- j ties cover every medium for influenc- | ing the public mind · to Germany's ends? We have prided ourselves on of people w h o be-, the earth become depleted, it w i l l : 1S E ° ° a , npr.esnarv for US to adjust What W A N ' T E D -- F V . C T U n V GIKI-S AT the natural productions o f ; THI-STATE fv.Mv co. ifeb-trd ' f.-ct be! 'haie in the way of essentials. Especial- The Perry t o w n s h i p -chotl children j '* ls thls SO * foodstuffs, i subscribers to AVj.r-Sa\incs stamps i It therefore becomes important to ·e keeping tin* patriotic town?njp in (know irhat combinations can bo made - ? P r *P' r Place nn the map. t ^y ^ rctauve food %aUlc of such In eatinir wh 1 -h TI |combinations with tvui standard foort- orders, the same rule; win probably f chomists has given me a bread combi- apply as in eating hare--nrit catch j nation, v^hich he has worked up with ! his wife's co-operation. They use cctrn flour, which hereto- WAA'TKU -- 1 , A I T M J R Y WOM-wK BAIjTIMOIlK HOL*faB I j a n - x W WAN'TIJD -- DISHWAfat KR AT BALTIMORE HOUSE. -jjan-ttd Tailor. IflUY LA in W J T.L \TliAK" TAlE- j l u j o u i mej-feiire by u--. We can jce * u u r deBifftiatcO s t y l e TMtii pcr- accuracy no m a t t e r how plain or C i m p l i c a t e d Stand trtl f i b r i t b in ttir- iiewusl p a t t e r n s «tnd coloring SATjV LA f ' H l M I A , Wench .md .Men'b Tailor, j l!ijy J ' i U f l b u m - St. Jfeb-iM | AdmUUtrnfur's Yoticr. "WANTBD WANTBD-WOaiAJf COOK AT ONCE. KSTAT « OP WMi A «J St. BARNES, CIH'P RH.STALRANT MebStcl , j M t _ 0 f ihr C i t y ot OoimellsvUle, C o u n t v · t l u and State of F e n n ^ j Ivanla of . i d r r j i n ' s l r a t i o n c t H. on the name ti estate having" b e e n Kigrn^fl. notice ifi rsonfa indebted to i immediate pay- I Appl. FOR 3EVJ3RAljJ ! *ft b ^ L d ' W-VXTIiD--COMPRTENT at ont c A p p l y at oUlce of era. Coal deliveries, the Fuel Administration says, must resemble charity in that they sh-ill be^in at the homos of tho S01SSON ] 51ob-tfd I Core has been almost unknown in o a r , WANTED--j OIULS APPLY AT doincfitid baJcenes, and it would seem "nitr f'u.v.VKLLS\ ILXU to open the way for a very large saving GCeb'^td , h i I of our wheat Qour. I t must b e distinct- ' WANTED--JOOK AND to tholr pStronf "ho hot^r a ml' ! ' understood flftt that tbere is a , maid ARMSCRuSG s m r.tnts will hv%e to add an I great difference between corn flour aoucc-tw or other delicate balances, t i l l e d m and corn meal. The corn flour in cora- to their p os i tion is practically the same as the ' corn meal, but it contains a little more "o Hotter Authority protein, and starch, and a Httle less Cleveland Dai'y iron Trade ' mohturc and fat, the shortage oC fat ConncHsviiie coke shipments were i being due to the fact that the germ is W A N T E D -- D l S H W A S H E I l S L A V I S H or polish. TKAXS-Ai.UIJGHKM" HOTEL. ;,3jan-ifd W A N'T !·: U-- u I lib FOR Ci BN E R A L paid CaU cnue, Scottdali , Fa. to Iho u n d e all p said estat^ to makf nient .and to those upramst the same to present t h e m p r o p e r l y au t h a n Heated for settlement, JA-MES L COCHRAN, ^ d T i l n l h t r a t o r c L a. C o D n e l l H v i l l e , I»a H. G M A Y . Attorney. 29j.infit-tucs - Pay , claims ] | NOTICK IS H K R B B Y O I V C N TILAT a-i a p p l i c a t i o n wi'l he *n.ide I'i A B.! Uonii J. S M_,diEan untl It M. Mat- j I h c i A s to the G o v e r n o r of Penns\ I v inj.i. on Thursd.i. r u b r u u r y 21, I31S .Lt 10 o'clocl^ A M. u n d e r tht p r o \ j s i o n s Dt an Act of A s s e m b l y e n U t i e d "An Act 20 per cent of corn Hour have little o r ' KSE MAXt ' G c '!no corn taste, and Uus Js the percent-,' the wax began, the German govem- meot lias spent millions of dollars, amd kept an army ol ascnts busy in. conducting a propaganda through playins upon the guiielessness and tii* natural peace-loving tendencies Of the American people. The object of thi» haw been to retard our var pren- the ice Is thick u p o n the r i v r r feel c o m f y a n v m o r e aJl day i ago, which has been found aHer long VAXTF-T)--/ _ _ i experiments, to produce the best bread. C o n n c i l s \ i i i o and MCI: the same proportion can bo used also frcier1 f o r i n P n X H d l c o for grlt'dle cakes, pastry and cakes. To make bread as it js made m the NTED IN icn itj trt solicit (Jlothes, fru r " factors- dfrc-ct to wearer at tvhole'iaiii nrlcet r. O Box 52: PhlUci-lplil-i, 1'a 4feb1t-eod« ··upplementi- t h e r e t o cnnte-red STT5H-! I.IN'fK I I l G B E K ,\!ATTT1E\VS, Soh- j a n S O f e b f i - U or CIRCDljATIOX. Per nej Ivania. County of F a (average household, ivhcre a sponge is and PrOSBlan- domlnam e. , fcorea* has reigned Since the war has been In pco^resri , wintcr'-s nsor, ah can It be that the German activities in this country j "on«ila!ni«a oC trifling things like Hie I am tirod of ( f o u r quarts of wheat flour, mix thoi- ouijhly by putting through a flour sif- jture taken on ne* -forms and been Conducted with increasing boldnyw* ; shuki- th' liPaterb the Hue, T| {tei three or four times OE f.purse. I Full Ill-NT--I-'CHNISJIBU H O U M J 2 j r , A l . u k e t bt J f p b - t f d ^ratt?. £ trry coal to JiunR: y | larger quantities may be mixed at oae .m i the idiotic «.ka.t«- who i ttme. keeping the prooer n r o n o r f l o n JLMV eneml« of oar governiuent haie j*rr«uched b^cawse of hurmtes* teeters,? 1 Jn paslr - oven larw ro oiUo " r not hesitated to practice incendiarism. J '^*? l "° i u ^. y ° L Kn ^ ll ° r '' e sense that ( ^^ coin "flour l"* ' H i ° use this tniMnru in ON' and incite sedition and treason. They ( hi'^.^"ii^'^unst'thf. ^'"^.^(1 broad, pastry etc employing every possible means witsfip-a t h a t w i n t e r was- beffmnin^'' ii ;Ii trd Cor ot.c to realize when Lhi- cohJ world \\ i t h ice i '.heeled, once hi lieoffd at asure skies and Uickfi) b^- th.-- «-nds wer» v heatcil .My breath «* tran^l.tte(I into frost, u.y thp celH- «»t:itrs T fcampei, to shovel , . , , coal at f r i g h t f u l cost, and open n» womc good -Unencaiis_ha3 ^S°H e a JJ c ;? f h a L ' t i n h o r n il.uppei The coal m p n u^t- * "-"--*' "· * : -- 1 oTa \ i g o i - " all I can earn, except what ROCS to pay tht* plumht-r, and a 1 ? I watch my'wape 1 - hurn, T ^.i\, "Xo m«rp. T'K kick a.t s,uni- FOK KENT^-FROXT O1'"-'ICKS second floor of Dunn 33% i\ ing Immune of IIA11KY J p u b l i s h e d i n C o n n e i l a v i l l e . P a . and 'liat t h e n u m b e r of papers p r i n t e d ( t i r i n g l i e week e n d i n g S a t u r d a j . 1'ebru-iry 2 1H1K, w a s as folo'^-b: 610'; J a n 3 1 . . G t C I -Inn b »" d -,i« 3'u Saturday, February 2nd, the sun shone--.that means the ground hog saw his shadow. Therefore, six more weeks of winter. Many persons believe absolutely in this ground hog sign, and will frequently hear them say so, confirm it by the fact that the\ have noticed it "a hundred times or more." Well, notwithstanding the prospects of six weeks of winter, the Union Supply Company's spring arrangements are Still going on. Granting we.will have six more weeks of -\viuter, it will givu you just that much more time to prepare your spring raiment and have it ready when the spring sudderly does burst upon us. Of course our spring showing includes raiment for everybody, but just at this time want to particularly interest the women--the many nice new things now coming in, the numerous bright colorings--one would think the scarcity of dyes a joke. In addition "there are very extensive lines of all the different piece goods, consisting of ginghams, percales, cheviots, toil du nords, beautiful lines of plaid and figured silk for skirts, for shirt waists, or for dresses: an extensive and beautiful Hue of hosiery in all the new shades and colors. It is not out of place to call your attention to our stylish lines of shoes for women, misses, and children, high cops, fancy tops, just about anything you want. We can talk about them and describe them, but a better way for you to get a real good idea of our stock would be to call and inspect them, see for yourself--visit the nearest Union Supplj' Company store. ion 63 Larse Department Stores, Located in Payette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Buy Your Ford Car Now If you want one for next Summer. I can make immediate delivery of FORDS, although I caunot promise delivery next Spring. Everything is in your favor--cars will not be any cheaper and deliveries more uncertain later; and the FORD car is the only car that has not advanced iu price. The same quality that you have always expected--the greatest automobile value at last year's lowest price is still yours if you place your order NOW. 1'rice of Touring Car $S60.00; Bunubout $845.00; Chassi* g32o.OO, f. o. b. Detroit, Delivery anj-wher? in Dunbar, Franklin, Connellsville, Lower Tyrone. Salt Lick and Springfield Townships: Uawson. Dunbar and Vanderbilt Boroughs. WEST CK.UVFORI) AVENUE. fo serr* their ends and arc l e \ e i l y itiiriBg to make all persona ot doubt- · ful or Trwerine loyalty plian.1 tc»ls in The_situ»don which confronts all rou etuctly Ihc ^ame proportions and I r c a t , t-'L"M- it i-xactly aa yoj w o u l d ordinal-}- fioui.! s Jn ]:utrjti\e \a]uo, the thfferenre ]jc- !o*-n' twe " B tho m ' 1:( ' d * !ollr bread and the ' a l l whpat flout bread is -very slight. Their tnorl raluo is OH3 »0d ~ck*ermfcied pro-American. iBti-Wroan propig^Sae 3 t jnui. be ·« rijEorous and so determined that i"(f iriH eJTKtaallj counteract the efforts at the bordc ot German agents. We BUBt overcome ottr diffidence or ··elect la reportos disloj-al acts aad nttcrances. "We must not cestitate or delay ahovring up all lying propaganda set In drcu'atlcn to poison the minds and weaken the loyalty of our people. We must fig'it German Bdssr A. Guest. practical!.!- Ihc | same, and if white corn flour is, mod. i thr bread has the same* appearance as ' t h e all-wheat bread. 'i'nis bread has a decided advantage foi esory day coasuraption ore of the w a r breads of whole wheat, oat cakes, bran, etc , but being free of the roughage, and consequent!; is not irritating when used mea, It OS'H KK1I1T U f rmxI'Tri i m j rc n md C h e f f U i u l s t j e r u d n i a n , Y u u n h l l o u a i 1 . 2 OTTTDi'O OLD. 1 t^ettins older rou svLi 1 . -ON'K O E A V ANT UAKK: Ifroiv tt.i."'frri'.LLKin K i f h t f i i e e str-uid ^w [tell Lo ma cli }( l ^t Krciu-U hat" ^t alter meal and day after day and w o u l d 1 OMc-f.iir prici if u k » n b o f o r ^ llic 3th not be apt to tire of eating it every! A " ""·«i'-ion u i j fine nviith dav. I :.\ SHOP, 11T E. C i a « f o r d Av Anil l u r l n e r s.iyeth n o t . JAiVES M DRISCOLL. K x v n r n to and *u'jfcribed before mu this till r]n or F e b r u a n . 131S J. B. KURTZ. K. P activities here at Iiome ju.t as ccnr-, m ^ or ,' Olla . 5 "_" ; agecusly as ttie toys m France w i l l ! "'·rsa'ii C [n*ynu»f ST*v Bght the Gcrmcn from the Breaches. And i do not n-id tho These are some of the thing-, ire tan In a real fal ' ° r '·n do: tuey arejhejim^we^uat do. j Th £ r 7b£3 1 £» I ? i ~ THE REGfLAH AR3JT JL15. Ih-tne letter of Sergeant Smith', ap- fearing In Friday's Courier, there ·man oresented so frank and Intellleent a statement la beiaill ot the men in l\t» Regular Annj serrice, that It is certain 10 rec*li» i-»rjr thonghfnl «m- sldenttioa b7 11 those who arc Interested, in th.e joldifrs noir compoamff Uncle Sam'a Rchtlng forces. Th« fact that the nren who form ths miits of tdc regular eataWishmwit hS4t from widely jon»TRt»d ^^rttoni; of tho I remenxher how my father Used to sit and long: for ^nrmir In the days when I would r.sihe Skate or go toboffganmif Then the rnfrsred joy» ot u i m . t Used to Uirtll me aa a kid But ITe cot where I besin i. · I'ee! tho way my father dul Te«, I've rot where T bogin UT Ijoac for pleaeaat days and ,\ ui For the rouch'old blaBts nf u n i Send xbft uhivoret down in r - i ' . And rm pxot the jovw of skatlni.- And [ xuffer frnn Ilif rt.h 1 . 1 0riil.'i » rt . siuiif brynnd dcb-UIn T h » l t m n s r hn e ^ t l l n r "''! 1 Corn flour can bo obtained, from CTO- j ^=^ ,cers. 01- they caa get d lor you as ir ";""'· } U reqiilarly on the lftar Q t and i=ibcina; j r--SCO CCH coLI/Ji 11 I'. L.1UIIT j I m a d e ' b y a number of milling com-' b r w n n u " ·'"'.· i i n ^ r i i m n d ni'ck. | jpames and in cost should be cheaper j , H£ -' r '" ' 0 "="- d R '" ! '"' " '-'«TMod, than wheat flnur It should be grotmd ' as fine, or nearly as fine, as the wteat floor which yon are in the habil of using. This breud makes a 20 per cent sav- inr n tl u v,lip,it with no practical kiss In foii! \ . i l u e and wjthoni anr of fbo i)iu i n ..i.... r p a r n r ^ s of iii/ i-oursd Bli i l - I ion'l knock. ConnclNvilIe bj send- in .111 Tnonoy otit of t o w n for your n ' t work when Thn Cniincr company r un 'Jo it here at home. Ij3i i: cive TSY OUR * ADLET3. l o L'MON A l TO CO THOSn PUSillINTr INSTRUCTION'S In spef'Lij i J U ' p n r a r l c v n s for t h e c-ar! -.pnnf *xmiii.»Hloti« r.i 1 ! on o- ,irlcir't-^ J. ( U K U i V . \ M J ! 7 «;\ ·· ! i ' n l ( r - | \ \f v -n n ·v anted! Overshoes in e\ery si?o ami f t \ l o 10 ^oit raiy t.h Arctics, (riiii! Shoos. Gum liooix 1VU i.'oi-i!.-, ;un! thing in Rubber Kooivnw. Ft'.ht 0i.i!H o n h . PAF.TV «'tlo leaving I f o n d r v V\ . ^t l^cna far n _' o'clock MI u n 1 . ^ ^ same la e:"nin-t \vill bo .Same irat tskcn nnd Pccbm fir^bCMi' 1 PU.MS'l PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVEETISE IN THIS PAPER.

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