The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 6, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1918
Page 3
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-.WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 191s. THE DAILl COURIER, CONNE^LSVILJUB. PA. PAGE NEWSY NOTES TELL WHATS HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN CWId FalJs Victim of an Attack of Cerebro-Splnal Meningitis. TIE BASKTBALLERS ARE ACTIVE «pey Ball league is Wet Tin rJmte Me» »»a P»tor» »ai iosiness Men of Mill Town to Flajr VkJrce 'limes l.«klr: Olker News. I . Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALE, !eb. 6.--The sii we«ks old son of Mr. and Mrs. FrarJc DeValt who died at his Owensdale hone of cerebro sptaal menghis, was bur,«d in the Scoudaie cemetery on Moxlay following funeral services at theDeVTalt home. .' .' C1»I Officers Chose*. ·The Junior Phy-Mo-Me club has eleted the following officers to serve foithe coming'year: President, Donal Stoner; vice president, Lamar Gbss; secretary, James "Walters, and trasurer, J. "Warren Broois. The Jmior Phy-Ho-Me basketball team xvil go to Unlontown on Saturday to Virginia- Praaer Boyle. Service, bas always -been a iLard ies- i son {or'humanit.y lo learn. Perhaps that was why the Son ot Man silently girded Himself with a towel and washed the Disciples' feet. He did it jast at the time, when those erstwhile fishermen and taxgatbecs were raising the question, as to who among them, would be the greatest in the K-itgdom of Heaven. To the unthinking masses, ,th£ word conveys only the suggestion of humility; to (.he humanitarian, the truest test of Christianity; to'the lover of his country, the noblest significance of patriotism. AGED VETERAN READY TO FIGHT IF NECESSARY The .military camps of the United States are swarming today, with our kahki-clad boys, eager to prove that patriotism. Some of them are now "Over There" behind the .French and British lines ready to 5ked their blood--to give their lives, if need be, that liberty and freedom may siiH mean what they spell. . But what are you doing--how are you serving? It isn't the other fellow's .war; it's your war--our war. Of course, your son is in camjy, or will be in the next dralt, or Is already "Over There." Maybe, he volunteered; b u t ' that isn't you! You haven't had many meatless or ·wheatless days, and your ''business, as m-et tbe Pontiac cli^b of. "that'city. Tfe Pontlac team was recently de-'( %° ae - lsn l *° m fefed at Seottdale by a score of 18 war ' Thc boj " s ' tblS. To Piny (irrensburg. . 3n Thursday evening the senior Pl--3Fo-ile club will play the Greens- bug Theta Ro Club at tie local Y. : M. C.A. floor. The visiting 'team for the metipart is made up of the members oftbe Greensburg high team, and is th fastest visiting team seen on the leal 1 floor this season. The last con- tst.'ended with a score of 32-30 for »e locals. A hot contest is antici- Jted as this is a second of a series £ games for the championship of usual," doubled since U)c boy has ping to win the | · ^ill be his o*vn. You' can'l wear it at second-hand; who aver heard of a second-hand glory crown? "Too old to serve?" Not a bit. We have millions of kabki men for the front, but there are billions of soldiers without the kahki, at home whose service is needed to help win in this war. None are too old or too young to aid, in. bringing the victory. That oid mothor, up in Ohio, 98 years old, who has knitted 10 pairs erf trench socks, is wearing the uniform of the United States on the iuside and answering Says He feels as Frisky as a Young Colt--Lauds 'Canlac. "'Seventy years ago. when the .Mexican War came along, I tried to get a place as a drummer boy. but as I was only seventeen 1 was turned down.'' said Charles B. Bobbins, 87 years, an expert gardner 3741 Fifteenth street Philadelphia, Pa. "[ got my chance In the Civil War, though, enlisting in Company A., (itb Pennsylvania Cavalry. I feel as young and hearty right today as I did'in '(il anil believe there is some good lighting left in me yet if my country needs j me. Until a couple of weeks ago I i always walked six or ten miles a day, basidcs attending to my gardener business, without minding it one bit. Stomach trouble, which I have had for some time, finally got the best ot I me. ··· { "However, I decided t.o try this Taniac I had heard praised so highly, ft took, exactly one bottSe to nx me up as good as new. My appetite has improved wonderfully, and 1 can eat without feeling bloated or suffer from soirr stomach and heartburn. J go to bed nights knowing that I will sleep soundly until morning. Then I get up feeling as frisHy as a colt Those sick headaches have left me. fy nerves are in better shape today than they have been in fifty rears. Taniac has put me back on the job. 1 have taken many medicines in my time, hut I never ran across anything that works so rapidly and efficiently as Taniac." Taniac is bsing sold here by the Connelteville Drug Co. Taniac can a.lso be secured in Dunbar at D. C. Epson's drug store.--adv. .Vestmoreland county under the A. A. i ro ". c »" . ri .S* L Ttose "e ir s of th ; L'. 'ml UIIJT Scout Kmlly.' The Boy Scouts will have a rally at the Y. M. C, A. on Friday evening at o'clock. Benefit Play Tonlirfct. Tonight the play. "The Spring Bon- sixties" knitting and making Red Cross pajamas down in the South are making the cause of liberty stronger every day. That 11-ytar-old . boy In Memphis, Tenn., who spread his own flag over a little table in a, bank lobby and sold over a million dollars worth netV r bernVp«t'o~n'by"the7oca] S publTc^ ot Liberty Bonds, did as much in his schools as a benefit, will be given: wa " to wln M lhe man m the in the Scottdale theatre. The rehearsals have been full of interest and enthusiasm for'those taking part a n d . the. showing made here will make can only use a thumb of one hand and Scottdale proud of its local t a l e n t . t w o fingers of "e other, yet he learn- when they have been properly trained ed Io k n i t a hospital scrub, and, and sent before the public this even- i w i t h tcars in his ej ' es ' he U" 11 * 04 BY-PRODUCT OUTPUT, LESS '· ing ciair In a Home for Incurables : that you can take off.your hat. -. He ing. God that he was able to do something t Parker Circle. i for ais country. Impertinent kind Miss Margaret Cosgrove'of Pittsburgh tai ^ ta i t ? N o = merely strong. street entertained the Parker Circle You unlock your big safe c of the Presbyterian, church last even- ' and **: out those Liberty Bouds; : at her home. A very pleasant ev- '' eve "- a German knows tney are a good enlng was spent. After the program j Investment- ' And those canceled there was a social hour, with those j cfl ecks for thc v ~- sf - c - and T.ack of Onl t'ansr of Heaty Prop to ~i\; Per Cent of Capacity During fferd Ending .lan'twry 12. l^ack of coal. caused. the loss- of more than 100,000 tons of by-product ] coke during the wek ended January, 12, says tile report of C. B. Lesher j ot the United States Geological Survey. Reports from 51 out of the 53 by-product plants now in operation indicate a production of 361,451 tons of coke, or 74.5 per cent of tlieir maxi- Continues All Month- --You save from 10% to 33% ora every purchase. --Sale Tag* and original Tags attached to each article. --Six Big Floors of reliable Housef urnishings to choose from. --Liberal, convenient Credit---if desired--during this Sale period. --Selections made now will be held for future delivery--without extra charge. --The high-quality Aaron Furniture, Rugs, Stoves and Housef urnish- ings--at these Sale prices--are the largest values that were ever offered to you. BIG SCOUT MEETING uf City Will HoM AniriTsiiry Oatberini: at Library. The Boy Scout troops of tbe city will hold an anivcrsary meeting at the Carnegie Prep Library JjYlday even i n g at 7 o'clock in honor of the eighth anniversary of tbe Boy Scout mum capacity during 1917, the com- i movement in America. The scouts panics reporting produced 97 per cent of the entire output. , The depression already noted the bituminous industry as a whole thus affected also the production of by-product coke. Thc ratio of ton- be addressed by Walter Scheuck president of (he' local council of scouts. At S o'clock ev;ry scout will repeat the scout oaiti. AI the saute time all over the Uulied States every scout at produced to maiimum capacity » similar meet!'.',g will repeat the oath. fell from 80.0 per cent during the ·1 perstras'fcnitttng who did not wisb to - idle away an hour. SolatHly . cocoes ior we i. M . ·-. *. *u« ^ | week ended January 5 to 74.5 per cent War Library and th* Red Cross a-nd in the (ollowi ^ , P the ambulances in France and Italy · you're iblc to show. They've called j in the (ollowi . . ·Miss Evelyn Byrne of Fourth avenue i "P°n '" PTM"*' hvel "' haven't they? - on your coun- you have lived. You called upon her to .mother you when you were a boy. You called on her, boastfully, when you first felt that entertained the member* of the Srical- i Bul JouS-e ity -with a knitting" party at her home T ever y da 5 last evening. . Church SowHy .Heels. Mrs. "W. TV. Eichcr entertained the , Nearer and Farther Lights of the Bap- r°" »« re » man - Y o u called u P° n tist church at her home last evening. I her to protect you · in your enter- Tolle.v Ball I.eiunie, i prises when you went into busiaes. A new volley ball league has been i Y °" °*"* A "P on ber resources to help formed. Games will bo played on Thursday afternoons. Thursday night and Saturday afternoons. There will be four teams made up nf Frick men, American Sheet Tin Plate mill men, business men and pastors. All games The rseoaia at the past yeur will he read and a general iuspection of the I scouts wilt be held. Tut: best u-uip in ! you make your fortune, and you nrade i Yorki i B(Uana an(1 im,,^ it right here in this blessed land of j sUue or Mar?land) , Mses . will be played on the V. It. C. A. floor. . Ankle Sprained. E. A. McConn is confined to his rooms a; the Jarrett apartments, having- suffered/ a badly, sprained; ankle when he fell on the ice. · I Dunirhfer Rnrii. j ' Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Carlson of North Pcottdale arc the proud parents of a daughter hnrn yesterday at their home. freedom. Ohl it isn't enough that you can sbow a handful of canceled checks; tbat you have given one, two, or even three boys to keep your mother country without blemish. You've got to give yourself--you've got to feel It on the inside. You've got to let it enter into your soul until tbe place is ho:y with the bigness ot it- You've got to set it up next to your God and live it and be it unjil we have won, this war for the liberty and the freedom ot the nations 1 Tbe dominant -factor limiting pro- tbe city will thca b*; judged .by a sys- duction remains lack ot coal, for 'em ot merits used by scouts. . ; which, in turn, the congestion ot the The meeting will be the starier'of; transportation system is held rcspon- · tbe KCOUIS campaign lor ''.Men and i Money" to be held throughout the na- j tion. ConueHs-villo is preparing to 1 take an active part in tbe drive, and I already several men have announced ; their intention of enlisting in the j Scoutmaster's Resr-rvr Corps. : Next Sunday morning the scouts j will attend the anniversary sermon i o | In tbe 1 be preached hy Rev. J. L. Proudit jit ' attributed ; the First Presbyterian cnurcn. [ j to this cause amounted to 43.8 per j [ ceat of capacity; in Illinois, 16 37.1 j per cent; in Indina, 43.3 per cent; in j New York, to 34.6 per cent. The by- j product plants of Alabama. Tonnes- ! sible. I^osses due to this cause amounted to 20.9 per cent of the maximum capacity. Losses attributed to repairs were reported as 2.2 per cent; those due to a.11 other causes, 2.4 per cent. The states suffering worst from.! i lack ot coal were Maryland. New GERMANS ARE SALT OF EAKTR, DECLARES KAISER "Cnei uwnW mever kec- taken out pvat fnuft taiiJt 1k? Gtnfien ·Ffth^rieni ad il* people if B* Jwrf Mi i*n preparing l*r sosteiing ttlll frettt*- Wr are tft* ttdl of Ihr earth.** »Ia»er Wtlliu H't tpetcb of Mar. 22, 13(15. The First Presbyterian church of Scottdale will^ hold its annual meet- log the second Thursday of this month in. tbe church. The following persons have been named 1 on the nominating committee: Mrs. James Campbell, Mrs. N. E. Silslev and Mrs. O. F. Kelly. .· Inianl IMes. The infant child of Mi. and Mrs. Jobji - Szymanski of Eversim died at its-home on Sat-urday and was buried in the St. Joseph's cemetery following linen. mass at St. Joseph's church. Women Pack Box. On Saturday.the ladies of the W. C. T. P. packed a box for the children's home at Edgewood and sent it on. The hoi "vras packed at th« home o*f Mrs. C.'jp. Reid. Warm underwear, stocking^ and nightgowns from bJants' size up to children of.twelve years old w;ere needed. The very cold winter has -made warm clothing a problem an* the-generous-tox packed by these people will help greatly in looking after the needs of these orphans. ' * rersn»»l Xotf 5. Jliss Kitty IfcKahel of Pittsburg:. is the guest of friends here. ,Mrs. C. A. Busch has returned home from 4 visit with friends at Birmingham. Alabama. .jRead' The Daily Courier every day. ITCHING IRITATION EASILY CURED , When you su'fter with any skin irou- ble, even though the itching seems unbearable, do not think that it is necessary to use some disgusting, greasy ointment. Try Hokara, a pure and sample cream, that is guaranteed to contain, no'grease or acids and which is so cleanly that it does not soil the see, "Washington and Minnesota were less affected by the tie-up of transportation than those fn the Eastern, North Central, and Middle Atlantic states. Light" oil recoveries from by-product coke amounted to even less than j 74.5 per cent of maximum capacity. 1 Frequent complaints have been received that the quality of coal supplied to by-product oVens is inferior, resulting in a Iwer yield of light, oil and other toy-products per toa of coal charged- Its power to instantly relieve any irritation of the skin and make it soft, white and beautiful is almost mir»«u- lous. Not only do minor skin troubles like pimples, blackheads, acne, barber's itch, etc., quickly disappear, but the worst ulcers or cases of salt rheutn or eczema are cleansed arid healed by this wocderful skin food. In order that any one may try Ho- kara at small expense, A. A. Clarke's Drug Store is selling a Hberal-si7.ed jar at 35c. and in addition guarantee to refund the money, if the treatment does not do all that is claimed for it--Adv. Ohiopyle. QHIOPYLE, Feb. 6.--Mr. and Mrs. "^Mrs. W. H. Everhart and daughter, t William Kinsley returned to Morgan- Rachel, have returned to their home in town yesterday after a few days spent Cleveland,"O.. after an extended visit | at Ohiopyle. with Jlr. and Mrs. D. R. Inglis. .' W. T.. Stoner will' look after the religious work. Charles Albright and John lap^s. ttse membership.. A. J. 'Skemp. educai'onal and industrial. the i Pcrryopolis. PBRRYOPOiLI, Feb. G.--C, F. Hodgkins, of Greenaburg. was guest oE his brother, I. M. Hodgkins, Sunday. ; ,Mr. and Mrs. R. W. McWiHiams. oC I Grafton, "W. Va., are spending several ! weeks with relatives here. ' j The tipple at Lirtdale burned Mon- j day morning. It will be. reb\iilt at j once. r " I " 5Eis5 DrucUla. Piper spent the wek- . end with her parents at Layton. [ Remember, tbe pictures'ot Ben Hur to be.shown Friday evening at the M. E. church under the auspices of Uie Primary Department. A.program by the department will ber endered also. ! W-ord has been received here that \ ·Stven .Roscoe at Camp'Lee is in the j camp hospital recovering from a j throat operation. Mrs. Rebecca Picrisol spent Sunday with friends at Star junction. Eases Quickly "When You Apply a Little Musterole. And Musterole won't blister like the, old-fashioned mustard plaster. Just; spread it on with your fingers. It pene- j tingle, loosens the congestion and draws' out tbe soreness and pain. Musterole is a clean, -white ointment made with oil of mustard. It is fine foi j quick reliei from sore throat, bronchitis, * tonsilitis, croup, stiff neck, asthma, neu-' raJgia, headache, congestion, pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbago, pains and aches ol Ihe back or joints, sprains, sore muscles, bruises* chilblains, frosted feet, colds on the chest (it often prevents pneumonia), frothing Hke Musterole for croupy children. Keep it bandy for instant use. 30c and 60c jars; hospital size $2.50. Pred Rafferty of Uniontown. is calling on relatives here.' Mrs. Weymer of Counellsvllle. visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Meyers on Commercial streei.! Miss Tissue of Bear Run, was slmp- Pnlmer to Handle Alien Claims. Notice is to be given by the .State Compensation Board that hereafter all claims made for compensation on the part of aJiens in enemy countries arc to be made in the name of A. Mitchell Palmer, custodian of alien property. This action will bring the matter under the federal government. FLINT'S MOVING HACHMG AJfn STORAGE. Motor Truck Service To AH Parts ot Region. COAL FOR SALE BOTH PHONES. Thlfi expression husi proznpted Mrs. Alfred flid^wlcfc, who has Kvcd most of her life In Germany, to Tffrttn ft story of tfao intimate ttfft of the people «f tbat country. Mrs, Sldgwick is British torn, educated, cuH«rud and possessing a ran* bre*dtli ol vi»!oo. Amon?; her |i r e v J o a s n-orics the book, "Home Life in Gcrnuuiy," wriCten belore the wais tfl recognized in Germany and elsewhere M nuts- terpleoe, Now flhe ht written a stor/ about tbe Geruiae« of today -- the people who are flphiin^ the uiir. TliLs story is a revolution eron to those who tif\: famiHar wif-h the aid Gcrmaujs- of soug, legend, Btorkff* iif9ts f Krta Krlu^e, Koot dit^r MiO con tenement. That Germany h*fl gone and Jn fts place is found a nation trained / r o m childhood to loofc upon n e i g h b o r ! ng nutioni: rt enemies: and to ha-tti and sneer nt everybody a»d ererrtb tug -outside of Grermwij as inferior. How these Genzutn^ live *t txamc-- faow they love and Uuto, em *nd talk, moke in«*rr and grow eeriott»-- Im fact aJl tbe . pbases of dottj; «JXaJrg In tbe tiTe« of the high mid lowlj, is deftljr nrrrcn late Mrsl Sldgwick'e story, tbe whule rcTotving around n *w*cim*tiux: love, story. In this » Gettnaji ortlcer and a GcraMm rl by birth, but British b^r education and r tralhlEg f *re the n.|Rf«tcr, bld^ovx -- · ttowurt » tk« w+rld. Th* merit. H l« twll ot p»r«* tmm *nrt lo I»»t- tnrtji tnngrbt In O»e «*or WltJutl tfacre mn *ttw «nty Exclusively in the [PITTSBURGH CHRONICLE TELEGRAPH! TWR K*MU* T«*AT OAKS HO«*-* Begins Monday February llth Order Your Paper Now · time corvference Y. M. C. A. work j ping ia town yesterday. I to he^etd in the Union Arcade audl-1 George Morrison was a recent caller j ( tortanvFti.ruar;- 8. S and 10 in Plus-!in Confluence. ! t" ir K. ; George Morris wa* a caller in town I ,P:urori7p those who advertise. ; yesterday. ; Mis? Elizabeth Maloy spent a fpw ! Miss Delia Corristan has returned to ' dar? with Mt. Pleasant (riends.' j her borne here, after a visit vrith her · 'Miss Hilda Bj-rne «'as retnn:(rf from i hrnther. Clywe Corristan nt Youngs! »visit pairt Pittsljuri; friends. : town. 0. · Miry Steiner. Mayme Gib- Ross Brrnrr was a caller In town -of :Mt. Plejisaflt visited Scott- -ii-nds yestcrrtay. yesterday. Paironize. thos who advertise. IF YOU HAD A NECK AS LOKd A8 THIS FELLOW. AND HAD SORE THROAT J. N. Trump WHITE LIB W TRANSFER ttUTOK THIJCK mmii MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPPMAH'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POSTOFnCE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. UK1S£KAL H A U U N « . IV. W. ti Boli) Phones. . A N D CRl'SltED COKJ 1 . " : V " r Conndlsville, Pa. T O N S I U M E WOOLB 9ICILT RaiEVE IT, SSo. MrfMta. HMpltil ftn.If. ALL PMKtCtSTa ' AaJiitv* I AOLD jv nKJSttfstin I PumaE Po»t if .d«*it»d -- Trie* *l, or I bottle* K.ra. - S | THE EVANS CHBMtCAL CO.. CINCINNATI. iD. _ S n*wl ,'oal- Trompt S*rviec, . C n U - B c l l Pbonp 152 or -182, '*'. · Tri-iS(ate (S7fi. ? i --,-^_,-.««-*^i 5 PATRONIZE THOSE WHO ADVERTISE!

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