Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 12, 1974 · Page 167
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 167

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 12, 1974
Page 167
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Dr. Stillman promises you a miracle, he will not let you down. Money back guarantee from Merryall House INTF1UGENCE REPORT BECAUSE OF VOLUME OF MAIL RECEIVED. PARADE REGRETS IT CANNOT ANSWER QUERIES ABOUT THIS COLUMN. EDITED by LLOYD SHEARER THEWEAKffl SEXLEGAI1Y Women have come a long way since 1872 when the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that no female could practice law in that state. '.But, as Ellen Bernstein -recently pointed out in the "Harvard Law School Bulletin," a great many repressive laws discriminating against women still remain on the books. As of this writing: In California the testimony of a woman^who has been raped is -insufficient and must be corroborated. In Ohio women are net permitted to work as bellhops, pin setters, public utility meter readers. In Georgia women are prohibited from working in retail liquor stores. In Alabama every married female applying for a driver's license must use her husband's surname. In several states a husband can shoot his adulterous wife in a so- called "passion shooting" and.the law will countenance it or look the other way, but a wife shooting her adulterous husband is charged with homicide. Even more inequitable is the fact that the Social Security law awards a more generous package of benefits to a man who has worked his entire life Jbhan to a woman. nrnnir According rCUrLt to the "United Nations Demographic Yearbook," the world's population increased- by 76 million in one year to J3.782 billion. That was fe 1972. By now that figure is outdated, and there must be approximately 3.9 billion WWHITS people in the world. More than half, 2.154 billion, live in Asia. Europe is a distant second with 469 million. China ."boasts the most. people, 8'00.7 million,' followed by India with 563.5 million. The world's most "populous cities are Shanghai with 10.8 million people, Tokyo with 8.8, Hew York, 7.9, Peking, 7.6, and, London, 7.4 million. A "black representative from the U.S. Information Agency and his wife came up against South Africa's apartheid laws in Durban a few weeks ago. They were asked to leave the Blue Waters nightclub because they were mistaken for black South Africans.. When Richard Saunders, 54, protested and explained his. identity the club manager .said, "You can stay and eat, but you and your wife can't dance here." Blue Waters is an exclusive beachfront hotel that restricts its clientele to whites, but also has a government license that /permits it to house non-white foreign VIP guests. The U.S. lodged an official protest with the South African government about the humiliation suffered by Mr. and Mrs. Saunders, and South Africa issued a formal apology. Says Saunders: "People have been so nice to us in Johannesburg and Capetown that I forgot what's under the surfaced But the incident in Durban has brought me down to earth."

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