The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 12, 1964 · Page 46
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 46

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1964
Page 46
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1 1 'f; : 111 f ; - . ' 4 . ' . . i I V . . aH ) -I'l 1.1 v 1 ' ' A .A 46 , .sbi fouu m mm . Mtrmt. tremPrcwin Cotumnl WOMAII OVM 35 X YT r O A infant I morninga. ftcf-noons - Ilka houaework. xpertenite mc ' ry. 7. - bar. tlv in. car for 2 chil- i area, amau salary. o?-3ll. U.L SkAL E4TATE BARN WHO.! YOU LEARN FULL training progrem through x- j narfaneed maneaerlal a u irfa m- .to iwra your eltlelenl pro-' grae. Car necotta-y For per- ijcriemed vinan neaeonabie -i-r) CHILD MY HOME. EXCEL-eonal Interview 4ntu your Anywhere IJI-UftO . . condition. : Minor Park. ,?S!SSn ning. . ttMIM. Leslie W n g Company Limited. "Realtor." AVOW COSMETICS EED MONEY EARN . IT AS thouaanda ol - women do. Hepraeent Avon CoarMtica '332- KM. ' CAN YOW QUALIFY? i t& iOXH A SALES STAFF OF ral eaute ipaciaiuta. and h a member of ma moat Informad galea force Our office STuH: the lady who wanu raai aetata career. l A eonndenuai imerview , 1M-33I: avaninga. 233-JOJJ Tkotnaa Shlpinaa Ltd.. Realtor 11.. IT-; " ' SECRETARY Mirnvn wv PBftPKSHIONAL ,rm to r-dern air bulldmg downtown Ottawa Top, SSarrtd for peraon 30-31. who Cnd capable of aoma accounting i work. Shorthand not required Boa E-, journal. fUEAL BSTATS OPPORTUNITY yOR . SINCERE SALESLADIES who can quality .or 1 "M"" ihia aeliuia field offer i IS. bw'lrV.rSS' i'h t people en rwiuwa . ing their homing problem. Free meeting people Ifn" J-.y'Z.y Rialtlea Ltd. 4M ' Public Relations OtWwe erJie of Internatunal firm gaaklng -ParaonaUty Oul" for promotion work. ' ApBllcnnt ehould ta elngla. kava Junior Matriculation at Blntmum. be of age 33-33. pra-ferably butngual. Saw axprri-, nea aaaat. but main aurK buta are Initiative, aenae df raapanaibUlty. and ability to eommunical. i Salary open Excellent opportunity to id vane in growing company. v- DRAKE PERSONNEL . 236-04M t.. I I j J j a ' . RECEPTIONIST . ' i - ."'; " : . mmrur rasatnlonlet with itng raqulred for Waet End led. Above gearag anting, dapanding an experience ind ualtflcatlotia. Apply Ul writing only with full defalk. tnclud'.ng martu: statu, to MRS. MAG0RY, P.O. BOX 223. '..OTTAWA ' office ; MANAGERS 'aVCSB'MW SUDpiK 'lft eoitijyaau Ku ot tmpttntry tLERK-TYPBTS 7 w;;JTBOCHlAPHERS Tf iW BOOKKEEPERS , 7i'.-. fcEClirrtpNISTS tjWembrf t.oft. P , r-SFVic t tiM lowest possible Apply .o. . .1 VICTOR COAAPTQMETER, ,' '" ' UMJTEO , - )'" 137 UURIER '-EST 1? '" : ROOM 220 232-796r5 .t. v - - - 1 M - EXPERIEh(CEP:; COMWAETER OPERATORS, ataqnlreKl barnedWWly for trm- fCalf a VaH ' VOOR COMPTOMETER LIMITED : v' t xn laurier west l t Room 220 ' '. ' 232-7966. :' . LICENSED . i ; DISPENSING ; OPTICIAN ' ; lera.utred fer expending pattwi. wMg eclanlaatlon. - .', ,-CORtCtJ , MR. I B. WEIR 'SIMPSONS 'i SEARS .', ... .... . , or writs i .. SEIXCT OPTICAL At ' WELLINGTON ST. EAST, ' f TORONTO ... 501 .EMPIOTMUT WinTIO EAtJTtrY YOUR HOME. PAINT-Inf. decorating, interior exterior ' Frea eallmatea. 74-l30. . BILINGUAL GENTLEMAN SET:K - desk Heck poftltton. is years' ' experlance. also kndwa switch . board. Ron E-412 Journal, or anon T46 aaoo altar p.m. BRICKWORR;. - CHIMNEY RE-patra temeill work, f tagstuna and blocke. Fra aaUmatea. 117- ' S02T. . . i , CAPABLE. EXPERIECEO Ttl tor. late afternoons ami avo- ntnga only. 72-443 . I CARPENTRY. ' BLOCK BRICK) . en daenent work of an kino ' i floor aad gelling 4fla. HitarfcH.i ' exterior auslntlng . SU-g3 ' ( . sor, imploymiht w.imi Coiu from Preceding Colunit CAJIPKNTRY. OimUDK. INSIDE. tinibig. rooting ettuuufi-: t,,- jne. s,23O20 , WORK. block chtin painting Hani' fCltlg. ntngs 722-3334. 743-P07 itv- CEMENT WORK AND STONE iaiui. GiurinlMa. iree tinvale Feel eervlce- 723-1711. EXCELLENT DAY WORK BY EX-I KXPFRIENCED. WILL CLEAN pml. fence landscape. Reaeoii- able, guaranteed 2J3-igS3 . EXPERIENCED RELIABLE MANj desire weehing walla, cleaning, i -. , : ; JAM1LY NEED OF ODD JOBS. ' truck, hedge trimming 233-t)44 . , waxing. 234-354 HOME REPAIRS. CEMENT FOUN Jj-jon.. roolt. tie Evanlng.. J31 , :. interior, exterior yecunAi Ing Raonabie price 14SM4!6 kitchen" modernizedT 6.-j - . ,ner,iiona. lt workman- ,1,. regaunabla WW. 33-iJ i eaveatroughlng. ton truck avail i goia. carta te 74gT90. 'AtirriHAccMiMrLC&A jjti fur'work immediately. 34' iiua SaTrwrrSTMUC ' TJ'.,ic. ,hJlT,i ,! '" -'2 .?al'mp R'an,bl, j, W1TH fnuck FOR LIGHT I ioving. cleanup, lawn mowing MAN. BIG FAMILY NEEDS work. Have truck, elean yard. painting. landscaping: hedge 4 trimming, all yob accepted MARRIED" MAN WILL WASH walla, floor, ceiling, odd Job T4V24S3 lory 233-0627 ODD JOBS. CLEANINO BASE. ment..yard. etc CEd-Mag PAINTER. EXPERIENCED. BIG L or small, We U do them all. CE3- 3UI7. . . iP A I NT I KG. SATISFACTION guaranteed, experienced painter, reasonable rale. 33g-M PAPER HANGER. PAINTER AND deooaator. iraa eaiimaie. jt 1S0S PLASTERING REPAIRS. STUCCO, painting. rarpantry. camant, brick 7X3-I3M. tM-37g. RELIABLE HOUSEKEEPER. weekday, gl hourly plus ear- fare. 72g-U4V. RESPECTABLE LADY. EXPERI-efMsrd. desires cwaning Tues days, Thursdaya. 333-ogat. STEADY EMPLOYMENT DESIRED by reliable maraeo man - vicen-Ing. of tarda, also sol to do painting., t year' experience and 10 yaara wiin naaiiauon aae-pori' ment. 333-4W37 STENOGRAPHER OR TYPIST, furs, or part-time ajj-aoeT. STUDENT. MALE. GRADE 11, eaeka emv kind sumaaer employ rnenl. 23e313g WELDING. PART-TIME. SATUB- days and evrqlngs. 74J-2M WILL REMOVEOt.D CARS AND junk., aell ueed part. 335-314 WIuT'dO HEDGE Tni'lMMiNG". undacapmg. pamtmg. rr aeti-tie les Refcranceai Odd Jon m-eeplrd. IJ-J7a(. - . - . V" y ' "WOMAN DESIRES IItONINC.XMY home, pickup and . delivery 7M-3144 .t- WOMAN DESIRES HOUSEW OR K by day. ; IJ per hour, zu-aia YOUNO MARRIED MAN DESIRES ataady employment. Willing to do anything Experienced in aarvica atatlon. 333-13. ...... YOUNO FAMILY MANDES1RES vnornlnw ampuvynve-u. gooa acru- cation. 3 yaara' of tic axpananca. 723-1 SOS - - ;- . 'ton pickup, will do odd joba. reason Die. Tad, gjj-joaa-, . . , SPRINO CLEANUP V MAN WITH TRUCKS TO CLEAN ' yard, wain window, painting, interior, exttrlor. hedge trimming, pattoa. 334M4. 504 TfiCHEK WAIIU) NURSERY SCHOOL DIRECTOR eery School at the wait and of Que new ay. Top . aelarte. 739- 0470. - CATHOLIC TEACHER TO TEACH four senior grade. Apply stating quallf icationa and name of last lnaoaetor to Secretary. Our Lady of Good Counaal School, Ing te stae. Ont TEMAGAMI AREA ft Na. t Strathy - KxaerWaced Teacher ma GRADES ONE TO EIGHT. for September, '.add. Please atate xperlence. aalary required and ErtvKMis inapeciar Appiy so Burwaah. Chairman. Coward OntT - 305 TUITION BECOME BILINGUAL IN ' IS week, t la group. AU Ungual chml of Modern Ldnauagaa, 431 Some reel West CES-oM. v LEARN-ORAL FRENCH. BUSI na conversation from retired bilingual executive by dlar. Up recorded" and private tuition SHS-7141. MATHEMATICS. CALCULUS, phyeioa,. ftngllab. Franch and , chemistry PA3-.1203. evenings , ATTENTION '-.'v;men ., ..'(I7tf) ,f HEAVY EQUIPMENT , OPERATORS ' Art ia demand for bulldozsfi, scrapes, motor f rsders, drag-lines, bdCkhoes,,nd shovels. If yov qualify you will be trained - by top instruilora right on the equipment. Don't delay enquire now. Wr.te living name, address and telephone number. - , T NATIONAL StHOOL OF . HEAVY EQUIPMENT ' OPERATION i :' 2313 Yonge Street, Toronto IX, Ontario , . Out'.tnwft InqultMa mvlted1 sot im sfRvico '7. .. : .. 1 . . BABYSIT BY DAY; MY HOME. LynWood Village 2g-i( RrTANNIA VILLAGE. AREA. "!n h.,'rtIT".,n ham- TAg-3333 BROOKFIEl D GARDENS. WILL - ?"" '""" arame , 4017 iC'mttnwed on Neat Columnt ; so iaiy wmcu tCont. from Pre-cedli.g CuIu.a-.i KXPLMENCI-.D MOTHER Witt mind childreT.', in her horn " vwmity Doit-heater nd Men vale naad 729-039 FLORENCE .DAY NURSERY. LI cenaed day-acnool tor children or working mothers Open r-round... S-day work. T 30 to ,4. Largo fenced playground, tool mel eupplied. 333410:. 0l0D CAlllirbR "cHILORfx any eee weekly 333-1374 744-43I4 fjf,D CHILdI'mY HOME. PLAY , 4rtt n,,.Xlr 723-2313 ORLEANS. WILL MIND CHit dren. my "home, good rare. 144- " i-. RANDY HILL (EXPERIENCED. will mind childrrh e v a n t n $ a- weevenas. xja-vijiu. WILL" MIND t BllD rS. MY' 'home, weekly 143-33M 'will mind children my home. Alta Vuta area. 731-33W will mind"child my home. dally. Monday . Friday. Lepage street Good care. 10 weekly. WILL MIND CHILDREN MY home 74a-Trvo. ' wiit board new-born child .mv home.. weekly. 333-3407 - 1BI ,IT CH.',u,tN; 1 home, dally r weekly Xaitvlow are. 74-340. aflar WILL MIND CHILD MY HOME. room and board 7 46 -MOO YOUNO CHILDREN. ROOM board, my hom, dally, weekly. 723-4473. 507 ' POSITIONS VACANT LONG ESTABLISHED CITY CLUB oilers kitchen concession, octo-i bar so April. Short , order, toj banquet requiremenu.. Excellent i kitchen tacllltlea. 3 person opera-! tlon. Large membership Refer. encea required. Box. E-471, Jour, nal. .,. ,. -. .1 ; . QUALIFIED LIBRARIAN . Required immediately by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to administer, with clerical assistance, all phases of operation of a imatf research library at its head office in Ottawa. Salary range: $5,610-7.080 with gtarling rate depending on qualifications. - Usual welfare benefits. Apply to . Perionnel Officer ' Canadian Broadcasting -1 Corporation t.O. Box 478 Postal Terminal "A" ' Ottawa 2, Ontario OFFICE MACHINE OPERATORS ' Bookkerplnf Calculating i4-g:i' ' igg-aici DupHcat.itf OR ice Compoatng td4-sii) i4-eiai " $182 r S227 A . MONTH Various Government tepts, OTTAWA-HULL AREA , No Experience Necessary However, to receive considers- ' tlon. tppliranu must have bwear fully trained on g least nne of the cnachlnoa and demon strata their ability to opeia . the relevant equipment with , peed and aeeuraey. DetaUa and application form availaiilo at Ctvil Rervic Commission. Room 300. Jackson Bldg.. Bank SI.. Ottawa. Pitt Office and National Employ ment Service Office. , APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE FILED WITH THE CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION. OTTAWA 4. NOT LATER THAN AUGUST 20. S4 Plea quote competition number a Indicated ahov. ' " ' - . FREIMAN'S WESTGATE REQUIRES ; SALES STAFF If you an Joy working tn piraa-ant auiioundtng and atr-cr.n dttioned comfort, are have full-lune permanent position hv our Shoea, Sportswear and Men Wear Depertmenle. 3-day, gn-hour week. The Frrt-, man employee benefit plan Apply CKLD1X OrTlCE v ' - 'FREIMAN'S' ; . WESTGATE , ". v ar ' ' PERSONNEL OFFICE FREIMAN'S " ' DOWNTOWN . ASSISTANT TECHNICIANS; J . BINDERY ,y b,520 - J3.000 ' , I. ! PUBLIC ARCHIVES, OTTAWA . Severjl yearr (antral buidary axperlanoK f Detail and appltbatmnt avatf- ' ante at Pott Ofl-lfM, Natlnnii-Emplomrnt Service Office and Civil Bet-tic CammlsUon, Quota Compefnlon Rumher : ' lJiOEPENDENT? . Llka lit be your own hose, have th artiliiv 10 work hard wltk minimum supervision? Then consider the real eetg , profeMion for a stske tn th , tremendoua , growth of our economy . ' Full on the Job training pro-' vlded. ge 3A or over. . good 'kealtn, cer required. For per, aonol mwrvlew call. Brc ' BeckaU 733-3331. ; . MERVIN GREEN6ERG LTD. Res.ior ' 235-1811 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL V h . . ' WEDNESDAY, AUGUST U. UM V. . .. ; ''. o- Saaaea aMima a . " aw f 4 . , s aO -v-'-MeNe,T'' 1 . a. . '" ' DIVES LIKE A BOMB While in training for the Tokyo Olympic Games, Britain's "diving champion, Brian, Phelps . created a bomb-like pattern below the water' at London's Crystal Palace swimming -pool. : Fe4newa-Jauraal Photoi 507 MOTIONS VACANT iCont Intra Praredlng Column) UNOTVPK OPERATOR. EASTERN uniarw wecKty, near Qtiawa Permanent. Bo journal. MARRIED COtlPLl, HOUSK- keeper nl hna-man. Perme neni work .in out-of-town hotel. for Uiformauon tclenHoM eoi- tect. Mr Jacque Learue. thav- vuie. uaDee. MaS-B-s. .t , - Sales Staff r IMMEDIATE OPENINGS , . - . ' ' . . ' Tor full-time and part-time (day or evenings) salesladies and salesmen in our Furniture, Ladies' Wear. Hardware Departments. Expri-ence preferred but not essential. Apply Credit Department FREIMART. . Shoppers City ? Positions are also open for' Cashiers and Markers. " ' . ' Baseline Road and ' Woodroffe Avenue ' I or' Queensway East and Blair Road '-: HAIRDRESSER" Excellent opportunity Jot experienced hairdressers, male or female, to work in mooem beauty salon of Freimar.'s -Downtown End Freiman's Westgate. Good earning opportunities for those qualified to handle prestige clientele. - Apply ' y Antoine Salon 2nd floor "" FREIAAAN'S ; Downtowa - , DEMONSTRATOR , . . ' Bler.der Required for Dyne! hair Pieces. . Salary ai.d axpenaea paid tirt I week training in Toronto day week. The Frrlman Em ployee Hrneflt Plan. Apply .' . (,'. Personnel Director Frelman's :,' DOWNTOWN it (01 loom to in ACCOMMODATION R O f U weekly or monthly, nine with . runnuif waler. Vrrutume Hotel, - vav mnneroe . oireat wear. AT04 LAURIKREAr COM. - fortabty furnished Hdraom, own telephone No other roomers S34-US3. - ATTRACTIVE BEDROOMS. TWIN) beds one ttngi bod. (lean, quial home. P-aaaonabla. Gen tl erne n. 333-21 17. ' -A ATTRACTIVE DOUBLE. USE OP kitchen, nrlvat entrance l-aurkr V .a, .... ar,a.a sa.-J I 1773 . -a 7YROOM, FURNISHED, AVAILABLE. CLEAN. COMFORT-abrc rooma. elngla, double, srUI. 134-1391 avaninga. ,' . . AVAILABLE. LARGE FRONT, light houeekeopfng. refrigerator, bualnaa lady. 177 Frank. AVAILABLE ' NOW Oft HOLD until September Buatneaa girt. ' student, good district. 234-glgO AVaTlABLE COMFORTABLE large bedroom prtvat home. . central, gentleman. S33-441S. BEDROOM Wmi BATH.OLBBi. gentleman, 134-1343. -g, BEDSITTINO? WITKKTTCHEN privilege.. as Doly. 134-4234. 1 BEDSITTINO BOOM A NO klT ehen. furnlahed. Balcony. West End. 47 St Francis.. . - BEDSITTINO. CENTRAL, FUR niahfcd.. private entrance, refrigerator, iter, parking 133-1314. ' 134-4727. ,,N . ' . f M I . - V. Y f '.' 3 i , f H'-i 601 MOMS rt in itwont from Preceding Colorant' BEDSITTINOS. LARGE. ALSO v ingla, complete furnished, , newiy oecoraieo, siova, ririg. crator. raaaonabla. SlMurray 333-3Sia. bedsittino boom, working . peraon.. I cantral Ave. 333- brTght lovely room, park- - ing. saaiviaw. Tp-33sa.' ' - - BRIGHT ' FURNISHED BEDSIT. . ting, prtrilrge. Huron - WelUng-a ton. T3S-SIU, 735-llgg. - . BRIGHT HOUSEKEEPINO ROOM, well furnished, sink, refrigerator. rangatie. ea ratrrnont. 7n-330. CENTRE TOWN, t FURNISHED, aiirea. reirigerptort a I v. aaa-aaai CENTRAL. ATTRACTIVE BEDSIT. ting, own televMMn and grUL a-io-vaai, evenings CENTRAL. ' LARGE, B R I O H T. wan lurnisneq room, griu privi lege. 333-dO.IS. N - CHATEAU LAFAYETTE, 43 YORK. modem, running wvn-. logl Si I woekly. S3 daily. . CLEAN HOUSEKEEPING ' ROOM. Abatauwr. J4 wavdrlay. altar S CLEAN FURNISHED ' BOOM. light cooking. Carolina agar neon. T23go. ' COSY BRIGHT ROOM WITH aunreom. , civm . uoepltal grog, 72S-S171. . DOUBLE . HOUSEKEEPING. FRI- -gldalra, novo, linen auppiled. phone. Student. ' pensioner. young married couple. N, drinker, tat Wvrley aornar vi agin. aao-oaar. KASTVIEW. FURNISHED BED- room, near bua, parking. 740- EASTV1EW. ROOMS FOR RENT, - all prlvllagaa. private eattnoe 74S-a333. . . EUCLID NEAR BANK.' FURNISH ed rooma to let, 133-OS7S FENTrMAX. AVAILABLE single bexlroom,. gentlemen pre-' fcrrcd. parking. lU-aasg FURNISHED BEDROOM. BUTT middle ago woman. S4o. 333 1113. FURNISHED BEDROOM. WITH kitchenette, refrigerator, rang- - atus, sun a. 100 uutguoa. FURNISHED ROOM. AVAILABLE arainiuiar. aarV, ' COmiOnaDia, cenwal, good locality, break- faat privileges . epuonal, gen- -Stvapjajw. veBVIVa. FURNISHED, S BOOMS. REFRIO-. or nor, stove, newly decorated, sane. ,ea)-a4f. GLEBE. SINOLE HOUSEKEEPING panmeni, quMl genllemen. SJ4- faiP, aH-0430. ... HOME AWAY FROM HOME large tedroom, prlvllagaa, girl. -evAi HOUSEKEEPING ROOM. G B I L L. auit gin or couple, near CMHC. '-wa. IMMEDIATELY. FURNISHED. UN-furnished l-3-room flat, parking. CEi-sesa. LARGE FRONT FURNISHED room, privilege. St A a d r 4 ar - street, 4343043. LARGE ROOM WITH BALCONY, board optional. Sandy mil. 334- IISI.. LARGE ROOM. PRIVATE HOME, Waet End. cloaa to a h op pi o g viiisi, rsrsin. , aa-aaie MAIN FLOOR. LIGHT HOUSE- keeplng. Sandy Hill. 334-4273, after 4. METCALF COURTI DAILY, ikly. maid aervkw, parking. 334 Metcalfe. CES-SSli. MIDDLE . AGED GENTLEMAN 433-4117. - NEWLY DECORATED. PARKING, iranspuriaiion at OOOT. PTIVI-legeo. 3347433. , QTTAWA SOUTH. I ROOMS. FUR , nlshed. 107. Aylmer. Pork Ing. vsM-jvr. r ' vr . POWELL AVENUE. Rr rwtTTinn room, kitchen prlvllegea. tody oniy. aao-aiuv. , PRIVATE HOME, NICELY F U R- . nianeo ganuorMU PA4-4444 BOOM WITH KITCHEN. PARK-i Ing prlvllegea cloaa Commerce - nign. ajx-o.l. ORft.I. aa noae. clean, paraing. PAa-aosr, SHORT TERMS. MONTHLY RATE RiveraMe Hot I. AHfactlv rooma. reo-eaia , 1' UNIVERSITY STUDENT. RESERVE tor nepiemoer cooking. hr. - halAMM t,--Aae 1 WEST END. . DOUBLE Sowdtf room. Iwio bo ultl girl. 723-7142, I BEDROOM. I SMALL K ITCH KM furnished: :1M monthly, heated. . ana ngnioa. a aag . nronaon 331-4344 t ROOMS TO LET. Straat. 334-3374. 4 RBOENT 1 NEWLY DECRATED'iARTLY rurnnnea. cooking, gin, 43s. 333- ," ' ' BAROAIN,'44 V--,i FULLY FURNISHED.' BKDklT- ling room, aemt-prtvato, oornmtt- nlty kitchen, aqutopod. taarvl aon. girl. 333-744 ti - OAIIY PUZZUI'I ANSWIM Denfol - Sandy - Sua It - -Stupid - SUNDAY' V" lOOMS WAITED (02 ! BLDERLY ' OENTI.B.M AM" aTrLL I run""' -iSX? rtMMn .and . board;, light laundry. wunng to pay well for .uitabla, BOOM WITH KITCHESPR!VI.' ; icgee, prefarabl for aula1 . tudnt. 17.- cloaa to EOIT. on1 Lea Avenue. phono 14R3 Apply to Howard Healay. RR I. Carp. Ont. m I00MANDI0AU ACCOMMODATION FOR GENTLE man. good meal. 74H.1403. trrnuyon ationc HO MX cooked mels,-prtiin.-xonsiruc- . tKja workert welcome- 2ii3-6sJ3. ACCOMMODATION FOR IQIN. tlemen. LnftUh tionw- 1M ,Ca- ACCOMMODATION. ELDERLY paoplOt aacallant. card, prtvgta, cmi-prtvat. 333-71 13 " AVAILABLE FOR YOUNG CEN tieman, paraing. nraeaenui near" Carling 733-ig ! - CENTRAL ROOM. AND BOARD lor gentlemen. 1 frank 333 tots. GENTLEMEN. SIS W I K t. Y, launary, wuicn lanuijr. aomereev Driveway. 33S-ia3S. GOOD MEALS. CENTRAL. LARGE and amaU room. S3S-373T. LARGE. CLEAN. WELL FUR msbed. quiet Carling and Sherwood Drive. BrealcfaM optaoaal. parking. 733-3701 NICE ROOM. GOOD MEALS. FOR working gentleman. Glad too near Bronson. I33-78S3. ROOM AND .BOARD. 310 G Ma inour, near Bank. S34333g. ROOM AND BOARD. GENTLE- men, atuoenia or govamm ens people las Holrnwood. 3SS-3S37. BOOM AND BOARS. TELEVISION privltegea. parking. SN eiimour. CE3-J303 . .- BOOM ,": AND ' BOARD. GLEBE - area, tol Fifth. S3g-MST. SINGLE, t)UIET. CLEAN. GOOD meal, near aueea, gnuemeo 33d-a43S. STUDENT REQUIRES ROOM AND board In private homo near Glebe Collegiate. Phono collect 337-W-L Mlnden. . - S GENTLEMEN TO BHARE ROOM, Carllngwood area,' PAS-S33S,.. rot Musoroiuu ABLE. GRACIOUS ASSISTANCE. Thomaa Sblptnaa Ulnlted. "B altor". Sea our ad.. ALL ADVANTAGES OF COUN-r try living, soar Aylmor Bead. Excellent location. l-etoroy, 4 bedroom, s bathroom, largo living dining room, fireplace., garage, larg -Landscaped tat. 777-' S334. ,.. .-: ';.. ALTA VIST A. S BEDROOM ranch Bungalow, fireplace, ga rage, StSJNS. Fred asctoy ' 733-3414. C. A - Co. Ltd. 333-7131 ANCELSTONE, BRICK " SEMI bunaalow. 3 bodroom. Ik bath rooma. ..McKellar Park. 7SISOSS. ANY. PROPERTY WE LIST IN th oilv wo fool w can aeu. Percy . Kerwtn, -KoaHor,", SSt 43S7. ' -r-im '--' AVAILABLE. . ELM VALE ACRES dlnlnf - living and recreation room, largo kite nan. .fireplace. .700-03. AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER. 4-BED- roorn 3-ttoray. Cambridge. PrKj Vat 333-0333. AVAILABLE. WEST fND. BRICK atone 3-bedroom bungalow, recreation, powder room. 333.1O0. Term. 1331131. BEAUTY. COMrORT, SPACE, - reasonably priced a wedroo m brick aaait-bungalaw. I'a bath. ' (troplaca, garage. Srfrtembar, Inspection Invited. 133-Q437, ' BETTER BUILT BRICK BUNG A low. West End. 3 bedroom. . garage, uuideeaped 7334330. BRICK HOUSE. S BOOMS. OOOD condition, Sandy HUI. inclosed yarn. sa.ii BUNGALOW, t BEDROOMS. landacapad. terraoed lot, - near RockclUto Airport. After 1. 44- 1434. : - - - BUNGALOW. VICINITY Uplands, s bedrooms, playroom. 413.300, 423-1373. BUNGALOW. FISHER HEIGHTS, atucco. 3 bedrooms frontage IIS a 44. 413 J00. 124-1444. evenlnga BUNGALOW DOUBLE IMME- dlate poescsatoo of one g Id 0. ' 471.000 S13S monthly Income from tenant. Aero Booltlao and Insurance 333-334, ovga. Jo PanUlon. 131-3231. BUNGALOW. RIVERFRONT. RI-deau Gardena ftreplao. Owner Bra E-330. Journal. CALL "THE OLD PRO." BILL Bevertdge. "Bealtor." S1S-2347. Beal oaut tnquarlaa invited without obligation. CARLINGWOOD S BEDROOM brick bungalow, paved driveway, : pubUe echoal, Sept. I.- 414 400. approatlmauly 4-04 carrsao. 734 CIVIC HOSPITAL AREA. CUT Nepeea Sandstone, centre en-trance, large living room, largo dining room. 3 bedroom, attached garage, ecreened roar verandah, wide lot 7334144. COPELAND PARK, SPLIT-LEVEL, S bedroom, don. 73Sia4S. CRYSTAL BEACH. ' S-BEDROOM : bungalow,- tlvtng room, largoi kitchen, buut-ia oven and range, - oarport. fully landacapad. 414,- 000. 424-3184 - . , ELM VALE ACRES. BEDROOMS, larg living room, fireplace, occupancy Sept. S4-- 31. 000 with low down aaymam and ecoond mortgago If desired. 731-411. . EFFICIENT AND ' PERSONAL ervic whan you are buying or arlltng. Call Hudson and Svane, "Realtor." 231-2301. BXTREMELV DESIRABLE WEST . boro bungalow, 1 bedrooms, dtn-rlns room, rl replace la Uvlng : roomr .garago catalpa troea, ' hedgag. outel street 114.400. Otto Olngen. "Realtor." 713- FOR ROUSES, ALL TYPES, CALL . Bert Kate Real Eatgte Ltd , S34- eiss.- - - i- - a ., FOR PROMPT SERVICE CALL Albert Gala .Ajmoiga Ltd., -'Realtor.': 72S-4441 or Almonte 441, HOUSE. 1 FLOORS. Ill 3O0. 4B0O4 cash. 444 Cummings Avenila olf Montreal Road. ' HOUSE ON LAROE PROPERTY fr on Kn-kwood near Carting Ava-nue. Lara. Oaberg, Broker, 723- IP YOU ARE THINKING OF BUY- ing or riuivg real aetata, oail Major Baolty Ltd 713 243. LARGE '.U. DOUBLE PRIVATE driveway. It Srat 1477. - 1. 733- LYKWOOD, LARGE S-BEDROOM. It bathroom, attached garage, tared. Large treed fenced lot 14-4744. . MODERN SPLIT LEVEL IN brick and attractive wood trim Well planned 4-bodroom homo offering profotontly finished playroom. I bathrooma. attached ' garage. .Chotc fully developed West End neighborhood with all . conveniences close , by. Mrs ,.Bradhw 4331331. Nlchelon " snd WytMrk, "Baaltor," 13S-I 1177. . ' 4 tbonunuod on float Cotumni I I j ', " U v -In, 701 HOUSES Wl JA1I tCowt. from pracadutg Clumal ' 1 '" - )- EVENINGS TIU, S PM. v-. x.l-i. i " ,nv , IL:;"-,-"- ,," place, carport. I'.t mortgage n Avenue off Bob Oanahar. rrbar, IM . , teaiaa on ruitan noiiay Avenue. 133-733. Marvin Graanbara a-i ail v OTTAWA SOUTH. HALF DOUBLE. ! brisk. IMnom J-slorey. close. ta church, achoola. ahopplng. I il-iiizu. ruua Real iitti ' (OtUwai.Ltd. 7334334. avanlnaa i- Harry Thomaa. 73-343. ! OWNER TRANSFERRED. 4 BED-, - "I room. I's betnB. basement fln Ut'ilK . rniwvFVij niuLrB t & a n via. orica UMngiiuw wtsi uwsu. ; bain, witn carport, un , Dear Park Road. 733-JTJO PI NEC REST AREA. I BEDROOMS. onca pungaiow, is no sea pan rn-I ' lw Cobdan Wad PRIVATE SALE OR RENT. FUR nlshed, Otuwa South. FaU 334- 017 r- PRIVATE SALE. S BEDS O O M S. I . .u-ul Villa.aia. ,aMallaa room, attractively landscaped and lanced Price right for quick sale S3S-33M. REDUCED TO sTsSOS. . LOVELY Queensway Terrace, spilt level. 1 spacious master bedroom, large' heated garag. double artvoway. REVENUE PRODUCER. THIRD floor, ee If -contained apartment. 4 bedrooms on cond. 4 larg rooms ground floor, excellent . condition Centra Town. S33-4S03. RIVERSIDE PARK EAST. A FIN-Ished area of new bornea. A split-level buill , on . genarou line, three largo bodroom. attached heated garag. room for expansion in lower level Asking 333.000. Bland Delany. "Realtor. ".731-4104. BOW. 3-DOOR. PRETORIA AVE-nue. 34S.0O0. Looking for offer. - T. A. Clark, "Realtor." 334-T7S0. SKI. SWIM. SAIL. OOLF. S BED- panouad bungalow, oil heated, sere, gs minute from Oitawa. Olan Eagle. Quo. 437- i ' 1414. ... I TBIPLBX. NEW. LOW DOWK PAY aei. "tS42S. ' '.".: WEST END. LOVELY S-BEOROOM; otoroy and a half, with dining room. Freshly decora ted. Beautl , fully landscaped with patto, . ovbrgroooa and Sower garden, i an larg fenced tot Garago. X-ow, down payment. 41334. P rival. PA3-4343. ovaning. S-BEDROOM BUNGALOW ON large corner lot. fenced Ply area. 3. blocks from gkopplng centre, public and separate achoola. S13.S04. 433-3073 S-4-BEDROOM BUNGALOW. PIN-tahad iworoation roam, fully landscapact, larg troea. tlaae : patio.- Elmvala area, down pay- . ment 41JO0 RK3-4aee. S.BEDROOM HOVE 1'. BATH- rooma. near Ottawa Elver. Prt- val. B-3S S-BEDROOM HOUSE-. BRICK CON-atructloa, on Ladouoeur Straat. . . In good condition. Asking g!4.-000. Lara Osbarg, Broker. 123- aao. ianaAnu B.iun at AW Ol. rage. . paved driveway. Owner transferred. 403 Shellsy Avenue, 7334410. 4-BEOROOM BRICK. ONE-YEAR-old. extra powder room, fuel ftreplao. fenced and landacapad. A buutttul family homo. frig. glove1 and other extras Included- . 423.400 Jaa Naaao. J. Proaporln. Baal EsUte. 334-0753 lOg FBASER. 1 SPACIOUS Tooma. acres ntd porch, lore lot. near choola 123.004. Inapactlon Monday. Wedneaday. Saturday ar Ulephono 703-313. after 4. , ' 1 000 -DOWN, TO BUY THIS charming A-l Campaau plaa In , Elmvala Acraa. The kitchen haa braalrraot area, tnare are tnree 11 v tad room oombmatlon, only 413,000, Bland . Delany, , -Realtor," 731 4100. " ' ' ' ALTA YI3TA DRIVE ! a BEDROOM BUNGALOW. LAROE landacaped lot. MLS K-113-B L: H. Thompson Ltd.. "Raiter." I31-S341. Herb Smith. 711-1347.' $500 Down $150 Monthly , ; WiD mnve you Into this modern S-bedroom brick bungalow wMh carport, fully fenced snd landscaped, in Manor-dale. , ( , '825-137I MRS. ANDERSON ROCKCLJFFE PARK , MacKINNON ROAD , Quality ' rootdonoo with vary largo rcoane, wtdo kail and ' gracaful 6 pen stairway Lovely living room and fine library, both with fireplacaa Coder, hedge provtdao privacy. Yvi MANOR ROAO 4 " which hta been oom.eteiy rn 4ernt4 jual meantly. The acreened preti averlookt Iha 1 Moaptional Urje Bnjfllah ir-Jen, the apacioue nali. a en an4 tffninf room oneninf tnlo aSe llvtnff tvom make enter-Calnlng morn ftatibto. Tha maa ter btMlwim haa an a1 joining dretalni room and batliroora ntf auite. , V UNSDOWNE ROAD Five-bad room roaldanod facing one of BMkcttffe'g moat mag-, hlflcont aaUto.vry modern kltchan with built-in appliance gnd glr-aondltlon unit In on of the bedroom. The maa-lar bodroom la very largo end . haa It own bathroom and dressing room. Broad loom on the downstair room, and -he master bed rooma heated atm- -porch off the living room and th separate dining room ha e oof wndow, . , BIRCH AVENUE , ' 3-bedroont totd4nc4 with I'y and playroom In the neKthent. The downsulr lncludca a living room with firaphwo, den, and email' din big room. The garden kt large' and wail ancloaed. Thla houa . as spot leas (ondlttoa. . R0XB0ROUCH ROAD;- Grey one roildonce with ftve bodrot-m as paras dining room and largo family room, garage space for 1 earl ' screened porch ovorlooha a tin awiatmlng pool. . for Further Particulars or an i ' f Appointment Call "' 'E. S. SherwCrod ltd. Real Estate Broker , .. y 233-6656 ,,. . -,, . Evenings Mrs. Marcella Biiionnet ' , 749-620 - ' ' 701 HOUSES MI SAU . . iCaal front PtaaadUH CohtWI CMTV,J!i; . vtiSLM n WHfTf BRICK S- wUlm MarDonald bungal a w. oarport. ioa to aalUng Sra- place. Clearepad baanvnt. ejal. public, eeperatt and f2!I?si 1 . TBOS. SMIPMAN LTD. BEALTOB - ,. .peitea SL 3J-4fl OM gt.niag TIU S 9M. . ' . AM ihhacii. CENTRE DOOR PIA". IMtAt. tat s-toray rug oriaa aoi. 3 rianrooma piua " aunroom. garage, quiet, better elM rtHldentlai ra. i.w. wSf END BRICK OOHIX, 4 CMn, 1 g ,.,.,,. .hi CUSTOM- built bungalow with antra tot, all apactoua room. dataeoM garage, lovely recreauoa room. 1 fireplace, gllgoo. 7 .BOO FULL PRICE. S-STOREY brick. Centre Town, part at row, S3O0 down, low taaaa. BOOMING HOUSE. FURNISHED. brick.. Sandy Hill-, IS rooms. rao. SSJiOOO. JUST IN. LOVELY 3-STOREY noma , 1 bedroom, den plua aunroom. Weatboro groa, targe lot. doubt garago. t ft rap lace. beautiful recreation room, many extrae, 3g.30a o uwua.a uusaa. v ssvrvnnB oacn io. orica, new swsiniias. deep lot. glS.SOO. CIVIC HOSPITAL, PBBBTIOB Drive, excellent , for doctor' residence or offto. J sd rooma plua largo don. I outalae en-trsncee. lovely tread lot, S3 SOS. TRIPLEX. WEST END, S1SJ0S. Wall ranted, garag. poor all convenience. . tarrifla revenue producor, aaay terms. DOUBLE. WEST END BRICK, double garag. vary claaa. Sit,-eoo GRACIOUS LIVING, ' CUSTOM-biult, pllt-lval, gpaeloua . ground. 3 baths. 4 kdroam, atuchad garage, treed lot. Im "''" throughout, good sermn gzs.aoa. RETIRED COUPLE OR SMALL family apedall Waalgata. apot- ipTcioT''lr, .1? . broadloom. garburetor In kit- 1' ""l,h4. r?Uoa..'??! -JTiSrtrvirt S2t. l',.J!?S!' BPUT-LE VEL. CUSTOM-BUILT. Rldfemonl grog garage, s bed- room. beauUful oondmaw. nr,r 'oclllns fireplace. M, TRIPLEX; WEST END. BRIfTtr aarrtfle lot, weU ranted, excellent 4-BED ROOM. RANCH-STYLE ungaraw, coat inn. huge lot, 1 hatha, beautifully lnubed rae-raouon room, plenty ovorgroon. flower, atovo, fridge, drag, pavod driveway 431 -loo . THOMAf S H P M A W tn. -'neaiior.-- epan everueun till e 133-1471. 'T TTT- SAVE $500 ' ON SUMMER ' 1 CONSTRUCTION RIVIERA ; 771-4S694 . - ' RADGLIFF REALTIES LTD. REALTOR 235-9401 , A : VSi OVK ttOHg riNDKVS, StttVlCt .... McXtUar Htighit. Luzurtout Split Ltvt Of Roman brick and eton on 4 vary larg. hoauufully lahd-caped kt Parttcwlorty f fine . detailing throughout, four, hod-. plea o panelled den. fireplace in both the attractive "vint room and th snohogany Cinelled roc. room, finished . undo', mud room, bee ted st. ached 1-ear garage. 1 bathrooma. 441400. No. 1440 MLS K-1744. , Mrs, Cotton.- 733-41 M ovonMg4. ... v - JfclteUor Hei$hU "Smtet tni tote" , Ranch bungalow oa. e largo rood lot, soxie ft- luring room with comer fireplace. 4 roomy bedrooms, !, bath. Th fin. nhod racroation room. 10x34. ha many attracUva built-in. Attached oarage, oil In really lovely condition. Perfect tor the email family. Owner transferred and muet fell. No. 1SS1. Mr. Cotton, 111-4110 even lugs. . ' hlant fart Drix ' You'll Bi Imprtuti , With -ho ouurnlricenl property that surrounds thla larg nd lovely owoutlv , Toatdcnea. There are actually four huga Jot included, but the house may be bought aeparateiy if desired Charming drawing room, perfect If you prefer traditional furniture, banquet fired dmlng room. . panailed library. 4 vary Urge bedrooms f master kt 10x131 3 full bathrooms, l-car garago. For further datella. No. 140S. : Mr. Cotton, 722-4144 evaainf.. st VlltB ' ' ' Choic School Location ' Oet tiled now ' for arhool opening. Frn mediate poeesesliai "d a bargam prtee fuet Slljee lor thla S-bedrupm Kenden bull! bungalow Jnf brlck and stone with lino le-tlillmg throughout. Hi bathe, attached garage. 1 finished , basemen! room, patltv lotaly . flrepiac. hug family kltchea wtlh mahogany nipboorda No. -144. Mr. McKenna. 733-434 U24 HtvtUtok Driv 1774 AWftctolte Drtce Wave Just aotd laa Revel atoko. but wo. can tui enow .haa4 two vary tevatr Bay ' hnmaa Tall ba, smooth lawn, beautiful 1 fardoR aettmqa for both, end .. eurrxmnoinf nouoo aa well. Driv by. eee for your !?" m.'. - " MPtimUwenl with Mm. McKenna. ah can give Cnotce Olebe tocafiorl Dlgntfltd, peiirabU . A vary Tine horn on a lovely ST wrL X4 bo. tua Jhurcti, a four-bedroora , tm' P-r brick trsdt ' Uonal tyra, with 1 bathrooms. V dan, well ft rushed roe. room. gra a. centre hall plea with ' axtra torso Irving one dining rooma. Beaatiful detail end In beiutlfej eondllton. A per feet miry home, to rloeete ' .Mvoole. 4S4 400. N. 1771, Mm. -Bdniaudoon, 134-3043 evenings. Did toV i-now iftoi Jtod-cH't are completely eosipped to KarutU all four Omerot tnturanc rtqulrtmtntiT tor information, cill Mr. 0., A McKtnn. 7U.IU,, tvntna, or at ! ttmo: 36-9401 .1 1 . 1 : -1 .n.a.A,o 4iUA4-

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