The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 5, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1918
Page 7
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"- ~ I 1 * __ C"-*.- C ~ ·*· S ^ TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONTVELLSTILI-B, i'A. PAGE SEVEN: "I am I knew him, bat not well Lately, however, I have thought--is he here'" ; The students exchanged glances "He is not here," one said. "Whore did you know aim?" "He came frequently to a shop I know of--a cobbler's shop, a neighborhood meeting Pltce. A fine lad I ! liked him. But recently he has not come, and knowing bis corps, I came here to find him." .They had hoped to learn something trom him, and lie knew nothing. "He has disappeared," they told him, "He Is not at bis lodging and he has left "Ills classes. He went auaj suddenly, leaving everything. That is all we j know." It sounded sinister. Old Adelbert ] heavy hearted, turned mvay and sovereign and his belief In him His 'climbed again to the street That gnte- eyes toot on a hard and haunted look, j wav ^ Q s Uosed, too And be felt a Old Adclbert. nlglit he waited past the pnlacc f^f of uneasiness What raald have Old Adelbert at the opera had lost and shook his flst nt It He was (happened to the boy? Was the world, 1 his position. No longer, a sausage in greatly ashamed of that, however, and I after all, only a place of trouble' | his pocket lor refreshment, Jid he neier repeated it Bat his soul was | Bt " "ow came good fortnne, and leave his little room daily for the now an open sore, ready for infec- lll *e evil, it came not singly. The opera, A young man, who made ogling tion , , operation was 01 cr, and his daughter eyes at o'lga, ot the garde-robe, and And Blue',. Humbert bided his time ! on the mend. The lee was paid also ml n- V_ ; coj*yjf - fKiFrfv CHAPTER IX. ' who wa 1 * not carelul to keep the lenses On the day of the excursion -to the clean, had taken his place. fortress old Adelbert decided to appeal He was hurt in his soldier's eouL to his fel j ow lodger, Herman Spier. There was no longer a piace in the ?Ton and then, when he wis affluent inel the second followed on the heels of the first He did not like Americans Too _ ^ often, iu better days, had he heard the kingdom for those who had fonght for he had paiiS small tribute to Herman | merits of the American republic com-' it. Ihe cry TV as for the young. And by means of the camp cookery on l P a r e i *IUi the shoitcomings of his even la the first twenty-loot hours a which he prided himself |"TM government. When, as happened subtle change went on in him. His "A soldier's mess!" ue would say, IDOW and then, he met the American loyalt}, ou which he hail built his and bring in a b o n l of soup, or a slice |family on the staircase, he drew' creed of life, turned to bitterness. ot uoer moat, broiled 01 er hot cools | slnrply aside that no touch of repnh-' The first U y of his idlemas he wan- in his tinj stove. ' Ent It, man These Ucaimm might contaminate his nnl- dered into the back room of the cob- restiurauts kno v nothing of food." bier's shop near by, where the butter Herman could not help him. But seller from the corner, the maker o£ he eyed the old sMther apprjtslngly artificial flonersxfor gnnc*,, and the He irucssed shrewdly the growing un- cobbler himself were gathered, and Us- easiness behind Adelbe-t's bra\e front form- On that day, however, things jhanged. First of all, he met the American lad in the hallway, and was pleased Nearly Every Disease Can Be Traced to Constipation DR. CALDWELL'S SYRUP PEPSIN ( The Perfect Laxative Quickly Corrects any Disorder of the Intestinal Tract, Relieves the Conges- gestion and Restores Normal Conditions. Is Gentle in Action and Does Not Gripe. Sold by Druggists Everywhere--50 cents and $1.00. A trial bottle can be obtained free of charge by writing to Dr. W. B Caidwell, 457 Washington St, MonticeJIo, Illinois. at Yoogh Trust Co. Come in Today tened without protest to such talk as If now one could enlibt such n man ° scc him doff his bit of a cau would haie roused, him once to white for the cause, that would lie worth I man}, nowadays, uncovered a head to anger. doing Among the veterans the'' old him The American lad was going Bat the Iron had not yet gone very ronn was Influential, and by this new down, Adelbert was cUmbln-t, one step deep, and one thing he \voald not per- policy of substituting fresh blood for , »t a time, and carrying a small basket mit. It nas when, in the comeriatioa, stale, the go%ernmnnt had made man of provisions. one of them attacked the king. Then cncn-Ies amoni; tlicin ' | Tnc American hoy, having passed, j Indeed he was roused Jo fur j. The old mans bitterness ind been turned* hesitated went bacfc "I'd Once upon a fame^a sfuUnstJiatatHl incroised b y V u o ihingb First, nl- 1 hke to carry that for you, If you don't Haeckel had occasionally backed, liltn tnnuRh he had Dcen dismissed without up in his defense or~the royal family, notice in the middle ot the week, he But for some reason or other Haeckel had been paid only up to the hour of camfeno more, and old Adelbort mis c eU Ica\mg Thit i^as a grievance Sec- him. He had Inquired for bam fre- O nd, being slow oc his feet one of 1 ·uentlF. - the ro.\nl motor cirs had almost run Try this recipe for Crullers and Doughnuts-you can help save the Nation's fats when you use Mazola for deep frying "Carry it!" "I am ?ery strong," eald the Amerl- n boy stoutly So Adelbert gave up his basket, and the fao wcot up Four long IllghtB . "Where Is the boy Hacckei?" he had him down, and the police hid cnrsed °^ stone stairs led to Adelbert'B room. ukcS one day. "I have not seen him him roundlj for being in the way. I ^e ascent took time and patience lately." ' At last he determined to find I At the door Adelbert paused. Then, No one had replied. But a sort of | Haeckel, the student He did not loneliness overcoming prejudice, irlm sconce settled over the little ( know his Christina name, nor where "Come In," he said. room. Old Adelbert, however, was not i he lodged Bat he knew the corps he i The bare little room appealed to the aiscernlng. I belonged to, by bis small gray cap I boy. "It's very nice, isn t It?'' ho t But, that first day of Idleness, when \uth u red band said. "There's nothing to fall over." le had left the cobbler's, he resolved! He wns very nervous when he made "And but little to sit on," old Adet- not to return Thoy had not been ui; s deal effort. Corps houses were ' bcrt added dryly^ "How ever, two peo- ,unfrlcndly, but he had se«n at once cur.ous places he had heard, and fullll!e require but two chairs Here IB [there WES a difference. He was no o f secret* Even the great piofessors one" Jonjer oW Adelbert of the opera. Hejj r o m the university might not enter! But the boy would not alt down. ·was an old man only, and out of work, without invitation And his experience He ranged the room frankly curious, He spent hours that first free after- hid been th it students paid small re- j exclaimed at the pair of ring doves IBOOQ repairing his frayed linen and spect to uniforms or to Kge In tmfli, i who lived in ft box tied to the window his shabby uniform, with hK wooden lie pa^et! the building twice befuie j sill, nnd asked for crumbs for them. heg sti etched out before him and his ho could summon courage to touch the Adelbert brought bread from hja aaall pipe clutched firmly in his teeth t;te?t tints knocker. And the ni-ro- store. ^~ Thpu, freshly shaved and bnshed. he c nee of IU clamor, when at last h e j The bo/ cheered him. His interest ·tarted on a painful search after work, irrpcd, srartkd him again But here in the old saber, the Intentness ·with JWith no result. And, Indeed he was at ic-st he need not have feared. which he listened to its history, the hopp'e^* before he bepan. He was oTd Tn^ student who was 'Ko door- politeness with wliich he ignored his tind Inl-n There was little that he het-ptr eyed him Uadly "\\ell, com- host's infinnit), all won the old man's led even the courage to apply for ir.iV*" lie said. heart- Mazola is 3. vtl'taMe oil--pressed from corn. It is the ideal medium for deep fn ing, sautcing, or snortcninu, because it is not only cctr.imtcal--K. EIVCI such splendid quality. Crullers and Doughnuts 1 ttp weir A lujpncn nil *n4 rneef 1 cuf «o«r ml* ?4 le»«wotl mttmer ·oi cianuao* 2 uitepooru M««I» H la n ie»pocr, b»ktnt u4i S [I »ll itl mer«4ie*H exrrpf n*i« 3 limrs B«jt cctt »d"l rodfc. K4| *nd M«rJ» y f n t an dry laered "W Mir »ell tarn m SaartJ bMi4, rail of pat in fi IBefc *6cer urf Icl stand 1 iew minotcl ID rile. Get Mazo'afrom your grocer m pint, quart, half- gallon or gallon tins And ask for the free Mazola Boole of Recipes, or write us direct Year mn7 reluati II Uizoli doex c»t rite entire *sttjf«!io« Corn Products Refining Company 17 Battery Place, New York Thompson ft Eueman True, he Lid his snail pension but "I nm seeking it tame only twice a year, und was cent. Intact, to tafee care oC ar in\ Utd dauga'-cr in tbe tountrj T'K.t was i Inot hi*- He lev* ~ used i penny of it Anil he hrd "sii-ved a trifle by liv-i Sne on .ur as the concierge declared ' But nijs'ortunes come In thr es, UUe' flres on'l other cnlaniities. -The after-1 noon of that "very day broagbt a let-' ter, s, rln; that the daughter was worse and mu^t have an ojeriition Old AJelbert --ent to churdi and' burned a candle for her recovt ry, and from' there to the bnnk to «end by registered mall the surgeon's ft.c lie was banferupt in twenty-four tocrg. ' That evenms in his extreailtv he did a reckless thing. He wrote i kttor to the kins ^Ic ^perit over it firfc composing It In pencil and then copv- Ing 1J with Ink borrowed fit m tbe concierge. It began "Sire," a5 lie h"d learned uas tho form, and wen" on to rem.nd his ruajest*-. first, of tlie hospital incident, which, having been forty years aso, might have slipped the royal memory. Then came tin facts --his loit po'-'tlon, his daught r, the handicap of his -nooden leg It end"d w th a plcT for reinstatement o~, fail- Ing that, for any sort of work. He sent it, unfolded. In a larce flat envelope, which also he had Iraruc-d was (ho cftrrect thing vlth fcingv, who for some reason ojr^ other do not lifep folded co^munlcntions Then he waited. He consldpred that t few hours should bring n. return. Hueckei. o£ this coqis," said old Adel^o answ er c^Ir^e. No answer ever litre stoutlj eamc. For the king was ill, and secre-1 "HaecLelS ' irpeated the doorkeeper tnries carefullj sifted the royal mail '1 think--cume in, comrade I will T'-at night,/In th* conclerge'3 bn- Inquire" reau. he was, treated to man} incl- Tor the name o£ Haecl^el was just tlcnts, all ah'ie. The govemraent took, then, one cur"'ju«ly significant, t'lit gave nothing. As irell esnect He alsappeared, ond old' Adelbert Hood out of a stone. Instances were ' waited. When .the doorkeeper re- plven, heartlessness piled on licart-' turned, it was to tell him to follow b"5ness, one sordid story on an-.him, ana to lead the way downstairs pthcr. ' I T \o or throe students .ame toward. I And as he listened there d ed la old ( huu ot once. "You nre serttlngj Adelbert's soul his flaming love for his HaccLel'" one of them nbk«l. ]\ student named i Tlicse Americans Downstairs were not all bad, then Thej were too rich, of course :No one should have meat I ,,. .___,,,, ,,,,. ,, .,,_ three times a day, as the, meat seTrerjfJEW JERSEY DRUGGIST reported^ tliey did And they were paj- j in,; double rent for tbe apartment be-' low. But that, of course, they coald j not avoid, oot knowing the leal clmrgt. ( The boy was frankly delighted A n d ) when old Adelbert brought forth from] PRAISES FINE KIDNEY MEDICINE I have sold Dr Kilmer's Swamp- iigh-tl. served him ,i slice between two P elev vears as . u , pieces of bread, an odd friendship i Bnd l have "eard Trery fa^raWe re- w«s begun that was to have unioro P°rts_,trom those who ha.\o used it seen consequences. They hjd broken bread together Gradually, over the mnal, and tho pigeons, and what/not, old Adelbert unburdened hii heart. He told of hli years at the opera, where he had kept his glasses clean and listened to the muslr until be knew by heart even the most difficult passages. Ho told ot the crown pnnce, xvho always wished "pera glasses not because be neetlucj them, but because he liked to turn them wrong end before, and tlmb make the audience appear at ft great distance. And then he told of the loss of his position. The American Ind listened politely, steady and if it did not possess great merit in the diseases for which it is recommended the demand ivould nol continue Very trulj yours R H VAN DBRVCCR, Kmciei bocker pharmacj, Oct 20,1936. Red Bank .N' J nesa visitor to Someiset yestejda) Henry Ringer o[ Pittsburg is -visiting his parents "Mr and Mrs John Rmger of ni'ir tow n A. R Boer of Smithfield was a recent visitor here with his sister Mrs R S Keidel H P Eurnwotth, a well tnown. £a- mei or Johnson Impel was here yesterday on hit way to Connells^ilie on business Frank Spear Baltimore Ohio scale inspector heie who has been ill for several moathb is again about able to resume his employment. You e^ercioe -vigilance 111 the settle^ ' nient of accounts \\lien jou pav by check Utilize this safe, eonve'iient and economi- GOHNEL15V1UE PA» cal me3lum b y having a Checking Ac- (WESTSiDEi count with the Union National IJank. UNION NATIONAL BANK HiLE IN SHO Bad Teeth Like Bad Shoes Spoil Fine Dress and Good Looks PEOPLE NEGLIGENT IN CARE OF MOUTH Senreco Tooth Paste Powerful To Savt the Teeth and Prevent Diseases «P T^Hii a bola"lB hK fchoa** wsis *. bit of «arciwiD * fflrl ELmac at «. younar man. Cri«nl wbova ·»- Urtjfcmtfit wan »«TT «ccc«*t hi* jnmo tnnd bo«c Biffbt ·noncfa, toft) Eitb«r" l to man or vronuui **»bbT P*ir afjfhoe* -would *poU the lupperuic* if tte jjuoct el**wtt yafxnenU crer INSEPARABLE PARTNERS Thrift and saving are inseparable partners and form a close companionship Why not form such a partnership now? Start an account ·with the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania. % Interest Paid on" Saying's Acconnts. \ Snoop-Hoot Will Do For lou. Am Seeking z Student Named Haeckel." , Send ten cents to Dr Kilmer t Co I but his mind wns on the crown prince j Bl lg b a -ntOB N Y , foi a Cample size ·Does he wear n crownJ" he 4c-,,, olt ] e u will cominee anyone You i mandei] "I saw him once in a car- wlll also rocG i ve a booklet of valuable! lijse but I think he had a hat When , n{ormatioll teUing about . tjj e ki(ines will he be a Wu e ?' , and btad(ler wll(:a ,, rlUag he sure j "When the nia king dies He !9l and mentlon The Conuellsnlle DaiU i very old non I was in u hospital Couue , Medium aud large si ? e hot- once, after a battle And he came la ties lor sale at all di uff stores He put his hand on my slimilder, HUe this'--he illustrated it on the child s i small one--"and said--' Consider- Confluence. ing that old Adelbert no longer loved Ills king, it is titrauge to record that Ills voice broke. F. T. EVANS BOTH PHONES CONPLXIXCE, Tcb 5--He\. N B Critchfield ot Harrisbui g ia here hav- "Wlll he die soonr Bobby jrat la,i, ng baeil caMed hero to omciate at the He found klnga as mnch of a novelty as to Prince Ferdinand William Otto they were the osniil thine. our classified advertisements. funeral of Miss Maria Watson I Calvin Ln cngood of nea Liston- buig was in town yeste r dav transact-1 ing business j Earl Cutchfleld of the Confluence! Planing Mill Company, was a busi-1 FLINT'S AST) S10RACF. R/2otor Truck Service To All Parts of Aeglon. \ COAL FOR SALE BOTH PHONES. e UeUi? Drwra in all (SwTflnory you plea»o. It T»U open, your Mouth. expc«lxix a. *a*y»d *«t of teetb feottr"*attrB.ctlveB««B «w3« rfcht tiiere |Th*ffl u hole in tb-» flfao* for you. iTta appllw both to ia«n «M4 iroaaen. QlrU, and yoxms mmn, you to»e b»U !lh* *dmJra.tion which would be (Jlrsct- ftd tovrmnt you ii ou b*v» bad t*«th. You oas't to pl»a*lnc irlUi » mouthful of d*ca You GUI' t be healthy either The condition of the loath have a teUinc In- (laoac* on other orKwn* of th* bod Bad t*«tti. nff«ct th* IntMtin*!. «tam- acb. heart. »nd «v*n the eyes li«di- caJ aclwio* show« that b*d te«th pro- due* unhealthy ce»dltion» ail over the jb»ly j With S«n-oco Tooth Paste at yonr Service -- a. edbtincaUj prepared, pre- ivs»tjve ot Pyorrhea-- iJiera a no nsod oi falllnz a iwey to thece lUi ^o jie»d ol haTlne a mouthful of decayed iletth lieod regularly on a *tt ot bmd te«th th* deaaly gernui bar* llttl* ^btinctt to enter It they sbovld enter rth«r can't exlxt lent under iu toor- iQUfu cleKiuilaic prop"trU«B A* a .cleanser and preventive of iil*eaa* c* the teeth It i» positive!* reliable 'jXdTancnd cuies ehould be treated by jour denU*L tlna Benreco Tooth Paste as a pro- T c n t a t K e Ask jour fl«stlBt if you ehould not pay all attention to your t«e.h O* course ife won't say our Tooth, Potte -vrtll cure Fyorrn*a. IS r already have it. your dentist the doctor E\ en if you ar* afflicted with hi* terrible dlceave Sen- iroco Tooth 5*»«te will toelp you to «*et rid of it, wltk your d.»ntl*t s aiaJit- lanes But wd don t want you to con-* itroii any aliment of tb# mouth and [teeth, nor dooe jour dental doctor. A. preventive !· far better tnaa to 3mvB to GTO through the trials of a core, S$a\ ^3 your teeth br Senreco Tootfc paste and the probability 1» that ou [won't have to deal ·with foul and pita-. iful diita*ea. By taking* excellent care. (of 'your t«eth you may tav* atorancn, 1 intentlnaJ, heart and eye trenfel**, all precaution to keep th* teeth. .and do It with Senreco Tootb; aale, the lteat dlscovory of CentaJ( e Saaopl* of Senreco freo If you It Stenrecx) Tooth Pa»te, Clncln- ..i.romze Tfaose Who Advertise. MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTHPHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVItLE, PA. J. N. Trump KITE L1NP TRANSFER U MOTOR THOCK M* MOVTNG AND Offlee 103 K. Gmp« Ajl ·It* P, H. H. D«pat. Both PRINTED SY BEfK--Tes. Vli,»t He Seed's Is More Ezercise BT C. 1. VOIGHT PETEY, ''N JOM'T vou \ OUR. ATMtETlc. Ci.A*S JT'H. J 50 YOU A LOT OR / C.OOK KU!J £o\uU j -- AMD IT LjOOtci

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