The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 12, 1964 · Page 45
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 45

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1964
Page 45
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nfw- '"'rTr wk qryl'Wr'r rrt "MP "r r "W WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 12,k19M THEOOTAWAJOXJ 45 3tt ICilS AID MJLS1XE (Coal. Ima Preceding Column! IMS SHEPHERD CBUI8EH. 13 " ft., 1U hp. (used): 1M4 Shep. ' , herd Summer erulssr, M ft., 110 ' k p. (newl, Holiday Marin - Sams Ltd. Excluslvs dnltn for Shepherd Cruisers In the Ottawa Valley, Merrlrkvllle. XM-49M. 1M1 GALE MOTOR. PACESHIP ,1 Trailer. AU food condition. Can . be financed Low monthly pay-1 unatt. S3S-S43. - Jl 1k HP OUTBOARD MOTOH goouconoiiton. hhw. tSSO COMPLETE. ELECTBIC womnnm owuiw irauer, canvas. LEO DULMAOI Carlstea Flare rtw 444 or 1IM 1J -FOOT PACE8HIP. PLYWOOD. 'M IMMM. MW stserlng ' systsm. padded aeat. contra dock. "wl' reflnlshed, powered by 15 niNpinir, eiecino lun motor. - Vary food boat, windshield, " terms. .. 1 JS-rOOT MASON MAHOGANY lapsiraae Boat, windshield, hsrdwsrs. full raar seat and aplll bark, front aaat. vinyl dock. V-boat la naw, powarad by 35 horaapowar Evlnrud electric. In excellent abapa. Cash, trada. 3031 61CDiN!X&-UKDSCAPUI& TOf MlL . rni. HALT-LOADS available. e-i47; . 304 FASH LHPUMOm COCKIHITTT . POWER GRAIN ... pineer, ft., food eondluon. COMBINE WITH MOTOR, P I C K- taw and bin, eloan. raaaona b I a. 'Davidson's, SOM Soou Slrsstl . . taVHif . , . ... ... l DAVID BROWN TRACTOR. MOD-al M, Ilka naw. ano boun " w nulla BHau avsnings. JOHN nunc aa s ea combine , - Corn Head., Majyhawa aon-.j';lauoua flew a rain dryer and , moiature meter. Maxvllle, H7- seal, wriu Maavilla. Box 240. 1 I N C. S-CAN PORTABLE MILK . aooler; t Cockahut, t-foot train ' Banner; . i wocxanut, jo-ioqt - , aoner fram binder; 1 Maeeey- Karrle 44 dleasl uactor: I I H O model B-2M dleeel tractor; t (. Ji I HC tractors Several smaller ueeo traetora ana vaao comblnea. Groan's Farm Supply, awhmond, Ont. SU-aTTl, USED MACHINERY Ma Deer 414 Tractor iM Loader. , A ' Cockanult 40 Tractor, i - a Cocksbutt tt CombbMs, 1- fool. ' "1 Oliver N. IS Comalae. t- foot. ' John Deer S-foat toll type Swathar , ,John Deer Vfe Binder an . Caakanlttt B Binder, a-toot ., InlarnatWal Boraader a rub-. bar. 10 buahela. - ,IM1k "ran apreeder. 100 buabrla. PTO. Pkaoa Porafa Harvaatar wltlr Maaaey-Herrla' Pant rlarva-" lee with corn head. ' PapeeCrop Uerar arttb am tundell CraJtWor wits un-- loader I 1 - - SEVERAL THE rfBMS; G0CKSHUTT SALES & SERVICE CYRVILLE Terms Avsilsbl 74M8S7 301 MUST IdeaHfojlced Tea l.- . HILLTOP ' TEA BAGS , Psdugs . 70 of m i i'r -c V ' i "DOMINION STORES LIMITED A&P -' "i FOOD STOKES r " ' CLARK'S - PORK and BEANS S V . Br-TlB T" Specisl 5 tM 99t LOW. LOW PRICES AT :'' LOBLAWS " Carnation Evaporated 3 1 j Milk. IS os 2 for vlr Aybnar Catsup, i CO M . can S for Wf Henley Ck. Prult 10 A .if. Cocktaa SS 0. am. J'H- 307 KTSTOCI ADORABLJI POODLE' PUPPIES. email, standard, blue-black and brown, roaaonabie, i-aJ-4aai. -r BLACK , LABRADOR8, REGI8-red. 1 months. PW Hunt Club. Ul-OSM. tlftt ttl 'Pop tuftanq wnast uavi so; diiaraf datura a Xi OAtees dY HXliaV , qaxuvM OMVOB UDOIES. ASSORTED COLORS. ' fipaclal aale, 40 par pair, eafaa, etc. ijn-z7oa. DALMATIAN. 1 YEAR, LOVABLE, rooamf for Boon noma, a able. r-aM-4431. BOO. BLACK. BOSTON BULL, I peers old. M. PAJ-prsi. I FOX TERRIER PUPPIES ' AND . others. S . Arlington- Pbonei '- (-B3-S4SI. aVOVBLY-BASSET PUPS. MALI. remela; also Baaflaa, Reeson- ania. Bsj-asaT. '"TUREBRED LABRADOR retrlevera. puppies, yellow, 940 " up. Msnotick aaa-aoo. PKDIORIE FRENCfa. POODLE. jnsle. black. mMunna. T weefta. ' 71S-17S4. between taw evenings. ' PETS AND HOBBY CENTRE, FtfrL Snerlr tai Lawrlor Waat. N ... located at 17 Bank near Somer- eel. Fir asl on now. 13S-1M1 ROISTERED WEIMAR ANER. i ' Apply Ronald Perrault. Navaa, " i. " Telephone) 1SI. BCCISTERED WHITS SAMOYCO -pupplaa, waoka aid. Price 140 - Apply W. Ba'fam. Bon 113. Bmitna rane. uni. autOISTERED CHIHUAHUA AND . akuutaaa for sale. Mr. Need, ham. Woodlawn, Ontario, Carp ail II. i JOT -KTSTOCI JCont. from ' Preceding Columnl SILVER MINIATURE POODLE pupa, born June . Vaccinated, wormed and cllppad, S23-SSM. SIAMESE SEALPOINT KITTENS. ragiaiarad. T7j-03, evenings. STimVILLE KENNELS. PETS boarded, batnad. e 1 1 p pa a ana groomed. - All typea ofpupplea for aalc. 110S Wellington. Slats 13. BtHtivilla lMComplete Una of pat supplies, . THOROUOflSRED GERMAN . Shepherd. ID weeks, ola. sin. CU41H. BOABDINO KENNELS PETS BOARDED, BATHED, CLIP-pad and iron mad naw kennauv Phono Mrs, Hayss, T4S-20t, . WAKEFIELD KENNELS -PET BOARDING, GOOD POOD. Individual attantloo. aaparata, clean exercise runa. Wakef laid 458-4343 Convenient d a 1 1 V a r y 1 pickup at no extra coot at The Pat Shop. ISO Bank Straat. Groomlnf and auppllaa available. 301 IIYBTOCI - MUIIM DAIRY COWS SOLD ON TIME, no u, w , trm j , , n , u, - . w Ky. Phone 19 Embrun. or write J Marlborouf h. Ottawa. FOR SALS BEAUTIFUL BLACK mare, 4 years, hackney and per-etwroa. broken alncle and double, very quiet. Children's pet. Also yeeriinf mare, rrencB. a, nerr Perth. RR No. 4. HAY FOB SALE, CLOVER. Timothy. Alfalfa. 744-141. or 21-2(71. ' - .P ' HORSES BOARDED. LA ROB, clean boa alalia, automatic watering ay at am. Beat of care. River Road. H miles eouth at Uo- Unde Airport. M. Whalan. U2- saea. NEW BOARDING STABLE, Trlple-L Ranch, food hay. pro tected winter nog. Heeerve now. J4-337. PONY, GENTLE. ACCUSTOMED to children, 4100. 4S4-J3T7 REGISTERED HEREFORD BULLS. 14 month. Harry Haaiey. karp ai-w-au. SHETLAND PONY COLTS. TOP quailiyrarom aav up. aiaaar a 111. , SO SHEEP AND SO LAMBS. RICH- mono. ua-22U. 4.000 BALES OF GOOD HAY IN pern write or pnone nnvnw Garvin. Elfin. Ont, Phone Elgin 4J-R-1-4, ... 309A STAMPS AWXOIIB ANY AMOUNT OF CANADIAN OR American prooi-iuie eeis, oouara. ate. urgently wanted. We s i 1 travel or call Coin Centre of Canada, 534 Sussex. S3-aL BRITISH COLONY MINT STAMP collection, approximately 44.000 value, will asll all or naru at 4 or las ta first offer. S3- aaai. . - " - OTTAWA COINS. COIN INVEST- ment brokers, we will buy or aeil aoina for you on our tele- type at a reasonable rsta. 232- 141 WE BUY COINS. BEST PRICES Have car will trays' Mel Cola Bar. 14 Quean, m ull. 400 ABBY. t JiU ' LEARNING Tl flay the conn orgen at Ken arlslen Piano Studios. Lessons are very eesy and raaennaole. ' They also supply the organ for a monm. ado. . A. M. DOVB MUSICAL SBBVICEB. PUnos tuned, repaired. Instruc tion s band and oilssus in strument. New pianos ans mussesl Instrunssnbi tar sale ' 1U-4243. .. CARD AND MIND READINO, also lea leaves read. 722-0773. DISCARDS FROM YOUR BOMB provide wore an wsgee roe tne handicapped and needy at the Ottawa Neighborhood. , larslLas workshops. Tl-37fT. DRIVINO LESSONS, 44. .WEST Ind Driving school, a-. DRIVINO TO REOINA AUO. SOTH. room for t plungers. TH 1440 EXCELLENT CARE FOR ELDER-ly paopla, room and board. 13- ia. - r FUN-LOVINO GENTLEMAN' (ts. Uke te meat lady 14-14. snap appreciated, but not necessary. Box I necaaasry. CLEAN YA E-441. Journal. HAVE TRUCK. CLEAN YARD. callers, mamtenanca work sad repairs. 2j-2T. ' HAVING TROUBLE WITH YOUR w saber? For tree eattmstaa. 232- 334. LAMINATED IDENTIFICATION card, 41.. Far Information aaO 12; -0134 MOVING' FOR LOWEST RATES snd dependable service call Capitel. Fully Insured. 74-tlll. PIANO TUNINO OR REPAIRS BY experts. Your piano will last longer and retain He valu If properly meiatalaed. Phone Robertson. Pinole and Tllley Ltd.. 4 s parka a treat, 232-lAai PRINTINO. LETTERHEADS OR envelope, 414 thousand. ' cards 7. flyara 420. Caahpeint. 122- IOBT. REGISTER NOW FOB PIANO. guitar and aeaordlon limiiiw In Musira .studios at Willis Co Ltd., 1341 Watunftaa St. . Tel. 3S-!S7t. . responsible: winter em ployea wanted by owner tourist lodge and receptionist lady cook. nousf keeper. i op references PO Bon I, Portland, Ont. RESUMES OP PROFESSIONAL business and military careers. drsfted . In proper form, oeu- ndentlal. I3S-417. ROOM, BOARD. AND CARE FOR eiaeny people, neaeonaoie rate. 724-2121. SCIENTIFIC INTRODUCTION Centre. SO Avenue Hoed,., To- ronio a, unt. vss-vssi. SINGLE YOUNQ LADY INTEREST-ed In meeting prof sw tonal unattached gentleman, lata twen ties, corapemooshlp. Box E-434 Journal. SINGLE. UNATTACHED. JOIN Friendship Club, introduce -people of good character, a 1 1 ages. Out-of-town Inquiries wel- . come. Conrtdentlel. Tele phone B37-1V7. box o-Toa. journal. THANKS TO ST. JVDK FOR favor received. T.L. TRUCK, m-TON, REMOVE RUB- bisn. cleea yaraa, oaasmenu. S2-410. TYPEWRITERS. RENT ALB, RaV palr. Evening delivery. Phonal 74-UB9i . ' v UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE RE- covers, ranairs. kit chen chairs recovered. Qusltly materials, low prices, m-rss WENTWORTH HEALTH STUDIO, mssssaa and steam, operated by graduate rnaescueo. Phone 232- WHY NOT RENT AN ECONO-CAR for your vocation? Ns travel re strictions and weekly rates lees thsn you think. All ears auto-. ma tic. Insurance, seat baits, ra- qto. Telephone 74o-i4a. YOUNG MAN WISHES TO CON tact men with apartment, and 400 " rinORAU leant, from Prsssdlsw Column) 4-TON DUMP, AVAILABLE FOR trash removal. 133-4727. THE A HEALTH STUDIO GRADUATE MASSEUSE. STEAM- hath, lamps. 20 Laurier Waal. I23-I730 WHY VACATION ALL ALONB LOCAT1NQ ETHICAL VACATION, share partners Is another service provided by the Sharing Registry. Pre Information, ast-Mst. anytime. SSWINO CLASSES BEGINNING MONDAY. AUG. IT. Beginners course. lessons, f20. Telephone for Information re-. larding registration for this course and also intermediate and advanced courses In dressmsk-Ing. The Sewing Basket, 34 Laurier Weal 217-0224 , FREE SAMPLE Dellcibus NABISCO - 100 BRAN Is the only bran cereal flavored with', fruit luleeet Youru like the way bran's bulk helps you enjoy gentle, natural regularity. For a free sample package at delicious NABISCO 100 BRAN, writs la NABISCO " -" .' ' Nisgirs FtUs. Ont SOI MILL mf WANTED ANOTHER OPENING FOR A MAN to train a real estate agent in our real dentist hemes sales f e- Prtment. Earn while you learn, you qualify you will be train, ed In all phases of this Intarest-' tnf prnfssalon. To dierass thai career opportunity call Mr. Wong . office, 134-4024. Evanlnaa. 722-744. Leslie Wong Company ' Limited, "Realtor " BOY OVER 14. WANTED WITH Meycle. Apply la person. SS Olouaaster. BUTCHER AND COUNTER MAN. tolltruTual. experienced only. Apply 44 By Ward Marital, CH ART E R E D ACCOUNTANTS office requires iniermedlste "W aenior CA, student or r c n t fraduata. MacLeod. Comrla and Company, S3-III. CEMENT FINISHER WANTED. (Call 724347 evenings I 30-1B- CHIEF STATIONARY ENGINEER. second class appltcanta are invited for the position, af Chief Engineer In a new. chemical plant located tn Iterrtsburf, Ont. Apply tn" varltlnf. giving detail of age. experience and marital status, to Mr. G. W. P arret!, ears of Aeaway Chemtca! Limned. Morrtsburg . Ont. ENGINEER FOR NATURAL OAS furnace wanted. J Apply so; St. Charles .Home. 13 Bruyere St.. Ottawa. - , 177; .. , EXPERIENCED L i t E N S E D painter for body shop, top wsges. steady aaiploymeat. 3141s Frlel Street. EXPERIENCED -i SINGLE MAN for dairy farm, 2-i7u, ' ' WE ARE NOW . H in 1 LAV1LVVU1U V ' - STUDENTS ' For Chaptered Accountsnts' Office. i , University degree or senior. Matriculation rsqukfad; also 4ttt ar 1th ys Reply ta confidence to , Peat Marwick Mitchell , and Co. 353 DALHOISIE STREET 232-1546 , SALES ' MANAGER To organize sdverthing. cir-culstion snd printing ssles for new outdoor puWlMtion, I liesa onice in sotitiiern on- J tsrio, but would be reqiiictd 1 to travel Ontario snd Nortn eaitern States of U.&A. Salary snd commission plan will make attractive position for th : right person. , . VpUmss spply in detail to ; . BOX E-466, JOURNAL Interviews will be arranged in Otuws. , Industrial Relations Assistant An xcrlleni opportunity m ur rsputly oxpsndinf Mti-psny exists far an induatrlal Relations AsstsUnt al as tntsr-snediat level. The succeaarul applicant must have recent experience in parasnnal recruit, ment. including rsxmrtment St prof aw Ion si and taehnleal laval. v - . Other duties, after euftletent orientation may Include some of ths followlngr . I. Wsgs sn Sslsry . Administration . ' ', 1 Training snd Development 3. Lsbof Relstions 4. Pertonnel Adminiitration ; The applicant should bs 34 to , 33 years of age with 4 goad educational background. . Replies' glvinsj a aynepslt of qualifications should bo dt-. reeled la , - .. - . E. R. BARRETT . . " . Director of -" I Industrial Relations , COMPUTING DEVICES OF CANADA LIMITED P 0. B0X 808, Otlswa, Ontario DAILY PUZZLER "''i . A DAILY DISH Or SCRAMBLED WORDS YRsad News hm Below forT Untcrsinh 1 rl..a. S A-evusse ssf Puvvla 1 'OUT CT. w.-r r n LIXED BAG ' TAREE AuKralio - Charles Pleri, whikt hvntiog rabbit, wo bitten on ths arm by a poiionout snake. Being far owoy from medical help, he plugged hi arm with hit rifle' to make the wound bleed. A hidden observer reported him lo the cutrtpntiet and he wot fined for carrying a firearm on ibts letters of the erjibled word - v Moh9 form fow1 srm. pie words. I ,A P T i N I J II J II 0 A N S Y i I I I U w a si r I . I& II I Whan wo4 the Bunter carrying I HT-7"T7 ,g"T I r . Cese. '44 tWs'i festwes Corp. jr 1 r tM.Wsrld (lasts td. . 'X ssXmBSKsessassssxhssBassssw MINT rJUWMRED LETTERS IN . II 13 13 14 14 C THESE SQUAWS I I I I I - I UNSCRAMBLE ABOVE LETTERS nM I I I II TO GET ANSWEH VW1. ssLsm DAILY PUZZLER ANSWERS NEXT PAQK 501 MALE m WAHID fCant, from Preceding Column EXPERIENCED TELEPHONE asteamen wanien. Apply aar. Murdoch. 733-34. EXPERIENCED HAIRDRESSERS, excellent salary, west En. Dawn's Cut and Curl, 72S-0344. - BXPERIENCED MANAGER FOR ass bar. Bast End. bilingual, aggressive. Box E-39T, Journal. EXPERIENCED MARRIED MAN for dairy farm, modsrn bans, fuel and milk supplied, good wages. Box E-440. Journal. rOtST CLASS LICENCED MBCH- anic, Appir m parson, u sso-Bae Avenue. " FIRST CXABS- MECHANIC AND maintenance man required in Ottawa district. Baz B-40S, Journal. rtfLLER BRUSH COMPANY HAS estsDusneo wees bjiu route, high weekly Income assured. Pert-time opportuniUes a v a 1 U abla. S3S-3430. , JANITOR REQUIRED SEPT. 1. lor apartment -building. 33 Re gent airees. aao-uin, LICENSED MECHANICS WANTED at obeli Bcrvaco ataiton. Montreal Bond at Skaad Road. 744- SS34. NATIONAL ORGANIZATION, Re quires 3 smart young man 14-21 yea re. to train tor Salsa Career. Unlimited opportunity. Wlitsguel pi of erred, but not aaasntlaL 4 to months tralnrnc program at fixed salary. Boa E-414. Journal. PART-TIME SALESMEN. -EARN 4100. 1 evenings sree. Telephone Tlx-eoSl. ' - '" Young Man-"-; Age 21 to 25 Rroulred for credit depart-ment af medium sis orgsniae-Uon. Experience in credit work or banking laalened. Also must be resaonably pro- flclaat typist. .. . High school graduation nscee-aary. Excellent ewportunlty for the right man. Generous asm pany benefits. .. Apply, stating age. expetienco, educe'lea.. - . 1. . Box E-457, Journal QUALIFIED SHEET METAL . MECHANICS , Raeulrad for shop work. Steady employment. Apply a COGHLAN 1638 Csriini Ave. V , ' T28-1704 SALESMEN . HERE IS A PROGRAM FOR SUCCESS. IN 1964 1. FOR SECURITT: Up to flee r per week la guaranteed eal-j ry. Annual eamlags aver : 7Jo. . - , t, FOR OPPORTUNITY: Sales . bonusea aech month based :' an eclueveasent, ... S. FOR FUTURE GROWTH: An exclusive territory wtth-In otlswa containing more thaa 40 satisfied users. 40 per rent of volume la repeat business law sanvas-- atngl. ; - 4. FOR PCftSONAL SATIS. . FACTION: Aaeoclallon with , Ottsws's leader, m the home Improvement field for the pest I years. . FOR. PEACE OF MIND: Group Ufa and health la- DO YOU QUALIFY? , .-,1. ... . . ... . , .'. :-.. 1. Are you S3 te M and at goad healthT . . Doyeu ewe sarvieeabte . Can you show a record of good warkine habits 4. Can you work planned program 5. Art you determined ta make . . mora asoney in 1444 . ., . If you answer YES ta all the above aurstlons please aaa us THURSDAY between. lay ta p.m. for confidential Inter vMw; RUSCO . (OTTAWA) UMTTED JIB PREX0R1A.AVE., Comtt Bank Street' . - - .. - .. Distributors al a complete Una af Mom Impraveanent awnings. Thermo windows and Ml rttlE KHJ WJUPD iCnnt from Preceding Columnl T PART-TIME WORK FOR WEEK- ends taking grocery Inventories-I 34 hourly starting wage. PR1-3 after 440 p.m. PART TIME. ODD JOBS. GLEBE. triplex. Box aV-404, Journal, PLUMBER JOURNEYMAN. Ex perienced in repair, alterations. , new construction, hot water and - steam heating, goooV opportunities far right man. 733-M3S. SALESMAN TO REPRESENT Boor covering wholesaler. bandL ing Isadlng line of hard eurfece flooring in city and Ottawa Val- ley. Knowledge or retail -noor. Ing trsrtit .desirable. Car essential, age to 33. Attractive salary, bonus plan and other benefits. Box t-343. Journal. SHOE SALESMAN. MfJBT BE Experienced, excellent position for ' right man. 113 Bank. FACTORY REPRESENTATIVE Tor ttw Frmrlnot of Ontario by m very eUbllhJ rapid ly expanding Vnt Cot m nu faeturair. Produet kiMmledg KWcn mt companr tmeUtry. PMltlon requir avkiQ la pr-onsil ctmiact, 9mm prwnoii-m, mottvUi-i, traintnf of dealer pcraonn!. Travel required: Good tattle, eater. plus car and axieiM allowence. iMpsttd rilii ptM-ehertnfl end ealurr tncreaee potential mhith will piece the hht men in e Up Income brecket. Umuel fringe , Mneftto. The manegement la ' pracretefve end dedleeted to the teem spirit of operation coupled with enoourafing full delotmwnt of the Indlviduel , potential and giving of orm-meneurate reward. Reply In etrlct eonf idonce, giving full perticulera as to tdu-cation. expertertsBt. telephotte number end other pereanal BOX E-431. J0URNO, for Intervitfw at on of Otuwa's leading hotels August 14. 45 Mdl6. RESEARCH ' TECHNICIAN Tor the EnvlrorimentaJ R-search Brnch, Biology snd Health Physics Divtskm to sstist with microtireteorologi-csl studies of deposition snd evaporation using radioactive tracer snd with the compilation snd ' Interpretation ot meteorological fiats. Preference to ip pi least with education) bsckgrounil In physics, or tru thematic snd physic, or with previous experience in e related - fit Duties will include both field snd laboratory work. Please quote file number, snd Include full details of education snd experience in first letter to File T i . ATOMIC ENERGY , OF CANAOA LIMITED Chalk River, OnUrte Chemical Engineer Chemicsl engineer required for work In chemicsl opers-tioiuy Applicant with seversl yesrs' experience preferred, but recent graduate will be conidenrd. The , successful' applicint will be "trained to supervise operstion for heavy water reconcentration, radioactive chemicsl snd waste ditposst, snd radio-active msterials hsndling. Supersnnustion, group intur-artce, hntpital, medical -surgical and vacation plant. Sute sll particulars la first letter to ' .i , rile 7 H ATOMIC ENERGY . " OF CANADA LIMITED Chtik River, Ontario SALESMAN Required for Retail . Trade in Our Showroom. ' A amtind 3 with gnnd cttu-esltnn. expettenee In the field fesjulred blllngusl. good ep-poriunitle tor the lutury . Per Appotnlmsnt Cell ' THt MANAGER ' . BYTOWN LUMBER , LIMITED . 45-6825 ' 501 Mil! m WAHTLO ICont; from preceding Column) SUPCRfNTCNDEHT fcANDV MAN, fuu tins for S-etorey anadera apartment building, couple only, free apartment plus apod salary References. Apply Boa B-1M, Journal. MECHANIC COUNTER MAN POR modern building esUbliahment In East End. Mechanicslly minded, bilingual, training provided'. Box g-444. Journal. TAXI DRIVERS, OVER 34 YEARS 01 age. Apply 1000 Wellington. TAXI DRIVERS WANTED. 1MME- nisiety. uu Tse-ovai. USED CAR , SALESMAN POR volume evssler on Rldeeu Street, must be experience" snd bilingual, salary snd commission. Apply 44 Rldeeu. WANTED. EXPERIENCED Oil burner mechsnlc. blllngusl. 334 St. Andrew Street 1W-73I4 APPLICATIONS INVITED from STUDENTS With Grade 13 standing or net. ter. intrrested In beroming Chartered Accountants. Apply ' ARTHUR A. CRAWLEY ; AND CO. 132 Lyon Street, Ottawa, Ontario V 233-7715 WANTED AUTOMOTIVE PARTS MAN With thorough kiMwIedf of GM parts and for Urfd) onarl Motora Deaior ahlp. J- Appltcjntt mint b agf rcatv and capablo of fitting Into an expanding organization. Apply is paraon to HARRY ARDLEY Parts Manager- CABELDU MOTORS LIMITED Corner Sparks snd Lyon Sts. Test Technician Minimum 2 to 3 years' experience in ins pec tint, testing and " trouble shooting: power supplies, motor-generator and control circuits. Semi - conductor knowledge desirable.' Apply BOGUE ELECTRIC x OF CANADA LTD. . . Riverside Drive Otuws, Ontario CARLETON -UNIVERSITY "FACULTY OP ENGINEERING REQUIRES A . "MACHINE SHOP ' .." TECHNICIAN Starting November. Expe.'ience In machining pre, cat ton Teat equipment necee-aary and la aheet metal w'-rS. big. srskling, or braxing desir-able. Good working conditions in a well equipped shop in new building, usual fringe tienellts. Salary dependent on quslHI-cattona and sxperlence. , Reply giving age, experience and edurslloa. to Dean of Engineering CARLETON UNIVERSITY ENGINEERING OPPORTUNITY AT COMPUTING DEVICES OP CANADA UMTTED Continu'ng expansion In our .engineering and manufacturing operation has created s number of Immediate openings st sll levels for-ambitious and Irnaginative engineer; with experience in ' any of the following arest: . DIGITAL AND ANALOG SYSTEMS NAVIGATIONAL AND .' . TACTICAL SYSTEMS INPUT AND OUTPUT AND DISPLAY DESIGN CIRCUIT AND COMPONENTS DEVELOPMENT r SOLID STATE URCUIT DESIGN ' PACKAGING OP " MINIATURIZED 'COMPONENTS AVIONIC SYSTEMS PRODUCTION ENGINEERING (ELECTRONIC) . APPUED MATHEMATICS ANALYSIS AND DIGITAL COMPUTER PROGRAMMING .' .a- , ' .. - For further 'details, snd to arrange interview, submit full details of education and experience, to . E. R. BARRETT Director of Industrial Relstions COMPUTING DEVICES OF CANADA LIMITED x Pa BOX 508, OTTAWA 4. ONTARIO . wishes to share asm. T77-0U (Conttnusd a Nsxt Columnl 501 MAUIiUV.iliiTnB (Corn, fram preesaini Columnl YOUNQ MAN. TO 1. GRADE u to wore aa outce cierx Apply la person. S3 Pleet street. VOUNO MAN. . INTKftESTCD IN snoe business, grade l education, blllngusl "preferred but not essential. Apply The Kiddie Cobbler. Sll Bank Street. OVEB ONB MILLION Sear Handred Thousand Dollars IN BXAt BSTATI SOLO BY OUR cnuiusea ssiss ores in juiyt Join this opportunity - minded ssles group that- are smashing records .every nionth. Experience the thrill of helping people Snd their dream -home! The most satisfying, well-paid Job in ssiss In Canada today I Plenty of help, trsintng. prospects, leads Call and make an appointment to chat about YOUR future. Call George Thomas. Ssles Msnsger. 134- 13(11: evenings, 134-4073. Thomas Shipman Ltd.. "Realtors''., SENIOR MATRICULANT GRADUATE WITH PAPERS, senior metric, required by na tional irm ui cnarwna waaiv anu. Train as CA. Excellent opportunity for serious student to obtain professional status. Box E-4. Journal. BABN 444 TO S44 A WEEK THE MOST WANTED PRODUCT on the market today. Dura sen ibrend new I Retails 44 Every home snd business a ssle. Repeals. Top Psy. Tel. E34-40M: evenings. 431-131. Out-of-town Inquiries write: Dura San, 71 Preston. Ottawa. University Graduates FOR Reactor Operations. Graduates In Engineer in to operate nuclear reactors. Ap- -pllcsnts with two or mors years' Industrial experience are preferred but more recent . graduates will be considered. Buccessfui applicants will bs trslnei te sunervlee reactor operalHers. In addition, graduates In Engineering Physics will be considered for operational work In Reector Private!. Supereftnustlon, . group Insurance, hospital, medical-surgical, vacation plana. State U particulars In first, letter to -f- FILE 7 G - ATOMIC ENERGY OF XANADA LIMITED CHALK RIVER. ONTARIO SOU SA1BHEI MD WOULD YOU LIKE TO REALIZE 473 00 weeklyr Bell the largest and nnest lino including c metles. household and farm products. -Writ to: Fsmlles. Dept. A -4. , 104 Delorlmler, Montreal. .... N'EW HORIZONS FOB YOU! YOUR OPPORTUNITY AS AoCAL SECRETARY POR FOR. nal estate salesman ts limited only by your own dssirs to succeed Ihrougn serving others. We have "stock on our shrtree'M, many, auny desirable properuea to sell. We will teach you now to asll them and, show yoa the war to rawsrdmg career. To talk seriously about It, call Oeoree Thomas. Sales Msnsger. sne.ssat- evenlnes. 13ft-071. for an appointment. Thomaa Ship- rasa Ltd -Bealtor". 502 , FDUU m WAMTD BABYSITTEB. RELIABLE Wo man, W saiga to ana. Txa-TMx, after . , BEAUTY COUNSELOR REQCIRES full, pert-time, ambllloya women. 71S-0474. 2 f. ' CASHIER . RECEPTIONIST FOR ling establish menu East End. Must be bilingual. Evening work. Apply In own writing. Box Q-447. Journal. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT'S office requires a stenographer. MacLeod, comrla an c S3-ll. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS onioe nee openma on exan lor experlenced bookkeeper. Box E- 450. Journal. , CLERK FOR FILING, TYPINO ana general on ice worn, unitarian Service Committee. 134-17. --."'-.- DEPENDABLE WOMAN FOR KIT- chrn duttea ana rooa nananng. West End. Box B-441. Journal. DISHWASHER WANTED. S DAY week. 4-4. good ssiary. Apply In person. 77 Cafeteria, 11 Metcalfe Street, from s-10 ja. EXCELLENT WAGES fOR QUIET houaekeeper. live in or out. Eng. ltsh ar German epaakina, S34-1111. Freiman's DOWNTOWN Has ouenlngs for full-llm sad t. . pert -lime axaesisjnced . Salesladies ; In todies' costs, reedy-to-weer end men furnishings departments. , 4 -day week. Th Freimsn Employes Benefit Plan. . .1 APPLY - Peronnel Office Freiman' ' pOWNTOWN EDITOR , JS REQUIRED By . National Research Council For work ta the Dlvlalon of Building Bseearch. , DUTIES: - ' " Under general direction of the Secretary. I of she Associate Committee on the Netlonsl Building Code lo be responsible ' for editorial work Involved la producing she Netlonel Building Cone. ItsSupplernentS snd . tner aeaoclaled publlcstl.ns. and to prepare Issues of the National Building Code News. Typins ability la essential. . SALAHY: . - i Initial salary, up In U.toe nef annum, will depevtd on usil- . ftcatlms, ....... ,i . APPLY. Hiving complete details of education and experience, to the , .. . ' -r Employment Officer NATION At, RESEARCH - , COUNCIL Ottawa 2,kriUrio ' In reply, please quote BR-361. ,502 RNA1E HEU WAITD (Coot, from Preceding Coluasal CARN Sll WICKLY PLUS A free wardrobe in your spare time. Just show rash Ion Frocks to friends. No Investment, canvassing experience necessary, writs: North American Fashion Frocks US. 4414 Industrial Boulevard. Dept. 4-1430, Meat-real. Que. EMBASSY REQUIRES EXPERI-enced cook, preferably live -In. good salary. Boa E-43. Journal. EXCELLENT OPENINGS FOB brsnch store managers and c Hackers. - steady employment, guaranteed weekly salary. Apply at head office only. Brook -shire Cleaners Limited. STT , Boyd Avenue. 1 blocks south off Calling at Webb a Motel. EXPERIENCED- HAIRDRESSERS, excellent sslsry. West End. Dssvn's Cut and Curl, T1S-4944. EXPERIENCED HAIRORESSEB. Cordon Hair Slylists. S77 komar-sst W. 234-0317. EXPERIENCED SALES CLERK for bakery store. Apply 44 Bl-deau Street., exp erTenced waitress, el f ists ResUurant, -. Bluings Bridge. 713-771. GIRLS FOR GENERAL FACTORY work: Bindery girls nsedad. Apply Box E-S74, Journal. HOUSEMAID. BILINGUAL. WITH sxperlence. 25-35 years old. for 1 adults. Bungalow In Alia Vista. References. 744-4351, evs , 131-4B17. HOUSEKEEPER FOR 10 MONTHS., I lady, small home in Toronin. References 711-4721. HOUSEKEEPER. LIVE IN. 40 monlnly. Must be fond of children. Boa Z-iia. Journal. INTELLIGENT, MATURE. WELL spoken clerk for telephone and . Invoice typing In extremely busy office. Alcxantaa and Son Ltd., T2 Bank Street., . MIDDLE AGED WOMAN. LOOK altar 1 sbUd. Ilve-ln. S2S-SS4. M1DDLR five in. AGED HOUSEKEEPER, Box E-46J, JournaL PLEASANT PERSON FOB HOUSE-keeping duties. Must live In. Good sslsry. S adults la home. Glebe area. Apply in person. National Employment Service. Mi Sister. RECEPTIONIST, DENTAL OFFICE. West End. Box E-2M. Journal. REGISTERED NURSE. RELIEF lor afternoon shllL Bex E-lbl. Joumau - RELIABLE WOMAN TO MIND little girl, live m. weekends Ires. 722-cou. RELIABLE GENERAL TO LIVE la, references. S children, good ssiary. aae-ioas. RESPONSIBLE lEXPERIENCED suff, practical nurse. Box E-43. Journal, , RESPONSIBLE LADY. CARE FOR 2-year-old girl and 11-year-old twin boys. Quecnevray Terrace, . 3 as 4 JO, 1 days seeekly. SIS- SECRETARY REQUIRED . FOR ellreciaar at nubile relations of trade aaeoclallon. knowledge of French dealrabl. Box SV-ss. Journal. SEPT. 1. RELIABLE M A T U B B housekeeper, preferably live In. Mind one pre-echool child. Modern conveniem-ta- Own r o o sa- I good salary. 731-414. V elan ambaaav. nerfed knowledss of English required. Letter stating background to Box eel, aowrnsu. TYPiSt" SWITCHBOARD OPERA- tor wun gesarrsi nnowisuae en bookkeeping. State previous experience, Box E-101. Journal. WAITRESSES WANTED. APPLY '. In pscsen. 1JM wsiursrteeatreet. WAITRESS. EXPERIENCED ONLY. Food and beversg. Full time. , Apply Red Door Tavara BseSsu rant, 714-4Q41. WAltTEOPOLKS IN OTTAWA k-Atod dutrtct to i ibeMi line of Chr fnenaar ana neignaor. no experience necessary. Our big. full-eolor cats log ue makes it easy 4a get plenty of orders. Earn extra money this way. Writs today lor Christmas cards en approval and fre? catalogue. Monarch Card Co.. Dept. IS. SIT Cannon. Haae-Uton, WIDOWER REQUIRES MATURE housekeeper, must Uve In, two ' teenagers, modern conveniences, private room, T34-W17. ar Box E-470. Journal. BUYER AAANAGER Experienced aad fully ejuslllled Bucr Manager required far lingerie department Applicants must be I no roughly experienced. Previous sevarlnent etore or specialty store experience esssntlsL Salary pies generoui annual bonus. Sh4sf , wsek. The Pretmaa Emnlaaee Bene- X , i m Plan. , , Apply PERSONNEL DIRtCTOR A. J. FREIMAN LIMITED - . . CLERKS;, We hiv seversl " hnmedlata openings for store and off Ic ' clerks. If you an Interested In yiar 'round employment with steady weakly sslsry, apply today at VAIL'S 1570 CARLTNG AVE. at CHURCHILL LADIES! Become a figure work specialist by training at t Comptometer Operator. ', CALL OR VISIT VICTOR COMPTOMETER , UMTTED . Room 220, 227 Laurier West 232-7966 " - BE A ;, 1 HAIRDRESSER DAY CLASSES , marvel' - hairdrcssing school " ' Writs or .CsH ' V 72 Ridesu Street, Ottawa CE6-0615 or 16. f ! A

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