The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 5, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1918
Page 6
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DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSVU^LB. PA. TOr?DAT, FEBRUARY 3, 1913. As a special inducement during our Demonstration "fleck Onlj. we will give w i t h eyer} Majestic -olu one hai clbome set of kitchen ware as illustrated E 1 en piece s tin finest ot its. Kind and the entire set cannot be purchased lor lc= than ^S 00 The price fo the Majestic lemams the same as ilwa\? ami the qualit\ of the =tove is the same This k i t c h e n w a i c is an out and out present See it at our store TieJTajcstScis made in many different style-,, bnt THE GREATEST OF TUMI All, i-, the "THR£k-£VO^ E COH1U YTIOA JtViSGE. foi co.U, wood, or gas; three '.-ten?', in ore. ,-nd nothing- (o change Y*ent,wifthing Jfroin ea-f to coal. Just imacine how nice it would be on a. GOLD ttlVJ'ER'h 1IORMNO, to lierlit the gas and ha\e breakfast, wlnle the coal fire is g«ttine started. Tliei- asuin, the i,.is imsht gne out--PBESTO--Just Ihufld a coal fire. Come and sec one in operation on our floor. THEY ARE GREAT. Eememlier, ire will sen e HOT COFFEE AT) MAJESTIC BISCETIS ALL THE WEUK, AM) WE \\ VVJ \0l '10 COME 1LU11A AM) OUTV THE! 4RL FTC,F V S " V \ A T F R . Prof. Becker, the Great Chef, -- I,very ladv in Coimellsville should attend This will be an opportunit\ to leani the art of cooking from a man of 6J years' experiPiue Professor Becker will show kra to cut your work in half b u-ing his methods Visit to Tills Demonstration W jll Be Botli a Pleasure and Profit, He explains e\crythmg in detail answeis anv questions and al\\a\o has something nev, We especially wish all the Domestic Science Teachers and Students to attend one or moie of these lectures J'rofcssor Becker uses nolliing lint the Great Ifajeitie Jfallcable and Charcoal Iron Han^p lor Ins norK. This range is non breakable riveted together a r ti?ht without usma stove put'ty or cement. We will ha\e a full line of these high grade ranges on our floor and will show jou why they last so long heat so m u c h water quick!}, and use so little mel The have taken the Gold Medal at all world s fairs for the past 30 jears See this range in operation and watch Prof. Becker turn out the most delicious and appetizing pies, cakes, rolls, drops, etc. He shews you hcnv to do it as we^ as giving out the receipts. As fast as the numerous goodies are baked they are served to all present in bountiful helpings. Professor Becker ,will give FREE Lectures on .Cooking and Baking each Afternoon Between 1.30 and 4.00 O'clock. THESE DEMONSTRATIONS Mill SHOW: 1.' How to save 5d r 6 on Coal Bills .2 How to cook Economically. 3." How to make many new and tasty dishes 1 Why the Majestic lasts so long 5 "Why the Majestic sa\es time, labor and fuel 6 Why experts pronounce it the BEST RANGE ON ON EARTH 7 \Yh the Majesties bake with papei stcne pipe S WH V THE GOVERNMENT BOUGHT 11 000 Majesties in 1917. Women Are Especially Invited. These Are Vital Problems to Every Woman. Don't Hesitate to Come and Ask Questions. Every Lady That Comes Will Get a Very UseiFuI Article Free. ills Pai in Half the Time ent Bow-of Man clou.* MiiMfor Ine LH \\Juit L,»cry llumv Should Jlnve -iimbaso. Backache Toothnrhe. "\ea- rnlcbi flTti! VI] trhrs and Pilnx \rr _34n(MllfM in Mall the Plinr it I akfi Otfcer lU-medli «--(Hit Implication Ioe-* the M ork. ~~ _ £ *~Qrandmofher s fishioneil m u s t i r d 2r box docn the work of 50 mustard Ustcrb "\Vh aufl. i fdY d ijs usmn plainerB or c o n t i n u o u s l y rubbing on l i n i m e n t \\lten one IT I heat ion of Must irlnt, w i l l tike out soreness In chest or i n part of the bod\ and w i l l limber up stilt tiet,k 01 r u s t j joints in 10 i t i m e s in fl\e ]f 3 ou \vant to g-f t r i d of sore throat n e u r i t i s t j n s i l i t i h p l e u r f s j -· -plaster-did trt«. "work a l r f f f H t but i t bl _ ""tored the" slcln ar d was, i m i ^ h t j un* c c in Temed^ Muntarine is t i e origmj.1 m u b t a r j _.. _ _ , _ -- *lirscrlptlorf thit has m a d e Grand- i n f l i m m i t i o n In the f e e t or r h e u m a t i c ^ mother-*mu»tard- plaster bu,. a rclfc of igronv and s w o l l e n jonts--rub on H b j sana. days. , Mustarinc n p h t RWJ.J--Its the q^ickosi ^ I t s 10 tirre^ b t » t e r cleaner and w i l l pa.m K i l l e r in the \v orid--ind t h e -- not bliiter K Is made of true hoi e«rt cheapest Get t r u e "Uuitarlne in the "* ^6!10iv mu§ta"d c mbined «ith o t h e r . t,llow box at i n dru^ sto-e \.t.\ -"* well knowi destroyers of pain and ai _ WIPE '--An m- ^.ereatms fiyejpwr photoplay In which s,-supported b KenneJi iy-^een- in~tbe leittimg role Jig--.presentc-d tomorrow The i 15 a^comed-v arama of ex- entorta Lnm enc \ alue, uhe GREAT FOR ECZEMA OLD SORES I Cnarantcc Ky Omtnaent, Say« Fclcrooa. Sto-3 I chmg Instantly to cct u 1 rr Ointment to d l* 1 for tho ' "i I l;oi of P n 1 1 - 3* of crtt\ box ^rr drurtl't t nr- -- . tn nfnnil the ptfT^libwr l l l o if I t i r i D i ^ OLntmcut Jtor T^OA olfcl-Jlalii --I )|naTRiiteo 1 Tr' fcr" t*wmz o 1 !! sorwi, mnnlns ^on". sal. rL nil u]^ rs sola nlnpfcs, bcok-n brc i*t« It Mas "Liu pirn iri4"r blaelcTlvulH, aLln dlbvasrd, blind, play gnttms its Qtle from the mean- derlngs of a most unique plot. SU.ikea blind bv accident a. man marries a gi-1 in oidei that she ma inherit a fortune She sends him to Switzerland for treatment and In time hi? sight is restored The girl takes the original method of impressing her husband bv Corking as his servant and mating hersolr in\a'uable aiound the house VThen another accident sends her husband to the hospital he flmfc that upon his return ho-ne that home means nothing to hiir without Jie girl being present Having made herself scarce the husband hunts up his servant and learns tbat she Is his wife The picture will be best liked for Its original!'! of theme and a plot carried to entertaining conclusions bj Miss Myers and her talen-ted supporting organizaJon A comedj is included on tne program Thursday June tfge the World star w i l l be featured Jn Tie Strong Way fri- flaj and Saturda Mac- Marsh the ce ebrated screen atar, v, ill be fcatur cd in ' Sunshine Alley a Goldwyn at- raction of unusual interest Norna Ta madgt, will be se«i in The Moth a pro/juetioj of exceptional Interebt. at the Soisson theater The play ha a finely de\ eloped plot vri h a ot 01 action and omc irrestitible com^d that broi ght tortli scrtims o£ laugh iir The German spy methods »en worked into the fabric of the plav de\ i_rousl and the face'nes in ·which th American fortification plans w r r e ai volved kept the audienceb iji rapt at tention Between acts there \vrrc ^ome interesting vaudeville feature lAonell and Le\erton were lack agiii foilowiag a i\\o weeks ucation rhc\ scored a success in then iLclinge 01 ivit and melodj But Andn-ws lang a couple of ne\v ^ongs The preseul ))iU will be itpea-ted at 1'ie matinci. and e\eniLg n(.rtormanct«i \Vtducsday Thurwlai and Fnua\ if chaimm^ comedv drama T h e Little ( j i i l 1 hat (rod ToigOi Bjll be thf attraction iNext week the Miiih ittanb w i l l dp peai in the companion p'iy to Peg 0 Ms JEreait ^milled I'-ctty Piig ( O"Moore Dainty 0oroth Bun Is u i l be cast In the title role burrountied bj the full strength of the compan., Ilie Manhattan Players a-e making t h e t trical history in GonnellsvHc ivffeu they appear twice daily at the Soisson theater , » Make Your Own Cough ; Syrup and Save Money arotl UL Tlic iin ' cnn^li Eyrup thnfc money nn buy, c j * -/ 01 ly about on (lit i 03 r-ucli ab n u j ·* " preparations, ci i easily br- Made i . r lioirc Ihe way it takei hold rnu . uiiars Hibtrcbfimjr coushs, tl rou and clio't colds %viH ream m a l e -\oii euthusi ts ic alout it hlLo song that ever made a bit m the \n. ide I h u r e w i l l to no perforii ? uc ioda lomorrovi tiie i u'-icn.l c-onjedj ib M sUkcn dcn^tj which \vab written by \li«s Coinnne Kimg On the bcreir w i l l be \cng\anct. ind Uu \\oiian tbt, \ ita.t,!-ail] couipan\ s c ^ t s L release I at) es w i l l be aU n i t t c d frt.o at all ie~foi mance*- OHI'HI Ul 1III V I R h . Till, KLNGDOM OP L0\ F -- A\ 1- LIIU Fox i r e b n ^ a new stai Mi--G.^ Worfien who feel weak, languid and depressed- who look pale and dull eyed, and ha\ e lost appetite and fresh lool.s--need a ton»c that will purify the blood, help the oigans of digestion, regulate the h\er and bowels, and strengthen the system. It long has been known that Any dru«iri--fc can Euppl/ }ou vitli Jc\\ 1 G u i n e a in a suirmg p 1 o 21- onnris of r ncx (00 cints «orO) c'uiui I h c kingdom of Lo\e Tin-, lour tliis into a pint bott'o and fill ,. _ _. . . ... . ° __ ,,,,, ,..,,,, ... AT EIGHTY , , to* 1 * XfftalOF Jrf'rs as well as for burn* sealtla cilti., bruUe^ and sunburn ' I bad 30 nrnniuj »or« on m ICB for .-11 roars w«» to tlirw Jlir««ic hosi'tala ·*· -JUnpaMtlon w»3 =a»I»«i -Skin srurtlni "* -waa t*1*d 'I vrtf tasfA br iwlHir Peterwin^ - Ointment. -- Mra F E. Koot, 287 Mlcdiean "It.. Ba««Jo. ^ Y , bold by .i. A. Clarke IN 1 TKT NEGlfT---Tiie rniidav erf»wd- \ eaierda^ \s ere iboraugnij pleaseil with, the excellea^ rro4ueuon oc 'A Taief m the Vight," Because a. man or v on in s old does ·not mean that t h e y must w j. k -dons' hen* over md -Tupported w i t h n. cane \ man can be *L«! vlgrorous and Jicilll y it SO is at ''O It ho a-idn t h r orp-irs of tlm body In pe"forrrunj; t h e i r function-! AH diseases \ v h P t h o of i malignant or weak character t e n d to tear avva\ ( ur v i t a l i t y \ ou m u s t ctmrtcracL dts taao in it 4 * i n c l p e n t Htap 1 ' 1 1C you wou rt l i v e a. h n p p v and useful lonp: l i f e Gold "Vtid^il H iirlem Oil CiLpJulos n -00 year old nrc tr iLlon that in used n i l o\er t h e w o r l d c-ontalns s o o t h l n f f j oils combined w i t h ^ i r e i i f i t h ^ivfns' a r d "vitem-cleanlnB" herbs These o i i » u I ( H are a prebcrl i l l o n an1 ha.\e been f d j are still being UHcd l \, i h j 4 u i i n i I n dal y practice f h e j h t i \ e p r o v e n t h e i r niertt In relieving bicliac in k i t n e j it d b l a d d e r iiorrH*la!ni.s and i 11 allnniiiLa uiidlngr Croni an excass o" ti Ic J C l d in tlio system Oft] i"Meds4 H a n r l r - m oil ( a p h ea are ·"ild-ftt all reliiible riri ^ K i n t B 1 ) e^ nrr- punraitt^ed (o de t v c i y i h np as Laimt-rl nr m n n f i j . V^/uniit-d I m » l hu thp bottle w i t h plan jrrmalated BU^I BI n i p Si IKG 1 u-ouchly nud jt i s Ttiiu\ for use J he total cn^t 11 njouf. G~ fc-nts an I jriits von. a full pi it--i. frimil\ hup h--ot a mo^fc piRctinl, T uasanfc tdsliL/ icmt-di it !kcc|= pi.r- 3ts trulv n'-tonishinH bow quicLIv 16 acts, pLPLlratinf,' tlirou^k c\t.rv tur liitBba«c of il L tl mat and lun/s--loosens and TI ^(B tl L. phlegm eoothid and huila ilit mflumcd or s voll(_n Uin at inca.- brnnes, and prndualiV but the amKnir-jr thro it tieklo and droulcd coutrh. will di^appc-ar entirelv Nochinct bettir for hroncliiLis fain^modic croup, "whooping coa^h or biont.bial uathma Pincx is a spcci il ind hii,!! 1 ^ concentrated compound of genuine Norway- June extract and 13 KTIOAVTI the world ovur for its prompt heal us eHw,t on the throat in mnntnca A\oid t i°appointment by iiBkinp your druigrisfc for 2*/_ ounces of I J PL\ with full di-cctions and don't accept anything c'se A jniarantce of absolute satisfaction or money promptly rt funded, goes nrith t! is preparation, Tbe Pinci Co., Ft Wayne, IntL f a plij \\hich s no onlv n a bat wbich 1 ca\es a deep imprcs- 1011 and a gneat deal to think ibout It is a dram i of h nnan ife in wn eh v o u n g uomau w ith^Lands all Uie mptation*) thct au beset hei and k t f p b her heart ami head clear n the ntlct oL iiiJQuit aid sordiness of tlie K ontb^t H c n e \ ( . i h i t w h i ^ u can lie ac omplished t^iougli no ptriouo.! U,iiip*at on i^ hi ought about through Hit il'i ess of the beiouu s mot ei tiom iMiorn °bp has long l)0tn scpai attd Ihursida-v Jvdna Goodr c-h is eati ice 1 in Jier beconc Jlu«-l»and iRtr-vT To-rrsxr i£NL)U I K Y w _ -,,--x-vtTTTi-n.Tx^ |S GROWING. * ! u l k d SUtes 1 \porUiig 31ort Stu*Fi» are a blessing to weak women, for they quickly correct \vornan3y ailments, impro\e the cppetite, punfy the blood and re-establish healthy conditions They are safe to take as they are tmrelv -\egetable and \\ithout any harmful drug A few do^e^ will bung better spirits, improved health, a feeling of fitness and Direction* of Spec al V»luo to ^Vcmcn aro with Every Box Sold by druggist* throughout the world. In boxc», lOt^, 2Sc. ~ imit^tinns r F. on evem- bai --rirtv ik foi flohl Me uil 1 nyland tin Larp-tst ParUustr. TJIE \RCVT)"h. I h c Lni od States is he onl\ cojn- tij Jiat lias succecJGd in esta-bli^hing SILK 1HVT IIARRY --A musical i i iiiccfssful djestuffi ndnsin ^.incc comod'} with tongs written especially the *ar begau and t has beeu found for Kings Southnrn Singers scored that 4merfc.m dyes ire as good as a hit at the Arcade veste-d-aj The German cho accordiug to i repo^ company is an fixcopticnallj good made bj- t h e Bureau of Porciffii md ^ ng ng organization their song num Doires f ic f ommerce Foimerh im- bers a the matinee taking three and po tirg a^niia h as mud as ?10 000 £0111 encores which is unuMial as 000 wo-th of an lino dyes alone this matiupo audience 1 -, at tho \icade aro coantn exported Oaring 10 inont i r most critical The show is rot In the of last jpar S"12 500 O f n w o r t h of d\c = oid nar y ilulc gill sho\\ rlass il to 2 L fo-e gn countries ana exports though it h^is an -a^ile youLWul chorun ai r growi ig rapldlj The laigesc pur- oC clevci dnnceia and slngeis This eh isei last yfla was Britain ftnich corned} is gr|d I h e Aloibanm Quai- used nvat ?3 000 000 worth of d%es m [cti did sorie good h"imoiiy s-tufflnfi 10 months ind Happj Glbitr a food buck a n d Tn v i n u o' 1 hoi B tun Ion a^ to dves \ Int, A tluet h\ Marvin -\nd Uo«i-B B r l i i l n 1^ congrituUtlng herself on EOt uhrea encores itnrt Maivp\ CibbH the icecni capture oC iho reoipea of Elud 1 song sot- Jon T s ts la-iht first | 257 Gcrmim. dypa It Is raid, that tliose woie ^ccured \\ i l e it d i t i~d chfilcu t\ b B i i t s h u \ t i i. n n-- ab biittil b\ Ui Bi LI h fo ug i oin I of 1 h i ' i p U Kenned eo i d u a l attacin o the \nie H n C ibaa \ 111 LG idon \ o cabled *ie n t \ \ s to L!K Liiittc Sutc.-. l5u em of For*.IK Jiid Domestic Co iineree si= t b ^ t it i re ported tba 1! tm nones n n e been e t e l IL ^-\ iue U"d and cr u f u r i In a Br ]Bl c )nsul u oHicr T i t 1 1 ipos \il] be ^110^ \o tlie BII s ^o\ e ' n m e i t \\iich \\i\\ oslabhMi L d \ e mdu"!-! m J a - l i n d D'Ucntions f'om t O n 1^1 Lr [ i li d"p Hr is md from tli «c i S v t t r'aud art rav, m t'i c o u n t i j o ob tain i n f o r m a t o i about ihe V i n e i K i n lyestuT mdu«-tn with a M [ \ \ to c?oi- dma ing u eir efiorus T nh tl j c o n n t-\ s n co^p^ng the \ o i U l MHIMMS after the w-u In this connec ion 11 is i^a ^L^ partirulai \ sign ficaj that srmo ^00 marufactii-fl- of d v r ^ i u f s 'rom il paiK o[ the con-., v LT^ meeting in Now TorK LUIS wee* foi Ji« purpose of forming a national asoclaxion Tide L'-^oe HI n ^\ i j) \ pan L ila ^ ten- Liu i t 1 1 u, ua!u\ o \merickn '\ hi ft i t a L* ntimii7at on o* ) Ji 4 - i t U a i T t "i Su nips ^n e h u i j. i u m i i t u U of a ns out- JL ^ i ·, i u t 1 c p e \ ^it^ographer in a d VMS t \ i oi!i^ UP oJiei daj ^cn i- i-Ji. can ^ -\», u o or thr e iol] !,, '·(l L.U IK u s I ^ri r nl ihc e \ ib r » J ( * n s 01 ij u. 1 1 \\bei 1117 1) li i t . pa (i H s lino JUM 10 drop m i' r i NT i id.3 dii'l lm\ Thrir.. *l - i \s i j \ lu c" I ca -,T)ar n and Kn \ 1 j) ] ai m u c h ahe tl and am h r ' p up; l nch KJH tuo ^'t foi be 1 if s imps i K ; -e c roai -- ad\ Oon t n.nn'- Cn-'b- I* i 3o In scJd- "t, j o ir moppY ni f rC To'nD for 'votir loh won- \\lei The Couric- corapaiii can ao 1 here at nonia. Let OB giv« vou p*-Jcas.

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