The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 5, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1918
Page 5
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WAKES TDISCO VERY tfW^njwwwwtfwwwtftga^^ DIGGING DITCH Owner of land Made Rich. JUn Pig- stag Ditch Cnn A of Ten- STORY A ROMANCE Pe*ple With Stontich, HJdiHj, Blow!, ItheuauUic or sWJn Affections KtlKved. ' Acid Iron Mia*, al (non-alcoholic, natiHai no u / i uJccn from a great deposit Courx-d upon a poor termer's place near Hicfeorj Mississippi and the story ol ttJs great gut ot nature s. which made the fanner rich and tlie medical world r-cLer and makes it posbib'e for people- to quick! v treat stomach dipcsuon, kidney blood and rheumatic complaims at home makes Au old man wh ^e d ggi 5 a mill race on the Horn Farm, ran across it He was, afflicted w i t h an old fever sore and bluod trouoles ivhicL were consiaeied mcurab e During the seeral week;, digging hU feet and legs were *et each da as water gathered 1 and he noticed tnat this wate*- turned a reddish color caused by mixing of water with the vein of peculiar looking mineral, almost like powder, which had apparently laid for centuries encased in a marble-like casing of rock and cla% The sOre on his leg oegan to heal and^by [he time his work was completed fan leg was sound and well This was considered so \er$ remari\- ' able by the people of that section that i an Investigation wao made £.nd t was j found to be 1 ke rauiuai gold platinum and other w o n d i j u s secrets ol nature--a natural co i»ou d certain- ing inimitable propeitie£ in prup^r- tions no chemist b^s attempted to dup'wiate though a large sum was offered he "who could accomplish this i Today, like ladium, which is Uo in curm cancer*, x ra work and illuminating watch dials BO Acid Iron Mineral has its many uses being .1 re- taaikable remedy u-^ed externally 01 m*ernall and anyone trouoled w i t h bleed dfiea eruptions rheumatism kidney, bl^dJer or stom^ck disorder^ of aiA sort maj wiaclj visit Lbe near esi store and procure a bot'le A twelve ounce bottle sent prepaid on receipt of ?1 by the rcrrodme Chemical Corp, ftoanoke Va, 01 send stamped en\elope with lettei telling what your trouble is for folder telling more about this great iron picpara Jon Acid Iron Mm6rU --adv Dawson. Feb 5--Mr and Mr? Morns Stevens ot Clashport visaed over Sunduy at the home o£ Mr and Mrs. William McDonald J U Thomas vi9i ed (riendfi at OTeeococi Sunday Franfc Van Horn v?as calling on friends m Connelsvillc Saturday Mrs Arttuir Fieldsoa was. ope^dins Sunday with friends and relates in \Veit Newton Mi-s Lucille Gibson was a Pittsburff ·visitor buurda A. Van Horn »as looking after business matters at Star junction on Saturday. Mrs Rl B. Howell and Mrs. P. J Miss Hilda Lancaster of Mount Sav age, Md is spending a ievv davs w til her brother-m-la^ and siste-, M" and Mr» Joseph Diekev Mr and Mrs J H A'd-idge spent ^unday with the former b parents at Martlnsburg, "W." Va Patronize those who advertise visitors. Randall Rase nas moved his family into the James Clark house on Galley street. The .first o£ the community services ·was held Sunday evemag in the Baptist church. The churih was crowded to its capacity The community service flag was unfurled by Mrs William McDonald. Addresses were made by Dr H. J. Bel!. R. K Smith, A. C Brown, A. Van Horn, .Rev H A. Eaum, Rev W. B. Purnell aad Hev G. M. Riley. Nffitl Sunday evening the service will be held in the Presbyterian cUureh and the following Sunday m the Cochrau Memorial church. » Mr and Mrs G Praak Wright ol Monessen spent o-ver Su idaj with Mr. and Mrs George C. MoGill Mrs John Durtnn scpot Saturday »ith friends In Pittsburs- HEI) Cr.OSS OULt fOSlI'OM'D Hill J!e Plaied on February -0 Insteutl of Fehracry 13. The basketball sane between the ocottdale girls and the Lady Macca- bees to have been plaed Meduesdav evening Tebruary 13 at tlio Scnttdale Y M C A has been postponed for a \ieek and will be played on Wednesday. Februarj 20 The entire proceeds of the game will so to the Scottdale Bed C-oss It is probable that a return game for the same purpose will be plajed here in the near future Save By Buying Ever Reliable Today---One PrP^MW^'M' n W)^ifS~M-ft : 4^-· ? $. "=·,»,asl',i^::i-* ' -2k!- (SK/tf"- / r-Vj j«^^L " WOMEN'S AND MISSES Another big bannei bargain a that will brng ·women here for the Greatest \ alues that have been featured at such a ridiculous low pi ice Iteie s a record breakin offei that is going to sa-\e j; mone foi the women of CpnnellsMlle Come early foi the best choice. Watch This Space for An- nojncement of ConaellsvUe's Greatest Watch This Space For Our Great As a companion sale -- for the women who caraiot be fitted in the above Suits -- we cffer White Sale 525 o $42.59 S:o ,t Suits at $12.5?, $16.7?, $24. DR NK HAB T TERRIBLE SORES K« Matter How Chronic, the Lingbre; Drag Company GMrantets S»n Cnra Ointment to 6ive Relief and Oiten Permanent Core. 'Xty dauthter was troubled for over a. year with a rover sore on her leg and was fceipless in bed lor three months To the great surprise of all Including the four doctors who had attended her, San Cura Oil tment healed the great sore ia less than sn weeks" -- J D Hood, Tosnvllle, Pa Karl C Banks, of the Atlantic Refining Co ol Pitubuig. had a sore on his aaWe for a year. He dociored, . and tried various remedies, without relief He says ' San Cura Ointment worked like a edarm, reduced the swelling and hesled the sore in two weeks Bear in mind that besides sores, Sac Cura 01-tme t Is used with great »uccess in eczema boils, carbuncles salt rheum, tetter, also itching o'eed- lag and prot-uding p Ics In cases o£ ouras scald» cuu and bruises, San Cura is most valuable ilie price is only 30 cenu 60 ceats and 51 20 cents a Jar, and The laug'irey Drug Co , Donnellsville and Broadway Drug Co, Scotidale, who are ageats in their respective towns guarantees it COMPLEXIO SOVP. If jou want a lovely complexion with soft, velvety jskm, free from pimples and blackheads, use San Cura Scap7 the great antiseptic and skin purifier 25 cents a c-ike at the Laughrey Drug Co Connel sville and Broadway Drug Co Scottdale, who are agents in the.r respective towns If you cant- get it at your druggist send to the Thompson Medical Co, fitusville. Pa.-- adv C A S C A R A E l J l N I N E Ho adTfiaee in pnce for tils IQ-ytxr- oldreTiedy 2acfor24 tab ct»-borne cold Ubkta now 30c for 21 Ubkta-- Ttfured on proportionate cut per tablet, jou »»ve 9Sc w)-en 700 buy Hills--Curei Cold to 24 hours--mp m 3 d»y«--Money b*citif it failm 24 Tabl.t. for 2 At «njr Drue 5tor» ( BELI4.BLC JlOttF TKLlTilhM 1 Thousands of whcs mothers and slaters .ire enthusiastic in their praise or Orrioe, because ii lias rei e*-i.d their loved ones of the Dnnk Habit Can be given secretly Guaranteed. Ornne is prepared In two forms No 1 secr'et treaLra^iu Orrlre No ! I, the voluntary treaiaienL Costa only 51 i0 a boi Ask for booklet. D I U G CO^ H. Crawford Are. ! SEAD THE COURIER PARAMOUNT JHEATRE BUXBBIRD PHOTOPLAYS PRESENT CARMEL MYERS I\ "MY UNMARRIED WIPE" AN AMERICAN PLAY WI i H TRdNCH DRESSING A SLPERB B I U E D I R D IN 3 ACTS .VLSO A GOOD COMEDY LN 2 ACTS. SOISSON Wednssday Rfetfnee ani Evening Followed Thuisdiij lij Another O BT^S^T ^?B JL Jl JLili rsfin fs'oi^f^oT 3 '' %%J SLe T \J?\$*Sl\J £, Monday--"Pretty Peggy U'JIoore. 1 ' ilonday, Tebruarj ]S--^"ihe Clirijtian," by Hall C.iiae. Evenings 20c and 30c Matinees lOc and 20c ?'- --THURSDAY-- W1LXIAM A. BRADY PRESCMS J U \ E DLVIDaE IV "THE STRONG WAY" ViORI D PRODUCTION IN 5 ACTS VLSO 'CLRHENT EVLNTS'--SIiOAVING THE LATEST WAR \rrws TA' n\ "o\na THERE Meyersdale. MEYERSDALB 1-eb 5-- The ladies of the Dorcas club nil! hold a ch cken supper In Amity hall, on Thursday evening, February 7, from 5 o'clock on as Idng as anyone comes. The process of this win be turned over to the local chapter of the Red Cross society. Kenneth Brant of Canp Hancock Augusta Ga arrived here Siturdav on a 10-day furlough and is at the home oJ his parents. Mr and Mrs CharleTBrant. Mrs J L. D -sen and chilflrea went to Connellsv'lle Saturday for t few days' vi^it with relatives and friends Miss Esther Stacer ha« returned to OnmberU-nd. after a tvo week".' visit here with her parents rM an! Mrs John Stacer Mhs Mae D'ehl left Sundav for Bedford where she will spent a week, after which she vnll go east to purchase the spring millinery of the . Dieb.1 millinery store | Miss Edna Knha, who spent two ! reeks .is'f-nt: relatives and friends, 'T Cumber and returned borne 5iatnr-| daj THIS TICKET IS WORTH 30c This Ticket and War Tax Will Admit Any Lady Over 14 'iears of Age Free to the Arcade Theatre MATINEE OR NIGHT Wednesday, February 6th TO SUE Tlie Stupendous Melodramatic riiotoplav. A story of heroic devotion, telling of a husband s fight against overwhelming^ odds to save his wife Crom peril, and also that of a slip of a girt who battles alone aga nst a bat 1 oE foreign foes Crowded with action that rings true and that imperilled many Ines m the making Staged on the lofty heights and in the sweeping valleys of the majestic Rockies It's a throbbing love s'ory a tale of lives precious enough to fight for--the story of a brave "man and his sweetheart-wife whom he defended "with all his wondrous brain and brawn, and nerve. At the same time this ticket irt'l also admit any lady to any of the Wedn«sday performances of the musical comedy, "Mistaken Iden- tltr," ss presented by the Bob King Southern Singers Company Performances at 2-80, 7 SO and 9 o'clock A two a.ct JIus cal Play put on bj tl'e Scottdale High School for the benefit of our Sailors ai d Soldiers WED E SAY, FEBRUA]? f j'Ri'CLS 35o, 50c A^D 75c, MATIKEE AND NIGKT. cottclile Opera H9use -T 0 M 0 K U O H- 1 MINISTER BUYS GIRL She offers herself to the highest bidder to aid hei dying mother Stirring portrayal of life in the Kloadyke A "new btar n fllmdom-- ·William Foi presents JITVvEL CAROTIN in THL MSCDOH OP IOTU" Also the "Mutual AVeeMv " Thursday--Ei'na Goodrich in ' Hei Second Husband " It you \vish to keep on "working or if vou are satisfied with 4% on your savings READ THIS, if you -ftisli to know why the investors in automobile tire factories have made foi tunes on small investments. THERE IS A REASON In most lines of new industries it requires years to get your goods before the public You must create a demand which requires thousands of dollars, spent in salesmen to meet competition and induce dealers to handle your goods All of this must be accomphblied before you can expect di ndends on our investment This does not apply to the tire industiy The Sherman btneson Tire Rubber Co , who havo tlieir plant at Scottdale Pa., haie hundreds of letters on file from all o\er the country from dealers who wish territory consigned to them for the sale of our tire All we have to do is stock them up, pet their checks, and that is \vhat makes dividends. A FEW REASONS why you should invest with us, because ; ou can get in on the ground floor, because we nave a low capitalization .because the profits of the tire business have been greater than the steel business in the past five jeors, because the tire business is increasing at the rate of ten million tires annually and the profits are greater than most an necessity We aie going to put out a tire with a removable tread no inner-tube, made entirely of fabric and rubber, and give the same ease and comfort in riding as the pneumatic tire, and be safe from punctures and blowouts at about one fourth the cost, as jou can retread over and over again An investment voth us ma-v be the means of making jou independent $100 00 invested with the following tire companies would have given you the following returns. Dunlap Tire Rubber Co, $50,000, Goodyear Tire Rubber Co, $46000; Ajax Tire Rubber Co, §28 OOOj. Diamond Tire Rubber Co , 14 700, Kelly Springfield Tire Rubber Co , $37,000. We are now selling an allotment at $1 00 per share, the next allotment will be much higher It is advisable to act at once as stock will advance without notice. The ability to think and act has always been characterized in making fortunes Act now bv writing for further information and cut of tire to Fiscal Agent n. E. snrsrs, ELKS BLDG., SCOTTDALE, PA, Office Open Until 9 P. M. Sherman-Stiversoa Tire S Rubber Co. Grow Hair on yuor Bald Head while you wait This an honest advertisement Forsjts* Drug Store Bell Phone 41-J. SCOTTDA1E, PA. Hair Tonic TRADE MARK If you are troubled wiih dandruff itching scalp tiair coming out, we ask }ou lo try Merilol Hair Tonic on our guarantee tuat It lull give you satrfact on or money icfundcd V.hen customers aslc us for the best hair tonic -we alnays recomnend this one as w e know the'formula and know it is gocd Sold onlv by us 50c and $1 00 Ibo'bottle U "UIG (V.II'VNT. J. B. KURTZ, N w t t H » fLiat.ifc, AND REAi." ESTATE. No. I South Me*a»w Ccnn«ln.-vUI« P«. oaocMoooccooooooooooccnooS

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