The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 12, 1964 · Page 43
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 43

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1964
Page 43
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Page 43 article text (OCR)

' I, S WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 12, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 43 201 on, run to it. .201 km. un to in 201 tfHrtUTSTOin 201 APT! FUH 10 LET 201 APTL FLATS TIJ LIT 201 - APTi, wn w in 201 APIS, fun to in 201 mis. tun to in iCont. iron Preceding Column) .ICont. from Preeedlng Coluasnl (Cent. (Cent, from preevdlng Column i (Cont. from Preceding Columnl (Cont; from preeedlng Columnl IConl. from receding Column! IConl - from Preeedlng Cohtnut) GLEBE. I BEDROOMS. EQUIP-pod, sdults. Ort- t. H4a OU1I. LARGE GBOUND FLOOR, avellabla October. Hydro. parking included, mi. cmw. ' GROUND FLOOR. LAROB ID-room, tad floor, 1 bedroom, den. I ' balcony, Bed.lttBYg. k Itch op. ' 'lighted, huUd, equipped. W-.1 741. HERON PARK UPPER DUPLEX. I bedrooms. Aug. It or Sept. 1-- 1100. tlMm ovonlnga. HILBON AVENUE. WEST END. 1 -btdroom apartment, slsetrteel-ly equipped, M. 11H111 days, HM1W pyantnga. HOLLAND AVENUE. 1 BOOM hasted epartmont. equipped. (TOUnO WIOOT. flu. . .a-w.-.- HOLMWOOO. BOO MB. EQUIP-pad. fireplace, October. Adults. tlOO 733-2334. Eostwobd Park Estates . OTTAWA BEET RENTAL VALUE IN' FAMILY TYPE V' SUITE 2 Bedrooms $92-50 r... $rio See the Model Apartment US MeArtkur Road Just Inside the private rtone entrance sf Eeatwood Park Mates. Superintendent on Premfie , . .74M332 BERT KATZ REAL ESTATE LTD. 336-9183 - HULL. 1-BEDROOM APARTMENT, electric etove. fo-WO- 777-410. IMMEDIATELY, CENTRE TOWN, upper' duplex, modem, heated , and righted. HO. no-4170. DUNE CRESCENT. I -BEDROOM apartment, equipped, . Sept. I. Parting KH-WH KINO'S DAUGHTERS APART-" menu, for retired couples, too. (Maximum Income 230l- Bog E-431. Journal. LA RGB I BEDROOM. 3RD FLOOR. - ST ft. Abo I bedroom Ind floor, ... 370. 144 McLood. ggg-gHT. LOWER DUPLEX, t BEDROOM 71; upper duplex. I -bedroom. . .. t9. OUawa East vicinity. 7tt- LOWER TOWN. I BEDROOM. S3, unequipped. September. CE4- LOWEJt TOWN. 1 BEDROOM. 171. Sret floor. 331-03 i. 4-WI, MANOTICK.' BOOMS AND bath, private entrance, yard, aeheot bases, heat, lighted. MO M-Ut. MELROSE. NEAR GLADSTONE. ' 1- and f ',i-fee4raom apartments. 170 and . - will redecorate. aia-aii. . - - MODERN 1-8 ED ROOM APART- aree. 11 Irving Avenue. MODERN. GROUND FLOOR, self-contained 1 bedroom. Ug St. Andrew. Ottawa. H IKS. MODERN S BEDROOM. 100 plus Heron Park. Modern s - bedroom apart. anent to rent, location Wood-rolfe and Baseline Road. $101. MODERN S-BEDROOM, EQUIP-pes; sag. 74S-14M er TtS-esM. MEW APARTMENT. I BEDROOM, hajted lighted, washer, dryer. HEW 1-BEDROOM APARTMENTS. Sept. 1. Apply XI Boy. Hall. PR7-gm altar I. NEWLY DECORATED. ELECT!-rally quipped. 1 bilinnmi 1 Charlevoix, Bastetew. tl 4001. OCT. 1.' OVERBROOK. I BED room apartment, electrically ' equipped, suit working sought, 71. IHS-ggTg ONE - BEDROOM APARTMENT, electrically ' equipped, centre! - sn-7111. local 114. 1 JO to I pnv ONE - BEDROOM APARTMENT, electrically equipped. 343- 331 Oladstone. EASTVIEW '; 1- and 2-Bedroom . Apartments 1 " Furnished or onfurnlshsd. atw ly decorated, laundry, parking, garage. $78, $100 . 749-7896 OTTAWA SOUTH. I BEDR O O M. gunroom, electrically equipped. J round floor. Sept. I. Ml. Ileal, 131-1441 evening- OVERBROOK. AVAILABLE. - large 1 . - 771-0353. 10. OVERLOOKWO RIDEAU. leg Rtverdale Avenue. 1 . bedroom apartment, glio. TlX-SMa. 711-13. PHONE tlS-SM FOB DETAILS ea modern I bedroom apsrtment la Centra Town. Hut. light and arklng Included In low rent. REDECORATED 1-1 . BEDROOM apartmenta. central, squtppaa. perking. 134-4363 IDS. REDUCED RENT OF 1 - IID room apartment. Glebe. In exchange lor light Janitor duties -' In 3-untt building. H4-. RICHMOND ROAD. I BEDR O O M. modern, equipped. MO; bachelor. ' SOS. Parking. 71-M11. 133-1 11. . evenings 731-030. SANDY HILL, SPACIOUS 1-B ID-room, electrically equipped. 1 124. " 134-123. SANDY HILL, BACHELOR. 1 BED. gg sweet land, ru-siva. SANDY HILL APARTMENTS. M0 up, parking, elevator, laundromat. ISO Lourlor Eaet. Wild. BANDY HILL. LARGE MODERN, 1 bedroom, street level, gg. Re duced rant lor light services. ' 7 as-1140. SEPTEMBER, 4 ROOMS PLUS bathroom, ill Frank Street. """WENTWORTH - PLAZA, ' .' LUXURY APARTMENTS Prlvttf Baiconlos, Roof Gordon and Swtanmln PooL . " BACHELOR. '. l-sndl-BEDROOMS $9Z50 up 3M LtSGAR ST. .. 334-4065. MINTO Csnsdst Most Honored Builder OTTAWA'S FINEST APARTMENTS PLUS YOUR OWN PRIVATE COUNTRY CLUB. For the first time in Canada, apartment residents can enjoy the magnificent facilities of their own exclusive Country Club plus the finest rental accommodation. Here are some of the many features offered by the new Bay-shore Country Club. Htd rxtO Inttoor Pool I HmM Ouittoor Pool . i BdmlilM Ceairto. EmtvIm llaOMM Uuit sUttu Adult rwtfcm Itwn . Ttmf llATrsrrMtton Koam ChiMroMi't Hurmrf FURNISHED APARTMENTS ON DISPLAY OtUWa's best rental value, with exciting new 1, 2 and S bedroom designs that offer the most important factor in comfort . . . EXTRA 8PACE, EXTRA ROOMINESS, at happily modest rentals, from $97. LIVINO AND DtNINO BOOM WALL-TO-WALL CARPET I ENCLOSED BALCONIES INDOOR AND OUTDOOR PARKING I "EAT-IN- KITCHENS ENQUIRE ABOUT ' MONEY SAVING OPENING SPECIALS outstanding convenience i 4 i ' Enjoy the utmost in travelling convenience, with centre -town only minutes away via Car-ling Ave., Richmond Rd. and the Queens-way. Excellent OTC bus service offers over 50 cross -town trips daily, and shopping centres are close by. ' BAYSHORE On Carting Ave. or RkOtmnnd Rd. Just weet of the Intrreec-tlon. or tsko the Wsetern Queenewsy to the Plnecreet Intereeetlon, Fumlahed models on dtepley dairy till 0 pm tut o. - 828-2751 MINTO . Canada'! Most Honored Builder SEPT. I LARGE t - BEDROOM apartment, belcony. 401 THE SIDNEY TOWERS. MID-room spertmenL 4100 134-Ulg. TWO . - BEDROOM APARTMENT, electrically equipped. Apply M stmesu Terrace, nps. s. trPPER AgUPL tmmednrtely. i rooms. Ji 1 PLEX. AVAILABLE r. eauli equipped, 1 bed- rooms. Mil 7X1-37: UPPER DlPLEX, 1 BEDROOMS. 41 10. 451 Mutual. 744-1734. VERY LARGE. ONB BEDROOM apartment. Hanover kitchen, alec trieally equipped, parking. 41 Mann Avenue. THE - SAVILLE- " TERRACE APARTMENTS it -:, , Adjacent to Carlingwood Shopping Centre ' but only minutes from Downtown ( FEATURING: Heated Indoor and Outdoor Swiimnlni Pool! Private Balconies ' Mutti-Cbanrrel TV Draperiej Kitchen Custom Designed Automatic Wail Ovens ; Counter Cook Top Six High-Speed Elevator -13 co. ft, Refrigerator Laundry FacDJtie Quiet. Residential Area Assigned Parking Space Public, Separate and High School O.T.C Bu Service Churches ; ' Carlingwood Shopping Centre Fully Landscaped Furnished Lobbies . Corridors, Luxuriously . Carpeted . .. Walk-in aothe Closets V WE OFFER: $11250 t!'...:... $130 RENTAL OFFICE OPEN "Deny tut pm . Seturdavs I as in. Sundays, t tnlpjn..- Leasing ReprennUtiv a R MOFFATT 725-2720. Under New Manacomant. Owned and operated by SERIAL REALTIES LTD. ORDER YOUR JOURNAL WANT AD 4 OR 7 TIMES AND RECEIVE ONE DAY'S ADVERTISING FREE! Arinouncernents mi 104 ' to 104A 10 toA 107 . 10 104 1MB 10 IMA II til 111' 113A Dsaths la Annlsaissry Mas , . Csrds of Thanks Sooletios and Lodges Where to Go Ambulance lai ties Druggists Apar irtments SOI Assrtmsnts, Ftats la to Apertmants Wants Ml Fumlahed Apartments BY PHONE 236-751 Ad-teken ere an duty dairy 1 Pm.l Saturdey a-as. Is 1 AT THE COUNTER 1 Lit ?oursoao eeTWrnallaed service svsllehle to advertlarrs at ha Journal Bulking. Main Floor, weekdays from g sm. to - ANNOUNCEMENTS ' Births. Engagements, Cards U Ms-ssiaas, 7a par word. Death (330.) NOTE: Engagements, ee Social pegs. Bos Number When used count as three (3) words. as 1 word. Telepbon number, 2 words. Com of mailing us Nun. Address and Telepborw Number for better -ORDERifORM ' ' ' It's eetry to write jrour own a Just write oneword In each space. Wesse tniert my Ad for ....... days. I1M Arid jKk . NAME-rrnTTTr,.. address .....v .... Mag tat I ' WAVEBLEV ST- 1-BEDROOM pi, equipped. 71. Available Immediately, Royal Trust Co., 131-4100. WIST BO0. gso. I BEDROOM. nerawood, ceramic tile kits, tiled kitchen, equipped, laundry, appointment only. 710-1110 evenings. ' WEST END, O'MEARA. OT- tawa. i-g. bedrooms -neataa, sdulle pceleired. lsl-1745. . WEST END. UPPER DUPLEX. bedrooms, electrlcelly equipped. SM TU-SU7.- WE8T END. VACANT I . BED- room apartment, gal. suit couple, very clean. central. 731-1044. evenings 71-7gO WRIOHTVIIXI.' MODERN 1-BET room a pan menu. unneeieo. available, geptemoer. 1. It Roy Street. 777-7350. I -BED BOOM APARTMENT IN modern boiidiag. tancre Town, parking, heel, light included la low rent. SOJ a, lag Edward. I BEDROOM. BALCONY. HEAT- on. llgntea, oao. 13 f Ol Anarew. I BEDROOM. LOWER FLAT. newly oecoraied, pes mommy. 1 1 Charlevoix. Eaatvlcw, . 741-1041. " , I . BEDROOM APARTMENT, tad. available .immediately, rani tree ' month August. Apply Superin tendent. Apt. i, upa anuiington. 1 BEDROOM. BATHROOM. KIT chen ana using room. see. ixa- 1 -BEDROOM APT PARKING. NO children, goo. M Lawrence St After S. SU-anlg. ' t BEDROOM. WEST END. ELEC- trically equipped, August rent --free, perking. SM-OOgg. I BEDROOM. EQUIPPED. 400. TZO- km Del ween a-3 1 BEDROOM. TOST FLOOR. modern, newly decorated. Centra 1 BEDROOM. LIVING ROOM. kitchen and private Bathroom. . 334-Sllg. 10T lames. 1-BEDROOM UPPER DUPLEX. eiecMTcaiiy equipped, per king S - BEDROOM. DINING ROOM. kitchen. 1001 Gladstone -at Spn- aina. fleet ea. S-BEOROOM APARTMENT. HEAT. od. 1 PamUla. 470. Apply 411 Preston BEDROOM APARTMENT. g0: ivo i-reign ton. Tes-ostij. 1-BEDROOM APARTMENT. HEAT. Od, B70. gn-gllO... S BEDROOMS. MODERN. SPA. Clous apartment. electrically equipped, laundry facilities, perking. Hazal street between Main end Echo Drive. 740.7411. S-BEDROOM APABTMENT, ELEC- trieally equipped. 11. T Cenaat asoa3a. S BEDROOMS, DEN, STOVE. RE- rrlgerator. heeled, perking. Cam. brtdgo. Even In sa HI gat. S . BEDROOM APARTMENT. Mc Artnur rieaa. eienneauy asraipy pn, naeiee. lev-eiae, t "THESE ARE THE : NICEST WE'VE SEEN" 1 This remark ii often mad by people viewing the display -r 1. BEDROOM and BACHELOR SUrrES , ' in lb Brand New Extension ot .... The Algonquin -' '. pt S3SUSGAR-'-., j . Peace Tower Proximity. : 232-0M1 ' '-. Articles for Sale 301 Artie lee for Bole lot " Articlee Wsnted ' 301 Boats and Marino Sol A Oareening - Landaesping 104 Farm Implenjaata log . Fuel for Sal .. SO Market Basks . SOT Pet Stock 10 Poultry. Lrvisto eR SO Trsdln Pest Personals 41 I Nerving Homee Employrrient. .i, SOI ' Mala Help Wasted 101 A e teamen and Agentg SO Female Help Wonted ol . Employment Wanted 0 Teeobers Wsnted . 1 ana. to m. fThnrsdsy Mil pjn. Sunday psa. as d pjm. CLASSIFIED ADS, THE I I I ' 1 BEDROOMS. KITCHEN WITH stove, living room, neeteo ana lighted, children's cere lor working perente aveileble. Notre Dame. St. Orleans. tHll-gsl4. 74- siro alter a. 1-BEDROOM APARTMENTS. SSS living room, kitchen bathroom. beeement. free parking.- plug-in. nealors. txs-jsm. 1 BEDROOMS. EQUIPPED. MOD- ern. treed lewne. near Tunney s Paature, Champlam High. 110S. 37-1114. t BEDROOMS. LIVINO ROOM. kitchen. Damroom, garage, xa-Ml. . 1- ROOMS WITH BATH, SUN' loom, girls. 334-0330. 3-ROOM FLAT TO LET. HEATED. lighted. 70. ill Neleon. Alme Chnmpogne. 131-01 lO. S . BEDROOM APARTMENT. heeted. cloee to arnool. private entrance. Navan, phone WW. THE CANADIANA Centrally located at SO Day Ave This new spanmem onera..-efftclency. at ml one bedroom. 1 or 1 bedrooms equip pee with dkthweahers. and other asodern features. Model suite open tor Inspection dally I to p m. Immediate and later occu pancr. Tel. 711-1331 C A. FITZSIMMONS at CO. Limited REALTORS 133-71U 1 BEDROOMS, GROUND FLOOR duplex. Sin, nested, pavea parking, laundry room m oes mcnt. 1410 Huntley. XU-1401. 1 BEDROOMS. HEATED. C A R- port, weaning ucuiues. ree-wrii 4 ROOMS . WITH RATH. NICE. bright, electrically equippea. wouia suit couple, xas-aaee. (31-111. 7. 1-BEDROOM APARTMENT. eieciricairy equippea. perams. centre Town, xev-seea ISO. SANDY HILL. 1 BEDROOMS. electrically -equipped, adults. 334-3337. 11 COOPER, 1-BEDROOM APT, refrigerator, available Immediately, 4S0. Royal Trust Co. 135- 4100. ' 1UJ0 - MAISONETTE STYLE. SEPARATE living, dining and kitchen. 1 large bedrooma and tile bathroom. Bus route 31 14 minutes from downtown. Phone 4g-dlss) MILLCRAFT Sets Hieh Standards Without the High Rents Swimming Poo! Recreation Area . Individual . Balconies ', Off Street Parkins 'V Modern-Spacious, 1 BEDROOM ... $87 . . FURNISHED $102 2 BEDROOM .. $110 Mlllcraft Cresc. Apts, ' . T mlautaa tram Centra Town. .., Offleo Ml MILLCRAFT CRESCENT . Next to McArthor Plana Shopping Centre. Eeetvtew - 749-0741 ;:- n Tuition una Beby Services 107 Positions Vacant 1 t.'1 '"Rooms'.' 01 Rooms to Let 0O3 Boom sad BoarS . . Real Estate 71 : Houses for Sal ... tot A Apts. for Sale '. 701 Houses for Bent - . vol ' Houses Wsnted as Buy ' TS3A Houses Wants to Rant 704 Offlcee-Stores s Rant 73 Propsrty for Sele . , : TOSA Property to Rent 70 Property Wanted ' 707 ; Out-of-Town Pioperllee . ' BY MAIL Clssetfled Ada may be placed by 70 71 71 DEADLINES' . mssslrledl Ads inoeleed before sen. (I a m. Thursday. 1pm, -Saturday I may be Inserted the following publication day. Announoomaou 10A em. for seme day. . CORREaiONS AND CANCELLATIONS in-Tectlono shouM bo orderod ewroro tho sssnnd Insorttosi. Allowance sou be sseda for one 11) Inooirsct tiieeitluu only. Advortimments may bo saaeelled tor next day tf inetruetkma are received before It' Mondsy to Frldsy. 1 pas. Seturdsy and pjn. to p m. Sunday. Bef undo will be given an aansed . or aanreUed Ineertkms. Whan cancelling en Ad demend a. "Kill- ' number. Na allowance on stales annssllsd without it. Figure in groups, each tnitiaj. abbrevtatJons, algns count Box Replies, 10c not itrfiimUbt, It : t sdvTwbl) to results. Rates apply to private, advert igerg only. mmmm mmm ewam eamW anew owe' eaa 'ewa' A JOURNAL, 317 Qthtasi Street. ;v4- . I " , ri --t i Ic I 4i I He 7th w Write Os j Word ! ' tscttf J BsM j WtM l T I j 'V t y .If J ! fre ) $X7 fimT . !. j...' . .,..:. . 11 j IM Fro ' I Utl I Free I I I I I H .73 1J Free U4 Free - I I 1 ' I I i ' I M.-IM Free J1 FrST 14 J4 1-1 . , H m . 17 LSI M U IM l-7 1 1.14 Ul ) 1 . 1 M U MINIMUM It-WORD AD WEgTOATB AREA :' I Bedrooms tis-iiai MODERN BUILDING. LARGE kitchen with dining area, electrlcelly equipped, free w a a h s r. dryer, free parking. 710-1111 COOPER STREET BETWEEN O'CONNOR AND MET- ceiie. for Oct. I occupancy. 1-bedroom. . 3: I -bed room with norch. SOO. 131-S041. sitae T a m ceil THE LE3UNOTON 107 RIVERDALE AVE. 1 AND I bedroom apla. Many modern conveniences. 733-7334. - 1ANDY ItU. 1- AND S-BEDBOOM APART meats, egg gag aai; large living ,-eooms. siectnealiy equipped. lonable: alee bachelor. on-etreet parking. CES-1407. Ml BREEZEHHJ. I BEDROOM FROM 77 SO FUR- nuned. avauable. Apply Apt. 107 713-137. MANOR PARE t BEDROOMS. FUEL FIREPLACE. private drive, entrance and lawn. 4130, 740-g40. ' CENTRE TOWN " Reserved lor A delta Frees (11 FOR A COUPLE WISHING . quiet, pleasant living wrth cloee aroxibiltv to Klein St. ehonome and transportation, plus the enjoyment of the Mtnto Park area. You will appreciate the comfort and convenience of this 1 -bedroom suits with a fully equipped kitchen, spacious closets and expensive belcony. Halt rent for nret inree asontha. 131-77. I WE1TOATB AREA St HERE IS A (-BEDROOM ACCOM. anodetlon at -Ha vary best. Featuring such comforts as an electrically equipped work -saving kitchen, bright rooms, ceramic tiled bathroom and floor tq celling closets In the bedroom. Wonderful convenience with nearby schools, churches,, and Weetgete 8 looping Centra. Hall rent for toe nrst tares months, rxs-xosi CENTRE TOWN 1-BEDROOM DUPLEXED APART. , mem, inodern. equipped, so. HS-0131. , LONDON ARMS III Metcalfe (tree 1 IJ1-J33 I OCT. 1 OCCUPANCY. SPACIOUS I -bedroom apertrnonts. ample eupnoaroe, eie rotor. - .launory laciuuee. supertnsaiMlent, Apt. log. THE T Acadian 153 NEPEAK ST. Just east of Bank St. Modern eeven-etorey. twrn-ele valor buiMmg feeturbuj bel-conies, dlshwsshers. fulv draped epta. and many ether features. Seml one bedroom, one bedroom, two Q7 Cft bedrooms, from "'Of7 .JU Open for Inspection dally. Mrs. Hogarth, 117-10. 137-sett v. THE Du 6M ST. PATRICK ; at CHARLOTTE room apartassnt betiding nnccd .$80 $100 furnished All wsrvleea Inc reded rent. Mr. Presley, 13 443. KASSEU REALTY ITD. Al Kasouf, F. Elli Farm Wanted Cottages far Sale . 710A Cottegee for Rant T10B Cottage Lota toy gals 711 LA 711 Buelnam Opportanltlea Til 71 Used Cars ; Ml Autos far Sale am asms Waatsd o Trucks and Trailers got . Gsrsgen o ., Motorcycles ; Miscellaneous 01 ,. Lsgsl , ' .. OS AurtHM mafl throe sk the eonsanlont OUawrt. Fro S.7S I Free Free 4M Free Free 401 I Free Free AM Free Free Utj Free Free M Free t Free aV4 Fi ' MINTO Canada MoM Honored Builder Ottawa' i Garden ' Community PARKWOOD HILLS ENJOY . CANADA'S FINEST HEATED OUTDOOR SWIMMING POOL AT YOUR DOORSTEP . APARTMENTS . I BEDROOM FROM SS 1 1 BEDROOM FROM 1U 1 BEDROOM FROM 14 ENQUIRE ABOUT AUGUST SPECIALS HOW AVAH-AOLE. COt KUchent Ceramic bathroom Big bright room full-length balconlet Carpeted halls Conditioned-air corridort Jntti-cAaruigl.TV aerial Sparkling laundriet I Automatic elevator indoor and plug-in -parking Modest rentals TOWN HOUSES from $118 Enjoy the eonvs of e- salient OTC bus eervies pe nerve sarklsnd a togs, a shopping plsaa week, public end n unity Meal for you. PARKWOOD HILLS ' OFT FISHER AVE. JVST BELOW BASEUNE ED. -' Tz-Tsl Visit our furelehed ssodehi aa display aimy evening fksel. Saturday) til 1. Sunday tn . ;, . MINTO Canada's Moat Honored Builder In Ottawa's ' Popular West ind PARKWAY ; APARTMENTS ENQUIRE ABOUT MONEY - SAVING SUMMER SPECIALS' ComToruble parkland ' turroundinga '" Convenient to Shoppers City, Carlingwood Shopping Centre, and new Trades School ' ; Public and Separate t Schools, and Churches . Free plug-In parking ' . BASEUrTE ROAD JtTST WEST - OF WOODROFFS AVE. v Invar Shoppers Cttyl . OTC BUS AT DOOR RESIDENT MANAGER , A. ROTHSCHILD S3S-483S g2S-297t ' Vlatt our furnamod mode la an display ovary evening Hnet, Saturdays) 'lil . Sunday 111 s. . , MINTO Csnsdsa Most Honored BuHdeT ; Just Off , ' Rideau St. and Cummingj Bridge . 14 Blocks from I s Parliament 1 1 Buildings . ' THE SELKIRK APARTMENTS BACHELOR, (ram .. $75 lT $82' Enjoy wonderful comfort snd convenience, with modest, dollar-saving ' rentals in the ;. Selkirk Apts. DAILT IM WEEKENDS 14 . 74-7755 Covnor Meertgomery and . nounrx m, ana Slock south Camming. Bridge i ssieiew Snooping ). -MINTO . ex- iifieaiid open sll asperate a snake Shades Mootyl Honored Buildsr BBOMSOH AFT. 100 BRONSON. MODERH SFA rtous bachelor, 1 and bedroom opartmente. electrlcelly equipped. Won in eaay walking distance of Parliament Hill. Priced from sgl. My spsntnl-ment 33S-S1S4 or a p 1 y ta ouuamg superm ssss. 13-74. OUIET EHOTMEHt Wsst End Asellmial Aak Oliver- . I S. HEATED, 1 BEDROOM tTFe per modarn duplex, fas wee ef Weetgete. Meal to widow a retired couple, y-raiaaatua OOt it Ernest t. Oliver, 711' HO ajsea nlngs. 33&-OS7S. WARREN ARM. Ill MACLARHH BACHELOa. 1 BEDROOM. tV3TP pea. wssnar, aryer rwmwheg optional. H44O04! svetusgS, gig. COOLING and HaoUak Controlled by thermoaiats I EACH ROOM of ' EACH APARTMENT THB 'j 1 SANPRINGHAM . bsIrange road Overlooking the Rideeu Blver . and Strathcoas Park Offsta:' - - . a Bachelor. 1-. 1- and . Sanutra about our many OwnsaV and Mamsged ay THB GREAT WEST LIFE ASSURANCE COHFAXX Res Ideal management ae-aures a Ugh ot ending of 234-8377 THB BHVflrff SANDY HILL. IM BTEWART ' ao-eei. aouta or Rloeeu. s-etorey modern e pertinent boikttng with outdoor swlmmlnc pool being m-stalled Bachelor. 1. end 1-bed-room suites now svallabia from 71. S14-07M. HAVE CHILDBEN. NEED 1-BED- room snalsonetta, electrically eajulppsd, only 14 minute, by bus from duwiituwa. Phono 71 100 or 743-413. CENTRAL LOCAlrOH - BACHELOR APARTMENTS, MOD awe aouiTonsDia, largo rnnmi. 331 to . Weuid tor. BEIT CENTRAL LOCATION AVAILAHLB SEPT. 1. SPACIOUS a oeqi iwen, . lo. . SO. modarn well planned i merit. Bright large i electrteslly eoulpped. . v blinds. Apply Caretaker. Apart. mens a. 31 rraan Dllvenay. - Rtmt-aacs BACHELOR IN MODERH HtrtLtV mg. S73. io Waver ley. Apt- 1. 113-14. - " III )U Ceaveateatly Larats Nesr Bank St. IN QUIET SORROUHDIHOS. arena new building with parking and be Icon lee. aU suites draped, sieve tor, laundry num. janitor service. TV master antenna end so. Rental office on ai aiiilsts. or phone 333-730. CENTRE TOWN S-BEDBOOM. SECOND ' FLOOR triplex. Oct. 1. Adults only. 73S-1171. Srnav uneve n AVAILABLE. CENTRAL, sTTOVE, 1 bedroom.' 330. 333-4oJk MODERH ROOMS REDECORATED, TILE BATH, - uieoa, sxcellent condition 733-137I. ' MEAl OTTASVA UMmia.rrv 1 MODERH J.-BEOROOM APART navn aeevau eiecvicaiiy oouip. pod. newly decorated. S07 Lau-rter East, or 337-3330 . , IE ' .. VOYAGEUR Tout West End address onrv ' 4 satnutea from Carlingwood Located on both bos tines; Carle sag Ave. and Richmond BeV FEATURING: ' -r3 high-speed elevators . Pressurbed corridors . Drapes tn evert suite . sfroadlooinetf halts . Gymnasium . Woodworking kobbf shop . Children's wading pool . Indoor heated pool . Steam room , Reef $at ion foori . M ultUhannel TV aerial . Built-in ovens . Counter top stove ' 1 . It esu ft. refrigerator . . . . fU music piped Into each eoartment a , Wfukgrs ant driers 01 etwry floor . 1 . rUeTtor-sUrior porfctnf . '. Decorator appointed tobbt , Restful musks tn main Iobb . . ' 1- , Constant exchange of fresh air., v4 j -.. . Beauty salon , ; ., .. Tuck shop ' 1 Close io schools, churches. shopping -j . Frgneh; Provincial decor ' WE OFFER; i -. iiT,6??: $1 02.50 BNBCing st . . 1 Bedroom conVv- 1 12S mencing st Bednvum, J Bath. JI35 " room commencing at " OPEN HOURS: a.m. ta pan. Moa. thru r-L I pm. ss pas. Sat. an Saw. Lseimg RgpiaeeuUtJve. MRS. J. RAMSAY , , 82M117 Under New Mn4nenl. Owned and opera te4 by SERIAL REALTIES LTD. (Continued en Next Column! T w.t; V ':: t. 1 I

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