The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 5, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1918
Page 4
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o,"i3is. . . fiaiig Qlnurirr. HENBT P. SXYDER, nder and Editor, u:s- THE COURIER COMPANY, K. M. SNYDER, PreaidenC ^ JASL J. DRISCOlX. 6*c'y and Treasurer. Business Manaccr. JOHX L. CANS. Managing Editor. WALTER S. STIMMEU City Editor. MISS LrNNE B. KIN'OELL, Society Editor. MEMBER OF: -Associated Pre«,s, Audit- Bureau of Circulation. Pennsylvania Associate! Dailies. Two cents per copy. 50c per month; ?5 per year by mall II paia in advance. Entered as *econd class matter at the postoffice. Connellsville, P.L. TUESDAT ETENEfft, FEB. 5, 101S. Member of Tfc? Amwurluie-il Pre** The Associated ?r« -s Is ex. cluslvely e n t i t l e d to the use fo* [·^publication of all now s dispatches credited to it or n o t otherwise credited In this paper and also the local newr pubiistiert VV\.^rf'v^-.t^rFp*t ».V a VY. :-«- * /H»-,-,-·-" -f; ceptlons jbst like other rules. Tie confusion created by the changes in tho application of the rule was to be expected, and more will result from a return to the 50-50 basis, both tor the merchant and' the customer. The ormer may flnd it difficult to secun; or maintain a sufficient supply of wheat substitutes, and the latter may not have need for,them In the same 'proportion as they need j Hour. To dbserve the rule strictly will raturally call for a rearrangement of the family bill of fare. It will no doubt result in some, inconvenience, perhaps vastly greater inconvenience than the amended rule of one pound of ccreaJs to BIX of flour would have caused and v-hich seemed to be bettor adapted to the needs of the average family. The Food Administration authorities are of the opinion, however, that the necessary saving in flour will not be affected except by the 50-50 rule. Because of this there has been a rettirn *n rb^ tptte- an* 1 ffl(1 a pneal is made to * accept the conditions its observance | i may impose as a part of our patriotic j r t n t y and service. This it will, no doubt, br the temper of our people to do, after they have indulged the customary amount of grumbling over making a change in settled habits and customs. T3ACHEBS* SALARY LVCKSASE. The schooL board could not h.vve cone less than It did in its adjustment o£ the teacher^' salaries. True, the position coutcl have aeon maintained that Che ex^tisff con' The. weather nxan is the only person ho is putting a n y t h i n g - over on condition*, alor.s tho old Billyo. The- Senate gives promise of supplying all the heat necessary to keep thc . . . . i i i · Capitol a t :t H?_bit:i,hle temperature o n traces call for a school /ear's ^ervjce Wt , at ? e ss Mondays. at th'e salaries stipulated* but sucb an , attitude wouJd nave pja^td tae uoard Tlie 30-50 (lour rule was applied in In tbe unenviable position of beln^ P rin(li P le b ' the sctiooi hoard in - . practically" "the" only one in tbe ^^'wM^ed* J^o^^'^b^'r'i T a C It^io" ; county to .stand fast on that ground.', or n srar.ted'ror 51 askea. v ' Board_after board.has" had thc same 1 ; .question-ttr consider- and determine ' during the last few months, and none ; have taken more time than- tnc Con- .ncllsTHJc..faoard_ to reack a conclusion. Without exception, so far as known, the requests o. teachers Tor advances have been granted and -these, in many Instances, have been cereal;;, considerably larger than tbe advance j made by the Conne-I.sville board, ] pret-uicnt iviison w^nts tSe war ranging from $15 to S J 0 per month [cabinet bin a'td the munitions director -«d otten dating bade to the preced- j|«" *ff? n £r*\ 52* Brutf TM"£ l ing tnoutb- j would no c!oult order the supporters of The view of the taxniyers upon Uio the measures to f cf a firing squad. { luestaou. as with all increases in pub- notwithstanding- the chief offenders arc tic expenditure, will naturally be to | Dcmocrat? - rithhold their approval o? the action. ( Thc amendments to the finur Wmnj? With every cost o^ living, taxation and rule promise 1 ? to become a cereaj story. Jie like, rising from dzy to day, tax- ' payers have a very lively interest-- ind they should hart--In questions -solving further additions to rhe ex- TTt.w valiantly the Democratic Sftnn- the ot fit m th-j case of tiling- flour and ] OM!" vvr/LL MNUW-WtiAT'S BEHIND 'ittAi WE TEAR IT DOWN." No Cl ff C One Cent a Word. idvertlflements for J-os Than 15 OanUt sitled .. jlunms close at noon. A d v e r t i s e m e n t s ol want*, aat««. i \ e u H t i r r t h a i h n u r w i l l not no near u n t i l t h o dav T*ilor. Tne drama being enacted in congress performance. npmoeratjc characters in it. penses they have to meet But thcTM -nore or less of a frp.cTacle ire apt to disregard the fact that the ielve3 ' SR lhe Chllf Ceiliior cost of all these things is high, be- j sause the cost of the far is high and ' the expenditures on account of it* are upon an unprecedenieilly lavish scale. Thoy a* the same time Tail to realize that thc increases we arc obliged to pay £or everything wo eat, wear, use, or tho services we err ploy in any capacity constitute part of our contribution to the war's expenses. are making of t h e m - vlewB t h e , KVKRT 1JAJJY W I L L W E All TAU.- o i o d b u l t s t h i s stiaaun H ^ e yotirs niaJe to y o u r m e a s u r e by us. We can produce .vour cl«yisnaicil s t j l c ·with per- f e c t .iccuracy no tnai r how p l a i n or comp ica.lti3. Sla.nd:i.rd f.i.brici» in Hie n e w e s t ( t a t t c r r s arid coloring. J3ALV LA T H L M I A , Ludlcs and Men'a Tsxilor, ^09 I ' l i ' . H b u r K Si. 2ft?b-tfd WANTED -- yourt business. RE.VDINE S E.VRBEKIXG tf "WANTUD--KACTORY THr-STATE CANDV CO. Tho Trades and Liahor Council will | W A N T r j U -- L A U N U i l Y o to mo.kG \Vetithi. · A d m i n ' s t r a t o r i BALTUlOKt; HOUSE ; Hoff chiaf ol" n e x t Tuesday's if t h e y hop" Cor a more heason- able d.iy for the d e m o n s t r a t i o n today be. W A N T K D -- D I S H W A S n U t t BAL,Tt.M(Ji:E HOLSK. !*Jan NotU-r. ESTATE OF W1LLARD II. BARNES ' l.iu? ut t i i c City of Connellsvillo, C o u n t y :jc t \ V e l y l i t TO 10 SO of I-'.ietle and State of Pennsylvania. 'rice SM.GO. r U A N K IS. b c t t t r s r»t administration c. t. a. on t f i e Rnote, Scut(ii.-tle. Bcil i atu\i named i-state 'lia\ ing been j lf*:"3!.ti* , prantrd t o thc undcrsipned, notice la ·· ^-~~---~--=^= ^^ ^~z = ^r= rrr-=r; | i i e i phy p l v e n t.o .dl persons i n d e b t e d to t ^"* 1 * 1 --.iid esiate t u m a k e i m m e d t a t e p a - LOST a O M B W H S U K ,N ^S,X E SS ' «TM'. lfc f ^'".^."'.o TrlSSnt ".'hTM Jivrr-p,;; 1 ^ ^r^i'T"; p'-??^. »«?·«!«»«- f« -·---"· KOI: SAL.E-- pigs. Good s; pounds cnc!;. J K K X K V , Star P h n n e MQt'. It-u They overlook, too, the fact that the simple and unchanging law o{ supply and demand operates in school teaching just as it d'es in any other employment of men'snd women, or in tny department of tiade or industry, There was never so great a demand for teachers as now nor as scant a sapply from which to draw. -Never One c o m f o r t i n g t h o u g h t comes to the t m p n y r r s i^t' I^nyette in Knowing that this ear' S county t*'. 4ov«- « 111 not b" incruasrO. b-Tial] favor." t h a n k f u l l y re- WANTED--WOMAN COOK AT O.NXB. Cl.PP RI.STALKANT. Sfelijtd mice ·ccivcct; hirtrcr oites in proportion. WANTED--BXPiSRIEN'CCU STENO-, co'lonU! t?raphcr, references A p p l y at T i U - ' j^« p tSTATC CANDY CO. ^ f ^ b j t d . "' - LOST--WM*K SIUK . V I T K K L K n a ' n i K l i t bctvi. ei ii h i t f h school K R I - i and r t t u r n e O t o i I, COCHR AN. Ad m in im i a t or c. t. a., CoimollsviIU. Pa. H. G. MAY, AUorncy 'JltjunGt-lut.^ Saturday, l~ebruary ind, tie sun shone--that means the grouj.d hog saw his shadow. Therefore, six more weeks of winter. Many persons believe absolutely in this ground hog sign, and will frequently hear them say so, confirm it by the fact tLct they have noticed it "a hundred tirnes^r more." V.'ell, notwithstanding the prospects of six weeks of winter, the Union Supply Company's spring arrangements are still going on. Granting v.e will bave six more weeks of winter, it will give you ji; ;t that much more time to'prepare your spring raiment and have it ready when the spring sudderly does burst upon us. Of course our spring showing includes raiment for everybody, but just at this time want to particularly interest the women--the nio.ny nice new things now coming in, the numerous bright colorings--one would think the scarcity of dyes a joke. In addition there are very exten- sive'lines of all tue d.fferent piece goods, consisting of ginghams, percales, cheviots, toil du nords. beautiful lines ol plaid and figured silk for skirts, for shirt waists, or for dresses; an extensive and beaut,ful line of hosiery in all the new shades and colors. It is ·"not out of place to caj your attention Co our stylish lines of shoes for women, misses, and children, high tops, fancy tops, just about anything you wain. \\'e can talk about them and describe them, but a better way for you to get a real good idea of our stock would be 'o call and inspect them, see for yourself--visit the nearest Union Supply Company store. 63 Larce Department Stores, Located in Fayette. Westmoreland and Allegheny Councies. C o n n o T i s v t l l e p n t r o n i of t h e K«s co-n- pany arf w i l l j n i r l y si an dine the pressure on t h e i r p o c k e t hogks, cau"*-d by the bis bills Cor January, mnre the company va« able to keep (he pressure on Us lines d u r i n g the arctic season. WANTED--GIRL FOK housework. Apply 131 \V. - j IX)Sl'--SCOTCH COLMC PCI', L I G H T l - K A t j ( t, rr , w n v ith v, h i to r f n s around neck, tit - l i t a r In f o r f J v u d Howard if r. l u r n e d b 3 ^ r t * | t o U N I O N * A'JTO CO 4 f p b 2 u l WA.S'TBD--COMPETENT F I H i : M I £ N at once Apply at oJHce of HO.SSON TREATUE. C f v b - t f i l it not he the drafters who Camp Lee? leave that evening for practical demonstration of the ohjects of the Lincoln before bave Urere beon so ntany with- t day P^rado to^havf i- -. c t .-LS eacirt to drawals from tbe profession to take up more lucrative employment in other lines. As a consequence oC these conditions, and the entry into the miHtary service ot many male teachers, the big problem of the school boards everywhere has been to secure and to' hold a sufficient number of. teachtrs to comprise the teaching staff. The problem of securing these teachers has been very much the C, Hoc is just arf incoiRlderale of pG^plfi' 1 * f^Minsi and comfort a« of thc M JUOK AMJ ARMSTRON'G'S P.ESTAUHA.NT ' J , C. sol a 1 far-Jh DKS[ ! J .ir»G IN'STH prep i r a i i o n s for t-3e «u HM. A M'. :I7 West I'atl eame as the problem of securing some of the commodities essential to the daily existence ot people, When or where the supply is short the salary or price rises, or the school district in one case, and thr- consumer in the TV ANTED--BOV 16 YJSARS OLO:, -=r: = _ _ J 7 5 0 per week. T. R^ DcML'TIl A l StockhcldCTM MrMIufl:. · THC AXN'UAL M K H T I N G Of THIS WA.VTKD--D1SHWASHKR. S L A V I S H ' a t « c k i i o l d a r i of the f u n n e l »v I J l o Con- polish. T R A N S - A L L K G H l l N V s t r u c t i o n Comp n j will be hultl In room , HOTEL. A DAY OF SSOTT. It Is a brutal w i n t e r day, as I compose t h i s deathless verse; the enow is deep, the skies are gray, and every hour It's prowtnE 1 worse. AH f r o m my W VNTKD--OIKL FOP. GKN K R A b h o u ^ e w Q r k , ht^lic^t wapen p u f d Call 515 Loucko avenue, ScoLtdaie. I'a j f c b - t f J 46: Fir^t X u i o r n j D u n k B o n d i n g . Conni M a v l i i f , Pa ·tfomi.iy. j-' lS:h. isis, ,-it s o o J*. .M. D. E Tni:in:a. WANTED -- AT O.VCE, BL.ACK- amhh. Win rent or pay tfood salary O-ood shop. Good tools, l i f e t i m e jul I for tfood man. "BLACKSMiTH." c.trc 'Courier. . 26J.m-iM I look forth, I see mji neie n ~ hors toiling paJrt; the wind co-nea ahriekinq- from the north, and the}" are reeling in the blaat They're trudprinfr are cold and f u l l of sleet, and y f t t h e y show no" sign of woe--for this will save the crop o/ wheat! "This storm is worth ten m i l l i o n scads!" thoy cry, as shivering they pass, for they are other, goes without School boards generally have realized tlie situation and have had no alternative, even -when disregarding the equities, but to Increase salaries in order to retain their existing force or to draw others i6 fill the vacancies which hare resulted from tbe conditions noted. The Coaaellsville board has faced find met the situation as officials in Just the same way tbe members as citizens have been obliged to Eace and . VhT'neekT' TnVstorm 'Vo "^o"*rneariB meet the rising costs of things which t rheumatiz; already, as I write this line, uc as essential in their daily lives as 1 T feel the synptoms through me *vhiz, ^^ . . . . , .. rt , and tie a bowknot in my spine. This school teachers are essential in the snowv day to me looks £ rcet a] _ life of the school-;. Under the circumstances the only just criticism that can be made is that the board delayed final action §o long. 1JSTATC OF I3UZA.BKTH B A R N E S late of the Jit,v ot C o n u u l l . s v l n j , C o u n y of Fyctto and'j of 1'i.rtna. L'Ttcrs of a d m i n i s t r a t i o n ii. b. n.. c. u a., OM [tie . -- · --- above named estate h a v l n K boon W A N T E D -- SEVERAL, r.OOD UOUOII erXritcd to thii undi-rrlfned. not oe IB c a r p e n t e r men to u-ork on .stock fce-eby ff]\en tr- all perHpna indobioil to trcatlt. A p p l y AMERICAN M A N H A N - a ^ l d oytato t o makes I m m f d u i t e p a y - j m r n t ,rtml to arr.-Llnst the p r o j i e r l y n u ' L h e n t i c a t e t l JAMES L. COCHRAN. The Better the Printing of your stationery the bettei the impression it will create Moral; Have your printing done here. ESK MANFG C O , Dunbir, I'-j.. those h a v l n j r WANTED--BOY ABOUT SIXTEXN n o t attending school to carry Hp.'cf i? delivery letters. Can m a k e 3-tO Icr mon h. Ask at Poslnilice for the As- ·^iat^nt V o B t m a n L e r H f e b U d * pay C i a l m s ' t h e m i for s e t t l e m e n t , j Ad m i n i s rator b n c. t a.. C o n n e l i s x H t c , J T t J I O. ' AUc.rnt.'j. CDjAiiGl-niKS 1 BOYS AND OIRt.S OVHH 16 TTiARS OF AGH. PAID WHILE IJIAR.VINO. CONNKH.SVtLI,E SILK WEST SIDE. TVANTED--M IN CHS VTANTHU WHO -, - are s t u d y i n g f u i e tarn In Lt ions to KC*I patriotic lads and.aches .ind chi'b!aln«! t i i e bf;gt m ( n j n K - book p u b l i s h e d "Min- cu; no grass, My neighbors have no I J 1 f . . j n a Nutshell." by . T A M K H W A H D fields ot whyat, they don*t expect THE FLOUE SELMSG RUI/E. It seems that it was no less an im- to provide in advance fov differ ^nt contingent .es in £onnu- la ting the flour selling rule, than it was to make similnr\pro visions in for- ^nulating tKo coal selling prices and rules. To a large extent, It not altogether, "both were mlbout precedent,! and while considerable care may have been given to the drafting of the rules, _U has been found necessary^ to anftndr them, and make exceptions in though rh.euma.tlci T abhor; for SHOTS- will save the n'elJ kno-wn wheat, and wheat Is bound to win the war. Thus do we all. In divers ways, some honest loyalty disclose; we'll suffer througrh all beastly daya, if that will help to swat thc foes. LAW, Scotttlale, Ta. Trice J2 23 WANTED--ANY KIND Of PIU.N'T- Ine, whether It Is a calling card. sjue. bill or the flneal engraved weddtr.K invitation or announcetncnL We p n n i a n y t h i n g -- e v e r y t h l n f -- d o It p r o m p t l y ana do (t rig-ht Call t n e man al Tlli; C O U R I E R nmce. B o t h phonea 2 7 - t f Fwr FOii RENT--KUILNISHED ROOSt, 211; Market St. S f e b - t f d FOR RENT--ONBORTWO OFFICES , W. WOOI-WOnTH CO. SfebUl FOR RENT--FRONT OFFICES OX gtcond fioor of Dunn Evans build- ins. Inquire of HARRY DUNN. Sjan-tCd originally OUT OF IT AIX. Out. of it all shall come splendor and j Out of the madness and out of the FOR RENT--ONE EIGHT ROOJf houso. All modern Improvements. Patterson and Chestnut, street. Inquire S. M. Goodman, Tough House. Elijan-tTd Kur sadness, Cleaner and arise' finer the world shall TVTiy t h e n keep sorrow and doubt your eyes? both" cases: The 'flour "sellin? rule mnoimccd was upon the pound for pound basis. That is, in faun'rg flour the conrumer was obliged to talce an jny s*»vi be our 1 ? when the warfare is p qual veigbf of o!-her cerea's. Early 1 over. upon the appiica-ion of this nDe « j ^"J"^,. 911 ' 111 sleefully romp m the n" found :hir there was a sboj tage. Here «-,th our heroes at home arfl at or flcirr suistitutt3 which made H irn-1 rest ( oracticable to supply tie two fonnsj^ 0 ^ n rf '3o'ce with the world at its, " rood in enua! ruantitios as the rule I e3t " { r rRorib"d. Unc 5 '-- the authority giveniXot in vat n "nt in vain, is our bright, state adminJstraiors to meet emer-' T banner *geacl«3 or extrairdlnary casca. the!' ot mother rule was amended by reducing the | The ir'nom anV despair are not erer to ratio of cereals to flour from one to FOR SALE--TAIZX7R SHOP, GOOD business; fine location; low price, as T been dratted. Call Tri-State 3GO Union town. 4feb2ttt* FOR, SALE--MINE PROPS; SIZES 5, 8 and 10 CL long; 4 in. across at the small end. Address Ij[, S JCURR, Orblsonia, Pa. 4 f e b 3 t d 1?OK SALE--THREE INCU3ATORS. brooders and brcou coop. Con.pleto poultry raia'nc outtlt. CONNBLLS- VIl/LE GARAGE. 23jan-eod-tf WEST PEHH SERVICE MAKE YOUR LIGHT BILLS LIGHT AND YOUR OLD HOME BRIGHT THE MODERN WAY. * Three James as much light, Three times as many rooms lighted. jgjk Three times as many hours of light. Ford Car Now If you want one for nest Summer. I can make immediate delivery of FORDS, although I cannot promise delivery next Spring. Everything is in your favor--cars will not be any cheaper and deliveries more uncertain later; and the FpRD car is the only car that has not advanced in price. The same quality that you have always expected--the greatest automobile value at last year's lowest price is still yours if you place your order NOW. PrJce of Touring Car $360.00; Runabout §345.00; Chassis 8825.00, i. o. Ij. Detroit. s Delivery anywhere in Dunbar, Franklin. Connellsville, Lower Tyrone, Salt Lick and Springfield Townships; Dawson, Dunbar and Vanderbilt Boroughs. lyatt Motor Company WEST CRAWFORD AVENUE. ° ur fond one to one to six Then. Then the The Food AdariidscrwlQC b«Ueved the flour substitute shortsge had be«n overcome, the amended order TTBS revoked by a rernrtt TO the original pound for poand rule. All n' which SOP? 10 show that rales for food fonflprvatioo re^ *inire that provtH^o 1 ' bp made Tor ei- snail " 4hlin he . be « er hare ixusea. FOn SALE--2 LOTS IN* BROWXS- \i t ie. Oi^ will trade for house and lot in ConncIlBVille. Address "LOTS." care Courier. 2fob3t-eod* So monrn not h.s *** ,^ evbraT t ' Ton ^ o^L Tn a wonrt-rf-n n o i«rfni -.nn rrK "" ' rm " FOR SA.LE--HORSE, 9 TEAKS OLD, weig-hs 1,400 Ibs., sound and will work th*y double or single. Also one horse , Tagon and express* harness. "W. L. ; WHTPKEY, West Sf(3e, Cltj: 25jan4t--Botl · smilf * . , . , . i , FOR SAI/E--OXE GRAY AKD DARK: n the I brown arajiatornuitiQn with three strand ! '-nrltch to match. JBest at v n n - ' nnc-halfi prico I f . t a V . o n b e f o r e t h » ?th i Vn exceptionally fine s w i t c h THE i'h h f VOVESTA Sf/or. 117 R C r a w f o r d .\v-. I i S f e b B t d * Na matter how artistically an old home is made out, it is not complete until wired for electricity. It is easily done, no dirt, no trouble. Then j- ou can enjoy real comfort. We 75111 explain details for the asking, free. POWER CO. OversBoes in every size and style to suit any shoe. s . Arctics, Gum Shoes, Guru Boots, Felt Boots and everything in Rubber Footwear. First Quality only. \ PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER.

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