The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 5, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1918
Page 3
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:··· THE DAILY COURIER, BRITISH AND TURKS ARRANGE TRANSFER OF WAR PRISONERS Has About 10.000 Tommies, British- 50.000 Turks. SWEDEN IS IN DISTRESS Fowl Carts, Which Sow Corer Sngor,; Milk am! linttcr, to be Extended to Other Foodstuffs in Order That Dwindling Snpply Mav be Conserved BKR.VF.. SWreZERLAOT, Feb. 5.-British and Turkish delegates, who have been conferring here for some time in regard to a proposed exchange it prisoners, have closed their negotiations atter reaching what the British delegates describe as "a satisfactory arrangement." ' Tho negotiations provide not only for the exchange of prisoners, but also for a complete inspection of prison, camps. Turkey has abont 10.000 Brit- · ish prisoners,, mostly Indjans, while] Great Britain has 50,000 Turks. ' It is 1 expected that the agreement, wilt bo,j immediately ratified and .within a fen- weeks the first exchange will be made on Swiss soil, 1,000 British invalid prisoners, being exchanged lor 1.500 Turks. After the exchange there will be an examination of all prisoners nrder a low schedule of disability by a mixed commission of Turkish and British doctors, this arrangement] doing away vith the delay incident to i the employment'of neutral doe-tors. The Degotiotions with the Turks proved far more satisfactory than the British deltgates had expected. The discussions were conducted in a conciliatory spirit on both sides. A number of supplementary agreements were reached regarding treatment of prisoners here^ter. FOOI SHTATIOtf IS SKKIOCS IX S1VEOK.V STOCKHOLM. Feb. 5.--Sweden is [ rapidly coming to rival Germany as a j laud.ef restrictive "cards" of various sorts! It has long bad the bread-card, sugfucard. milkcard, and buitercard. Coffe cards wfll soon be issued. "V/odcards. entitling each person to one cubic meter--somewhat less than a darter cord--of wood, have also beti issued. 61XX1tA.Ii XiAini'EK'CE SEW DiTELUGEXCE OFFICER LONDON, Fe,b. 5.--Major-General Sr A. Lawrence has taken o\--?r the ontrol of the intelligence dep; rtment .t general headquarters jn France in (accession to Brigadier General Sir John Charterls. The ofHce has charge, not only of military Intelligence, but | kc.of all matters connected with war j coiespono^Tice, censorship, photo- gr»hy,· and visitors to the front. CASS OF SALTS IF ^YOURMEYSHURT lit Less Meat if You Fee! Backache or Have Bladder Trouble. CATARRHJAMSHES H i r e is One Tn-ntmcnt That All Sni-! ferers Can Kcly Upon. I f you v.-;int to drive catarrh and all ks di-sg-usitng symptomK frc.m y o u r ! sy^Tem in ihe shortest po^Hible time, go; ;o y o u r ' drujrgist and fur :i 'Hyo-' m«t outiJt tutlay. · 1'reath.e Jlyomel .:tnd It w i l l riC -ou', of iata-rrh; it (jives 1 such q u i e K r » i e f : t h a i ail w'no use it for the lirrit'tim*.* tre liyomei i^ ;i pure plfusant antis-sp- i-c. which is "hrcaihed i n t O ( t h « lui-pa" the iitftarned Morr.bran'e; it k i U s ; t h e Mtarrh trcrmX ?oothe» the S'-re -·po'R. and hQals iv!l inflammation. ;. r »n** j»uffer another day with ca.tnrrh: 'he disease is dangerous and o f t e n . ,-nd--' ir. ton sumption. Start the Hyo- . nici tre-atmeat today. No piomach de-sin^: no sprays or douches', just breath* f f i - ' - r i u r ' s :ill. Ask A- A. Ciurke.--A*:v. ; ; "·fofic? to TTatf*" Consnnitrs. : other cold wave has made it ^ssary lo again appeal to al! wau?r -uniers to assist iu every way JKK- r- to check the w.aste of water. To i tlif very-unusual and trying con?-iii, we sincerely urge that ail co- f,',te -with us in the interest of ttioNe . nre without water. h i r i f y of t'onnelisville earnestly h s u tbat all iraiito of wator be ff M a* (Mice. Jrhn Duegan. Mayor vaacHsffiUe.--Adv.---lt. Meat forms uric acid which excites ' tnd bverworks the kidneys iu th-Mr ef- . forts to fitter it from the system Reg- ' ular eaters of meat must flush the kid-! neys ocasioaally. You must relieve; them like you relieve your bowels; re- ; moving att tbe acids, -waste and pbi- I ^on. else you feel a dull misery in the [ kidney region-, sharp pains in the back ! or sick headache, dizziness, your = sloiuacb sours, tons^ic is coated and when the weatlier is bad you have rheviraatic fwings. The " urine is . cloudy, full of Rediraent; the ihan-1 nelri often get irritated, obliging: you ! to get up- two or three times during : tMe. night. ; To neutralize these irritating acids j Jtnd flush oft the body's urir.ous v.'aste j g-ri about four ounces of Jad ^alts ; froni any pharmacy; take a tablo- j s;Konfu! .in a glass of water before ; b^'ealcfast- for a ffcw days and your j k-.iineys will then act fine and .bladder., disorders disappear. This famous i Si'its is made from the acid of grapes j a; d lemon juice, combined with lirliia, ard has been used for generations to ; , c!^aa and. silnmtate -urs-sh kid:ieys ; ar.d stop bladder irritation. Jad f'alts . is inexpensive; harmless and makes a j delightful effervescent Juhia-water j itrinK -which millions of men and wo- ; ram take now and t'ucn.. thus avoid- | in? serious kidney and biadder rtis- [ ea^es.--adv. j 10% to 33% Connellsville's Reliable Housefurmshers S5nce 1881 You Live Witli the Furiltere==iot Therefore, when you buy Furniture your first consideration should be the Furniture itself and the organization that sells it--the matter of price really is only of secondary consideration. Because good Furniture--the kind thalt has quality built right into it --the kind that will last a lifetime--is cheap at any price. And when a concern like Aaron's gives a guarantee, of complete satisfaction with ' ' ' / i every purchase, there's something to it---for Aaron's is a concern that has been firmly established in Connellsville for the past 26 years. And Aaron's will continue serving Eayette County folks--for years to come --with the same degree of satisfaction as in the past. Aaron's great money-saving February Sale is not confined to a few odds and ends, shopworn merchandise, samples or marred Furniture-these Sale prices are on our regular stocks--thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of reliable Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Stoves and House- furnishings from which you can choose. Then too, if you desire, we'll hold your selections for future delivery and you can also take advantage of our liberal, convenient charge account system. · · Come to Our Store--Note the Savings--Compare Save Money on Rugs Now! This $75.00 Bed ilavo Three-Piece Colonial Library Suite? Special Sale.Price : - · '.Complete Tvitu Ben" Davenport. Rocker and Cbair. Made of .genuine quarter savred oak. The spring construction is of tbe nest and is the same as that found iu the highest grade unhoislered Furniture. Made up in imitation leather. The Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet --it's not only, the lowest priced, but the best made Kitchen Cabinet on the market. And a Hoosier in YOUR home means less ·svork. time saved, everything conveniently arranged -within easy reach, thousands of needless steps eliminated--in fact, it's a household article that you can't afford to be without. If you haven't a Hoosier, call at our store and let us explain fully its 40 Work-Reducing Features Every one of these -features is valuable. And assembled and handily arranged they compose a wonderful working machine. Prices range from as low as $15.00 upwards. Bugs -- Second Floor The entire second floor is devoted to Rugs, Carpets, Linoleums and Floor Coverings -- tbe largest collection, of newest styles, latest patterns and designs ever shown in Westmoreland County Come and See These Values Every r u g in our stock without exception is io- chided in this sale at reductions of from 10 ( ^ to 309t. Now is the time to put a nev? rug in your home, for the rug market is so uncertain rhal v.'e consider onrselvcs fonnnulc to be able to offer such a large Detection. 9s J 2 Wliillall Genuine Body Brussels Rug -The Best Body Brussels Hug made. J?QQ 7C Sale Price ____ _ ____________ «ptO« · D !xl2 Genuine Seamless Tapestry Brussclls Hug. Sale Price ____________ 5x12 High Grade Seamless Tapestry Brussells Rug. Saio Price _______________ (PI fT IJf tpij. i D !)xl2 High Grade Seamless Axmiaster R\i l:MS Spring Patterns. Special Sale $28.75 variety nf !!s!2 Royal "Wilton Rugs. A larg Patt-irns and colors copied from the finest Ru?a. Sale Price , These February Pale sa^-inss also apply to our big stock of Linoleums--in all colors and stylos-- both printed and inlaid. This $15 Porce^rofic:i."/; Enamel Bed Miuio f r o m two-inch continuous whiu- en- j junel l u r i n g wlih tea larpe one-men upright t lillc-rs. A i l sizes of boas., I Jn viflw of Tb/ recent high costs of rav,' ·ma- terials a n d Jahor tat:? bed presents Uie acme of value-giving. This $4.00 Rocker, strong and substantial}? built, February Sale Price The illustration is an eract reproduction of the Hocker. This $75 Three-Piece Solid Oak ikdroffm Suite, February Sale Price This $25.00 J»resser '...... _ _ This $25.00 Bed--full size -.. This $25.00 Chiffonier _ ,,._ _.... $16.50 Every piece in this Suite is very beautifully finished and shows the handhvorh of the most skilled workmen. Both the Drosser and Chiffonier have large bcavy pinto mirrors. This $190 Ten-Piece William Mary 1 OQ.SO Quarter Sawed Oak Dining Room 5uite*® This $r2.»0 extra large BnQ'tt. _ $36."") This $40.00 extra large China Closet _ $26.50 This $37.50 extra Jarg-fe Extension Table SS.'i.oO This $30.00 Serving 1 Table _ $12.?r, Five $6.00 Dining Room Chairs at $4.50 each $22.r0 One S10.00 Arm Clmir $ «.;o This suite is indeed very substantially built i\nd is a good example? of !he values made possibin o n l y IJ^roiBh Aaron's Urge Cour-slore buying power. See the Famous Kroehler Bed Davenport. This $45.110 Knx-Jilor Kei Davenport -- An Exceptional Value at. This February ' ' Solid oiili frames, covoi-ed wiili black guaranteed chaise 1 letuiipr. ThJs davenport makes a f u l l KJKC nfJ v.-hen oiion and gives yon a f u l l sixo soft by day. This is a value you ran't afford to IHSKS, Ohiopyle. OHIOPYLK. ?'eb. -- Miss I Mrs, .1. L. Tissue and sou of Scott- I1 dale, returned hooit?, after a short | visit with relatives here. Ruth | Georse : j. pent A Little of f'onU-,u»i]r here Monday. Miss Gertrude WIU* to ber : _ Hershberger and soa Glenn ; home at M i l l J t n u S u l u r d L . ,.... w , Sailor is appointed postmistress a t : j. pent a few hours in Cuunellsville ] '- ".. Ohiopyle. Miss Sailor ha* been em- j Saiurday . | Don - t knod , cWiieilsville bv ^u-i- pioyed for the past two years in tlic R g V H G Trimmer dC XormalvUle,| i tts your money out of l o w n for y o u r 1 spent Saturday eveuinjr and S u n d a y , job work whon The Cmirn-r comply · herc. , j e a n do H liure at.home-. Let i:s g U i i , Walter McFarlarid returned venter- -yon price-?. day from a short visil spent in Cnn- _ . t DJckerson Run. postolHce at this place by former i postmaster, T. C. Marietta, now of ; Connellsville. i Rease Morrison was discltarscd from the' Coitag^ Stat*» Hospital and | ocILsvi!lo. , rot urn?d to his home near here -Satur- · R, \~. RitiMioiir 'day. ' c a l l e r vosterchiv " rouncU.vrille i When used in The Drvly Courier al- j i «rays bring results. Try thoci. '' COUGHS AND CHIOS A baa^y Calcium compound t)w*.t »u.f8- iruardR ajpi-lniit clironiu IUIIK u.nd tbrrrat troubles. A ionic-r«9twnUYi pr^paruJ 1-rltlioiit Liifinful or haMt-fonninir tiruo. Try tbtfm today. 50 cents a box, inclutlmg war tax Patronize vhose who advertise. OKJK.ERSON RUN. Feb. -l.--Mv. and Mrs. P. Kaisfly h a v e retur.a**d 10 ( h e i r ; home in I'uioiUown afit-r ^pt-nding a duy here vi.^iiin^ i-lie l^tier's iuiciirr, Mrs.',s iicaiLy. Miss 5uiaudu Bel! spent Sunduy vis- i t i n g her pa:-cms. .Mr. ;md ,\lr«. T. Bcii HI ^Jonaroli. , W. H. H u r ^ ^ u rcuirnod i n Jiis work i hprp yp.?tero?.y afUT spcaoins Satur- lijty v v i i u re!aij au.j ;j^jj! Sun- Uv. iu Cua- l.ii:i a; i.ooicout ! Mrs. Cecil lloaUmau and .-jji-in ^muiay vi^itlUK liirt - :n( Mi. Hurry ... ' day and *T". .·tii-f-.ii'.fis 01 flollars in joh pr leaving Cunn^Hsvifir. every Give us a chance to Lid oa it wil'n bis FamijT a t ' C o u r i e r romt?nEy Th«

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