The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 12, 1964 · Page 38
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 38

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1964
Page 38
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Page 38 article text (OCR)

Week-End Special.. NATURAL CANADIAN BEAVER COATS Plain or Trimmed c - ' Just one of the many fabulous fur buys during this great event. ' Full length Beaver Coats sized , from 9 44 ' -u , - f: . USE OUR CONVENIENT I PURCHASE' PLANS ' .LAID DOWN BY OUR, r OWN FINANCE DEPT. Ityiwff OMrtt iudget J Will Christen Patrol Ship At Prescott PRESCOTT (Staff) A new Canadian ' Coastguard Marine Agency ship. "Kenoki," will be christened at the Transport De partment's dock here Saturday at I p.m. Mrs.' J. S. Barrick, wife of the DOT district marine agent here, will perform the christening ceremony.' The 108 . toot long. M foot wide ship was built by Erieau Ship Building 1 and Drydock Company Limited at' Erieau, Ont. It will operate in the aren from Lake St. Lawrence to Windsor. ' 1 , The "Kenoki" Is specially de signed for working In shallo waters. It is equipped with four spuds (extension legs) which allows - the . boat to anchor stably In the middle of the tiv- er. - '-. Journal Want Ads bring quick results. - - mr If-1 38 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL WEDNESDAY. AUGUST J2. 1964 y wNy ';vt-'-'"-.TTT" INTERNATIONAL WEDDING This Official Mopped "H is Brow Special Journal Correspondence ROME When Helena May-rand, daughter of the former Canadian Ambassador to Italy, was married Jait week to Don Erneato Malta at the church of St John of the Utin Gate, there was the customary, but thl time internationally complicated, gathering at the Rome j Registrar! office beforehand. Long before It wai over the bewildered official was mopping bis brow and casting more than slightly suspicious glances at the company. The bride, Heiene Miyrand, Is of Canadian citizenship with ' official residence in Ottawa. She was born in Brazil while : her father was at that embassy. The bridegroom is Spanish but was born in Tangiers. Ambassador Mayrand, a Ca nadian, is resident In Cuba. As his ambassadorial duties pre-' vented him from leaving Cuba, , the bride was escorted by HisJ Excellency Dr. Niccolo Moscato of the Italian Ministry of For- ; eign Affairs. t s ; 1 Madariie Mayrand, one of the witnesses for her daughter, '. hat .Armenian nationality as her father was Armenian , deputy to the Turkish government She was born in Cairo and has Rome residence. The ' other witness, Mrs. Sue Scott, of Toronto, is a Canadian, but : was born in Edinburgh., -The couple met when Ambat- ; sador Mayrand was at the Embassy in Madrid. Heiene. who JlUo meed 'fa clca lance NOW I Important price reductions on luxury furs . . . each ' . one of great fashion individuality and beauty . .'. each " 'representing an unusually attractive fashion Investment. .Look for big reductions on COATS, CAFES, STOLES and J-- JACKETS. f -4 , f.'.f1 fI t' I. l i 'VCi- ! - ' J I k ... ': - . t HELENE MAYRAND recently received her political science . diploma - in Paris specializing in International Relations was attending classes in Spain. . f ; - t. CHURCH BURNED CANTON. Miss, iff) Civil Rights workers report the 14th burning of a Negro church 'in Mississiopi since S Civil - Rights workers began their "Summer project'' to register Negro voters last June. A spokesman for the Council; of Federated Organizations said the Mount Pleasant Church In the nearby Gluckstadt community had burned MondJJy night. It was used as a "freedom school." f ''A ' r era t1i Library Exhibit Depicts Times Of Shakespeare Shakespeare's life " and his theatre is the subject of an exhibit (nine main branch of the Ottawa Public Library, 114 Metcalfe Street The exhibit in" the reading room of the library ' made 4ip of 40 prints, photographs and facsimiles tracing Shakespeare's life and times and the staging of his plays from the Elita- bethan Theatre through the Res toration.;;. '; .' . . ; . . They include.' pictures of the Bard himself, his home,, his theatre and actors who perform ed his plays. The display, a travelling exhibit of the Canadian .Library Association, will be in Ottawa until August 24. Garagemaii . Pinned Under ' Station Wagon Walter Albert 55. of 1979 Cochrane Avenue, had a lucky arno Imn serious Inlurv Tues day when a station wagon fell on him in tne garage oi vaociuu Mntrvn Snarks : and Kent Streets. : - ' ' ! Ha mm checkini the under side of the vehicle when it fell forward off the stands and pinned him underneath. Mr. Albert, the shop foreman. bv fire department mraenrv , car to the UV1C Hospital for x-rays. uniial authorities said later Mr. Albert-was suffering from . fr.rltirrri nelVIS. DUI nil ww dilion wa considered satisfac tory. '-' FURS LTD. Jour choice of garment will be stored FREE OF CHARGE In ' our Refrigerated Fur Storage Vaults until needed. Every fur ' Is a masterpiece of quality and design designed to give you the ' , -.: . utmost fashion value. ., . " ! ; ' ,,- ' M. CAPLAN FURS ltd. 178 SPARKS STREET, ' f . " . 132-1598 Free Parking at Carpark Alr-Condltloned , ,. .(IPHIIIIIII 'U"' T STCtNDERG T52S H52S lf2S $1 225 . I i ii.mau.t.MH,-i n iMi.inai,i, II IW.M.WIMI I - - eitt uu uists ssi sstcius sit , eits tiit csssss mt ssicssw Hi iti tins -csssm mi sxUut ti. SX BRAND - GAZA HOT PEP BRANDS v. COOXEDHAM CKlCXEN SAUCE DOG F03D $1X9 - 2 I0. 43 .4 "uT .42;:- lflw Tr. Aas. IS . Carlrn Tanear, Aas. IS Bsplrts TwaUUr, As. IS 225 SlfeS SlfgS 1 ifihm- ihfh .:i.ujin,i-ii itii m m itl tats csssss -t ssiciuu sli I wtt 04 csssss Minctwi sf it U4 csssss asl sacssu st. . GATTUSO SQUARE ROYAL BRAND ' DARE'S POM-POM SPAGHETTI Instant Podding BISCUITS lh Asa . Arie sins, Virtui m i ask 43f V 2 "JT 33e : JV. 49 . . Ixplm TOTUar. Aas.- S - : catMm Taesesy. Aas. IS 1 Baslrw tawasf. Ae. tS 25- 1125 g(25 $ aitltlu COSH isl imciHi it . lUMii.csasssstlMreiissali eitl tin csssss tl iwcssm st I TWINKLE ASSORTED SH1RR1FF INSTANT JOHNSON'S PLEDGE j CAKE LUXES POTATOES DUSTING WAX a Pkgs. ' package ' 59 os. tin - 79' ittrM taeseay. Aus. 11 ' ' ' kxplrn Tanaay. Aas. It j " xs4s Tatstsip. Aat. It j 25 g 25 r.vj 25 -g ttttl tltMNSM ttt SSf CSIM It: . aitt UM CSSSSS MS SStUstl Sl.-V alt! UlS CSSSSS Hi pSTCSIM St: JOHNSON'SKLEAR FACELLE ROY ALE f STEINBERG OR t FLOOR WAX PAPET TOELS mvnSTci I Mt.-$l.i6cffl 253! p. ci. 49 Kxplrn Tantsy. Aas. IS Cxpins Tatay. Aas. IS i f xplrn SstarSiy, Aas. IS iU till usstl ssisfclM lli ? eiU isu cituss sit ssrcsssi sit aid Un cssios M sstclstc si: i ONE (or More) V .4 LBS. (or More) ' I BOOTH OR RUPERT 1 Fresh, Whole . SWEET, JUICY J , mi s s-ii i sTq ! WATERMELON 'J PEACHES' ' VI l ! Canada No. Grade! Canada No. I Grade! package 03 . 1 i txpttss tassSnr. Aas. IS . fxplrss Tt, Aas. II ' ' Ixptras aacartay, Aas. II ' 125 - ;glj25--jj325 . j) a.ll tM mssm Ml sstclrn H, aitt . csssss sM sstcssti el. u t, tM, , ,cll, CERAMIC . I BOX (or More) ' JACK SPRATT " , CELERY CISH SES?i Dacca . a. t-Q. CLUEEERRIES 1 - sued! ttct lS&Lvl!L: XJdgJxXiiadeU LJlikfcJBa? . Cxplrn Istaraxy, Aas. II CxpIrM TafiSay. Aaslt j ; Kxptras Sataraxr, Aas. It V ' ' . . y t " ' I r ',." if ti , f , W ? - . lMf ALBERT, QUEEN Not a Bid For City Lot Nobody wants . to buy. the choicest piece of downtown real estate the City owns. No bids were,, received at Board of Control Tuesday when the deadline; was reached on tender call for sale of the Albert Street OTC car barn site that is now used as parking lot. - "'..','i'.'',;.,'; 'i .- And Mayor Whltton prompt ly charged that certain "major interests worked m cahoots" not to bid on the property which has a market value of about $900,000. (, . "Over the past 10 days there has been considerable activity so that three or four different interests wouldn't . compete amongst themselves," said Mayor Whitton. , " "And," interjected Controller Ernie Jones, "they are the only ones with money. I suppose." 'URGE CERAMIC RELISH DISH FOR CELERY, OLIVES and FlfaiKLfc)! , EACH (Ptas it (xtrs Tlxkr" suasps SITE Stale of the car barn site including the abandoned fire, hall at Lyon Street was suggested to ease the city's debt load. v .. . The car barn was among assets turned over to the city when the taxpayer financed reconversion of the OTC from street cars to an all-bus fleet in I9S9. 1-vv,--,;.,-o Sale price would have been applied against the OTC debenture issue, providing the city with that much more borrowing power for. other works. ; INDEPENDENT CHURCH SHEFFIELD. England (RNS) Formation of an independent Burma Methodist Church was authorized by the Methodist Church in Great Britain at its annual General Conference here."" vu' ;v,' j''" K';- 1 . (-v (O )C Ittxaapaa aaava kfin - PROMISES ACTION TORONTO (CPJ - Alderman BIU J 1 ( Li-."..1J . I , Metropolitan Toronto's centennial committee will either reach a decision at- its next meeting Sept. lito start a centennial project er It will disband. The committee has agreed -to invite representatives of various mu nicipal centennial committees to discuss a Metropolitan Tor onto parade and plan a calen dar df events. If each municipality has made Ots own. plans. the committee will consider dis banding. Aid. Horjun said. San- Francisco! started its cable car system In 1S73. 1 1 7?- I awajanja Aa. jm ALLAN'S CAPITAL ESCORTED ;n WORLD FAIR TOURS VU Vi Via Air . Bus Air nd Bus ',: tut. Sept. ' Oct. lith iri . ' tth I ' - -. 7 PHONE OR WRIT ALLAN'S. TRAVEL U Sparks St, Ottawa . : il years' Mxptriene ail :J. ,. ... " Journal Want Ads bring quick results. ; : TOR TOLDtRS SERVICE UNITED 1U-S714 in Ktu York four tin csssss 4 sstctiw si: I JP . IS , -- .: ISlI CSSSSS SOS swcUts Oil till CSSSSS 4 ISfClitt St: tsii csssss aw sstcsits al 5 It ' Li Mil tfstss UNt tsrclins st ORANGE, GRAPE OR PINEAPPLE ALLEYS DRINXS Non- v i A 48 oz. , "f g? Carbonated! L tins Kxplrn TanSay. Aas. ' . Wt , . WHITE, PINK OR AQUAxx , ,7 ! KLEENEX TISSUES " l.jr. 63 Rsplras Tacsaar. Aat , It ': Itl NEOPOUTAN AND PUFF DAVID BISCUITS 2 69 txplras Taestar, Aa. II ' nil FOR FRYING BAKING AND ' ; SALAD DRESSING ,V CORCKATION CSRN OIL ie off! 7- im 2 01. bottle Is7 " 1 gxplras (assaar., An. aitt UBBY'S BRAND TOMATO JUICE FANCY QUALITY! 2 oi. tins " $1X3 Rxplrts Tatstay, Aasast eitl Hut . ' SNACK-TIME TREAT! . v , ' H Schulsr's Potato Chips ' I ISt Clsssi SK rucktst st: itti csssss ssi isfcsiit tti i ' Each 13 oz. JIJ j y, , . Is j ' Twin-Pack Box QijF. , I j 1 etis, i SOL MAX ' " Hsw Sprtas XU sv srrlvlas -r WITH THIS COUPON AND PURCHASE OFi t v " : 55onDEnonr.:onE r : ' OF ASSORTED MERCHANDISE AT ONE TIMEI , - (RxclaSlaf Takan PraaacU) ; Valid Monday. AUGUST 17th Only! t .. -AT STEIHBF.aO robn STORKS IN OTTAWA AND aUtlt . ' tLlailt oas caapaa p' Caswaiu) . t - i :

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