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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, February 5, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,484 'OL. 16, NO. 73. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. TUESDAY EVENING-, FBBE.UABY 5, 1918. EIGHT PAGES- iAVY GERMAN CASUALTIES FOLLOW DISCOVERY OF PLAN TO RAID AMERICAN TRENCHES is ol Pershiag's Men Con- entratcd on Point Where Huns Are Massed. OXE GEKMAK AXJEX. i SHELLS FREELY USED .Efforts in flint Line of tack Fall to Produce the Desired silts; Two Americans Ai* »ude4 Report Ire« Front Sajs. By Associated Press. EXAMINATION OF REGISTRANTS TO START TOMORROW COLD WAVE SPREADS FROM tREAT LAKES TO SUNNY SOUTH 0«ly AJJen discovered Uy Chiet Bowers TO11 Become Citizen. Only one German alien was found In i this city by Chief of Police V. B. Bowers, and this man is taking out citizen papers. The blanks oa which data concerning enemy aliens in tho region was to be filled in and returned to the government were received yesterday by City clerk A. 0. Bixler. He will have no occasion to use the blanks, however. The alien enemy law evidently does not include the Austrians. Several of Will He Continued Until All In Class 1-A Arc Put Through Tests. GoTeriiment Forecaster 1're- diets Warmer Veather By Thursday at Outside FIREMEN HAMPERED BY WATER SHORTAGE WITH TEMPERATURE OF FIVE DEGREES BELOW ZERO With the temperature at five below | beoa aflame. zero the firemen were called at 1:50' Water shortage again hampered the o'clock this morning to the old Hynd- work of the firemen. The hydrant at NO. 5 TO SEND ,16 MEN OfflO IS SHORT OF FUE Only Small Percentage 1 of Men AVUl j Condlltais in the llackeye Stilts office building of the Baltimore the coal tipple by the Hyndraan build- i Ohio Railroad company in Water'ing wab out of coitiinission. either i street to cope with a fire in the office j through having been in disuse for [.of E, F. Ludwig, chief of the railroad's! many years or from freezing, and it police force. Tbe fire was_ indirectly', was necessary to lay a line of liose to duo to the cold weather. A grate fire Porter avenuo, in Arch street. Bigh- had been banked rather full and fan-; teen sections of hose, 000 fepi, were ncd by the wind it blazed up and coals BY GIDBLASTS ITH THE.AMERICAN AJIMT IN) these " were Discovered to be living in 3SCE. Feb. 5.--German plans to 1 the ctt y but no Provisions for inform tithe American trenches were 1ms- xl early this morning vheu the rican. artillerymen pui down a 7 barrage in front ot and on the oaa lines wliich are believed to i been filled with men and officers ·ting the signal to attack. » was discovered at a certain hour the Germans intended to carry a silent raid. Fifteen minutes re the time set all the American ; concentrated their fire where ac- tion about Austrian aliens was contained on the blanks received here. AMERICAN TCOOPS ON FRENCH FRONT DISPLAY VALOR ing to tUe Information the enemy Coura g e O f Men Equals That massed. It is believed heavy cas- .es "Were inflicted on the Germans. le Germans using gas shells y and are uiideavormg to enre- our batteries' positions, but with- saccess. They have cropped btr ot shells in. the road behind i American lines. fa men were reported wounded hella. The visibility remains had. of Most Seasoned of Prencli Array. WOUNDED RUSH TO FRONT TXAS SOTJ5XCEI) TO PITE TEAXS Ef PJtISO". 3RLIN; Feb. 5.--(Via Berlin) -.elm Ditttnan, the Badicnl Social- Jeputy member of the Keichstag, was. tried by an extraordinary ·t-martial ou the charge ol incit- to-high.treason, resistance to pub- tdthority and transgression ot the libitioa against the ctlon of the general strike, -was to- sentenced to five t In a fortress. years' eonnne- lUman also was sentenced to, two ths' imprisonment for resistins :ic authority. "Mitigating circnm- One Vho Is Carried From Field to Dressing Station Insist* on ilejtfin- in^ JHs Comrades nn Uie Battle line; Hare First G»s Be in I'lrst Call to Leafs for Xa- J tional .\niij- Training Cumps; A d - j (litiooii.: List 01 "i. 5 MIMI Called. The | examination of draftees from Districts No£. '2 and 5 will begin Wednesday and last until the enLre uum- ber of class 1-A men are examined. rolled out onto the floor. A section Acute Owing to Bail Traffic Tieii|p! ot t h e iloor running the length of the und Lack of Coal; Pittibnrft Ucttinf room ' about ]8 feet ' an(1 extending be- Along ID Ten Decrees Below Zero. By .AsHocMJUtMl Presf*. WASHINGTON. Feb. 5.--Severe cold today gripped the country east of the Mississippi river from its northern Although only a. small percentage of j boroe '' w the GuU of .Mexico adding tbe first division men will leave this time for tae training camps, every one of the draftees in that class svill be examined. A telegram was received by the board for District No. u this morning correctirig the number of'men to be its share towards making this one of the most extraordinary winters of modern times. The present cold weather, however, Is not expected to be of long duration as there is indication of moderation in the lake regions and Ohio valley tonight, in the western sent by it. Through OJG error t n e i portion of the Middle Atlantic states Bv Associated Press "WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN i FRANCE. Peb. 5.--Puller reports!' from the first line show that!" great courage was exhibited byi man bombardment of Saturday. A number ot men who were slightly | wounded by shell splinters were treated in the lines with theS: first aid packets and Insisted,on remaining at their posts untl the fight was finished. One man, who was .carried, to a field tie'absence of dishonor- dressing station, returned to' his com- -rnrloa In tio !!«« nftot- Hie W.-111 nrttt »afl admitted. Tadea in tte line Efter tas wouods board was ordered to send 71 men to the camp but the order received this morning calls for 16 men. This number of draltees will complete 80 per cent of the District No. 5 quota. The draftees £or District No 5 will report "Wednesday morning at D o'clock for examination in, the office oC S. J. Harry on the second floor ot tbe Title Trust building. The examinations will last until 12 o'clock- Dr. J. H. Hazlett and Dr. C. W. UtUj will conduct the examinations. The registrants m the No. 2 district j will leoort at the armory at 1 o'clock. In this district 100 men have been called for examination each, day while in No. 5 only UEty men. will be examination m the forenoon. There will be ao examination on be resumed on Vetfaiesday however. No- ticej «ie being seat out caci day to the men to appear before the boards. Below'are the names of men ordered by Local Board No. 5 to report Friday morning at the Title Trust buildin-g for examination: Alexander Sweeney, LelBenrlng; Adam Zudlinsky, Trotter; "William S. Dickey, Pitcairn;. Joseph M. Holiday. QtuopyUr/Evrtng D,-Mlnerd r Dunhar; Lewis Morrotti, , V-andsrbllt; Artkur Jordan, Jklount BF a ^^st w U^ ct! L A - tomorrow and m the Atlantic coast districts, Thursday. From 35 degrees below rcro in the St. Lawrence valley the cold graduated to unseasonable temperatures as far as the extreme southern part ol Florida. TJUJFnC HASTEHED tween two joists was burned out. The flames had not gotten outside ot the Stean Temperature For *M Hours Ending at ??oon JLo'sr- est on Record Here. necessary. It was not long after connections were made that the fire was ouf. The inteitor of the room was badly 1 srorchoci and smoked'and sonic of the' effects of Captain Ludwig were de- i joist Sines when the firemen arrived 5 stroyed. 1 but the .nterjor was so hot then that' A railroad Tnan discovered, the Srei MERCURY AT SIX BELOW Gas Prossnre is Down Almost to Jfonr lit All IM Gut, Company Officials Here Believe 11 Will Xot Entirely Pail; .Schools at Dawson Closed. it would have been a matter of a shorl time until the building would lave and notified tbe police. CHIEF RODERICK DID NOT GET PARLOR CAR AT DARR MINE DISASTER ©- tin- excep- Qf a neTir movement at Jena, re- .ed by the Tageblatt of Berlin, the man strikes appear virtually to'teSTM!£*£^ Awericans | aS their first experie: j last few days as the Germans hav Raymond, Chili; Hill; Eay Cnva- Normalville; Franlc Louifl Adelaide; Vincent Michael '\ Joswiek, Trotier; David Nelson Show, below zero was registered .ireau he and S o'i At 9 there was a rise but no encouragement for from the intense cold was offered. The i prediction was for about 10 degrees i below zero the greater part of the General Manapcr Sehleiiderberp Ye- toi-J His Request for Special Accommodations for chiefs Inspectors. Tile death ot Chief James E. Roderick, of (lie Department of Mines, recalls an incident ot the Darr mine explosion which occurred in December, 1907. All of ilie mine inspectors of the f Scores ne of tbe disaster ai weather bureau here today as it held j ·"""" --·· ""Dbc f uas present * this morning. \° { .TMTM f °TM". en ^ oUler , f n c o[ ' of one dee-ce 1 ctals fro:n mmcs near and fl - r an(] release almost """ wblc °P«-atine staff ot i the PitteburE Coa , coinpan y look parl in the work of relief. Foi latK of better accommodations the boiler house at the mines and other build- Koiierick day The cold wave blew over the cltv m Severe used as keeping quarters. . tbe bare floor in most instances all shortly after sundown last niglit and the temperature continued to fall throughout the night. As a result tew street cars are able to run while local POSTOFFICE CLOSHI) JJKCATSE OF 0 Uli.VT; FIK.ST TI31E I.V COUSTI When residents of Masontown calieil at the postoffice tnday they found the following notice on the door of the office: "Closed on account of no heat." } Tile message was signed by Acting Postmistress Miss Jva Ma rim On account nf the shortage of gas the office *\ as cold and Miss .Martin refused 10 stay in it. This i? the first time that a postoffico in Payette county was closed on account of no heat. that could be provided as a bed dur- . ^r^s^ra^r-=====-- ing the first day or two. nft*m rnHTrTOT M » V - ,,._ ._ . Chl * Hod.rick Pasted very BAND CONCERT MAY train service is most unreliable and I trons!y to G ' w - Schleudeiberg, gen-) 2'ended. The leaders of the strifc- NoM came over derbnt G; Samuel Dorltta, Van- Firestone,. Normal- .this afternoon but an alarm was given. I ville-, Pasquaie Scaramuzzlno, Clarks- advise,, that work be resumed to-j^ ^"0,';^ on7dM s lon'and j^ *»« While ^^ ^ '- · another staff officer, who were motor-) neHsTille; Paul Hil(io P k ' Lelsenrtag; srmiin newspapers record no distances In Berlin on Saturday, he directors of the Krupp works ing to the village back of the line, came upon several companies, all the men in masks. The officers hurriedly Elmer i brose, Vanderbilt; Walter Cune, Vanderbilt; Herbert Rudolph Baker, Adc- ,rt. the Cologne Gazette says, thatl~ t oa | hc 7 r own" masks"'and"rode on j P unbar; James 0'^" Shetfey, ' 4(10 out of 110.000 workmen trent towards the front lines ' laide: Llo - vd Wllllanl, Chalk jUttce and that these were fined or j At the next village the men were ITM 11: willlam McK'nler Bufldaf, nissed. Swearing masks. The officers keptl A c m e ' R- D. 1; Thomas A. Suinma, he Berlin Vorwaerts says that the theirs on until they saw through ,a ding in which the court-martial is shell hole in the side of a brick build- ng is closed to the public and mg 20 infantrymen with no masks on, rded by troops. Heinrich Scaultzo.! rolling dice as if nothing had happen- first prisoner toibe tried. w:is sen-led. :ed to imprisonment for six. itbs for having distributed leaflets' TWA fllUTrF DATTAM ins workers to strike. j * WU UUFiU} KAllUI'l jToofl Administration Kostrict-s Bread Service in Beshiurants. i Il Associated Press. J WASHINGTON. Peb. 5.---A [ounce bread ration was ordered by the administration today for patrons J o f hotels, restaurants and dining cars. . ' ~ ' | This allowance is about that now trea-yeu-old Smithneld Tenth, in I observed in England. Willlam Acme, R. D. 1; Somerfield; Harmon Hagner. Connellsville, R. D. 1; James Glllesple, trains are run without regard to 1 er!l1 m^S" of the Pittsburg Coal schedule and as often ss possible to over the temporary Ascomfom his accommodate the crowds that aband- Btafr ot lns r'eetors were obliged to un- oned trolley service. I dere ° and urged lhat a I )arlor ca - r be Suburban stations wore crowded i PTM Tided ft"' their accommodation, from early morninp; and all the trains Mr - Sclilcuderbers, who was hrai- were pushed to pull out ;ven hundreds I 3 ^ f U5ine , a ? a . 1 '°» , d f sk m . u " 3 mi . n . e of commuters waiting, unable to hoard ~TM att-al ready- 'overcrOT-defl" train". Tha Allegheny and Monongahela} rivers that had been partially opened up by Ice breaking steamers and dynamite in an attempt to avert serious flood conditions and ic-e gorges are again frozen solid and thi' work of the past week has been undone by the cold. For the third time this year Con- nellsvillo and the coke region have been tied up in the severest weather that has been known here in years. The official thermometer registered 6 below here but throughout the outlying sections 30 below prevailed. Otior thermometers registered 12 below. Toe gas supply in the city was low throughout the day, there being only one and one-halt ounces pressure- here. At me offices of the Payette County Gas company this morning it ! was stated that the pressure was not ( expected to go any lower but might 1 be added to before the day is over* Daw-son. Vaoderbllt and Liberty are just about out of gas and the supply there may not last. 1 In Unioatown and Scottdale the ! pressure is mucb better than it is ! here, there being four ounces on the , hues. More could be turned on at rmomown if it was necessary but the consumers there are not suffering ' from any shortage and more can be turned into other lines if the pressure at that place is cot increased. At Mount Pleasant the same'condi- tions prevailed as here there being on!y 1% ounces on the line. A report was current this morning that tie gas pressure in the city would not. last throughout the day but this was denied at the gas offices. In Dawson the schools were closed on. account of the shortage of gas. TAKE PLACE OF THE LABOR UNION PARADE £'r o ^ ermoraeters thcro resistCTed 10 Mro in H Weather is Against Street lemon- strattait 3Lnsic in Hiph School Will be Substituted. ^fSHH^S 3'j".)-.Inclement wealher may necessitate Ss and said to ,, . ,_ ,, * _ r .. . . . ... usual blui » aoii dlrect JUST LIKE MOTHER, E BOY WRITES Dunbar; William O. Conneil, Dunbar; Stanley Olio, Trotter; Lawrence May, State Collose; Elmer Roy Shum'aker, Otilopyle; William 0. Bailey. Vanderbilt; Salvatore Coco, Dickerson Run; Philip J. Meagan, Leisemring; Robert :Lee Dice, £1- liottsville; Frederick John Bafferty, Ohippyle; Howard Vincent Bower, , Versailles', Earl E. Detling, .Mill Run; two i George Henry Flydell, Dunbar, R. D. "~ ! 1; Michael J. McGivern, Dunbar; Frank J. Adams. Leisenring: Jacob Geary, Champion; Asa Rabora Myers, Markleysburg; Robert H1H Addis. OHIO SHORT OF FTKI,, HAS COLDEST I»AT COLUMBUS, 0.. Fob. 5.--"With but little coal at Its command Ohm todaj was suffering the coldest weather of the winter. The thermometer ranged from five to 17 below Kero in various i sections of the state. Thermometers registered five degrees below zero at Dayton, 11 below at Younsstown, 17 below at Canton, and 20 below was reported at Columbus. "We have ovrr a hundred mine superintendents and foremen wbo arc ing about having to sleep on the soft j side of a plank or on the boiler house floor. If you want featherbeds and elder down comforts for your inspectors, J don't Know of any quicker way of getting than for you to go to Pitts- zero and at Dunbar the mercury dropped to aine below. Star Junction was not quite so cold, with si* below. At East Connellsville 32 below was , recorded and the same figures were I a change in the program of tbe labor i touched on the South Side. Ten be- demoustraiion on 1-incola's birthday, i low was Uie figure for Mount Pleas- if it should happen to be a day iike · ant , jy- o telephone connections this or like yesterday there will be no ; could be made with the mountain parade but instead Trades Council points and the temperature there could nol be learned. Tbe official thermometer here reg- all favorable, and the committees in | | B ', e red six degrees below zero with 19 clarge are hopeful it will be, the i as e minimum for 24 hours ending at street demonstration gives promise of j noon . A me a!i of six degrees above bfting M imposing one. Due notice of j zero was rca ched. This mean is the ' the plans for the evening will be g" in the newspapers. nay IB Guglaad Reiidr to "Fight Like the Devil." tiree years' ago Charles Conn, son Telegrams were sent out today to the food administration's hotel representatives in ever}- state designating Mr. and Mrs. J. W, Conn, of near the\ new rations. No more than two ithfleld, then a lad of 13 years, dis- | ounftes of wheat bread may be served ·eared irom home. For a long time ' at any one meal except that when parents gave him. up for dead N'ot i bread or rolls made from corn, oat- g 350 a letter came saying be was j meal, or bran are served. Rolls may Ontarto. Canada. This week the!not weigh more than one ounce. Fxrti- illy received another message from J lie eating places are now licensed !anadiaii array camp near London i under the new bread regulation. 1 ; and ing Charles had enlisted wits the j the bread ration rule is issued under iad:an forces and was now a full i this authority. Hotel representatives Vanderbilt; Leroy Grimm, Leisenricg No. 1; John Henry Lowry, Dunbar; WILD GAME BIRDS AND ANIMALS DYING OF COLDAND HUNGER Itallrnadcrs at Dickerson Knn Find lc«d riieasant and Save Rabbit on Its "JLast Legs." The cold weather of this winter has been hard on the game in this' section, i Chief Roderick A\A not press his request for a parlor car for the use of his inspectors. DRBTING SNOW AND SEVERE COLD HALT TRAFFIC ON B.O. Cats on line to Cmiitierland Filled Again Just After liming IJceii Cleared. Tbe cold wave which setlled j tiroiigliout this section o£ the country last nLght was accompanied by a heavy ci'.y to take part Hi the procession. Afayor John Daggan and the members of city council and tie school board win be lu line, it is believed. They have been in,:tcd to appear. Others to whom imitations were sent are tbe Bed Cross, the Navy League and Charleston branch, the Connellsville Rifle cli-b, Boy Scout troops, members o£ the Business . Professional Men's association, tbe Masons, tie Odd Fellows, the Maccabees, the Junior Order of United American Mechanics, tie Order of Iroquois, the Knights of Columbus, the .Moose, the Eagles, the ISISs, the Order of Railway Conduc- ga!e between here and Cumberlar.d that has practically brought ,,,J ",3. the Brotherhood of Ix-comouve Uie! Knl«ht, Otto Sherbo, Connolisrville; Glenn | jr. J. Gibbons conductor of a Pi'ttsburg Gale Fisher, Toungstown, Ohio. ged soldier in that camp. I'm engaged to a girl just like have beep instructed to see that immediate observance is given in hotels -.her," he wrote home. Telling of for Monday and "Wednesday as wheat- anlistment in the aniy Charles | less days; Tuesday as a meatless day; i he w*s ready to "figat Hke the 'il." The hoy was a movie fai and oiigh seeing the stories in: :ue een he developed a hankering for life- of a cowboy, a soldier or a lor. ' DISCUSS HEATLESS DAY conrmgiag Reports On Coal Mote- o»ts Jf»T Peteat Proposed Order. J3y Associated Press. Saturday as a porkless day and that there, is one vrheatlcss meal and one meatless meal every day. MUST SUPPORT BABY SALARY INCREASE FOR TEACHERS RUNS TO $790 PER MONTH For R«KaioiBff 'rne Months of Term "Hill MVim Added ExpcniU- tnre, of $3 f $0. The increase o£ ?10 per month board at a meeting yesterday morning irill make a total of ?3,950 to be added to the payroll for tbe remaining five months of the school year. Tbe monthly Increase is $T90. The 'ncre'ase goes into effect this month, and the extra ?10 will be ad- .Bronii Fort Man In Court for Djsert-! ded to the February pay. There are Lake Erie yard crew, found a dead ·pheasant, jus* west of the Dickerson Rim yards last vree He thinks it was frozen to death. Yesterday he found a raWhrt almost dead from, tbe cold. He picked it up took a into the west tiTid office anrl gave it some apples and water. It would not eat aL first, but wben they left the office and watched ft through tbe windo\v- it be-' gan to eat and drink. It is suggested that it would be a good thing if some of thr Wjld Life feed out to t the woods foiring these cold daya Eo'r the game. in? Tliree-Ouy OH Infant. Charged with abandoning and deserting his 11-day old baby on the day of his wife's funeral, Alfred Herrington of Broad Ford was today directed WASHINGTON, Teb. 5.--Most dis- i by the Fayette county courts to pay raging reports of movement o f ' W a week towards the support of ght and coal because of extreme i the child. ?20 for back expenses and to :! threatened to defeat the plan to {furnish bond of ?150. adon the Monday industrial closing I Harrington was brought into court t*r. i by "W-esley Ridenour of near Swaugei- ii Director General McAdoo aid · town. Ridenour who is an uncle of ;' Administrator Carfield went Into'the late Mrs. Herrington, claimed that terence to discuss abandoning Tie following her death he went to the 79 teachers employed by the Con- nells'rine school board and each will get the sam£ increase. The increase in salaries for an entire school term of nine months will amount to ?7,110 for the city. WHALE STEAK LUNCHEON Hoflter to Be finest at Unique 1'ew York Dinner. By Associated Press, NEW YORK, Feb. 5.--Wlale ' meat will be the principal article of food at NAMED COUNTY DIRECTOR George S. Conneil to look After Employing: Shipbuilders. George S. Conneil, secretaij of the county public safety committee, has been appointed county director of tho United States Public Service Rcborve. i The chief object just now is the en- jroUnvent of men for the shipbuilding service. The service is voluntary and the wages arc high. Men wishing to engage in it should seo Mr. Con- neil. niore Ohio railroad to a standstill. The gale filled up all the cuts again with the snow that had just been shoveled out of them. It was impossible to place any coa! or coke cars last night and none could be taken to the mines today. Ei*ei*y mine in the Somerset region is suspended with no sign of any relief. Three snow plows are at work on the railroad near Sand Patch but are not vbte to do much. Ice £ro?.en in. the cuts as a roault of tbe ihaw Sunday night has combined wjth the drifted snow to hold up traffic. It is impossible for a heavy train fo pull up the grade between Cumber-1 land and Sand Patch, Only six or | of Pythias, volunteer fiiernen of Con- niMbsvine and South Connellsville, Uie Ordei ol .nail-way Conductors aad Brotherhood ol Hailroad Trainmen, the Grand Army of the Republic, the Tough Medico Social club and the post office emfjloyes. It is hop^d that all of the organizations above named will be in the line of march. ]f there is one. All are invited to hear the adlresses that will be delivered after the parade, or after the concert if there IE, no parade, In the High school hall. low est figure that has ever been reached jn, the past eight years. The next lowest mean was reached on the fourth of January, 3938, when seven was the total. Temperatures at zero or below have been reached six timeb this «inter The first was on December 30, when se\ en below was recorded, the seconn on January "I with zero, the third on January 3 -with four below, the fourth on January 4 with five below, the fifth on January 21 when six belo's was reached and the same figure this morning. The Yough rver still remained, in a frozen condition between the two bridges this morning. The river Jro?o during Sunday night but ce^'an to thaw yesterday. Last night'sf fall in temperature froze tbe ice again, however. It js the first time in years that the Yough has been entirely frozen across a than 24 hours. There were few pedestrians on the ! streets this morning. Eveiyone who' could get to and from hi? home hj riding crowded into a street car. The majority o£ the house thermometers registered between nine and 10% degrees. A thermometer in the Baltimore Ohio yards gave nine degrers while on on the "West Side, hanging where the wind blew on i! dropped to 20 brlow. r seven loaded cars can be moved at a j H . 0 . Wclfcer Bo , t to M(m n , g time.. Some shgbt accidents, as de( ; d ia PMipp[Be Camvui ^. railments of cars are reported. \ * r ^ Reports from Sand Patch give Id de- igrees below zero as ths temperature' there' during the night. At Somerset the mercury 'dropped to 12 below. The same figures prevail over the entire division. The weather conditions tying up tlic railroads al the present time are the worst tha? have been experienced this winter. Fair and not quite' so cold tonight HOME CONSUMERS FIRST They Must fie Supplied' Vitli Coal Alieni! ot Industries. The cold weather lias created jrembers ot Camp Walter E. Brown, Veterans o£ Foreign Wars, and o'.hers weie entertained last eiemag by H. 0 Welkor at his Ijnnie in North Pittsburg street, the' occasion beins the 19 anniversary of the outbreak of the Philippine insurrection. A chicken suppe; was served by Mrs. Wriker Mrs. Thomas R. Clmnin^ham and .Mrs. | E. V Gorton, ot Scottdale, a sister of Mr. Welter. At the feast were SI. J. Welsh and C. 0. "Walker, ol Uniontown; Charles If. Black, Scottdale; H. L. Bishop, W. C. DeBoit, J. M. Martin T. R. Cunningham, A. B. Pickard, ' ' 3. C. Henvick, Joe] C. Strong, Harry JC. Wilson, AndrCT' Calhcun, Dr. L. P. a McCormick, John Keslar, Ernest .tiess Monday reports camo in!Harrington home and found tbe infant 'wins coal movements east ot Vse'sick and puny. Since that he claims! a luncheon to be tendered 30 members . isiasjppl cnt more than 15 per ce it, that the father bad given only %S\ot the American Museum ot Natural E.nd~Wednesday Ts the noon weather i take care Ol certain customers betoic Uie last two days. ifor the purchase of supplies for his i History Friday, planned as a demon- ' forecast for "Western Pennsylvania, otner deliveries can be made. i c h i M »,*«,,,,,.. :o f t ,, ,^ stration. as tne possiWlHy of whale j " ' meal consumption as an offset for i scarcity o-t other meats, that might: .it! Hone on Furlough. S. A. Baltz. stationed Osletborpe, Angusta, Ca.. is KarioogH at his Some Jn B»ltz is well .__. __, , physicians. ] child. Eidenour is 73 years old. Oliver Moser Home. Oliver iloser of this city, a member of Company D. cated at Camp Georgia, Is home on a furlough. 110th Regiment, lo- Hancock, Augusta, be caused by the war. Pood Administrator Herbert C. 'Hoover Is among those invited to attend ihe luncheon Temperature Becord. 1918 1037 Maximum 10 40 Minimum i --6 --2 Mean 6 19 Tbe Yongh river remained station- iary during the nlsht at 1.30 feot heavier demand 1'or custom coal and Trump and Chailes Trump of Con- tbe fuel administration o£ tbis district nellsvtlle and Harry T. Doyd. of Oil- is calling the attention of the coal phant, foreign service veterans, and operators that law requires th-.iu 10 n. W Gordon of Scott-iali!. Captain J. C. Berwick will enter, tain the vetcrns.? the next anniver- The preferred delnenes in this sec- sarv. tion apply to domestic consumers, lies- ' -- pitals and charitable institutions I One Alien . SOU ENTERED For Cole to Value of $CO.(l(K) Aealnst (la- JTcKeefniy Iron Company. Slurgis . Morrow, attomej s for the Thompsoii-Connellsville Colte Company, filed a suit on Monday against tbe McKeefrey Iron company of Leetouia, O., for fOO.OOO for colte shipped' to Die latter through tbe Producer? Coke company during Kov- e^nber and December, 1917. and for which the McKeefrey company has refused to pay. The coke was shipped under a contract for the last half of 1917. Shipments were accepted by the defendant company and the coke consumed, in its furnaces. The McKeefrcy interests operate two coke plants of their own '.a the Lower Cormellsville region, Layafette by the Lafayette Coke company at Helen, and Geneva by the McKeefrey Coal company at Martin. l!CKi«i(ercd. Operators with orders from such, cus- j SCOTTDALE. Feb. 5.--Chief of Po- toraers on their books must Tnake de-|lice Franlc JlcCudden yeslerday ragis- liveries to them before coa! can he sold i tered one alien. This was the first elsewhere. 'day for reslsterinff. To Address Curses. Miss Lola M. Murray, a. registered nurse, will address tho nurses of the Ifomorisl ho pita!, Mount Pleasant, tonight. ^Vcd in Cumberland. 'Walter Pugh of Somerset and Rath Vilda Smith of- Berlin were graded a marriage license in

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