The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 12, 1964 · Page 36
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 36

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1964
Page 36
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t V36 1-1 ANN Dter Am leadeni Thank you lor taking th skis of tbs switchboard operator. Sine I bandit la eight Una board akxM, and mut da him typing as well. I know hat tht problems art. I .wonder if the" avenge person reelises what it'i Ilka to ha an a loni dlitanca call whan three or four othar call coma In. Tha hoard lights ap Ilka tha Fourth of July and tha oparaior doau't know which ena to grab first Or wrong mova dlsconnacts tha party and than you gat an eerful of soma pretty ugly . language 'fa tha world's highest paid sxscutlvts. Whaa offica employees complain about tha operators Hstsnlng ta oa panonal calls you can be sura of two things: (1) Tha complainant la wasting hx of her boss time as) her awn personal calls. (1) Tha complainant's prtv- y HEIOISI CMS Dot Heteiset - - I have found a new way to use those lovely hand lotion dispensers when they are empty. Just remove tht top of the bottle and put H on a bottle of liquid dish detergent) Some types screw on. but It will fash an moat bottles. Then when you need a squirt ef detergent, the pusher la always bendy end gives you the asset amount for a, wbolt slnkful of dishes. ' ' By tolly. H work en meet bottles of detergents. What a If you want to carry let cube tray or shallow p t a s with water or any liquid without spUlIng ... SHOWING IS A PUASURK AT C3: pre CtrtHMf Psrktac a say Smaw Let 147 BUDEAU ST., Tin in Fit CUT till k lit fit JUKI 59 . DWOMON ruts LTA 234 Rldeeu, Ottawa DRAPES Day or (renin f JLppotntmtnU CABMNQWOOD HMU tS-IS44 McABTBUB FLAB , SSS-S kll.LINOI BBIBSB . n.AXA tss-ms ml ml '" reivers tsn. arvM C&10T2S ' 1460 Htrlftk be m-iui RENT A SEWING MACHINl BY THE WRK FROM YOUR y SINGER StWINQ ONTKES w wHr'n 1 I 1 " A , a awe i inn sin tii'l LANDERS Now Patron Saint Of the PBX ' T. . '. " ' '" V " ' - '-V'.'-. . THE OTTAWA JOURNAL WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 12, ate Ufa has soma fairly unsavory aspects and she fears exposure. - CENTIPEDE SUZY. Dear Centipede! Thanks to yea, and la the tandrsda at ether switch beard t state r who wrote, One gal tram Or- Sohrt ef tha nXT) . Many operators amphaslsad that first rata .offica employees don't worry about the personal calls because they make so few and those tail are brief and "dirttree." ... y . Dear Am tenders! If you tall one mora young girl ta give up her oatuf-wedlock child I'U scream. How can you ha so heart, less? Don't you set that eftea tht baby is an the girt will have la her whole Ufa. I know what I'm talking about because H happened to me. A social worker talked ma Just hum a wirts ss self and stride along. Yatj won't spill a drap. Try It Dear Heleieei For those of you who write poorly . .'. try holding your pencil or fountain pea back from tht point about one and one-hell Inches, or two, and see bow much better yea write! Instead of those horrible. Illegible scribbles and scrabbles, you. will find aa M per cent improvement. FaamaMhip Teacher True, try HI You'll ha Dear Hilslest k la nka to Dad thi art atiU things ant can leant through your cefuma after M years of housekeeping tad raising a family. For those who llkt trotted sheets but do net Ilk the big Job at Ironing, fold your sheet and hist Iran tha hem first 4- - . and than epread tht sheet out a tht Ironing board and Iron the rest of year flat work ea this sheet! - Shift tht sheet aa you finish yen art ironing yea win. have a Italy with Httlt effort. lets Teeae a . Far mothers with woe little ones I kept forgetting ta buy a battle brush. Tad ay I was desperate a I rolled up a loot sponge and wrapped It tightly with your wonderful aylea net Then I tawed tha net to the sponge. Inserting a wire tor a handle gave the wtre a Unit twist at both and so It wouldn't pull out and. presto, I have the finest bottlt The while tot k km attaally tha net tram the maid ef tha bottle. . -Mr. R. Forsyth I would likt to p tbb) hint aa to tthr: Our yard always locked tiki tht city dump until my hue--U- .'u.'ii .". 1 ... 1 jssest c::::ta u:3 1757 RhsmU Roii 731-1184 t r wf-nr4vwrit A. V 3m Js Th China Hall of Ottawa 217 ittt s. u!tt mm wAy Pay Mortl I I s baby years age and I've cried my self to slaep every night since. Whenever I set a teenager an the street I wonder If It could be arine. My parents are deed new and I have twa sisters who doat talk to me. All I know is work, an empty house and hours of lontlinest. If I bed kept my child my lift would hive been hill. You art wrong, wrong. JONQUIL. ' Dear Jiaaall; Tht social worker gave you good advice. To bring up a fatherless child is plenty tough, even for women who hive strength and emotional stability. A women who has cried every night tor It year would probably have raised child with t million problems. If you art honest yau'U admit you wanted the child NOT lor the child's sake, but for your awn. j, band built a large wooden toy baa and covered R with til cloth which can be rolled back during tha day. Tht bos. la kept In th yard. . Just before tht kiddie coast In for the last time'. . before dinner er bedtime, they put an their toys and )unk in the bov end cover H with tht oil cloth for tht night in case of rain. , , This has saved us mac h time and trouble and it it good training for til our chil- . -Annette Clover - e- , .,.'.; 0fc fiASalAW I savd thi astir Juice left frees pickles to use. net only In potato salad, bat alia to squirt at my Band altar using a product that contains bleach. It takes off that slippery foeUngl If t Just as good aa newry . purchased vinegar for this type household chore.. : Tale Ryan ; And what' th Butter with which dttenmta In and pouring thi hiice Into themr Tbey-v got the squlrt-typ top. . Tik your marker and writt on them: "Centtlns seat pickle juice." You've got a terrlfle idea. gal. Thanks a .million. v Copyright. JtN r into giving up my baby II RlTT'S. LIMITED Announcing our Fur Department FHrurins: M UtMjtti trie) ttBtuarttr PtnitJ Limb Casts tltck PtnJtR Urib Jtcltts wawait as tateut. sssvMr Mtutoti ItinV . Unf Casts , tHaaast la MtsMt mink. . -StfttSiRM i ChlnJ mink Jtckttt In , Ony PtrtltR Umk wtth hitetle mteh thm.' JW-ttr t aampleta fur serviea. lemodining, it- . fin, aam and (terete. - Chaott your aeat today ea ktyaway tad tM SS CearBt ktrtet : y. 1 1 b 1 1 1 , ' y. COOKING COLUMN Ham Loaf Hot or By NORAH CHERRY 8ervt a ham toai thi wacktnd for tha main Sunday meal. Both tht loaf and tht accompany, tag chutnay aauct may Ot teryed either hot or cold. A caaserole of cauUnower And hu with a green talad complete the entree. Let deatert be olue-berry criap. - WSEKENP MENU " lammtr Delight Ham taaf . with Clmiaey Sauce Vegetable Caeeerole ' Uttact V Reauefert Salad Bhjstsrri Crisp lea Cream ( Met er Iced Ceffot Add avocado pear and anc- , tarines to well chilled andl-lutsd canned coasomatt for a refreshing starter Ip the ateal. It Is truly a Summer delight. A slice of lime gives it a tang. Some families Oven in tht -hottest weather Ilk a hot meal of meat and pots loss,' other families Ukt their food) well chilled. The ham leaf1 and the sauce art good either way. If you decide oa cold service-. make the lepf on Saturday for Sunday dtntng. SUMMER DELIGHT - 1 If. can eansemme I avocado pear Freeh late sHeaa Chill consomme la refrtg-orator overnight At serv ih i i time, cut avocado ta kali lengthwise, - remove seed. Far and cube. Cut nectarines in halt; remove stone. Site thinly. Fold avocado and nectarine into chilled consomme. Spoon Into soup cups. Garnish with Urn slices. Yield: sit serving.' HAM LOAF IH cap toft bread crumbs . H eup atflk : . Im. ground perk 1 nX giinad emsked bam H cap ahsppsd aatoa I dreea. tabssee saaee 1 ittt o ' FTeheat oven to SH deg. , Soak Bread ta milk for five minute. Add ground meet, onion, sauce and slightly beaten ate. Mix i well. Pack Into Ixt-lnch loaf 'pan. Bake tar Hi hoars. Leavt fat pan It minutes. Serve hot or eeld. Yield: eight servings. CHUTNEY SAUCE . H cap sweet pickle rttlsl H tap oera synsp .. eup brewa auger H eup aeedleo raWnt .. H iisipisa dry mustard Piact tngreditnts In sauce-pea. Bring to boll; simmer two minutes. Serve hot with hat ham loaf or chin If teat to to be served cold. YteM; tight MfVaflfSe VEGETABLE CASSEROLE I aaaJiflewer . IHSm t d K S sak H eap dry breed eramhe ntw (BY WARS MARKET) r u L - ' 1 Wash cauliflower; break Into flowerleta. Cook to aaa-faKh boUIng salted water twUI Just loniloi ii lip Drain. Shell pea. Cook ta one-inch boiling water for tight mla-. utee. Oram. Orala taleas. Fleet vegetablat In buttered rantrola- Preheat even to Stt deg. Melt three tablespoons butter la saucepan; stir la flour and alt until smooth. Gradually add milk. Cook over law beet ' until tMckerfed and smooth. Four war vegetable. Sprinkle with crumbs; dot with remaining butter. Bake K how or ant II topping browa pad content bubbly. Yield: six to tight servings. LETTUCE V ROQUEFORT SALAD K K I U anp Rsaatfsrt IM caps ertsp H tsaspssa sJt H aap FMaah Wash, dry aad crisp greens. Break bite blte-elted piece Into large salad bawl Crumble chaos and add. Add croutons. Sprinkle with salt' pepper and French dressing. Tea lightly. Yield: six tags. BLUEBERRY CRISP t tape fresh dt amtMvBmftsMam1 H cap eager StobhMpeea t aap crashed shredded K eap brewa sugar . ) U sap sashed butter Preheat even to IM deg. Wash and pick ever berries. Combine flour tad cup m0m exhibition J I - Special! WHITE SEWING MACHINES K'-OFF! k y y-,'yy.''.y , -x?-' I . . v;-";-"-- X- WHITE I - r-A MUX? AUTOMATIC PORTABLES With I I i h VI - -i Available ta Portable Model X Cold Place berries aad auger mixture la layer la It a T-lnch utility dish. Sprinkle witk lemoa Juice. Combine crushed cereal, browa sugar and butter. Sprinkle over berries. Bake at la dt .mlnutaa or until lopping brown aad fruit stoked. Yield: six to eight servings. Canctls Tour Out to the recant death ef Polish President Aleksandor Zawadski. tha Ambassador ef Poland. Mr. Zygfryd L- . Woinlak, ha cancelled hie tour ot Western Canada and hu returned ta Ottawa. EACH MACHINE FUUY ' GUARANTEED LESSONS , INCLUDED IN THE PRICE WHITK REWINDS CENTRES, STRICT FLOOR, DOWNTOWN, AND AT e . Y BOXINGS BUDGE . . SUMMER SHOES . t CHILDREN'S TEENS"' f) LADIES', i HALF PRICE . Clearing ta all departmenU of discontinued lines and broken sire rang. Thar art 1 -tffl some exceptional . buy at half price. SPECIAL GROUP y LADIES' and TEENS' SHOES Value ta 1943- Mostly narrow width and large eizee. a) Built - in Button Holer at 152.95 - r U . ... ' y- a.' 1 - ,: ... Welcome Fall r With Change ; In Hair Style . A new took for your crown-" ing glory Is one of the most exciting end attractive way of storting Fall with a flourish. ? . . Every woman should have at least three hair styles shot are completely flattering -to her. lace, says Fred Freder-kkf director of Mas Factor's hair creations division. ''One style should conform to the hats you wear, one for the days a1 hat la not necessary, and one for glemorous evening occasions. Remember that your new hair do should make your face appear as nearly oval a possible, and, at tha same t-inal 11- 1 1 time balance your, faaturaa.. Before attempting your new style, be. sura to analyse the : contour of your fact and then work to creels the hair- . style) that gives th most flattering resuk. . When you are going to have your .heir cut, be sure you. : know hew, you wish to bt atylad. U you plea to weer tt ap or very full, have tt cut . ta layer. Hair should be la one length, if you plan to weer it down and naturally - amooth. "Shorruttaf fpaciafisfe" 78 8PAKKSSTHJXT ' CABXIMGWOOD PLAZA BILLINGS BRIDGE PLAZA For al res tatftthaj KKITTlHa CEMTRE Ova 1MH VarUdee ef IMPORTED KNITTING YARNS 111 tee PftasisalstMam W Baa . til-SMI . SSI pclkMnle (Hmr t Mesa! ID MEN'S V'7 -1,0 95 j) or'3pr.$10 Save 64.00 Re.. mi .95 Modal at 142.95 : Save 85.00 " Re.. 25455 tm 1 ' Available In Cabinet WHITE Deluxe With 3-Ptioii Needle 1 a'

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