The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 4, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 4, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

-PAGE; EIGHT. i-HE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSV1LLB. PA. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1918. %;:·· ,T^;,'. lf--- R^v: S--C-'v- ···'...··.·--·· {*.* ? #£-·;- £5?£,:.'' **?5 ·;·'!:; ijsfe'f ji-v'j'.v"'-.- !$' Begins Tuesday Morning, February Fifth HE February White, Sale of 1918 will be a sale of few limitations* It is a big, broad event planned and executed in a big, liberal way, and including practically every department in the entire store that can offer any articles or materials of White. You'll find it not only a price event, but a quality event of the highest order. Curtain Materials and Draperies for Spring 1918 --36 and 38 inch Fancy Marquisettes, with or without borders, -bars, blocks, stripes luce effects and figures. Altogether the strongest line we have assembled, at *5e, oOc, to «Se a yard. -- S«. .40..aad 45 inch Plain Marquisettes, in ivory and crjam, at 2fe to Ste a yard. . -- 36 and, 40. inch. Bordered: Marquisettes ai 2Sc ti 50c a yard. -r-36 inch.. White Scrims, bordered, -with plain and barred centres, *»e«Ul at 20c a yard. ' , --36 and 40 inch Cream Scotch Madras, at 3c to'SOc a yard. inch. Scotfi Madras with colored floral designs to sen »t 50c a " " ' " ' ' ' ' ' , -- Narrow Lace Edgings in a variety sufficient to please any cus tomer, tnm S?. to «« a yari. Washable Cotton Sating The Season's Favorites' --36 inch Velvet Stiaette--washable cotton } satins--in ivory only ut 75c a ytrd. --36 inch Ranter Satinette--heavy washable cotton satins in ivory--at *LOC a yard. --36 inch American Fancies, ot a beautitnl light weight and in flesh and ivory, at *1.0O a yard. ' , --36 inch Sea Island Beach Cloth ID black and navy, ideal for bathing suits, as it withstands salt water, at $1.00 a yard. Yardage That Will Soon Be Seen in the -Form of Dainty New Spring Frocks --3iik-«.nd;.QoUon Fabrics · in- plain;,colors including .black;;white/'ivory and;"fleah, ideal tor. dreasesrwaists." acd' underwear. ' M i«cies:wide:a«d sells at We. Sic,.sic a ' --36 inch'Hiwiiisui-clati-~witli~-water»n*d finish--*blaclc, iiavy.'-myrtie and-copen--a sturdy cloth tb*t comes, to plain colors at-j5?a.~ja«i«I "' - - ··-' ·'-.· " : '··"'· ··'· --JI inch luess tiingaams in plaia colors, etrlpts aad checks--a refidar-3oc naaltty at 3ic a yatd. JTo note wbea-tlieje an.e»M. --SSriBchrJIoral Swisses, suitable tor children's : dresses;.-- .fancy aprons,.etc-\^vhite grounds in pink, blue, hollo and~maize,'20e a' yari."." This "price! would not buy the plain cloth, today.' ' --36;-inch J-jire Silk Shirttacs in white grounds with jacqunrd figuree and-colpred- stripes--ideal tor skirts/ waists, wash dresses - · " - "- ' L ' ^"-Va-jartr -;';-··. . _ ;. --Women's .white Cape Gloves--0 K and PiM Sejvmn--^black or sctt-stilching, icgrmlar tZM and 9*J» valuta, $1.55 pair. --Women's "White CSamoiaette Gloves, ngmlar 5c raises, in the sal« at K6e pair. White Sale Specials This (irst advertisement does not begin to contain all the attract : ve economies that await you here. These will appear in future advertisements day by day as the sale advances. We advise you to corne Tuesday, the iirst day t as some quantities are small and wil not last longer. You'll want to make repeated visits when you realise iully the true extent of the sale, and the possibilities it extends to you. The White Sale R?spoxKib!e For 3 Specials in Hosiery Chemise! Corset Covers, Gowns, Petticoats, Chemise and Drawers in pile after pile of .snoiwy whiteness. A H ' f u l l size and of dependable quality--the entire lot offered at prices that will attract all careful shoppers. Corset Covers! Made up in good quality nainsook and longcloth, with lace, embroidery and ine- .dallion trimmings. Regular'3!c Corset Corcrs in the AYuite Sale at 20c Begnlar -We Corset Covers in tin? White Sule at -We Ecgttlar 6Sc Corset Covers in the White Sale at f5c Rfifrnlar S5c Corset Covers in the IVliltft Sale *itt 75c Koinilar N.M! Corset Covers in the IVliitp Sale at Sflc Beirnlar $1.25 Corset Covers In tie White Sale ;it $1.10 Gowns! Styles with high neck and long sleeves or low neck and short sleeves. Made up in nainsook, longcloth and cambric, with lace, embroidery, beading, ribbon and medallion, trimmings. Regular S5c GOTTOS in the White Sale at 75c Begnlar $1.00 Gowns in the White Sule at Sfle Regular $1.25 Gowns in the White Sule at $1.10 Begnlar $1.50 Gowns in the White Sale at Sl.'i" UetTBlnr $1J5 Gowns in the White Sale at S1.-I8 Regular KM Gowns in Up White Sale at $1.79 Regular $3.00 Conns in the White Saic at $2.(!9 BcRulnr IH.OO Gowns in the White Kale at $S.fi9 Kugnlnr $4.50 Gowns in I his White Sale at $;U)S Petticoats! " Regular and extra sizes made up in muslin, longcloth, cambric and sateen. Embroidery · and lace trimmings. Regular fiSc Petticoats in the While Sato at ow: Regular S5c Petticoats in the White Suit- at "5n Regular $1.25 Petticoats in the Whiti Sale at SJ.1l) Rcpilai! $1.59 Petticoats in the White Sale at $I-K Reirnlar $1.75 Petticoats in the White Safe at Sl.-IO Begnlar $2.00 Petticoats in the White Sale at $1.70 Regular $3J0 Petticoats in the While Sale at $2.69 Bcgnlar $4.00 Petticoats in the White Sale at $3.89 BegnJar $5.00 Petticoats in the White Sale at MS Begilar $54)5 Petticoats in Hie White Sale; at $4.»S A big collection made up in nainsook and longcloth with lace and embroidery trimmings, Regular O.'c Chemise In the White Sole at uac Rfiniiar S5c Chemise in tile White Sale at »c Regular Sl.Ofl 1'hemine in the White Sale nt S9c Kcfjuliir $1.38 Chemise in the White Sale nt $1.10 Kcirnlar $1.50 Cucmise in the White Sole nt 8135 Reirular $2.00 Chemise in ti»e White Sale at. $1.79 Drawers! 1 Both open and closed styles made up in a variety of pretty white materials and with various popular trimmings. Regular ft"c Drawers in the White Sale nt. 5,".c , Regular Sue Draw era in the White Snie at «5c Regular $1.00 Drawers in the White Sale ai S9c Regular $1.2* Dratrors in the While Sale lit 51-10 Repilar $1.50 Drawers in the White Sale at $1.15 Regular Sf-2.00 Drawers in the White Sale at $1.70 S£gvlnr'$2.a) Drawers In the White Sale at S2.19 Rcgniar $3,0fl Drawers in the Wliito Sale at Si2.«9 licgnlar $3,50 Drawers IE the WiUto Sale at $3.15 Micellaneous Economies! --One-special lot Ladies' House Dresses, $1.25 values $1-10; $1.50 values 81.85; $1.75 values $1.48. --One special lot Ladies' Waists, including voiles, crepe de and georgette crepes, $2.00 to $12.50 values $1.00 to $«.25. --One special lot ladies' striped and plain voile Waists, regular $1.00 vnhi«s (9c each. --One special lot Infants' and Children's White Dresses, ONE FOURTH OFF. -- SOO pairs Ladies' all Silk Stockings with lisle tops. Re-lnfofce heels and toes and double garter tops. Mostly colors,aml fancies-a. few in black ani white. Regular at 51.35 to $2.00 the pair. .Special in the White .Sale at $1.10. -- McCaJlum's Pure Silk Stockings in white and black. Double Lisle Tops, reinforced heel and toes, Regular SI.JS values, in the sale at »OS the plar. -- Ladies' Pure Silk Stockings with all silk double tops, reinforced heels ana toes. Choice o£ black and white. itagular S2.0C values in the bale lit ?1.05 pair. Timely Savings Noticed Here and There About the Store -- 250 copies of new Books, including a large variety of interesting stories by noled authors. Reprinted to sell at GOe each. Our special price 33c. -- Soiled Fiction, the $1.25 kind to sell at S9c. -- Soiled Fiction, the SOc kind to sell at 3!!c. --Pound box Whiting Paper (Kara Linen) regular 35c value 20c Ih. Three styles of envelopes to match, the 12!ac kind for JOc i Entire Stock Crepe de Chine Underwear Reduced 10%. -- 200 Heavy American Taffeta Umbrellas, S ribs, with an assortment of short straight handles. Excellent values at §1.50 each. Ribbons and Neckwear . Some Interesting Values --6 inch Pure Silk Tafteta Ribbon oC good -iialily in pink light blue, cnpen, red, black ,ud white, to soil at 29c a yard. -- Heavy al! Silk Taffeta Ribbons for hair bows and sashes -- pink. rose. light blue, copen. black and white -- (o sell at 3!)c n yd. -- 5 yard bolts of Lingerie Ribbon-- white, pink and blue, regular l'2Hc Tiilucs. lOc a yard. -- An extra special assortment of Ladies' .\celnvear -- collars and sets -- (o sell at One Half Trice. Toilet /Articles and Handbags Four Special Attractions -- 1 odd lot Toilet Preparations, -- foilel waters, perfumes, talcums, face powders and mugs -- to sell nt Half Price. -- Army anfl Navy Soap regular at 12Vic cake, 3 cakes for 25c. -- \ lot Tooth Brushes, medium and hard, hone and transparent handles, 85c Tiilnes for Sic. -- Women's Velvet Handbags-- also a few in silk -- some with beaded trimmings, $5.50 to $19 -values now One Third Off. Thousands of Dollars Worth in This Sale at Prices That Challenge Competition. : Daask Cloths and Napkins -- JWO.OO. worth "of -""discontinued patterns- in. damask Table Cloths , "and Napkins: All perfect gbods^-ho seconds. We bought th;«e last year from an importer at 20% off list price. Since then Linens-have advanced 1594:. The;prices at which j v e offer these to you are about ONE THIRD 'less than-market value' today; . . j . . . . . . .- --Cloths' are 2x2 jds.j 2x2J4 yds.; 2*3 jd§. and: sell ' . .. at $4.50, £.«£, $«0 to- $1Q£5 each. . V -- Xapkius are in 22, 24 and 26 inc» siws and sell at ·"- ti $SJO a draen. ' '. . . ' ,;· ' ..... Union Linen Huck Tov/els - · · . , . Linen and Mercerized Damasks -- 72 inch all linen Scotch Damask bt good weight 'and smooth even weaving. Floral and stripe patterns. Excellent at $2.00. a yard. ' . -; .« . . · . · · - . -- 22 inch Napkins to match at S5.0 the doien. ' ' · -- 72 inch bleached and mercerized Cotton Damask: in floral patterns, special at "oe yard. · . ' · " · · . Handkerchiefs! -- Women's Kerchiefs- with tape edge and embroidered corners, tSe Tulnes to sell fc IZc. -- TVomcn's plain. Linen Kerchiefs, 35c values, Special at 25c eacli.' -- Childi-en's Kerchiefs with colored edge colored embroidered corners^ 10c values. worth of Union Linea (part linen, part cotton) Ruck Towels. : They consist of manufacturers' seconds and odd lengths and are values far out ot the ordinary today, as linen towels to. retail at 25c to 50c can no longer be had from manufacturers; ; --At !$e lire aYerag« size ISxSC inch Towels in plain wiite-- also .-with red border. .--At-SOc aad 49c are average size !SxS : J uich Toivcls la go«d : he»7 welglit that Tvears Trell. .=· Extra Towek and Napkins -- SftO llleached- and hemmed Cotton Hucli Towels, IS^S-l, in tie sale at : 18c eacli. -- 200 Blacked and- Hemmed Turk Towels of good quality, 25c each, or '$2.15 flozen. --150 Bleached and Hemmed Turk Towels ot' extra quality and weight;' 22x42, at 50c eacli or $5.50 dozen. Connellsville's Largest and Best Stock Offers Both Variety and Value. --$10.00 Wool Mixed Blankets (note size and ^veight) 76sS4 inches, weight 5 Ibs, while with pink and,blue borders. Special at 87.75 pair. If bought next Winter these Blankets would cost you $12.50 a pair. ' --27 inch extra heavy White Outing (seconds) no holes or defects to mar the "vvear, U5c values 25c a yard. .--2S inch extra quality bleached Canton Flannel, 82c values at f27c a yard. : --EXTBA SPECIAL! 36 inch. Standard Percales, .light grounds only with stripes^ checks and figures, 25c Values 19c a yard. Only 12 yards to a customer as quantity is limited. --150 Hemmed Sheets, 81x00 inches, $1.50 values, 8^.29 each. ' Seconds of 3Bc Pillow Cases, 42x36, Special at 29c. . White Sale Specials! --1,500 Cards Jioa Kust Snap Fasteners in nickel and silver, sizes 00-0-1. Special at 5c card, C cards 2»c. --3,000 Cards Pearl Buttons in sizes 14, Ifi, IS, 20, 22, 24. Fish eye and plain. All two hoie. lrice Sc card. --2,000 Cards Pearl Buttons, both fresh and salt water pearl, sizes 12 to :..(?, first quality, 12. S or 6 buttons to card, according to size. Price ICe card. --Hall-Borchert Dress Forms (used) .$10.00 to $18.00 values $(i.C7 to $12.00 each. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4%. on WMat You Spend--Get TJiem With Every Purchase. New Spring Si ks! --JO inch Crepe Meteor in plain shades-navy, cojxm, taup«. myrtle, rose, ivory and black, at $3.011 tile yard. --40 inch Crepe Taffeta in plain shades- rose, reseda, navy, black, African brown--at SUM the yard. --10 inch Silk and Wool Poplin in light navy, beaver, myrtle, dark uavy. mink, beet root and black, at $1.75 the yard.

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