The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 4, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, February 4, 1918
Page 6
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Is? £- : : ....PAGE.SIX. =trRS; LOSES TO SCOrrpALE HIGH : i IN A CLOSE GAME Locals Are In the Lead at End of the Third Quarter, But Lose, 85-25. -- .. - THE DAILY COURIER, COXNELLSVILLE, PA. MOIKDAY, FEBRCARY 4, IBIS. PRACTICE CHARGE OVER "THE ENEMY'S TRENCHES" Special to The Courier. -MOUNT PLEASANT. Feb. ; 4.--A large and appreciative audience enjoyed the musical program rendered at the high school building on Friday QTDIIBIP OlAUDLiC evening by the high school fiuruls. The following program was carried out: Orchestra selection; violin' duet, "I Viola Vetsek and "Gilbert .Clark; ] piano solo, Leona Stahl; orchestra se- l le ' l!tion "; viol » n sol °. Alice Kobacker; .reading, Margaret Harmon! violin silo, Francis- Kooinsky;' address,. "Robert C. ' Shaw. · county superintendent; orchestra selection. ProJ. J. Hunter Gambles had charge of the orchestra, Henry ('. Wurstlno. - · · _______ Henry C. Durstine.jised 80 years, is r /".,;···'.: .deacl'at.. his Mount-Pleasant township | .,,- .. ·;,»«,, . . - v ,~7 -"'..; honf6:.'.Tu'nerarseT.vices:will ie held -CoMeUsvtlle h«h school JosU*.tI£ t5dSSTa5 a-interni-eht frm bo made to Scottdale Eve at toe V M C A at st . John - s ccmeLery . Mr. Durstine-was ttat place Saturday nigh!. 3»-2o. The. Civi ,' War voleran . haviag lost his same was played before a packed \,. house and until the last quarter^ it ";· . Elites Eight of Connellsiillc's Scores :. But Falls Dovrn ou SlWotias. Foul ': Coals; Game is Tied at the End of :: fl»W; Score Vnlxs Very Little. ;'_ was uncertain wbicn team would be :; tie winner."With paly A _ minutes ;; more to .play Conn.ei!svtUe.ied:'by_one *,',' point, 22-21. Scottdale increased a '.'. lead by nioaing away during tie neit ·- 10 minutes. · . - '·; The game was-~hlp".and tuck-'Jrom ·; tie start, neither team being much in. '·* the lead at any time. Connetlsville 'high, played Its best game ot tie sea" "·· son in holding 'dowrr-the-fast- Scott- r^~TSSK"tirf -andrrt.ill'Uny"a surprise - on: " many of the -home rooters when it held the lead 55TapQin.t srttte.-raidjf. the third quarte 1 3-12 left arm in the Civil War. He is survived by his wife, four sons an'd one daughter, Ira and William at -South Greensbnrg.; Christ of .Mount Pleasant, and Sherman' and -Miss Mary at 'home. " -10 Xcn Xext Orail. Draft district No. 6, with headquarters .at .Mount Pleasant state armory,. Dr. "RVA: Marsh, chairman, will furnish 40 men as its quota to the next draft. . At State Collej-e. " j^. pj gm:Ln _ sotl 0 [ Mr. and Mrs. D. ^ p igman has gone { o state College +to iake up m nit ary tactics. Scottdie ^toblc ;C-"so"b3.-"lDid. iie-T?!S'i¥^rcapjie3 : by ti'U-" TTDUTt played the ball-con* or a ^_ewu. ' Saturday -.Vfternoon Cluli. s. Samuel Warden entertained the 9aturday_afternoOQ club at her Church street home- pn7Saturday afternoon. .Jlrjc-J. R. Smith was the leader. 'Eapars -»-ere read 1 by Miss Alice TOartten'and Mrs. H. B. Hartman. Refreshments " we re . served. iflSe'ilaigfe.ScSore,. ( taeulHi: .5bme.',;cr" which ;,wj n't VilH:tni.'Q.. Stevenson of J.:' home ·'bSuis."""ffe-was"'bfl"IOJm;M^sJiO!OJtr.fe n T5 ·j B fi 0 -ug^;:,v-4th".his"^parents, Jlr. · ins louls, however,'maiiiig:ontrV(rat:j.- a na'.jrrs'. S.' C.'.Stevenson, jf 19 louUi- Th'e dark boTor ^E ' tne Union" Serrice?, bahiing boardB-cojifiisecLliim.. ... - -- - · · · -- ·· .. .. . The lineup: fvyn.T.F.--25. SCOTTPAT..K--35. Strtible- Lyons . McCormick . sarvic'es-were'held in the Methodist Episcopal and Reformed ctntrches last evennj; in order to This unusual photograph shows men in an American army training c amp making a practice charge ground that has been laid out in Irene hes lo imitate those of tic enemy. SAVETM FOIL i Jt Is u Sitting Without False Kconomy ; or Denial in Use of Tilings. ! A real war-time saving is that o f , tin-foil and collapsible tin tubes in | wide use for deatrinces, paints and ; other materials. This is savins.' without. false economy--the regeneration o t material which would otherwise be] lost All tin-foil and empty tubes should be made into a ball by the individual or family. It "does not' take long to accumulate a mass of tills material of baseball .size and such, u hull will often, yield two pounds and upward of pure tin on melting. It is estimated that the average family throws away at least one pound of tin annually, a national waste of 10.000 BURNER OF WOOD RENDERS NATIONAL SERVICE IN SO DOING Director George Otis Smith of (lie U. S. Geological Survey. ; "An A-viicnicAN wmov."--A i pan -Metro prntiucuon in which I Uarrymorp has Ijcon imvid"d j comedy role.for the firrfi. liim; I she joined the Metro forces is i prcr.csuiirt today. The photoplay i adapted from Kcliou Phainb.;r's K . p; ;j]!jc!:;-']) of Uifj r-a:m: l i t l c - ami is an j a's"i 11 si5j5 offoring affording tlif. slav oyipon',:::'lies morn in "line w i t h th" p;trts uorirayo) in hor st.igo sucoo. c :-:'?sj ,'::i»] in cnnlra?!. \v;th her previous | 1 (!r.irja;ic serf u:i rolos. In "An | ( A m e r i c a n Widow," n;irryn:ore ; · - j ! pfittii as a rich vivacinr.- youn^ w o m a n , ; ' who ban c v o r y t h i n K in the world s h o i :'t-Ein 'hinl: of wiUi TIIP oxec-pEio:' of o j I t i ; I r \ Shn docidrs tn buy t h a i ; n t h » ' : 1 person nf 'be Karl of ·DpliFmir.sU-r. : But a cndfoil :r Hie w i l l dcuiaiM'lp ilia..! i h e r s^cnnci husb::nd 'ie an Anu-rk-un, · · so youus Jnrpfir M u H o r y IF, hired to i j many and divorce her at. unco, o n - ; ' a b l i n s her to mnrry the Karl. H o w - j j aver, in real !ifo srcut : : = ! KomeLinies happen, and iliey also h a p - j pen in good stories. The climax o f ; t.his fascinating photoplay contains a ; genuine surprise. Irving CunimircfS is seen in the role of Jasper Mailory., The Pitts'burg Prow Weekly, s Between ·i? Ciieck and Paying bad. .1 c! i.= ail '.he dMTovonce bt*- goud business mothoris and . i? ;L bric-f bin most com- ph'U' rrcrjni of a, financial ira.ns- action. WlioTi jai;l it is the best receipt you could linvc*. Paying by clii'ck. in not only thft raft 1 . 1 ;! \\i\y but the 1 simplest and mo^t (jonvenioiU, \Vo invii' 1 yon lo try it. Deposit i hi,? /no?itb's t-tJary \\'nh u. aad C'luK'k it out as ncoriftrt. Small accounts arts wokomo. 1211 VV. Cniwfurd Ave., Conncllsvillo. "Tlic fiunk Unit Hoes 'I'hiiigs for Jon" cause tv-'o of th? dealers ropn: 1 !. more'Camp L«e and Camp Hancock, will he j sales of boCt coal and -of coke for d o - i n hi? foal'irc of the Monday's p r o - i m c H f i r H5c\ TJjt v direct roct-ipis of an-igram- \V*»dnt*sday "My Unmarriort . thraciio hy i n d i v i d u a l s or grovip:- o f ; Wife," with Camel Myers :n ' h o . i n d i v i d u a l s i n town appears t ; have · I p a r l i n p role will h.» shown Thursday ( been firacrtically tlic snme fhi.s- win-! June TSlviogr wi}] be .senn in "Thr j tcr as in previous yenrs. Why i h c n ] Strong \Vay," and on Friday nnrl Sat-; rioes the 000 tons or lens nKike' s u c h ' u r d a y "Sunshine AMfy." s f a r r i n R Maf I a difference? [Marsh, :he celebrated srr«*pj) *=iar, will I Shav/hcgan is probaVjly pretty much j ^6 shown. i a sma'.l edition of the whole country GREATEST COAL OUTPUT -_ d _ , t in thin mat.irr of hard-roal consumption. A n t h r a c i t e is something of a lus- ury, the country al large doesn't bura this clean, HuiokeieKS fuel, hut \ve in THK ~Dan'aer" _G ·n. : tons. Porter consent "tho heat 'This will be car-! ^ ordinary times the .difficulty of · Freeman j. r f e a further by having a union prayer gathering tin foil and like discarded meetins'in the*UniteftBrethren church!material does not always justify con------. Beddpivs on jW"pdnesdaj" evening. ' Field goals: Struble 'S; Porter 5; Waugaman. Jj Beddows, Lyons, Mc-_ CormTckV" '" ..... "" .': : .--StnAIeSS^iottti'ot 19. .of- IB.' " '" V:t~ _. .". 'Murpliy~-ror' Bed- Lester lor- Misht;- Buttermore ~tor lIcCormicl!.;"3ames McCqnnell for L7oas; Robiaspn for OJoore. . -Referee: ·Wall. ' :: ; ' servation, as new tin i£ less expcn- Our use of luxuries generally has a way ot" growing and even' year more people change from wood to coal in raoso or healer. Wall: along a typical .Showbegau street in early evening and watch the cliim- EvtT Known But Consumption lu creuscd al a Punier ttute; Kvery.j form of Saying Means Thiit Much JIur»? Coa! Jo do lo Those Xe«illn£ !ti c e ys--he wood-fires iirp o u t n u m b e r e d ) two to one and ou somr : ;trects tbe j In another letter to his home paper.; testimony of the smoke is practically j King's Southern Singers bcphi a wofik's engagement at thr- Arcade t h i s ; afternoon. U is said to be aa ext-pp- i tionally strong co:npany of vocalists ! and comedians. Happy Gibbs, ;t won ' known blackface comedian, is f e a i u r - ! ed in addition to th- Alabama Trio, : thre^ harmony *··; rise-1-5 foma a ; lyceum circuit. 7Lie b i l l lhi.= after- ; THE.COLOREDBEAN sive than the'work of collecting f r o m ; the Independent KenprUT. of Show-, mrkin. mlsFions of indivduais. In war Ume, i hcsan. Maine, George* Otis Smith, d i - . ^ y of man UKU every however, every pound of tin is urgent-; rector of the L'nilwl Stales Geological, uooryard was decorates with a wood-; ly.needed, regardless of the *cost o f ] Survey, treats Lb.- question of coal; I" 11 '- llie Ien » (Jl of wh '« h was some Just is'f«M)d and Wlutc for Food and Uollection. Balls of tin foil gathered | supply from the standpoint of indi-i measure of domestic c:hevr. !| GAMENEXTMONPAY ^ ",2 Cluunpionship Contest. Between;. Scott- ~ dale Girls and locals MoTci- Cp. r'- The .date of. the ."championsliip . ~5 bssketball'sanie -between, the Scottdale * ~-^ girls team and the Connellsville Inde-. · ~ pendent girls which will-be-played! in "~ the Mount Pleasant armory-has been ^ Z moved up to next Monday, February ,, ^' 31... The.teams are .down tp ^steady ^ ~ practise "for the game i'whichTprpmises to-be the best girt contest, ever staged j. Arc .Cheaper, in l*Hco. There is a margin for meat-saving, and often money-savins, by the yse ot colored beans,' as against the I standard white navy and marrowfat | varieties.. Housewives have discriml- ! nated. against colored beans in the j past on the score of appearance. Die- tptic tests show that colored beans are equal lo white in^food value, and in some-cases are L f roni .30\to 40 per cent cheaper. .'The Mexican pinto.b'^an, grown in Colorado; Arizona and New Mexico, is a 'represnlatlve example of. a colored bean subject to" price .differential on by the individual may be- turned over! vldiiais mnkius savings in -.he use o f i noon and evening w:ll he "Silk Hai. I Harry." a very f u n n y farce v.-iih' ;nu- j sic. Billie Burko w i l l be on :he ' And it was .vithln r h e mem-! scrcen in "'Jloria's Romance." · On j | Wednesday "Vcntreanrc. a n^ [ h ^ ; | V'cman' will bp the screen ^bovr rind ' rhe musical show, "Mistaken Mont-' ity." At all performances on "\Yed: nosduy ladies over 14 years of age w i l l receipt or a reiv carloads o f : · ~ ,in. either Fayette counties. or 'Westmoreland ^5 ; The Scottdale glris have appeared in" Conaeiisylllef several times anl have ' made -an impression here. ppndfT\t ^eam is composed of thercream tj^s^girl. Players. _The game to local charities for pale in bulk when sufficient has been accumulated. Tinfoil saving is very, effective when organized in hotels, clubs, and other places where cigars apd, cigarets are sold, and where waste box^s j'ield large quantities monthly. . t h e .substitution, of wood, j coa l lhe Past week has I«-d to a inorej THE SLACKER CAN T,n.-e Oilier .Slarlrcrs Jfmt Go, It Ifas Uceii Decreed. Slack filling of cans, an old evil in tie canning: industry, is not likely to survive the war. The partly-filled can coal, or by Tbe lettor follows: We can ;ook at this coa either in a big way or on a small scale, c o u n U n g ' t h e tons at the great! mining districts or in our own sell-, 1 ljin £s can ers. By keeping in touch with each j mine, the Federal Government can keep the public informed as to the current rate of production, but coal in Pennsylvania, is not th-a same ; as be admitted free. ai Indian Creek. oplim:5lic view o£ the situation. , n i that wfi hope to get through the win-} ter; but how optimistic should wo h e j about coal for next winter? Some; INDIAN CREEK, Feb. A.--The oM be set. down as more or : Mr. Wood Chunk siirp seen his shadow less certain. Tho antln-acue mines i Saturday. and the railroads can not be expected John I'rinkcy was a business c:-.iier to do much better in 3918 than in Is Good Printing Ask to see samples of cur busi.- ness cards, v i s i t i n g c a r d s , wed ding and other invitations, pamphlets, folders, tetter heads, statements, shipping tags, envelopes, etc., constantly carried in stock for your accomrnodarion. Ge* our figures on that printing you have been th.'nking of. New 'Type, Latast iStyla Faces coat in Showhegan. and it is the consumers' supply or lurk of s i i p r ' X that takes on a vital interest at. The government figures on the the record-breaking year just closed. The demand Tor fuel is apt to increase eJsefvhere, and Show?ieg:;m is a Ions distance from the mines, with all those coal-hungry towns in hot ween. Can appearance. It is named, for its dap-I of saner kraut and tomatoes must- go.| coal output, however, have much sig- pled coat, like that of. the western, "pinto" pony. Our chances for raising increased crops of beans for war Xood purposes are said to be better in the southwest, where ibe pinto t beaa is grown,"-tn an in "the white-bean growing sections of the north. . and east' 'GrocersT can- render-real -war service: 'by:stocking; colored beans, i nificanco. There was no a c t u a l !et-iip ! ' n activity at the raines but oa the coal mines of '-he like other slackers. Some, canners believe they have met all legal re- : quirements when they bring their cans contrary, the up to the low net content -weight print- j country produced -il million, tons more ed on their labols, as this complies j than in any pr.evious year, an in- with. the food law. [crease in \hc\r business of more than , ,, ! we expect more coal for next winter, or even as much as we have been fortunate enough to get this year? If not coal, we must turn to wood. And it is not the part of wisdom to plan to use more wood. At present Bnt war has brought a shortage of J 8 per cent. And Jie antbnicite mines , and the Food Administration will · did even bettor proportionately, ship- not tolerate the lies of tin to hold ping rnor-? coal up to December ]st giving 'the~-consutners the benefit of water and air in slack-packed canned j than in to M o u n " p i e a n o an s difference m price,' a.nd. explain. : - ing that they are as good as white - m e that it will be played on a .neutral floor, -- . ----- : ------- . . . A" ticket" 'selling campaign".: will, be inaugurated* ambn^. tne girls of . the. teams_'this week' -with a $2.50 gold piece .~«s~a"^rlze~ioF the Hign«st_ nuinber of "tlckesfe" sold.' A fafge Danner- to - be presented-^to-rthe - winner -bf the. charapionsMp', ^onteat will -fie par" ' "' . Trill -be- -called jjit 7^45 goods. Close watch will be kept cans, and can-making beans for 'coo£in'g atfd diet. LOCAL TAXABLE SLOW Income "fK Return's'Came'More E»p- '·' '" ' Mly From Outside; The Internal' Revenue 'tax collectors .are waiting .for .the Connelsville o .pay their, income, tax They 1: o^ilock:and; Trill be the .only^ame of only bave thq romainder pl.this month ± thV evfiufcg. -JFoTlpTring .the contest a | and those who. do not have.their tax WlMje-hela rn ; th« ; annp'ry until-; Paid .by .that time.are liable, to. a flue ' ' " ·'·" ! from 520 to-$1000-and 5(1% added to ' arse-o'clock. ·H ELITE JUO,TrpES;TO FEAT. A .Good .City.-Xea«ve. ftame^tvm Be "^e't^te^awrEIk-^asftetbatl team* "' will' play at the Ma«cabee^HaH to- *-·" ·'mowawnigfit'jn'wh'af"wflVprpbably be *·' one- of the--best -basketball ^gani'es ·_i "-stagetKlhere -this- 'season *-ih the city £ iajpie. ,The .Elite defeated' "the * ^Bar^mo^re -.Ohia recently.; and. has X "''feeea picking up considerably -'since S -^eiiterlng the league!"The"Elks will go l: ."" into first place if the 3-aite is defeated. T The preliminary game will be .played i ""beiween the South 'Cohnellsvilld girls ^ an^'tEe'tAdy Mac(fatees." BoUCtearas ' are" Anxious to win this game and - have been practising hard for it': _ . ' !VSefl~IuaiinE"TIr«-D3nr"COTjri«r -.always brini r»3lllu. Try tlmr. -Price of-AdnissioM is "Bring Taiher*' . , - . . . - -to Feist, : . SCOTTDAUB. 'Feb. 4.--A their tax : Collectors ;Irwin-- and -.McCor- miclL .are. making progress in collecting .ip ..the. outlying-towns, but the Con- nellsvillo people .seem to'be slackers. FATHER-SOS BANQUET. companies asked to cut oft supplies of containers to canners who dn not co-operate by fllling cans full. Slack packing toe past season was too common in the case of berries, cherries, apples saner kraut, spinach, shrimp, oysters, clams and sardines. Y.M.C. ^CAMPAIGN For Preparedness Apniiist .Conditions 1U monthH of any calen~ year before. Yet every newspaper reader knows that those increases in coal shipment a w enough to m(;et the groat demands tbe conn to* over. The ra,y roads w i t h their increased traffic hnv; taken for their own use fully a third ot that here Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. "ohii Cote and sou from Mill Run, wsre calling on Oon- nellsvirlc friends and ?hopping Saturday. The Baltimore Ohio i-ailroacl came to the aid of rSe Indian Creek Valley company, -aiming Engine No. over to il fc-r a few days u n i i l repairs can be made to T h e i r engine · CAJ/TMUJRI: Hiram Connor s^pent Saturday w i t h . labor prices uiui v w ui^u, .-it, {ji uaiiLtu ·"·· %.-"«·"·· · r 1 - · wood costs much the same ConnellsviHe friends. as coal, but in war-time, price is not n n y Showman the last word. It is hard to find m c a i s P e n t a few day:i to cut wood, btu it may be harder loi^ 1 ^ Brid S p - of Conncllsville. . anaong friends at | extra 43 million tons while the industrial consumption ot soft coal has increased nearly 15 per cont, according co estimates of the Fuel Admin-. istration. | At many points, the increased de- I mand Cor soft coal with consequent 11 nd coal nest winter. Fortunately the wood is within reach. And then there is the larger view aj;ain. Cmler war conditions, the Som- '""jersot farmer who cius anc3 brings to no ! this market leu cords of bard miiple, j beech and yellow hireh and the Show- .'hcgr.n householder who hums that 'uel ; in place of n i n e or ten tons of coal, are rendering a national service. Gem-ge Arzbacher and Frank StindJ j o f Mill Hun. wer? Conncllsville business callers Saturday. S. T. Steole of Davistnwn. spent town, Iverson Morrison was a business | visitor here Saturday. I C. P. Newell of Mill Run. was a T1? A f ) I business raller in Connellsvills a n d ' ·"" El -* 4 - u THE COUSIEE. reiievlng just that much of the pres-f aure on the ovcrhurdened industrial imd transportation machiner:' of the country. A COOPERATIVE MINE After Var Ts Beirun. NEW YORK, Feb. 4.--A nation- | shortage has led to some substitution 'JP O Tj e Qireneil HT Eilitor of linngiirlau unique supper has been, arranged for j as to the necessity of ai the United Brethren church for Tues- syslvcs to certain cond! day, February A father an son binqiiet will be held. The affair is giren . for .the. bO5B an.d raen of the .church t and Sunday-school; _ ^ The .prjce of atoission . for a boy is. the bringing ot 3. father with him. All boys and their fathers who coine are requested not to eat at the regular, supper, hour and thus help to conserve '-the food,- since they are going church.- wide campaign with the sio^aa "Money, Muscle, Mind, Moral" began yesterday In 800 cities and towns ot the United Strifes'by-the Young Men's Christian Asociatlon. Its object is to prepare the millions of young men In America for the drastic economic changes that are expected to occur in every, belligerent country with the coming of peace. .\ An entire week will be devoted to very the task of enlightening wage earners .djuating them- condltiohs brought about by the war. In thousands ot churches the y. ir. C. A. arranged for the privilege yesterday ot sermons advocating those things essential to of hard coal, but without t h i s halp, the i consumption of anthracite IKIS i n - j Paper in West Vlrirlnbi. Martin Himler, editor of the Hun-| j U n i o n t o w n Saturday. W. J. McFarland from Jones M i l l . ! spent over Sunday among friends Connellsville. Mr. and Mrs. L Mill, are calling friends. Mrs. H. "U*. Miller spont a day among ConnollsviUe friends. Ottn from Jones on ConnellsviHe bring victory to American arras. - -Every merchant, ovory bank and businnss. man advocatoti buying d.t home. Then let us give you prices 0:1 your job work this coming year. The Courier Job Dept. basis and plans to develop a tract creased. In New England, the falling} garian Miner's Journal h'as formed a| off in water shipments of coal for do-| m j n j,j g company on the coopcralivej mestic use,.put a heavier burden upon the railroads, but while definite figures arc not yet available, tho best-fpform- cd "authority on the subject tells us that he is Inclined to think more hard Dickerson Run. EICKERSON RUN. Feb. 2.-- T. D. tricts. coal was shipped into Now England Mr.'Himler intends that this camp coal at Aj:ix, W. Va. About 85 pei-j Schuyler was a Conncllsville business cent, of the stock has been subscribed! c n j l e r Friday afternoon. by miners in the various m i n i n g dis- itr - and ^ ir3 - Henry Ramsior are : celebrating the arrival of u now baby · boy which arrived ai their home ;it liberty Thursday. William Smith spent yestyrday w!ih his family al Beaver Falls. atrs. E. H. Cramer of Franklin low Here in ShowhegaT?, the almost u n i - j mbio. When the experiments are end-j shi ^ was calling on friends here Kri- veraql reports has been "?io coal," a n d ' cd ho expects to be able to make prac- in 1917 than In 1916. Bui. as increased consumption used up all that and shall be a model operation ant] he .hopes to make a careful study of the called for more, and everywhere 'he! rca sons that cause the Hungarian min. fuel situation Is deemed critical. el's to wander round from mine to WOHID QUIOKIV HEIIEVE II. «(i4(it«. Hewitt! S!n, SI. AU. DRUCC15T5 we are inclined to question where all Uical suggestions to other operator: tho coal gons. Yet, the deulers a n d - t h e j who aro employing Hungarian labor town-fathers received 4,0«S gross tona of hard' coal between April -,r and December 31sr last, or only' 500 tons less than was received and sold iu the samtj perlori In 1916. Nor does' Ihis 13 p t er cent shortage in hard coa! exactly measure the fuci shortage be- John lUsdon of Uaionto^Ti spent i yesterday here on a business trip. c- Mrs. Isaac Bush, Mrs. .1. C. Durbin, ; i Miss Amanda Bell, Mis. Samuel H a i r . · as to tho manner In which Hungarians may bo made more steady. Half the earnings will be Jlstribnt-] Mrfl - ""'· J - Mcormick. .Mrs. J. K. ed to the "stockholders in Cue form j Evans and Mr. and .Mrs. H. B. Howol! of 'dividends and the other half among the ininorH In proportion to ticir ^ te.rday. earnlngH. I Hwid w c r c shopping in ConnellsviHe The Daily Courier. M-- J'ri« II, or a UUlti K.n. J T M E EVANS CHEMICAL CO.. CINCINNATI. O. --Sow JTarhe She'll Take Off a Few Cnrres: B.v C. A. VOIGHT - 'Dpu'TA«e -- i CAM'T SEEM To INDUCE. A "BIT. DIP To WoTlCE THAT TWE. NEW

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