The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 4, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 4, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE F U L U . THE DAILY CUUIUJSK CONN ELLS VILJLE, PA. MONDAY. FEBRUARY 4, 1915. HEMKT P. EXYDER, Founder aai) Editor. ISTS-lSlt THE COCKIER COMPAJTi, PmblUher*. K. H. SNYDER, PrMident. JAS. J. DRI3COLU fcc'y and Tr««aurer, Euainesa Maoae JOHN L. CANS. Managing Editor. WALTER a ST11IMEU City Editor. s MISS LrN.VE B. K1NCELL, · Society Editor. M-CMBER OF: Associated Press. Audit Bur«»u ot Circulation. Pennsylvania. Associated Dallies. ttiiue. i Unlike tile day school the Sunday school is fojr the whole family. 'Nothing will do| more toward an Increase in attendance than for parents themselves to take their places along with their children in the ranks. The Sunday school is the nursery ot'. the church. The growth of the lat-i tor, other things being equal, IB m , proportion to the growth of tho former. The responsibility of maintaining both rests finally with the adults and parents who ought, in all things, to be the leaders of the children. MORE CAMOUFLAGE The ^Germans who are respectful of . certain sector of tho So en me ti utu. .now \viLhout btniiK told that L'no'.c . f Sam's hoys are heh'nd tha t^uns .which Two c*nl» per copy, 50c per m o n t n , | ^ ro ff i v \ nK artillery service described $5 per year by mail If paid In aatanco. ( by l h c prem-h offlucrit us "olmobt per- ' Entered *s -wcond class matter at the postoffice. Connellsville, Pa. EVKiDfG, FEB. 4, 101S. McMtev'vl Tk* AjMOcUUri. Prew*. Th« Associated Press la ex cUalvcly entitled to th« use Cor republlcation of all news tlis patches credited to It or; n u l otherwise credited la this pape-- and also the local news pubUsne" nt-rein. The Great Umpire has ruled John L. Ut oE the game forever. The S-:preme War Council sitting" in Versailles -says that Germany ia in nc I moorf for a just peao 1 . She just wnnti. peace--peace of her own making. the .iry even weath'-r record of Jam:R a shiver. Measuring- the thickness* of the i c o } . ] *ias succeeded readinsy the zero records! ,is ,.t winter pa.stinjo in the J n d i a n j j Creek valley. I 4 THE ESJD 0V SJUSERISM. present revolt m Germany is rery pro/e a failure, it nas lacked organization, leadership^ and coordination beiw eeii the various groups '-taking ,par£ uiTit---i£ain. the- movement, so iar as-information re- the wived la this country goes, was local riLther than general. Against the or- ^anlzatioa, eificienoy and iron discipline of the military system, which j "is:just as ruthless when turned against: discontented und starving Germans as when operatlnr against the military , foes of Prussianises, any but a Uior- j organized attempt This is very likely to be the l a s t ' "workless" Monday, although there j will still be those who will observe it by work in Today a growing interest In religion to press ! i s evident all over the world. 'Ihrec tho-demaiids of the people upon t h c | j e a r s a g 0i w jjen the present world! government is certain to be-futile. war had been in progress but a few) The military despots, it able to utterly crush, the present uprising of the people, cannot delude themselves iato believing that they have also crushed the spirit **hicti has urged months and many people had been dis-j cussing the real causes of the war, an Emporia business man who reads outside of business hours and thinks much of what he reads, said; "I bottom to seek, relief from the intoler- J Ueve ^ war hag been broug b t about able conditions under which military by a neglected Jesus Christ." dominance compels them to live. The people are learning, some of them t h ( j m , dst of turmoilj and very slowly, but they are learning, change is evidcnt m that the distress which they suffer has Its origin in the imperious will of the | Kaiser to use them as mere pawns I n : the game he is The masses , have not yet realized that they have within themselves the power to throw oft the oppressive yoke of military tyranny. They ar«' commg to a fuller knowledge and understanding and each succeeding demonstration shows their gathering strength. /. The pi esent outburst is by far the most significant df their awakening, but it plainly lacks those elements ol leadership and cooei^eaess essential to succeb. It is, however, a certain indication of what wDI presently come to pass J Germany does not shortly bow^to^tbe inevitable and 'conclude a peace "with her enemies. x That such an event is in the making is the belief of tnose who have been in close touch with the situation in Germany. Among such persons is a' Wisconsin minister, who ha* recently arrived at an Atlantic port by way of Switzerland/ after having spent tfcree years in Germany. Speaking of cor^iiions as he has seen and known them in the land of the Kaistr, he said: ** -"I believe thej will quell this incipient revolution, but there will be another unless the-war ends before next year and that one will be the end of. the Hohenzollems. The Germans are tragically short" of all sorts of good, "The p«ople are actually starving. Between the exactions of service with toe army and hardships of those left behmd there are few left who are more than 50 years old, all succumbing, to lack of nutrition, while the death rate among the children is trightful- President Wilson is ana- **. ihcmatized throughout the empire but hardly worse than is the emperor, while what is said openly of" tho crown prince is not fit to repeat" These are ail signs of the approach- j ing end of Kaiscrism, but it will not j come in Germany until the people have discovered that the system and philosophy by which they' have been governed has been /wrong and unprofitable, and they ris"6 as a united people to overthrow it. Men are stopping to think, even in a 'great ordinary man's conception of reMgion. Some of it is constructive thinking that does not subscribe blindly *to creed and Harmony Assured. Grocnshure Tribune. ( The open ijea^on for the scJf-scckinp-' non partisans in the U n i t e d who have been enjoying t h f i r own v,ay and all the other offices is no* sin IT, o r ( actually has passed. j The most I n f l u e n t i a l Republican? of the nation. ( r e p r e s e n t i n g all c l c ' n f n t s of the partr, gathered at the home 01 Colonfi i In t h e ! dcgma," but which higher meaning for religious fai aonator Henry Cabot Injrton, on Friday nicrht List. Rootfevelt wits Classified Advertisements. One Cent a Wont No advertisement* tor 1-«B3 Than 15 O*nt». Claaniflcd columns clu*« nt noon. Advertisements ot wants, tw ic. received u f i e r t n a t h u u r »-lll not an^er u n t i l iht* day followin arid a greater sense of religious obh- gEttion than this world has over known. Evidences of this thinking aiejre*- quent. The man who signs himself "Vox Populi," and "Constant Reader," and sends communications to his newspaper is 'discussing his conception of religion and his own discovery of a , personal religion. Fathers cf Ameri- working out a i vrrc^test politic.-*! (,'atherlner held jiL | ret'pnt years* Seantor 1 - I*enro-*(» and 1 Knot, ot]\nnl.\, urrc also and tho H t a r t l i n p discEosur"s i I ' . K X E ' I N E ' S coming- from tho investigation i n t o the m u d d l e d conditions in the War Department and the brand o f ' petty politics belnf? -played by the a i l - j ministration at the cost ff American j patriotism, brought t h e f a c t i o n a l l*nri-( C-M to a realization of t h e M u t a t i o n . ] A n agreement on pcllcien and p l a n 4 1 for a \inltcd party rvsuHfil. j With the so-called o'.U H a t l - j the Lodpre home WANTED--FACT OUT TIU-STATS CANOV CO U I ILLS AT L f i U - t f d i WA.NTKD -- I^M-N HU HOLSE W A N T I J D -- P l H H W A S I i n F t AT BAi-TI.MOItE HOl'Hi: ftjan-tfd W A N T B D -- C FOL'ND-- PCP.SK IX THE E. DUK-N tore Same bt hr.d by calling- antJ d f n L i l j iiff -j.j.iu \l:;o p.iyinf? f«.'l THOSC n n s i R i s r INSTRUCTIONS n special ,n eparations for the earl spniiK exatnin.iLions. call on or address I. 0. K U A H M , A. LI.. J17 West P.iHor- l. ail uoj s W I L U i UB lyjiuis ill B ultimo | » rnrr "ProTPf^fi vt"t tin A n*"dp n t f n l - i -i- u « « time from lieir own affairs to reason j lowers of Colonel Rooscvoit »nd L t - p i i u j \ v ^ N ' T C D -- G I R L F c m 'IIIVKRAL, upon the beginnings of this war and: °f complete harmony «- ( ii apparv-nu i housework. AppiV ni w". f'«.u.h "st" the spiritual state of the world. InL^,,^' t S°«;Ti.frta't^ttio 'VK-i ! 1Cl - b3lrt ' England, ivherc almost every home ances which have given a Democratic VVA.VTI:D COOK AND CH Aim KUDOS lost a son, books arc being written.] administration ^.o in this new field by men who arc masters of other provinces o£ learning, and all of them get back to the basic principle that a universal neglect o£ the teachings of Jo^us Christ has something to do with this wan * These new thinkers all reconcile Christianity with the war because Christianity is democratic. They are arguing, as they write their newspaper communications and magazine articles, that a world in sympathy with the teachings of Jesus Christ would never have suffered the great fester of Prussian cruelty to grow unchecked until it became a world menace. And they realize 'that the first duty of a Christian world is to check the physical as well as the moral forces of evil. I That is why there is no blasphemy when the youth of England and Uiej youth of Am eric i march off to war singing "Onward, Christian Soldier!" this c o u n t r y for are now compfetc is th* best i maid. ARMSTRONG'S UCSTAL'K-^.N t guarantee of Republican success in tho future. W A N T E D -- D l t - H W A S a C H : SLAVISH or polish . TRAN'S-ALLECJHUNY HOTEU J J j a n - i f d Tailor. T;VL:RY I ^ D Y wiuT W K A R TAIL- on d b jit.s Un. * e:isu» n i a d f * tn j n t i r mo ^ u r c by u:a. \\'e c-a.ii j prn.iuci- y o j i de^'iKnaied st le w i t h p e r - i feel accuracy no ir 1.1 lor how pl.Un o r 1 cojiipHeated. SUindard fabrira in t h e , E i p ^ e h t patterns and coloring:.*. .SALV i L-A CHIMIA, I-adlob and Men's Tailor.} 209 PiHsburg- SL 2 f e l j - t f d Hondaj in n Qntet To\ni, Latrobe B u l l e t i n . The town was deader, this morning, tfian even a serious-mfnilftri f u e l administrator could have wished. SPOIL IT, The man who lives nine doors from me has hust'ed since the war bc;jn.n, and H vras truly sood to set* the v- av he boomed each helpful plan. He WANTED--GLJIL FOR hou5cwor,v; h i p h e s t wasea paid, C 515 Louckb ivenue, Scottdale, Pa. ' 2tcb-tCd .1! WANTED -- AT ONCE, BLACK- sj.-ith. Will r e n t or pa yood salary. Good shop. Good tools L i f e t i m e Job for Rood man. "BLACKSMITH." care Courier. , 26jan-Lfd bo\ S rant - ei l hereby TUB USTATE OF JONES McCLAJN JfUt' of the City of ConnoJsviJJo. Couni of fayette and Suue of P e n n s y l v a n i a deceased L y i u r s of n i J m l n . - n r a t i o n on naned ctaie lias-Jiitf been the undcrssisncd, notice la on to ad persons Indebted to said esla-te to matte immediate payment. and to those having claims against tht- same to present t h e m properly uutheii- _ tlcatod for bed lenient. H A R V E Y C. WANTED--MINERS W A N T E D "WHO SMITH, A d m i n i s t r a t o r . 112 McKoe avc;- are s t u d y i n g for examinations to KCI nuc, Monet-srn, Pa, 21janGtcI* the beat m i n i n g hook published. ' MiU- ~ " Ing In a Nuts-hell." by JAMES WARDLAW, Scottdale, Pa. Price $2 Sa 3Ijan5td A d m i n i s t r a t o r ' s ,\f)ilce. S. Food Administration. Teuton Cross funds he humped urountl. and JEST ATE OF .RALPH DI DONATO _ lato of the b o r o u g h ot U u n h a r , c o u n t y WAXTKD--AGB.YTS WANTED IX Df Fayettc and State of E'ennhylvani^ mm* · i i r n n i i f n Connollsvillo and vicinity, to solicit deceased. Letters of A d m i n i s t r a t i o n on s t a n d - ' ' T w i ' ° 1dei " 3 Cor men's. Salco Clothes, f r o m t!lfl a b o v e named estate h a v i n g been 1 p o n d " he vxid f a c t o r j dlrr-ct lo wearer at wholesale framed to t h e under^Jg-ned. notice it ned."' For lied |Jr ! L , c 'f-. P- V Box 62J, Philade "- h "-"·" ~ 1 --» '" »" "«-*-- i«^.~* ^ f e b S t - Q O SUNDAY SCHOOI.ATTEXBJJfCE. The'Payette County Sunday School association has a real problem before it in restoring tho attendance to thej thing tor the bazaar, and John always former Ugh. average, the falling off | wagered that no other man's wife having _oeen 4/00 - throughout, the cou |,j bake a. loat ot bread that could comity."- . beat one of our loaves. Are you a good cook? It is probable-that most of us have a secret conviction that we are excellent cocks. At least the children always want second and third, helpings, and Jlrs. Smith is always asking us to bake one of our chocolate cakes for the church fair or to make some- Jn addressing themselves to this problem the oflicers of the association have taken one step essential to a successful solution of the problem by : analyzing the causes of £he decrease in. attendance. It will probably not be possible to remove these causes, but doubtless something can Bfe- done to lessen 'their effect upon attendance, or devise somo new methods of- stimulating interest among those to'whom the Sunday school ,has ceased to be an attraction. ' That Sunday as a day for recreation by.automobUing and other means has beea,a fuctor In reducing attend- On, yes, we are sure we are good cooks! But when we analyze it further, what is a really good cook? Tie one vrho can make a last year's gown look like an up-to-the-minute^ creation is" cleverer in her art than the one who must always ' begin with whole cloth. So a. really good cook is one who can make a dollar feed the most mouths, who can make a tempting meal out ot the loft-overs she flnds in her re/rigerator, and who can see a a relishable possibility in. a few scraps of meat. made me die 3- guinea more, though I had just couched up a pound, and owed much money at tha store "Here is a man." I often said, "who Oocs as much to win the fight as one w-ho leaves a 'swath of dead to shock the kaiser'a brooding sisht," But yesterday he COL'RIBR Vm'ce. ^o'lVphones came to me, this patriot whom I a d 1 -_-._.. mired, and when he'd talked an h o u r ""' ~ or throe, he left me feeling: pi ctty tirud. "Xo doubt,'* he said, "you've marked my curves.^you'vc seen me boosting worthy things; and cvpry patriot deserves the g-uerdon of his toil, by j f n y s This year ['11 be a candidate for Congress--for I need the dimes; I hope you'll keep your hair on straight, and vote for me at six times." Oh, Idols with their feet o£ clay! Stil! whited sepulchres we findl Can'c this hroad lana produce a jay who has no cheap John ax to grind? I menu a ul lo thote ·ANY K I N D OF PIU.JT- ngftinst said estate I u is a caning card. SJ.JG properly authont-icaed Immediate payhaving: claims present t h e m for setilement. Edgar AT HIS WORK. lie bade Us not to think of him as one ·who'd gone to die He bade us not to cease to smile, lie asked us not to sifrh, "Think not of me," he smUMngr said, "as one where daneert lurk. But t h i n k of me from da to day a^ one who's at his work." WAN TCI. In*, \vheth bin or the finest eng-avcd r e a d m e Gl'Y DI BIOR.I. A d m i n i s t r a t o r . Dunbar. I n v i t a t i o n or a n n o u n c e m e n t . We n r i n i I Pa. H. G. MAY. Attorney, any thin tr--ovorythlrp---do it prom-rtly 14jan5t-mon do it n p h t Call tnc man ~at TIi£: [ =L.'V --i-j^.'. -i :^--r-= --------_ L^=L Notice «f Appealn. }*URSUA-\T TO THE PROVISION'S ot ih« laws of thi 1 ? commonwealth the undcrsjjjjjei) oommissioners of Fayette C o u n t y PJL., hereby g i v e notice to t h e t u x a b l e inlia-bitants w t t h l n the respect i v e Lioroutrhs and townsliijj" of said county In c,ise of real p i o p c r t y wheru b u ' l d i n j f h * and o t h e r improvements have bt-en u n s t r o t i d since t f i e triennial asspssment and In L,ise of personal p r o p e r t y .oflicefa, professions, trades' and occupations \ \ h u i e tliL-rc have been alierations i-i the isyftSKment occaslon- Ingr a d i f f e r e n t valuation from last year and also where persons have come into tho county since the triennial assessment, that the a*ipeals Cor the year 1918 w!l Ibe h e l d in the commissioners' ollh'e In tMc Court House from Monday, February 4, 111S, to Saturday. February 23, 19IS .after which dato all appeals w i l l close. ' Persona who have money at interest will pa-tlcularly-take notice that at that time the asscsfcmetns will be (losed and thai no exoneration can be allowed hy tho commisionei .-· 041 money at 3n- For Reut. FOR RKNT--FURNISHED ROOM. 2IB Market St. 2feb-t£d ~~~FOTl ft E N'T--O N S O R T W O OP FICCS. P. "W. WOOL.WORTH CO 2feb3l FOR KENT-- FRONT OFFICES ON second -floor of D u n n i£va.n building. Inquire of HAKRY DUNX. Sjan-tfd FOR UliNT--TWO NIC LILY FLTR- ' niahed rooms for l l ^ h t hougekeepiixy:; 121- Vine street. Bell P l i o n e 771 FO R RE NT--ONE 131GHT ROOM house 1 . All modern improvemen ts Patterson and Chestnut street. I n q u i r e S. M. Goodman, Youh House. 2Gja.n-tfd FOR RENT--FARM pp IGO ACRES. adjoining b o r n u j f h of Scotlrlale; well' i m p r o v e d , w i t h fire buildings. PosiJuts- sion A p r i l 1, 1918. Will r e n t for on* or five years. See dale, I J a. Kor sale. F. C. WURY. Scott- tprcst. 1 The Milla^e for 1018 will be three (.!) mills f o i county purposes, one (1) m i l l for poor f u n d , ind two (2) mills for special road f u n d . LOGAN RUSH HOOVER CHARLES H FOR SA.UE--.TAILOR SHOP. GOOD. business; fine location; low price, as f M-'T'l. 1 . County Commissioners. Attest-One n i f f h t before he left we sat and nave been drafted. Call Tn-State S6C1 ROBERT POWELL, Chisf Clerk j U n l o n t o w n . ^febL'td' Ieb4-8d-tob7vk talked life's problems o'or. "You never thought tho^e g-lad that Fd come back no more: Then you were sure' that * I'd when ended was the day. o o w n s e m p o s o n o e aan- use ony e op o e m o t e , " e n t r o u g the ti'e pa-alys'is quarantine in 1916 has have no scruples about adding large . me as DUS ' at m bee- permaWt in many instances lumps of butter and pleniy of sugar j ^ o r ^eaT^feV^^oi It takes no art, but only practice tnce cannot be denied. The with- to make palatable dishes * f we buy irawal Of a lar?e number of children only the most expensive cuts of meat, US the imposition of the iafan- use only the top of the milk bottle, J "Then through the day you thought of me as busy at my task. mourn, nor ask xnd :he call to the-colors has trans-; to all our cook.tig. That is not being | Can you not tVink the same of me? I'll t h i n k the same of you, I've set out to do. · "Tlk hours wiir longer he, no doubt, "the day may run for years. But .do not spend the time with gr'ef, nor lend your eyes to tears. FOR SALE--MINE PROPS; SIZES yon 0 n7verleareV r ^d"her t: that' doa'tii; 5 - 8 * nd *° f \ ^ n f f : 4 in ; ilc I 0i!s at t h e mieht wait alone the way. 8man c , nd - Addrc-aa 1L S. return .Orbisonia, Pa. ·ifebJtd FOR SALE--THHC13 INCU3ATOHS. brooders .ind brood coop. Complete poultry raisins outfit. CONNCLLS- V1LLE GARAG10. 233an-eod-lf fcrrcd the nam ¥ s of many yours men a really good cook. A very mediocre! from the class roll to the Roll of | one could set an excellent table u n d e r ) fionor. · such conditions. The~e acd ether causes have result- -Bui now. in these critical times, ,d in so 'arge a decline in attendance when not a scrap of food must be that systematic efforts are to be made wasted, and the lives of thousands to "revive Interest In Sunday School depend on the housewives of America, 1 FOR SALK--SIX CHESTER-WHITE pip.s. Good stock W e i g h t "0 to 80 p o u n d s eaoh Pr ce SI 1.00. FRANK K. KFSXUr. Star Route, S c u t t d i l f B^)J P h u n o JOS. R-'i. Hehaui- work «nd «tlnulate attendance. TlilSj this country has the rig-hr to expect TrtU call for tts cooperation ot ererr! and does expect every American school in tiic county and rather more! housewife to be a good eoofc, with all j than oniinury activity upon the part ot' the ingenuity in left-overs, all ' tie officers and teachers. More than the skill in. substituting In part other ' H] ifcat its success vrill retiuire of par- things for meat, wheat, butter, and' *nts that rbey take a more lively in- sugar, and all the art in making a · AI t crest than merely ^ that t h e i r ' s . m a H amount of food go a Ions \va. children are r^gviar in Lbeir attend-; that the term "good onok." impliPs. i Don't let the j-rlm melancholy clouds | ""strict, brooch shut out the morning stan, But think, ot me aa coining hom« · all my -work Is done,** bade us not to think of him aj on LOST--SOMEWHERE IN BUSINESS t with diamonds a-il rubies. Reward iC r e t u r n e d to Courlur office. 2Sjan-tfd LOST--BLUE SILK MX"FFU3R PP.I- de^" night betwuen lilgh 30)100) and Colonial Inn. P.e\raxd 1C returned to h e J VS. B STADER 4feb2td d .-o \\o t h . n k of him 'it work, and ivsd the o;enmK ivhun , c T.OKV "f pca^e ^hnll end his tasks' .11 ul hr'U cornc hfm« sgrain. LOST---^rorril t'OLLIBPL'I* TJOKT brown \\ ith iv J . t i a ring o round neck. ·^tar In fen pif-ad TLeward i£ returned to XJMLOX A1T' CO. -tfebJtd r OU READ the Other Fellow's Ad You are readJng thia one. That should convince you that advertising in these columns is a profitable proposition; that it will bring business to your store. The fact that the other fellow advertises is probably the reason he is getting morebusiness than is falling to you. Would it not be well to give the other fellow a chance To Read Your Ad in These Columns? Saturday, February 2nd, tbe sun shone--that means the ground hog saw his shadow. Therefore, six more weeks of winter. Many persons believe absolutely in this ground hog sign, and will frequently hear tlietn say so, confirm it by the fact that they have noticed it "a hundred times or more." Well, notwithstanding the prospects of six weeks of winter, the Union Supply Company's spring arrangements are still going on. Granting we will have six more weeks of winter, it \vi" give you just that much more .time to prepare your spring raiment and have it ready when the spring suddenly does burst upon us. Of course our spring Allowing includes raiment for everybody, but just at this time want to particularly interest the women--the many nice new things now coming in, the numerous bright colorings--one would think the scarcity of dyes a joke, tin addition thi're are very extensive lines of all the different piece goods, consisting of ginghams, percales, cheviots, toil du nords, beautiful lines of plaid and figured silJi for skirts, for shirt waists, or for d;_sses; an extensive and beautiful line of hosiery in all the new shades and colors. It is not out of place to call your attention to our stylish lines of shoes for women, misses, and children, high tops, fancy tops, ju'jt about anything you want. We can talk about them and describe them, but a better way for you to get a real good idea of our stock wouid be to call and inspect them, see for yourself--visit the nearest Union Supply Company store. 68 Lanre Department Stores. Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. Buy Your Ford Car Now If you want one for nest Summer. I can make in- mediate delivery of FORDS, although I cannot promise delivery next Spring. \ Everything is in your favor--cars will not be an' cheaper and deliveries more uncertain later; and th FORD car is the only car that has uot advanced in price The same quality that you have always expected--the greatest automobile yalne at last year's lowest price is still yours if you place your order NOW. Price of Touring Car $360.00; Runabout $345.00; Chassis $325.00, f. o. b. Detroit, Delivery anywhere in Dunbar, Franklin, Connellsville, Lower Tyrone, Salt Lick and Springfield Townships; Dawson, Dunbar and Vanderbilt Boroughs. Hyatt Motor Company WEST CIUWFOBD AVENUE. Overshoes in every size and style to suit any shoe. Arctics, Gum Shoes, Guru Boots, Felt Boots and everything in Rubber Footwear. First Quality only. r · e®£©®SSXs®SX!SSsXJ®S!X-SIS®5^^ I PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS ^ § WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. |

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