The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 12, 1964 · Page 31
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 31

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1964
Page 31
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YOUR HEALTH By Lester L- Coleman,' MD COUGH IS SYMPTOM A cough is Jl symptom not disease. Mutt coughs art caused by minor condl-lion that dear' up readily! wi( lime and simple care. Hacking ' coughs, tickl 1 n coughs, allergic coughs, spas-" raodlc coughs, nervous coughs and smokers' coughs present an array ol confusion. - Should one ' encourage a cough? Should on suppress a cough? - Should one take a "drying .out" mixture? A 'decongestant pill? An antihistamine? An expectorant compound? In essence, a. cough- is a sudden contraction of ' the - diaphragm and .the muscles of the chest wall. Its purpose is to rid the lungs or the bronchial tree of irritating or offending substance. . REACTION TO IRRITATION Infections or Inflammations of the lungs and the bronchi (like bronchitis, bronchopneumonia and pleurisy) Irritate ""' the delicate linings. A cough Is nature's way of. reacting to this Irritation. ' ' Certain allergies may produce asthmatic bronchitis or even asthma. In these conditions, too, a cough is a reaf-. lion to the Irritation, Foreign bodies in the lungs or the trachea (windpipe), noxious gases, and offending fumes will -. all - stimulate spasms of coughing to expel the irritant. ; . -,' An attempt to suppress coughing or to control it with medications Is purposeless and of little value unless the exact causa of the cough is known. If is imperative to determine the causa and the nature of all persistent coughs. This should be dona before any attempt Is made to quell the coughing:' r . Physical examination with stethoscope and with percua- MY 5 ANSWER QUESTION! How should I , worship? After worship services I always fed that J should have gotten more out of - It. ip t.P.-'-- --S-T - i i ANSWER.-' I'm afraid you may. have the wrong conception of what worship Is. I have heard people say.."I Just didnt get . anything out of the service." and similar remarks. It la easy to forget that worship is giving, aot getting. AD week God has been giving to as. and on the Lord's Day, . we give Him our . adoration and gratitude. I think the best " way to worship is Just to be grateful, and this is pleasing to God.. ' -..,-. 'In these prosperous days we are inclined to think of everything in terms of "What is there in It for me?" But It is . wrong to carry our secular selfishness Into the temple of . God. and to think only of what "we get? out of worship. ' Give God your love, your . gratitude. Meditate en H I goodness; count your bleu- mgs. And althoughselfish satisfaction la not your gnat. tm sure there will be a certain satisfaction m hist knowing you have been in the Pres. ence of God. .-. , NEWER HEROES HARROW WEALD. England (CP) A new 7S.oe pub named the Leefe Robinson. after the pilot who shot down the first Zeppelin la the First World War, hat been opened, is this Middlesex town. The new tavern stands near a cemetery Wtjere Robinson is buried. - About 1. M homes " have -washer, -j t cent of automatic us: dlh WANTED used fivm We will pay cash for your plane) or take it In -trade, on any mrr-chandbte bi our ttorrs. c 51 Spali x (vllflfwtse! $hppln Plata Tel. 212 1511 aal mUU 1! DKOUXT DtW. ncsa BELL'S CO NT.ES ItsHv tsje . to te pat. aalaraay a ss. ka a pas. . HULL I2J Eddy St. Italia e a., as a pas. . Friday t s.. ta tJS pas. For Information on -- saSPiBf a g ' ss ' ay i LMJ aiififl i with with fluoroscopic or " X-ray examination are vital in investigating a chronic cough. Sputum examination and' cultures are sometimes necessary to confirm a diagnosis. CAN STUDY TISSUE When necessary, specialists can actually look directly inlo the bronchial- .tree - and the lungs, uke cultures, and even remove small pieces of tissue for microscopic study. There are many safe drugs-available which are very effective in controlling coughs. Some direct their "suppressing power" to the cough cen-Itre n the brain. - , Persistent, d e v i t a 1 1 zing coughs can be very annoying. But "be patient, patients" if your physician does not immediately stop that cough. His primary concern is to discern the nature of the cough and to treat the condition which Is causing it. ' It is not always desirable to stop coughing. In many cases, the cough is a valuable body defence mechanism and . serves a useful purpose. When the lungs or the bronchial tree are clogged by congestion or foreign bodies, coughing! often helps to eliminate these offending substances. The safest, wisest and most effective way of stopping a cough la by curing its cause. - 19 CCDVII CIVCs ansae w un 1 1 AcetuorttM TRANSISTOR lO.tlTKHt KITS. Manoiirk Motors 'Sports Car specuiMst. su-aiss. . FABTS AND SKaVRI A KatlKk firm Baaia mom Lte. t-etie AUTHORIZED SALES AND SCRV- Iro. Morrtt, MG. 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You name II. anil erer It at and we II do It. Juat dial the BIO 'VI and era U aaa U today. : .. o!iiji ALL CEMENT WORK DONE BY Terry Contractore. guaranteed S to S year. Alwaa cheek with a rastatered contractor. Pre eatl-matea, a aaonuas to pay. SOJ- ' asua. - ALL TYPES PATIOS, WALKS, curbing, guaranteed, free esti-atatea. 7J-tlJl CEMENT WALKS. aTTEPS. PATIOS and at urea. Tree eat Una tea. 70S- I , I HUGH M. 322 Catherine St 238-7105 RENTAL SERVICE FLOAT SERVICE t FILL FOR SALE ' FRONT END LOADER ' COMPRESSORS - ' , ; DUMP TRUCKS ' SHOVELS BULLDOZERS Journal Want quick result. Ad bring sion (tapping the chest the fingers), coupled KISSES 22 ft "Something tells me there's Plan to Set Up Ceylon Press Watchdog COLOMBO, Ceylon (AP) Prime Minister Sifimavo ' Ban- deranaike decided at a cabinet meeting Tuesday night to set jjpj a. press council and tribunal to exercise control over . newspa pers, a reliable source said. 'The decision was based on recommendations of a three n commission which sug Thit Column enniauic a fit mi - - - . . o are ready to serve you. 1 VN.;i;r EAVESTROUCHINa REASON- anio pricra. rrvo tatlniatra. u. , Gervin Pliunhlnf and Haatlnf . 1227 BalUi. 723-SM11 , T CAVESTROUOHINO. SATtSFAC-tlon suaranterd. fraa allmatas. C. Oravalla. S31-TSU1. A V It iTROUOHINO SUPPtlllD .and tnatallad; anldarlna .lolnta. ; giiarantaad. workntanahlp. In . eatmunas. Anyiune. S3a-S4sa. US' IV . McEVOY BROTHER . . S Beat Street- . J:t-J17 . ESTABLISHED 12V PARK1NO m premates. ROAM RURnER AND POLY TO AM lannrauna BealfM) roam Rubber. 442 Roosevelt. PAS-aool. I lilt; U1M:X" 1 TOWERS ' PRODUCTIONS. I7S Spark. Street, 13S-SM1. Cloaad Saturday lor Auguat. nl fir, IP TO IS YEARS TO PAY- for the beet In warm air heating, call Hubert Stove, and Furnace Ltd,. 72S-37SS run) HEDGES TRIMMED. YARD cleaning, cement arork. chim-aeja. guaraAtaed. 7U-IM7. 1 a i .. 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I?'- - j .-sn : nr ! y MS B tl u' T ' "Okay, Mom! Turn " 'sssasjjssjjjgagsssjjjjsssssssssss on the water!" 'His eyes must be failing. Go out end tel him that's not e parade he's looking at." ;; f LETT"; I Y D6STRCTV JOB JAR - '&t ucb I IwrVES PONT LlaTt TO JCXE I r,xi J?VSEE-J THROW AWAV ALL JO0SM ' wg 1 fcr-ABOOT TMINtSS UKB J PtD-rOU CXJJ? much too QVWJCAThJ I fS. THIS. DO k 1 V-r39f y anp most op the joss fifr- ' h) the1 VEy- PONT HAVE TO 8i!J20iiE I ' ' ' ' .-e . - . ,., ' ..A . . ' " . 77ZZTltS ''"rOLS? "V' AW, HEHC. " HeBEf M3UR9 f " , lf5ZI I VfRONlCn'!' f'f JUOMEAD.' PLAIN f MINE HAS VZT J rlt u4 X Ill AND LOIS . JULIET JOXES , " ; . YZiw yVHCH JSB Lit0;? ZrJPm '.J , I i-V 1 1 ARCHIE ' . ' SZ. i I ' 1 - j7 t . -7 . wtArt'AaxttXDHes; - WAS THAT Men VxV.X MORGAN', tfcri I I r .. Hem oovT THINK THAT ruNtUMW av'Lri'a-nTV I what'5 inMo svss aainrt 1 TlJ ys -w W c4Nr br SiTo rcouT ho swawr; of ficw? jwtry wouio xTJV wt mfrTTS fiaN rfiX Jooo ptTwtfw tee; Hu! mrnTir-i. r' A.f Vltw4iil BOfrrTttcTtP HI AX 9WNNY... . 1 HrfX-l IV f v,j faJ fXll.t A MD ' ; ------r- .-.-'w. . r. -rf- - -; . : SHesiwrysotOLOOK irVtevouGotNa; 2SiZ?Trl il fix'iov0wiPKTaLXA tc vT J a BtKUl irui. aioJSbA r luntrr- IrllS ,! -4BSt V : 1 GeTrKC(JSTOttDTOIT...l,T THINK OP V vou-Crir&JusT that this I twRoauMcf J f7s. Ti ,11 ti av st rather b.siwctiij anytmh3 J r I Mf COfrU KAKES K SSSISI f' l I nTriRST...NOAfX)CTWCAjrTATHTwXMJtJ; IMS! 1 'I Tmmmmmm"mmn u J y JJJ I VrMEN MV BaOTHCSt Cv "aOUTHJ RUM "t I ,1 I . .'I I tfTua mtjugo laataie J' a a :i a , 'ji i ' - m I - : I . . i.t . L paav-isetyTHAT-THeM0os - I -wr. I J I Ci K ...t40T-naoijM)SU r I eaTTavasB i rmm n . a it ' i i i v a a , i... .all I f v r AJPARTTV1ENT 3-G -, .' " .' ttrrrr- P'T.T coNTitrrr C' what do you Ti oont know W tu ann would te Y7 y?C ' yf iOVsoWWUJANN! bsAfrTHAX)rXjT6ARIH'Sl t ' CAKTHS WAIKHO V.4.PrratKl EACH OTtCR'. WTTfR C JJ At Wttrl KUff J:" DOWN TO THE CWUJ k j r 1 1 I - VmrtOUT r' 1 - BTrwmtAvVGo Ja4fjJ . fj " J IlSXKV7li ROPER axaxaxaaaaaaaaaxaaaaaaxaaaaxaxaaaaaaxaaxaaaaaa am' fftvw. fcjaj-.ara. 4L.-wjia-y- u-gw.irwaj.aaaxasaxamv BerwwaBBBaezeBBXeBaxa-a-eea--eaw : i 1 t . 1 " 1 ''. i t. "I f 1 J ' '." ! 1 I I 4 " i . A BUT ML TWf I -- TWSIUS iVJU WnT LWKiciTAN0V',-I HAD TO I" " 1 a, vrsiKSK raaaiais I ccnMer litMo.'.-mve ikmly took j ooiT-fE nots evrtf?' U aVif ttHQOfS tj"sj if MTCCmtvKxitrvHMm! Jmv lAROrF.y "noMty cuts iTAeeof out v av rxf AVAjyo i 71 ov "? iS-;. j T-rT'vK. suiTe- r;, V nxY--r3SW"M09o V(lf(A ASOffCiMS I i-TtT"i COLISfUM I fC? JtrsJ-iy - rga-vtt'-a'"' ; f , b4i aasryysyCJgp.1 i J I j V HATa4 l fcVVV W-1 '' Jt VT-. nun r. ir ji sj-a tt v.i .ev- i r t ak : a . k.'A4.A444A,l.4. .! a-.....' e ' -e a, .. . . ' a. . . - .

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