The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 2, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1918
Page 7
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 191S. I THE DAILY COURIER, GONNiJLLSVibLa, PA. "With a masterly sweep. Klkky drew Up his machine before the entrance*. Let them once alight, lot him bnt start his car down the road again, and all the devils of the night might follow. He fenred nothing. But here again Nlkky planned too fast. The servant wfro came out to open the doors of the motor had brought a message. ''Ills majesty desires that the messenger come in, H ' was the bomlvshcH which exploded In Nlkky's ears. ^CiLky hesitated. And then some Imp of recklessness in hi:n prompted him not to run away, but to see the thing through. It was, after all, a dinner either way. These irn'n beside the'car "were doubtless arropi!--one at least, nearest him. v/as certainly one of KniTs own secret agents. And, as Nikky paused, he was not certain, but It seemed to him that the man took a step towftrfl him. "Very wull," said Nikky, grumbling. "But I have had a Inc.? ride, and a cold pne. I nee?) sloop." % Even then he had.a faint hope that the o'liers would precede him, and that it would be possible to lenp back ,tD the car, and escape. But, whether by accident or design, the group closed about him. Flight wns out of the qnes- A little high was Xikky'g head as he went in. He hnd done u stupid thing now, itnd he knew It. He should bjivt- taken his letter and gone tack with it. Ent, fool or not he was a sol ri lor. Danger made him calm. The lodse was noisy. Loud talking, the corning and goin^ of servants with trays, the crackle of wood fires in which whole logs were borning, and, as Nikky and his-escort entered, the roaring chorus o* a banting song filled 'the ears. Two of the men fluiig off their heavy coars, and proceeded without ceremony 5nto the room whence tho sounds is- iBued. The third, -however, still holding the letter, ushered "itky Into a small nido room, a sort of study, since it contained a'desk. For kings must pur- eiie their clerical occupations even on holidays. Nikky had reluctantly removed his can. His goggles, however, he ventured to retain. He was conscious that his guide wa.s studying Mm intently. But not with suspicion, he thought. .Rather ais one who would ^auge rut caliber of the man before ·him. He seemed satisfied, too, for his Voice, which had been curt, grew'more friendly. - "· "Yo^ h;id DO trouble?" he asked, "Noue, sir." "Did Xiiinrg say anything?" Xiburg, then, w:is rhe spy of the cathedral Nikky i*efleeted. Suddenly he saw a way out. It was, he afterward proclaimed, not his own thought. It cnme to him like a message. He burned a candle to his patron,saint, aonie time later, for It. "The man Nibur^ hnd had en unfortunate experience, sir. He reported that, (luring nn evening stroll, before he met me, he was attacked by thre'e men, with the evident intention of securing the letter. Me was bndly beaten . · - , His companion started. "Mburg." Even while he was struggling, "!kky beea increaaed. Son tries were doubicd. I'wfis thlnkinc- Let them Eet the letter. ! Men In tUo uniforms of Indcoya, but j ' If they must. Things would at least | doing no labor, were everywhere. But ( , bo no worse than before. But he re- j with time and. safety shu hud felt -so- ' j solved that no violence would tear cure. j · from him the place where the messen- ; "Of course," tlie king resumed, 1 ger was hidden. Until they had got | "things are not tig bud as that paper' : that, he had a chimce for life. : Indicates, It IH tiio voice oi' the few, : . They searclied his cap last. rJikky, j rntlier than tlie many. Stin, It la n i ·; panting after that strange struggle, | voice.". ; '. taw Kaiser take It from, the lining of · Annuaclata looked mure than her age ! ' his cap, and pass It to the king. ! now. Sao glanced around the room I Karl took it. The smile was gone ; ns though, already, ahe heard the mob j s now, and something ugly and terrible ut tho doors. ;had taken Its place. But that too, '.-'To return .to the matter: of Hid- i · i faded as he looked -at the letter. ·'' wig's marriage," Bald'the king. "I---" ! It was n black piece of note paper. J "ilarrlngil When our very lives ,:ro · * * * " * * , threatened i" - j ] '; i With the approach of the annJver- , "f would be greatly honored," eahl ; j fiury of his sou's death, the king grew : the king, "It 1 might be permitted to I Increasingly restless. Each your he do- j jluish what I was suyinjf." 1 ; tennlucd to put away this old grief, j ' She bad the grace to tlush. . "Wbut is this?" ha demanded, very | nnd each year, as his bodily weakness j , "Under the circumstances," ilio 'guietly. ' ; Increased, He found It harder to do so. Iking resumed, "Hcdwta'B marriage "The letter, eire," said ^ikky. "I--" , On other years he had had the crown takes on great ulgnlflcnuc-c--great po: "The letter! Do you call these a .'prince with him as much ne possible ; litical algniflcunco." ·· ; letter?" . ! on this dreary day o£ days. But Uie i For a half-hour thon, he talked to ; I Nikky drew himself up. "I have! crown prince waa eriled, in disgrace. · her. Ifore Than for years, lie un- ' ; brought the envelope which was given | Not oven £or tbe comfort of his small : bosomed himself. He had tried. His ; tne." I presence could etern discipline bo re- i ministers had tried. Taxes had bueu . | Without a word Karl held out papers Blared. j lightened;' the representation of the i and envelope to the other man, who j Anuunclata. was not much cumfort to ; people increased, until, as he* Bald, he \ I took them. Then he turned to Nikky, i him. They had always differed, more ! Iwus onJy nominally a ruler. Eut dirt- i and now he raised his voice. "Where ' or less, the truth being, perlinps, that i 'content remained. Some who had gone ! · did you get this--hoax?" he denmutled. :ehe was too much like tho king ever to .America and returned with savings · "At the cathedral, from the rnuii Ni- to sympathize fully witli liim. Both · Enough to eet themselves up in bus!- j , burg." ,, 'Were arrogant, determined, obstinate. ; ness, nad brought back with them t h e . ; "You He!" said Karl. Then, for a · And those qualities, which age was be- j 'American idea. ' · ' moment, ho left Nikky and turned on : ginning to soften in the king, were \ '. Anuunciata listened to the end. Site · i itis companion in a, fury. He let his j now, hi Annunclata, in full strength /felt no pity for those who would bet-1 i royal rage beat on that unlucky in-| and blooming. jrter themselves by discontent and I t s 1 I dividual while tte ogeat stood, white j But there was more than fuudameu- ijproduct, revolt. She felt only rosout-' ' a n d still. Not until it was over, and Ital similarity at fault. Against ber ;ment, that her peace was being threat- i 'Karl, spent with passion, was pacing !.father tlie itrcliclucliess held her ua-j-eaed, her position assailed. And in'· ! the iloor, did Nikky venture a word. ; happy marriage. . her resentment she included the king · "If this is not what your majesty And now, secretTy willing that Hed- i himself. He should have done better. . ! expected," he said, "there is perliaps 1 wig should marry Karl, she was ready T And something of this ehe did aot; I an explanation." j to annoy him by objecting to it. ' hesitate to saj. "Karnla is quiet · ' Knrl wheeled on him. "Kxplana- I : On the day after her conversation i-enough," she finished, a final thrus:. ! i'tion!" S^rita General Mottilch, she visited t h e ] "Karnla is better oil. A lowland, 1 "The man Nlburg was attacked, j king. It was afternoon. Tbo king bfld i most of it, ojid fertile." But a spot '· '· early last evening, by three men. They ; spent tlie morning in biw stiid/, prop- 'of color showed in his old cheeks. ''I : him badly, and attempted to rob pod with pillows as was always the ; am glad you spoke of Kurnla. What; him. His story,.to me, sire. He be- ; case uow, working with a secntary. . over plans we moke, Karnia must be i llevcd that they were after the letter, ' The secretary was gone when she en- ; considered." i but thnt he hnd preserved It. It Is, of i tered, and he sat alone. ' "Why? Karnla does not consider (course, a possibility that, while he layl He had passed a trying day. Once us." 'stunned, they substituted another en-j having broken down the chancellor's , .He raised his hand. r j!on a r e j . velopc for the one ho carried." j barrier of silence, the king bad In- : wrong. Just now, Ixurnla is doing ua j Karl -tore-the envelope from the'sfsted on full knowledge, with the re- the honor of asking an alliance wltn A matrlmohla.1 alliance." 'Hie urchtiuchesa was hardly sur-f * agent's hands and inspected it, care-i suit that he had sat, nghast, amid the ! fully. Evidently, as with thfc agent, ; ruins of his former complacency. The i the story started a new train . of j country and the smaller cities were : prised, as one may believe. But rfiu j 1 thought. Nikky drew a long breath, j comparatively quiet, so iur as demon- was not minded to yield too easily.) j After all, there was still hone that the ; stnitlons against the government were ^ The uld resentment against her father j ! early morning shooting would have an- i concerned. But unquestionably the'y ! flamed. Indifferent mother Lb.on.gji she | |other target tlian himself. i plotted. A0 for tbe capital, it was a was, ehe made capital of n fear f o r ' | Karl sat down, and his face relaxed, j seething riot of sedition, from the re- \ Bedwlir'a happiness. I it was stern, but no longer horrible. | ports. A copy of a newspaper^ secret- · At last she succeeded In IrrKaLlna'' | "Toll me this Nlburg's.story," be com-. \y printed and more secretly clrcu-1 the king--a more dlttlcV tiling n o w ! ! mandcd. ; la ted, had brought fire to the king's · than in earlier times, btjt not so hard · "lie, wiis through the old : eyes. It lay on his knees as his ' a matter at that. He listened quietly j ' city, 1 ' Klkky commenced, "when three daughter entered. j until she had finished, and then sent; ; men fell on him. One, a large one, "Well, father," she said. looking her away. When she had got part '· - knocked Iilm insensible and then went · down at him. "how do you feel?" j wny to the door, however, he called j through iiis pockets. The others--" j "Sit do^vn." he said. Tbe question her back, Aiid since n king Is n king,; "Sirange!" said Karl. "If he waa I an to his health was too perfunctory ' even If be is one's father and very old, ' JnFcnaible, how does he know all this?" : to require icply. · she camel "It was his story, sire," Nikky ex- i Annunciutn sat, with a jingling of "Just one word more," he said, in 'plained. Eut he colored. "A com-1 chain?. She chose a straight chair, | Ms thin, old, high-bred voice. "Much 1 panion, who was with lu'm p ran away." ' a n d faced him, very erect. '-, of your tinhapplness was of your own ' | "This companion," Karl queried, j "How old is Hedwlg?" demanded ths.! making. Yon, and you only, know how | "A dark, heavy fellow, was^lt?" . .king. ' : "No. Rather a pale man, -blond. I "Nineteen." ! A--" XIi;ky checked himself. f "Hedwig is old enough to marry. ; But Karl was all suavity. ''So," he j Her grandmother was not nineteen 1 paid, "while Nllurg was unconscious when I married her.' 1 i the largo mun took the letter, which | »z t W0 uld be better," said An- , was sealed, nmglc^Uy opened it ei- , n u acinta, "to marry her while she Is ; 1 rawed ltd crmtenus. replaced them i younff , before she knows any better." : wlUi--this, ontl then scr.led it ngain i" 1'ltti kias' turned withcjut haste to a drawer in Ins-desk, and opened It. He : wus smiting. When he ilaced about again. Nikky 'sav/ that ho h»?ld a re- volvor In his baud. Save thnt ihe 1 n^eiu hnd tnken a st^p funvard, notii- ing in ihe room had changed. And 1 yet, for Nikky ertrytlu'n^ had chnngeiK Nikky had btu-n :i reckless fool, but , lie was brave ctioagli. He smiied, a i better smiltf than Evnrl's ^.visted one. "I have a fancy," said Diving Karf. i "in umnage tins mnlK'r for myself. Keep back, Kaiser. Xriw, my friond". "Any better than what*/" Inquired '-. the kins tosUly. ; "Any better than to marry at all." | The hint; eyed. her. She waa not, then, even attempting to hide her cl:iW3. Bnt he was"" an old bird, and \ not to be caugiit in an argumentative cage. Hedwlg," im said. "I have gone Into · the matter pretty tlmrou?hly. A? you know, I hiive had this on my miud for S"me time. It is necessary to arrange things before I--go.* 1 Ue com[ , ara r he r unmoved face with ly walk, and was still trembling with \^ nni \ f ,f the novi excitL'iuont when 3 met him." The man touch*! a hell. "Tell Ms maje^tyi" he said to the servant who ' appeared, "that his messenger is h«re." ; Tin; s'ervaat bo\vccl and withdrew. | Ni:;I:y found the wait that followed ! tryliis. l f ^ thouglit of Hedwlg," and of : the Utiis crown prince. Suddenly^he: kiitv; thnt l;e had no right to attempt ; tiii? thing. IFe had gfvpn Ms word,, almost l:is oath, t- the kin;;, to protect \ nad v.'atch over the boy. And here he ! v.iis, kii.-.\vini; iu».v that mischief waa \ afoot, and puwen^ss. He cursed him- | self for his xolly. · j Tii-v-u Karl cam-: In. He came nlpne, j closing the door behind him. NIfcky | unu his companion bowed, and Nikky ; sun-eyed him ihrtm^h his poggles. Tlie f same mocking f;ice he ruineinbefed, j from Karl's visit to the summer pal- nee, the sarao essy, graceful carriage, the same small muslache. Be was in j uniform and apparently Jn a comparn-' lively grueiaus :nood. He had been 1 drinking, but J.e was not Intosi- j c.-ited. lie was slightly flushed, his j eyes were :ilu«-nnally bright. He · lookrO, for :! ? moment, rnther j atuinble. ^:l;I:y .vns to leurn, laioc nn, ' hov- easily ht. i;:I!o Jijinlesed to · terrifying grin. He igniiryd Xlt'-cy's companion. "Ton ; brought u locrerV . · * XH:ky biwpd, and the other man | hp!U ir out. Karl -took it. "The trip was uneventful?" ·Tes. sire." shoulil have he pnnscd But for th fa he raeantj ' he would gladly go. He needed rest. | His spirit, still so aHve, chafed dally more and more against Its worn body. ) He believed In another life, did the old : king. He wanted the hearty handclasp | of his boy again. Even the wife who I had married him against her will had i grown close to him In later years. He | needed her too. A little rest, then, I end after that a new ILfe, with, those ; whn hnd gone ahead. ! "A sadly troubled country," he re- JiTrs. Siriek]an3, of Houston, Tc^OK, ia Gorman by birth and an American by preference. She :^ iiro a "soklicr mother." a tltlo w h i d i f;he merits iu two wiiys. In Tho fir.-t she is the mother of KG von Rons, th'e oC thc-in n t the f r o n t in K n r n p s and tlie other two prepnr- Jni; to FTO. JTor Kcvrvlco fi;tg reminds one of the original flolO In "Old Glory." In tlie second plnci*. Mrs. r^tricV- Imitl la a soldier herself because she If a momlier o* i h o L'rilto-] bt2lo« Food A d m i n i s t r a t i o n . th« Food^nn- sorvatlon Army, the A r m y of tho Mom',*. She !.« us mnrh a soJdipr .is t i n y of her k)iak(-c!:id sons, for *h(* h f i B plfMJKod hprsr-it to obKorvo Wh^.i t i f f i n T7c"li,o^rJ-.!V. Mt-.-iHi-KS Tnesrlity n n d Pork less Saturday. She lins promised in a d d i t i o n to hnt'n ;s ftie:iflc«!i rind whentloss m'?ai each My In lior home. S!.-e rril! tflsn NOT bo na« o£ thou who buy more than f torn this with our they hnvc i m m e H J a t e n^pfl ?o^ who l t'ocd ir, their )iouselK'lii«. i tice which btrvts to deJeiu the alrn? of tho Food Ad u;:ii c:'.-.:svs hifil; prires. dcctJ a "Soldier Moth*** * ministration She is in- "You Show the Hand of the Novice," | "All countries ore troubled. We are i no worse than others." ; "Perhaps not. But things .are : changing. Tbe old order Is changing. The spirit of unrest--I shall not live I to see it. Yoti may, Aanundatn. But I [ho day is coming when ali thrones ; will totter. Like this one." '. Now at last he- had pierced her nrraor.. "Like this one!" : "That la vhat I said. Rouse your| eelf, Animaclata. Leave chat llttto boudoir of yonrs, with its accursed clocks and Its heat and Its flub-club- bery, and see what is about yon I Dia- content! Revolution! We are hardly aafe from day to day. Do you think that what happened nine years ago was a flash that died as it came? Nonsense. Read this!" He-held out the paper and she put pincc-uez and read Its headings, j a trifle disdainfully. But the next mo: thrown these nwny. But, of course, j me nt she rose, and stood In front of W A bad iiisht lor It," Karl observed,' c11 3*onr methods ««· wrong. TThy, for j bjm, almost as pale os ho waa. "You and glanced at ihe letter in his hand/ Instance bnvc yon ..come here at all?|aHovF thla Hart ol 1 tiling to be pub""Was there ar.y cUtWculty at tlie Tou nave m ^ wan--but thnt I shall i frontier?" "None, sire," · letter." , Karl tore the end ort" tbe envelope, i But here KlUky stood firm. Let them "You will remriu here ronighr," he j ^^ tho letter. He would not help, tnke up Inter. TTc will first hare the »x c . But It Is published." "And they dare to say things Uke , said. "Tomorrow morning I shall scml · them. But again he cursed himself.' Why,- It--it I "Exactly, It in, unUoubtcdly." Ho dispatches to the city. I hope yon havo : There had been n . thoustand^ hiding ·petrol. Tliese fellows here--" He did i pl*«* olong the road--but he m u s t l u n t i o n U bud. not complete the sentence. He In-! brtng the Incrlmina\-iDar thing with him, "sorted two royal fingers Into th« en-|«afl thus condemn himfioIC!" rplope and drew out--Nlkky'a clgiir- Now commenced a curious scene, carious because oae of the actors waa wna very cnlm. "I would ' not have you with it. But the s!t- Wo are ratiisr help- Karl of Ktirnla hlmsolf. He seemed ette papers! For a moment there was silence in the r.xirn. Karl turned th« roriously loath to brlnjf In HsalsTHae*, papers uver. · - d i d Knrl. Or perhaps the novelty of It was then thar his face hardened the affulr appeaJed to him. And y Into a horrible grin.'" He looked . up, i ing nii head slowly. resistance to search, with that I revolver so close, was $hoet lived. "N'ot -- the army, too?" "What etm we tell? These things eoread like fires, Nothing may l»m for yeurs. On tho other hand, to-' rnoreow; -- I f ) The Qfchducheas was terrlned, Bhe had known Oiat thero was disaffection about Bhe knew that in the last fow years pfeeauaans at; the palace hati 'I Will Go Myself." j ranch. But nothing that you have said j can change the situation. I am merely j compelled to make the decision alone, ; and won. I havn not much time." ; So, after all, wus tho matter of the j.Duchess Hcdwlg's marriage arranged, t a composite outgrowth of expediency : and obstinacy, of defiance and ongor.! · And so waa It hastened, | Irritation gave the king strength. I That afternoon' were summoned in haste tiie members of his council--fat old Friese, young Marschall with the : rat face, austere Bayer! with the j white sfcln and burning eyes, and others. And to them all the king disclosed his royal will. There was some ] demur. B'at, after all, the klng'a will was dominant. Frieso conW bac voice his protest and relapse Into greasy ; silence. The chancellor sat silent during tho ; conclave, silent, but intent. On each .speaker he turned his eyes, and waited .until at lafst Karl's proposal, with Ita ' promises, wea laid before them In full. i Then, and only then, tho chancellor ! rose. His speech was short. He told -them of what they all knew, their own insecurity. He spoka but a word of 1 the crown prince/ bat that softly. And j ho drew for them a picture of tho; future ihnt set their hearts to glowln£ I --a throne secure, a greater kingdom,; freedom from tlie casts of war, a hsr- ^ ·bor by tho sea. . ; Tho battle, which waa no battle at · all, was won. He had won. The conn- i try had won. Tho crown princo had: [ won. Only Hudwlg bad lost, Anfl traly MettHeh know just li*v Rlio had lost, The necessity for work brought tho ; king tho atrongth to do It JUtelHIdi.' remained with him. Boxes wero brought from vaults, unlocked and ex* amined. secretaries cutuo u.nd went. At eight o'clock ti frugal dinner was spread in the study, and they ate It ahuast literally over stute documents. On and on, an^I midnight or there- ! nbouts. Thon they stupiHtd. Tin- thing i was arranged. Kotliiug was loft now ! but to carry the word in Karl. Two ThiDds were nco?ss;try: HasU 1 . : The k i n y . Uavlng tk'jen:jtnetj It, woul'l ose no time. And dignity, 'i'ht; .u-rnnd- laugiitor of the kins must IJL- olTcred , ,vith ceremony. No ordinary king's ness.euser, then, but some dignitary of .· JH oourf. · To this craor^Pncy Mcttlich ro«-^ llkf? :be doughty old wjjn'ior and stril^ymaii that he WHS. "I£ you are willing, sire," ; lie said, as tie rose, "I will go myseiiy \ "When?" "Since it must be done, the sooner ; the better, Toni#hi, sire." i "To the cnyltuir* ^'N'ot so far. Karl Is bunting. He Is at Wedding." Ha , "went almost Initnediatoly, and the kliig summoned liia valets, aud was got to bod. Eut long after the automobile containing Mottllch aud two se- 1 cret agents was ou the road toward the mountains, be tu.-scd on hi? nar- \ row bed. To wlml strr.its had they ; cprne Indeed I HE; closed his eyua ' wearily. Something had gono out of '·· his life. He did not realize at first . what it was. TVhen he did. he smiled his old grim smile in the darkness. He hnd lost a foe. More t h a n any- 1 thing,.perhaps, he bad dearly 'nvnO a. foe, CHAPTER VICJ. On the Mountain Road. The low pray car which, carried the chancellor vrus on Its wny through tlie njountaJos. It moved deliberately, for two reasons. First, the chancellor was afraid of motors. He had a horseman's hatred and fear of machines. Second, he was not of a mind to ronse King Karl from a nlghr'n sleep, even to bring . the hand oC the Princess HcdwJg. His intention was to put up at some Thn In a village not far from the lodge and to rench Karl by .'messenger early In the morning, before tho hunters '.eft for tha cay. Then, all being prepared duly and in order, Mettllch himself would arrive,-, end things wo-^H! so forward with .dignity and dispatch. Tim valley of ilie Ar deepened, Tbo clIlE rose above them, n wall broken here end there by the o£ftnJro of nni row ravines, filled with forest trees. Therft was a pause while the chains on the rear -wheels were supplemented' by others In front, for there must be : no danger of a ekid. And another pause, whern the road Blunted p e r i l - j onsly toward the brink of the rhjism,: and caution dictated that the chancellor alight, and mate a hundred feet or BO of dangerous curve afoot. ( It required cHplonmcy to get him «mt But it WUB ftnnliy done, and. his heavy 'fignre, draped In Its military cape, ,xvent on nhend, ouilinnd by thft lamps nf Tbe cur behind him. Ho \vas well aroaad tha curve, and tho clifi! waa broken by a wedge of dmb«r, when 11 curloasly ahaped ob~ ^aot projccfod itself over tho edge of the bank, and rolling down, lay utmost At his ?eet. Tho lamps brought it into iilittrp relief--u man, gagged and tied, nnd roilyel, cigar shaped, Jn an cuto- (iiobfle robo. The chancellor turned, ttaci cfillerf to 3ils men, Thou he bent over the bun-. Ole. The others ran up, and cut the "bonds. What with cold nnd long mc cries, nnri his recunr Crop ever the bank, the maa could aot Fp"?ck. One of tht? wc'cr^t service IQCU };.'Jd a flask, iind holt! it to his lips. Aa nin:\zing situation, indeed, inrrc-uaerl ty tin* di«- covfry that under Hie robe ;K! wore only his undersiinnt'iits, with ti sol- .dler's tunic wrappp'l nround hi? slioul- ilors. They carried him into thy car ivbere he lay with head lolling buck, and Ms swollen toasuc protrudlns. .El^If x de(ni he was, WILU cold and Ions ·anxiety. Tlie brandy cleared his mind ·long before he coulil fpeak. 'and he j;aw l.iy tlie uuifortus tiiat ho was in th*; hands of the eaomy. He turned sulkjjy silent then, t-onvinced tt.Tt he had escaped one dpoUi but to meet an- ot'ier. Tv/enty-four hours now fee had faced eternity, and he was ready. He preferred, however, to die fully cloihed. and when, in, response to his pointing up the bank sum to his in- «rticuljit'p mouthings, nne of the secret polire esnmiiiecl tho bit of woodland ivftS liis pocket fiu^.'i. he found a pair of trousers where Xiklry had Ii-ft them, m.'ntls* folded nnd hung over the branch of .1 tree. Thf brandy^ iieiug supplemented by hot cnfTee from a patent lot- tlo, the man revived further, made an effort, nnd sat up. Ills tongue was still swollen, hut rJioy m.'ido onl what he ft:ihl. He had beoa thorp since the a!ght before. He was of JCarnfu, anc ? a kind's aiosscnser. "'[ ·n-.'is coming buck- from tho bar rlor," he said thickly, "\vhnre I had They Carried Him !ntc the Car. carrJod dispatches to llio ofiicor In chnrgo. On my rot-urn a ;mm hailed ra« % from tlio oIUo of the ro«d, near whom you found me. I ihouplit thnt ho deslrod to be taken on, ttnd stojmpii my car. Hut h; atlnckod jne. lie was, tinned uncl I wan nor. He knocked mo si-mdcilcsK, aud when I ttwukt-iioC. I TVHR ' «hnvo tbu road, uumng trfcr-a-, I gave' i:iypi*jf up whon tli'j M»J\V coiujiuMict'il.' Key.- piiK.s this v/ay. 2at T hoiinj yoi:: 1 car coming and made a do.suer:ite effort." " | "Tlien, 1 ' asked one of the agents, "rbof-u are not your clothes?" "They ure bis, sir." The ngent produced a Qaeh light and inspt'ctt'ij th« garra«n£5. Before tlia chancellor'? eyys button by button, s:rai on the sleeve, star on the ccfC. eaine* into view tlie uniform of a cap- lain or his own regiment, the grenadiers. Tiipo one of his own jnen had jouc th!y im'nuious thing, one of his own officers, indeed. "Go through the pockets," be or- tiered stern) y. Caaie into viow under tho flash · pair of gloves, a box of matches, a eilt JiuDdkcrehJef, a card cnee. The agent ·said nothing, but passed a card to tho chancellor, who read it wlihont cona- mont. There was silence In the car. , At last the chancellor stirred, *Thi« man--he took your car on?" "£es. And he has not returned. No other machine bus passed." The secret service men exchanged Buncos. There was more to this than appeared. Somewhere ahead, then, I was Nikky Lantech, with a raotor that Uid not beloug to him, and -wearlne clothing which bis victim described as ji chauffeur's cout of leather, brtechea ;;ud puttees, and a fur greatcoat ores all. · "Had the pnoir commenced wbea thi--* happened?" ··'Not then, sir. Shortly after." "Go out with tlie driver," tha chnnci'llur ordered one of hie men, "and watch the road for the track* o£ another oar. Go slowly." Sj it was Hint, ai'fer an hour or »y they picked up Nikky's trail, now« twenty-four hours old but still dear r nnd followed it. The chancellor TP«S awnko onoagh by this time, and b«nd- in:r t'orv/rtrd. When ut last the trail turned from the highway toward tha shooting bui at WodfOiny, Mettllch fell. buck with somethiug between a curse and a groan. "Tiie foo]!" lie muttered. "The youn^ f fool I It was msdness." "~At iiJst they drew"up~at~aDT"inn~lB. the village on tbt? royal presorve, and tho chnnwJJor, looking ratlier gray, alighted. He directed that the maa they hiitj rescued be brought In. The cimneeilor was not for losing him Jttst yet. H took a room for him at the inn, and rather cavalierly locked him in it. TJjo chancellor sipped hot mflk and cnnsiilfirt'U. Nikky Lnrisch a prisoner in Karl's hands caused him les* ijjisii-ty than it would have a month iit-foro. But what was behind It all? At a Httlo before five the man ottt- fide llu* prisoner's door heard some- Thing inside the room. He glanced in. All waa quiet. The prisoner elepc heavily, genuine sleep. There was no mistaking it, the sleep of a man warm nftt'.T Ions cold and exhuustiou, ·weary; nfter violent ofC^rt. The a^ent went nut again, und locked the door behind htm. Mjiny Idle Furnaces. O:ily GO J-RT cont oC the Youngstovu fur;taces arr in blast. Who Merchaius v.'hii advertise Ueir The Daily Courier,

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