The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 2, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1918
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE UAIL.V COURIER, CONTx'ELLSVTLLE, PA. SATVuDAY. FTIBF.rART 2. 151S "MATTY TO PITCH \H SEASON OFJ1918 \ To Make Throwing of War Missile a Feature at Colleges, SUPPORT OF PAT PAGE :r:rr·-;.:: CHRISTY MATHEWSON, MANAGES OF REDS. -i?firisty"Mathewson,-. manager of the is "comfng out of his retirement er. -"-Big Str will take -the jJeason, he announced the other-day£--]As ~his club will have to get along 7 ; with : ;Six "pitchers^ he will keep himself ID- ^condition and be ready to -go- on the slab when bis services »re needed. The veteran hardly can fot expected to take life'regular turn or pitch many .games, bnt lie plans to old as-a relief hurler and pitch full 'games if necessary. Matty announced his retirement as a bTirler-after he woa his gome from Mordecal Brown of the Cubs in Chicago on Labor day, 1916. Since then he has not played, but has kept himself In fine condition by hurling to the batters in 1 practice. FIGHTERS-ARE HOBBY RIDERS ; After Amassing Fortune Ring Cham- ; plena Look for Chance to Spend j It -- Nelson Wrote Book. Most champions of the ring, as soon | as tbey have amassed a fair sized for- : tone by their flstic efforts, glance . around to see how they can spend it -- j ana. ms .ny of them spend It merrily as i fast an It is made, vrhlch Is some j Battling' Nelson wrote a boot and Then Bat tried a come; bacfe In the ring. Jack O'Brien be- . cam i real estate operator and was , not a* good at It as he was at fighting. I COULD NOT FIGURE OUT GAME OF GOLF There Is an amusing story told of a man who had a clock golf course laid out on his front lawn. He was having his house painted, and one morning the boss painter came to him and said: "Don't you think you had better have a real snn dial put on your lawn?** The owner did not quite see the drift of the remark, and asked why be should do such a thing. He received this reply: "Well, for half an hour this morning I tried to figure out the time by that contraption you have on your front lawn, bnt 00 matter bow I figured It, I couldn't make head OT- tall out of It. So I thought tha. you might like to pnt up a sun dial that everybody could understand." Lieut. Ha:»3 Norgren Says Idea,Is Best Heard All Year--Greater Ski!) in Accuracy and^Strength Is Required. / A neif sporf. nrenadc throwing, will - probably be added to the events in the /Big Ten conference truck meow and | the "Western Intercollegiate next spring. j At a recent meeting, ot conference I coaches It was voted to add grenade j throwing to the regular track events if I arrangements can be made. The sport has the hearty sapport of Pat Page, University of Chicago basket hall and baseball conch, who hopes to see it Introduced into collegiate sports, at least tor the period n£ belligerency. Page held a conference with Lieut. Hans Korgren, eorcjinrnding officer of the grennde school of fire at Camp Grant und both are of the opinion that grenade throwing would be a welcome addition to fill out athletic meets'in all parts ol tie country. Here Is what Korgren bas to say about it: Interesting to Watch. "That Is one of the hast things we have heard all year from the colleges, and It Is something that is not to be passed up, CJrcnade throwing is just as pretty to watch as the hammer throw, the discus, or even the new | event, the javelin throw; nnd, while demanding the sume strength as these events, it requires a greater skill in accuracy. The practice grenades we use are purchased at a foundry in I Uockford, and cost us 11 cents uucti. The conunou grenade I p about the size of an orange .and weighs about a pound · j and a hulL j "I would suggest that the event bo f held In three different tests of skill. I First, liittlD£ a target ten Joet wide j from a distance of T20 feet would test the accuracy of- (he thrower. Thnt seems like a difficult feat, but after a few weeks of practice I find that I can land nine otit of ten in the circle from that range. The target is divided into circular zones a_Joot wide and the sc.tre of the landing bombs can, easily be figured. Throw for Distance. **As a second test I think the best method would be to have the men throw gronndcs for distance. AH throws which did not hind within an angle, which should not be over ten feet wide, tit a distance of ISO feet (a very fine throw}, would not be allowed. A third test would be to see how many successive Krouades a man could throw into a trench 20 yards distance In a minute, dropping, to 'the ground, as attacking forces must, after every throw." CAMOUFLAGE SAIL DUE FOR SHOWING! Wo brvvtt had the spit ball, emery ball, shine? ball and various other weird deliveries, but when ttte sokHerw who are playing the national game beliiad the trenches return wo uiuy aspect something now, They are likely to bring back with them the cunirlufluge bnll, The pitcher will/provide himself with a glove in which are Inserted wntor-coldr paints, oad us soon us the npw sphtjre [is tossed out he will color it to fro- setnblQ .the background. This will risiidor It Invisiblu to the batter. ( i BERRY GREETS JIM THORPE! ; University of Pennsylvania Marvel I I Meets Famous Indian--Both j : Took Up Game Sports. Tivo ot the greatest athlorua"of moil- orn times clasped hands iu iiilmiratlnn of ouo another rooently. One was Jiia Thorpr, tlip famous fnilian, the other U T «S ,T, Howard Berry, the j University of Pennsylvania in/irvel. Thorpy, whon a student, at Carlisle, won the Olympic dcculhlon ami pe[i- i tcthloa, in 1912, ami during tho lust thrcu years Berry has von tlir* Ajiierl- SELLS SMILE AGE FOR SOLDIERS rr. In order that the expense of the entertainment:; which, at the direc~f tion of the Secretary of War, are being given the soldiers nC Uncle Sam,! under tho management of the M t t i - i tary Entertainment Council, may be, tuken oC, this council has is-i sued '*Smileaj.:e Hooks". These, hooks, are sold for 31 ;md S5, accorHnp to whether they contain 20 IM* 100 coupons, nnri will cntitic soldiers to. free admission to any entertainment in any National Guard or National * Cantonment in i the United States.. Friends of the 'soldiers rne.y pur- chase and Bend these passes to so!p dlers by name- or to the camps for distribution. Thi: Smileage Plan, Starting the week of January 28, i try. This statement is upheld by the the hooks will be on sale all over j fact' that official announcement has the country, "gtaUefige Books" will \ ;just been nuidc in Washington that admit the men in khnki to some of! tho work of entertaining these rn**n, tke^b.esi entcrtainmenta-iix-the coun- heretofore conducted under three separate auspices, has all buen con- solidiiTod under one oflicial body, tha Military Entertainment Council, appointed by the Secretary of War, Thi? council is a part of the Cora-* mission on Trr.ining Camp Activities, of which Raymond B. Fosdick ir chairman. Credit for the plan of conroHdation is riven Harry P. Harrison, of Chieatro, executive chairman of the SmiteaRe Campaign. The consolidation of tho various foTns of entertainment is, perhaps,! the first thine?of its kind in the country. It is the first time the Government has undertaken to put on real stunts for its soldiers. Un- d*;r the new arrangement all entertainment in the ramps is to be turned over to the Military Entertainment Council, the Chnutauqua tents to be known as "Liberty Tents," rind the theaters as "Liberty Thea- ·. Everybody IF expectpd to buy aft Jcu^b one "SniJleaj^c Book." J can pentathlon championship, held tn. , } connection with the Perm rolny carnl- ! vaL Both athletes ^puclulizcd in the ! same brandies of sport while ut col- · i lege. Borry ims always been a great | | admirer of Thorpe, ! CATCHER LEW M'CARTY'S ! , SHOULDER GOOD AS EVER ! WINGED MESSENGERS IN WAR ATHLETICS ARE NOT HURTFUL Battling Nelson. Joe Cans bought a hotel in Baltimore and died penniless. Jack Johnson gquandered bis coin In mclag cars and such. Stanley Ketche! carpeted the " pofketbooks' of his pal^t with yellow bacfcs. Horses nm away with the rooney Terry McGoveru oiade with his dsts. · " And Jess Wfflard has bought a cil^ iraa. SHOULD FIGHT FOR COUNTRY Prosectrting Attorney of St. Louis De- ""cfares He Will Prevent Ffghiera " " Appearing Tliere. "'"Howard ISiderier, prcsocntlng attorney, has announced thnt he will stop all professional prizefighters from naafc- iij? appearance here, *"The dme has come when these men should- volunteer and fight for their -country," Sidener said. "Dispatches Irom the battlefields 03' Europe tell of ' hand-to-hmnd fighting. Professional - 1 pugilists-conld win real latirels In snch ·battles;'and at the snme time help the country.'* Slfletver favors amnt^Tir fis wtO *nof'attempt to strp it. Head of Department of Physical Hdo- cation Announces Statistics Ho Had Collected, In order to ascertain tfae after-rf- fects of college athletics upon stu- . dents. Dr. James Jfoismith, head of the department of physical education at the University of Kansas, has an! nounced statistics compiled after extended correspondence with former athletes. In securing his figures, Dr. Nalsmith sent his inquiries to football players on teams prior to 1907, believing these men should by this time be able to detect any after-effects of the [tame. The questions were seat to football men, as that game, he considered the most violent of college sports. To the question, "What injuries did you suiter while playing football T 40 of the 85 replies stated they bad received none. The other 45 answered that sprained ankles, broken nosea and sprained knees were their common afflictions. All bet six stated they had completely recovered from their injuries. None TVOS reported seriously incapacitated from tbelr participation In the game. The valuation placed on the personal benefits received from the game varied greatly, although increased physical development headed the Hst, Among the other benefits derived were: Self-control, rapid judgment, wide acquaintance, determination and courage. Watson's Record Peculiar, Mule Watson of the Cardinals, had a peculiar pitching record during the 3017 season. He was knocked oat or taken out of ten straight games, but won 'the five complete games he labored. . Often When Telephonic and Other Communication Are Cut, Pigeons Reach Home Safely. j Members of the Quaker City Conj course association, one of the bijr ua: tional plgeou-flyim; organizations, have : j expressed n wlUingaftP.s to supply the j government with a Dumber of their : winged messengers for u-jir st-rvicf. '· During the spring U Is expected that thousands of pigeons will be shfj abroad. It Is reported that H7 prr cent of the pigeons released in this . European trenches, often when tele- i phonic and all other means of com- ! mcnicntion are cut off, reach their de?- t tinatlon In safety, tliny delivering Jna j port ant w:-*"*.^'" \ Catcher Lew McCarty of the IS'ew York GlantB has returned to his home in Catnwlssn, Pa., after spending thn time since tlie world series hnatlag in Vermont. He is still Buffering Jrora tbe shoulder hart in the second game of the \vorld series. Ligaments were torn, anrt did not heal as expected. However, a man who Is ubletn shoot from an injured shoulder should »ot bo kicking, and maybe McCarthy is not as badly off as he makes oat. t.i..-« i.c Self. | Caller--Your wife has told me you j are working on a new- invention. j Hubby--Yea. Women's shoes don't · match tho rest of their complicated at-. tire, BO I'm working on a shoo that buttons up the back. : . A Woman's Good SAVE in (.he management of household affairs attests her ability to make every dollar do its f u l l duty. She pay." her bills by chicle because she knows it is safe, convenient and economical. aool Buy \Ve invite the Check- ig Accounts of wo- ;cn and have special ities at their ser- Yoush Trust Co lie Way to Piepai ORPHAN'S TRANSFER I OPPOSITE POST OFFICE | CONNELLSVILLE, PA. Hlldebrand Is Gentle.. George Hlldebrand wns the gentlest of Ban Johnson's umpires In the 1017 campaign, banishing bnt two players, Specter of the Indians, and Mile Mc- Jfally of the lied Sox. Coast Races Cancelled. Pacific coast eight-oared shell races between California, Stanford and University of Washington will not tnie place next year. HOME RUN HIT IS CAUSE OF JEALOUSY Jacfc HendHcks, nmnngrr of the pennant-winning; Indlaimpo- Its American association team, when making a trip to Columbus, played a team composed of con- vtcts at the Ohio state prison,. TJac gamo was played in the prfson ynrd, with tlie cold gray walla in the background. In the latter part of the game a negro murderer who 'wns playing the outfleid for the convicts came to bar.. He took an awful CTit and the hnll soared over the fence and out of sight, for a home nm. A negro burglar who was coaching on the sidelines, yelled: "Lawdy, Mussy, how Td like to be on dnt baU." 1 OCXSOacOjGOOOCOCOCCOOiXKJOD · :8 t ' -? nrr A B loraer's Si O:ic ;f ibe best \vays 10 jjreparo for f u t u r e ivciiiireme.'ils is to make regular do:!O:=!tE v.'i'Ji i he Union National Bank and l«i i\ii=p,i remain to your credit where , . tli?y wi!! increase ai inieresi. CONNELI5Vll!.E.P.(i, Corie in and slant an account now. ( U f c c v c i n c - i t i,~ , . - , . i . . . , , \i\t==iLi^j ,jfr. jjutTos: I'siid on haviu^s Accounts. UNZOM I-IATIONAL BANK c:i?ATEONIS3 HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVEETI32 IN THIS PAPER, -J. B. 2SUKTZ, ANT) Truck To All Parts or Region. COAL FOR SALE BOTH PHONES. ~~.~'. X'KTKY"DI5K--He Is Beaten Oat of a fortnnc Rv 0. A.. VOI6HT

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