The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 2, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1918
Page 5
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£. TURDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1918. THE DAILY CUUKlhiK, UUNNKLiL.bVll-.JjJi;, r.a. PAGE K1VQ. 3. 0. QUINTET I HEAVY MEAT EATERS j? ! HAVE SLOW KIDNEYS MACCABEE TEAM; Railroaders Lose Close Game By One Basket, lodge Team Winning 2-l'-22. Eat Less Meat if Yon Feel Backnchy or Have Bladder Trouble. No man or woman who A M AKL regularly can make a mistake by Bushing tho kidneys occasionally, says a well-known authority. .Meat forms I uric acid which excites the kidneys. X i they become overworked from the I strain, get sluggish and .fail to filter ,,.. i the waste and poisons from the blood, Kaiuwr Ash Expects to Pat n Winner Ihpn nc ^ slcfc Ncarlj . a j ] rheuma . on tho Floor Yet; Good Game is; liem , headaches, liver trouble, nen- ScheUuled For Tuesday When Gar- tousness, dizziness, sleeplessness and aj?e and JtUks Teams Pl»y Again, j urinary disorders come from sluggish ; kidneys. The Baltimore Ohio Clerks lost to I , Thc momcnt '° u »*' * d u l i a c n c in Aiut-c.oee: last. ·oute-i. Tm. nuca of a lead cil the kidneys or your back hurus or if the urine is cloudy, offensive, full of sediment, irregular oC passage or at- -i'' tended bj " a *aasation of scalding. Ljivaw^." » j stop eating meat and set about four ^t.:ne and durms tne l,r s t half ^ P » B ilerks team was anead until the! , . _ . . . . , . _ _ _ , _ _ _ .eriou ended in an 11-11 tie. The game was played without a pre- irainary as too many members of the ;orls teams were in the benefit play. ·The Spring Bonnet." The Ionian acld ot S ra l )6s and lemon J ulce ' com - ?:rls .'ind the Lady Maccabees had been icheduled. Hartley won the game in the second 3alf for the Maccabees, getting two acids in urine so it no mngcr causes Baskets directly from the tipoff and irritation, thus ending bladder weak- macy; take a tablespoonful in a glass of water before breakfast and in a few days your kidneys will act fine. This famous salts ib made from thi ' bined with Iithia, and has been used for generations to flush and stimulate the kidneys, also to neutralize the ii»n.wvuMW»«*ww«A9uaww»«««fiR««ivi«nR«a»awwa^^ Saturday--Tuesday--Two Day Sensational .hen added two more during tht 1 ?e.-iol. The Baltimore Ohio team ihoM.'d up better in team play last light than for some time, and Manager \ah is still shtfti; .o better his team ness. Jad Salts is inexpensive and cannot injure; make^ a. delightful effervescent Hthia-waier drink \\hich every- ig "about for a war ' one should take now and then to keep i. He^hinks he has | the kidneys clean and active and the i blood pure, thereby avoiding serious Thc game next Tuesday will be be- [ kidney complications.--adv. the Elks and the Garage team.) Smithfield. SM1THplLLD Feb _ ,._ At the noon ^ Y ; Rankm The Klks put u p a game some Umo : 150 aud lost by one point. The con- cst v,as a race fron. beginning to end itt d a repetition of the classy i-layms- ^u^aTM£d for aTM! h p,r.!^» g the, bone in two place* £ me of the largest crowds of rooters of j »«« , thcf """ e * nd * ncc - Thc . ° S ' he year is expected. The lineup: I TMntro! of the, led and crashed into a B. « O--- 2J. MACCABEES--24. 'ranc's -.--forward Rist .'islier forward Bartlev ebo t center Shellar lannigan guard 'Wilson Jriscoll ward . Feher Store Closed Monday Open Tuesday as Usual. WOMEN'S' AND MISSES Sults= Another big banner bargain Sale that will bring women here for the Greatest Values that have been featured at such a ridiculous low price. COATS IVorth lip to $IS.."0, at Here's a record breaking offer that is going to save money for the women of Connellsrille. Come early for the best choice. Worth up to $23.50, at $9.99 As a companion sale--for the women who cannot be fitted in the 5 above Suits--we offer J J25 to $42.50 StO'Jt. Salts at $12.59, $14.75, $24.50 j *++++~r*r++*+$ Watch This S;ace for Announcement of ConnellsviUe's Greatest White Sale I^^ Field goals--Hartley 7; Driscoll 3; list C; Hannigan -: F'.sher, Feher. Joul goals--Hannistan. 10 out of 20: Jeher, 4 out of 1". Substitutions-- aige- for Driscoll; Dnscoll for .ranois. Referee--Wall. Indian Creek. INDIAN CREKK, . Feh. ?.--HarolJ and Cob Marietta of Mill Run were business callers here. En met Kutchinson and William MHkr are transacting business in Connellsville. Jaiob Sloaacker of Concellsvillc ap^n; a day among friends at Mel- craXt. concre.e wail in from of ,). A. Lowe's residence. Tier companions escaped uninjured. Miss Radkm was carnej into the Lowe residence where Dr. McCracken reduced the fractures, ixiter she was taken to the home of i her parents, Mr. anil Mrs. II. J. Ran- i kin on Church street. j G. A. Feather was called to Brad- i dock Frida by the death of M r . ) Uv-iirls. his father-in-law, who rtied | ! from the result of a fall while a:! templing to hoard a street car sever- i al dayo ago. Mrs. Feather has been ; there since the ace.dent. Mrs. John '. McDonald of Smithton, is here keep! mg Mr. and Mrs. Feather's house in | their absence. Mrs. McDonald is a sister of G. A. Feather. Mr?. A. C. Jones was in Connellsville Wednesday attending tile funeral of her sister, Mrs. Amanda Carothers. Mrs. Howard Phillips of U m o n t o w n visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Rankin Friday. The advance guard of the army ot Pechin. PECHIN, Fell. 2.--Mrs. Samuel K. Etcher of Pechm sta'inn. who was vu- i itiug the home of Mr. Uichei s brother, i Irvan Kiclier and faiml. of South i Connellsville for a few days, has re- ' turned t» her home | Clajton Herbert of Church H i l l who ; has recently been working for the American .Mangaiu^ M a n u f a c t u r i n g ' Company, has resig.icd his pos.Uon , with that company, and has accepted a ! position with tut Pennsylvania AS'ire ' ! Glass as foreman. j ! Mrs. James Adams and daughters., , Viola and Odclla. and son. C'.arence of [ Hilifarm w o i c visiting the brother o f , lae latfer, who ii m the Cottage State' hospital o" Connellsvilio s u f f e r i n g ' from a broken arm and .shoulder, and a very badly injured face. I Misses Jfssie Baker Anna Kcliey, and Helen Cope, of Pechin, weie all WEST KM 8ERV11E IMPORTANT! No house is too old to be wired for Electric Light. Is your house wired? fnon'ls and Chopping. · rione by the recent storm, made its Samuel Rowan of Connellsville was I apcarance Friday, the first time since a caller at Me'.uroft. j the storm. A platoon with a bled load Mr-.. James Rowan of Connellsville of supplies passed through southward. ! It will be many days yet before com! i"ur.ication will be restored to its normal condition. sien*. a few clays among Melcrop friends. Jatob Shaffer of DaMstown ib tra_.- aulln . business m Councils' Uie. P. \V. Daberko was a business, caller in ConnelisTille. .\o.ih Wilt of Davistown is a business visitor in Connellsv.lle. J. J. Daugherty'of Connellsviile 15 Edward Hugh. = ,t Tucker Run. who has hi_en working on tils farm, has accepted the position as teamster Cor George Washington Smitley of Keffers station this week. He started his job on ue Monday of this week. Guv Corder was in from Springl.,!! | l *"" Leapiine ^f Pechin the township Friday and took out a dog I P"» ld 'on of Wra I^pling, who has If not, \vhy not take advantage of our easy payment plan and have your house converted into a modern home? | license. ; H. C. Smith of Ruble was a business I John H. Moser of Anderson's cross I roads was a borough visitor Thurs- been Investing ill money tor sometime, has now accepted a position as Bread-boy for the Baker Bros, at Pechin. ICs job which about Our representatives are ready and willing at all times to call and explain details. ' I transacts business m Con and Uniontown today. Mr. ad Mrs. C. S. Pore ot Indian Head are spending today among Wes-t Xewion friends. Jo! n Wesley Miller died at his home at Indian Head yesterday. Cl; de Brooks of Dav istown was a business caller here today. Jake Dull is a business visitor ia Connellsville today. Joi lllig was a business calier here t f d a j ille i i. F. Moore, a truck driver for the j Prospect Coal company has tonjht himself a Ford. Confluence. each day. ' -Mrs. IV. J. Parker, of Scottdale, who been tlavelmg around visiting his j friends in this section arrived at H. L. Brown's boarding-house to stay a few | days Dickerson Run. DIOKER6O-V RUN, Feb. I.--Reubea Howard of Uniontown was a business calle- here Thursday. Fr.-ok Strickler ot Jefferson was . transacting business here yesterday. Re.. If. A. Baum of Dawson was calling on friends here Friday afternoon , Jolm Francis of Glassport was a business caller here Thursday. Mrs. O. Levingston of Dawson was shopping and calling on Connellsville friends yesterday afternoon. Ge-irge Levergood has moved his fami'.y from Dawson to Maple streei, Liberty. J. 3. La-ughrey of North Dawson was a. business caller here yesterdaj. I. K. Hawkins of Pittsburg, chief Bre Diarshal for the Pittsburg . Lake Erie railroad was looking after some business matters here yesterday. Dennis Cunningham of Adelaide was a. business caller here last evo-i Ding. CONFLUENCi:, Feb. 2.--Rev. Baker of Gettysburg College will preach in the Lutheran church here lomorow evening. Mrs. Orville Burnworth has returned from a visit with friends at Pittsburg. Mr=. T. W. Black and son. who have both been quite ill are reported better. Mr. and Mrs. George \Vagner were recent visitors here with friends. William A. Frey of Somerfield was here recently on h'.s return from a busines trip to Pittsburg. W. W. Warner of Karnedville wab here yesterday on his way to Somerset on business. Joseph Ream has returned from a business trip to C^nnellsville. Sheriff Lester G. Wagner of Somerset was here yesterday on busines. Mrs. O. L. .Prott has returned to h*r j home in .Meyorsftale after visiting her friends. Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Meyers here several days. C. V. Guard postmaster at Friendsville, J[d., was here yesterday on busi- ,pess. Kx-Sjcrift" Good of Somerset was a business visitor in town yesterday. Dunbar. Mrs. John Rachami) 'ol Church hill | was at ConnpUsvilli; shopping this i week. i .Mr. J. B. Senor of Keffers station, \vlio met w i t h an accident a few weeks ago and broke a nl) ,n.d fractured one, is now able to be .ibout his work again btajing in tho house tor suine time. Lloyd Martin and family of Church hill are visiling his mother of .Mabou- lown for some lime. The red birds made their apjeai- ancc Jan. 31st, the first promise of spring. They bang in Keffer's maple feasted on the sumac heads and drank at the bubbling spring. .Mrs. J. U Keffer ot Keffers staUon, was a recent Connellsville shopper. Prof. J. C. Baker who had been suffering for a week with quinsy was able to assume hib duties ab principal | of Pechin school Tuesday. Tho i c e ' and snow prevented · the holding ot school .Monday. Prof. William Henry Harrison Clarke, who had filled Mr. Illuminating Eaglneers' advice free. Phone or drop c^rd to iEST PENN POWER CO, thai respect In its history. While tbe groui.dhog has no trouble in .seeing his shadow today the people who credit the myth are hopeful that bo lias a heart, and will be merciful. The wire damage to the B. . 0. telegraph lines at Pechin, m the blowing o.'er of six poles, has been temporarily repaired. The frozen condition of the ground made it im- poj-Siblc to dig holes for new poles, and that, .votk will there is a thaw. PENNSYLVANIA FARM CROPS MADE BIG GAIN IN VALUE DURING 1917 John Home. Sergeant John R. Brown of the 319th Infantry, arrived home yesterday from Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., on a four riay furlough. Sergeant Brown is one of a few soldier boys granted a Ul NEAR. Feb. 2.--Edward Won- ] Be Better Looking--Take Olive Tablets man of Millsboro. is spending a few . days with his aunt. Miss Marion Me- p her*-on. If your skin is yellow--complexion pallid I--tongue coated--appetite poor--you have Morns of Pittsburg, was a Imsi- .a bad taste in your ' feeling--you sho-Jld take Olire Tablets. Dr.Edwards' Olive Tablets--a substituts for calomel--were prepared by Dr.Edwards Frnnk Herron returned home from WasHngton, D. C.. where he spent the i ^^ 17 years of Btudy ^jj, Ki patients. past few weeks with relatives. · Dr.Edwards' Olive Tablets are a purely p. B. Holt of Uniontown. was business caller here yesterday. . vegetable compound mbied with olive oil, You will know them by their olive color. Bora to Mr. and Mrs. Guido Gentllv,! To have a dear, pink skin, bright eyes, no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy like boy. Wl'bur Hardy ot Company D. llirea Regfiient. left todav for Camp Hant.'Ck. after spending a 10 days' iin- loo?!; vrUa bis pargets, Mr. and Mrs-. \\ iiii 'rr n. Hanlv nf i u ? Furnace. Mi rii.'ulu'Eu .McDowell returnc'l 1 run* 1 to I'uiontown after spending j Ff-w r'ars w.rh rplatlv^s. , childhood days you must get at the cause, Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act on the Em ind bowel* like calomel--yet have DO dangerous after effects. up needed fuel supply and prevent suffering. Th^startthebneandOTercomeconsti.j O'Neal Madore of Brown roT at patten. Thafs why millions of boxes are U'urnace. the well kao-wn -ftest Penn ·old annually at Itte and 25c per box. All Jinan has had liis, hands fall this week draggwts. Take one or two nightly ami j n -ith wire repairs. He says this has note the pleasing reaultt. j ^ fn t h c wor?t wpc ; c for u , e road in Baker's place the previous week, has f u r l o u g h follow!ng t h e i r al)pcal , m ' ce in accepted the position of substmite teacher for Dunbar township and v. as teaching at Liberty this week. Mrs. Raymond Hnlaing of Keffori. station was shopping m Connellsville Thursdav. Charles Cole of Keffers station baa been iuito busy all week clearin; sflowdrifts off the Lcisenring , Paul! hill roads so that they could be used. Thc drifts in som-ep laces were eight feet deep. Mrs. Charles Cole whose arm was badly sprained by a fall on the Ice two weeks ago, is able to be about again. At first it was thought her arm was jroken. but first aid attention by her ion Lutelles who is an expert revealed that it was a sprain, and a physician was not summoned. Mrs. C. W. Baker of Pechin was visiting her sister, Mrs. Lillian Coughenour of Scottdale recently. Charles V. Hardy of Irishtown, is kept busy almost day and night delivering coal to the local trade to keep a large play presented at Camp Lee. head instantly-- TryKbndoii's for the * (at no cost "to you nswl thi. 3 y^r-old rto. n lry can, or bu/ t It will bAftfit rou thau It portR. or we p*r bAct. ttir trial c-m treo write to~ KIMI HFC. M., Total IVas i$(i3IWIOO,UOO An Iiicrtiwc of ¥2«().00fl.01l(): Jiiu .lumps in M i l k 1'oiillTy and Waccs. TLc average price ohlainod hy the b postponed u n t i l | f a n n e r , of Pennsylvania for many 1 products during the past year has increased materialls as shown by t h e figures jtw. acouncerf by the Bureau of Statistics of the Pennsylvania De- parunent oE Agrieulluic'. The value of tho l:H7 crops or Uie state it, esumated at clott to f CoO.OuO,- i OUf, w h i l e a year .igo the value totaled about if lOO.OGu 000. Every commodity has ir.creabPd in p i i . c [ind at t h e ' same lime the cost of ail kiiiLi of larm ' labor mid many implements has lmwn coi ,ucrease=. T i c figures show ihat Hie ,\hoiesa'c price of milk throush the Huh wa^ an a i f r a g e oC fi.r; (01 ICO pounds and 1 cents a q u a r t iluring the jear. but the winter prices tor milk are much higher in most seo.uons In 1U16 tue price of niilk averaged Sl.!)5 for 100 poands and 7 cents a quart. Butter p.-ice increased f i o m 34 cc.nts to 46 cents and eggs Iroji U 3 to 46 cents. The average price the farmer 10- ceived for chickn was 21 cents a pound as compaicd with 16 cents iu iyi6, and tuikeys ju.Qiped from 26 to 30 cents a pound. Farm wages showed big increases, as it cost on an average 5'Ul for a farm hand hy the year with board as compared with ?270 in 1911! and S176 the year before. Harvest hands received on an average of J2 10 a day as compared with ?1.S9 the year before aud female household help received S4 a week as compared with $3.42 the year before. Classified Art.err.-rn.ecta \Vhen used in The Daily Courier irays bring results- Trr tieic. I If you wish to keep on working or if you arc satisfied with -I'; on your savings. HEAD THIS. i£ you -wish to know why the investors in automobile tire factories have made fortunes ou small investments. THERE IS A REASON. In most lines of new industries it requires years to get your goods before the public. You must create a demand which requires thousands of dollars, spent m salesmen to meet competition, and induce dealers to handle your goods. All of this must bo accomplished before you can expect dividends on your investment. This does not apply to the tire industry. The Sherman-Stiveson Tire Rubber Co.. who have their plant at Scottdale, Pa,, have hundreds of letters on file from all over tho country, from dealers who wish territory consigned to them for the sale of our tire. -All we have to do is stock them up, get their checks, and that is -R-hat makes dividends. A FEW REASONS why you should invest with us. because you can get in on the ground floor, because we have a low capitalization .because (he profits of the tire business have beeii greater than the steel business in the past five years, because the tire business is increasing at the rate of ten million tires annually, and the profits are greater than most any necessity. We are going to put out a lire with a, removable tread, no inner-tube, made entirely of fabric and rubber, aud give the same ease and comfort iu riding as the pneumatic tire, and be safe from punctures and blowouts at about one-fourth the cost as you can retread over and over again. An investment with us may be the means of making you independent. companies $100.00 invested with the following tire would have given you the following returns: Dunlap Tire Rubber Co., $50,000: Goodyear Tire Rubber Co., $46,000: Ajax Tire Rubber Co., $28.000: Diamond Tire Rubber Co., 34.700: Kelly Springfield Tire Rubber Co., ?37,000. We are now selling an allotment at SI.00 per share, the nextalJotment will be much higher. It is advisable to act at once as stock will advance without notice. The ability to think and act has always been characterized in making fortunes. Act now by writing for further information and cut of tire to Fiscal Agent. }.. E. SIMMS, KLKS ULDG.. SCOTT1UU., PA. Office Open Until 9 P. 31. i-Sttorson Tire Rabkr Co. When You Begin to Use Uhe COURIER WANT ADS You'Begin to Travel the K.oad That Leads to Success. Qrse Cent a Word. Commercial Printing of all Kinds Done at /e Courier Job Printing' Office.

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