The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 2, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1918
Page 4
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THE DAILY COURIEI'.. CONNBLLSVILLE. PA. SATTTttDAT, FEBRUARY 2. ISIS, HENRY P. SXTDEE, Founder and Editor. 1379-1516. THE COURIER COMPA3TT, K. M. SNYDBE. PrcsJdent- JAS. J. DRISCOIL, 6e«'y juid Treasurer. Business Manager. JOHN JU GAMS, "Managing Editor. W ALTER S. STIMMEI* .City Edllor. MISS L.TXNE B. KDJCEli, tion requires that 8.11 affected by it shall comply with the rules--voluntarily If they prefer; Involuntarily it they persist in Uteijr refusal. THE GROUNDHOG SEES HSS · SHADOW) £r. Db:ott tUinks ConnelUvillo Hhonlil j keep step with Itself by not stepping: j backward through enacting a. hos j ordinance. Bre'r G r o u n d Hop- defied, tlui a u t h o r :iy of tne Food AcImintKtriiLion by ru- ' to make i t a. "porkh-ss" day. The Associated Press ;la exclusively entitled to the use lor ~ republication of ail news dis- " patches credited to It or not - otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. SATURIKVT ETEKEfG, FEB. 2 OUll FIKST CAKE. MOTJIEJl'S LECTTRJKS TO i'A. -.Tho Payette street fir, of Thursday j W h e n Pa anil Ma Ire «oin B out w un! night should serve as another rcnun- j .solemn face and urave. der that too much tare cannot bo; ila naways lectures P:t awhile on how taken at this time in Jie direction o f , As Jj, e0 ""^ tire prevention. This fire had its j S h e j^.,.,; « Ji . ur po0 dnc(!K sake origin in n. practice coiumou to t h f c ! l dop, you'll not di^p-race me nuv.- with f season--rhar.;of- tbawing out frozen j l ,, l!H I 1r ^ )r Jjr^ our water pipc: yrith u gasoline blow i j. to torch. U'lierc. pipes, .-ire-readily a c - j T.V true*:* t h a t we .-·;.ill mon c. cesstble. and removed Crora conditions | h.ive hmrd them nil before." likely 10 cause a fire, this method o f , And p .^ sr ^_ .. Y ^ ^ dea-" am Uiawlag Is effective and. if handled by j Ma. says: -And further' Kd. aa" experienced and~c3refu! plumber, | At ten o'clock don't show your -watch ^reasonably safe. It more frequemir ^/^ i^timc^rjod. salad fork is flat. Don't pick it up and loudly say, 'The peas can'-t Call from that!' happens than otherwise that in apply- itfS Xh.e torch to the jj^es contact is mafe with some inflr.mmablc mater- ill ana a flre is started. There is so i ·- uchfr ^ 1n ' i ° rr %*\ n TM y snlart: tonisl "| larsu ah element nC aa»ger in the j t t ^ri^vcs :!i^ pu^ts and T am sure it practice,'and it has been the cause I sive* the hostess pain." ;· of so many fires throughout the coun-1 Am[ ^ _.^_ ,, yc . ^^ ^^ ,, __ ; try. that it should no-, be entrusted to j " M _; ,,.',;.;'. ..-^'uv 'it peri:ii«iu:- any but experienced and careful work- i That /at Miss 'H'rtt^lifrnam*- is th.-ro. *##F*- HVirry Oa«k:ll fit t t i c .)-. comjm.tiy'f WANT12M--OOf'K AND r : H \ M B K I l - i maid. ARMSTRONG'S K C S T A U K A N T : lOUt-C-tfil K V K U r J . A l ' V V V J M , \V!-;,\n T A i L - i r«'it .^1111:5 ilii.- .'-i-jisou. i h i v t - \\.ur-:'. take absolutely no risk iliat might, resun in starting a fire. ^ txo of News of the Pa.5i Con- d«naeii from the Flies of The Courier. t-v hyd- Had a high wind been blowing dur- i ins ihe time " t h e ftrwnun wore c-om- lieUed to 50 to far d.:slant phigs for a . water supply, the firr* might h a v e j gained such headway that a total loss j of the property would have resulted : and ;he fire .been, communicated to ad- ·! joining or neisi*bori: £ properties. Un- · flcr the many unfavorable conditions I wUh which the firemen bad to contend. ' they proved their efficiency by keup- i ing the fire damage wiuhiu a part of . the building. Had they not been haui- · pcred by the frozen hydrants the firo could have been still further eoniim-d with consequent Dialler iiro loss. Thu lesson of thi* fire, a* before ; pointed out, and which cannot be re- I peated too often, i* that the occupants i or users of buildings of every kind . and in every section ot the city, and ·wforfunen. employed in ihein, must make the preventioi- of five i h ( i r first and constan-t care. pfiriM v, f'*;nifi Afti" to, IKSS. Coal wtus rvau:ioii 1:1 tne s..afL a-t l . f i - .strnrjnyr Nf.. u on \V"etliti»ii*ty ;ii ii depth i£ ."^11 frit-t.. Tli« saiufl LH th«? duejx^l in riif rc-^'iun, .I^nac.^* C-«Alc, a v e i e i a n ."; K i n k i M * put (iov.ii i-he snaft arixl Is pr-nti! '·{ l i i s rc'C'jr'J of s i n k i n g six in t h u r cuk' r i - t f i i » n . riurinr; vvnich wt^rjc i i i JTcnn- Strong, l u u l i t c r Af Mr. :tn.l Mrn. Frapk W A N T K U - - F I V K M K N "\YIT1I SOM K . · ( " J l l t f i y : v x p f i ' M M i f t ; !n I * c ! i n s y l v : \ n i ; °''' . C u m pencil 11 ifti Si 3 ! i :o S -(flu JUT in o u t !· ( I T I " ' I h n i t ' - i t " u l y b;/ n b i l l t y uf i h o iiiru ; ' : Jr'TKTXOX ' ) l l . , CO., C l t r v c J a H d , Ohio. . n i i . y R. It. O u L l S . M I T i ! . A U o r n . - y . 5jan -Mi.-.t AH iu N c w i n y w r . lii yta,r old lauE.-.-tt'jr '«f G^Tgc .Scn'myor, '/f V ' r t n - i i..-:-i.iH. t vi''tpt-s to Oa.ltliinJ. M«l.. trlth ; J Ttjn r'fl^-'nf 1 "^ o^cxpo j"nm the L " n - ' i ,orUu\vn j u l t and are still at l.irgu. Thfty ! n-akv tiit'ir yc-iau'ay by foroins ;LT. en- i trance i n t o t\. rondeinned e v i l and golnic ( ' · . r - w n . purehaAf-K of !'-. f H r f '-he t h r e e story fmmo ? M i f ' i i i n " - at C-Ti ryi»;vins known as tl'o TTotr: Perry. iy f" WANTLCI--i-AiTct: MAKUFACTUR.- I :f wants rciJi*eirni!'iiveF tn «*·!! u h i r t s , - : :i:n".- i underwcur. i n ^ l e r y . dreasoy. '.^.lij-is. fi'l«m ! Hkirts. din cL tt homes. Wri'.c for free s-.trnpi^.s. MAniSO.v MII-LS. 50C Broad- Way, New Yorit City. JCiecnlrix'M .Notice. i'. 1 ". Al u rit'i .n, A i: orti c K H T A T K uv K I W A J l f I A YKS M A i : - j iuill. Hiciu^ui|. I.cltcrs U-sLaiu-*ni!ary; T, t h e estate of K d w u r d l l a v s -VarsnaH i of th - - ' - ' ' j,-ninio.l t o y Is. Porter it Cnmip.i r ^.1 parity. ; o u t t!i raii'-^h the Tt Vill be very mi:ch to the discredit . inn duirc'n Sunday ;nirnins, of Connellsviilc IE any person affecied: 1 ^ Church" ·l'nTM'l^'wc~c*dii ly any oC the fuel or food conservation j ^ tCLI V ^^ ^ n ' " irr resulations become.-; so persistent i n ) : s M . D u r i n p LI their violations of them tliat it will b e l b m c t j . _ N ^ . .. . necessary for the administrators to j f^un-d dearf^n^Vri ^vnis'*mil*'rite exercise the authority vested in their JMomlay. \Vhcttier i-. eonnmltiM HU office. On the whole tbo restrictions t or ilir-ii s! n. brokcif :sc;irL is nor known. T K i -- l . A L M K S -- A F K \ V H O C K S drneiisod. hav; i V i - i ' U l y pel l i n t ; n u r w i * I l - k n o u - : ! l i n n of und^rsm-nctl, ii'.lic.-' is IM're by p i v n i c v;i--l}:iMi! r u b r i c s w i l t hrin;v n c o m f o r t - '"'! P'"rsnn;i i i d t - h i o t i Lo n i i f d e s t a t e t i i til.-; liiconi' 1 . W r i ! ·: for frt-o tsarnplcM maltfi i m n T s d l a t o f o i t i c n i c t i t . and to uid j i a r i f f . r i l a r : : . Send r-jfcrcncew. OLt? i^ li.-M-jn;,-- i-lnlm* .-(trftin:,! t : s r .s.inif .-'JUUNY T K X T i L K :O., ^'JS J. liroail- to present tht-m. p r o p e r l y a u t h e n t i c a t e d , .i-ay. .V. V. Co2-9' f f 'f f M t l c m c n r . K L K A X O K MAJiKH.M.L THOMAS, t l s o c u r l x . O n u e l l ^ v i i l e . in . \VA.NTK1J- A K t : BIO pt-rfuruiiS. I -.ip »a-,v stand*: ;u : ^tj *4,0i»o «"as con-ti-i- ' "' |:1S fnr Hie- W.-.-K i| fn-f. LACASKIA.V Ca., D«pt. U j u l ^ . Mu. 2 f e l H IH\ori- N o d i e , I a j imposed have been accepted in good " p }"TM* °f --·· ! wc '' k I I'lrectors of t l i c bank . do- ; WANTI-ID--ANY K I N D OF ions inc:. w h e t h e r i t ia a callhiK card, . b i l l or the tlru-Ki en« raved w a d i t t i '»n;i; I n v i t a t i o n or a n n u u r . c a n i e r n . V»'e n r t n lory any thine:--everything---^o it p r o n i v t l ] ft'tfl and do it ri^nt. Call tne man :it THJ- |cocan-:u omco. Hotii phones. 2?- F«jCOTUl X, .:t an eit;!it . , j IT. r*itiH i'niini)H wi ie.w Haven, and : oanK and ofiicf . ^ u t i f . i n c r n-ys s^.Le spirit and compliance tlierewitn nasj brotlier William, of "I'Trjontwn, sold i*i mature on Brimst'iiio corner. j.-^^.v v ». tt .-. t . vtil t "". been fajrlv general Unfortunately, i Uio tmrfucr: -' tho-Jr on aoro farm i n ' Jtrs - 5I "- t ' r BHzaheth rn.ltc*' hfv,-r n K-K , . . or however, Jxceptioiu- have been report-1 Wa^^county u, .loim c. Calvin at |£TM rta « af th(1 Carnftpio free LU.r- _ ..^JLI^TM. !^ ed^amons those to whom the "light- 1 ' 'i^ami^^rs. Fr.unfc llcriratii ccie- | -V Jo«ojh M' Porryopoiis l.-avw on 2 7 J^|; irk1 e tE sJ i: '" Pi;il * NIS " K ^ less" night order bus application. ; brate tholr tin wi^Min^. " ' nu'inc-snn jjim-lttyti for Coiiwtf.ntiiiopif. i " _' ^j , *· .From-.the action oC · the Fayetie ,, AibJana _s. (m r mn :- wif« or HUPJ. J J« r 5«\ ^. K ^;VL; 1 , ^.l fp ;..J t. .!^ ! _ KOi't.m-:NT r: oxi3_oiiTWO OKFICKS. £ . County Fuel Administration, in requesting authority 10 discontinue the Camtron, dies In "Xcw wu ywirs akl. Kdwu-rd Cllsf.-. -1.",, i iva s : r.'atly to pay j ."!!»· m«3t le a»bout 1-t and "nlct; i at h-i« home in i S" rh| cl to io-ok at." r.. T. C h a m b e r l a i n . A t t o i - n o y , K A T J i l i J t J N I i KOSTAN^KI VK I J H I L K n n t a f i K k i . J n thfc Court of C o r n ! rno;i 1'U-ns- *if K.iyiutc C o u n t y , P.i., Xo, E'JV1;;T- 3 3 P Iioc?r.ibcr Ti-rm, 1317. To P h i l l i p Koi;t;.nski. r^ajiondunt, yon arc hen*by n - " i i n « : - j :h:ti t h t : Kubpof:ia, find a l i n ^ K u b p t i " n ; i ir. t h i s case linvc. bocn r e t u r n - - | ·M ";on esi i n v c n ! ti?," you ;ire tJu-r«- i - f"m n - f j u i r e d to a p p e a r in the Conn of · · Common rjp.iS nf F a y u t l f Counly, 3';i., · ! f o u r t h M o n d a y of Frbruury o( j \ s;tid r.ourt, !?15. to imswi-r t!i; libr-1 .-in i l l I c o m p l a i n t (ll*-d therein, n:id s l i o w r:mse i ? if iiny you hav.-. why ;t divorce f r ; : : - . ' » t h f b o n d s of matrimony f-'hnuld IHM in' · j: L»il LJ- F. \\". WOOLWullTIl CO. electric sen-ice to the habitual viola-! Arcii tors of this regulation, it is plain t h a t ; o ' ( ^ this body "proposes to see that obcdi-. Dr."jam« fuller dies at the res-donee · Michael uarr. SO encc to the order is to be without ex-! of the* Fuller broUu-rt; aL Perryopolis. , '-»*· homo of h i H son, .lames S. L-arr, th PiliMhupj: street. F O f i I t W . V T -- KitUNT OFFICES O.V Jlttls-teail dies smidonly at second dun:- of Hutm KVIUIH b u i l d - ?5Ls homo [n Cin-olnnati. Hc .T Jnf,-. Inquire of HAJ1RV LJLJ.VX. b r c - i h c r of \Ville* TraKLpad of tbl Id, HOS. L. I!O1V,U:I'. Jamiury ^-t. l ; M ^ . ··.T :·· C h n r l f r Nodrr. FOR '!OU KENT--CMC EIGHT CCption. K such a Btop becomes c ^ '^ ^/^^ o^Dunba- towiwhlp I ""'"·« Carncirlc" llcro K u m l commission fatt-srson anil C!i»istn»i «tr«ct. I i i q u i r . necessary it w i l l meet \vitb. public ap-| puren:tscs ofl - J o n r i A j n i n n U)t . Samuel ! contributes $^r,,nofl to Oarr M i n e U c l i n f , S. W. Goodman. Yough HOUS'J. 2' proval, the sentiment being that no', j u n k f a r m \- ^ r - a n s u i i i t o w n s h i p con-j F t 1 I u 1 ' kr*nj?lnK total to f Tit noo. person to whom the order appliesu^-mns 3« jwrc*. ft-r *1S.20«». : T- T. TlwmnB. cr McKo^pon i rt n,,. XOTICK I H H K U K H Y i M V K X T H A T i ^ j j u i : i p p l l c « t i o n w i l l 1"- m u d c ;.» i lit; ^ . d:iy of February. " l i ' l S . at 10 u . - . . . · » ; ! .A. M. by A l i - s a j j i H - r i:.'u:iy. .1. AV. l l i . i w n ! and l l f i l e n Uonuy, u t u i v r t h e A r i of A M - i nembly e n i i l l o i l . "An A r t t » jirtivii!,- ( , : · { I'Ori H10XT-- l-\Mi:,r OK I C O ACHKH. Cl1 '-' i!n.-or]joniliij!i »ml r r - t n l u t i . M i . - f ; I join l HK bnron]jrli of Scot tfeilo: \ v i - l i f?rta!n e · · r ; j u riiiioiiP." : ; i ' J r n v , d A P I - 1 1 j fC,\- i h c h a r t e r of .HI Well, that is a ;)retty liard matter to fis'ire. February is often quite wintry. March weather has a reputation for being vile, yet notwithstanding, merchants abou; (.his time of tlie year or earlier, provide for spring anil summer goods. Now is may seem out of place to advertise spring goods, but the Union Supply Company stores take this occasion to a n n o u n c e ihat our spring goods are already coii'iins in. goods; thai were bought three, four, and six months ago, and to complete our pnrcha^ts for spring our buyers are now in the market, sn look out for displays of spring goods at. our stores. There an; very choice lines of early domestic dry ^ofids. there are choice and extensive lines of made-up garments for women, misses, and children, suits, wraps, etc., there a: 1 -: choice and extensive lines of material for women and children's garments. Most too early to give you a fail description -- t h i s IK only a. synopsis, principally to let you know that it is time to prepare for spring rai- m e n t . There will Ii? novelties coming in daily in every line. We parti''iih.r!v \vsnt to call your attention to the very a t t r a c t i v e stock of skins fov women, shirt-waists for women, and 10 the very extensive H u e of new stvles in ribbon. 63 Larze Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. If you want one for next Summer. I can make immediate delivery- of. FORDS, although I cannot promise delivery next Spring. Everything is in your favor---cars will not be any cheaper and deliveries more uncertain later; and the { FOKD car is the only car that has not advanced in price. \ 4 | The same quality that you have always expected--the greatest automobile value at last year's lowest price is still yours if you place your order NOW. 1'riee of Touring t'nr §.'{60.00; liunnbout $345.00; Chassis $325.00. f. o. I). Detroit. Delivery anywhere in Dunbar, Franklin, Connellsville. Lower Tyrone, ?a;t Lick and Springfield Townships; Dawson, Dunbar and Vanderbilt Boroughs. i N'KST r i £ A \ V K O I t » AVOTE. In ,/. 11. S'linii- wtaw d o n a r t l mipriM-fd. w i t h t u i u m t i i d ! H l o n A p r i l 1. 1!'1S. W i l l rent f o r trill continue to give- stnct adnereuce i i t o cwncter- Azranfiiclan lias rouelvcd ! °f !ouUi to the requirements ot tho order. They subscriptions to Ui« amount of !os for \rthnr R. MUlor. an n- r.-i.-\t i "realize, as all good citizens do, that Ul * ; P«n«*e of esia-bjiPhing- 3 Jewish Jin«r ! « « » * « . s u p r i n t e n d e n t at Lei- K ""^ n!r -^ o - · su^ce . . . . . cemetery i n Fayetto count v. the unu?ual measures tbat have been | _ _ taken are in the interests of the public; ' K K I D A Y . P'-'RIH-AHY 4. i«is. i 1:i * l * nl !*"*· to-year oiii «jn M welfare and; accep'ing it as their i n r - . ])e^i.ik-.i report 'if tho Conncllsvilie ; a n. llKt ^" T "" ! ' ^Ofin^nc^r^iis * homo' t ticular duty, t h f y are'complying \vill-i t -* i} :fl '«.nnic ior th« M-eek e n d i n g Jar: "" ; ( "-ecii"bury * ingly anu chcerfufy. A l l pjraons are [^ ^!;,^ ^'"^^^·'^""SLl.l i - -=--= = not moved by the same unselfish a n d ' a n a :!.rnm Mic -if .a cnmi osiimjuwi i FOK SALK-" r,ots IN"IIROWN-S- ^: h " I R I 5 ,^'' : ^"S.n 1 , vlllo. Or wl'.i trade for house and l o i i i v ' Ul ' ; '- nl 1! ' nk B " In C'mrut.-llbville. Address "LOTS" c^ry Courlor. :fob3t-soj- Solicitor. Kccnin! ; i tons. POU P A N K -- S I X CHBSTER-\VHTTK pigra. G i t o d :"tock. Vr'«ii;ht 7D to S'.i pounOs n:u-h. Pnc« JM.OU. F ' R A K K K H K N U V . Sta.- Uuult. Scoitdali'. r."ll I'hon.. i'0«. /i-5. I f e h S u l * Pu?»l!c Notice. crcctiid. thcrenn one t i l e t 2 5 U fcict ot I J . R. f.. slulnir. On Inivcrl street in C o n n e l i f v i l l i i . "Would niaki 1 .1 roiinilry. twa m l i t , m a n l i i n e Blvip patriotic niolives:. Some arc always : output oi" ^ ready to tako atlv: ntape of every cir- 1 . ,^' I ""'" J curastauce withoui crmSWering also ; p;^sr,ur" =.sn4 car.: to points "w«t i i tial ttey are lakiiig risks. ] 3.s^;; mra. to points oast or cnnnciis- U The. food aact f-.iul resulatipns ap-j v i l l °- T.- 151 c;ir?. [^ P T io S to S u,h ^non, as ««.el«. i J^r*,,« "^v'lE^S 11 ^,^ ana unnecessary. tiii behcr ia enter-, to hoia otlico nnir. ha TCP'-IVOA (.(ncial i WANTED -- YOUR talned (list ibey .(re also nneuforcc-' J=«iw or rh,. tcnr.i-adon or h's ^rr. jbu 9 in» s . BEXPtXE-.--. ^_ . ^ _-_--. ( j di , coii] |s m|neii n n d r?movl . d anli able and witllOBl penalties for licit ' Jacer* or £^"- .V.j «« r- n - 0 - ' WANTED--PAirrOHY GIRLS AT' LOST--SOMEWHBHE IN' BUSINESS jfub'.,...-. ;o an- ether term:! .ir.d c o ^ U i 1 " H i . Tnore bid btva Co (Usposi- v*t«-i'i"i-^^liii IL-I- m=-a!inri V - I-M, r i TP.l-STATE CAXDT CO. I f e b - t W ! liistrlct. broooh s^t w i t h diamonds an.I tiouc sst r.r.rth in the n g r r c u t n s be- .»i-.i.i i.. a io» a.r_.n....iui".i b.. i - . - i l o r . K i . j r u b l f i . Rowird If rtturn?d to Courier twe::n lh« partl«9. « copy of wnich la i t - , Wanted. j or laundry. Address M. J. H O H M , Can- BARBBIIINU ! !,,,«, BY nrnF.CTtuN OK AN ORDER O K I t l i p ('ourl of ijorjuv.rin Pli;ns of i'*ayett"j i . - u u i a y . 1101:00 u- l i c r r ^ i i y !4ivpti ihul it j and of !!'.'· HoiiS'i "f K i u p l o M n r n t f o i - j r.' B '«Ojloi!:r^nt.-.l''"i» i.aM .;.'ur'-. and (ilu.l :,( .Vo. ; i i v , m w i i h ; 'S-* ^l.arcU Ti:rni. 1 ' J i b . f ^ n t y m s ·"·· ·'ourt t n c o n f i r m a sale or !«;iv- L-y s.iji) s t i p p c t o r H of the PHtsburw or n i n e foot v p t n »i;"co/il tm'JcrlvJDK' tho c o u n t y h o m o f n r m . · · x r - p L c e r U t i n rcstrvtul portions thsreof. w i t h fill! ruid v.u:iplr*lc m i n i m s r l R h t s , t i CtfOvKv M'hyt-1, :it a price «r con:-Id "rat Ion of $5,CO') pec acre, payable ineil and rpmovt'd. arui Overshoes in every size and style to suit any shoe. Arctics, Gum Sboes, Gum Boots, Feit Boots and everything in Rubber Footwear. First Quality only. na^f J?. P. Eoy:s a* . '- T ^- ^--^ : lie-atsrw-nt colonel. t/oa upon i£f per-, of '.he -admlnistra tor* ta niiitf- buraensouie exaciions of ,,y 0n e. Thiy «r- properly can.^i.S.^-^^"-, l i Q W f v e r . ;!i»t wh! «· thi; r f s t r i c t i v r or- r:'.vi-'. i ; i n r : r n n a 9 t p r . Dflra iltrs may work i.-.nporarv biirrisiiipf snvscuu. lr. \vili:a!n"c*:n«-c WAITED -- LA.C.VDKY B.U-Tti£ORE HOUSE. WOatA^ 1 . · ipiru o( :h of WAXTED -- IIHUM'ASHET*. AT Sjan-tfd . THOPTC PKSlTtrX'.i ' IN'iSTRl'CTIO'N^; ; , t in .-".H'cinl pr;ii;ir:itiniir: :*.ir tlie U f i r l j j i t u i - f ^ s t r i ! K l » KT1-IXO- j s p r i n g 'isp-m^na.liorts, f a l l 01. n r H.tjrfrti»5i j |iy nnin? p ( y a f T l i f - j . f . r. pKAfTM. A. M.. 2 ; 7 TTr^r. P*tt.«r- [ flrm,-»tion :ac)!fd ^ 0 . anlil petition, anil tht piibliu heating- on 9atd pf,-tnion ~tll ..-| ·^^·r.?"!'!rr*""*rjv i !.£!.··!.··-·····'--··'·.' · ^"^»». ·--».-- . _ ^--.-._,,, ,.,.., - -J=^=X=-L htlcl before t h e eottrt. in courtroom Xo. | . S^^iX'^^'^^S^I^^^f?^ ^^;\l- PATRONIZE HOME 1V1ERCHANTS ' f viocU. «i «'.icl, r s t r a w i t ; D C I i f T t r o . s , cr?.uh"r: r*;: , K T A T K rxx ~n. WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. I

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