Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 23, 1976 · Page 104
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 104

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 23, 1976
Page 104
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What's happened to words in rock music today? By Jim Cirnes The question man returns. A reader from Charleston has written to say: "The next time you decide to run a questions-and-answer column, I would Ike to have an swer column, I would like to have Barry Manilow ever make an appearance either here or in Huntington? I would really enjoy watching and hearing him perform." Your answer is this: Entam says there are no. plans at present to bring Barry Manilow to either Huntington or Charleston. Some concerts you may want to look forward to, however, include Yes, backed with Poussette-Dart Band on May 30; Earth, Wind and Fire on July 9, Dan Fogelberg on July 23 and Linda Ronstadt on Aug. 13. Tentative dates are set for ZZ Top on June 14 and Kiss on July 14. Just because Manilow isn't currently scheduled doesn't mean he won't appear here. It just means i^l be awhile. A reader from Hugheston wants Freakshow to know about a catalogue of import records. He writes. "I read both your 'Freakshow' column and your reviews regularly, and have noticed your occasional refernce to the avant-garde foreign bands, such as Amon Duul II and Draf- twerk, of which I am in ardent fan. As you no doubt know, many of ..these performers--Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Magma are prime examples--are represented in part or entirely by albums available only on imported labels. The Schwann record catalogue does not contain these listings, which makes it nearly impossible to keep up with new recordings' releases. Do you know of any catalogue of imports equivalent to the Schwann? Such a listing would be invaluable to a collector of 'Kos- miche Musik' like myself." This man's answer goes something like this: No, I don't really know of an import catalogue equivalent to the Schwann. I do know that there are import catalogues, and one I'm familiar with is the Jem Records Import Catalogue. The 1975 Jem Catalogue costs $1. It's available from the company at 3001 Hadley Road, P.O. Box 362, South Plainfield, N.J. 07080. Various record distributors also publish or handle import catalogues, . but these are not generally available to the public. Record stores which sell imports have access to them, however, and may let you look. Nothing I've come across, however, is as thorough or as constantly updated as the Schwan.. f- I am less able to help a young lady who wrote some time ago saying, "I recently purchased an album by the group lOcc, after hearing their Art for Art't Sake on WVAF. I seem to be enjoying the alburn; the band has a very tight, electronic sound. The season that I say I SEEM to be enjoying them is that there are some cuts on the al- bum that push me to the edge of musical Nirvana while some of the other cuts make me sick. . . Here is what I want to know: Who in the heck are they? Where are they from? What are they? All in all: Huh? Thank you if you answer me. If you don't answer me, oh well . The answer is: lOcc is a bunch of English guys who sometimes make very sophisticated music, /'m JVo« in Love was an absolute gem. I'm Mcmdy, Fly Me from the new album and Head Room also are good cuts, but if you've listened closely to them you've noticed a little perversity in the lyrics. These boys often get a little, uh, dirty, shall we| say. But they always do so with' tongue in cheek, which is the best place, I guess. I can't even tell you in this column how they got their name--or what lOcc is--though I wish I could. This is a family newspaper, remember. So quit asking questions like this. » One last question, this one from a reader down in Cabell County: "What's happened to words in rock music today?" The answer: What do you mean "What's happened to the words in rock music today?" There are some excellent lyrics in songs these days. Why, Silver Convention has turned out a couple of absolutely wonderful tunes. The first was something called fly Robin Fly That was the title and all the words to the song. Now, they have something called Get Up and Boggle. Its lyrics consist of "That's Right!" repeated seven times, "Get up and boogie" said a total of 15 times and the word "Boggle!" shouted six times. I ask again, what do you mean what's happened to the words in rock music today? WOWK tops local election coverage By Jay Fredericks I was working election night and so didn't get to compare the handling of the returns on the area stations but several people who did have told me that WOWK-TV did a superior job of covering the primary and if any orchids were going to be handed out, the bouquet ought to go to channel 13. I understand that WOWK didn't hesitate to spend money on staff and that it had correspondents at the headquarters of all four major Democratic candidates. My informants tell me further that WSAZ-TV did its usual competent job of election coverage but nothing spectacular and that WCHS-TV came trailing in a dismal last. +· Well, it just goes to show you. Here I was complaining last week about Gordon Jackson, who plays Hudson the butler on "Upstairs, Downstairs" not getting his proper recognition and being nominated for an Emmy and lo and behold who gets an Emmy on Monday night's telecast? You guessed it -- dordon Jackson. My only excuse is that there were so many categories in which awards were to be presented -- 39 1 pages of them --.that I completely overlooked the one in which Jackson was nominated. Anyway, I'm glad he won. " " By the way - since NBC's "Saturday Night" carried off at least four Emmies at the awards -best writing, best direction, best performer, best variety series -you think the moguls at WSAZ-TV might arrange it so viewers around her could get a look at this show instead of some stale old movies? »· I see by the papers that some of the more paleolithic legislators up . . .at the State Capitol are whooping and heaving about educational television and saying they're not going to vote education TV any money until it stops using grownup language. I think what it is is that the word . "educational" scares these servants of the people. They're afraid the voters back in their home districts might get more educated and then the legislators would be out of a job. I saw the pilot recently for a new Western Series, which is on the fall schedule and if the rest: of the shows can live up to the first one, it ought to be a pretty good series. The show is called "The Quest" and it's about these two young brothers searching for their sister, who was.kidnaped by Indians. The pilot, a two hour movie, was a little cluttered, but basically it was well done. The western town depicted wasn't the neatly manicured village of a lot of cowboy series, but a dirty, muddy, raw looking town. And the girls down at the dance hall were shown to be just what western history tells us they were -- prostitutes. Brian Keith, in the role of a crippled ex-gunman, was excellent in the pilot -- his best television performance in a long time, as a matter of fact -- but unfortunately he won't be around when the series starts in the fall. 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