The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 12, 1964 · Page 16
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 16

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1964
Page 16
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16 64-863. X V3 fu, THE OTTAWA JOURNAL WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 12. 19V 1AL- tJ.IJ. .! ' taL.!- yrno noias rne yynipr By GORDON DEW All fet Tbeournal ERIC WINKLER (C Grey-Bruce), Chief Opposition Whip, asked in the Commons Tuesday whether Ontario has been given the veto power in any future amendments to the proposed national pension scheme. He got no answer from Health Minister LaMarsh and some people wondered what he was talking about He was talking about a paragraph in the minister's white paper on the scheme which stipulate that "any amendments of substance, which would affect benefits, . contribution rates or the size and management of the pen ion fund, will take effect only if they are consented to by two-thirds of the provinces having two-thirds of the population of Canada?? A touch of s 1 m pi e arithmetic makes Mr. Wink-tor's question clear. ' Canada has a population a bit in excess of 19,000,000. Two-thirds of this is, rough-ry. 12.666,666 people. . . Ontario has a population in excess of 6,500,000. Hence, even if nine-tenths of the provinces (all but Ontario) agreed to any amendments, they could not .have them passed If Ontario disagreed. They do not contain two-thirds of the population. ' Quebec, Is not in the same position, with its population only approaching 6,000,000. But Ontario and-Quebec together comprise almost two-thirds of the Canadian popu-J latloo, - ; . They could not deal with any amendments, however, . because they are not two-thirds of the provinces (it would tike seven of the 10). Perhaps there never will be any amendments to the ' pension plan once it is pass-. ed. If It is passed. There has to be 100 per cent agreement among the provinces for Hi initial pas- sage in the Commons. ON THE LIGHTER SIDE. "T Parliament's front lawn wtU see tonight one of the mora . garish shows of its time. : For the second time this Summer, MP's and members of the' Press Gallery will :j clash in Softball game. . - Unlike anything m the past will be the accompany ing t hoopla. .-,.-( - ,. ' The Troubadour Drum Corps, international award : winners, will provide the ' necessary kind of music for ' a wild battle of this sort' while the Majorettes wilt at-j: tempt to distract spectators" . from the bloodshed. ' The more or less annual,' ' and sometimes semi-annual game, has , been going on since early in the century. , PIANOS SON. UMITCO 358 Bank St (at Cooper) Somehow, the MP's manage to win most of the time, but the Gallery managed to establish a winning streak of one game four years ago. They hope to stretch it to two!? t CANADA'S TROUBLES with fabric imports appear to be increasing, ' particularly with regard to Japanese products now finding favor on the Canadian market. Finance Minister Gordon was asked In the Commons last week when he would make a report on the latest negotiations between Canada and Japan concerning voluntary Japanese restrictions on their exports to Canada. He said 1 would do this within 10 days.' But word has already leaked out that the Japanese are not too willing to hold down' their exports and will agree to nothing toss than a 20 per cent increase over last year's exports in the field of wool fabric. This remain a voluntary matter under a so-called export surveillance system and is not a guarantee. It could mean trouble to the Canadian fabric industry, since the Japanese have been sending in high-quality cloths at lower retail prices than cari' be offered by Canadian producer. . Carieton Place Crash Hurts Seven CARLET0N PLACE (Special) Seven people were taken to Carieton Place Hospital by pass im, motorists and an ambulance after a head-on eolllalo on a bill top of Highway five mile south of her. :. . , - Hotelman Charles V. Tanover, SI, of 20 Queen Street, driver of a late . model convertible. is m serious conditio: with a fractured aou, skulL bruised eyes and rib. . " ,.; t Two hitchhikers (toht Ottawa. Donald Crow, XT. U It Jajne Street, had lace cur and several teeth knocked out) Gary Irtsb. 17, 201 Ilorence ttreett thrown out of the car from th back seat, hai' injuria, to both legs and knee. ; ' . y-- Driver of the second car, O. E. Townead. S3, of Queen Street, Carieton Placetreceived a broken nose, cut So the face. and left leg. " ; -i I. His wits, veorgloa, has a fractured collarbone and facial lacerations. jf ' . " ; rt Two glrls. VaJerle Tudor, 11 daughter of Mri. Thelma Tudor of Carieton - Place" and L y a Thompson, 1. daughter of Mr. and Mr iGlen Thompson of Carietoo-'piice, were ta the ear. Valeriet tuts 4ac cuU and aa ami Injury; .lorn, lace bruise. Both gitir wet- released. ' : CoMMbJ jP- M.( Wallace, W. LowryaBdJt."J..Curti.of Perth!-deteclMSrem -of tb Ontario Provincial Police invest i-gated. CHIEF EXPORTS ' AUCKLAND Most Import ant exports of New Zealand are butter, cheese and meat Out ol Respect . or Our Late President UlflCOLLE the Plant and Offices of BAHNAIR oi CANADA 1900 Ogiivie Road, Ottawa , will be closed all day . Thursday, Aug. 13 ' 7 Required bnmedlately by DEPARTMENT Of v DEFENCE PRODUCTION, OTTAWA " Tht duties require experience In: organization,- procedures, survey techniques, methods, work ; measurement, inventory management, lay out, ' material handling, data processing. Salary: $7,560 to $10,700. ' Experience will determine the level at which appointments will be offered. ' Further Information and application forms may be obtained from DISTRICT OFFICES OF; THE CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION OR BY WKITINO TO THE CIVIL SERVICE COMMIS- SON OF CANADA, OTTAWA 4, PLEASE QUOTE COMPETITION NUMBER DOUGLAS FISHER " i Sees Press Bias I n Liberal Favor "Viclou interpretation" and; general party bias" are the main causes of friction between press and politicians. So said Douglas Fisher, NDP member for Port Arthur, to a group of elementary and high school teachers at the "News paper in the Classroom" work shop at Carieton University. Politicians like to receive space in the newspapers, . he says, but they are bothered by wnat tney feel is often Inac curate reporting and so they harbor a certain distrust for reporters. ... I : This distrust then finds an outlet - in " "petty" bickering over what was or was not actu ally said and the Interpretation of the relevant remarks. Mr, Fisher say 'that there is a Arm belief oa Parliament HU1 that the press b pro-Liberal to the extent that about M of the 75 active Press' Gallery member are reporting with Liberal This, be feels. leaves the Ca nadian public without to unbiased political reporting' that they require to make intelli gent decisions, x : The' result of this support. he maintains, is that the Liberals, who pride themselves on their ability to manage" the news, are irritated when they are criticized. 1 , One of the results of this "a. ' r a. . BBBBaja, , at political leaning on the part of a portion of the press ha been the attempt,-aince 1961, to concentrate on the tearing down of the Conservative and John Diefenbaker. - A great difficulty encountered by the press reporting from Ottawa he feels,, arises when the reporter are loathe to criticize their contacts in the government '.who provide them with "vital information. r sr m lw ij' ar ar i !". ! 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Nytand-er will leave Canada for Accra early In September. , He ha beea in Canada since April. 1961. when the High Conw miision was nrtt eiiaoiiwwu-. It is likely he will be re-assign-; ed to a n P r"i rjves in CbB- 4 MEN - WOMEN imfrov your ftr aaaf , etudilionin't Uk af no "f - . BASELINE ROAD AND W00DR0FFE AVE. . QUEENS WAY EAST AT BLAIR ROAD OPEN 10 AJYL TO 10 fJ. DAILY ISOmETRIC tAtKij.c ram only IS Meondi torfKhm ana near - . . Available at pb-r toco! booksf or. PRENTICE-HALL OF CANADA ITU. SATURDAY 9.30 AJW. TO. 10 P. NL. NO DOWN PAYMENT! USE YOUR FREIMAN CHARGA-PLATE 2 . KEW mil ill 0 11 1 r SUPER-STRENGTH U WW l ura fit :i rn m m THESE TIRES GUARANTEED BY FREIMAN 'S AGAINST ALL ROAD HAZARDS SUPER STRENGTH POUND FOR POUNDSTRONGER THAN STEEL NftT FrnKinxAY an A nt tirf : 1 .but rtQ3.1U3(jTft1,Mi FULL 24-MONTH QUALITY GRADE 7 v V FREE TIRE ROTATION L--xA FL00a FRONT -v Ideal fot aU car finishes. Cleans and wax easy operation. MATS MATC1IING REAR. :3.77v2.77:-.; Full door-to-door contour mats. Tough dur- :-able rubber . .... will not slip. Three colours, to choose from. si"c::iz vista c::e-step CLEANER WAX In one U 1 f r,

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