The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 1, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1918
Page 7
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY i, LSIS. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLJj}, PA.' L · I · "That Is "what 70x1 You know better.*' to believe. He leaned back in his chair and considered her under his heavy brows. Xikfcy gone, perhaps to- Join the others who, one by one, hnd fell ' ] On what the messenger had told him jNikty hung its hope of success. This .was, briefly, thac he should go to the Wai shooting box at WedeUng, and should go, not to the.housB itself, but |to .the gate keeper's lodge. , Here he 'the steel of the terrorists. And tnI3J' wa ^ to leave his machine, and -tap at Birl. on whom so much hung, sitting · th e a oor . Qn its being opened, he TVHS there, a figure ot' young tragedy. "Highness," he salri at last, "If the worst bus happened--and that I do not believe--It will be because there,; !s tronble, as you have-said. Sooner or later, we who love oar country must make sacrifices for It Most ot all, those In high places win be called upon. And among them you may be n.sked to help." "I? 'What can I do?" But she knew, and the chancellor saw that aha knew. . ssalSi "It Is Karl, then?" "It may be Kin? Karl, Hedwtg." Hedwig rose, and the chancellor got heavily to his -feet. She was fighting for calmness, and she succeeded' very well. After all, if Jfikfcy were gone, what did it matter! Only-"There are so ninny of yon," she said, rather pitifully. "And you ar» all so powerful. And against you there Is only--me." ."\Vhj- against ns, highness?" "Because," said Hedwig--"becanse I care for some one else, and I shall care for him all the rest of my life, even li Tie never comes back. You may marry me to wfibm you please, but I shall go on caring. I shall never forget. And ·I shall make Karl the worst wife in ,the world, because I hate h}m," She opened the door and weot' out Tvithout ceremony, because ' she was lard driven .and on the edge of tears. That uight the city v-as searched for *»"ikky Larisch, but without result. ·to say nothing, bnt to give the letter 'to him who opened the door. After :that he was to take the machine away to the capital, some siity mile* farther on. , i The message, then, was to the king himself. For Nlkky, as all the world, knew that Karl, with some Mndred spirits, was at That is, if the Wedeling, messenger shooting, told the CHAPTER VII. Nikky Does a Reckless Thing. 'Jfikky Larisch. had been having ria exciting time. · First of oil, he exchanged garments ·with_the chauffeur, and cursed his own ' truth. Nlkky intended to find out He ·was nothing il not thorough. i When at last the lights of the lodge at the gate of Wcdelinp gleamed out through tbe trees. It was half-pest three, and a wet spring snow was falling softly. In an open place Nikky looked up Tbe stars were gone. I The lodge oow, and the gate keep- .er'e house. Nlkky's heart hammered S3 he left tbe car--hammered with nervousness, not terror. But he went boldly to the tioor, and Knocked. ' So far nil was well. There were footsteps within, and a man. Btepped out into the darkness, closing the door behind him. "You hare the letter?* he uked. . "It Is here." ! "I will take It.' Mkky held It out. The matt ftnn- bled for It, took It "Orders have come," said the voice, "that you remain here for the night. In the morning you are to carry dispatches to the city." Poor Xlkky! With his car lacing toward the lodge, and under necessity, iu order to escape, to. back It out Into the highway I He thought qnickly. There was no chance of overpowering his nAxn quickly and silently. And the liouse not empty. Prom beyond the door came the sounds of xc -n's voices, and'the thnd of drinking mugs on a bare table. "You will take me.up to the house, and then put the cur away until u.orn- ! loog 'legs, which proved difficult to cover adequately. Bnt the chanffeSr's long fur ulster helped considerably, i hig" The exchange was rattier a ticklish Xlkky breathed again. It was go- matter, and would have been more so' Ing to be easy, after all. If only the ·had lie not found a revolver in the j road went straight to the shooting box Cur-coat pocket itself, the, rest was simple. But he Behold, then, Jflkky of the brave prayed that he make no false turning, heart standing over his prostrate prls- i to betray his ignorance, oner, and ronins-hlra, mummy fashion, j "Very well," he said. In his own tunic «nd a rug from the] His companion opened the iloor be- machine. j hind him. "Read}-, now," lie called. i "It is cold, my friend," he' aaldV-The car Is Wro.'briefly; "but I am u kindly soul, and f T WO n ^. K roso f,. om a tll i)ie where ! 1f you have told me-tbe truth, you will ] thov ha(1 i, een sitting, and put on great not have so iirach sis a snuffle to re-i c o a t s O j f ur .- The lamp light within mind you of this tomorrow.'! I q u!verc ,i i n c , vina from the open "I have '.old the truth." j , loor . xikky was quite calm now. : "As a soldier, of fonrse," Xlkky i Hls heart' beat Its regular seventy-two, went on. "I think yon have made * ! nlj!l tf e even reflected, witli a sort of -. Yon slSmld have chosen the j grim humor, that OKI chancellor would :c. But as a private gentle- j and the recital of this escapade thank yon." |much to his tnste. In a modest way ; 'mistake. You si 'precipice, jnnn, I Having examined the knots in the rope, which were very well done. Indeed, and having gagged the chnufteur securely, Xikky prepared to go. tu his goggles, with the low-visored cap and (ur coat, he looked Dot unlike his late companion. But he had a jaunty step ns he walked toward the car, a bit of iwagger that covered, 1 ' perhaps, just a trifle of uneasiness. For Hkl:y now knew his destination, ' iSnew that he was bound, on perilous . work, and tint the chances of his returning were about fifty-fifty, or rather less. He did not know, his wny. Over tn'e mountains it was plain enough, for there was^but one road. After he descended into the jilaln of Earnln, however, it became, difficult. Sign posts wore few and not explicit. Bnt at last lie found the railroad, which he knew well--that railroad without ·- objective, save ns it would serve to .move troops toward the border. After that Nlkfcy found It easier. Uut, with his course assured, other difficulties presented themselves. To take tlie letter to those who would receive it was one thing. But to. deliver it. with all that it ml^ht contain, was another.. He was not brilliant, -was Xikky. Only brave and simple of heart, and unversed in the ways of darkness. If. now, he could open the letter and remove it, substituting--well, what could he substitute? There- were riirarettc papers In Us pocket. Trust Xlkky for that But haw to mate the exchange? The ensine was boiling hard, a dull roaring under the ho.irl that threat- pned tronble. He drew up beside the rond nml tno^r oft the vp.ter cap. Then he whi.-tled. W'-.y. if ri.urse! Had it not been done from time immemorial, ( thid stoaiuiujr of letters? He examined It. It bun IKI tacrLluimuing seal. ; 1 lie held the envelope over the water! cap, and was boyishly pleased to feel: XHtky felt that hi» wa;i making history. The inun v,-ho hiitl received the let ter got into the machine beside him. Tne nthor two climbed into the ton- j neau. Ami. as If to make the denouement doubly ridiculous, the road led straight. JTikky, growing extremely I SEVEN. 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He j '"Sly. ·had. ijeruapj, never heiird of the drop i ,ot uii-ntiuu on the tongii3 of a dog. I j As fur the letter lu elf, he put it, j .without even ginuclas at It, into his! re^r^^^ one of the lamps. It looked, he re- 'cause. TONS1UNE is prepared ana sola Ht-L-leU, us good "» new. · for that one purpose. A dose of TONSI. · He was extremely pleased with him- '. UNE taken upon the first appearano* i letf ; of Son Throat may save Ion? days of \ i Before he returned to the machine * ickne '"'-. ^ a Jj,ttte Sore TEroaf ; wis-j i. cp^ltea his «tdt It TM fl^j o'clock. True, tho lonjj early spring | r G I L J T O the National San Dlgnt gure him four more hours of ; Throat Kemedy-- best known and narness. But tbe messenger waa flue } most effective and most used. look at three, at the hunting lodge in the) Jot tbe long necked fellow on the mountains which wos his destination, i bottle wll "!.3'TM 8° V" * he TM3 I j e w o n l d be, at the be St. -late 1W» J..N. 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