The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 1, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, February 1, 1918
Page 6
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THE DAILT COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, FEBRTTAKY '1, #! "MAGD4.'f-- A famous stage turned into .:»;- screen- -triumph 'for Clara IOmb»n;7TQang, ^ ,t*mous ji£t acreen oeauty,Ifii.T)eing'".presented to- 3 ; f : ' day. Magda aside, from? its.:"general S. : : excellence as a story and its splendid 2j; construction as a piny depicts -~ia gjj powerful lesson. It gives Miss Young ~v perhaps the most forceful emotional J · role in -which she has appeared."" Miss 5!* Young's leading man is Thomas Hold- g; ing who has appeared Jn_a .nnmberjrf ^.r ' ' prominent screen productions. The 2-' J .^ three act ..English stage version made £; ::.;by tohis ff.-jarker.Srhich Mrs. Patrick £·,'' '. Campbell appeared gives the character 3,"- ,--O( Majda its,.(nil.scope as Herman 3TC -- 'xSuderman' 'drew/.ft--' .Miss 3 P 6uhg'*ap- ^ * pears in^the role'of a young girl un- 2 i '^ ^J t * n ' U3 r*? rns '. ont intp-flie world *y an 5J --iiwoearing-iiul dictatorial --father. j£-* She leaves home to "become a 'singer '£; '.-faijd Is;*betrayed 'by-.°a* man--she- _ hna J-'-j "-teown-since «· child: -She succeeds in £l . .J«r ambition^ Received eyerywhCTeaa ./£; ~;»'.great;artiit; she is incited .to .become 2 ; "the guest of honor at the place where £ : .t ..shells Jbort.: Shtt accepts, meets, her i- .'sliter? aha~is urged.'fb return " home. .«£· . 'Th'e"reconciliation with her father is ?,J complete until he lerfrns that she has 2=; "" ie«n betrayed .by Kellner, who is nor "'.·'·-· anxious 1 to marry her. The horrified JJ'JI ... old man grasps at the offer as the one ·S*'-t - naeans of preserving the family honor, i; ": but Magda will-not have it so. Miss j^t Young is beautiful Magda and indi- CS; ".cafes distinctly 1 the phases' of the ~:' character gtvon .her . Tiirnbnll'B ~-: version. The story abounds in strong --;· acting and in addition, affords extra-- : '- ordinary opportunities- for the dsplay H :'·' °* P?? 6 *?" 1 emotional acting. "Magda" -* : - will-also-'be presented tomorrow. . Guernsey, and- ciiorus^took j -eight- em- cores- on a song,- and- the "two -Byrne brqtbers. were compelled-; to: irespond four^times 'to 'reques-ts i. for^a 'reappearance of pAr-Trip'itof Chin'atown." by. Bjrne a-IByitfe and ; theirp;GiddT. Girlies.:: Tfiel companyVis wltliotit';. a douot "Uie-best^'Coime'llOTUlihas 'ever had. TBe-'biU'!fpr. today, ami', tomorrow wiir'-be"O''Miss. ^April'^Fobl,'/? a boiled down version; of "The- Arrival of Kitty.'^andjnade; up,-tp date., Most of thei songs were. .written -by Charlie ByrneJ, The picture-'ifill be -William S. Han in. . prowler of ;the " . Plains:" ..V.ComJBg next .jreek." is -Bob King's Southern Singers, a; company of 10 people. On next Wednesday and Thursday- '/Vengeance, and:. the. "Woman" will be the film attraction. . Smith field. SMITHFIELD, Feb. .1. -- There were three interments in the Baptist cemetery here Wednesday. They were John Hess,. .who died at his home in South' "Union township, Monday; lira. illne Stewartl. who after a-lingering. ^ died-- at" her -home "lii . Point ' ' THE SOISSOK. r : ~^.'A; -WARNING-TO - WOMEN"--The ^-; :^ trenyenaous.'crowds^tttat ;went to-.see ;;; ' ·* the Manhattan Players in;^4. Warning to. i ; at;ithe~Soisson Theatre. . . yesterday if ere loud in ^their praise of [the 'splendid production. The play is £- '« »'·;. ^'.£-: fl: .£1 )·-·· '~ .. y. *'· *4..i ;; '3':- ' 'Iy dificuses birth' control and the les- j '· ""son taught'^rnore than'3ustifles"the au-| .thor's dialogue. "A"~WKrnins to Wom- - en" will be -played at the -matinee and . · jught -performances today.- Tomorrow-only "Across the Great Divide," a thrilling romance of the 'West, will be the play. Monday ;md Wednesday --of--neic- -week- will' -witness another brand_new productipp, "A .Thief in thtTNiZlit," in which tie German spy Jijitieni.wjll 1 be exposed. .."A .Thief in viJSe^asht" is a^p'lay 'with,many un- ^.tusualfleatirea. and a plot 'that will. ) th«~iuaieitce in 'breathless sus- Marion, and one of the twin infants 61 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sw'ane'y.', ot Georges r .Township^ bora .^ Tuesdayl' January .2?. iir. Hess -had, been'i.ii helpless invalid from"paralysis for the past six years, requiring the' constant attendance of a niirse. Mrs. Stewart had tiee'n a sufferer from a dropsical, affection the past several, months. !ner husband; W. L. Stewart .of Outcrop, and two sons of Point Marion, swr- vire. . .. : H. R. Sackett was a Unioniown visitor TFednesday. ; - - · . Alfred'.OTJeil of Uniontown, was a business caller here Thursday. Calvin Clawson'hus moved ..from a farm near Morgantown,.W. Va., to the. T.'D.'Sh'owalter farm near this placej Hey. TV. M. · Ryan says he haii a wheatless and : meatless · dinner- at a Uniontown restaurant,; "Wednesday. He had been called to ; preach · the funeral of John Hess.. On^his.arrival in..Uniontown .he was";_nptine.d by friends of the deceased :that they had decided ;not to have any funeral services. It'being .about the dinner hour he repaired to: a .restaurant._. .to · ,.replenish the inner- man,"with" .the, re- j suit that he came'away as hungry"as '' was before partaking of the Hoover- ized meal. - . -^·' Cameron C. Sturgis of" Anderson's Cross Roads, w'as a business ; visitor Thursday. ; " " ' - ' " ' . " - ' - ' : ' . ' '. Earl .Daftenbaugh of' Bowbod, was a borough visitor Thursday. J[rs. G. M. Grimm visited her- husband at Dunbar, who has; been on the sick Jist. :.-,"" : / : " ' ' . f . . = i -S '· . - . , "3^»n«e,-"TonigKt"there wlirbe.-tlie cus- 'lomary PWdey evening. country store -with BO presents "and a special gift -a magniflcent solid oak library table. \ . :..'."·"""'"" -- '-- -"''':- OBPHETJMTBEATEB. THE "SIIS2T MAN."--William S. : \T,-'i Hart.'tho foremost portray'e'r of west- ·-5''-: «rn characters, will bo seen in "The *-·'**T; - ! Bilent Man" his-latest photoplay made "·· ; * '' vty .Thomas.H. Inc? for Artcratt at this ·fS ^ theater today and tomorrow. .; In this '.;'£'J i_pictnie_Hart wilLhavi'. the role of a ';.«\ miner who has made a rich strike on : 5J ',. tE5 desert and has cone into a small .£ - "forder town .to-record his claim. His '. * j "-ieii ore attracts -the 'attention of the ^prletor of a gambling resort, who 'to rob the -mintr. . . through the cojniivance'pf.:a.' .clerk in Confluence. CONFLUENCE, Cramer of Unamis;was here;jes'terdaT to visit-relatives for a few.-days. ·W.'B. -Jones and spn John/were business visitors to Somerset yesterday. . , · Mrs. Harry Collins of .Ursina^Tiirltr ed friends in town yesterday. J. B. Lytle, who^has .been confined to the house for several days wittf.a lame foot, is able to-be; out--again. tr Mrs. Charles' Watson of. .ConneHi Tille, has .returned home, .fater a visit of.several days with her parents,: Mr. and Mrs. AlvinJBurnworth; . . Raymond:"Reyuolds was in Connellsville yesterday transacting business. .-Mrs:'.Howard Banner of of Cumberland; Md_. t is visiting her father, A. R. Humbert.;- · . '. . Mr. and'-. Mrs; A. G. Nabors .· and little daughter, of TJniontpwn, were in town visiting friends.yesterday.; 1 ' \ . ·'; ££.: !r§5 the. land officeiLThenloUows a spirit- Jtrs/ John Davis was in; Connells- ed. S-i'gorousrarid uncommonly Sensa- jyine yesterday visitngfrends^andshop- tionaL" fight, on the part-of the. miner j'png. ' to recover'. possession of bus'claim. · -during which he is called upon to take the law ^pretty muoh into his own hands. We're" is"~ar~ve'fy""ne!igTv2iiT love story running throughout the action of the ptay.- -Billy West will- be shown in^Jhe-'comedy^ "The_ j Slaye." _ Last night at the Arcade Helen i Steele* was a business caller in Uniontown. yesterday. _ Mrs. GeBrge Prazee; was in Connells- ^viile shopping arid visiting, friends.. The entertanment gi^en^hererjn the Christian chUTchV.last faight "by- "The SunBeanis," ^tEp.'yo.ungfladles, .was ..of a -high j -".chara.cter and._eiici-ted;;much praisel'frb'm aMarge- and" appreciative audience. This Is" a fourth of. a series of entertainments of a Lyceum course. KEEPING SOLDIERS STRONG j^-Early iii ffie wprldTwar_xodJiYetoi]Uvras^seled:ed ~\o fortify tiie" health of soldiers'" 'against" 4Ke "rigors ainii- exposure of banip life- and to help build up enduring strength. -.": .'-» - '·- i«. that actually guarantees the'p'ure quality of Norwegian Cod Liver Oil which is refined in our own American laboratories: It is skilfully-ernulsifcfcd to promote prompt assimilation which is always difficult with the raw . oil Scof^a -£mu£ert.,is- famous for putting powerm the blood- to tftwart coiHs, grippe, r-jieuino,'.;a and lung trouble. It is free from alcohol or opiates. _ ^coU».Bo»»e.31oomficIil.N.J. . . -7 17-3! "BOYS WANT IT AT BARRACKS," ; BAYERS.MARINE Hart Contracted Malaria at ^eraCrnz--Tanlac Fixed ' Him Up. ; .;;'·' NEW COAL DIVERSION RULES Considerable confusion " havifls evening (bite a lot o£ the surplus arisen" from the unauthorized diver-| snow . had been token away. Never lion of coal at different points, the Fuel .Administration has. formulated a definite set of regulations governing --,-. want-vit," declared William. Hewitt, Uc,S. ^Marine, ' Philadpiphia Navy.-;Yard;;,reeently. . . ; · . , ·' . "Tanlac won the boys at the barracks ihecause they know, how it.pulled me through,'' he continued.' "When I got to .New Orleans from V.era systeM-. was"-filled with tropical malaria. .1. was 'only a shadow of myself; .^.'.My appeUte" r'was gone, and I had ^headache and; backache; was^a'ghbBt;- 'Somfi : siid I h'ad anemia---ilobd turning 'to 'water. I'd feel a .little better one day and the next.worse than ever. Just up and down. Malarial poison sapped all my strength. _:I was so -weak I staggered. 'I got;' a .Dig: surprise--found Tan-' lac!'."'That: gbt'meV for 'a comrade, urged mei''to:'.try it. at'.New, Orleans. Now, ~ I-leas .-good .and "'ready.- -"A;.mari's : 'appetite surely rules, his- healtb, ^1'couidn't get enough 1 to eat That broke '.the" sick.'spelt I could see myseif/'picking-.-up,' and -the color coining hack into · my face. .Tanlac made uny system so strong it threw off the 'malaria,' and now. my health's as; good-as the day I. enlisted in the U. S..Navy. Isn't that.saying some- thJngr 1 ··' '· " . - : , · ' . .. ' Tanlac is sold hero by the Connelis- vinelDmgCo. : Tanic .can .also be secured in Dunbar ai D. C. Eason's Drug Store.--adv. ACCODMTAHTS WANTED By Uncle Su at $2,400 to $«JNO Per : : Tear 1» the Signal Corps. : · WASHINGTON.-Feb. 1.---The United States government is in need of several 1 -hundred expert cost accountants to'-nll vacancies in\, the accounts section of-the finance, department of the equipTuent division of : the.,' Signal Corps; War Department, and in other branches, fo'i' p 'duty in Washington, or in the field, according to an announcement, just issued by the United States Civil Service. Commission.: The salaries offered range from $2,400 to J6.000. a year.. Men only are desired. The duties of appointees to the Signal Corps .will consist of. the determination of production costs ot airplanes and airplane, motors, either as, supervisors in charge at one or more of the* several plants, or as assistants; or appointees mar be assigned to dirty in Washington. · '· " ' . . . . · .... j ' Applicants will not be assembled for a written examination, 'but will , be rated upon the subjects' of education and experience, -.s" shown ^by . their applications and corroborative evidence. :. · · · . The commission states that on account of the urgent needs of the service applications for these positions will be -received until further notice and that papers wll be rated proinpjly and ccrtfications niadct as'the.'needs of the service require.. Complete information and application blanks may. be obtained by communicating with.the.secretary of the local board of'civil-service examiners ai the postofflce in. any of the' larger cities or with the United States Civil Service Commission, Washngton, D. C. Re- Intended to Prevent Confusion sulting Proni tie ..Umiuthna-iMd Ckange in DestiHatloHsof Fncl. 'j Meyersdale. MEYERSDALB, Feb. 1.--Thursday morning all along Center street you could see men shoveling snow, and sled, full .atter sled full was hauled away.. This was kept up all day and by this practice ."which lows: provide as foll- 'intende Coal'intended Cor destinations'or side ·'of" a state m'ust not. ibold-iverti bd by state administrators without approval from; Washington.:. · ·... Chairmen of local fuel committees must not divert coal intended for other- communities without the approval ot state fuel administrators. Coal must not lie diverted from one preferred consumer to another except in emergency cases! Coal destined to- .iy-nroduct coke ovens must not foe diverted except in emergencies to relieve human suffer- 5" · ' . . ' .'-. · · - ' ' . . . ' · Coal destined to tidewater must not be diverted except with the approval of. Washington. .Coal- must not. be diverted until arrangements are made to pay for it. CfflCKENFAT Is Too Valnable to B« IVastcii: French Consider It Finest of AHFats. Do. you throw away the body fat of poultry--^big layers of clean, sweet, yellbw fat around the gizzard and found elsewhere arouind the intestines of the chicken? If you do, say spfrj cialists "of tlie United States Repart- ment of Agriculture, you are throwing away fat ; which French housewives, consider the finest of fats for making calces and especially puff paste, and ·which many · American housekeepers .prize for its many., good uses in cookery. In certain New York and other big .cities this 'fat is so highly esteemed that it brings as much as ?L10 per pound. So great is the demand; for this fat that many people make a'business of collecting it from butchers and others who dress poultry before delivering it to customers. Housewives would do well to insist on having it delivered if they buy the was there so much ice seen on build-j ings and if a sudden thaw should come i considerable damage will be done to j property. .The street car has been, snow bound since last Friday and no trips have been made to Garrett for about two weeks. ; . Mrs: Elmer Ecgle of, Berlin 'is visiting at the. home of tier brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Simon M. Bittner. : . . . .J.'M. Black left Wednesday on a business trip to; Washington. j ,Dr. D.' P.. Kurtz ,of.. v Johnstown, is spending'a few days here on profes- sionaUbusiness. . . .Mrs. C..P. Keller of Grantsville, Md., is'a guest at the home ot her brother- in-law and sister. Dr. and Mrs. Bruce TUchiy. .. Mrs. Ida Keim of Salisbury, spent a few days of this week here visiting relatives and friends. Joseph Peerless of Pittsburg, spent Wednesday and Thursday here visiting his relatives, tbe Misses Baer of Main street. · Mias C'ara Wilmptb. left yesterday for a few weeks' visit in Philadelphia and Norristown. At the latter place she will be the guest of her brother- in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph K. Quillman. Ohiopyle. OHJOF5M!,' Feb. 1.--.Mrs. L. A. McHuIIen left Thursday to spend a three weeks' visit with relatives and friends, in Shippensburg. Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Davis were among the recent shoppers in Con- nc'llsviile. Miss Irene Jackson left Thursday for Uniontown to visit for a few days. Mrs. Emma Shipley of Bidwell was .a 'shopper and visitor bere yesterday. E. S. Jackson, spent Thursday in ConneUsville and Uniontown on business interests. Mrs. Cyrus Show and daughtar-in- law, Mrs. B. A Show, spent Thursday poultry dressed. By using chicken shopping in Connellsville and calling fat in cooking they can,cut down the .amount of'fat they must. buy.,for that purpose. To prepare it, try it out in a double boiler or other vessel set in hot ater until the fat Just melts away from ,Ui2 tissues-.and can' : be poured oft. This fat becomes.rancid easily and should be kept cool and .butter, and. used in a 'very.few. days.. Chicken tat, like goose fat, .may be used for shortening in cakes, such as spice cake, where the seasoning used will mask and flavor which the fat might have. It can also he used for frying the chicken Itself or -other, meats and-for warming vegetables, an din. many other ways. WANTASHARE Horse Breeders Hare, Flan to Promote 1 Racing Game. That unless breeders of trotters and pacers are given more encouragement by the»wners of state fairs and race men, the turf game in Pennsylvania and Ohio will be given a setback, was tho opinion expressed-by many mem- : bers ; ot the,Pennsylvania State Association jpf County Fairsj.who met this week in PiHsburg. : ._. '-.'-;"·' .· : . ; -"·A-plan nowr'being - discussed by many members is that the breeder 1 of a-race horse, after Be has sold, his horse to a racer and it has been entered and listed as trotter or pacer, be given a small per cent pt.:the gross earnings' during the time th!e horse is tised as a piirse "entry.' : Thii plan, according to the fair men. would, encourage breeders and' get others to come; into'tfie.''gaine;'"' The^number of marinpe.horses- turned putVduring -the ·past-two: years 'has' falleri: bfT-to an alarming degree. 1 . : . . The question of curtailing^the. racing game, ou account of. the .present war, was discussed. It: was finally'settled when' W.' N. -Bagleston" pf Washington, Pa., offered: a resolution iirging. the memburs to .continue holding"annual fairs and 1 -races. The resolution was adopted. '·"·'· The : Dawsou Fair Association, -the Greene .County Agricultural'.*; Manufacturing Society, ' t h e Waynesburg Fair and'Racing Association are.mem-' berg of the Pennsylvania Falr'Assocla- tlon. Vanderbilt. VANIH:RBIL,T, Feb. i.--MJSS Sara Freed, has returned to tiei* home in Dunbar township, after' spending several days with her sister. Miss Ma»y Freed. . : Mrs. J. E.. Haziett,:Mr.. and Jlrs. W. A. Danner and Edward Strick'ler were recent Connellsville shoppers. The meeting of the Saturday After- j noon Club, which was to be held Sat- I urday, February 2, at the home of: Mrs. JG. B. Roberts, has been postponed ·until a future date, which will be announced later. About 65 invitations have been issued for a Valentine dance to be held Friday evening, February S at the Jr. O. U; A. M. Hall by 'Misses Lilburn Reed and .Aruis Edwards and Mrs. Harry B. Reed, under the naine of the H. B..Club. Music will bo furnished by KiCerle's orchestra. Hours, 8.30 to. i. Miss Ellzaboth Burkholder, principal of the.Vandertat schools has received an ; .appointment; for :a government position at Washington and will leave shortly for that place.. . Mrs. A. A, Koons was a recent out ot town caller. Miss Ardis Edwards has received word that she has satisfactorily passed I the civil service exariiinatibn which; she took at'Uniontown :in November. on friends. Miss Mae Enoy has returned to Confluence after a short visit at her home here. ' · Calvin Bryner was a caller in town yesterday. i . Ed. Marsh and .Thomas Seese, of Bell Grove, were 'busines visitors in town yesterday. ; William Johnson, was a'recent business visitors in Confluence. Don't wait until your-blood-is impoverished and you are sick and ailing;' take Hollister's Rocky Mountain; it will drive out the germs of Winter, purify the stomach, regulate .the bowels--nature's spring tonic-cleaner. Connellsville Drug Co. tonic-cleanser. "Connellsville Drug Co. Straining: to read is positively Injurious to your oyefi.. If. you strain to read you ne«d grlasses. If you come, here for . them the rigrht ones wi.ll be JUted." A. L Tucker, Opfi.D., Optometrlal. 105 South JMltHhorK Street, Conndlwille.. usffiii! 56 Jlelow Zero. ;WASHINGT.qN, Jan. .31.-- The cold wave area today witti -temperatures j of . zero and below exUinded from the! Upper. Lake region of ; Michigan, Wis-.l consln . and- Minnesota ^southward and.] south-westward 'as far as Centra! Okla- j horaa. La Page, .Saskatchewan, reported 56 degrees below zero 1 .. -· : Pay oi Tea;hers :,Vdvancxl. Through granting an;.advaiice of $15 .per month the school board of Nicholson' township hasflncreasedd the scale o£ reachers' salaries toj,.$70 per month i for first, year teachers .and to .$105.. per month for those most . experienced. .alcerbj FOR THBOAT AND LUNGS .X-Cildum comiwund''that will bring r*- iwC In ; many. acute, and, chronic cases. .Proirtdi's ' J n handJest form, a basic r«m- oay hlfi-hly recommended by-scimcfe, Con- talna no harmful drugs. Try. tliem today. 50 cent* a box, including war tax · For BO)O by all Xabon»tocy, A rem#dr for InfftotiouE of tb« u r I n B ry trnct. Pftlulft*. nOD-poilWHOni »nd wilt not itrlctiire. . R»Het*« in 1 to » dura. Tjry our. classified advertisements. ! OOUD MY . Pirtol Po*t l£ d«ired--Trie* *1, or 3 bottlti K.73. THE EVANS CHEMICAL CO., CINCINNATI. O. Extraordinary bargains in Our For 3 Hundreds of Yards 'n Dry Goods at 50 to 60 Per Cent Savings. . Dark and-Light Percales. Fancy Dress Ginghams. Calico Prints of all colors. .1 Lawns,', Voiles, Batistes and Nainsooks. Fancy Draperies and Cretonnes. Toivelings of all kinds. Flannels and Flannel- 'ettes. Silk Taffettas in plain and fancy colors. Silk Poplins, all colors. Crepe de Chines in all colors. All wool Serges in all colors. Fancy Plaid Dress Goods Remnants in Muslins, Sheetings; Etc. Hundreds of other Remnants not mentioned. . Odd iJot of "Women's and . Misses' Scivest Style Coats and Suits Up to $15.00 Values for Odd Lots Men's Work and Dress Shoes Values up to ?4.00, iu button or lace,-all new styles, Sale ST_ § 2 -39 Odd Lots Odd Lots _Ladies f .Fancy Kid_ Shoes IJoys* Overcoats Up to $6.50 values, in. all the newest Up to $6.00 values, j Trench styles, in a in grey, tan,. black, i variety of new col- with fancy tops, i ors. all sizes, . Sale Sale C-Q QP* ! ^ r ' ce Price «P*'»«'*' I. only -- ,. QQ .OU Odd iot of Men's and Young Men's New Upto-Date Suits and O'coats Op to $20.00 Values for Special Values in Odd Lots of Merchandise Odd iot Children's $1.00 Gingham /1Qf» n^ooiM . : Tt«/Vx Odd lot Children's Union Suits, 50c values.--·-- Odd Lot Women's House Dresses, $1.50 values for ,, 1 : Odd lot Women's and Misses' Dress Skirts, up to ?5.00 values ; Odd lot of Children's Coats, up to $10.00 values for '. Odd lot of Men's Dress Shirts, $1.00 values for Odd lot of Men's Working Pants, up to $2.50 values for ^ ·Odd. lot of Ladies' Fancy Voile Waists, up to ?L50 values for _39c _98c $1.98 _69c $1.69 39c Ask for the S. H. Green Trading Stamps PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. BALD HEADS Grow Hair on yuor Bald Head while you wait. This is an honest advertisement. Forsts' Drug Store Bell Phone 41-.T. SCOTTDALE, PA. FITEY Br?fK-- A TW)r T»»T to dot Un an -- · · - · . A. VOTRHT OM IM SO --"Voo KWow TODAV · IS A MEATLESS DAV AND f\-- tVe GOT HAN

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