The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 1, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1918
Page 5
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FRIDAY; FEBRUARY l, lalS. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNKLLbVILLE, PA. EFFECTS Ofg-HOlJR [WOMAN'S NERVES DAY ON RAILROADS ! uinc STRONG SHOWN ffl REPORT BAUI: dlliunu Operating Expenses Are Greatly By Lydia E. PinkhamV I Vegetable Compound. ¥ i Winon*. Minn. -- " I suffered for more increased ; Employe's Q^ a r^,. f rom narvwlsness, and WM SO Dad I COtlld not rest at n i g h t would He awike and get so nervous I would have to get up and walk around nd in the morning would tm all tired out I read-abont Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Com- EXPENSE GAIN 24 PER CENT Coalitions BcUg Abnonul in 1417 Futhcr St»iy Is Keqalrcd to De- t«r»i»e Fenuaeat Effect* «f Sew 5jst*«j Workimg Time Is Btimcod. pound and thought I would try it. My MMMWWWMM Abnormal traffic conditions during the first nine month* of 1917 have made it impossible lor the eight-hour commission, appointed to make a study ot the effects ot the eigh-hour day on the railroads untter the Adamson law, to make any definite recommendations. Major General George Goethals, the chairman, so declared in a report submitted to Congress. The report says: "It will require further study to make anything like a final showing^ Nevertheless, we believe that certain truths regarding the operation of the right-hour lav are now apparent, and .the presentation of such facts as have been collected will be of some service. "We 1 find that the railroads in actual practice have applied the eight-hour day as a basis for reckoning compensation of the following employes: En- ginemen, firemen, conductors, assistant conductors, baggagemen, brakemen and flagmen in road and yard service and generally hostlers. The average number of these .employes was 308,373, which is 17.37 per cent of the total number of railfay em- ployes." These figures, the report said, apply to railroads having an annual operating revenue of $1,000,000 or more an- nnalfr. The percentage of employes in tb« eastern district is 17.69; southern, 17.45, and western, 16.SS. Taking the 1916 schedule as the basis, the law caustd an increased expenditure. of $9S5,S03, or 24.59 per cent, in January, 1917, by railroads having a total mileage ot 104,356. The report continues: "To what extent this change will be permanent we do not know, but a reduction to hours means to tha men that they do not get the wage increase indicated above, and In some cases it means considerable decrease, as where XD«n formerly worked twelve hoars they now work eight hours tor the former ten hours' pay. To the carriers the reduction in hours does not neeeMarily means the escape from all of .the increased cost shown in January. The general change to the eight- hour »hitt has been so recent that it was not practicable for) this commission to undertake a special study of the effect of reduced hours or efficiency. We can make no finding as to how much the percentage ot increase in labor cost shown for the yard service can be reduced. . . . "In road service, actual experience has shown a much less marked change in. operation, but, considering the repeated statement o£ representatives of the railroads that train operation would not be affected by the eight- hour law, the replies of the carriers were somewhat surprising in reveal- Ing hundreds of instances of an actual shortening of the hours of ro:id em- ployes." On the eastern roads in slow- freight service the actual time of engineers on duty is from twelve to thirteen hours per run, and considerably less in the South and West, the report shows. In -both slow and fast freight service the engineers arc running about ten hours a day. Pointing out that the speed basis of the actual eight-hour day is approximately twelve and one-half miles an honfi the report concludes: "A railroad cannot speed up all the freight trains to twelve and one-half miles an hour, including delays, by any universal method. But by close attention to the problem of reducing delays, and with sufficient incentive, the conditions as to hours of work in road-train service can be improved only iy local conditions." ould try it. nervousness soon left me. I sleep weH and feel fine in the morning and able to do my^work. 1 gladly recommend Lydia E. Pinkhsm's Vegetable Compound to make weak nerres itrong." -- Mrs. ALBKKT SULTZE, «03 Olmitead St. 'Winona,. Minn. How often do we bear the expression amongwomen, "I am so nervous, I cannot sleep," or "it seems as though I should fly. " Such women should profit by Mrs. Soltzc'i experience and give this famous root and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, a trial. Forforty yeara it has been overcoming: such senoua conditions as displace; menta, inflammation, ulceration, irregularities, periodic pains, backache, dizziness, and nervous prostration of women, and is now considered the standard remedy for such ailments. Sykes Comfort Powder 5 Heals jffij} TI^ Skin Dawson. DAWEON, Feb. 1.--Otto Haas and 'William Biggs were business callers at Bellevemon Thursday. · j Mrs. Angelina Hoke was calling on i friends in Connellsville Wednesday. ! Lester Shallenberger of Owensdale, was a Dickerson Run visitor Thurs-. day. j Samuel Coughenour was a business, caller in ConnellsTille Thursday. j Misses Gladys and Grace Stillwagon' were Connellsville callers Thursday. ! .- Mrs. J. D. Potter and Mrs. Martin ' Hasson of West Side, Connellsvllle, visited friends and relatives here oa Thursday. j ueorge Levergood has moved his- family to''East Liberty. j Miss Margaret Grasinger has re-' turned home from a few days visit with hr sister, Mrs. "William Ambrose at Mount Braddock. . Daniel Little of Lower Tyrone township, -was a business caller at Vanderbilt Wednesday. j The Y.'M. C. A. band is practicing' for its minstrel show which will be irven at an early date. The proceeds will go to the Red Cross fund. The band has given several shows and they. have all been' good. They claim that i this one will be one.of the best. ' ·. 0. P. Higbee of Lower Tyrone township was a business caller here Thursday, j Miss Mary Brindlinger was shopping la Connellsville Thursday. ^ Patronize those who advertise. Saturday--Tuesday--Two Day Sensati Store Closed Monday And in order to crowd two days' business into one we make this extraordinary offer --setting a new record for vnlne-giTing. $3.50 Boys' Shoes $2.95 $2.00 Children's Shoes __ $1.39 $3.50 Misses' Shoes . $2.98 $B.OO Misses' Shoes . $2.69 83.00 Little Gents' Shoes $3.45 $2.50 Children's Shoes _._'$I.9S WOMEN'S AND MISSES Suits , Another big gain Sale that will bring women here for the Greatest^Values that have been, featured at snch a ridiculous low price. COATS Worth up to $18.50, at $9.99 Here's a record breaking offer that is going to save money for the women .of Connellsville. Come early for the best choice. Suits and Dresses Worth up to $23.50, at $9.99 As a companion sale above Suit*--we of fer -for the women who cannot be fitted in the J25 to $42.50 Stout Suits at $1150, $16.75, $2450 Store Closed Monday Arrange your shopping: accordingly. Be here early Saturday for one of these fine Suits, Coats or Dresses. · ' "· 'j 18c Outing Flannel ---ISc ' 18c Percales ,,...._.. 12^c ISc Apron Gins?"" 11 -- I 5c ' j Bleached Muslin ,, 16c I Twill Crash ^ - ...5c I 29c Pillow Cases 23c CLEARANCE OF 50 Children's Coats Almost Our Entire Stock Styles and sizes for every 'ittle girls. Coats for school jr dress. Cloth Co'ats. Coats jf Plush or Corduroy. /3.90 Coats -- $1.95 5.90 Coats --, 6.90 Coats 37.90 Coats .... ._ 3S.90 Coats $12.50 Conts $15.00 Coats $2.95 U5 $3.95 $4.45 $6.25 $7.50 The Latent in Millinery Are These New Caterpillar Braid Straw and Ribbon Hats Striking. Ready-to-Wear Hats in Sand, Gray, Brown, Taupe and Purple shades. Fetching styles'in many original effects. AJVD CP KOBACKERC * T THE BIG S T R E " Clearance of One Lot Finest Blouses Georgettes, Crepe de Chines, Pussy Willows and Plaid Taffetas, in the very latest styles--some slightly soiled --all sizes in the lot at HALF PRICE. Take Your Pick $4.SO Waists T $2.451 $5.90 Waists - $2.95 $6.90 Waists - $3.45 Heal Skm Disease* 1 Purchase Beport**. The Republic Iron . Steel company Is reported to have bought the property of the Bessemer Coal. Coke company in Allegheny county, COLD ON CHEST AND SORE THROAT ENDED OVERNIGHT CATARRH VANISHES Here U One Treatment That All Sui- Jerers Can Kcly Upon. If you want to drive catarrh and al : its disgusLiug symptoms from youi system in the shortest possible time. KO to your druggist and ask Tor a Hyo- mei outfit today. Breathe Hyomei and It will rid yiu oC catarrh; .it ffiveff auch quick relief that all -who use It for the ftrst time are astonished. Hyomel is a pure pleasant antiseptic, which is "breathed Into the lung-s over the inflamed membrane; It killi the catarrh germs, soothes the sore spots, and heals all Inflammation. Don't suffer another day with catarrh: the disease is dangerous and often ends En consumption. Start the Hyo- mei treatment today. Xo atomacb dos- ine, no sprays or douches: just breathe it--that's all. Ask A. A. Clarke.--Adv. It is unnecessary for you to etnter with eczema, blotches, ringworm, rashes cod similar skin troubles. A little rcmo, obtained at any drag store for 3Sc, or $1.00 for extra large bottle, and promptly applied will usually give instant relief from itching torture. It cleanses and soothes the skin and heals quickly and effectively most skin diseases. Zemo is a wonderful, penetrating, Ss- appearing liquid and is nothing to the most delicate akin. It b not greasy, is easily applied and coeU little. Get it today and save all further distress. The E. W. Sat* Co. Onclud. a Indian Creek. f»r . Y«U*w Box ot 35 C«»t»-- Ducto Ic»crlb« It. «. C«t Af*l«t Wttk -'Huxt. Ortvr* O*t Pain hi Half tke It Take* Outer RejMtitai-- IK* iBlekent Ftol» Klllv ·» Eartb, Stops' coughing almost inatant-y: ends sora throat and chest colds over night. Nothing like It for neuralsrin, lumbago, neuritis and to speedily drive pains and ,reduce INDIAN CREEK, Jan. 31.--J. J. Rogers from Rogers Mill is transacting business in Connellsville. Dr. H. P. Meyers from Confluence was here today making professional calls. John Hiltabidel from Mill RUE is spending a few days among Connellsville friends. Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Prinkey from Mill. Run are spending a day among CoanellsTille friends. Mr. Priniey leaves for Camp Lee today. Mrs. D. Shearer from -Mill Run spent a day among Connellsville friends and shopping. ' j One of the small children ot llr. and | llrs. Horace Tedroiv died at their ' I home near Mill Run this morning. j O. B. Jones, superintendent for the . I Indian Creek Gallery Co., is transact| ing business in Connellsville. Dave Hansel iras a business caller aKay here today. Dr. D. Jieweil and C. M. Hunter from Roaring Run were professional callers at Indian Head. Lyman Newell from Nebo was a business caller here; James Ringler from Jones Mill is transacting business in Connellsville and Seottdale today. : The passenger service on the I. C; V. ! is abput normal but no freight moving \ yet on account ot snow slides block[ ing mine sidnigs. ! Engine No. 2 on the I. C. V. is or- · dered to Connellsrille shop for needed repairs. j Edward FuHem is transacting bnsi- I ness in Connellaville and Jit. Brad- 1 OEGY*!I j J0 C £ today "'":! Hirarn Hall ^ Jolm PrinJu* are Perryopolis. PBRRYOPOUS, Feb. l.--Miss Lena Galley delightfully entertained the local Suffrage club at her home Tuesday · evening. Thirty-nve members were present and a pleasing program was well rendered consisting of a round table, vocal solo by Miss Barr, piano selections and a French minuet in a special feature of the program. At the close of'the meeting a dahjtv^ luncheon was served by the hostess. The house was attractively illumlnat- ed with, candles. Mrs. BIHott Luce will entertain the club at her home the February meeting. Sirs. Lillian Stewart was in Brownsville Tuesday. PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TODAY .A31 TOMOIH10TV CLAHA KIMBALL YOUNG AND HER OWN COMPANY IN MAGDA IX 7 ACTS. ECZEMA CAUSED YEARS OF INTENSE AGONY T hate Buffered intense ttpony from ·t my Prittstown. Dr. TU P. Kamerer transacted bnsi- Eczema on my leg and other parts ness in Pittsburg Wednesday. . ^ yr X 3 'S * t.erTri-^ns^TI, Mrs. George Murphy was shopping OBIT a month itinco I surted t- use in r'nnnpil^vi'li. Wednesday PJBTEKSON'S OINIMBNT, ind thi.-re 1 in weanesoay. no sir« of Edema or ItchlnB. To^j c«» Mrs. H. H. Sloeum and daugnter are refer to me."-- Oeo. C. TaJbot, 27 Pcnfldd spending this week at Oakmont. "Vv^.of'a^ndred Mlm»W «T. Rooms 5 and b formed a sledding Peterion, just as sincere nnd honest a» th!a party to Fayette City Wednesday eve- ^ Jan. 31.--Mrs. Raymond E. McBech of PHtsburg was here Thursday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John UUligan. . Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mikz and son of Iron Bridge wetre- here Sunday with the family of their sister, Mrs. Samuel Mardis. Eva Freed of Pennsville. was here Sunday with friends. Dunbar. toucans* 1 know th«t Its oiljMy billing-. power IM nzarrplouir. I sty to er«r 004 ·Wilbur Hardy ot Company D, 110th Infantry, of Camp Hancock, Augusta, Georgia, is spending a furlough of 10 days 'at his home above the Dunbar furnace. : A. R. Duncan was a business caller in Cotmellsville last eVening. Charles Jeans and' James McGarrity spent a tew hours in Connellsville with relatives.. ·. . . . · Miss Clara Carroll was shopping in Connellsville Wednesday. . terms' prescription that takes tli* place j business callers in Connellsville -10" but. is 10 ttm« as eindent JLS Orand^ i day. nether** old-tashloned mustard plas-' er. T7?« It. for sprain?, strutr.g, bruises,; i*ro nutsclfts. stlflT n?ck.-yw-fltfntrP, s^rii,- ; Absolutely Kempves box. -5 cents--- sed in The Daily Courier iways brtns result*. Try thtc. ['Indigestion. '·j refund monejr if it;fai1s. 25c 30. cents. DDJvBAR, Jan. 31.--Maurices Jincus tKi fcr - Bcjem , i P i mp , M Baifntfi of Pittsaiurg was a business caller sorca, Blind, Bteedin; and Itchlos PI hi»rp "Wpdnesdav -jUIcori, Bkin Dlseasen, Chafins, Bur--, nere weonesoaj. · ' Scalds and Stmburt.. and If cot sdUsc- . L. D. Lowe of ClarksvilJe, W. Va., j , orj . ,,,, draggist will rotnrn yoor woney. Sunday with Mr. was transacting business here yesterday. ' M. Morris ot Pittaburg apent a'.few hours here Wednesday Iiirs. Arthur Wilfccy of.Connells- ville was calling on her sister, Mrs. Ifest Penn Bowlers Have Closo Call Robert Wilson on Wednesday. IT'litli ITest Virginians. The West Penn bowling team cif this city went to Morgan town, W.,' Va:, with the former's daugh- ,ter, Mrs. Roy Atkinson. Miss Pearl Wright was in Mount Pleabaiit over Sunday with friends. Mrs.' Edward Wardlaw and Miss Sold by A. A. Clarke. _ BEAT MRGANTOWN and Mrs. Albert j TruxaJ o! Iron Bridge. | Joseph Berg has been confined to j ! his home the past week with a severe ! jcold; · ' Country Store Tonight Oak Library Table Giveii Away and Fifty Other Presents Tonight at the Soisson And the Play JEvery Lady and Girl Should See "A WARNING TO WOMEN" A · ·· · ; · ' ' . · · . ' " Evenings 20c and 30c Matinees lOc and 20c Tomorrow--^"Across Tlic Great Divide." Monday--"A Thief In The JHg-ht.* 'ORPHEUM THEATRE --TODAl' ASD TOMOEKOW-- Thomas^H. lace-Presents the Artcraft Picture. "THE smeirr 3tAs-" . , ... ; STARRING W5I. S. HART. . Also Billy West in the Comedy "THE S1ATE" Monday--Fannie Ward in "THE CRYSTAL.GAZER" . . Wednesday evening and won a- game from the leading players of that town. The score: WEST FENN. Ross Moyles -Bailor. Flanuery . Howsor __ _332 _.;._380 _J: 430 J: 434 _: 339 Total Bartlett ·Wptt'-i- Arnett . Rlete. _Morris . 1IORGAOTOWN, ,,--1984 ~402 -379 _409 15c Big Matinee Dail\ at 2:30. Evening Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, Progressive" Amusement for the Whole Family. Total -^TODAT AND SATURDAY-Byrne Byrne and Their Giddy Girlies . In a Condensed Version of "The Arrival of Kitty" Called "MISS APRIL FOOL" . Nert Week--King's Southern Singers. - . · Coming--''Vengeance and the Woman." On ihe Screen--W. S. Hart in "The Prowler of the Plains." BH1IE BTRNE ' Lorica's 1 "noted double voiced Female impersonator.' - . · · JDDUE WALTERS In Songs arid Dances." £IDDY entires 13l* Singing Three. ClIABLIE BTHSt In Songs,. Talking and Music.

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