The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 1, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1918
Page 4
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THE DAILY COURIER." CONNELLSVnXE,.'PA; triSBK.UAJR.~f 1, 191Si JOHN L. OAUS, aUnaeiin Editor. a City Editor. B. · Society. Editor. '. MEMBER or-.: ' · Associated Press,' Audit Bureau of 'Circulation, .A»»6:i»ted J»IH«s **nU l»er copy, Sftc per month: I* per jrur.fcy mall in' advance. ~£at«r*d xa second class mattar at tbe »«*tofflc*, ! Connellsvillc, 'Pa- --- EVKOSC, B^«r «f The Th« Associated Press .11 ei elusiveXy 'entitled^ to the^use for republication- of ail news dispatches credited to il Vr not otherwise credited in this paper ;_ and also the local news published herein. Baker has made upon, this point Is the promise ttiat we will (hare an army ot BQO,000 in France bjr April 1. But two months hence is not no*, nor was it two months »EO ^hen the French ' people were making their aniious in- | quiries of Major Murphy, to -which j The Courier had reference. The Cour- : ier indulged in no prophecy. It simply i stated the. fact which .neither Secre-; tary Baker nor 'the News has even at- i tempted to deny. , The offense of The Courier, in. the | view of our partisan contemporary, was j that in bur. condemnation ot partisan- j ship fey citizens and officials alike, we I had :be' boldness to include members j m the'Democratic administration. Our I contemporary sees in every Democra- I tic office-hoMer of whatever rank. !rom--tbe President down, the rapidly GREATEST SHIPYARD IN THE-WORLD RISES . FROM THE MARSHLAND NEAR PHILADELPHIA WHERE CKJT1CISX HELPS. descending scale of ability and fitness j among present incumibents, a sort o f ! sacrosanct personage, wiiqso official acts, policies or opinions it'is shiimo- !ess and unpardonable sacrilege to criticise.-or.otherwise speak of except .' in unmeasured terms of^.dulation and j j praise: Hence, in our contemporary's | biassed judgment, Democratic partisanship is .the only true form of p;Uri- otism. Because The Courier did not. take this view of the matter, the News sought to distort and pervert our j ; comment into a.display of Republican r- partisanship, yes. even worse--into in- M consistency of the kinu our consistently inconsistent contempo-ary prac- ~A widespread-feeiinVbf'cheerfulness las resnlted tronv the-announcement Ifr toe .War Denartiaent thai the German and Austrian ^steamships, interned in this country at the beginning ot the War. have been carrying thousands ef American sbl'diers'tb France^' That .American ingenuity was aMe to re- .Core" these -vessels -to service -in- so ·Sort a.time after Jheir German crews OroujhC they .Sad .damaged-them be~ Vend despair, and-ix employing them as strumenta of -warfare ajjalnst. 'the countries to whom they belonged, is a blow to Germany no less effective than C disaster to its men at arms. i The successful voyages and ; safe fending of our' troops is heartening *ews to every American except those it pro-German procllviaes and activities. The effect produced upon the country at large is such that the War. Department cannot tail 10 note the tices when in any of its 57 varieties of moods. .Xo wonder the people of Germany arc beginning- to feel the pinch of war. Tbo brewing Industry has been closctl down tight in the interests of food These are among Emporer Bill's real busy days at home. \ ,- The greatest shipyard in the world is hx the course of constructloa at Hog Island, near Philadelphia., a 1,000- acre tract of marsh aod brush. The great yard, whlctt'is under the supervision ot the United States stripping boari, will soon be turning out three completed ships a week for Uncle Sain's emergency fleet. Fifty siupways are fn,the course of construction. They will cover a s mile of the Delaware river front. Barracks have been buiit to house the 30,000 men. who will bo employed when ute plant is in full operation. There are also mess ha!Js, Y. M. C. A. huts, a theater and a post office. President "Wilson professes to see the j end' of' tire war within a. year. The sig-ns are hopetul, it is true, but we rausc put greater dependence in whooping up war preparations. ihaving the people acquire the habit of Will the -weather man be wilUngr to abdicate to Ere'r Ground Hog tomor- Food .Administrator Hoover having decreed that pies he Trustless the next stop in food conservation will no doubt be rtngless doughnuts. I An Appreciutiou and ·lesson. Had the public been taken'To the Kditor of The Courier, confidence o f - t h i s de-1 Sir:-"Ie»6;Med." a* Teddy would j pay. That's my frame o* m i n d exactly more.'into .the par^nent earlier, in the progress oi| Ior h«n«: so lucky as to still \mve ' the war, and kept apprised -of \ v h a t j c o u r i e r comine. it begins to look was really..being done, there would j ff Jr ^ iB i htwo °" tn ^"^f ^loofl^rT fare been: much .less cause for. the Bm h«rn two-years this'mnatli. sentence liharpcritici$ni'-fathas been directed; o n e . t o twenty parole. I was called he- Baierward.'-The'ublic h;is at no time, t o r e tho btmrd !ast m ° nih - m ~ under- A ,- '.. . , , ± ., . . . · stand njr bcinff that r.vvUl b* let go on expected or.-demanded detailed mfDr-; B o m e co " nditio ^ , n ,,,,,.,,. nation of troop increment, but Intel- i want to thank you asain for your ilgence. such as the news reports of ] editorial in the issue ot January i--"Lei yesterday.-.carried, it;has the right °| Things '^^hi/scmlmiS'osp^e'sso'd'BSIw .'i^ceiseV'" News of this character re- j straight hnmo. You understand your Veals no --military'secrets. Its dis-' business. WTiat .1 difference it would ifeminaiion." has a stimulating effect iTM^ e HOW C much d "bet°Jr°foT\h°"^hj npon the; miadi of pur people and stirs j if t hc blood-thirsty demon in Germany them'to-grjeater-.-activity and interest j had been tioinR something. Eig into in the wprX : they-' are doing to ·win the war: ' i - The criticism that has been directed! saving. You should be in 'full sympathy | with this. Ultimately you will! benefit j tremendously from a clientele possessing healthy savings accounts. Further the Secretary says: "Such bonds, when taken in exchange for merchandise, must tn most cases be immediately sold in tae open market. This naturally tends to depress -die market price of the jssnic and rashes it less easy to sell future issues at the isame rate." And to whatever extent you embarrass Uncle Sam in nis money- raisins efforts, just in that measure are -you lending aid to the Kaiser. AH of us -want to win this war jusi -* | and do it rieht. Cull the man at THi ! COOKIES, office. Both phonos. Jl-tt By W»U H««on. TIOS FATSFCL TEAR.. This year aJioultl at-e the atr end. should hear the sons: of p-sace ascend. The Prussian honta. face ) as quckly and with as little loss of . L h t i r . foe, and through Uujlr w a r l i k e motiona go. and would convittritj UK, It tliey could, t h a t they're In «hap» to ."aw much wood. But. all their fighting men who made- ot war a pastime and a trado are dead, or shy of legi* cr lamps, or fencetl 'hi forciRh prison camps. No longer dees tho Tout on ftnd in ·war a solace to his m i n d ; or such rttile sam*?3 he's had enough: he'tl rn.t.hpr. play ;it blind man's buff. The Prusrsian armies are composed of dotards* who \'or years hav WANTED -- AN KXPERIENCBD wtleslady; rctcrences required. Apply at once. PICKS' DBPT. STOIW3. 3Uan3td* Fur n*-ML yoconil floor- of Dunn ine. Inquire of HAJEtRY . ON 5; ilvans build- KOJl RENT--ONE EIGHT ROOM houEit:, All modern improvements. Patterson and Chesrtnut str«?t- Inquire S. M. CiooHmttJi, Touffb House. 26jan-Ud Kor FOR ter. 1D1T, In CRI3ARV MOTOR CAR CO. ROADS- condition. Mc- life and treasure as possible. dozed before thffir flr«, BO old .and weak that walklntc made their hinges creak; and boya who have been None Of US want to help tho Him. : drawn from schools tn drill a r o u n d w i t h Sn. Mr. Merchant, don't do it a n y ! deadly tools. The. hacks untl more. h e l p i h ! m tooth and toe nail - ,, v '. Ten us through Tho C o u r i e r what ·ould he the weight of water ould cover an acre of ground one Inch }ly HERBERT QUICK, United States Farm Loan Commissioner. FOR SALSV--COrjs'KR LOT ON Davidson a.venue. South Side. H. N. STAIRS. 1202 Vine street. Tri-State of the land bear nrm5 lit Knlsev Bin's conwnand. To facp. them jro o u r ! ata'wiirt sons, who'll «llmh the frames { of war-worn Huns, and show i:he world j j h o w Yankee map can draw JFCIV lines{ upon the map. When once, our b o y n j have KOI their stride ill battle, on thc other FOR SALE--THHEI3 INCUB.VJ'OnS, brooders anil brood cooi. Complete poultry rMslnp outtit. COK.VEU.S- CJA'RAGK. ttlta-eot-tt l-'OR SALE--SIX CHESTER-WHITE isf. food Ktoek. Vfcipht 70 to- SO lde. 1 dcn't ane how Bill's waary [ pot'.nds oach. Pricft $t^.flft. FF.A.N'K K. crow can help hut t h r o w up lianrf*--doIIIE'NRV, Star Route, ScottdaJc, Boll you? »t sovernmental departments . has tc*n inspired by a patriotic desire that an efficient prosecution of the war be- M3yoxe,_ , It has. had a*^yholesome, effect as tho action, of thf. War Depart- tlie successtui ·voyages *o£ -Ifie^Germaj*' vessels has' ·hown.* -'it prbre», too. -that tlie AA-, ministration has learned that the public is a partner in the ^reat business deep. Yours trtily. Menard. 111. The- water covering: «n acre one incJi deep would weigh 226 K Sl-i. pounds. Editor. An Editor's Choice. - .' - Greenville, Tenn., Sun. ' Thl£ editor's position in a nutshell. There is a doctrine or philosophy called metempsychosis, or transmigration of the soul; the souls of men after death. ^'·winning. the .*rar.- and that it c a n j i n that phIIoBophJ .. ro£urn ,, earth ,,, Jje depended to back the govern^ uther boiliej. whether brotes or numan iiient to the limit. The country's wel- · lf that b** true, and I have a choice in should we go to trial in a! THOMAS FULLER | caSD in wn ich our most sacred inter-' (·sis are at stake? In one place only. NVc .should appear iu the court where the great issue is on trial. . The welfare of the whole world is on trial in France today. Germany has'set out to make herself mistress place to light Napoleon. When they ais day. Germany must be fought where there is a chance of defeating is object of ,no.t solicitoua' concern to the people and they arc go- Ing to persist ia the American habit o* sp*»k:ing their mind about " thing*, eii, tfiey do not go" Tight, ^frbjchi is the hest proof that they are .- the next of. a lazy, leprous, lousy, yellow cur. sorc-ej-ed and mangy, belong to a drunk'en, demented, Arkantuui nigger, and pass the UrowsyTdreary days awny back step ot mj- master's interested in seeing that things 'made to so -right. cabin, flghtinv: fleas anil- sneaking. are sno °P'»S' sbou^ hilling .sheep at oven- j tide, than to come bark in semblance j and stature oC a man with the Ir-.stinctB ;i 0-fE_OF THE ",. ;;. Our sometimes neighiboriy coittem- ^orary has relapsed into one of, its' 5T. Varieties ot moods, tho present being fthat state of mind when, from tm- eonscious, rather thira intentional, -perversion, .we are^.ra.ther : inclined' to ^eliere, it^seeta fo rrad'. into coin- -mrats made by : The Courier a wholly I of a copperhead, snarlinpr and backbit-. j ing the government, wniie the Huna (have their atrocious «nd bloody fingers ' at thc throat oC my country. Chickens TTII1' fomr llome to Boost. Xevv York "\VorltI. Southern domination ot the present Congress has not been agreeable to .anybody in the north, Democratic or ".Republican. Men ]ikc Claude Kitchin have been treating tlie rctrt of the different meaning than was expressed } country like -a conquered province, im- or intended, and which no one, other P°» ln *. outrageous burdens of taxation - - ' * " 1 tie e-Mto, therefrom. the News, ;* In these columns a few days ago it ?was pointed ouC. as ;has.. fretiueaUy Seen done, that t in the present crisis It is the solemn duty of ail who would ttci accounted good .citizens,. ~io forget that they are members of a political 1*1*7 and-help make winning the war their present chief business..In eluei-. ^dition of that proposition ' re'f- ;erenc'e - w a s - bad to tie ' clis- ';loftures made by -the investtga- ' -jUon ot the War Department by the Semite committee on miHtary affairs and also to the anxiety prevailing in francs over the coming of the rcmain- 'J«r ot the American army. In this ~4Mnnection we quoted Major Grayson Murphy who had recently - arrivetl Attorn Prance where he had been i n ' h*jr£e of the work of the American'.' R«d Cross, and presumed to have a knowledge of actual conditions' and J0M temper of the people in that -coun- JB7 second only to that of our con- *mporary S.OfiO mili-s away. ;; Tb» editorial ci'mmenl of The .'Courier, appearing Ja .the same-issue: as "lie news despatch covering Sec. nUnr.,*Baker's -statement" berore: th'e. ' F3bn'tempofary j^-- = -~- irtesy. which is M Inborn trait rather than a babit ac- northern farmer is fixed by due process of la.w. but the southern fanner is allowed to charge for hisr cotton all that the traffic w f n bear ahd is demanding) to 32dETar A. GLlcat. Phono J'06. B-5. ItebSW IX3ST--A MAX'S GO3J3 WATCH ASP fob. Keivnrd if returned to HOOPBR'S ; DRUG STORK. 3Jj!Ui:td THE TAXISIIKO COAfj SKED. We shiver :it the w i n t r y blnst 'And grumble at thc co3ci, Tet pondering on the wintern past And boyhood days of old, I balance n.1! the jo'B that With V.-QI-.S that used to b , Antl count Hie prcae/it luxurlos far Supt-rior 19 me. her. just as Napoleon had to he fought Those winters brought into my soul a hundred years ago. "UTicn the na-' j.- 0 ' Put: very bucke^fun o^cos.; tioiis" gathered at Leipslc to give him j i carried from tho *hi.-t3. his first defeat, that was the proper! place to fight Nanoieon. When they ^^^^"^"^^^""Jred" canie together again to give him his Thu t'pleasure? Mu th'e'rilh^S men final overthrow at "Waterloo, that wa« · Were able to afford the exact place to meet the great S° iu the Jimiu- or the yard Corsioan. A little shuck v."i3 built i^'here our nujjply of fuel hurd It waS-a home fight for every nation' Waa re!? u!Ariy spnt. arrayed in arms against him. If any Then every morning I wouid roll Hebelllously from bud To fill the fjlou'infT Ptov« with coal I . I'd carried from thc she* ' snow had falleti throuffh the niffht .nd work Tvith all my y o u t h f u l might Until a path I'd made. world by Napoleon, and sooner or later The way wiis ion«, the work -was hard, he would have appeared at their gates,! A r t d Bitter was thc breeto, , ,, , . ,, .I'll seemed to me in our b:\ck yard n.nd not even the gates ot licll could j To den _ th a IT f an c o u i d f ree 7.e. ^ne of them had said. "\Vt will wait until Napoleon, coraes to our gates or our shores; when he comes we w i l l . fight him; until then it is uot o u r ' n«ht.» tb.t nat,TM would have boou j contributing to the onKlavemcnt of t h e i "LOST--SOMKWHKP.E 3X e3i»trict, brooch not with diamonds and rubies. P*eward If returned to Courier offlco. 28jan-tfd ' -LOST---SXTUKDAl" EVKNIXG B15-' tween Mt, Pleawant und Round Bottom. I either on car or Western Maryland.] train, pockctbook conUtininfir money j and receipts. 'Reward It returned to JOHN VINCENT, Star Junction, 'Pa. | 31jan2td! Found. VOl'Xn -- t*ADIKS. CRITICS IN style, found LaChimia'H tailored suits d i a U n n t l v e l y faahlonablK. Order yours n o w ; ^Oa Pittsburg- SL 30jan-tni Notice. laitf) of tlie city of Cfnne}U*viHe, county of "Fayecte and, state ol Pennsylvania decoa-seil. Lctt«rs oC administration on th? above named emate having' been granted to Uie undersigned, notice i« hereby civen to all persons indebl-cd to said c.itste to make immediate payment, ai.O tn those having claims ngainst tii« aamii to present Lh«m properly authenticated for settlement. H- C MAT, Administrator. Title Trub; Bids., Conn«ltevUle. I?a. ^8decGt-Xrl l iavc prevailed against him. I know tliat Tcary at the pole Germany must be fought whore her · armies aro found. A !Kxamt)le to l»c Followed. . .. - . New Tork Herald. Here's' hoping that responsible ·authority at "Washington" hfu« not missed ilayor Hylan'K decision to cut |ont \pres5 apcnts and publicity pro- -moters. Throughout the country thore fa an uncomfortable feeling that i* would be difficult to find aomii o* our ·vaunted war preparation outride the fertile brains of asrcntri and publicity-promoters attached to officialdom at the National Capital. 'Despite their lonpintra for tropical breezes there If one kind of hot air which the American people arr willing . to do Keeping Them 3£o-ring. .Johnstown Democrat. TrotzUy apparently has nearly all of them trotting around now right lively. "Would not havti cared to tread Tho path 1 daily trod for coal In that far-di,Htani ahed. S h e must n o t w i n a foot o f territory . . . . 'n this war. Today the coal bin's nearer home If she does she will be able to point OuTvhc \ n1 ,^ nt « ^^vo'o roano . the war as a victory, and the G-er- On patha long- known to inc. ;nan people will believe her, --. They never face the icy b)ast After the war there is ooly one hope Nor trudge through d r i f t s of snow, for thc future of the world. That hope ^f^'^^^o^ £' "^ · lies in the German people. In a de-j A n ( i noWi a ffay and chcerlul rout, I'm slad those day.s havo sped Vh*in ovcry buckttull of coil I carried from the Bhcd. feated Germany, the people will sooner i or later unseat the Hohenzoliercs and ; the Junkers and take from the hands of that Insufferable crew of egomaniacs ; t and murderers the sword with which; they threaten the whole worid. A victorious Hohenzollern dynasty will hold the German people in the thraldom of the triumphs they will claim to have won. The^ German people are sleepwalkers ravaging thc world under the hypnotic suggestion o£ tlie mightiest mesmerist that ever made subject the human mind. They are mad with mob psychology--homicidal mania. The French under Napoleon needed defeat., and received it. Otherwise they would :' WANTED -- MSHWASHER AT Divorce A'oiler. , E. Hi. Brown. Attorney. KATHAJUNS CONN VS. T'LAYFORD Conn. I n the Court of Common Pleas ·sf Fayette County, Pa,, No. 31-4 J u n e Term, 1317. To PJayford Conn, respondent, you are hereby notified that- the subpoena and alias subpoena in this case have been returned "non est in- vcntua," you are therefore required to appear £n the Court of Common Picas of Fayelte County. Pa., on the second Monday of February of said court, 1918, to answer the libel a.nd complaint filed therein, and show cause, if any you have, why a divorce from the bonds of matrimony should not be granted the HbeUar.t above named. THOS. D. HOWARD, Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, January 11, 1918. lljan-It-fri ! BALTIMOS HOUSE. ljan-t£d , BALTIfltOKE HOUStf. !)jun-tfd have blighted the whole earth. The i Germans need defeat, and they must I WANTED--COOK AND CHAMBJSR- jget jt, otherwise they will press downlniaia. ARMSTRONG'S RESTAURANT _ _ . , _ _ .. . _*- t_ t,_. _ _ -! lOdoe-tfd Has it ever occurred to you, Mr. Merchant, asks' the Liberty Loan ! on the brow of humanity a crown of thorns more agonizing than that of Attila t h e Hun. ' . . . . . : Germany must be defeated now in France, and not after she appears a t } WANTED -- FURNISHED ROOMS. Dtrmrce ' E. T. Chamberlain, Attorney, KATHBR1NB KOSTANSKI VS. FHIL- lip Kostanski. * Tn the Court ot Common Pleas of Fnyette County, Pa,, No. 313 December Term, 1917. To Phillip respondent, you are hereby notified -that tlie subpoena and alias ,VT in this case have been retucu- ed "non est inventus." ,vou are therefore required to appear in tho Court of Common Pleats oC Fayettc County, Pit., on the fourth' Monday oC February of said court, 191S, to answer the libel and complaint filed therein, and .show caws«, if any you have, why a divorce from tho bonds ot matrimony b-hould not be trnintcd tho Ubellant above named. THOS. L. HOWARD, Sheriff. Sheriff's .Weired, by -more or less painful effort*. Committee, that in accepting Liberty "Declares the news !;em id have given ; Bonds in exchange/for merchandise J?|be He'* to the editorial. . j y o u may be serionsly interfering with ^.Without wishing to appear rude t o j t h f l desires of your government? j our contemporary, and certainly n o t ? - ' - T h i n k it over. WANTED--DISHWASHER; SLAVISH or polish. TIlANS-jUjTjKGHKNY HOTEL. . 22Jan-t£d our doors swollen with the pride of vict ory and with our present al lies flogged into her ranks as her allies. The great cause is on trial now. any other time it will be. too "At suitable for l i g h t ' huuselteeniniT- dreaa "L'* ca.rc Courier. office, Janaury 24, I91S. jan26febl-3-15 Baker. Speaking of the practice whjch has Thu P lace ' s France. Germany is reel- are can state that neither has given i developed here and there SecretaryJ Ing d o w n - t o defeat. If we'add the for I of our blovrs, to those of our. fall!. Unless she falls pEi meat a ry to Secretary Baker. j 4fto!ai-to any-statement made in these !rcAdoo- says: ·olurans concernlnj; the matter in I *TVliea honds : are exchanged tUestion. Secretary Baker himself. in.;merchaadise,. it/defeats the primary | ve' meet her next, and we may havn % long and speciQus 5t.ate.ment be-: object of Uieir 11 sale, -it discourages I to .meet, her alone, - ,, ." tore the Senate committee, .did not ( t h r i f t and increases expenditures. We 1 Tie maa wtio argues that we should eJilm that a,i any time sixice Persh- f a r e making the stroagesc effort ro have j await her tromlng 10. our shores TO lag's army landed la France have we xhsse government -bondd purchased i attack us has not thougrht about it,.or. tiad another forct. such" as £uropy for permanent investment by the i If he has liought about It, he either is -W^uld regard as a:t. army tn the mod- people at terse, to be paid for 'out of fa fool or. wishes Germany to win. *ra" donnition o f _ i h p word, ready la die nast or future savings of those'Let us cease listening t o - t h e imtliink- ·awd across.- Neither did he claim . who buy thenu"- . i n g , ' t o foois, and to f.rditors. Let us. lhat wft.h*ve one -ready, npw. The ! -Which tn-ena that nothing more-or \ fipfat this out in France -alotigsldc oar ·suiifcdtanUe statement that'Setreiary.rlbps than -the covcrn'ment desire of! allies."' . · · . " . . : ' · AT ON r CK,- BLACK- amith. Will rent or'pay .gnoa salary- | . Good Khop'. Good toola. lifetime j o b ; late, j Tor Kood man. "ELACE.'SMTTH'." care Courier. 2Cjati-£/d i WANTED--POSITION AS, BOOK- i keeper or stenographer by lady. Have! had -twelve years' exi'erience. Ca'n j . WANTED--MIMHP.S IVAXTED- WHO ins in a "Nutshell," by ^FAMES WA LAW, Seouflale. Pa. Price ?2.23. D--ANY KIND OP PRINT- inc-. U'lletUer U IM. a c:!llm£ card, suif I bifl or thc . finost enf;:ravctl w e d d i n g j 1 i n v i t a t i o n or u m n o u n c E u n c n t . WR n r t n r ' anythin£-~-evc!-.vlhing-- fla it i;rom]:tly Well, that is a pretty hard matter to figure. February is often quite wintry, March weather has a reputation for being vile,,yet notwithstanding, merchants about, this time of the year or ' earlier, provide for spring and summer goods; Now is may seem out of-place to advertise spring goods, but the Union Supply Company stores take this occasion to- announce that our spring goods are already coming in, goods that were bought three, four, and sis months ag'o, and -to complete bur purchases for spring our buyers are now in the market, so look out for displays of spring goods at our stores. There are very choice lines of early domestic dry goods, there are choice and extensive lines of made-up garments for women, misses, and children, suits, wraps, etc., there are choice and extensive lines of material for women and children's garments. Most too early to give you a full description-this is only a synopsis, principally to let you know that it is time to prepare for spring raiment There will be novelties coming in. daily in every line. 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