The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 12, 1964 · Page 11
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 11

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 12, 1964
Page 11
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U THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 11 McGILL'S HARP (5) of Billions If Guns Were Developed WEDNEaDAy.7AU0y3T 12, 1064 ''See-'Sayingii This Is tat last a MriM W live articlM dealing with HASP, the Hick AlUtad Re. ' March Fmtn ef McG 1 1 1 University aM lb Dallas' - Stataa Army, carrM eat aa. , lha Islsa al Barbaaw. It aal wtta tfc fifth series at Irtags treat a HfiviM, let. taa aaval raanaa. The ere-gram may chant the whole , patter al By ANTHONY I. PATTERSON Special Jearaal Carrttpaadaae BARBADOS Tb ha6-IliM thl awning m on of tb Island's two daily paper read "How Sltsks Walls ; Crack HARP BUmtd." ' Tb accompanying story list-4 only on cracked wall la tb araa where tb great. 140- tea HARP gun It being fired, but tb artlcla Ulustrsted ; clearly the relation of HARP : and th press. ' . J o a r a lift, in Barbados ' and elsewhere, ara watching , the prolect ctoeely.t aa are ' politicians, scientists and rolli- tary men, but nobody is quit sure what slgnlAcanca It baa, 'It is much easier -to record the tangible affects on prop. erty of massive gun vibra-; tlons than to asses HARP'S potential, impact on space 1 technology.. - -. i ' SOMETHING NEW Part f this problem, : perhaps meat of It. to that HARP is running against the entire trend of space exploration '. since the and of the war. After the! rata of V-Js on Loo. don, rockets quickly captured 1 die Imagination U scientists ' and public alike. Th coming 1 of Werabef Ton Braua to tb I United States and tb subs. ' quant development of A 1 1 a a, Titan, Thar; Nike, Mlnuteman and th like have been event ; widely bailed aa Instrumental In pushing forward th fron- , tiers . of.: knowledge. John i Glean and Yuri Gagarin I drded tb earth on rocket The United States has a nit, clear striking arm ' that can hardly b imagined, let atone measured, and it la mounted on rockets that range ov t.Mt miles. In th next five years, tb VS. will spend af) 'to Ct bfflton to perfect and deploy an anti-missile rocket system dubbed the NikaOL Where m this vast array of striking, orbiting and probing power can yon place a lt-lnca naval cannon, : built . in 1117 : Start Work On Addition To Bell HS Construction has started on $205,000 eight-room addition . V to Bell High School at Lyn- . wood Village. , ' Don Cummlng, chairman of 1 Nepeao High School Board, f said the contract was Vet to F. E. Cummlngs Construction : Company Limited last week. Completion is expected 'by ; Christmas, he said. The extra - apace, which ibrings total classrooms to 27, win accommodate 340 more students, bringing the total to ' about . 1,050, Mr. Cummlng aaid. Until the addition Is On- Itbed temporary classrooms will be set up in existing rooms, such as th gymnasium and . lunchroom, ha said. , Besides the eight classrooms, ; a new art room will be built over the school lobby, th ex istlng art room win be changed into, a drafting room and ' on of. the large classrooms ; will b used as a home eco- nomtcs room. ', - ' ' Journal Want Ads bring quick results.- ' ; i. WITH tUDCEX IRRITATI0H J AA? It m aiMty wom m mm 5 tt. TO Vvtckly vMbl th aweondarw I mmm to tudnmr ami Mmaatr LrTtutten v Irr Mitm u ntarMtOTirn lauamthi J Witt tar a frw aWwa AM ana ate lass Z 1 llttla CTITTXX MM vttM k Am "Mar. at MaitiOB na Waiuni ftAU- T aiawasw. auMI BHBWK UlaVT PsUfsaV ,. crrrkx ttwm ii ri ml t . ? AOVT. J. D. Senders: n Company Umltai V, ROOFING ROOF REPAIRS SHEET METAL WORK 417 CATHERINE ST. CO-BMt - ' ADAGS ; Fun;:iTCHE ' 14J BANK ST. i . frea Pmrkrag Sack af l Vyftor.-- -; and the program built around It which has cost only II,W, tot In the past two yearst Surprisingly enough, HARP may supplant rockets In many of their applications, and It now seems apparent that if guns had been developed as assiduously as rockets have been, billions of dollars might have been saved over the past M years. To be clear, let's dispose of the things which guns cannot do and rockets can. First of alt, guns are restricted by size. HARP Project Scientist Gerald Bull says "We Will never fir a space station Into space, but we will probably sand up, the wrenches that are left behind.", ; f , And guns are presently un- suitable for firing the more delicate scientific instruments such as mass spectrometers, that require glass or fragile parts. Finally, guns may be Incapable of achieving the farthest distances of the largest, and most experts i v rockets. . . ORBIT IN TWO YEARS .', On the other hand, g a n s promise to handle perhaps M to TS per cent' of all vertical probes, those "up-and-down" ' shots that account for the vast majority of" space investigations. Both C a a ad I a and American governments are confident that HARP will put a satellite m orbit within two years. And the military applications, though not w I d e I y talked about to public, are causing some sleepless nights to the -Pentagon.-; t " For guns, using specie II y designed projecttves with optimum rocket staging (per haps three or four rocket stages to take over after the gun-launch), might be able to fir mora than 4.00S miles -a range Just under that of the Minutemaa and well over the Polaris. Any nation that can beg, buy or build a It-inch gun thus becomes a member of the ICBM club, heretofore restricted to the VS. and the . USSR. ' ' - 151 SPARKS ST. i , ' ' at O'Connor . 4 ' UOUUf -v ua - Last:Novmbr, an Intriguing article was publushed m the U.S. Air Fore Magazine to illustrate th possibilities of a gun-tired system for missile defence. Using HARP figures, the article concluded that "through Its relatively low cost and ability to Inter- cept at comparatively long range (230-J00 miles, compared . to the -Nike-'X - M miles), a gun-boosted system ha promise of providing an "area" defence for a nation the site of the United States lor an Investment con-sierably lower than that esti- ;-, -. J ' i. i- ; t . t , i ' "- - i -.,- . - - , f . i si ' . s iV-,V! t ; . 4 - n . y. ;.-:. ,, s ' . 1 ii ' ' f ; T '' ' -i ' " ..-.v-.;. . j ' , ' . t- , j) ; "I '. A - V' j. , . - ' . - j 1' ! VuiV-Jvr.,', ;,a . HARP IN POSITION -. .. ' . - - . . . (" Gun Captain-Ray-Kennington signals to a camera - sUtion that the HARP gun la In position at 75 degrees. , OPEN FRIDAYS TILL 9 P.M. 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Orlrs Acceptd-23rS-9181 151 SPARKS , it O'Connor V. V 1 OPEN FRIDAYS - t oVVIOYr.v, 4- -TILL 9 P.M With Retail Outlet ks Major Cities of Ontarl ami Quebee ' I' i mated for the Nike-X point defence of only about' ' 20 metropolitan areas containing about IS per cent of tb population . . . No defence would be "perfect." but there are positive reasons for believing .that a gun boosted system could stop a large percentage of the attacking warheads and could b called highly affective, or at least much mora effective than th Nike-X." " 'These ere strong words to describe what most seem a penny ante operation. HARP to basically the idea of one man. Gerald Bull of McCIII University, and It has been developed with minimum sup-pott from the U.S. Army. Canadian defence officials have laughed at it in th past, and most Americans consider it in the small-potato league. Not even ks most ardent ad mirers suggest thai HARP is out of the developmental stage, and it is still prey to inferior products supplied by. contractors who have yet to see big money. But these conditions are fast disappearing. More and more money to being made available, from both Canadian and American sources. The Canadian Government alone' h As put up MOO.000 In the f past AM-rx aialtlMni aealpM taacr Oanar tm "A- ImmwM aataaiatkr taratakla Twa It" m wmmrm, tw aua-raafla aaaaaars aaa iwa twa , S-tak taacOaa. t Only In Swedish Walnut . 5 ...a, u I e A rata mm Matee aa4 Metatarsi e tracks t . 0 few months snd- expects to supply another 1 1 .200 ,SOQ shortly. The Army will i likely mstch these sums, snd will also support another gun installation in New Mexico. These are not enormous amounts, but HARP needs no more. Its whole claim to fame to h) remaining a smalt potato on the financing side. Only to results will it compete with the high-spending rockets. 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ELECTROHOME "CHANCQWir" STEREO AU-FU villi MULTIPLEX V, taacUaas Oarrar -ATS- lar ! aataauu caaaear tsaacha teaakar.sratcat. Tw ir PJS. wurati aa Mat 4- twwurt raeUltr tt awn laa e latst awra. UYIJ100 Itf. $399. OtarasM 299. mm "DttEDtr mm mm (MyitiPii) . ka vktoi m iraro amm lUqMt h mu) aurat Swastak Waiaat. Caasal atasal wltk aaaitlaaal (xtra tarakar iaeki. RaMMaw nwak anSal la walaat. - ' an u lafaarr Jacks. aaijr. CIIA Mlt a aarlir rr-ika) naaSan ala. (a OA B, ltt. CLSABANCB . v V : 9 aas-ttSS. ClfABAMC .. - A99 ICA VKTOI POKTABU TV 1 - ' .m rUKOH T WBTABU TV ' : IS- f.n-l..,tk wm, Baautallir Hrtea. ICAVkai J..I- ' waiTathfaJeU" Ir tZ T?." sAva si. a. trt. cUABANca .. AOa"' clsabancb -- ; ;," :? JhJJa ISt "ii p. "COKCORD" r STEREO TAPE RECORDER ' an ftiaanaraaB attachawata tnctade e Ctam a taaaar as tka taa tsssrtss flat a ftselsl aaas e l entf. . :'" '. . , , ' , '. FULLY GUARANTEED , . 4 . COIO Reg. S21S&. CLEARANCE f..:.'.... f..;.!.9.T. CONCORD HtM 104 . TAPE RECORDER rrUkl Mnaaait t tawei . I track! e iMle ctaat a A raal kaaate t air. o rallr (sanata. . . CLEARANCE wy V NOTE: MANY OTHER UNADVERTISED 8 FECIALS . ALL DRASTICALLY REDUCED U 7 CONVENIENT BUDGET TERMS AVAILABLE J OR TUI WAUtAITV 01 AU tUmCHOMI 4 . , . STtKO axd savKEo:; . . fiOCRTIWaa) TtflKIUB ' - a, 1 i "A W""I "RETAIL OUTLETS IN MAJOR CITIES Of ONTARIO ANTJ QUEBEC ,

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