The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 1, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, February 1, 1918
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Oa.'.accouat .or tbe Valentine party to bcTield Wtfnesda}-. niikt'the. regu- THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1918 BAKERS REQUIRED TO TAKE OUT LICENSES BEGINNING FEBRUARY^! I . _ ^street, has returned from the Mercy- Jar meeting-of the Woman's Guild" of t hospital. Pittsburg, iv-hpre sbe under- Trirtity Ep|scopal church will -be held -went an operation: ~ ; . Monday riisit-at" tbe" Some.'of'Mrs7 T. Hear Evangelist Nairn; at U. P. · J. Snjrth in Ninth street,^Qreeniroid. . .church tbis week_--Adv.--28-5t . " ' : ;_; ....";' -- ·"·' ~ - V ; · ' , ' - " . ! " Daniel Fisher, a veteran Baltimore Following i th»- performance -" of Ohio engineer,, is in a .critical con-, "The^Sp.ring.' Bonnet" ..tpnight^at-the nTtaon' i'h~ tfie "Western' Maryland hospital, Cumberland. Tie best place to shop ' after all. Brownell Shoe Co.--Adv. · Come and see Madam Aura May at "Ye Old Time Festival" next Wednes- .dax_eyening. February 6, Odd Fellows' Ad- new for 'ih"e7"inSSulers^6£ held at the Colonial Inn 'by the men ' of the easfc to be helVwettaesdaytteOTP'e.-SouUf^ttsburg- street, 'ellows templel Sou'tlTfmission'lOc.--adr.Teb. 1 It." Plans are well under ^? Valentine pan night in Odd Pi Pittsburg street under the auspices ·or the Wqmaa's Guild, of'the Trinity ;· Episcopal church. The proceeds are : for the church building fund. Various i '.: amusements, are being arranged and ."; a delightful..time is. assured all. who -"attend. A'ploasing'musical program ·· in "charge o£ .Mrs. C. li. Stout, .will .be -" rendered. Ajnong the soloists are - ;- Mrs. Hazel Myers,-of .-Pittsburg; Rev, ;: J:..Mandeville,Barker, of Uniontown; ;: Mrs. Charles "· Weis'serber! Earl ..." ^"..IfaYLlancf mrd~Arth_ur K: Woodbead, li members of the high school faculty. :: Headings will be given by J. II. Cecil. -- The mysterious lady who will tell for'- tunes will appear under the name of ;- Madme Aura May, a famous gypsy, ·- queen of the middle west. .;; A special meeting of the Young La'.' dies' Sodality wilL be held.tonight at ". 7:30 o'clock in the "Parochial" school -- auditorium. The meeting is .one of '; importance and a large attendance of ;; members is desired. ;; Dr. Nairn, who is contiucting spec: \ iai services at the United Presbyter'.' ian church, s]ioke at the weekly meet". ing of the business "Women's Caris.tian .' association, tuld.last night at the Od-d' : Fellows' temitle.' Supper was served by women of. the ' Trinity Lutheran '." church. During the month, "of Febru- · ary women o£ the ilethodist Protest":;.. am church will sen-e. . At the conclu- ;· sion of the I'.ible study the business ." -women-adjourned .to the-high, school building where instructions in gym work were received. About 30 Visitors and sis guests attended the monthly business and so- I : . · tial meeting of -the -"Vf. "W. Pickett i . class of the .Methodist Protestant! " . church held last evening in the} . church. Following a business meet- I Mrs. Glenn. "White and son, Donald, ·of Vanderbil:, areg uests of " Miss of Variderbilt, are guests of Miss If it is white or'black tennis'shoes Downs' Shoe Store have them--all si2CS,~Adv--l-3t. . Don't miss a gospel treat. Evangelist Nairn, U. P. .church.--Adv.--28-5t. Your opportunity to' hear a worth while speaker.--U. P. church.--Adv.-5t Mrs. "C.""£. Carson,' of South Connellsville, Is spending the day. in Pittsburg. One lot of winter bats, 1 including untrimmed shapes. Sale pric6 from 50 cents to ?2.0Q; formerly priced ?4.00 to~$6.00. Among these you will find many desirable., things. McFarland's, Apple Str--Adv.~l-2t. Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Cochran, Jr., went to Pittsburg this morning. There wilt be a dance in Slavish Hall -February 2nd. All are invited,-- Adv.--31-2L Jerome Kobacker was here from Mount Pleasant yesterday on business. Downs' Shoe Store .h*as just received, a lot of misses"/and children's tan and black English -laca shoes. Now is your opportunity.--Adv--l-3t. Miss Nettie Ranker went to Brownsville this afternoon at which place she is manager of a millinery department. Next week she-expects to leave for New York tp ibuy_spring and summer millinery. See W.--5.: Hart at Arcade today.-- Adr--1-21. ' For the best and cheapest repairs on that roof, conductor or spouting, see F. T. Evans.--Adv. : Includes All'Those Using Three 3Sar- ! rels or 3fore «f Vlonr Per Month; Present Limit Teu ItarrclH. WASHINGTON. Feb. 1.--Licensing regulations as applied to bakers were extended by President Wilson, in a ! proclamation, yesterday to take in j hotels, restaurants and clubs which do their own baking, to include thousands of 5,mall bakers heretofore exempt, and to cover the manufacture of bread of every kind, including cakes, crackers, biscuits, · pastry and ot-her balcery products. At the. same time the President put under license all importers and distributors of green coffee to' prevent speculative prices in the coffee market All licenses must be obtained by February ·!, when the new regulations become effective. Bakers of bread and rolls must be limited in their wheat flour purchases to 80 per cent of their requirements up to July 31, and bakers of other products, including crackers, biscuits, cookies, cakes, pies, fried cakes, pastry and sweet yeast doughs, to 70 ier cent for the same period. . After February 3 bakers of bread and rolls must use five per cent of wheat flour substitutes and the amount must be increased until they are using 20 per cent February 24. Bakers of other products are not required to use, but urged to do so. An increase in the a^nount of sugar permitted in bread manufacture is allowed and the present bread formuJ?. Don't Suffer with Constipation, Biliousness, Sick Headache, Dyspepsia, and all their attendant discomfort DR. CALDWELL'S Syrup Pepsin The Perfect Laxative is a combination, of simple Laxative Herbs with Pepsin, mild and gentle in its action and relieves constipation quickly, without griping or other pain, or discomfort. It is especially recommended for children. Sold by Druggists Everyw/tere 50 cts. fe.) $1.00 - A Trial Bout* Can , DR. VT. B. CALDWELU « B* Obliined. Free of Chatee, or Writins to WASHINGTON STRTiXT, MONTICELLO, ILLINOIS MISSING WOMAN FOUND JIrs. Michael Thomas 01" JMinbar Township :is Iu Pittsburg. .Mrs, .Michael Thomas, who diuap- is changed to permit the USD of m i l k i p e a r o d last Friday in her iiitfht Barin any form and quantity, providing; menls from her borne near Dunbar, dents of Dunbar, died yesterday morn- that bread containing milk is not sold '· was located this wec.'i at tho bomu of at a higher price than that containing ' a relative named Shemas none. Bakers of bread and rolls are permitted to apply the name Victory · garb, a son. Andrew, of Mt. Braddock, bread to their product when It con- j who found her, vas unable to explain, tains a 20-per-cent substitution for ! She first went to Braddock, remaining wheat flour, and bakers of other j thore until Monday, when she con- products may use the same when one- j tinned to Pittsburg, he said. She bad third of their content consists of white flour substitutes. MKS. ELIZABETH HARDY. Mrs. Elizabeth Hardy, 74 years old, one of the oldest and best known resi- STOMACH MISERY . «* *" »' That Sonrness, Gas and Indigestion. "When your stomach is cut of order Ing, at which' $42 towards the name j or run. down, your food doesn't digest Ottilt^wliich is being made by mem- | It ferments in your stomach and bere, was turned in to the treasurer, j forms gas which causes sourness, Readdngs by-Mrs.-J. J. Robsou, Mrs. heartburn, foul, breath, pain at pit of MEMBERSHIP CONTEST Sunday Schools of Conoiy to Compete For .Honor Positions. All of the Sunday schools of Fayette county that reported 10 tbe County Association last year an average attendance over 100, have been as4ced : to join in an attendance contest, conducted by the county association. The | pJain is ihis: AH schools- of the county having an average attendance of over 100 ·will be grouped into four groups, according to their size. been among rela.tives during ber absence, t According to Ibo story given out at i the time, Mrs. Thomas arose from a | sick bed and left unknown to members of the family of her son Michnel, who lived with her. Sho will return, U was staled. GETJ10PRIZE t Yrar Class of High School Wins Aivard 1'ur Selling Stamps. church of Dunbar, and Rev. Gladden of Turtle Creek, a ing at her home on Hardy hill of apoplexy. Tlie f u n e r a l - w i l l be tomor-j burg. How she got there with thu $2 row afternoon at 2 o'clock from the her posscsaicn or in her limited I family residence, with Rev. Darnell, pastor of the Methodist Protestant T. M. former pastor of the church, officiating. In-| terment will be in Mount Auburn cemetery. Funeral Director J. T. Bur- boos will have charge, Mrs. Hardy for many years had* resided at Dunbar and was highly esteemed by her wide circle of friends. She is survived by four children: William R., of Hardy h i l l : Laura B., at home; Dr. Irvitt Hnrdy or Morgantown, and Mrs. Fred C. Smith of Hardy bill. MRS. ORA DAVIS. The funeral of Airs. Ora Davis will take place from tbe Mount Zion Baptist church tomorrow afternoon at 2 Tho first year class of the Councils- | o'clock, with interment in Hiil Grove v j l i o high school has been presented with {JO, a prizi: offered to the class O f high school students' selling the Every Sunday a j largest number of Red Cross Christ- Agnes Smith and a talk bv George ^wallop were enjoyed. Dainty Ire'elurients were s£rved.~ ~~--'- st»mach and many other miserable symptoms. ·Ml-b-na' stoinach 1 '- tablets' will give joyful relief 'in five minutes; if taken Business o_ routine nature was I regularly for two weeks they will turn triisacted at the : regular -raeeting of | Tour, flabby, sour, -tired out stomach the- Ladies' Aid Society of the Trinity^ into:a'sweet. enerseti.c, perfect work- Loth«rair«hurpb. held-yesterdaT after- jiniS '0°«-- . noon at the home o J-Mra. Jacob Buck- · You'caa'f be very strong.and visor- man in EaaJL Crawford avenue. Light i °is if:. your food only half digests. refreshmenls were served. ,': · T our "PP® 1116 wi!I S° and oauset, representative of the County Associa- | maK sea]s Thc m ouey was presented i Won will gather these reports from j Thursday morning in chapel by Mrs. 1 each of the local schools, and on Mon- | yf_ Q. St:hoonover, who was in charge days telephone them to the county I o , t n e .. tam p sa | 0 at Christmixs. The office. This contest will end on July C |as8 w i l l hold t. meeting in the near 1st, and the Sunday school in each , f u t u r c . d d e l e r n i n c what USB tho group that has Increased its Average j TOOney Fha|| he ; , ut [0 Mrs. T. R. Francis Q!HO spoke to the . . |zinea£V biliousness, nervousness, sick Mra;-H. G. Fisher was tendered:a'i headache and constipation wilr follow'.. delghtfal surprise party last evening'.: /Mi-o-na stomach tablets are. small when a number of her friends assem-: and .f^? to. swallow and are guorn r bled- at:"her-_home in Soatli-Coanells- -»iii.e last evening. The gathering -was teed\1o banish indigestion and any or aU of;.the 'above- syTnptoma or nwney in'the fonn,:of a linen shower, man3rj' bllc ! £ -":For sale ' 1 5' A; " A - Clarke and all handsome gifts being presen.ted MrV.j leading -druggists.--adv. , Fiiher, who isJ'a.reeeiit.bride... Prev r ioiis io 'Eer""marffige"*sh'e~ -jras"Miss- Katherine Peun. Various amusements ·were indulged in and-a delightful time -was had. ·erred. Dainty ~ refreshments were ELECTRICALSTERILIZERS |E»t Iffljnire. H"»t*r to be Made br a Sew Scottdale Corporation. AmoQg the charters granted nt HarriBbtlrg yesterday was one for the Bleofric Water Sterilizer Ozone | company o£ Scottdale, tie incorporators ol which are John AI. Stauffer, PERSONALS. Tbe condition .of J. B. Sfcicracr, who is -ill at Ms home in West Apple street is improved. Mr. Stinner was threat- i ^^Vs^ffeTauTH. B* Hanman' encd with an attack of pneumonia. j o f Scottdalc . Tbe aulhorize d capital One lot of winter hats, including J o f the company is ?2 50.000. untrimmed shapes. Sale price from - Tfa{g com wm raanufacture a 50 cents to «2.00; formerly pnced $4.00 jdeT . ce for ^ sterl]i , ation of water to $6.00. Among these you will . f i n d = by ^^ Qf e i ectricitT( whlch was McFarland-s, pa^^ several" years ago and has been subjected to prolonged tests, thoroughly demonstrating its effectiveness even with' water carrying the maximum of impurities and disease germs. -It is made in several sizes and can be adapted to the water service of. residences or large consumers. attendance the most, will be declared the winner. high school 3tiulcnt5 in chapel Then,wbpn She annual reportri come lhal)ked ^ f o r t h e i r aid ) u ' into 1 the county office about August 1st i Uie p c(1 all school* that have increased their | ^oman's Cultur, memibership 20 per cent will be. recognized arid'.placed upon a "High Hon- and Hng i en behalf of the EVERSON BOY KILLED . or Roll." And those schools having made an increase oC 10 per cent in I their, membership will be placed upon j And Threo Covapanions Arc Hart the "Honor Roll" and these "Rolls o f ; \VIien Train Hits Sled. Honor" will be published over ihe j B. Figus. aged 17, son of Stephen .county, and these schools given spec- Figu s of Everson, was hilU:d, and .ia!" recognition at the county conven- ! three others aerionsly injured when a tion. ' , j bob-sled on which they wera riding · ] ivas hit by a freight train at the Pennsylvania crossing at Everson Wednesday nigh':. Prank Byrne, ;;on of John R.. Byrne, NEW COAL COMPANIES Incorporated by Dun bar and McClel- luudtfmn Capitalists. A charter was granted at Harrisburg yesterday to two new .Fayette county j coaj companies. F. S. Baker, John j "Wishart and E. B. Guy were the was catapulted between two 'of the freight cars and landed on the other side virtually unhurt. corporators of the Wishart Coal com- M . uc ^ of pany o£ Dunbar; capital stock 55,000.. . The McClellandtowa Coal Coke om pany Sangston, Holmes stock $30.000. 'fotlce. To the Patro:i3 of the R 11 roads: freight congestion in this FUNERAL POSTPONED. On account of unavoidable circumstances it was necessary 10 postpone the funeral of John Wesley Miller from this afternoon until 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Services will held from the Indian Head. family residence GERTRUDE DORIS NICKLOW. Following an illness of pneumonia, ^Gertrude Doris Xicklow, 11 months old, "daughter of airs. Frank Nicklow of Dunbar, died yesterday morning. Funeral Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, from the residence of the grandfather of the deceased, Mr. Cooper. Rev. Darnell, pastor of^the Methodist Protestant church, win officiate. Funeral Director J. T. Burhans will have charge of tbe interment in Mount Auburn 'cemetery. District is due to failure of some consignees to take their freight away ORRINE SAVED HIM FROM DRINK This scientific preparation promptly- kills all desire for whiskey, beer and other intoxicants. It can, be given in the home secretly without loss of time from work. No' sanitarium expense. No loss of time. Wo are so .sure that Orrine will benefit that we say to yon, if, after a many-desirable "things;' Apple St.--Adv.--l-2t.- Mrs.. Harry . Bengel, of .Snyder BHRH CLASS PKD'TISC. : whose sensitive nerves often .yield to coffee's harmful stimulation, appre date the chants resulting from a ten days' trial of ^ INSTANT · - PosruH INSTEAD ff:COFFe£. Such a delicious drink makes the change easy and better nerves mate it a permanent one "There's a Reason : That is Terdict Kegarding "The Spring Bonnet" Fro^TaiD. Comments flattering to the printer Iwere heard'.abont the "-program dis- | tributed 'for-' hundreds attending the preseatati6hV"o£".",Tiie' Spring Bonnet" last evening at the "high school auditorium, . The U-page booklet is a product of the job department of Tho Courier and is the standard of work turned out»by this office.,.. In Class 1-4. l-'red M. Durf, who was registered in Connellsvilie for the draft, called at The Courier office yesterday to say that he .had\turned. In his questionnaire-and been placed in Class 3-A. He said- he did not care".to .be considered a slacker. His" name was on the No. 2 list of men whose blanks had not been'returned. " ' ' -- . - ' . Hospital Beport. ! Miss .Fannie Dlbeler, superintend\ ent of the Cottage State -hospital, this i morning submitted the .following re- .·port for..the month of-January: Num- .jber of patients at the beginning of 'j the" month, 31; admitted, 49; discharged, 47; died, three; remaining, 30. company was incorporated by D. R. calls upon shippers and consignees Licensed to IVcd ^ Ioad| unload anci remove their marriage license was granted in \ frciskt wlth "e greatest Possible iHs- Uniontown yesterday to George Zlegler and Mary Emma Nolan Everson. .. patch, to the enS that the roads may i better perform .-ill their functions of Glass of Hot Water Before Breakfast a Splendid Habit ' Open sluices of the system each mornlnfl and waeh away the poisonous, stagnant matter. transportation. R. man.--Adv.--31-Ul. , McCarty, chair- His First Sermon. Rev. Dr. K. A. Hodil, of ParnasKas, will address the congregation of the Third PresTayleria-n cb'jrcb, Uniontown, Sunday for the first titn(i as pastor of that church,. He recently ac- i cepteti the call ad the congregation to become the successor of Dr. T. M. Thompson, who retired From "be mln- istrj* because of ill health. Those of us who are accustomed to feei dull and hca^vy when we arise; splitting headache, stuffy from a cold, fout tongue, nasty breath, acid stomach, lame back, can, instead both, look and feel as fresh as a daisy always by washing the poisons and toxins from the body with p-hosph\ted hot water each morning. to Jnil. .James Lazelle. who vras charged with taking a pocketbook from Andy Elko of'Lelscnring, was given a hearing before Alderman M'.mk last even- -trtd commit (.ed to jail !o await March term of court. in Homo From Hospital. l-jvclyn Croldstone, who has been a patient in the Uniontown hospital since January 21, has returned to her home in Lincoln avenue. Miss ·We should dring before breakfast, iGoldstone underwent an operation for a glass of real hot water with a tea-! appendicitis. spoonful of limestone phosphate in it I · ; to flush from the stomach, liver, kid- **· L. AssodnHnn firow. neys and ten yards of bowels the prev- I The annual report of Banking Com- Teachers. 'Teachers wishing special work in \ preparation .for professional or pro; visional examination, see F. W. Jones, | 311% East Cedar avenue or call 21-R i Bell. Connellsrille.--Adrv--l-2t. ious day's indigestible waste, sour bile and poisonous' toxins; thus cleansing, sweetening and purifying the entire^ alimentary tract before puttin-g more food into the stomach. The action of limestone phosphate and hot water ou an empty stomach is wonderfully invigorating. It cleans out all the sour fermentations, gases waste and acidity and gives one a splendid appetite for breakfast. A quarter pound of limestone phosphate will cost very little at the drug store, but is sufficient to make anyone who is bothered with biliousness, constipation, stomach trouble or rheumatism a real enthuiast on the subject of internal sanitation.--adv. · West Crawford Ave.--Adv. BIBLE CLASS FUNDS Connollsville Lags in Payments to Comity Organization. · One hundred and thirteen dollars! ·was the total of the contributions from j schools and 0. A. B. classes for the! month of Januury, to the coun-i ty organization. Some of ihe dis-- tricts have not made any effort as! yet to start to pay off their pledges. L'niontown heads the list. Everson district is second, Dawson fourth, Dunbar fifth, Ohiopyle 10th. Connellsville, Layton, Mill Run, Parmington and the colored district have not paid at all on their pledges. A L W A Y S F R O N T. L A C E D Corset Luxury in a Modart M ADAM, do you realize that more than one- half of your time is spent in a corsefP Absoluts comfort, the greatest of all corset wscts, is yours in a Modcal front-laced. The absence of laces at bade gives form and wonderful smoothness for gown fitting. Front lacing permits ease in adjustment--assures a perfect figure. and, whether sitting or standing, fullness at the top gives freedom to the diaphragm. ' How to correctly put on a Modarl Corset and the proper way to wash a corset are told in the 1915 booklet. The great variety of models are also iliua- trated and described. Ask for one. TUHOMC of QtMirfv .ndSOMCE 3 ·PtTHBUR* St Co»*tUSVlLLt Doctor said, "Bio-feren had done wonders for her-"-- Case 1754--School teacher; Residence--Kea- tucky; severe /operation: left h?r weak, ana.c- mlc, nervous: low vitality. Physician rec»m- mended Bio-feren. T-wo weeks' treatmenl · showed re-mnrka.blc Improvement. Doctor re' ported, "Blo-feren bkd done wonders for her." "Another case--FennsTlvanlmi, reports: "I hvo taken, about one-hall o( tie Blo-fervn pellets and must confess that I feel like new." X KentucJeiaB wonnan Ba*s: "I have talc en Bio-feren regularty and feel nrach beneAt«d, I cn use my arms much better. However, can not Ret my hand* to my h«ad vufOclontl; to comb my hair, but I feel that I will soon be able to do that." Tou want the ricorotis health and ruddy beauty that Is dependent oc strength, nerves and red blood. Everybody does. Read those reports above, strain. Ton, too, if you are dracsed down in health and strength, because oi overwork, worry, nerveis, and similar causes can rebuild your health and utrenslii with Bio-feren. It Is not a stimulant. It Is a. builder--a builder ol tetter health. Bio-(er«n contains some of the best Ingredient* known to the medic*.: world, and Ic Indicated for the treatment of run-down -condftlona due tc overwork, \vorry, anemla. melancholia, nervous debility, debility lollowlni InfeotJouB diseases, convalescence from acute fevers, etc. There IB no secret nor mystery about Blo-feren. EJvery poekace showi the elements it contains. Aek yoar phyalclan about it, or have him write and w« will send him complete formula, And doa't forget thnt Eio-f«ren is sold only on condition that you wilt t«turn Ui* empty pacXagc and allow us tn refund your purchase price if. foi tt«y reason, you are not fully satisfied. Please bear that In mind for it if yery important. Bio-feren veils at (LOO for a large package. Tour drugrffi*t oan aupplj you or we win'send it direct upon receipt of $1.00; six packages for $5.00 Should TOU have anr trouble in securing: it. The Sentanel Bemedles Coia- pany, Masonic TeropJs, Claclonftti, Oilio, Hair Tonic ·TRADE MARK If you are troubled with dandruff, itching scalp, hair coming m we ask you to try Merilol Hair Tonic on our guarantee Ujat U will gi you satisfaction or money refunded. When customers ask us for t! best hair tonic we always recommend this one, as we know the fonnu i and know it is good. Sold only by us, 50c and Sl.OO the bottle. LAUGHEEY DRUG COMPANY. BKALTY TIUSSAl'TIOSS. Deeds for Sales in City and Townships Hecorded. Deeds nave been recorded iu Union- Yonr Business Success. Some time you may learn that your ·business success was determined by j town for the sale of the following the fact that you had accumulated a j properties: House an; lot in Connells. _ _ . _;------- . , little money in the bank. Having iville. James L. Cochran and wife to MuSterOleW OTKS baSICT, QlUC ready money at the right moment! Mary L. Colbovn, ?2,750; hotise a n d , and VYlthOUt the Blister ofien means success. A few dollars j lot in Connellsville, Cora B. Cochran; There's no sense in mixing a ine: in -_he bank may be the beganning of j to Shirley Semboiver, $J,GOO; lot' in ! rnusrard, flour sad water when you your success. Have a barJc account j Bullskin township. Amanda J. Bow- j *} relieve^ pain, soreness or stifl and deposit a portion of your income, I-man and others to Emma Grcenawalt,'. thus accumulating a reserve fund for ; 575; lot of land in Bullsl-Jn township, jtam anu omer nejpnu in'T«iienta. future use. The best time to open an Emma Greenawalt and John Greena-- bined in the form cf the b present w acomit is now. This bank invites. wa | t to Leroy Kreinbrook, $50; small \ ointment. It tikes the place of ou your deposits and assures positive 1 ' lract _ 0 ? ] aTlt i iu Saltlick J ~"~ . - . - . . mission* 1 !- Lafca'i shows that during 1917 the assets of the building and loan associations in Pensylvania increased from J29S,S27,067 000.000. Classified Advertisements Bring results. Cost only lo a word. ownship ; da j e "^ustarti plasters, and will notbli safety for your money. The Citizens ; George F Miller and wife to A.lva i Mu stcrole usually ^ves prompt 1 r - · · · -- - - - , , . . . , t"= . - jtrom sore throat, bronchitis, tonsi | croup, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia, fc jBche, conncstica, pleurisy, rheumal . | hambago, pains and aches of the bac leacncr ttesijjrs. : joints, sprains, sore muscles, bruises, · Miss Martha Hechler has resigned jMainsi, frosted feet colds of the c her school in Lower Tyrone township ; * 1 ^?^ 1 P^ ve T lts Pneumonia). National Bank of Conitellsvilie is ^ n - J ^ v e r s $300 der U. S. GovRrnraent Supervision and ' is a safe dopositoiy for interest bearing or other funds. ' The bank is at 138 Pittsburg street, Conaellsville.-- adv.. C A T A R R H ForheaJ orthroat Catarrh try the vapor treatment and has, accepted a clerical position Injnries Prove Fatal.-. in Washington, D. C. She? will leave 1 Nick Holinick, the Russian, receiv- {Tuesday. Her mother will accompany : ; ing a -broken back and fractured ribs j her. ! ; in the Linn station mine Wednesday, (died in the Brownsville General hoa- i pital yesterday morning. hospital size$250. in Cnmberland. Jolm William Austin at Meyersdale {and Bertia Martin of Hyndman were married yesterday in Cumberland. ladies' Hat Sale. i One lot of winter bats, including i untrimmed shapes. Sale price from I BOc to $2.00; formerly priced, 54.00 to j ?6.00. Among these you will find many j Notice. Men's Bible Class II. E. Church, desirable things. McFarland's, Apple Sunday. Very important. Co St.--A.dv. I Bring some one with TOOL--Adr.--

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